Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 5 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The colour of the daily harvest tour

The next day after the regular weekly meeting.

I—the brown boar Saehrimnir was enjoying my usual daily routine.

“Okay, it’s another boring day! …Somehow I felt a bit disappointed but…”

Okay… the situation was a bit complicated. I acted normal since I desired to be one. Well, I didn’t expected that I’d be having these unproductive days but… I guessed life was full of surprises after all.

Actually could I really say that I was normal if I was acting as one? Actually I had stopped thinking about that since the word ‘normal’ itself was able to trigger a Gestaltzerfall phenomenon.   

“Relax… Re~lax…”

These few weeks, I obtained the trick to control my curse. That was by relaxing. I just had to calm myself down between my conscious and sub-conscious without being stiff— it was a bit ambiguous but unexpectedly this method was quite effective.

Breathe in slowly… then breathe out slowly. OK, be conscious of the abdomen movement. As long as you were able to master the abdominal breathing, you could say goodbye to your bloated stomach! …Why the heck did my original intention change I did not plan to have an exercise!

Putting that aside, after both my mind and body had become better— in that very moment.

“Se-tan, are you here?”

Huh? This effortless voice that was not inferior to me when I was at the utmost point of relaxation ….

“Heizu? Please wait a moment, I’ll open the door now.”

When I pulled on the string that served as the door knob, the person was the pink goat, Heizu as expected.

Hmm, this was quite rare. Heizu was basically the type that like to hide in her room which was far from the sloth Loki. I believed that she might had something important since she went out of her room to come to mine which was located at the top floor of the worker dorm.

“What’s the matter? …Ah, I understand! The Chef Head requested you to come and find me right?”

Before Heizu was able to answer me, I had answered it myself. Then, Heizu opened both her eye wide in surprise and looked at me.

“That’s right. How did you know that?”

“Well, it’s just my intuition. Moreover, the Chef Head did request you to come and find me previously.”

“Ah… I surprise that you remember. Se-tan is so amazing, it seems that you had grown.”

“Ha ha ha! It’s not that of a big deal at all.”

“When will you become sparkling gold?”

“I will not become that okay? It’s a pity but I will remain brown throughout my life, okay?”

I was sure that she was referring to Gullinbursti right? I’d remember it well. It was good to be honest as usual but please don’t treat me like I was a downgrade version of him, okay?

“Ahem! Putting that aside… let’s go and meet the Chef Head together now.”

“Hold on, it’s bad to go together.”

I asked Heizu to go together as usual but unexpectedly she rejected it. Um… why?

“If we go together, rumor of us being friend will spread and it will make me feel weird.”

What was with that? It was a bit prejudice but she sounded just like a childhood heroine friend. I was pretty sure that Chef Head must be a pretty amazing guy since Heizu had fallen for him, right?

“Isn’t that fine, since you don’t have any friend?”

“That’s true…”

Yup, it was fine if you were honest.

Thus, Heizu and I headed to meet the Chef Head together.


“Yo, Sei-kun! Heizu-kun, thank you for bringing Sei-kun here.”

After we arrived at ‘Valhalla Kitchen’, the Chef Head was at the backyard where the fridge was located.

Somehow Chef Head’s voice was not as loud as usual and it seemed that his expression was lacking his usual liveliness.  Was there any chance that he was troubled by something?

“I’m sorry for calling you so early in the morning, Sei-kun. Actually I encountered a problem.”

“Ah, as expected. So, what happened?”

When I enquire that, the Chef Head took off his hat and looked down toward the ground.

“Please don’t be surprised upon hearing this. It’s a bit sudden but… the truth… is …”

Hm, what is it? What is the big announcement that the Chef Head is trying to say? I am sure that the announcement should be quite important since he was putting on airs up until now.

While the expectation and tension was increasing, he felt that the timing was suitable— he said.

“It had been decided that Freya-san will be having a concert.”

—… eh? Freya-sama…concert? Having a concert… don’t tell me….

“Concert!? Did you just said concert!? A concert like that ‘concert’ right!? Whhhhen is it! When the heck is it!! Where is the venue!?”

“What… what’s the matter, Sei-kun, calm down.”

“As if I can calm down! Since it’s a concert! Freya-sama concert!”

“Um… Sei-kun, is there any chance that you are a fan of Freya-sama?”

“ ‘Fan’? You had underestimated me, Chef Head! In front of her, I am no longer a fan instead I had transcended into an existence—which was the same as a ‘vegetable’ or ‘fruits’. I shall wait patiently as a crop until the moment I am ready to be harvested by those lovely hand of hers… that’s how her true fans prepare themselves! Moreover, she is the harvest angel of the bright fertility world when she was doing her idol activity! In addition, the slogan was ‘Let’s harvest!”

“I… I see, that’s quite a profound addiction… I mean profound interest.”

“It seems that I have your attention now!”

“Just a bit.”

Okay, the propagation was done! Let have him enter the religion now~!

“By the way, the news about Freya-sama concert should be a good news instead of a bad news. So, what’s the matter that was troubling you?”

The same time when I had calm down from the excitement, that question popped up in my head. The Chef Head answered me in a simple manner when I asked him directly.

“The concert itself was not a problem. But in conjunction with this concert, a certain person will be invited as a guest. The guest was an old friend of Freya-sama.”

Hee~ I see, an old friend was it. Since it was that beauty Freya-sama we were talking about, I was pretty sure that her old friend was quite famous as well.

“May I know who the person is?”

“Hmm? Ah, you mean the name of the old friend? If I am not mistaken, her name is…’Mardoll’.”


How odd, I never heard of that name before…. It was a bit strange coming from me but was there any chance that she was not famous at all?

“… That’s how she called herself. For now.”

Huh? Now? what did he meant by that. That piqued my interest.

“Then, what does she called herself previously?”

The moment I ask him about that, Chef Head let out another sigh. I intended to tell him to stop with the act… but I was unable to say it at all. That was because—

“She had changed her name to Mardoll now and she was an old friend of Freya-sama who was living in the human realm ‘Midgard’ now. But she was a former Vanir God which was the same as Freya-sama…”

Then the name that Chef Head mention—was someone that I was quite familiar with.

“The Golden Goddess—‘Gullveig’.”


Were you… telling me that she was ‘Gullveig’!? Wasn’t that! The name that I used on my own revival ability!

That was right. Previously, after Odin-sama saw my numerous revival, he said this ‘This remind me of ‘Gullveig’.’

I was not sure whether the origin of our revival ability were same or not but I couldn’t help to think that our ability were the same. That was why, I named my revival ability after her.

To think that… she would be coming to Freya-sama concert…!

“Is…. Isn’t this something amazing?”

“Well, that was also another problem by itself but.”


Huh, was that so…? Are you telling me that I am the only one who got excited? Well, it was quite common since the only one who would treat her in a special manner is me since we have similar ability.

After the Chef Head saw that I had calmed down, he continued with the main topic.

“Sei-kun, actually the problem I’m facing was…. On how to fulfil the request to serve the best meal to Mardoll-sama aka Gullveig-sama. Since the request came from Freya-sama herself.”

I see… so that was the problem he was facing.

“Currently in ‘Valhalla Kitchen’, Sei-kun, we had you who can transform into the world most delicious chicken, Gullinkambi. Moreover, we also have hon… I mean Heizu-kun who was able to squeeze out the most delicious mead, the Léraðr mead. Other than that, we also have the deer, Ikusu-kun who was on par with you.”

“Ehh, isn’t that right.”

That was right but didn’t he just call Heizu as honey on a whim? Well, it was none of my business anyway. Previously I had incited Heizu to go to the Chef Head room, as revenge I was made into mincemeat that night, so I just ignore it.

“Sei-kun? What happened, you look a bit scary?”

“Huh? Well, it’s a pity that instead of the ‘look’, the ‘after’ is much scarier right? Chef Head.”

“…I understand. I will accepted what will happen to me afterward. Putting that aside… do you have any bright idea that able to improve the meals prepared in my kitchen? The reason why I called for you was on that.”

“Hm… okay. It’s fine if I just bring out some idea to improve the meal and avoid any complaint from Freya-sama old friend right?”

After I summarized the request, Chef Head gave me a humble nod.

Now I understood why the Chef Head was so serious. That was because the Chef Head was the chef that was scouted by Freya-sama and she brought him to the God Realm from the human realm. In order to not shame her, he wanted to accomplish this request perfectly.

Even though I couldn’t help but to call him a lolicon, he was still my master. My respect toward him would remain the same. Thus… it was time for me to use every inch of my brain cell to help him!

“We had already obtained the best meat and the best mead. Even the cooking tools were legendary grade and the Chef Head cooking technique as the best, on top of that the waitress were the nine Valkyries…”

Hmm? Was there any chance that we were not lacking of anything…?

“I’m sorry, Chef Head, I can’t think of anything.”

“Please don’t say that! You were the strategist that was acknowledged by that Loki, right?”

A strategist, that was the first time I had heard that I was called in that way. But… it seemed it is a bit impossible this time. Putting the joke aside, I really couldn’t think of anything at all.

Then when we were struck by despair… Heizu activated her rune of mannaz and transform to her usual human appearance as if she had thought of something.

“Darling. Heizu like all of darling dishes.”

“Hee? Ah, thank you, Heizu-kun, I’m glad just by hearing that.”

“Se-tan meat was quite delicious. Heizu was a herbivor in her goat form but when Heizu is in her human form like this, Heizu can eat it.”

“Yup, isn’t that right? Once you do that, it doesn’t matter even if you were a herbivor.”

Well, when it came to romance, she is without a doubt a carnivore from the beginning…

“But… those small fry old man were always a carnivore right?”

Small fry? Ah, so that was how Heizu called the Einherjars. It was true that those fellows would only eat meat. I was able to understand that they were muscle-brain but they were so lame since they still disliked vegetable at their age…hmm? In other word…

“I got an idea, Chef Head! It’s vegetable! The only dish that was not popular in ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ was… vegetable!”

“! That’s right! Let’s alone salad, it’s true that they don’t even bother to touch the vegetable that was served together with the main dish at all! That means… if I can create a dish that can overcome their dislike of vegetable, then it will be a dish that exceed all the current dish.”

After we arrive to our answer, the Chef Head did a guts posture. That was right, the thing that we should place our attention toward was the vegetable. Wasn’t that the best treatment that we could provide to the old friend of the harvest goddess?

“But Sei-kun, what should we do so that the Einherjars will eat the vegetable?”

“Actually I have an idea for that. Please leave it to me!”

I dashed out at the same moment when I said that. There was only one place where I’d go.

Somehow it had become quite excited now. That was right, this was fine.

It’s because the ‘daily life’ that I experienced in ‘Valhalla’ were quite exciting.

After I had made my decision in my usual reckless manner, I headed toward ‘a certain place’ so that I was able to discuss with my beloved disciple, Ikusu.

“Good morning, Ikusu. Is it okay if I discuss something with you now?”

“Ah, Oshishou! Hello!”

In the farm that was located behind of the Einherjars building, ‘Valhalla’. The deer who was in charge of watering the plants stopped the water from her antler and headed immediately toward me.

“Ah, I’m sorry! This was not the right appearance that I should be when I am talking with Oshishou.”

After she said that, she abandoned her deer appearance. By using the rune of mannaz that I was proficient with, she changed into an appearance of a young human girl that was wearing a bohemian poncho.

“Okay. It seems that you had adhere the teaching of me as you master. I am so touched.”

“Of course! The moment when I transform into this appearance, the pervert gaze of Oshishou that was looking at my bare foot… I feel so aroused by it since I am a masochist!”

“No, I am not looking at it okay? Even if I am looking at it, it will be a normal gaze only okay?”

This was bad… was it just me since I felt that everyone was starting to be able to read my emotion now? Even though I was a boar. Even though I was showing this poker face that I had since birth.

…Okay, time to reflect on it. I’d become a gentlemen that would not be embarrassed no matter where I went from now on. I’d look at Ikusu bare legs with this serious look that was able to fool the God.


“O…Oshishou-sama… I did say that I got aroused from your perverted sight but I will still get embarrassed by it…?”

How odd, Ikusu was writhing in agony. Even though I was using my serious look. Were you saying that my serious look was actually a lewd… no, let’s not think anymore further on it.

“By the way, Oshishou-sama, what do you want to talk about?”

“Ah, that’s right. Actually Ikusu, do you have any delicious vegetable in this farm?”

“What are you saying about, all the vegetable around you were delicious. All of the vegetables have the best taste and high quality since I am the one who took care of them personally!”

“Well, that’s true but… is there any vegetable that will attract a veggie hater to eat it?”

“That’s why I am saying it can be found all around you.”

This was not good, there was no progress at all. Guess I had no choice but to tell her directly.

“You are aware that the Einherjars always left their vegetable right, Ikusu? I am looking for a vegetable that will attract them to eat it.”

“Ah… I see, that’s the reason for you to come here.”

Even Ikusu would be able to realize what I was saying about since I didn’t beat around the bush.

That was right—the chosen Einherjars from the human world, ‘Midgard’ were mostly carnivorous in various meaning.

They enjoyed eating my meat or Ikusu meat but when it came to vegetable, they mostly left it untouched at all. That was why I was looking for the best method to help overcome that situation.

“The vegetable that was served together were also one of the magnificent dishes. That was because it was raised by Ikusu and the kitchen staff do their best while preparing it. But to think that it had turned into a situation where it needs to be treated as leftover food… don’t you think that we need to do something about it?”

“That… it’s exactly as what Oshishou-sama said! Even I also feel sad toward the leftover vegetable! I wonder what we should do so that everyone will enjoy eating it!?”

“That’s why I came here to discuss with you, after giving it some thought. If we had a vegetable which was more delicious and it had a different look, then I had a feeling that everyone will enjoy eating it. This will be the first step in overcoming their dislike toward the vegetable. So? Do you have any idea on that?”

“Hm… a vegetable that exceed all the vegetable here…”

After she heard that, Ikusu thought about it immediately.

At time she cross her arm, at time she rubbed her temple, Ikusu still continued to think about it even though she felt good from the pain that was cause by the rubbing which interrupted  her thoughts.

And then—

“…’The sprouts of the world tree.’ That was the only thing that I could think of.”

“That was the deer… Ha ha, even though you were a deer?”

(deer and only had the same word)

“That so mean, Oshishou-sama I wish you can stop saying those thing. Since the vegetable will be ruined if the temperature drop.”

“Was it that cold!?”

Whose fault do you think it was! …No, Sei, you shouldn’t blame others. As a man and as a Shishou, shouldn’t I just acknowledge it with my big heart?

“ ‘The sprouts of the world tree’ was it…. I felt like I had heard it before, it something similar to the Taranome right? Can it be obtained immediately?”

“No, it’s a pity but it not something common at all. Since the World Tree, Léraðr only bud once every few hundred years. There was a rumour that the sprouts will need to be harvest immediately when it bud else it will taste extremely bad.”

“Once every few hundred years… by the way, when will it happen?”

“It’s today.”


What kind of a miracle is this! I felt so grateful for this until I felt there was something fishy about this!

“Um… I don’t want to ruin the atmosphere but… will it really bud today?”

I reconfirmed it with Ikusu as I was unable to accept that today was the once every few hundred years. Then, she opened her eye widely as if this was something unthinkable and she said this confidently.

“Yes, I am sure. That was because I had ate one this morning since I had saw one sprouted.”

“There was no room for doubt at all!”

Whoa~, I should had consulted with her earlier! Since I was unable to make any preparation at this eleventh hour!

“Then… let me ask you. Which part of the world tree did you saw the sprout budded?”

“At the end of the branch. But it’s not like all of the branch will bud so it’s pointless. Well, at least there was one that budded on the branch that I found.”

The end of the branch… was it. Well, the good thing was the ‘rainbow void’ could be found in ‘Valhalla’ which allow a person to transport to any part of the God Realm, thus there was no problem for us to go there.

But if we were unable to found any sprout after we teleported to there… then we had no choice but to search for it on foot.

If that happened, it would be hard to harvest the sprouts. That was because it’d take quite a long time to travel between the branches the world tree was quite huge.

“There was around… five branches for us to search…”

What should we do? What would you do, Sei? There was no second chance if I let go of this opportunity, since I didn’t have a long lifespan.

But if I were to search all the five branches on my own, the chance of me coming back empty handed was quite high. So, I needed to secure some partner to assist me.

Personally I would be happy if I were able to get the cooperation from the Valkyries but… I had no method to reach them at this moment.

“He he, it seems like this was my time to shine isn’t it? Sir Sei.”

“This voice was…!”

This sound that came out of nowhere— it was none other than the elusive Ratatoskr!

“Sir. Is there any chance that you had forgotten the existence of this squirrel? Regardless whether it’s inside a fire, inside the water or inside a girl skirt, I will immediately appear once I was summoned.”

“That was so amazing. Somehow it seems quite troublesome at the same time.”

That was right. Since Ratatoskr was a special squirrel who was quite proficient at teleporting. Moreover, his body was small so he quite suitable with infiltration mission.

(By the way… what was the inside of Ikusu skirt look like…?)

(It’s striped.)


“That’s not it!! Ratatoskr, why did you appear here at such a good timing?”  

“Hm… if I were to say it, it will be ‘this was inevitable’. Just like when you come to meet Lady Ikusu, she will surely transform into her human appearance right? Thus, it was also my job to follow you without a moment delay.”

I see… in another words, Ratatoskr came and meet us when he was in the middle of stalking us. That meant he was making full use of his low standpoint. What a despicable personality.

“Even though you look cute from the appearance, your personality was still as rotten as ever. But you came at the right time. Hey Ratatoskr, can you help me to inform those Valkyrie who are free to gather in front of the rainbow void?”

“Hmm… no problem! I will inform them right away, so Sir Sei, please get ready in front of the void.”

As soon as he said that, Ratatoskr transformed into light after he made a big jump and disappeared from the place.

After I gave my thanks to Ikusu, I headed toward trunk of the world tree where the void was located.

“Se…Sei-san! I keep you waiting!”

While I was waiting patiently, the first to appear was my beloved Brynhildr-sama.

The thing that surprised me was that all the other Valkyrie sisters gathered together as if their elder sister was leading them.

“Whoa, I didn’t thought that all the nine Valkyries will come here… I’m sorry for bothering you during such busy time!”

After I gave them my gratitude, the Valkyries sister look at each other with a restless appearance as if they were quite nervous.

“? What… what’s the matter?”

“No, that… we were just wondering on the purpose…”

Purpose? Of course, that would be assisting me in searching for the sprout of the world tree… this was strange, didn’t Ratatoskr tell them anything? I wondered what that squirrel told them that would cause all of them gathered here.

“Um… Ratatoskr told us that Sei-san was ‘waiting underneath of the legendary world tree.’”


What was with that phrase that would make a person heart throb! It might be possible for a normal day but on such memorial day that would only appear once very few hundred years, it couldn’t be blame if they were expecting a confession!

“It… it’s true that I am waiting but it’s quite different from what you were expectation okay? I actually would like to request your helps on something.”

“So, it’s that after all. It had just ruined my expectation.”

The seventh sister Siegrune voice out her disappointment while I was talking. I wonder what she was expecting.

“Sigh… I came here since I thought there would be something to laugh at but to think it was a plan to push something troublesome to us. This will be boring so I will be going back to my room now.”

“Huh!? Hold… hold it for a moment, Helmwige-sama! Please listen to my request since you already here!”

I went in front of Helmwige and did a sliding dogeza since she had planned to return without any hesitation. The fifth sister, Schwerte-sama helped me to convince Helmwige as if she was impressed by my admirable posture.

“Helmwige. You do aware that this boy lower his head toward you without caring what others think right? So there was no harm in listening to what he had to say.”

“Somehow I had a feeling that he always lowers his head though.”

Then, Siegrune immediately gave a sharp retort. Damn it, if this was a mixture between fact and fiction… then I hope it was a fiction instead.

“That… that’s not true Rune-onee-chan! Sei-kun, please raise your head, since I will listen to your request properly!”

“That’s right. Everyone should learn from Rossweisse in order to be much kinder.”

Oh, not only the ninth sister, Rossweisse, even the third sister, Ortlinde-sama was helping me! Thank you, thank you very much…!

“Since we haven’t heard what the reward will be. It’s not too late to reject the request after we heard that.”

Hey, I wanted my gratitude back now!

“Re… putting aside the reward, let’s listen to Sei-san request first. Okay?”

In the end, everyone remain silent as if Brynhildr-sama had made the final call.

When I saw that everyone had lend their ear to me, I informed them about my current request.

“—I see, to make the Einherjars eat… what a wonderful idea! Please allow us to help you in searching the sprouts of the world tree!”

The moment she heard that, Brynhildr-sama immediately agreed to cooperate right away. Ah, what a kind person she was, other than me, anyone would fall for her in a blink of an eye.

“Everyone will of course help, ah! Gerhilde, what are you doing all of a sudden!”

When I looked toward the source of the sudden scream, I saw Gerhi-sama who was overflowing with the tears of regret while grabbing Brynhildr-sama shoulder.

“It’s not a matter of what anymore! Nee-sama, because of you I was unable to obtained the title of the ‘first’ helper since you had gotten a head start before me! Sei, I will not let you down. The one who will find the sprout first will be me who is the fastest among the sister. As I am the second sister, Gerhilde!”

“Th… thank you, after hearing Gerhi-sama said that, I am able to be at ease.”

Yup… as always Gerhi-sama’s desire to become the first was quite amazing for things that had connection to speed.

When my ear was full with the overawe sensation, I could heard an awful timid voice. That voice belonged to the eight sister, Grimgerde-sama.

“I’m not sure whether I will be of use but please let me help out! Since I would like to see the seaweed that grown on the tree branch instead of the sea!”

Grimgerde-sama, that… it was a pity but it was not seaweed at all.

“Oh~ it seems quite amusing, please let Onee-san help you too! Weisse-chan, you will certainly help out right~?”

“Yup, Raute-onee-chan! As long as it’s a request from Sei-kun, I will do anything!”

Hmm? She’d do anything… no, let’s not think about it. Since I was a gentleman, let’s keep these commitment when it was just the two of us only.

But… I was truly grateful. Starting from the fourth sister, Waltraute-sama and Weisse who immediately agreed, the others gave their okay one after another. While I was a bit fearful of my luck, I thanked the Valkyrie from the bottom of my heart.

“Ah—…sorry, I will pass. Since I don’t have any motivation to gather food for those muscle brain.”

Then, from the side who were being thank, Siegrune-sama voice out a different opinion. After that, Ortlinde-sama and Helmwige-sama also voice out their agreement with Siegrune-sama.

“Linde agrees with her right. Since it’s not that important nor it seems to be profitable, Linde has no interest in this request.”

“Ka ka ka! This is magnificent! Including me, three out of the Valkyrie had made a pass on this. In another word, we can just cancel this request happily now!”

Wait, hold it! Wasn’t this weird? Why did the minority win? Shouldn’t the majority win since we were practicing the democracy system?

Well, there was a few thing that didn’t makes any sense but… it couldn’t be helped if I was unable to get the cooperation from all of them.

No, shouldn’t I be happy with this discovery instead? Judging from Siegrune-sama tone just now, it seemed that she wouldn’t help if it was for the sake of the Einherjars. On the other hand, it would mean that she would help if it was ‘for my sake’.

However… I was able to make a line on those who would help from those who wouldn’t, isn’t it?

“I see, so the three of you won’t help. Ah~ it’s a pity~ I had prepare a special reward for those who were kind enough to help me. The special reward was the ‘Ultimate combo set’ which consists of the two proud meat of the God Realm that was Ikusu and my meat together with the sprouts that I am planning to harvest now, ah, what a pity~”

“If that’s the case, please let me help you!!”

“I… I agree with my right.”

“Both of you changed your mind so fast!”

What a splendid comeback, as expected, it seemed that both of you were aiming for the reward only!

“Um… Siegrune-sama, how about you?”

“Argh… there is no choice~ It would make me look bad if I am the only one who was not helping, so I will help you. Don’t… don’t get the wrong idea okay? It’s not like I am helping you because I got attracted by the food, okay!”

“Okay, I am aware of it. Then, if the amount of the meal for the special reward was not sufficient, then Siegrune-sama is fine if you don’t get one right?”

“What!? That… isn’t is normal for us to have a rock-paper-scissor battle when that happen?”

… For god’s sake, it would be fine if you were more honest to yourself….

After having those conversation, we had arrived at the branch of the world tree.

“Hm… we will be able to accomplish this mission immediately if the sprouts were in full bloom in this branch but… as expected it won’t be easy at all.”

After we arrived at the first branch via the rainbow void, we weren’t able to find any sprouts at all. Since that was the case, we had no choice but to split up and search for it as planned earlier.

“Ho ho ho! Of course, as the fastest among my sisters, I will head toward the furthest branch!”

After she said that, Gerhi-sama flew at a tremendous speed that was able to pierce through the wind with her white wing that was created from her magic power.

“Hmph. Linde is unable to rival with Gerhi-nee but Linde is quite confidence in her speed. Then, Linde will contribute the most, in order to obtain the largest portion of the meal.”

The one who ran off indomitably was Ortlinde-sama. When was it decided that a higher contribution would result in a larger portion of the meal?

When I tilted my head, the other sisters also flew off toward different direction on their own.

It seemed that their title as the wind maiden was not for show at all since I could only send them off while being amazed with their tremendous speed.

“Okay, I can’t lose to them also! I should use my rune of mannaz to transform into a falcon now…”

“Um… Sei-san. If you are fine with it, will you harvest the sprouts together with me?”


At that moment, I was called out from behind in a reserved manner. There was no way that I would misheard this since the owner of that voice was my beloved Brynhildr-sama!

“Brynhildr-sama, didn’t you just fly off…?”

“He he he. I returned back here secretly after I pretended to fly off. I understand that it would be better if we split up but as expected I would like to do it together with you… will I be a bother to you?”

After she said that, Brynhildr-sama looked toward me with an uneasiness look.

“Of course, you are not a bother at all! In fact, I would like to welcome you instead! Let do it together!”

“That… that’s great. In that case, let’s go right away.”

At the same time when I felt excited with this unexpected throbbing development, Brynhildr-sama carried me in her arm and we started with our search.

“Hmm… I felt the presence of Helmwige in this direction. So, I guess we should head to another branch.”

“Oh, do you know the current location of everyone?”

That amazing, I guessed this was something that could only be done with their sister bond.

“Nope. That branch is the closest from the starting point since she is a slacker, she will surely head toward there.”

Yup… I wonder whether this was due to the sister bond or not…

Putting that aside, if we were to avoid bumping into each other, it was possible that someone would waste their effort in searching on a same place repeatedly.

“How about this branch, Sei-san. I will let you down now so we can search for it okay?”

“Yes! Let do our best!”

Once we had arrived, Brynhildr-sama put me down on the ground and we began to search in every nook and cranny of the branch.

While I was enjoying this dating atmosphere where we exchanged silly idle conversation, in due time… ahem. Let’s put the focus on finding the sprouts first.

It was a pity but no even a single sprouts could be founded in this branch.

“This is bad, there is nothing. Since the world tree is a lump of the life energy, I thought that the sprouts can be found everywhere but… we can’t find one at all.”

“That’s right… but it not pointless at all. Since there is no straightforward method when it comes to legendary rank food.  Let’s just do our best!”

After that, I was picked up again and we headed to the next branch.

That right, we still had plenty of time. But still I hoped that I could only find the sprouts at the eleventh hour.

That was because I wanted to enjoy the time with my beloved Brynhildr-sama as long as possible.

“Sigh… to think that we aren’t unable to find one up until now… it seems like we had underestimated this.”

I wondered how long had it been since then.

Even though we were approaching sunset, we weren’t unable to find our desired sprouts at all. Now, I wanted to curse myself who wished for this result a few hours ago due to his own personal desire.

In order to maintain the legendary taste of the sprouts, it would had to be harvested on the same day it budded but… once the curtain of the night had raised, it would be impossible to find the sprouts. Thus, this was a race against the time but…

“I wonder how the others are doing. I would be glad if someone managed to find some though.”

The moment when I voiced out my whine about relying on others, multiple people were approaching as I could hear them shouting from afar. It seems that the others sister that I mentioned just now were flying toward me.

“I’m sorry, Sei-dono. Even though we had search across numerous branch, we couldn’t find any sprouts at all…”

“That’s right… it been a while since Onee-san tried her best but it seem that it had all gone down the drain~”

“Argh~! What is the meaning of this Sei! Did you make sure that the information on the sprouts is correct!?”

Argh, please don’t rub salts to my wound, Helmwige-sama! Ikusu told me that she had ate one of the sprouts today but I had yet to see a real sprouts with my own eye. Truth to be told, I didn’t believe that she was lying at all…

“Hold… hold it, Helmwige-nee-sama. I think there is no mistake that the seaweed will bud today.”

“? Grimgerde, why?”

Brynhildr-sama showed a serious expression while listening carefully on that unexpected statement. Then, Grimgerde-sama shook her hand excessively while answering the enquiry.

“Ac… actually I used my servants Doggy to help me search for the seaweed. Since the Doggy has a keen sense of smell, I thought that they will be able to guide me to it but we always stop halfway as if they had lose the smell…”

“Hm. In another word, it that. There is no mistake that today is the budding day of the sprouts. In spite of that, no one was able to find the sprouts –right?”

Grimgerde gave a small nod toward the summary from Siegrune-sama.

I see, I understand the circumstance now…

But what was with this weird phenomena? It was like the smell of the sprouts was getting thinner the closer we get to them. Instead of it being a tough hurdle, it was like a nightmare for us to harvest this sprout.

“It seems that the World Tree sprouts is quite skilled at escaping. Does that mean that the sprouts had leg?”

Weisse voiced out a completely different idea that I didn’t thought of while crossing her arm.  That was right, it was also possible that the plant could move by itself.

But I felt sick when I tried to imagine it escaping appearance. For example, it grew wings and flew…it was still at an acceptable level if it was able to teleport.

“…hmm? Teleport…?

I tilted my head against that phrase that pop up in my head. Then the moment when I tilted— that appeared in front of me.

“Oh, everyone. May I know what is everyone doing here?”

The one who appeared was Ratatoskr. While he was imitating me by tilting his head, he looked toward us with a doubtful look.

“What… I believe you know it quite well. We are looking for the world tree sprouts.”

“Oh, of course I am aware of it. Since you requested me to gather all of the Valkyries right?”

I nodded silently since that was the truth. After that, Ratatoskr hit his chest in a proficient manner and began to brag about his work.

“As requested, I had asked the all the Valkyries, without missing anyone, to approach you.. This is what I called a perfect completion! Then, since I am too talented, I went and harvested a lot of the world tree sprouts at the same time!”

…huh. What does he meant by that?

When I asked him that, Ratatoskr make a more triumphant face than usual.

“I am saying that I had harvested the world tree sprouts. I had been through the numerous world tree branches by using my specialty teleportation.”

I see, I understood it now, the reason why none of us were able to find any sprouts. And also the reason why Grimgerde-sama servant was not able to track the smell of the sprouts.

“Ratatoskr had gotten a head start.”

That explained why we couldn’t found one at all. It was totally out of my expectation since that Ratatoskr would take the initiative by helping.

In the first place, instead of asking Ratatoskr to gather the Valkyries, I should had just asked him to help me harvest instead, then I wouldn’t have to bother them at all…

“Hold it Sei. I am pretty sure that you asked us to gather right?”

“No, Siegrune-sama, instead of asking all of you to gather, it’s more like there is no need for me to do that at all…”

Argh, the stare from everyone was hurting me. Actually those who were staring at me were mostly the person who requested for a compensation which were the three of them but due to my persecution complex, even my heart was hurt.

“Hey Siegrune, Helmwige and Ortlinde, it’s quite unreasonable for you to blame Sei-san on this. That is because Ratatoskr was able to find the sprouts faster than us this time. Isn’t that the truth?”

Oh… my goddess Brynhildr-sama, that was quite kind of you! Please harvest this sprout of love that had budded inside of me.

“To think that I was slower to the likes of Ratatoskr, this is a regret that I will never forget…sigh”

“Hold it, Miss Gerhilde, I will not let that slip through. It’s so cruel of you to said ‘likes of’ just because you had lost. From now on, I want you to lower your head profoundly in front of me whenever I pass by.”

Ah… Ratatoskr, you shouldn’t let it get to your head that easily.

Then, the furious Gerhi-sama gotten close to the arrogant Ratatoskr and she grabbed him at a speed that my eye couldn’t catch up with.

“… Instead of asking me to lower my head, isn’t it faster if I just make your head to become much longer?”

“Argh!? My head is getting… it’s getting longer!”

Then, after the punishment for the squirrel who said too much was settled, the mission for today had ended.

Once again I gave my thanks to everyone who helped out and return to the ‘Valhalla’ which was getting closer to night time.

The large amount of the world tree sprouts that was harvested by Ratatoskr was preserved by soaking in the extreme pure water from Ikusu horns.

Then—the sunset of the next day.

Ikusu and I were made into a delicious meat dish by the hand of the Chef Head himself.

The content that was boiling inside the magic pot Eldhrimnir, where the amount of it content wouldn’t decrease, was the cream stew that was filled with a lot of the world best vegetable, the world tree sprouts. Of course, we had put aside an amount that will be used to serve our guest.

The Einherjars should realize the situation they were in since there were lucky enough to eat the world most luxury stew for free and as much as they want.

“Whoa, what a nice smell! So, this is the ultimate combo meal that Sei-kun mentioned previously!”

“Oh!? That means it’s ready isn’t it! Rossweisse, I want to smell it so move aside. Whoa~ this smell great! Hey, we will get to eat this as part of our compensation right? Right!?”

“Of… of course it is, so please calm down first.”

For god’s sake, Helmwige-sama was such a gluttony. Well, as a chef, this reaction made me quite happy.

After the two who were lured by the smell, the others Valkyries came to the big canteen one after another. Then, it was time for me to keep my promise to them before they started to serve the Einherjars who would gathered here after they finished their training.

I took a portion of stew from the pot and served it to the Valkyries who were seated at the dining table. While I felt the gaze from the Chef Head who was looking at me quietly from the kitchen, I spread out both my hand and said.

“Okay, I hope you will enjoy this! This dream like meal that can only be eaten once every few hundred years!”

“Itadakimasu!” x7

After they said that out in sync, the Valkyries sister took their first bite together. The next thing that came out of their lip was the storm of good review.

“It… it’s so delicious, Sei-san! Perhaps this is more delicious than the meal that you prepared in the cooking battle previously…!”

“Well, I haven’t ate it yet so…. By the way, Brynhildr-sama, how’s the taste of the essential sprouts?”

“Yes! It’s quite delicious! It’s quite soft and the sweetness is spreading slowly in my mouth but the core is so crispy, I am even able to feel it while chewing on it… please forgive me since I am unable to make a better comment on it but it is truly delicious!”

There was no need for you to apologize, since that was quite sufficient already.

Moreover, I was able to understand it once I saw the smile on the others.  If it was this taste, I was pretty sure that the vegetable hater, Einherjars would enjoy this for sure.

“Thank you for the meal!” x7

A few minutes later. When they put down their spoon, there wasn’t even a drop of the stew left in their bowl.

Next—it was finally the Einherjars turn.

After the Einherjars came in and took their seat one after another as if they were switching place with the Valkyrie, they helped themselves to the stew.

Since they were rude, they wouldn’t even bothered to say their gratitude at all. As if they were given the order by the sound of their stomach, they took their first bite in a lively manner.

“Ah, as always, the meat is so tasty! This is my favourite just meat, since it’s only meat.”

Argh, it was so cold! What’s with his joke, I was so surprise by it until the taste became bad! I as restraining myself but it was so bad until I wanted to vomit! In the end, it seemed that they only eat the meat!

“Um… warrior-san, the taste of the vegetable today is quite different from the usual. Please try it.”

“Huh? Are you stupid, boar! As if I would go and eat the leaf after I had exhausted all my energy during the training!”

“That’s right but… um… I am sure that this leaf is on a different rank than usual.”

“Rank? Rank is it… well I am also that, I am a guy who is able to spot the difference. Okay, I understand boar, but if it tastes bad, I will eat you instead!”

“Well, you are already eating me.”

You should probably think what was in your first bite just now.

After all those everlasting objection, the old man Einherjars reluctantly took in my advice.

He took a bite of the sprouts and begin chewing it. The old man frown as if he had to swallow a bitter-tasting bug but after he had swallowed it, he opened his eye widely.

“What is this, it’s not bad at all! It is filled with the taste of the stew and the more you chew at it, the more delicious it become. This is my first time having such a juicy vegetable!”

“Hmm, what are you eating? It’s just vegetable… then I will made a pass on it…”

“Huh! Are you scared? Are you scare of the vegetable?”

“Who… who is scared of it! I’m not scared of the vegetable at all, then I will try it… delicious!?”

“Your reaction is too fast, idiot! As if such a delicious vegetable exist… it exists–!!”

Hey, were these people a comedian in their previous life? Well, I was happy that they liked it though.

Yup… I was quite happy. After hearing the numerous ‘Delicious’, I felt that my effort today was worth it. It would be best if they took this chance and change their view toward the vegetable but—

In that moment, the lively big canteen was calmed down by a single sudden remark.

“But… this is not as delicious as the meat…”

Eh… well, a vegetable was a vegetable so I believed that it was not comparable to meat but if you said that…

“I’m not so sure of it but. We are able to eat as much meat as we want thanks to the aforementioned magic pot right? So there is no point for us to make ourselves full by eating the vegetable purposely right?”

No, hold that,

“That’s right.”

“Okay, let continue to eat the meat!”

Just like this—the position of the vegetable remain the same. Our effort that were in the limelight only lasted for a moment.

“…things won’t go as planned right, Sei-kun.”

“… That’s right. Ha ha ha… sigh.”

There was no choice. There was no choice since they were able to eat their favourite food as much as they want after all. It was quite obvious that you would be happy if you were stuff your stomach with your favourite food.

In the end, we weren’t able to change the Einherjars dislike of the vegetable but I hoped that we could at least get a good remark from Freya-sama friend…

For god’s sake, who was the one who brought that pot where the content would decrease?

…ah, it was me. Please let me apologize…

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