Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 5 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The colour of the Golden Gullveig

This happened early in the morning.

There was no advanced warning nor was it foreseen at all. This sound—resounded all of a sudden.

[Uuuuuu! Uuuuuu!]

“!? This… this sound is… it couldn’t be!!”

I wished that I had misheard this… this was my first time that I had wished for something deep from my heart.

But… I was not the only one who would had misheard this. Since this sound that was resounded throughout the god realm, ‘Asgard’ was something that I had heard at least once previously.

“This sound is from Heimdallr’s horn… ‘Gjallarhorn’…!!!”

I had heard this sound during the battle with the evil dragon, Nidhogg who ate the root of the world tree, Léraðr which caused the crisis of the collapsing. But that time, the horn was blown as one of Loki tactic.

Of course, Loki had returned the borrowed horn a long time ago. In another word—the one who was blowing the horn was none other than its owner, Heimdallr.

Moreover, since this sound had appeared, it meant… that the world’s end, ‘Ragnarok’ had arrived.

“This… this is bad! Ah, it’s terrible! This is really really dreadful!!”

Hold… hold it, calm down Saehrimnir! In time like these, you need to move calmly!

Anyway, let’s evacuate first. No, I should check on the situation instead right? Since I had no idea what was going on and where did it happened. Moreover, I wanted to avoid doing something foolish like going to the centre of the conflict in a hurry without knowing anything.

“Sei!! You’re here right!?”

At that time, a green squall suddenly flew inside my room through the window. The identity of that squall was the Valkyrie who was proud of her speed, the second sister, Gerhi-sama.

“Yes! I’m here!”

“Ah, Sei, that’s great! Then, come here immediately! There is a place we need to go now!”

After Gerhi-sama let out a momentarily sigh of relief, she asked me to jump to her hand and she spread her wings at the same time.

“Go… exactly where are we going!?”

It had been a while since I had experienced her tremendous flying speed. While resisting the wind pressure that cause me to become breathless, I enquiried her that. Then, she reply me clearly while only looking straight in front.

“Of course! To Freya-sama mansion—‘Fólkvangr’!”

We had arrived to ‘Fólkvangr’ in the midst of this tense situation.

I had come to the outer garden numerous time but this was the second time that I entered the mansion. I was pretty sure the first time I had come here was… when I was invited to the lunch party. The person who escorted me that time was Brynhildr-sama instead of Gerhi-sama….

There was a lot of female knights that were walking around inside the mansion which was exactly the same as last time. But this time was a bit different since they smiled and waved their hands when our eyes met.

That’s right. If I had to say it, it was because I had become quite famous since then. I was pretty sure that if I were to pretend that I was lost, they would take care of me in a various way instead… ha ha.

…huh? Why am I able to maintain my gentleman spirit in this state of emergency? …Ah~ I got it. Somehow it because I was able to feel quite calm in this mansion atmosphere.

“Um~… did nothing strange happen? Gerhi-sama. Since it look like no one was in a hurry here…”

“? Why is there a need for them to be in a hurry?”

Toward my question, Gerhi-sama gave me a strange look as if a ‘?’ had pop up on her head. Huh, why? Was I the one who was strange?

“That… that is because, wasn’t the sound just now came from Gjallarhorn? How is it possible to remain calm after hearing that sound which is the signal of the beginning of ‘Ragnarok’…”

“Huh?  Sei, is there any chance that you didn’t heard about this from your supervisor? The sound just now was just an announcement that Freya-sama friend had arrived to ‘Asgard’. It’s just a special signal that would only happen today.”

“Eh!? Is that…. the truth!?”

What~ For god’s sake, there was no need for me to worry at all.

But this was my first time hearing this? Chef Head… why didn’t you tell me something as important as this! …Ah, no, did he? Wasn’t I the one who interrupted him? That was due to the excitement since he had informed me about the concert first…

“Let me just tell you this beforehand, this is not the right sound if Heimdallr-sama gave it his all in blowing the horn. For this time only, he blew it at a suitable level so that only those within ‘Asgard’ can hear it.”

“Oh~ Ahem, ‘I understand. Then I will blow it by using 50% of my lung capacity.’”

“Phh! That was an imitation of Heimdallr-sama right? It was quite a good imitation!”

Ha ha, did I sound exactly like him? Well, since the manner of his speech was something quite special after all.

After that, we had arrived at a familiar door. It was the door to the hall where the reception was held last time. If I was not mistaken… the name was Saehrimnir… wait, isn’t that my name?

“Okay, we had finally arrived at ‘Sethrimnir’.”

That right. I wonder who named the hall since it was a quite confusing and it was also a bother to me.

Then, the door opened when I was making a complaint in my mind and the sight of the hall enter my vision.

The remaining eight Valkyries were inside the hall which was the same as last time. Moreover, their leader which was the goddess who governed love, beautiful and fertility, Freya-sama was also present inside. Not only that, other than me, the two other boars were also gathered inside the hall.

“Ah, Gullinbursti! And also Hildi!”

“Hmph, it seem you had arrived, Saehrimnir. Since you have arrived, you should kneel down immediately as we are in the presence of Freya-sama.”

The golden boar, Gullinbursti. He was one of the six masterpiece of the Dwarf, currently he was working under Freya-sama brother, Frey-sama as an elite swift horse (lol).

“Come on, lursti, there is no need to be so stiff at all… ahem, I mean you can relax a bit right? Since he was already on the same standing as we… I mean us. “

Then the one beside him was the silver boar, Hildisvíni aka Hildi. She was the one who understood Freya-sama the most and sometime she worked as her manager, thus she was a capable (wolf in sheep clothing) elite.

…Let me just introduce myself also since I somehow offended them. I’m the brown boar, Saehrimnir. I single-handedly managed the cooking counter of ‘Valhalla’ and also the one who somehow managed to overcome numerous world crisises, the legendary (gentleman) leader. Remember it well.

“Ok~ay, Sei-chan, it had been a while! Gerhilde, thank you for your effort, you were quite fast.”

“Of course, Freya-sama. I am able to make the world smaller without any difficulty if you leave it to me, unlike my elder sister. Eh, who was I referring to?”

Actually, you only have one elder sister since you were the second sister. For god sake, since you were looking down on her, Brynhildr was puffing up her cheek… what… she didn’t…!? She looked happy with her usual smile which was different from the behaviour that I expected. Even though this was the expression that I liked the most… I wondered did something good happen to her.

Then, when I was thinking suspiciously about that, Freya-sama begun to talk on the purpose of gathering us.

“I’m sorry since it’s a bit sudden but… Sei-chan, can you form a trio with the two boars and go to where Heimdallr-sama is?”

“To ‘Bifröst’? Is it fine with just us boar?”

“Yup. Just in case, I had assigned Brynhildr-sama as an overseer and she will accompany you.”

“Huh!! Wait, what’s the matter of this, Nee-sama!? I’m fine to be an overseer without a break.”

“He he, isn’t it a pity Gerhilde. During your absence, I had volunteered myself for that role. Please leave all~ the matter after this to me. Putting that aside… it’s a pleasure to be working with you from now. Sei-san.”

This was a scene where Gerhi-sama who was grinning her inner teeth with regret and Brynhildr-sama who was showing a bright smile.

Oh, what a fierce battle in stealing the job. I didn’t think that being the overseer to us boars was an honourable job but… I bet that their boiling passion toward their job can even cause a sun burn to the Sun Goddess, Sola-sama.

“Look here, shouldn’t you follow their passionate attitude toward job, Helmwige-sama?”

“As if that is passion. I see, so it seems like they were having a battle in stealing the job to you… sigh~”

“Huh, what is with big sigh?”

I didn’t understand it. What exactly were they stealing other than the job? I didn’t think that they were having a battle to steal me… I couldn’t think of anything, I’d review it later as my homework.

“But may I know why are you purposely sending us boar? I believe that there are tons other people with the right talent to entertain her.”

“That’s not true at all. If I had to said it, Sei-chan and the others are like a boar companion. Moreover, my friend, Mardoll and I actually in love~ with boar.”

Ho ho, that explained why I was called. Based on the statement from the Chef Head, Mardoll-sama was from the Vanir God Tribe and she was pretending to be a human now. In another word, it meant that she also worshiped boar as a sacred beast. Somehow it seemed that Freya-sama had already though of the preparation on the best entertainment when she invited her friend.

“If that is the case, please leave it to me! I will try my best so that your friend will be happy!”

This request was Freya-sama proof of trust toward us… thus I must do my best to fulfil it.

After we were send off by the goddess smile that was able to bewitch all beings, we left the mansion. At the same time, Brynhildr-sama beloved horse, Grani-kun appeared after she made a hand whistle.

“It seems that I had kept your waiting, my master. Let us depart now.”

“Yes, I will be relying on you. Okay… Sei-san please come here.”

Brynhildr-sama extended her hand toward me after she got up to her beloved horse, who came here gallantly, easily. He he he, this time too, I’d be position between her thighs as always.

“Hold it, Saehrimnir. Since this is a good opportunity, I will give you permission to ride on my back.”

In that moment, after hearing that, my promise paradise was destroyed tragically. Hey Gullinbursti!? Why? Why are you acting like a dere now!?

“Hmph, don’t misunderstand. Since you had become the world most delicious ingredient, I just believe that this is a suitable time for you to experience the speed of the world fastest stead only. You won’t be a world class person if you haven’t experience the amazingness of a world class person.”

Argh… yes… it was an honour that I was recognized by him but I hoped you could restrain yourself this time…

“You had done it, Sei! Previously I was also given the permission to ride on him and Lursti running was quite amazing~ it’s something like you won’t be able to know when he started running and when he stopped.”

“Come… come on Hildi. That was because you had fainted after you were throw off suddenly right?”

What was with that? It seemed that if you didn’t have a world class riding skill, it’d be quite dangerous to the point that it was not recommended to ride on it. Then, I wondered whether the current me was capable of doing that? Even though I had just become more delicious only?

“Ah~… I am grateful for the invitation but… I believe that it’s a bit too soon for me…”

“Ah, I understand. It seems that modesty is one of your virtue after all. It’s nice being modesty but if you are being too modesty it will be a vice instead, so be careful on that. So, hop on! Since there is no need for you to trouble the Valkyrie on purpose right?”

Argh. Your reference was a bit weak… it was a pity but I guess I’d have to depend on Brynhildr-sama.

After I thought of that, I looked up toward Brynhildr-sama but for some reason it seemed that she was embarrassed.

“Um… I have no problem with Sei-san riding with me… as that was my purpose for volunteering to be the overseer…”

Eh? What was that just now? I was able to hear the second half even with proud boar ear.

“Okay. In another word, it means that you are fine if he is not riding with you right?”

“Well, that is half correct and half wrong…”

“You can’t be indecisive. This is something unbelievable but Brynhildr-sama… are you saying that you have an interest on letting Saehrimnir to sit on your lap?”

“That… that’s not true at all! I don’t have any plan to take advantage on this task that was entrusted to me to have excessive physical intimacy at all since the act is despicable! Se… Sei-san? Please do exactly as what Gullinbursti requested for now. Ah~ I am so jealous that you were able to ride on the back of one of the six masterpiece~”

Ah… it seemed that my secret plan was something despicable after all. Since I didn’t want her to think of me as a despicable boar, I had no choice but to give up on this paradise obediently…

“Then… I will take up on your offer…. ‘Mannaz’.”

After I transformed into my human form with the rune of transformation, I hopped on to Gullinbursti back. His gold fur was so soft until there was no need for a saddle at all. His fang that was pointing toward the sky was at a reachable position thus, there was no need for a reins also.

Hmm, I see. So this was the sight of the god that belonged to the war god, Frey-sama only. This was actually quite a nice experience if I thought about it that way.

“Okay, I had done with the preparation. Then… Sleipner’s (the world fastest stead) son, Grani-kun. How about it? Let’s have a match to see who will arrive to the rainbow bridge ‘Bifröst’ first.”

“Hmph… what an easy match, but I will accept it. Since it is an honour to have a match with you, one of the six masterpiece.”

Grani-kun and Gullinbursti were looking toward each other in a cool manner that gave off spark. Putting aside Hildi who was showing her support as if it did not concern her, Brynhildr-sama took up a forward bent posture, somehow it seemed that she was quite motivated. Okay… since it had turned out like this, I’d do my best and do it in a cool manner!

The signal in my mind was green. Take your position, ready… go!!

“!? So fast!?”

The cry of surprise that was started at the starting point had already gone to a distance. This speed had exceed the speed of the wind as if it was on par with the speed of sound… well I was not quite sure but let just assume that.

(Ah, the wind pressure, I am… unable to… breathe…)

Even without the wind pressure, if I didn’t cling tightly on his fang, I’d be throw off immediately. I believed if you don’t have Frey-sama riding skill, you wouldn’t be able to ride this properly at all.

(Argh… the outcome of the match… it seems that Grani-kun is a bit slower.)

I wanted to win since it was a match. But I ws unable to acknowledge the fact that Gullinbursti would win against the pairing of Brynhildr-sama and Grani-kun. I’d probably be scolded if I were to hinder this serious match but I still wanted to hinder him a bit now.

“Ah! I saw Weisse on our left!”

“What!? Rossweisse-sama!?”

As expected of this super reaction. Since Gullinbursti secretly adored her.

“No, I can’t abandon this match at all!”

What, he was able to ignore it!? You… you were quite a great man!

“Ah! It seems that the naked Weisse is starting to take her bath!”

“What!? Tell me the coordinate immediately!!”

It seemed that I managed to catch his attention this time!? You… you were quite a helpless guy!

“Argh!? Damn it, I had decrease my speed…! Arghh!!”

Okay, we had reached the goal just like that. But the winner of the match was Gullinbursti who won by a marginally difference.

“Hey Gullinbursti, you went easy in the end didn’t you? Are you looking down on me?”

Grani-kun demanded an explanation strictly as he saw that Gullinbursti dropped his speed at the final part. The cornered Gullinbursti faltered for a moment, then he replied him with usual attitude.

“It’s true that my speed had dropped but, I am not looking down on you at all. Since I am running with all I have.”

“Then tell me why you drop your speed.”

“That is a bit…”

…yup. It was not possible to say it, right. Somehow… I’m sorry. I will never do it again…

After the fiercely fought match, we had arrived at the rainbow bridge, ‘Bifröst’ in an extremely short time frame. After we met up with Hildi who took her time to arrive, we headed toward the watchman of ‘Bifröst’, Heimdallr-sama mansion.

“Good morning, Heimdallr-sama. I’m Brynhildr-sama, the eldest of the Valkyries sister. We had come to escort our guest.”

We knocked three time on the door of Heimdallr-sama mansion, ‘Himinbjorg’.  After we gave a polite greeting, the magnificent door immediately opened with a creak.

Of course, the one who appeared from the inside was the owner. Heimdallr-sama appearance was on par with the handsome yet famous God of Light, Barton-sama and Frey-sama but his attitude was not normal at all.

“Thanks for the hard work. I was aware that you will be coming here.”

“Ah, I see. Heimdallr-sama had good eyesight after all.”

“No. I just heard about it from Ratatoskr who came just now.”

“Eh, um… is that so…”

While ignoring Brynhildr-sama who was showing a stiff smile, Ratatoskr teleported next to Heimdallr-sama shoulder. For god’s sake, he was really a squirrel that like to appear out of nowhere.

“Then, I will leave our guest to you. …Mardoll-sama, please come over here.”

“Yes… Ye~s”

! Finally… finally I am able to meet her right? The origin for the name of my Gullveig (Revival ability)… the Golden Goddess, Gullveig…!

“Yahoo~, did I kept you waiting? It so huge!? I spotted a gold boar! Isn’t this so cool? The silver boar is quite a beauty, this belong to Freya right? It so cool since it resemble her~!”

Umm… how do I put it, this… it seem that she was like a metropolitan Goddess…

The appearance that came from the inside was wearing a tight clothing with a comfortable tunic that was overflowing with the adult charm of a female. Her long blonde and slightly reddish hair that was tied to a side and the design of the hat that was similar to Freya-sama was also one of her charm point.

Her body style was close to a model. Moreover, she was slightly taller than Waltraute, who was the tallest among the Valkyrie sisters, but her bust was not as big as hers. It was not like I had become speechless okay? Since I was only comparing my impression of her in a light-hearted manner.

“What’s this? It seems there is a Chibi. Hi there, Chibi, what’s your name~?”

“A, yes! I’m Saehrimnir! Please called me Sei!”

“Sei is it, okay okay! Well~ come on~ what is with this fantastic line-up of boars? For my sake, it seems that Freya had done quite a good job.”

Oh, it seemed that she was quite pleased with our first entertainment. Then, let us escort her to Freya-sama mansion while maintaining her current feeling.

But… I must ask her this since we had finally met.

“Um… you are…Gullveig-sama right? The Golden Goddess, Gullveig-sama.”

“Hold it… well, that’s true but currently I am using Mardoll as my alias, so nice to meet you.”

“Okay! Nice to meet you too, Mardoll-sama! But… Gullveig-sama is a special person to me after all…”

In that moment, Brynhildr-sama was surprised—from what I perceived but it seemed that was true since she was whistling with her hand (she is not really doing it) while looking afar.

“Hee, the Gullveig that is inside of me is special? Why?”

“Well, that is because I possess a similar ability with Gullveig-sama! The ability to revive!”


The moment when Mardoll-sama heard that, she opened her eye widely in surprise. I continued on since the joy of our encounter had bested me.

“After Odin-sama had informed me about your ability, I gotten interested in it and started to investigate about it… then I named my revival ability after you as if it was normal. It might seem a bit selfish but… but that is because,”

“Hold it.”

Mardoll-sama stopoed my rattle with her single statement and crouched down so that our eyes met each other. Just when I thought about the reason, Mardoll-sama mumbled while staring at me.

“Since you aware that you possess that ability, does that mean Chibi had died before?”

That voice was totally different from my first impression of her as it was quite stern. I worried for a short moment but I answered her honestly since I was asked.

“Yes, that’s right. Due to various reasons, the frequency had decease drastically but… before this, I died every single night. That is because I am working as a food ingredient. If I am unable to do that, then someone like me have no right to stay at ‘Valhalla’.”

The moment I answered her, the atmosphere become quite stiff. Huh, did I… said something bad…?

When I became worried about that, Mardoll-sama who was in front of me suddenly put her hand on top of my head. Then, she said this with teary eyes.

“You are really a fool… everyone is a fool but you are stupid in a different way.”

“Huh? Are you praising me?”

“I am not. Since I am shocked and I feel pity toward you.”

Since she was pitying me on our first encounter, did that mean that I was living a horrible life up until now? Well… even if that was true, I actually hated to remain in the stiff atmosphere than that.

“I don’t mind that at all since I was able to experience various event like a lunch party, ‘Odin style drinking’ and the ‘bra lottery’.”


After hearing I said that happily, Brynhildr-sama let out a strange voice since she was surprised by it.

“Hold it, what is it~? Putting aside the lunch party, I think I had heard other few strange words right~? Is there any chance you knew what happened?”

“No, I don’t know anything! Since I had forgotten completely about that already~!!”

“Ah, hold it. Yo, I want YOU to tell me everything~!”

Mardoll-sama chased after Brynhildr-sama as she dashed out of the mansion. After I looked toward Gullinbursti and Hildi, we went after them.

“So, Heimdallr-sama, we will be taking our leave now.”

“Roger. …hold it, Saehrimnir. About the matter just now…”

Heimdallr-sama called out to me the moment I went out. He said this with an unusual expression as if he was pitying me.

“About the ‘Bra lottery’, please tell me in detail next time.”

Then, I left the place without saying anything.

On our way back, Mardoll-sama rode on Hildi, as she was the only one available, and then we went back to Freya mansion slowly.

Freya-sama, who seemed like she was bored of waiting, was in front of the open gate of ‘Fólkvangr’.

“Mardoll~! Welcome! It’s been a long time~, how are you?”

“Hey, Fre-chan, course fine! Can’t you see it based on my appearance~!” (Purposely wrong)

“Mardoll… it seems you have change…”

“Ah, no, this way of talking is quite popular in the human realm… so I am doing fine. Thank you for your worry, Freya.”

It seemed that you were just pretending to talk in that gal manner. The truth was you were able to talk normally in a serious way right..?

“But Freya, why did you suddenly invite me to your concert? I had somehow awared that you are doing idol related thing from the rumour but this is the first time you invited me to your concert right?”

Mardoll-sama asked that with the meek expression that I saw previously. Toward that, Freya-sama gave a simple smile and turn her body while spreading her hand.

“Mardoll, look at this, ‘Asgard’ is quite peaceful right? I believe it is the same as ‘Midgard’ tio.”

“Well, yea, it had been quite peaceful for a while now. As if there is no progress on gathering the Einherjars.”

“Yup. But… this is a momentarily peace only. That is because Mimir-sama prophecy will surely come. Moreover, we won’t know when the Armageddon, ‘Ragnarok’ will happen. There is a chance that it is getting closer while we are talking now. That’s why… before that happens, I would like you to listen to my song. That is because you are my precious friends after all.”

All of us become unexpectedly quiet after hearing that.

That right—since the prophecy from the God of Prophecy, Mimir-sama would always happen. Moreover, we were informed from a long time ago that the Armageddon would happen.

“The reason why I planed to hold a concert was because everyone had lose their smiles due the fear of ‘Ragnarok’. I was quite satisfied on the fact that everyone regained their happiness through my song, that was why I choose to continue singing!”

“That is just an official stance but the truth is you just want to be fawn over only.”

“Hey, over there, don’t go and tell anyone my true intention nonchalantly.”

At first, I thought that it was a remarkable but it wasn’t remarkable at all!

“That is because, if I had to say it, aren’t I pretty cute? I was being pampered in the past but the feeling of it was more amazing during my concert. All the Gods~ were in high spirit! There was even a time where Odin-Oji-sama got dragged away by the security since he was being too crazy in the front row.”

Hey, Chief God, were you fine with that. It was a bit pathetic for your age.

“Since that’s the case, Mardoll please enjoy the super concert from the super idol, Freya-sama! Even though I said that, the concert is the day after tomorrow, so please feel free to relax until then but… may I ask where did you plan to stay?”

“Ah, I had already decided that.”

“Is that so? Where is it?”

Freya-sama asked her in an unexpected manner where even I was surprised by it. Since Mardoll-sama had just arrived in ‘Asgard’ a while ago, I wondered what was the deciding factor for her in choosing her lodging. Were they any tourism brochure being distributed in ‘Bifröst’?

When I tilted my head while thinking about that, my line of sight suddenly change. Huh? It seemed like I was being hug by Mardoll-sama.

“I will be staying at this person room.”

“Eh… what did you said just now?”

Hold it, the statement just now was quite strange. I had a feeling that she just said that she would be staying in my room but… no, this was just my imagination. Okay, time for the second retake.

“As I said just now, I will be staying at this person room.”

“Eeh—!?” x3

By the way, the one who shouted out was Freya-sama and I and also Brynhildr-sama. I couldn’t hold my shout as this was not a joke at all. But my expression let out sign of joy… in a gentleman manner.

“My… my room, are you serious? Why!?”

“Well, we are already lover right? Since our relationship gauge was MAX out as we are connected through ‘Gullveig’!”

“No, that is true but… are you fine since my room only have a table, chair, bed and shelf?”

“That is more than enough. It looks as if it was a human room.”

“You… you do know that is a room with a guy who is living alone right?”

“That’s great! Then, there is no need for me to be reserved.”

“But I only have one single size bed only…”

“I normally sleep on the couch as I don’t have a bed. Let’s take this chance and warm each other.”

…. Tonight, I might take another step toward adulthood. He he, good bye the human of ‘Valhalla’. Even though I am a boar, to think that you al…

“—I reject!!”

In that moment, there was a loud shout that came from the door of ‘Fólkvangr’. The one who shouted was surprisingly Brynhildr-sama.

“I am against it, on the matter on sharing the bed! The mansion of the deceased, ‘Valhalla’ is a pandemonium place which is dominated by those barbarians that desire for alcohol, meat and women. I will not allow our guest to stay in such hellish place at all!”

Hold it, my workplace was not like how she described okay? Since I had to stay at the top floor of that place for quite some time okay? It sounded like a demon king was living there.

“If that was the case, then what should I do? Hildr-chi.”

Mardoll-sama said as if she was either testing her or warning her. Brynhildr-sama, as if she already had an idea, put her hand near her chest and declare.

“I will also be staying in Sei-san room also. As a bodyguard!”

“!? This is an unexpected development… ahem! That’s a great idea, Brynhildr! Then, I will leave… Mardoll to you okay? Sei-chan, do report to me about the development afterward. I shall wait for your interestingf… I meant your report! Good luck!”

Freya-sama gave her consent with any hesitation. Moreover, she was showing a serious expression on the surface but I believed that deep down she was having fun from this. Since she was laughing in a mischievous manner.

As if it had started to become a habit, I said it without having any thought to it.

“How did this happen…”



After we had settle with Mardoll-sama lodging (?), the three of us, Brynhildr-sama, Mardoll-sama and I, turned our backs toward ‘Fólkvangr’. Our destination was of course, the lodging which was ‘Valhalla’.

To the top floor of the employee dorm that used to be a storage room. That was the only palace that was given to me, the brown boar, Saehrimnir. Even though I said that, it was not that grand at all. Even if it was a bit rotten, it was still one of the room in the fifth building of the God mansion, ‘Gladsheim’. Well, it could be easily guessed that it was far different from the economy class.

“Um…why don’t we go and check in first?”

While I was trouble by my manner of speaking, I enquire Mardoll-sama on that. But she shook her head side way and propose this instead.

“No. Since I don’t have much luggage, it’s fine for us to make the room as our final destination. Putting that aside, Sei-chi and Hildr-chi, please take me on the rumour ‘Valhalla’ tour.”

Brynhildr-sama and I looked toward each other together as Mardoll-sama requested us by giving a formal bow. It seemed that it was near lunchtime now after I had confirmed the time.

“The ‘Valhalla kitchen’ will be the perfect place for the tour but… I wonder will it be alright if we were to go there now. Since it happens to be their peak hour now.”

“You’re right~, what should we do… why don’t we just try and head there first? If we are going to be a bother to them, then we will just have to be obedient and leave the place.”

“Yup. Then, let’s go.”

We had decided on the first place of the tour after our short discussion, which was the kitchen.

As the Einherjars was still in the middle of their exercise, we head toward the empty corridor. The other side of the familiar steel door was surrounded by the usual uneasiness clatter.

“Hey, don’t use it all on the amuse-bouche! Make sure you leave some for the fried shrimp!”

“I’m sorry! I will compile it now! Ah, the kirsch will be ready in thirty second!”

“Okay! By the way, Chef Head! I had finish with the preparation for La Paix over here!”

“Thank you! Then, go and cut the cheese after you had done with the kirsch! Make it bite size!”


As usual the order from the Chef Head was all over the place. The other staff also try their best to follow it. The kitchen was like a battleground as it close to lunchtime which was also known as the peak hour. The liveliness of the kitchen was the same regardless whether it was for lunch or dinner.

“Um… Chef Head. You are occupied at the moment right…?”

“Hm? Ah, Sei-kun. That right, I will cry in joy even if I got help from a cat.” (A Japanese idiom which mean I accept help from anyone)

Isn’t that right…? Yup~ I planed to just give him my greeting but it seemed like this was a bad timing.

“Mardoll-sama. It seems like they are currently busy so let come back to the kitchen another time…”

“Huh, Sei-kun, did you just said Mardoll-sama… then, this person is!?”

As soon as the Chef Head heard me with his sharp ear, he took off his chef hat and ran out of the kitchen. Then, he immediately bowed down politely and introduced himself.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mardoll-sama. I was chosen by Freya-sama to serve as the Chef Head of the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’, my name is Andhrímnir. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Oh~ so you are the Chef Head. I had heard of you. Since I will be staying in ‘Valhalla’ starting from tonight, I have a high expectation for the dinner! So nice to meet you!”

“!…Yes! I will do my best in order to meet your expectation!”

The Chef Head who was overcome by his emotion gave a deep bow since Mardoll-sama had spoken to him, then he returned back to the kitchen.

…That right. No matter how busy he was, the Chief would have to give an immediate response once they were called by the customer. That was an inviolable rule for a Chef. It did not matter whether it was a praise or a ridiculous request.

Especially the Chef Head as he was indebted to Freya-sama for choosing him. Once he saw Freya-sama’s friend, he went and greeted her while putting aside his current task.

“It was a good thing that we came here right, Sei-san.”

Brynhildr-sama showed a smile while she said that as if it was about herself. Yup… I had the same thought as well. Since the happiness of a master was also the happiness of his disciples. This was the moment where I was able to experience that.

“Then next is… why don’t we go and take a look at Heizu-chan milking room?”

“That sounds great. After that, we can go to the big farm as it was just round the corner.”

After I had agree with Brynhildr-sama suggestion, I went and propose on our third location.

After we walked pass the pantry that was next to the kitchen, we headed deeper toward the corridor to the annex where Heizu milking room was located.

“Hello. Heizu, are you here?”

After I knocked on the door with my hoof, a girl face immediately look at us from the inside.

“Huh? Aren’t you Ikusu?”

“Oh, Oshishou-sama! Hello! What matter do you have with Heizu-san?”

The one who greeted us energetically was my disciple, Ikusu. Moreover, she was in her human form. I wondered what she was doing in the milking room. Don’t… don’t tell me that Ikusu was also milking?

“Haha, come on, please don’t look at me with that kind of face. I came to visit her since I had just become friend with Heizu-san recently.”

Ah, I had no problem if that was the case.

After the previously cooking battle, Ikusu took the opportunity to get closer to Heizu as they were on the same team. After all, both of them were herbivorous and also were girls. Moreover, their workplace were also close to each other, thus this might be the best environment for them to improve their relationship.

To think that she managed to make a friend in this short time span after she replied to me in a pitiful manner when I pointed out that she didn’t have friend. ‘Yesterday colleague is today friend’, friendship was such a beautiful thing wasn’t it.

…huh? Heizu was also a colleague to me but… yesterday she mentioned that she didn’t even had ‘one’ friend, then did that mean I… no it was impossible. Heizu and I were just friends that didn’t purposely talk to each other only.

“Hey, are you the owner of this milking room? If that was the case, your breast seems a bit lacking so what kind of animal are you?”

“I’m a deer… hey, Oshishou-sama. May I ask who she is? Isn’t it a bit rude of her since this was our first time meeting each other?”

It seemed that Ikusu had become good at reading the atmosphere since she spoke softly on the after half. While I was moved by the growth of my disciple, I answered her softly too.

“Please don’t mind her, Ikusu. She had no ill intention at all since she is someone important.”

“Eh, an important person!? Um… please come in as it would be rude for us to talk while standing!”

We accepted the invitation and headed in the milking room. Let me said this first, this was just Heizu workplace only and she had a personal room somewhere else but… normally she wouldn’t leave this room without any special reason. The reason was that she was eagerly waiting for the moment to start milking… which was not true at all.

I thought it might be because this place was the closest place to the kitchen where the Chef Head was located. Moreover, Ikusu was also present here.

“Hm. Se-tan, Brynhildr-sama, good afternoon.  …and who?”

Heizu tilted her head with her usual emotionless expression as she saw an unfamiliar face among the guests. She was also in her human form just like Ikusu.

The moment she saw that huge breast loli, the number of goddess with an eye like a dead fish increased to one.

“Whoa, a huge loli. Is this for serious? She had such a huge breast. No matter how you see it, she is the owner but… Sei-chi, is she a Holstein?”

“No, she is a baby sheep.”

“Ah~ so she is Baphomet. For god sake, this is why lewd pink…”

It seemed that Mardoll-sama was in a foul mood for some reason but was it because she realized that she had poor br… I mean a small size? I wondered was it a bad idea to bring her here…

“? This person, what is she saying up until now? Is she angry?”

“Ah, please don’t mind her, Heizu-chan. The person here is Mardoll-sama. She is a friend of Freya-sama and the important guest of ‘Asgard’.”

Brynhildr-sama introduced Mardoll-sama in a hurry to the doubtful Heizu as she was awared of the strange atmosphere. The moment she heard that Mardoll-sama was Freya-sama friend, she immediately relaxed her guard.

“Since she is Freya-sama friend, then let Heizu entertain her. Here you go (strip)”

You are too relax!? Don’t… don’t tell me that Heizu want Mardoll-sama to experience the ‘Odin style drinking’!?

“Ahhh! Sei-san, please don’t look!!”


(Note: By Odin’s beard what is that mysterious light!???)

Brynhildr-sama immediately blocked my vision with both her hand. As expected of her reflex but I was also a bit disappointed from the bottom of my heart.

“Hold… why you are exposing your breast! Are you telling me to milk it directly!? Using my mouth!? …I, I will do it! Don’t you underestimate a former Vanir God!”

“What is with that logic!? Ah, I see! So… so this is the rumour ‘Odin drinking style’!?”

I could feel that Brynhildr-sama temperature was increasing slowly as she was looking at this tremendous scenery of the real deal in front of her.

But my vision still remained as zero, the only thing I could see was darkness. Well I could enjoy it by listening to the sound but it a pity that… nothing can be hidden from me as I possessed the ‘mind eyes’ which was a ability that every gentleman had.

Don’t think. Don’t feel. Just ‘look’ only. You had to change your sense to sight. The eye that was created from the imagination which resided in my heart. This god-like ability, it was time for you to reveal yourself—

“—I see it! I finally saw it! The drop of water!”

This was from my clear and serene heart. This vision ability that had reached it maximum potential was able to look through Brynhildr-sama hands and I had certainly carved the noble sight in my heart.



The time had passed, it was night-time now. The long awaited time had finally arrived.

“Ah~! This is the best~! This ultimate dish from Chef And is awesome, as if a God had arrive, to think that such dish existed~”

Overall, the entertainment for Mardoll-sama on the first day of her visit was quite successful.

The ultimate menu combo that the Chef Head created after many much trouble had delighted Mardoll-sama tongue. The moment we reached my room after we came back from the big canteen, she immediately dived toward my bed as if she was still enjoying the aftertaste.

Actually the dish was supposed to be served in the tea party that would be held after the concert but… well there was no choice if the order was messed up. Since the order for the meal and the concert were not that important.

Moreover, what was more important… was the thing that would be happenning now.

“Um~… That… what will we do on the sleeping arrangement?”

I enquired that with the excitement that I was unable wipe off. The one who answered my enquiry was Brynhildr-sama who was standing still at the entrance of the room.

“I won’t sleep. As I am a watchmen. It will be a sleepless duty.”

The appearance of her which declared that in a monotonous manner and didn’t even bother to look at us, made me feel a bit sorry and scared.

A sleepless duty, I wondered what she was protecting Mardoll-sama from?

“I think you shouldn’t force yourself as you are not Heimdallr-sama who is fine without sleeping. In the first place, I doubt there will be anyone who will launch a surprise attack on ‘Valhalla’ which is under Odin-sama control.”

“There a possibility for it! It might come from the inside! As Mardoll-sama is their current target!”

Brynhildr-sama shouted out with her eyes wide open. That… that was not referring to me right? You were referring to the Einherjars right?

“It’s~ fine~ Hildr-chi~. Since I am the Golden Goddess, Gullveig. I will be able to resurrect if anything happens. Right~ Sei-chi~?”

After Mardoll-sama got up from the bed, she stretched her hands out and hugged me. Just like that she lowered her body and bed in again. Did it mean that it was okay for me to remain in the current position to night?

If this was what the Goddess wanted, there was no need for me to struggle at all. To all gentlemen, let’s just be honest and become a body pillow for today.

“~~! Ma…Mardoll-sama, I will go and check on our surrounding. Will it be okay for me to borrow Sei-san since I’d better to do it in a two man cell?”

The moment when she had decided on that, Brynhildr-sama picked me up from my nape. Ah, it seemed my bed for tonight was quite far… but since I’d be able to talk with my beloved Brynhildr-sama throughout the night, this itself was not so bad at all.

“Hmm? Does both of you plan to leave the bodyguard target behind at the same time? Do explain, the present Valkyrie-san.”

“Argh… that…”

In front of the hesitated Brynhildr-sama, Mardoll-sama stretched out her hand with a proud victory smile. Brynhildr-sama showed a troubled expression as she was unable to deny it and she returned me to the hand that was stretched out.

Yup… I had realize it now after all this. It seemed that Brynhildr-sama was trying to separate us from sleeping together. On the other hand, Mardoll-sama was expressing her desire to sleep together with me.

If that was the case, what was the right thing for me to do? Since I didn’t want to choose one side only. Despite of that, I also couldn’t reject both of them.

Then… I’d just have to change. To a thing that was able to fulfill both of their desire.

If it was the current me who had comprehend 100% of my potential as the curse ring, Andvaranaut… I was sure that I will be able to do it!

“[…I worship you the skull of Ymir; Kiss his body. Now I ask for permission to expose the Divine Omniscience sacred matter. Make the color change, let encounter, departure, reconcile and solitary become a reality! The twenty rune of Futhark, mannaz!]”

Those words that resounded in the night air and there was a tremendous shine that light up the whole room.

“Sei-san!? What are you doing all of a sudden…!?”

“This is the rune of transformation…!? Sei-chi, don’t tell me…!”

The voice from the two who were surprised was swallowed by the light. After a few seconds, the light disappeared and the darkness returned. When their vision was revert back to normal, my post transformation appearance was exposed.

After I wipe out all my worldly desire, I activated my last mannaz. That was—

[—I will become the bed itself]

Ba-dum! How is it! …Well, it’s not like this was my last.

Together with my fighting spirit, I had transformed myself into a king sized elegant bed. Actually I had always wanted to sleep on a bed like this and I was able to transform into one since I still had memory of it after I browsed through the catalogue when I was at my parent house.

[Come on, both of you! Now, the three of us can get along with each other and sleep together! Please try and lay down on it!]

“Whoa~ doesn’t this look so comfortable…”

“Get along with the three of us, doesn’t this seem a bit odd…?”

Somehow it seemed that both of them were dumbfounded by this. Despite of that, the both of them stopped their argument and quietly fall asleep while surrounding themselves in my warmth.

With this, this conflict had been resolved. Regardless of my appearance, I was quite happy since I was able to experience both of their body warmth at the same time.



The next morning after I woke up from a good sleep which I hadn’t experience before.

Although we had come back to my room after we stuffed ourselves with the delicious meal, we had become bored immediately.

Despite of that, Freya-sama concert was tomorrow. In another word, we had nothing to do for today.

“Sigh~ to think that I can only thought of shiritori at this time only, sigh~. Hey, Hildr-chi~ do you have anything~ interesting?”

(Shiritori = Japanese word game, where the connect a word by using the last letter of the previous word)

“Let’s see…. If that’s the case, how about we do this?”

The thing that Brynhildr-sama proposed was a sightseeing trip of ‘Asgard’.

“Oh! That is a great idea! What do you think of that? Mardoll-sama.”

Since I had never wandered around ‘Asgard’ for sightseeing purpose, so I greatly approved on Brynhildr-sama suggestion. But…

“Sightseeing is it… Well, it’s not a bad idea but…”

Mardoll-sama said that on the preface but somehow it seemed that she was not that motivated by it.

Then, I inquired her on the reason, it seemed that in the past Mardoll-sama— when she was still known as Gullveig-sama, she had stayed in ‘Asgard’ for a duration. But that happened a few hundred years ago and at that time it seemed that Mardoll-sama was being kept at Odin-sama mansion, ‘Valaskjálf’ for some unknown reason.

“Were you being confined…? May I know how did that happen?”

I went and asked her as I was overwhelmed by my own curiosity. Then, Mardoll-sama looked upward as if she was reminiscent about the past and she said this with her eyes closed.

“Well, there is various reason to it okay? It’s not something pleasant, so let’s just put this aside.”

I remained silent after I heard her reply. As a gentleman, I shouldn’t force her to reveal her past if she didn’t wish to talk about. It was a pity but I would stop here.

“Well about that, it somehow ends up like that once I remember a bit about it. I feel a bit reluctant but let’s go with that, the suggestion from Brynhildr-chi.”

Mardoll-sama showed us her usual cheerful face while she said that.

Thus…Brynhildr-sama, Mardoll-sama and I started on our sightseeing trip of ‘Asgard’.

The first spot that we went to was at the North of ‘Asgard’.

A mansion was located there which belonged to the strongest warrior of all the God Realm, Thor-sama. That mansion, ‘Bilskirnir’ that stood on the steep mountain range as if it had joined with mountain— was our objective.

“Please look down there. That is the famous mansion that belongs to Thor-sama, ‘Bilskirnir’. It is also the largest building in the God Realm.”

“Ha ha! I was able to spot it before you even said that! But still it’s huge… putting aside ‘Midgard’, even the building in ‘Vanaheim’ is not as big as that.”

While Grani-kun was galloping, Mardoll-sama was dumbfounded by the beautiful scenery that was viewed from the sky. By the way, I was located in Brynhildr-sama hand. Since she was flying beside of Grani-kun.

“Normally unauthorized personnels are not allowed to enter but… why don’t we go and ask for permission.”

After receiving the signal from Brynhildr-sama, Grani-kun landed on the ground. Even though we landed near to the entrance of the mansion, it didn’t seem like anyone would be coming out immediately.

“Huh? Is no one home? Excuse me~! It Brynhildr!”

Even though we tried to knock on the door, there was no reply at all. Just when we had given up on this… and planned to take off to the sky, suddenly the ground gave a huge tremor.

“Ah!? An earthquake…!? The magnitude is quite high also!”

We didn’t experience any earthquake after the world tree collapse accident. Then, the moment when we braced ourselves for the worst case scenario… the tremor stopped and there was no aftershock after that.

“Wh… what was that just now…?”

“I’m also unsure on that. But it’s better if we check whether there is any damage in our surrounding,”

“Oh? He~y! What’s this, aren’t you Hrimnir!!”

…huh? There was only one person who would called me with that nickname. That voice belong to…

“Thor-sama! Where did you go?”

Thor-sama came from the backdoor instead of the front door of his house. When I asked him on that, his reply to this was something that was quite unexpected.

“Well, I just went and did some cleaning. At the back hill.”

“The back hill… eeeeh!? Are… are you referring to the mountain that was behind of your mansion… it’s gone!”

Hold it! I don’t understand even though I shouted that.

I went toward the back to confirm but the mountain that linked to the back of the mansion was smashed into smithereens. Thanks to that, the mansion had become quite a sunny place.

“Don’t… don’t tell me that… you destroyed a mountain for the sake of the sun exposure?”

“That’s right! I just ba-dump it with my Mjolnir!!”

Between Mjolnir and Thor-sama, which was the one that was more amazing? Putting that aside, I wondered why he went and did that…

“Well, it’s because. I request that you don’t speak of this to anyone else but… it seems that my concubine ‘Jarnsaxa’… had somehow become pregnant.”

“!!” x3

In that moment, all three of us become surprised as we hold our breath. It was a common reaction since we heard such an auspicious news!


“Thank you. Well, because of that, I was a bit worried about the sun exposure of the room as I will become father to two child… maybe. Moreover, Sif and the others are busy taking care of Jarnsaxa.”

(Note: the 2 sons that u’ll kill in god of war 4)

I see, that explained why no one came out after we knocked on the door.

Well~… I didn’t expect this at all. To think that I was able to witness the gentle side of Thor-sama and heard an auspicious news at the same time. It seemed that both Brynhildr-sama and Mardoll-sama was quite happy with the news about the baby, which made me think that it was a great idea to come to ‘Bilskirnir’.

Then—we headed to our next destination while hoping to experience something that was better than that.

Our next destination after we parted way with Thor-sama was toward the East. To the apple orchard where the caretaker of the golden apple, the Goddess Idun-sama lived at.

Normally I’d use the ‘rainbow void’ to teleport but this was the first time that I headed there via the sky.

“So, Mardoll-sama. Can you see the mansion that is sparkling over there? That is the lifeline of us, the God Tribe, the Golden Apple orchard.”

The Golden Apple that maintained one’s youth. It was a necessity thing to the Gods.

The Gods had a longer lifespan than other living beings but that were not immortal like the Giants. In ‘Asgard’, it was an unspoken rule that one must eat the apple at a fixed interval to maintain their youth.

“Ah~, sure… sure… the Golden Apple is it. I know about that, I am quite well aware of that. The reason why the first seed was able to bear fruit… was all because of me.”

“Eh? What do you meant by that…”

The first apple was born due to Mardoll-sama… that meant that Mardoll-sama was an ancient goddess that existed since that time right? If that was the case, then there was something odd about this.

Since the apple took a long time to bear its fruits and because it was a bit late when they took a bite of it, Odin-sama and the other ancient gods remained with their old aged appearance. If Mardoll-sama lived at the same era as Odin-sama, then it would be odd if she was not the same age as him.

I was pretty sure that the Vanir tribe would still age as Freya-sama who belonged to the Vanir Tribe that ate the apple to maintain her youth. If that was the case, did it mean that she had a long lifespan like Loki…?

“Is there any chance that Mardoll-sama was a mix between the Vanir and Giants? …huh, if that was the case, then you should had an odd eye just like Loki but…”

“Okay, let’s stop~ here. I have no comment on that. Well, let’s enjoy our trip while putting aside those matters.”

Mardoll-sama clapped her hand as she evaded the topic. I was unable to read her expression from that easygoing attitude of her but… I was slowly aware that she was a women filled with a lot of mystery.

Well, as she said it herself, it was best to not think on those unknown matters.

Okay. I wondered where the caretaker of the important apple orchard, Idun-sama was…?

“Ah, instead of her mansion, it seems that she was over there. Let’s go and greet her right away.”

Brynhildr-sama took the lead while guiding Grani-kun as she was the first one to discover Idun-sama. When we were at a range where we could heard her voice, we heard her grand monologue.

“La~ La la la~ La la~, La~~~. Hey everyone, what do you think of my singing? Ah! I am being more lively than normal? Eh, that is all because of everyone! As I am able to hear the sound that was made from everyone smile. Listen here. You are able to smile even if you are crying deep inside. Since I am able to hear it as a sound. I will never miss out any sound okay? Since the beat will only match a moment only.”

Yup~, Idun-sama poem was as great today as well… until I wanted to continue acting as a by passer and pass through here.

“Idun-sama, good afternoon. How are you?”

“Oh, you are the Valkyrie… la la~ Brynhildr right! I’m fine, you came at a right time as I thinking of having my tea time now. If you are fine with it, let’s have some tea together?”

“That’s great. Please let me join you.”

Just like that, we were invited to Idun-sama tea party.

The place that Idun-sama guided us to while skipping was the small terrace that was beside the red brick mansion. My chest gave a throb in reflex by this usual elegance.

“Here you go, it’s apple tea. It was made by boiling the water that was filled with the apple skin. For your information, I only use the normal red apple.”

Boil with apple skin…? Oh, I thought that the apple tea was made by adding fruit juice to the red tea instead. I thought that I had made a good progress in the path of a chef but to think that there was an enigma in such place.

“Normal is it. Well, I’m fine with that. If the golden apple were used instead, then Sei-chi’s youth will remain forever like this.”

“That’s true… I once worry about whether I should ate the golden apple before my body reach the golden age or not.”

Both Brynhildr-sama and Mardoll-sama were mumbling about that.

By the way, the golden apple did not ‘maintain’ one youth instead, it ‘returned’ one to the age when they ate it. It was nice to see a young Valkyrie based on the appearance but… I wondered how they determined when to eat the apple.

Since I had gotten a bit curious on it, I asked Brynhildr-sama about that.

“For example, the sixth sister, Helmwige has the youngest appearance among the sister right? Why did she ate the apple at such a young age?”

“Ah~… the reason is quite simple as she ate it because she can’t hold back the desire as it looks so delicious.”

What a simple reason…. It seemed like something that she would do but…

“La La. Actually I also intend to eat it around Helmwige age but.”

Then, Idun-sama joined in our conversation while grinning. Ho ho, then what happened?

“If I do that, I won’t receive any strange look when I sing my poem right?”

“It seems you realize that you had receive strange look…”

If that was the case, then you should stop that. Even though I thought about that, it was a bit rude to say that out.

“Actually your poem was quite nice. Fu fu, why don’t you try to compose the lyric for Freya song?”


After hearing the unexpected suggestion from Mardoll-sama, Idun-sama stood up at a momentum that caused her chair to fall down.

“I will… request her next time…! Please hear this, the heart throbbing rhythm. Just like how the star glitter in the night sky, my heart is experiencing a meteor shower! Ah, I must go and request her! I sure it will be granted! That is because the star is inside of me!”

Whoa, it seemed that she was motivated in doing that already. Both your heart and eyes gave off the shine like a star.

“The star is inside of me…. That phrase, it quite amazing…”

Huh!? Bad news, it seemed like Brynhildr-sama was poisoned!

For god’s sake, could you stop laughing and be responsible for this? Mardoll-sama.



After this and that, it was almost evening now.

After we return to ‘Valhalla’ via the sky, we reminiscenced about the events today while our back were facing the sunset.

“Ah~! Today was more fun than expected! Thank you!”

“Your welcome, I am glad you’re happy. Do you have anything else you want to see? I would glad take you there if it’s nearby.”

As expected of Brynhildr-sama as she didn’t forget to be considerate of others. But since we had flew a great distance today, I was sure that Mardoll-sama was exhausted also.

Despite of that… it seemed that Mardoll-sama still had some place in mind.

“Oh, that’s great, Brynhildr-chi! If that’s the case, can you fulfil my last request? First, I would like to go to… ‘Fólkvangr’… can you take me to there?”

It seemed that Mardoll-sama had a hard time in saying that. I wondered why, since it was just a request to go to Freya-sama mansion right?

“Okay, ‘Fólkvangr’ is it. What do you plan to do after you reach there?”

“Well~… I guess it might be something impossible even as a friend. I actually have a sm~all request since she had invite me to come here.”

“? What kind of request is it?”

“Hm~, I will speak of it once we reach there. So let’s just head there first.”

Even though I felt that she was being quite evasive, we didn’t had any rights to reject it at all. As requested, Brynhildr-sama changed our destination to ‘Fólkvangr’ instead of ‘Valhalla’.

We reached our destination in a short amount of time.  

After that, the three of us head inside toward the spacious private room of Freya-sama.

“Huh? Mardoll, what are you doing here even though it close to dinner now? Is it because the meal from Chef And does not suit your taste?”

After seeing Mardoll-sama came at such an odd timing, Freya-sama who was lying on the bed immediately jumped up.

But Mardoll-sama denial the worry from Freya-sama.

“No, that’s not it. Chef And’s meals are godly amazing, so please rest assured on that. Actually… there is some~thing I like to see since I had been invited to ‘Asgard’. I hope I can see it before the concert start.”

“There is something you want to see? What is it?”

“…‘Brisingamen’. The necklace that Freya treasure so much.”

Brisingamen—also known as the necklace of Brisinga.

I had once seen it from afar. That necklace was a priceless treasure that was created by the Dwarf and it was a favourite necklace of Freya-sama. She would always wear it during the concert as if it was a charm.

“Well, I was quite interested ever since Freya told me about it in the past. I even went and did some investigation about it. I found out that it was the best accessory in the nine worlds and every women desired for it! So, this is the only time for me to look at it up close! Once I thought about that, I was unable to hold back my desire… is it okay?”

“Ha ha, so it was that only. Of course, it fine for you to see it, since it a request from Mardoll.”

“Seriously!? Woah~ is this serious! Ya~hoo! Freya, you’re the best! You are really a friend that is worth to be cherished~!”

The high spirit Mardoll-sama was so delighted until she shook her hand in a cheerful manner.

After seeing Mardoll-sama cheerfulness, Freya-sama guided us toward the necklace storage in a cheerful manner.

“Okay, this is the most inner part of my ‘Fólkvangr’. Which serves as the storage for Brisingamen.”

Freya-sama poured in her magical power after she touched the door with both her hand. Then, due to some kind of mechanism, the door vanished after it released a rainbow colour glow.

“Oh~~… this is… this is the legendary Brisingamen…! It’s so beautiful…!”

The golden necklace was displayed on the torso of the mannequin. Just when I thought the centre was a burning fire, it was just a big bright red gem that was glowing instead and that gem was surrounded with the small blue gem.

It was already quite amazing as we were just looking at it through the transparent showcase. But in front of this beauty, even the ever-lasting proud diamond was just like a common pebble beside the road.

“…hmm? Huh… wait, this…”

“? What’s the matter Mardoll? Ah, I get it now, you want to try wearing it right?”

“No… that is a bit… should I refrain myself from doing that, because…”

…hmm? What was it… even I was able to understand it. Based on the appearance, Mardoll-sama was acting a bit strange.

“There is no need for you to refrain yourself… since it’s an irreplaceable object, even I get a bit tense while wearing this~”

“Is that true? Please let me wear it for a while!”

“You can~’t.”

“Hmph, Freya-sama is so unfair.”

… it seemed that Freya-sama and Brynhildr-sama had yet to realize it. But… there was no mistake for this. Mardoll-sama was hiding something—

—after we left ‘Fólkvangr’, we headed toward ‘Valhalla’.

We returned back to my room for a short rest before we enjoyed our dinner.

Once we return, Mardoll-sama immediately jumped toward the bed and gave off a sigh while lying flat down. I was unable to see her expression from my current location.

Despite of that… I felt that this was something I needed to ask her now.



“About the matter just now… once you saw Freya-sama’s Brisingamen, you were acting a bit strange right? What happened?”

“…. Hee~, this is quite a surprise since Sei-chi normally acts like a fool. If that’s the case… okay. I wonder should I request your help in this.”

After hearing that profound mutter, Brynhildr-sama who was standing near the entrance tilted her head. I remained silence as if I was requesting her to continue.

As if she was force to comply with our desire, Mardoll-sama told us this slowly… with a grim expression.

“That Brisingamen… is cursed.”

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