Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou

Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou (Ordinary Days with a Man-Eater)

Author: Kamisaka Neko
Artist: Kasuga Ayumu ( Ore twintails, Saijaku Bahamut)


“Nice to meet you. I am Oogami Kuroe.”

A beautiful girl that transferred to this school suddenly, claiming herself as the “fiancee” of a highschool student, Kamisaki Tooya. But her true identity was……

“Once in a month,I have to eat a human. This was the contract made between you and me.”

Tooya made a contract with a man-eating monster to save himself when almost being killed. According to the contract, Tooya have to let her eat someone every month.

“Oogami-san,what is your relationship with Tooya-kun!?”

But his childhood friend, Kurumi Rikka doesn’t know anything and talked with Oogami.

This is a story about a young man living a “difficult ordinary days” with a monster.

“I will be count on you in the future and forever, master.”

Volume 1 (PDF)


Prologue: He and Man-eater made a Pact

Chapter 1: His life + man-eater

Chapter 2: His life with his childhood friend + man-eater

Chapter 3: The Affair Between Him and His Childhood Friend x Man-eater

Chapter 4: His and man-eater’s affairs

Epilogue: The daily life between him and man-eater

Volume 2 (PDF)


 Prologue: The Unknown Circumstances of Someone He Doesn’t Know

Chapter 1: His ordinary days with man-eater – childhood friend + dark clouds

Chapter 2: His day with man-eater + Order of Black Magic

Chapter 3: He Works with the Man Eater -> The bullied child

Chapter 4: Ordinary days with the man-eater and the bullied child

Chapter 5: The affair between him and the man-eater and the bullied child – the demon sword

Chapter 6: He and Man-eater VS the Demon Sword

 Epilogue: Ordinary days with the man-eater + The Ally of Justice

Volume 3 (PDF)


Prologue: The Price of His Contract

Chapter 1: He and the Man Eater and the Transfer Student

Chapter 2: He and the Man Eater and the Transfer Student Ordinary Days

Chapter 3: His Childhood’s Friend’s Return

Chapter 4: He and the Girl’s Vacation

Chapter 5: He and the transfer student’s choices = The thing they both wish for

Epilogue: He and the circumstances of each person + who

Volume 4 (PDF)


Prologue: His Unknown Old Tale

Chapter 1: His and the childhood friend’s each happiness.

Chapter 2: He and the Man-eater and the Old Ghost

Chapter 3: His and the childhood friend’s distorted world

Chapter 4: Her utmost and his utmost

Chapter 5: His and the Ghost’s conclusion + The man eater

Epilogue: Daily life with a man-eater

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  2. Muhammad Faisal says:

    Thank for you hard work
    I hope chapter 1 gonna release soon

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  3. hecate says:

    uohhh nniceeeee , now i can freed from this feeling, when i can only see the illustration shared by a “certain” someone T-T thanx a lot bro


  4. patcan3609 says:

    Thanks for your hard work!


  5. yeah i hope next chapter will be released soon


  6. Ash says:

    The plot of the story is interesting, let’s see how things turn out in the future. Thank you for translating and more power to your work. 🙂


  7. deanhero says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work ^^


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  9. Leonardicus says:

    Thanks for the hard work o/


  10. Bystander says:

    You got new translator in charge of vol 2??? Btw, great work, thanks so much.


  11. diMENsonBREakeR says:

    Check this site everyday! Thanks for your hard working!


  12. SnapInTheDark says:

    Congratulation on finishing one volume! Great work, thanks very much!


  13. I read this and I simply can’t get enough, Is there any where I can purchase English copies of this or no?


  14. sigma says:

    keep going its realy good~ 🙂


  15. wesley says:

    The download link is broken.


  16. Jeff says:

    For some reason the pics don’t show often when I load it but I’m loving the story so far. Thanks for the translation


  17. Nero says:

    thanks for the work


  18. erde33 says:

    thanks a lot for the chapter!!!


  19. Anderson Torres França says:

    The project is still standing, is not it? I would love to continue reading the work, and only 2 volumes left ;-;


  20. hazard says:

    thank you for starting volume 3, can’t wait to read this 🙂

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  21. It’s interesting.
    I’ll wait for next chapter.


  22. Still, wait for next chapter…


  23. Stencho0o0 says:

    Are there any pictures in that novel or is it jus text ??


  24. Dudu says:

    When I click to download pdf it says file not found. Could you try to fix it, please? I’ve been looking for a pdf of this series too much time


  25. MasukureKuro says:

    Thanks a lot for translating this. Its one of my favorite LN. Its a shame that it isn’t more popular.

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  27. Marafow says:

    I hope you can finish this, I’m really invested.

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  28. ultraswolf says:

    I Hope, i traslate this in italian, it is very good traslation.


  29. XLΣZLY says:

    Still waiting for this novel.
    I hope you can finish this.


  30. Borb says:

    Is this dropped?


  31. XLΣZLY says:

    Thx for new chapter ❤


  32. anaon2176 says:

    Thanks for the work.
    Is this still ongoing?


  33. XLΣZLY says:

    Still, wait for next chapter…


  34. SunnyBunny says:

    Thanks for the chapters, are you still working on this?
    Tell me if i can somehow support this.


  35. XllZ says:

    Oh, Finally! I just see a new chap, thanks for next chapter.
    Just one volume. Don’t give up.


  36. are you going to continues this work? :,v


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  39. sweec1890 says:

    Still here waiting for new chapters XD


  40. Jon says:

    thank you for the new chapters


  41. Nikufu says:

    Thanks for the translation!!! Ily guys ❤


  42. TS1 says:

    Woah it’s finished, thank you so much 🙂


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