Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: His day with man-eater + Order of Black Magic

“Ah, hello.”

By the time Tanaka contacted Tooya, three days had already been past. Although Tooya didn’t intended to tell them but they seemed to know his phone number. Saying that they wanted to talk something after school, Tanaka was currently sitting at the coffee shop waiting for those two… however.

“Ne, why is that wench here too?”

“Don’t look over here as you please, you monster.”

There was another person present here other than Tanaka, the woman who called Inaba Akane. Although it looked like she didn’t bring any weapon, her hostility towards them was released without any means of hiding it.

“That is…”

“What is happening in here…”

Tooya inquired Tanaka who sit beside Akane with his eyes. The counterpart only replied with a bitter smile.

“Although I stopped her… but she didn’t listen at all.”

“Please just stop her somehow… ”

“Unfortunately, I have no chance winning against her at all in terms of physical strength.”

There was no meaning even if you just simply stated it.

“Well, the condition is the type of weapon she brings makes her unable to act recklessly… and she also accepted the condition like an adult.”

“But the one who accepted the condition is likely going to fight with Kuroe anytime.”

Akane had come back to her seat at last with an unsatisfied look. Both of her hands were holding the side of the table tightly, as if she was going to crush the table. Kuroe who was looking at this situation showed a very happy expression… which angered Akane further.

“Anyway, let’s sit down first?”


Maybe standing here make them felt unpleasant. She might calm down a little if we talked with appropriate posture.



Kuroe put away her refreshing attitude and sit down beside Tooya. Then Akane already gave up and reduced her strength applied on the table… Tooya who saw that released a deep sigh.

“Then hurry up and enter the topic. Regarding the matters of you providing collaboration to us, the top had given the consent. As long as you sign on this contract, you two will become the external collaboration of the Order of the black magic, that means you’re no longer the existence that we need to get rid of.”


Tooya heard a very loud clicking sound… but he just ignored it.

“The content of the contract more or less is about don’t take any action as you want. Please be sure to comply at this point. Then always report to the order of the black magic about your whereabouts… this includes in the point that I said before. For example, please tell us beforehand if you want to go on a trip.”

“I don’t mind about that… but specifically what do we need to do as collaboration?”

Although they hoped us to provide collaboration, but we didn’t know the specific content of it… even though I heard what Kuroe did in the past, but as she said, the recent and the past were different where there was no restriction.

However from the results , this meant Tooya had no freedom to make choices, though that didn’t mean he must accept it anyhow.

“Well, there are many things, if concludes it in a word then… investigating the weird phenomenal around the world and handle it.”

“Weird phenomenal?”

“In other words, it is something that cannot be solved by general knowledge.”

It also could be say as supernatural things.

“It includes exterminate evil spirits that can harm mankind, capturing evil magicians and so. It’s not like that all must be required to fight, if you want to handle it then the strength at that level is certainly a must.”

After a pause, Tanaka continued.

“If it’s about strength then I don’t think you have to worry.”

Then he looked at Kuroe.

“Of course.”

Kuroe looked back at him with a mocking smile.

“You two will provide help in the dependent form according to different kinds of situation. If there are numbers of situations, then you are fine to pick which you want to. It doesn’t matter even if you refuse all of them.”

“Doesn’t matter even if I refuse all of them?”

For Tooya this was quite unexpected.


Tanaka nodded.

“Two of you are just external collaborator and not the official staffs in the order of the black magic. Naturally, you have the freedom to make choices. This is not because you two are special case, it is the common matters among the external collaborators.”

“So it’s like this huh.”

“The inside of the order of the black magic are currently lacking in manpower at the slow pace. Although there are many people with special ability in this world… but they hated of being restricted by the organization. That’s why we recruit collaborators in this form.”

That meant the internal affairs in the order of the black magic weren’t that so-called stable. Compared to that, work efficiency was more important.

“That said, if they continuously refuse to provide assistance without reasons then there no meaning of collaboration that is being shown. They have no right to become external collaborator anymore in this situation. Therefore it is better to provide assistance appropriately.”

The explanation from Tanaka went deep into Tooya’s heart. In another meaning it was just accept and provide assistance once in a while, basically there was no need to accept more than that.

『Is it really just that simple? 』

Kuroe said the annoying thing through telepathy… Tooya hoped that things can be this easy.

“However it is better to accept the request given at first. This is to show you to follow the contract and provide collaboration.”

“… Understood.”

Tooya was forced to nod.

『See. 』

The look of Kuroe’s mocking smile appeared in mind. 『Shut up.』

“Then, the request has been decided?”

“That’s right.”

Tanaka nodded immediately… Tooya was hoped that they still couldn’t decide and it was delayed to more two days.

“We hope you two can search for the demon sword.”

“… Demon sword.”

Again with those words that would make people mad in an instant.

“You mean… demon sword?”

“Yes, it’s the thing what you’re thinking about.”

If someone got that thing it would cause their minds to become weird and wanted to slash people—that kind of stuff.

“… it really have something like this?”

“There is.”

Tanaka’s expression changed when he answered.

“Did you know the incident of the elusive criminal happened two days ago?”

“… can consider it as yes.”

Although it was just at the extent of hearing from what Kuroe saw in the news partly.

“That is, the work of the demon sword.”

“… it’s not committed by a normal criminal?”

“Unfortunately it’s not.”

Tanaka said so plainly, denying the hope of reality gently.

“… because the scene got the remains of demon energy or something like that?”

“Well, strictly speaking it’s not so, but it’s fine to think of it as that kind of thing.”


His head hurt. Kamisaki Tooya’s common sense had left to a distant place recently.

“Well, about the detailed information of the demon sword please look over the materials sent to your house.”

“… understood.”

Although he didn’t agreed right away but about the matters of demon sword just threw it to the back first.

“Although the specific content is to look for the demon sword, it doesn’t mean you two have to search for the criminal just like this. After all, you will feel troubled if you were asked to search one by one right?”

“Well, that is right.”

Tooya had no experience and skills at all.

“And so few suspects had been listed in here… I want you two to investigate each one of them. Confirming if that person owns the demon sword, if they did them retrieve it. This is the detail of this request.”

“If they didn’t own it?”

“Then the request is done the moment you confirmed. We will not demand you to continue the investigation on the other suspects.”

“So this is it huh.”

Tooya was stunned. Still thinking what happened to say words like demon sword all of a sudden, the request was not something difficult. Although there was a bit uneasy about retrieving the demon sword under the situation of the other people held it… but there would have a way if Kuroe was there too.

“This is what’s about in rough. More details will be sent in materials ,please look over the parts about the request… well, like I said this is the first request so it’s better to accept it if possible.”

For this reason so you could pick an easier suspect, Tanaka continued.

“And so, the matter of the request comes to an end, back to the topic about the contract. There is no meaning to come over here if you don’t sign on it.”

“That’s right.”

When Tooya nodded his head… something happened.


The coffee spilled on the table along with a voice sounded like intentionally. The contract on the table became black in color because of this.

“It’s on purpose.”

Akane said so without any meaning to cover it.

“… we had prepared a few backups for the contract just in case.”


As expected of Tanaka, he did not waver at all. He called the staff to clean the table and put the new contract on it afterward.

“Then, I sign now.”

“Ah, please wait for a moment.”

Tooya’s hand that was holding the pen was stopped by Tanaka.

“I forgot to explain one more important thing.”

“What is it?”

“About the offering for Kuroe-san.”

This sentence pierced into Tooya’s hear unexpectedly.

“It is necessary for Kuroe-san to eat a human every month right?”

“… yes.”

It was definitely a lie for Tanaka to forget such an important thing. He was just waiting for an unexpected timing to create the deepest impression no matter how you thought about it.

“Since that is something decided the moment we agreed the collaboration, it’s not like we want to make any remarks now.”


“It’s just that if we are the one to choose who to become sacrifice then no trouble will be brought.”

It was right to do so. We were still under supervision in this moment, it was not something to be justified if we killed anyone as we want to.

“The contract will be abolished if you break this condition. Because the terrifying person beside here is waiting for that moment… so please pay attention about this point.”


Having a fight with that person was what Tooya wanted to avoid as much he could. Therefore he nodded frankly—- however, something didn’t feel right. Was it really fine at this way, that kind of doubt cannot be removed and left in his heart.

“Then please sign on the contract.”


But Tooya didn’t go into seriously about the reasons and signed on the contract.

“Oi, wait for a moment.”

The conversation ended, Tooya and Kuroe retained by Akane’s voice just when they were trying to get up. But they still hadn’t recovered from the waver—– She wasn’t like going to speak calmly no matter how you look.


“Shut up Tanaka. I am not thinking of causing trouble right now so don’t worry… it’s just I have something I wanted to say.”

“… understood.”

Although Tanaka did not completely trust what she said but he didn’t say anything.

“Something you want to say, heh.”

Kuroe looked at Akane amusingly.

“At first I was thinking why you came here just to show you’re a good adult, so what is your purpose.”

“Keep your mouth shut too.”


Kuroe showed a surprised look.

“I want to talk to that brat over there.”

She looked at Tooya while said so… it was supposed to be leering.

“… what?”

Tooya asked even though he got scared by her gaze.

“Don’t misunderstand.”

And this was the answer he got.


“Certainly you became the collaborator of the order of the black magic… well, that way I can no longer take action on you. Because the words from some bastard, I will not make a move as long you two are collaborators. I will assure about the concerning departments too.”

“Fuu, it’s a promise about not making a move on us?”

“Yeah yeah.”

Akane nodded impatiently.

“But, don’t even think I will forgive you two.”

That gaze captured Tooya in a straight way.

“Even if you are the collaborators of the order of the black magic or completed what kind of request, it’s just to that kind of extent only… that’s why it’s impossible to forgive what you two have done.”


“That is the place you don’t misunderstand about. Even now, you are still the worst.”


Tooya didn’t refute—–but he didn’t admit it neither. He just moved his gaze away, not intended to turn his head back and facing Akane’s dazzling gaze at all.

“Hmm, feels like she had become our ally based on her speech.”

Kuroe stared at Tooya and showed a delighted smile.

“I have no intention to be your ally… it’s just I won’t make a move on you two.”

“So scary… if the current position collapsed then you will attack us immediately I guess.”

Kuroe shrugged.

“Of course.”

An immediate answer.

“If there is any strange move, I will kill you two instantly.”

“Can you do it?”

“It’s not the matter of can or not… it’s what I must do.”

“That is quite interesting.”

A smile can be seen between Kuroe’s lips.


Akane clicked her tongue.

“That is all I want to say.”

Seemed like there was nothing to say anymore, Akane faced the two with her back.

“Haizz, she will just make people worried.”

Tanaka said so with a bitter smile.

“She has finished her sentences, then this time it ends here.”

“Then we too go back, ne.”

“… yeah yeah.”

Tooya nodded lightly to greet them and turned around.

When they were walking out the shop, Tooya turned his head back, yet Akane was still facing them with her back.

“And so, a happy working life is going to begin.”

“… what’s so good to be happy about.”

Tooya’s body strength vanished all of a sudden when they went back home. It was quite consuming of mental strength when talking about something that detached from common sense. Things that didn’t apply on common sense was like causing the world that he believed until now was falling apart. At the same time those considered as jokes until now had been replaced as reality. Thus, mental fatigue had been produced.

“If you want me to say something, things have been this far until now.”

Kuroe looked at Tooya, like looking at something weird.

“What kind of existence I am, wasn’t master knew it clearly already?”

“Well, even if you said so.”

Indeed the very existence of Kuroe was already a significance of non-common sense. The impact he received during the first meet, until now Tooya still hadn’t forgot.

But no matter Kuroe had what kind of sense of being, she wasstill just an individual. For Tooya, accepting the existence of an individual called Kuroe didn’t mean he could accept other circumstances either. Understanding all of it just by knowing one or what, was not something that can simply imagine by hearing it casually.

“That means because I am close to you so it’s more easily to be accepted?”

“No one has ever said that.”

Don’t explain it in a way that was favorable to you incidentally.

“Master is a tsundere as always ne.”

“At least say that to a person who had gone dere once before.”

Tooya did not intend to be dere to Kuroe at all.

“Well, just leave it be… that was also an embody of your dere towards me.”

“I just said I will not go dere.”

“You can say that only now ne.”

Kuroe showed a charming smile.

“My charm as a woman will mesmerize master in no time.”

“Despite I think it’s better to not always keep that thing on your mouth at first.”

Even though Kuroe looked very impressive, Tooya was still very calm over here.

“Well, that thing aside… isn’t it great?”


“About the contract.”

Kuroe answered.

“… because there were no other choices to made?”

“This is because master’s selection was too narrow?”

It wasn’t wrong to say so… but this was because Tooya had nothing much can choose.

“That was fine enough.”

At least the direct confrontation can be avoided.

“Uhh, it may be not bad for master.”

Kuroe seems like she looked through everything.

“What do you mean.”

“This way master doesn’t need to choose anymore.”


“What’s with that, don’t you hear many times already… master also understands right?”

Her tone didn’t have any meaning of blame… it was more than enough for Tooya to recognize the facts. Things that didn’t went into seriously at that time had shown its true colors clearly.

Tanaka had said, human that must be eaten by Kuroe had to be chosen by them.

That meant, Tooya didn’t need to choose which human Kuroe would eat anymore.

“Isn’t it worth to be glad about for master?”

Having to select human for sacrifice… Tooya could escape from this responsibility already.


If he really had to say his mood now, indeed it would be like what Kuroe said. Tooya relaxed because he can finally escape from that heavy burden. There was no need to bear it anymore, the responsibility to take away a human’s life. Tooya could throw away the iniquity he made and walk a different path.

But at the same time, was it alright to be that way, this thought was still lingering in him. This was because that was not a path he chose by his own anymore… that was just decided by others and a way to escape only.

“I am…”

The words he wanted to continue, did not come up.

Tooya was confused, what should be the correct one.

Even as he agonized he also couldn’t get the answer. And so, Tooya welcomed the second day. He didn’t need to go to school because it’s Saturday. Tooya didn’t know whether it was good for him or not. Maybe his mood would be better if he went to school and study… but if there was no need to escape anymore, then there wasn’t any meaning of going school to study.

“Time to go out?”

“Yeah yeah.”

In short, he couldn’t settle anything by staying in his own room… although he also couldn’t answer what the point of going out was. But without a doubt, he would be more depressed if he just stayed inside the room.

“I will just stay in the house. I have to digest the radio drama that had been recorded ne.”

“No one asked you to come with me.”

It was better if she didn’t come. Just stay that way until he came back. Sounds like a joke that she could still stick to the drama under this kind of atmosphere… Tooya thought that it would be better if she could be more aware of the surrounding… but it was just futile.

“I go out now.”


Tooya went out the house with the arguing voice of the couple in the television from his back.

“… Fuu.”

Although he wanted to have a walk outside the house, but he didn’t set a specific destination. Not wanting to hold a book on his hands even if he went to a library, went to the arcade after a long time also wouldn’t bring out his interest in games. If wanting to take out stress then go to a hitting center will be perfect… but probably that way he also couldn’t change his mood.

At last Tooya was just sit on a bench in a small park and stared at the sky. The recreational facilities over here were rusted, so this park had an air of loneliness in the daylight. That way it couldn’t be more suitable to be a place for a person to spend his day silently over here… well, nothing can be done other than being in a dazing here that was.

“What should I do now… I don’t really know.”

Having to reply the question Kuroe asked yesterday, about the picking of a person for Kuroe to eat… it was fine to just leave it to the order of the black magic. He could accept it in terms of feeling, but at the same time he also got a doubt about was it really fine to be this way.

However, in the end there was no meaning no matter how he kept thinking. Because the situation didn’t change. Even if he said he wanted to pick who to kill, it was impossible to be permitted.

“… Haa.”

Tooya sighed. Without any reason, Tooya just wanted to leave and stood up… probably, if he kept staring at the sky then what was going to happen wouldn’t happen. In this way, the other side wouldn’t noticed Tooya who was sitting over there and just walked over to him at the side.

Yet Tooya stood up… and so, both gazes connected.



Inaba Akane, that person was right there.

“That is…”

When he wanted to say something… Akane stretched her hand to her waist.


But she clicked her tongue immediately.

“… don’t say you want to take out your gun?”

“You should be grateful that I am on break.”

Seemed like she didn’t deny it.

“On break, heh…?”

“That’s right, you know just by looking right?”

“… I guess so.”

Certainly the Akane now wasn’t wearing the camo suit like what he saw before… what she was wearing was a cute looking dress. The figure of his childhood friend playing happily at the playground floated on Tooya’s mind at that moment… but no matter what the two of them couldn’t overlap because the difference in age was too big.

“What’s with that gaze.”

Akane stared at Tooya.

“No, it’s just I feel surprised… ”

“It is my freedom to wear what I want during my free time.”

“… right.”

He nodded.

“I am sure you are thinking it’s not suitable to me or something like that.”

“That… I don’t mean it that way?”

“Look at me and say.”


Even if she said so, he was the one being stared so he just couldn’t do it. Although Tooya thought the straightforward style of the dress suited her… and she was a beauty too, so the style suited her very well.

“Very suitable… oh?”

“I said look at me and say. And also why are you using an interrogative sentence.”


Tooya looked at her directly. It was still an impatient face like always.

“I think it’s pretty, no matter the cute looking dress or the camo suit also very suitable for you.”

He said it frankly.

“Are, are you an idiot… say that I am pretty all of a sudden!?”

Unexpectedly, Akane blushed—-but she restrained it immediately. After a few seconds, Akane regained her calm look and continued leering at Tooya.

“… forget what you saw just now.”

“That is, okay.”

He answered it with laughter. Her gaze pierced through Tooya and shut his mouth.

“Then, I go back first.”

Retreat as fast as he can.

“Hold it.”

But he was stopped by Akane.

“… what do you want?”

“Don’t slip away immediately.”

“I don’t want being told that by the one who will take out the gun so suddenly.”

“Although I wanted to take out the gun, but I did not intended to fire it.”

Then what was the need of taking out the gun, Tooya retorted in his heart.

“… then, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, I just pass by here by chance.”

“… then, bye.”

“I told you to hold it.”

He was being pulled back.

“That’s why I said what the matter is.”

“Because you looks so distressed like you’re going to die, tell me the reason why.”


His thought froze because of those unexpected words.

“That, wasn’t you hate me…”

“Don’t use ‘you’ that kind of disgusting appellation, my name’s Inaba Akane.”

“Then, Inaba-san.”

He said it with cautious.

“Wasn’t Inaba-san hate me?”

“To the extent that I will kill you instantly if I got the permission?”


He was right.

“… if that’s then why do you still want to listen my worries?”

“In order to denounce you.”

She said so flatly.

“I just want to know how silly the worry that the worst kind of brat likes you have. Don’t bothered by it, it’s purely my own interest only.

“That means because you can’t engage on physical means so you’re planning to carry out in mental attack?”

“That’s right.”

No hesitation can be heard from her voice.

“No, normally a person won’t confess if being told to this extent.”

“If you don’t want to talk then let’s carry out negotiation in terms of physical.”

“Wasn’t you said you can’t engage on physical means…”


But she clenched her fist.

“… I just say then it’s okay right.”

Tooya sighed, then confessed the worry he thought about on the bench. She wouldn’t let him go if he didn’t confess what caused him to be unable to move forward.

“You are an idiot.”

This was Akane’s first response after hearing what Tooya said.

“No need to choose anymore? That’s fine enough? Is your brain rotten or what?”

“… why say like this all of a sudden.”

Moreover it sounded painful.

“You brat, have you forgotten the words that I specially gave you?”

She stared over here directly.

“I said don’t misunderstand right? I said don’t expect that I will forgive you right?”

Repeating that sentence.

“Then, why did you brat thought that I forgave you already?”

She stayed there and looked down on Tooya.

“Because that was…”

“Are you an idiot?”

Tooya’s refute was interrupted.

“It doesn’t matter who’ll be the one to decide. It’s a life that won’t be lost if you did not exist. You have the responsibility for it no matter who be the one to decide, it is to be sure about.”

Like saying something that was of course, she continued.

“Because those you killed are the evil one so you can be forgiven, don’t you dare say that? Like I said, life was sacrificed because of your unauthorized action is something impossible to be forgiven. There’s not a single life can be squandered as you like. Only people like me can kill those bad guys following my own preference so never mind.”


Although her speech was a mess, what incredible about it was Tooya didn’t gush out any refute at all from his heart.

“If you understand, I will assure the other things.”

Suddenly, Akane bent her body and her face got closer to Tooya.

“You are the worst kind of brat… as long as you remember this then you won’t have that kind of worry.”

That sharp gaze pierced through Tooya’s eyes.

“That’s all.”

Then she turned her gaze away suddenly.


Tooya can’t give any reply at all… however, his suspended mood had been settled down.


His mouth opened naturally.


“Why do you have that kind of confidence to say I am the worst?”

“Of course, because I am justice.”

She looked over here and answered without hesitation.

“Is there any reason in this?”


An immediate reply.

“I was like this the moment I was born. It has nothing to do with the parenting. This is because although I lived in a very clean environment but it has nothing do with justice at all… no, there is something related to justice.”

It was like she ate some worms, Akane showed an annoyed expression.

“Something related?”

“There’s no reason to tell you about it.”

He got refused immediately.

“I am still me no matter what happened. As long as I believe the things that are correct, I can’t endure the existence contrasts to it and I am not intended to endure either. That’s why I absolutely have no intention to forgive you. Even you can fully understand it right.”

“… yes.”

Tooya nodded. Akane who confirmed that turn around and walks away.

“Bye then.”

Seems like she had finished what she wanted to say, Akane took her steps.


He called that figure that was walking away.

“What do you want.”

Akane turned half of her body over here.

“You, are my enemy… no matter what will happen.”

“Is that so, even you brat also won’t tolerate me huh.”

Immediate reply, Tooya surprised that she had no intention to inquire at all. And this time, she walked away without turning her head anymore. Tooya too did not say anything after that.”

“Enemy, huh…”

Tooya murmured this with a peace of mind.

“Seems like you did not feel confused anymore.”

Kuroe said so when she saw Tooya went back home at the evening. Seems like she noticed the change in Tooya’s expression right away.

“Something good happened?”

“Well, you can say that I have recognized the current situation properly.”

He could be sure that he felt the thing that made him wavered.

“Fuu, not bad.”


“It’s not something fun to me if master was still hesitant.”

“Ah I see…”

Different from Tooya, Kuroe still had an unwavering look.

“By the way, this thing was sent to here when master went out.”

Likes she remembered something, Kuroe walked towards the table.

“What is that?”


She handed over it to Tooya. It was a brown color envelope in A4 paper format.

“Probably was the information of the request that Tanaka said before. It was sent here directly three hours ago.”

“Ah ah.”

He totally forgot that something like this was said.

“He said that he hope we can give a reply by afternoon tomorrow after reading the detail in here.”

Seems like it had to be decided during in off days. Therefore, Tooya took out and looked through the details immediately. First of all was the information of the demon sword mentioned in the coffee shop and there was also the detailed happening of the events, the photos of the corpses of the victims.

“… what a bad taste.”

Tooya frowned.

“Such a clear-cut.”

Kuroe who was sitting beside him said so after looking at the photos. The victims had wounds like what Kuroe said. The first victim was cut off from the right shoulder to the left waist in a slant way. The second victim was cut to two pieces directly. The places of being cut from the two victims separated beautifully… based on this point, indeed it can be considered this was not a normal murdering case.

“Eh, the second victim…”

The uniform on the second victim looks familiar… it was the same thing as Kuroe’s school uniform hanged in the room. Tooya confirmed the resources in hurry, the victim really was a student which it was one year younger than Tooya that went to the same school as Tooya and Kuroe. Miyagishi Kana. Although Tooya heard the name before but he didn’t know that she went to the same school as him.

“Although our grade were different but seems like a commotion happened before.”


“Well, master was isolated in the school so that’s why you don’t know ne.”

Seems like the class had talked about this before… that was normal. It would appear to be weird to not having a commotion if someone from the same school got murdered. Indeed the surrounding felt more disturbing compared to before, but Tooya who got used to being isolated assumed all these as normal noises.

“And you don’t even watch news ne.”

Seems like she talked about what happened at that morning. If he did watched the news nicely maybe he will noticed the fact indeed.

“If that way then master can’t carry out the investigation?”

“It’s not related to popularity.”

“You can’t say so ne.”

While saying, Kuroe drawn out a piece of paper from the materials.

“This is the suspect that we need to look into.”

“… Kuromine Mashiro.”

This was the name written on there. Her age was fifteen, in the same grade with the second victim—–that meant she and Tooya went to the same school too.

“If our grade were different then…”

“Master is quite popular in school right?”

“… although it’s not wrong.”

Don’t talk about the face first, they would probably knew even if his name mentioned.

“They will probably in alert if master go and meet her?”

“You intend to meet her directly?”

“That way, it will simplify matters.”

Kuroe said so naturally.

“If just by investigating the surrounding and got the answer then the order of the black magic doesn’t need to request for our help. Because we went to the same school and able to get in contact with her easily, that’s why they requested for our help.”


What Kuroe said was reasonable indeed. It was not a coincidence to be requested to investigate on the target that went to the same school. It would be easier to be in touch with the target if they went to the same school. That meant the investigation would be easier, what Tanaka said that the target was easier for Tooya to investigate was acceptable.

“We can understand everything just by meeting her directly?”

“At least we can understand something.”

“… probably.”

Seemed like what Kuroe said sound unreliable.

“Or you got another plan? I just said, if just by investigating the surrounding they can get the answer then there’s no need for our appearance.”

“Even if you said so… ah.”

He just remembered suddenly.

“What’s the matter?”

“No, I forgot that I have no knowledge about the demon sword at all.”

Although he had the impression on it in a normal sense, but Tooya don’t exactly know what thing that was. Even if he thought about the investigation method he also couldn’t get into the point if he didn’t understand it.

Although he said that, actually the information was in the envelope, he just had to take it out and looked through it.

“This is it.”

Tooya took out the parts that recorded the information regarding the demon sword.

“Ho, where is it.”

Kuroe took a peek from the side.

“You want to have a look too?”

“Because I don’t know whether it is the same thing as what I knew.”

“There is this possibility indeed.”

It’d been few hundred years after all, maybe something like this would happen. Tooya read the information with Kuroe.

It said that in the demon sword had a spell that would cause the owner went frenzy. It was unrelated to the owner’s will, it would apply a strong intimation on the owner and made them wanted to kill people. The owner that had been applied the intimation wouldn’t remember things in the deepest part in most situation, the owner would regain conscious by letting go of the sword for a moment. But the owner would receive the intimation that told him or her to take back the sword at the same time, the owner would attack people again after getting back the sword to his or her hand.

Looks like the demon sword was made by an illegal magician. Seems like the maker made this sword to give it to someone so they would be in trouble or cause chaos to the world. There was a photo of the demon sword on the information as reference……..although Tooya felt that it had no difference compared to a normal sword.

“It’s different from the thing I knew.”

“It is?”


Looks like the world of supernatural will change along the era… and—-

“Spells and magicians… ”

Tooya saw the words that were out of general theory again.

“You still want to say something like that?”

“… I know already.”

This was a fact that he must accept.

“Well, because the image of the demon sword is something like what I imagined so I can somewhat understand. Things will be solved if we took it from the girl called Kuromine that owns it right?”

“Well, what you said is right if just based on the information.”

“Kuroe, can you remove the intimation that tells the owner to grab back the demon sword?”

“It’s a simple job as long as that spell was man-made.”

As expected from a monster with strong power.

“Then, we just have to confirm whether that girl owns the demon sword or not.”


And so we went back to the topic just now…

“Why that girl called Kuromine becomes a suspect?”

Tooya said so didn’t know the reasons in it. She was just a high school student. Why did she became the suspect of a demon sword owner.

“Wasn’t that was something we have to confirm right from the beginning?”


Tooya thought so too. Luckily there was an explanation about it in the information. Looks like that demon sword was put on the history museum before this. But the sword disappeared when Kuromine Mashiro went to that museum as a history lesson in class.

And after that, the elusive crime happened. They could determine that it was the work of the demon sword from the traces on the site. It was related to the disappearance of the demon sword just right. And so Mashiro who was the closest to the demon sword when it disappeared became a suspect naturally… something like this.

“Such a lax management.”

“They probably always thought it was a normal sword only.”

Moreover, they didn’t realize that until it disappeared.

“In what era did that sword appeared?”

“It’s like nine hundred years ago.”

A very old antique… that was why it was displayed in the museum.

“That way the situation will be different.”

“… what do you mean?”

“That thing was a remnant from the era of my previous master.”

“That means?”

“That means this was probably not a demon sword.”

Kuroe said so.

“This was what you said about different from what you knew?”

“Also it have this… if just about a sword with strong power then it was possible. Many things like that were made in that era after all.”

“… specifically say?”

“It’s fine to think of it as a legendary sword or a sword with magic power.”


Even though it was easy to understand but why you explained it that way.

“If there were that kind of things then they should have written it in the information.”

“Well, maybe they wanted to let me do it.”


“That means leaving the job of explanation to me. I had lived in that era after all, there was no explanation better than mine.”

Certainly it was very suitable for her to do so.

“… that means this request is the same.”

“I am sure they had evaluated properly before making decision… it was the most suitable for us indeed. The suspect and master went to the same thing and the source of the problem comes from the era that I’m well known of.”

It was too suitable for them.

“Did the sword that Kuroe talked about bring effect to the owner?”

“There were many kinds of power lodging in a sword… like enhancing the physical ability, converting the body into something that has hardness like iron and more.”

“No, I am not talking about that… like will it cause the owner wanting to attack people.”

“Although there were… most of them didn’t belong to that type.”

Kuroe answered.

“In that way, that means it was the owner’s will to attack people?”



She said it so easily.

“But, is it that simple—-”

“There would be if it’s about killing people.”

Kuroe interrupted.

“As long as there was reason and power then a human will easily use that power, wasn’t master is the one understands that the most?”


“Well, even if oneself has no reason, that power will become the reason for them to do so.”

“Although what you said was not wrong… ”

He didn’t want to accept… but Tooya had no basis to deny it.

“Supposing that sword really was a demon sword, but then that girl would surely have no reason to use it?”

“That is… ”

Tooya hesitated. Things about Kuromine Mashiro were printed in the information, included her interest to her recent developments… Tooya cheered up a bit and looked through it.

Then, the conclusions were based on the information—-there was a reason for her to do so.

“The second victim, Miyagishi Kana and that girl were students from same grade… and seems like she was one of those involved in bullying that girl.”

“What, that girl is a child that being bullied huh.”

“… looks like it.”

The materials recorded this fact clearly. It began from spring. It was just because she refused some troublesome demands from those bullies. Spring in the first year was the time where everyone hadn’t establish a good relationship with the others, those got aimed by a group of bullies will got isolated by the others quickly.

“Well, she got full motive to do it.”

“… it’s not a decisive evident.”

Maybe she owned something… but Tooya still didn’t know about that actually.

“We will start from whether she owns the sword told in this case or not.”

“Can’t you investigate it with your power?”

“I can know it if she brings it around… but, it will be bad to bring that thing around in peacetime.”

“Then, you can’t look for it by tracing the sword’s power?”

“Because I did not notice that until it disappeared, so probably that sword had hidden its presence in the meantime.”

That meant we couldn’t even find where that sword hid.

“And there are unlimited places to hide that sword if someone intends to… if the sword can be found just by looking around the house then we are not needed anymore.”

“… so the result is still the same.”

Tooya sighed.

“Must we contact her?”

“That way will save more trouble. If she was not bewitched by the demon sword but attack people by her own will then there will be doubts from her behavior.”

“If that was not the case?”

“We can find doubt too. The owner would be blank about the time when they got controlled by the demon sword, the owner would felt strange regarding that.”

The person would be proved innocent if it didn’t fall to both sides. He wasn’t saying to judge things that simple, it was just by following the standard of eliminating those less suspicious.

“… well, there’s no other way.”

Tooya can’t think of any other way. He got zero experience regarding this kind of investigation, it was normal that he couldn’t think of any way. If he thought deeper, there was a better way actually.

“Actually, you can choose to refuse it?”

“It’s useless to say that by now.”

Even if there was next time… pretty sure the same thing would be repeated.

“Just do it.”

There was no other choice for Tooya.

“How was it?”

“What are you talking about.”

“You have met him right?”

“… how do you know.”

She glared at Tanaka.

“Leaving you that way yesterday and today was not because I got stupid.”

Tanaka shrugged.

“… I don’t felt there was someone tracking me.”

“There was GPS on your phone.”


Akane took out her phone silently and gripped it tightly.

“Please don’t crush it… I will stop that function after this.”


Akane reduced her strength in her hand and clicked her tongue.

“Then, how was it?”


“Your impression after talked with him. You went to meet him just when he was alone, wasn’t because there was something you mind about?”

“… nothing.”

Akane turned her gaze like throwing tantrum.

“He was just the worst brat only.”

“That was your impression?”

“… I want to kill him as soon as I can.”

“Saying that kind of thing again, huh.”

Tanaka smiled with bitter.

“Thanks to you.”

“That timing was the best to take action based on the intelligence I got… although now was a bit different.”


Akane clicked her tongue.

“… I have already wanted to ask this before.”

Akane said so like she thought of it in a sudden.

“What is it?”

“In the end, are you an intelligent or an assassin… which side?”

“Both of them.”

Tanaka answered pleasantly.

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