Cross Connect Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Turning Point


「Nagi ? Hey Nagi. Why are you keeping quiet, what happened?」


「Nagi ? Nagiii ? Caann youuuu heeaarr mee? …………Hey, Nagi, you dare ignoring me, you’re really brave!」


「A……….Au…………Moo. Really what happened to you? If you keep on this I’ll get angry.」

The childhood friend who was walking next to me just keep being depressed then pouted. Even though I felt a little guilty but it was a shame I didn’t have time for her trivial stuffs.

………..Right yesterday, after that I had logged out, locked the door and just slept like that for the whole day. Of course I didn’t need the approval of Harukaze. I threw away the role splitting with her. Even a little strength to read the swapping diary placing in front of me, I didn’t have it either.

Was I wrong in anyway————–Not matter how I thought about it in my head there was only regret.

I was wrong.

Maybe so, surely I missed a key point. It wasn’t like I couldn’t save this situation. The method to deal with the hidden treasure? Or the order of conquering ally? No matter what right now everything was not too late. But I needed to work it out first.

Seeing me a bit absentminded, Yukina blurted out something.

「Murmuring, murmuring……………..This is definitely Nagi. I’ve went through the trouble of checking for it, now you have come back to normal」

「…………… ?」

「Ah, a little, just a little? Yesterday Nagi……….um, maybe it’s good demeanor. You look just like the old day Nagi———————-Though, what am I saying!?」

I pointed my salted look at Yukina who was saying monologue while blushing. ………….. What was she talking about? The subject Yukina was talking of was so scattered I didn’t get it t all.

「Maa, it’s alright」

I put my hand to the back of my head as reflex and stopped thinking.

Although, if I think about the things after then, maybe I need to investigate it a little carefully.

Good morning. Good morning Tarumi. Ah, Tarumi-kun today didn’t come late. Have you done your homework? You’re slow Yuunagi. Hey hey did you watch TV yesterday? Gym class (tennis) today pair up with me. Though Nagi, you answered LINE really carefully———.


With a confused voice as I didn’t understand anything, I put my bag down from my shoulders.

It was still the class as usual. Still that amount of time. And I still opened the door without saying anything, however the still of today it was a bit different, I was welcome with cheerful greetings.

「E, to…………Eh?」

I was petrified before the scene which I could never understand happening right before my eyes.

「? What are you doing Nagi? You’re blocking the way, quickly and go in.」

「U, o!」

Or should I run away————–a thought floated up for a moment, but because I was pushed on my back by Yukina behind me I reluctantly had to jump in that weird atmosphere.

In a blink, I was being surrounded as if I was a transfer student.

The friends in my class all struggled to try and talk to me.

The boy’s expression was very friendly. It was completely not bad intent but it was simply alike to curiosity. It was not like they were inviting me to something, it was as if expecting or caring about something, those positive feeling made me very confused.

If saying specifically, it was a normal day before of me who just lost his hope.

This overly comfortable atmosphere, for me right now it was something really bad—————-And then I realized.

「It was because of Harukaze…………?」

I murmured.

Right, if it was because of that then this morning talk from Yukina I could also understand. The me from yesterday, Harukaze did something. Therefore the attitude from the friends from class had completely changed.

But why Harukaze did that? She didn’t want to be discriminated in class, or is it……… Although she knew this me was being laughed at for having no friends, but she still did it?


As I murmured, the crowd had gathered, they became confused and said 「What?」—————Right at this moment, if I gave up the feeling it would probably be a good thing. With that the worries in me would be removed, that uncomfortable feeling would be filled. If I accepted this simple happiness, maybe it would be a good thing.

However, with me who was upset because of the desperate situation in that ROC game, I didn’t need to think much, I had a very bad reaction.

「Shut up!! Stop flapping your mouths anymore! Aa, dammit, that girl, when I was desperate like this she always does something unneeded! How annoying, she just have it her way! I beg of you all, please don’t involve with me anymore!!」

While feeling as if the atmosphere in class had frozen up, I left my bag there and ran out of class.

「—————Wait up, Nagi」

While walking through the school yard, suddenly there was a voice resounded from above my head.

「This is an emergency situation. It’s painful. I’m really interested in your story but, the you right now isn’t very attractive. Or that’s because, don’t tell me it was because of those “trivial things”」

Jumping down with her words, should I say exactly as I’d guessed, a mysterious person with a hooded coat, that right, it was Ruri-senpai.

Only one step away from me, her eyes sight was hidden inside that hood was observing my expression.

Because of feeling uncomfortable I turned away avoiding her, while take care not to let my tone become shaking, as I said.

「…………….How did you know about that」

「How, that is, generally I knew everything. If it was something I care I’ll coverage it.」

Senpai said with a tone which I didn’t know whether it was joking or real. If the rumor was real, a character with this caliber was nothing strange.

「Then I got it, Senpai. This is exactly the trivial stuffs……… Because, I’m not looking for anything about this. The action of me yesterday, it could be said to be as a mischievous joke. Just to seldom change of atmosphere. When I’m bored I’ll come back to normal.」

「Hee————-Is that so. 」


When I was talking, she had slowly step forward and came close to me since who knows when. Her position seemed like she was looking up from below. Her eyes looking through her bangs, I could send anger, even weirdness with her voice which was as if being compressed.

「You think you could do that “mischievous joke” or “acting like that” in a serious way?」

「Eh?——————-No, about that」

「Up until yesterday」

Senpai linked the words together when saying in a vague way.

「The valuating words about you in class, in fact it was nothing different than the lowest of society. Even though there was no bully but in your condition everyone was ignoring and shunning. And you had accepted it.」

「That is, yes. just as you said」

「Even so that situation had turned around in only a day ……….. Do you know what that means. The minus point you piled up in a few months or even in a few years up till now, but the positive point she gained had compensated it all」

「She. eh, Senpai, how did you know———-」

「If only you didn’t miss the part that you ignore——————Hey, why did she act like that, rising above her destiny, is that intervening into your life, perhaps you didn’t have any strength left to think about it? If it was true then I had no interest anymore. A man like that is only a dull man.」

「——————-Gulp. ……….. Sorry, Senpai. Suddenly I remember something, please excuse me.」

Ignoring those cold and sharp words, I lowered my head avoiding just like that and left.

While running as fast as the wind, the key words inside my mind after a bit also disappeared. Transforming all the restrain in class. Acting like that. Mischievous joke. Harukaze’s action. Intervene. An AI had done wrong everything, an action that exceeded the allowed of its limited rights. And that reason too.

…………It was true I had overstepped with “a mischievous joke”. It was as she had said.

However, because I had to pay dearly, therefore it was not strange for a suitable reward. As long as Harukaze herself didn’t have any good point, if thinking about me being looked down on as her target it would be really logical. It was comparative in equivalent between “one” who was positive and the “other” was negative.

I begged of you Harukaze. Please tell that to me. If not I’d lose my view about my personal value.

「Tch !」

The lips which I was biting on had turned violet.


『Therefore, I have received the help of Yukina-san and Ruri-san, to carry out the strategy of helping people to understand what kind of man Yuunagi-san is! Ehehe, although it was a normal thanks but, I want to try making you surprise a little.

Do you know? The feeling of making people surprise is really great. I felt really fun and warm. As if my words for the first time it touched Yuunagi-san therefore I was really excited. I always asked myself, if only I could feel happy just like that time.

Ehehe. How is it? Are you happy?

I didn’t expect doing something for someone would be this nervous, but even so I only knew it now. A new discovery. It was wonderful.

If Yuunagi-san felt happy about it, I’ll try to be useful to you.』


I had crushed the paper I was holding since who knows when.

I was simply an idiot. An unthinkable idiot.

Harukaze was simply thanking me and acted on her bright, naivety, that reason made me angry pointlessly. On my own I doubted, I threw away everything, and on my own made her hurt. I couldn’t imagine what had I done.

I straighten the letter which was written wholeheartedly………….Until now.

Even until this moment———————Would I still going to be a spineless guy?

Boring. This me right now was just a boring guy. Even Yukina and Ruri-senpai also said that. That was of course, I did something contradict to Harukaze feeling. Now if I gave it all up the story wouldn’t go anywhere.


In my heart there were two opposite poles. One was not trusting humanity and the opposite.

They were having mutual understanding and making me become unstable, and the one who lives in that unstable situation was Harukaze.


I couldn’t give up right now———————

Just getting back home, I immediately return to school, sliding into class in class time, I attracted every one’s surprised look, I have done dogeza to beg forgiveness.

「Sorry for yelling at everyone before! Just that I was a little upset, so I hope everyone would forgive me. Please be friend with me, and with her too!………….. Please!」

The silent in a moment had taken whole of the classroom.

After that, the laughter of everyone sounded, however, I think those laughter was not to ridicule.


Looking at the sight of him sliding into class and dogeza of Nagi, I wondered it reminded me of something of the past.

I, Sasahara Yukina used to be very injured in a car accident.

It was around 4 years ago. I was still in middle school.

Deeply thinking in quiet, someone who was bad at communicating as me at that time didn’t have a friend. Therefore, on that day I was reading book in my room but, suddenly my childhood friend had walked into my room by himself and led me out to play in the city.

That childhood friend was Nagi. Tarumi Yuunagi.

He always cared about my problems and always acted for others.………..Someone who was precious to me.

At that time, although I was reluctantly being dragged by Nagi, in order to not let me feel like I owed him. Seemed like Nagi used to say, “it’s not like it was about you or anything, it’s just that I want to do it”. Right, fundamentally Nagi was a tsundere.

The result. At that day when we were holding hands on the way back home, I found a stray cat which was a rare breed.

It wasn’t like I liked cat, but at that time, I chased him ( or was it her?) and ran into the road——————Then, I was hit by a big car.

It was really stupid right. And then, there was the voice of someone.

The one reflected on my blurry vision, in the upside down scene, there was a cat looking at me worriedly and……………….Nagi was really shock. I was held by him while laying on the ground, until the final moment, the voice I heard was only that of Nagi. Even though I couldn’t answer him.

After that, it seemed I was taken to the hospital of the medical university. I heard glimpse of the doctor who did my checking said.

『Although her life is saved but…………her condition is still very dangerous. Maybe she could only hold out for a few more days』

What is it? It was just like saying parting words. Was it so.

My body at that time had become very weak. The tragic fate of a middle school girl. It seemed I was diagnosed that even if my life could be saved, I couldn’t walked for the rest of my life, even talking would be difficult.

Even so————————–Right now I was still healthy. I didn’t need to train hard or anything?

Recovery was only a pipe dream, some very far away thing, but then in only 10 days since the accident, I was completely healed. It was just like a miracle. However, actually I knew the reason for that “miracle”.

At the night of that day.

On the patient bed, when there was no consciousness in my mind, I heard a strange voice.

“You are a really lucky girl”

“You can thank him. Ah wrong, it should be his talent that saved you.”

“It’s because of that………….He had been destroy a little I think”

Who was he, although that man didn’t mention about it at all but, in short today, I’d waken up and become healthy after a long sleep.

And suddenly I realized. Nagi wasn’t here. I thought if it was Nagi he would surely be at my side, but I didn’t see him at all. Even after the day I was discharged from the hospital he didn’t come to get me, at that time I was being selfish and sulked.

When I was told about the situation——————In the first 3 days, Nagi had stayed beside me all the time. However, after that he suddenly disappeared. He wasn’t at home, nor at school, no one knew where he was.

The after morning, he came back with a very bad expression.

『Your face is really pathetic, you looked funny. Now you suddenly go back』

At that moment, I was being angry. Because Nagi at that time, he was just like a demon who looked at life with half of his eye. At least he came to see me, therefore I tried to treat Nagi well.

However, when I was discharged Nagi didn’t come.

After I gathered all my courage to ask but he didn’t answer.

A lovable person like Nagi was suddenly isolated at school, and finally I realized.

That right, the one who was destroyed was Nagi. Nagi had made a “miracle” to save me, for that he was destroyed. He didn’t change at all, he still did as he pleased, always for others, because he sacrificed himself.

I was happy about it, but it made me regret it a lot—————————-Therefore I’d decided, even if I was refused, even if I was ignored or treated coldly by him, I would still try to be thick skin, knowing no embarrassment in order to keep being by Nagi side. I had given up my timidity.

Because only I knew how good a man Nagi was.

Yesterday Nagi was not the real Nagi, I knew that. Because that person was not Nagi. Although they had the same appearance but if he thought he could fool this childhood friend it was a big mistake. ………….Well, no matter which Nagi it was they were both good people. If I could meet him, I thought we could become friend.

But, as expected the Nagi which I liked was still this Nagi————————I thought so when I looked at my childhood friend who was face-down on the classroom floor.

Ah, ee-to, it didn’t have any strange meaning? It wasn’t like I was craving wanting to conquer him or anything………….What I was talking about was the situation of Nagi right now. No longer separating himself from everyone around, determined to be friendly, maybe he was ready to collide with other.

Aa, I couldn’t hold this flowing tears.

What were these tears. Because the old Nagi had come back? Or………… Because I knew the Nagi in front of my eyes was not himself?

I didn’t know. I didn’t know what was this emotion………..

「Quả nhiên là Nagi vẫn không thay đổi gì nhỉ」

In order to show Nagi, I waved my small hand and said, “It’s okay, quickly and go, idiot”.


I couldn’t log in ROC.

After quietly slipped out of class, once again another strange situation occurred to me.

No, it wasn’t like I logged in with the intention of confirming. It was just that suddenly I was disconnected from the game, right now I’d just went through a very embarrassed situation so I wanted to come back there quickly——————–But no matter how much I wrote Z on the screen, it only showed one notice message 『Incorrect Password』.

「………Damn, shit. What the heck happened…….!」

Pressing down my rough breathing, I was still wearing my uniform and just like that I ran to the urban area.

I didn’t know why I couldn’t log in. Haruzake was being trapped in some special situation? Or she was killed by someone? I didn’t want to think about it any bit, it wasn’t like it couldn’t happen. Because this me before didn’t think of anything and used the last《Return》.

If this “princess” had game over, but 『Tarumi Yuunagi』still wasn’t damaged a bit, that was exactly what I wanted, but even so———————-I couldn’t be happy with this ending. It was only half a month and it was already ended.

「…………..That’s right」

Gathering all me resolves, I put my hand into my pocket once again and took out my phone. This time I didn’t open that lock wrong anymore. After I clicked into the icon of ROH in the corner of the app column.

“ROH has connection with ROC_______”

Using a desperate method. That “link” if I was not mistaken it was the story about guiding information. However, ROC was based on the world view of ROH, and the setting like that wasn’t wrong. Even though it was a fragile system but, if they linked with each other I could access it.

「There must be, there must be something? It’s ROC, quickly link to it………….!」

Continuing pushing the menu bar on the main screen of the game, after that smashing into my eyes were the categories. No matter what it was everything was going smoothly. The “message” kind that connected to the device, as long as it could send message not having sound was fine. Even if there was noticed of two worlds linked together I didn’t care.

But, that thing I couldn’t see anywhere.

Covering my eyes—————————-I touch the menu bar again. When the sound flow of the game sounded, I continue staring at the screen.

「………… “Searching mode” ?」

The 3D character I was interacting in the game had the status and card Spell. It seemed it was working with the camera, the scenery was not animated but was the real world.

I see, so I had to find it in this while playing this AR-game, my knowledge increased a little.

「Though this is not the time for this」

Spitting out those harsh words I came back to the app. Speaking of which, the first time I logged into ROC the cause was because of wrong action. Really how annoying, I stared back at the screen again.


In this screen…………..there was someone swinging a large sword, it seemed he couldn’t see me?

But of course, that guy didn’t have my vision. However, in the phone, because the screen was reflecting the real world through the screen, so definitely there was player existing inside.

「Don’t tell me……….」

My heart beats strongly. Going along with my intuition, I activated “search mode” and looked around. Immediately, I found fighting traces, which could never have in the real world.

Ah, that right. This was the key point.

「The AR mode of ROH is displaying the “playground” my ROC !」

If that so, then I could definitely find Harukaze.

While bringing “ROC” into the real world by reflecting on the phone I ran with all my might.

It’d been a while since I lost so much strength for someone. According to my memory maybe it was 4 years ago. This me before although he was someone who “like to interfere to into other’s business”, but thanks to that personality I could get to the final boundary of the game.

In order to save Yukina when she was seriously injured in the accident, the game I participated until which I forgot myself—————–diving into that malicious game, myself had been destroyed by them. If talking about not trusting human would be an understatement, it got to be that I didn’t trust anything, all was the enemy, a bottomless darkness.

Until I “swapped” with Harukaze.

That innocent, bright to a fault of her had changed my view point of value!

To me, the existence of Harukaze was like the glorious sunrise. Something I had always waiting for, a thing that could purify completely that inside me. Moreover, compare to me Harukaze situation was much harsher, that which made her lose herself. Strong. In fact she was really strong. Therefore this game was created just to make her mind crumble.

Because of that, because of that I will.

「I’ll stay beside you until the very end, Harukaze……… giving up in a place like this doesn’t like you at all. Ah, I apology for leaving you alone. If you are upset about it then let me make it up for you. Therefore………… therefore don’t hide anymore, come out quickly! Let me take responsibility for itttttttttttt!」

I didn’t care about my surrounding and just like that I scream—————–And then.

I saw a familiar figure of someone inside the screen.

Immediately, I blink continuously as if I couldn’t believe my eyes, then I stare at the screen again. That figure still didn’t disapear. On the artificial river bank. Where “I” cried the first time. And right now she was also crying,    sitting down with her face on her knees as if suffering from something.

Even though I thought of letting out my voice I could only make a small one, after my face became beat red, I clear my throat——————Ko-hon.

Once again.

「Hey, Harukaze」

I started talking nervously.

The girl inside the screen———————Maybe because she could see me so she had just a strange expression, however, it seemed my voice didn’t reach her. Maybe the voice didn’t connect. We were so close to each other, but it felt like we were miles apart, this heart once again wanting to scream out.

I couldn’t meet her.


I and Harukaze lived in two different worlds, no matter what I did we couldn’t meet each other.

———————You idiot, don’t give up easily like this idiot girl.

「Harukaze, It’s me. Yuunagi」


「Sorry for being late」


「What, are you angry because I came late?」


「It’s me, the one you first met, what is it, do you still not recognize me.」


「We swapped with each other, you know someone in the swapping diary, don’t tell me that is not enough」


「You and me was inside one body. In this ridiculous situation you are really strong


「But——————-let me apology for leaving you alone」

After I said that, Harukaze twitched her shoulders. As she kept her wonderful silver hair from fluttering in the wind she was looking around, blinking her big round eyes as if looking for someone————-, after a bit she looked at the emptiness and opened her lips.

『Could it be, is that Yuunagi-san……..?』

「! Ah, yes. Can you hear it? Can you hear me speaking?」

『Yes——————-, yes』

While nodding, Harukaze held her skirt in a polite manner, then she stood up. This behavior was completely different than me. Although her expression was a bit strange but, I felt『Kumoi Haruka』looked as if she was satisfied. Because it was swapping inside so I could felt how she had changed.

Harukaze looked around.

Then she used her hands to wipe away her tears that were lingering on the corner of her eyes.

As if not letting me see her appearance just now—————She smiled extremely broadly.

『This is the first time right. Yuunagi-san. ……….Ehehe, finally we were able to meet.』


『First let me apology. The one who prevented Yuunagi-san logging in was me.』

Why moving the long chair nearby, immediately Harukaze said.

We sit down on the long chair which was the same on the real world as well as the background world. Through the screen of the iphone was a bit inconvenient, but for now we could talk to each other.

「…………So, could I ask why you did it?」

『E-to……….. this is a little different to say. If it was Yuunagi-san then you probably had known ?』

「A little. But I want to heard it from your mouth. Actually, I was a little annoyed」

『Au. So you’ve realized it』

Harukaze in the screen was being moody. Her hands on her knees were clenched. She glanced at my place (where I was sitting ) a few times, then looked away avoiding as if she was collecting all her thoughts to speak.

『I————–Heard a voice. It was Yuunagi-san’s voice』


『Um. That, maybe it was despair. ……….. Because on the front and the part we are linked, therefore, ot seemed we could touched the other feeling through the “voice”』


I see, so the “imagination” that I felt the first time was Harukaze scream.

「And then?」

『Then, e-to……… I, felt the stagnation when completing the game of Yuunagi-san. That was despair. ……….Therefore』

「——————–Therefore you thought 『Kumoi Haruka』would game over, in order to not let it go any further, in order for the inside to not be me you had locked all status」

『Au. ………….Ehehee, as expected Yuunagi-san is really sharp』

「No, don’t change the subject at time like this」

U u u, Harukaze became puzzled and started being moody again.

Sphia AI, the one who could interfere directly into the main compute of ROC and re-wrote the log in condition, to over passed this obstacle was a bit “nonsense” but…….in fact she had done it so it couldn’t be helped. The problem right now was her intention.

『……..But, but』

As if sensing sorrow in my voice, Harukaze suddenly speak up. She clenched her hands, then she said in pain.

『It’s something normal. An obvious thing. Because……….. From the start this body is mine. Yuunagi-san is just unluckily involved. If so, the one that should be killed in ROC shouldn’t be me then who!』


『Moreover…………..Ehehe. Because I’m an AI. The one who created me, no matter what they did or their own way they certainly had their own views, I’m sure of it. Although I don’t want it, I don’t want to die.』

Harukaze looked down in despair. Maybe she didn’t want to show her face to me right now, her tears was dropping on her hands which were placed on her knees.

『I………..had enough happiness. When I was thrown inside ROC I was really lonely, even though I had to live in fear but……. Recent days I was really happy. Just remembering those moments, even if suffering from anything I’d be alright. I “will”, endure it.』


『I, can, endure it………..?』

After that, Harukaze bloomed a bright smile on her tear wrenching face.

————————–Finally I understood. This was Sphia plan.

First of all, they made Harukaze became panic in solitary, then used me as her hope. However, that was not enough, they created this “false hope” to put her into despair once again.

A desperate person would surely seek out hope.

Therefore, to carve deep in those negative emotion inside a pure AI, they assigned me into her role.

Maybe this was to prepare for the next game———————–


Since when my cheeks felt like they were twisted. My hands clenched into a fist.

Is that so. Making her doing that face in order to prepare for your damn plans.

「Just one…………I only need to confirm just one.」


Saying while heaving a sigh. I felt very inhibited when I couldn’t touch Harukaze when she was in this situation. Now matter it was the world or the other, even those I and Harukaze were here but there was still a big distance between the two.

However, only if my voice could reach you, that meant I was near you more than ever.

「You said I was simply got dragged into this right. That you are wrong. Sphia, or to be more precise, Tendou Byakuya had pointed exactly me. Just like you are being bully by him, I’m also someone who he laid an eye on. So it was completely not a coincidence, nor was it an accidence or anything. You and I was destine to be a pair.」

『Ah……….but, but』

「No buts. Because I was the one completed Ura-game before, so I was assigned to the role “a feeble hope” in this game. Of course, the setting is that I’ll be beside you until you are taken down.」

However, the more I say the more I lose my calm.

Plot? Script? What is that, is that god.

「Hey Harukaze, you were really happy right? You’d said the world here was really beautiful. You also said you were happy. Do you not want to continue that happiness. Do you plan to throw away everything that easy. Once you lose it you could never get it again」


「By the way I don’t like it? Nobody likes an ending that didn’t go as they want. ……………Therefore let me ask again. Just once tell me.

In the end what do you want————————And lastly what do you believe in」

Using the line I’d written in the notebook some days before. Even though at the time there was no clear answer, but right now she could run away from it anymore. Because, if you didn’t tell me, how should I put this, I wouldn’t have a reason to act.


In a moment, Harukaze just stayed quiet and looked down. Her face looking from this angle was very serious.

And then, suddenly she stood up and yelled.

『I still have a lot——————–lot, lot of things I want to do! I want to live now and forever more, no way it’s enough……….! Even if I’m called selfish, even if I’m called greedy it’s okay. I, Harukaze want to try………holding hands with Yuunagi-san. I really, really want to try being with you!!』

「I got it, my dear princess」

Acting a little I answer, my eyes met with Harukaze inside the phone.

This hand couldn’t reach Harukaze. Therefore I could pat her head.

However, even so these two worlds were connected through the phone’s screen.

It could be said as a magical connection (Cross Connect). I and Harukaze had an unification just like that, the two back to back, a unique companion that couldn’t be changed. While acting like a “hero wanna be”, from this moment I would no longer be a weakling.

Because of that————————–

I smiled and declared loudly.

「Listen Harukaze. …………..From now on we will complete this game perfectly」

I would make Sphia, Tendou Byakuya regret when choosing Tarumi Yuunagi to be Harukaze’s companion.

『Player: Kumoi Haruka

Status of collecting “Curse Hidden Treasure” 1.

Status of forming “Rebellion” 3.

Losing all wining contidion.

Status: starting again』

To Yuunagi-san in the near future.

When Yuunagi-san read this maybe ROC had also ended.

Just joking, ehehe. I was only want to try saying that once. ……….um, if you saw it at other time, don’t take a peek? Because I’m really embarrassing and also timid.


About the content of those words, I wasn’t intent on joking.

Because according to Yukina-san said Yuunagi-san was a “tsundere”, once Yuunagi-san has declared war, which was a proof you will attain victory.

Um, it’s not like I want to make more pressure for Yuunagi-san or anything.

It was just until the end, I would always trust in Yuunagi-san!


Even though I was playing dumb like that but you had probably figured it all. Yes, you’re right. The truth is I’m very scared. Because I knew how scary Sphia was so even if how much I trust Yuunagi-san scary thing is always scary.

Therefore……………I hope you could.

I would also be scare no longer.

In order to not have the place for doubting, completing it perfectly or anything——————–But please put an end to it.

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