Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: His ordinary days with man-eater – childhood friend + dark clouds

The sunrise rose, unrelated to the will of humans.

“… ugh”

He woke up as he regained his consciousness. He didn’t feel any drowsiness at all… after forming a contract with Kuroe, Tooya’s body didn’t require sleep. But he was still sleeping every day because it was part of his lifestyle.

“I have to wake Kuroe…”

I looked beside me to the roommate who had a same physical condition as mine but she also wanted to sleep every day. Sleeping late to advocate how good was sleeping was fine, but I hope she would try to wake up by her own.


Kuroe was not here. Currently, no one was in the bed that made from stack of carpets.

“… Kuroe?”

There was no reply. This was unnatural if she couldn’t be seen anywhere.

“I guess I’ll wash my face for now.”

I already had gotten used to living with Kuroe. Facing panicky what be would Kuroe wanted… since I gave her an order to stay by my side, she must be somewhere around the house. Moreover, it was rare to see or maybe this was the first time I saw Kuroe already woken up before me… although her habit was just sleeping, there must be a times like this.

Maybe she just went to the toilet… wait, did that fellow go the toilet before?


Tooya went out of his room without any deep thought while going to the washroom at first floor. The sound and smell of breakfast being cooked by his mom from the kitchen. What would be the ingredients for today’s miso soup… while Tooya was thinking such thing, as he reached his hand to the doorknob of the washroom… currently, the door was closed.


The door opened, and Kuroe was there and totally naked in front of him.

“Good morning Master.”

She didn’t try to hide her body at all; Kuroe said that while wiping her wet hair with a towel. Because of her calm attitude, Tooya didn’t feel surprised anymore.

“Ah, morning.”

Tooya replied, and walks to the sink for his original purpose.


“This’s strange!”

“That’s the same tsukkomi.”

Kuroe shows an admiring expression.

“That’s why it’s weird.”


“Why are you fully naked…?”


Kuroe tilts her head.

“ls there any problem bathing while naked?”

“Why are you suddenly bathing this early in the morning?”

Kuroe’s lips bent up slightly, she looked pleased.

“It feels great.”

Kuroe continued to speaking.

“It’s not like I woke up early for this. I was just sleeping at the time but I woke up, although it was good to continue to sleep but it was quite bit hard.”

“Waking up in this way will be troublesome for her so you went for a bath huh…”

If you were already awake, then wake up properly please.

“So cold.”

Kuroe pouts.

“By the way, master.”


“Although master keeps scolding me, the one that should be scolded is master isn’t it?”


“Generally in this kind of situation, master entered here without asking should be at fault right?


Thinking about it in this kind of situation. He was supposed to be at fault here when opening the door. Tooya did already thought about this… even so.

“Then you should at least have some decent reaction right?”


Kuroe tilts her head like she was thinking, then speaks.





“… anyway I have to go out. Just wear some clothes.”


“The corpse of Miyagashi Kana-san was found. Kana-san seems like she was being cut by sharp objects. That wound should be the reason of her death. The police assumed the case of Sato Shoichi-san who was being cut also two days ago is related to this incident.”

“What a dangerous incident.”

Kuroe drank the miso soup happily but her gaze fell to the detailed reporting news. Kuroe was currently interested to watch news, world affairs, daylight drama and even some messy radio drama. But she didn’t watch operas at all.

“It is better to be more aware?”

To understand it further, Tooya also too switched his gaze to the television. At the same time, he fully understood the contents flowed into his ears. In rough meanings, an elusive criminal doing crimes continuously. However, the reason people felt unusual about it because the weapon used was a Japanese sword. Using such weapon was a bit unusual nowadays.

It was dangerous event for sure… for normal persons. However, for those who were strong didn’t even care, this was something like a joke for them.

“This is too much. I’m also a delicate maiden.”

“If you are delicate then all the maidens in the world that are weak may likely going to die.”

“You’re too exaggerating.”

It should be the correct knowledge.

While talking, Tooya took the remote and switched off the television.

“What are you doing?”

“Don’t watch such spooky things in the early in the morning.”

It’s too bloody for me.

“It’s just some normal news.”

Kuroe said while grinning.

“Would you feel bloody over these things, is because master did something guilty?

“Shut up.”

I just didn’t want to hear topics about people dying in the morning.

“I can’t even feel the taste of my breakfast already.”

“Wasn’t it delicious?”

“You should know what it means.”

Tooya stared at Kuroe, on the other hand he let the miso soup flow into his throat.

“Hmm, after news is today’s fortune divination.”

“I’m surprised to know that you believe in things like divination.”

“It’s not something stupid. Long ago, there was an acquaintance of mine who’s good at divination.”

“Don’t you feel like what you just said is on different level?”

What Kuroe really wanted to watch was just the divination show coming from the television.

“Until yesterday, you didn’t concern it at all.”

“I dreamt of my acquaintance’s stuff for a longtime.”

“You, did dreamt?”

“Of course.”

Tooya surprised.

“So are you not planning to switch back on the television?”

“What planning… it’s almost time for us to go.”

I looked at the clock and there’s 5 minutes left for us to go in the usual time.


Kuroe also accepted it and started to clean up the dishes. Kuroe didn’t like to be late, she was even more serious in studying. It’d already been one month after that event; Tooya felt that Kuroe was just like a normal person… although she was still viscous as always.

“You are also a person that cannot see through…”



Just like that, Tooya took the dishes from the sink. He heard the conversation between his mom and Kuroe at the back. They talked about today’s breakfast which was delicious and something liked that. Tooya’s mom gave a lot of caring to Kuroe, it was like they were having a daughter. Tooya’s mom felt very happy about this.


Today was just like usual. Going to school, nothing important happened then go back home. After this, Tooya didn’t need to handle Kuroe, he could get over the time on his own. Read some books, surfing the internet… however, his childhood friend who was always in there already didn’t exist anymore.

But that was what Tooya hoped, the life he hoped for.

That was why, no matter what kind of unreasonable twist will be going to happen, there must be some peaceful ordinary days.


“I’m going out.”

The time to go school as always didn’t have any change at all. As always, we went out after wearing shoes. Then following the path from the front yard by walking out from the house… there’d be some usual scenes of ordinary days.

Before this, there was a girl holding a big gun crawling on the ground very near. The distance is about five meters only.

And the muzzle from the gun is pointing this way.

And sour gazes connected too.

It’s just like we’re being watched.


No matter what, a person couldn’t say a word when seeing some unnatural things. Even though it was Tooya who already had an experience of unnatural events, he couldn’t think of anything for a moment…What the hell is this.


Tooya have finally regains his senses and started to interpret the scene right in front of his eyes. Firstly, the person was a female. The age should be around 20’s. She had short crimson hair like the burning of a setting sun, and cool black eyes. From her lying body, he could see that she was wearing military white camo attire.

Moreover, that woman seems to be holding something looked like a gun. A huge body gun that was very long, maybe because of the long gun, it was being supported by a tripod. The muzzle was big. It looked like those sniper rifles used to fight in war chariot in the movie… it was not something that can use in short distances.

What’s more… why is this thing pointing at me?

I can’t even think of an answer.


He was peaking without sound, so naturally no reply could be heard.

“Who are you?”

“Ally of justice”

Although her voice was clear, the tone of her voice was rude.

“Justice’s, ally…?”


There was not a slightest confuse in her answer.

“That is… what is this person doing here?”

“Can’t you see? I’m aiming this gun on you.”

So this is what currently happening right now.

“No. I want to know the reason.”

“For shooting.”

So that was it.



lf possible, I really wanted the other side to deny, but she affirmed it clearly.

“Please don’t dodge it. Or else the door behind you would be blown away… it would destroy various things.”

“To think that even not to dodge it, will surely penetrates me.”


That gun must not use on human no matter how you look at it.


The woman clicked her tongue a little… then she pulled the trigger without hesitation.


Tooya didn’t respond in time.


A boom sounded, but Tooya didn’t feel pain, he didn’t lose his conscious too.


In front of Tooya, there was an accustomed figure.

“So dangerous.”

I didn’t know when Kuroe suddenly standing in front of me. She looked like she was in pain a little bit and shook her right hand. It seemed the bullet was blocked by Kuroe.

“Regardless of him, if the bullet flew into the house, his mother inside might get hurt for that.”

The woman heard this and laughed.

“I fired even knowing there was victim.”


Kuroe look at the woman with interest.

“That means you still shoots knowing you’ll miss?”


As reply, the woman stood up slowly. Tooya discovered something. There is something like knife on the woman’s waist… that thing was full of violation compared to the military suit and the gun.

“You’re a monster yet having a big mouth.”

Watching this way.

“It’s too much to say me as a monster.”

“ls it wrong to say monster as monster.”

The answer which was full of will… that meant she trusted it without doubt at all. Certainly she knew things between Kuroe and Tooya. Knowing that she was a monster and Tooya was her master. She came here to kill them. Ally of justice… this words made Tooya feel pain at the chest.

“Then, you really want to use that toy to kill a monster?”

Kuroe said the weapon used to fight during war chariot as a toy so easily… but the woman did not waver. It was better to say she showed an opposing smile.

“Although it is weapon but at least it has some effect, wasn’t it.”

“Well, there is some.”

Kuroe admitted frankly… and laughed with a mock.

“If that will accumulate to a large amount, it is not impossible to defeat me.”

“Then, I will show you.”

The moment the woman answered, a shot was heard. Kuroe’s head bent backward slightly. The woman held a handgun which was also a big muzzle on her hand, and shot out a bullet and hit Kuroe’s eyebrows.


Kuroe asked without any change on her expression–at the same time, the shot produced. Kuroe follows by bending her head backward.

“…so troublesome.”

Soft sound could be heard from Kuroe’s fingertips. At the same time, the woman who was holding a handgun suddenly became silent. No matter how she pulled the trigger, no bullet can be seen and just a soft sound from the metal could be heard.

“Finish already?”

Kuroe asked with a boring tone.

“Regrettably, yes.”

The woman nodded frankly.

“Because of a certain annoying guy swinging in front of me wasted my time… the equipment and preparation time was still not enough. Because living in deep residential street, I couldn’t use the treasured big fellow.

Tooya thought that the sniper gun to fight war chariot was exaggerating enough.

“Fufu,then you plan to flee like that? You really know how to speak arrogantly.”

“It’s impossible to end just like this.”

She denied while laugh with mocking. It was different to Kuroe which she was very violent and mystery. And then she reached the knife on her waist with her hand.

“Even though I don’t like to use this… now I don’t get bothered by it.”


Kuroe’s expression changed slightly, she threw her gaze to the knife. It looked like just a normal Japanese sword. There were some old scratches on the sword which shows how long the sword survived at this point.

“Seems like, you already found out.”

“It is already been in this world for so long, just like me.”

The woman held the handle of the sword tightly, slightly pulled out from the sheath and it looked like she was planning to swing it.”


Because he felt the atmosphere wasn’t right. Tooya stopped her.

“What do you want?”

The woman looked at him immediately.

“No… why do you want to kill us?”

“Exterminate monsters which are the enemy of humanity doesn’t need any reason.”

That was right… Tooya didn’t have any reason to retort.

“If you understand then hurry up and go die.”

The voice didn’t have any hesitation. The woman was just simply believe in herself and what she was going to do was right.

“So that’s that. What should we do master?”

Kuroe turned her head. Tooya saw she was showing a pleasant expression. Obviously what that woman said was right. He knew that without anyone saying. The existence over there which was currently smiling pleasantly, was the most evil monster, it should cease to exist without doubt.

Still, things will be like before if she perished. Even though he aware that this was wrong. He and Kuroe still decided to revolt their common senses.

“If it’s you, you can knock her down without killing her right?”

Even his own life was being targeted, he also woudln’t ask Kuroe to kill them. Because they themselves were the wrong ones without doubt, they who wanted to correct it were the right one. Tooya’s mind was still not prepared to simply just kill a person.


Follow by this, Kuroe smiled a little.

“You said something arrogant huh.”

The woman glared at Kuroe. If I had to say why, it was because Kuroe’s words were the statement of the strong. She didn’t try to kill the opponent who wanted to kill her; this kind of attitude could be interpret as being disdain naturally.

“I’ll kill you.”

The sound coming from the sword being unsheathed.


She moved to Kuroe with a big step. Tooya’s eyes couldn’t keep up with her figure at all. It was something like an instant teleport in front of Kuroe.


Kuroe with a face of admiring frowned slightly. Kuroe waved her right hand in front of her eye, catching the sword that already swings diagonally. The speed that couldn’t be seeing by Tooya obviously different compared to Kuroe.

“Speed is good.”

The slash was blocked by Kuroe perfectly… suddenly, Kuroe’s arm completely disappear. The sword that held by Kuroe got its freedom.


Tooya was surprised of what happened. Kuroe didn’t really care, the woman from the side took this chance and slashed swiftly to Kuroe that had full of flaws.


Kuroe used her remaining left hand to fend the attack. How much strength did that left hand have… the sword reflected at a big angle. The woman forced to stand back. That was a very big flaw, but Kuroe didn’t engage.

“A sword that brings trouble to the opponent.”

While Kuroe murmuring her left palm disappeared.

“Ha, seems like the effect isn’t bad.”

The woman laughed while regaining her stance. The sword she was holding on her hand became black.


Kuroe nods.

“However, this isn’t enough.”

Kuroe smiled, shook her both hands briefly. The hands that disappeared were back from the master’s body.

“Then let’s try.”

The woman answered. With a smile, she slashed the sword again—

“This is the end.”

This time, her hand stopped.


The woman clicked her tongue.

“An annoying fellow came.”

She lamented and hid her sword at the same time face to the master with the voice like water flowing.

“Inaba-san… I already requested that you don’t lay a hand on them.”

The master of the voice was Tanaka. From his messy breathing, anyone could see that he rushed here. He was a non-official inquisitor from the Order of the black magic, and tried to murder Tooya with a shot one month ago, until then he never saw him again.


He made a deep sigh. Tanaka with a look of troubled looked around Tooya and that woman.

“We should observe them first, wasn’t it been decided?”

“I don’t remember accepted it.”

“Even you don’t remember it, but at least follow your superior’s order… seriously. You even brought that thing. How can you report it to the top?

Tanaka then turned his gaze to the sword she was holding.


Although she clicked her tongue, her strength on holding the sword didn’t reduce.

“If you want to complain, leave it later. For now let’s have to settle that thing first.”

“Didn’t I tell you to stop.”

“If you can stop me then try it.”

The woman still laughed. In contrast, Tanaka’s sigh became deeper.

“Can’t be helped then.”

Tanaka took out his phone.

“…what are you trying to do?”

“Contact with the members deployed here, allow them to cancel the barrier you set to avoid people.”


The woman blurted out.

“If you don’t care what to happen to the citizens because of the commotion then do as you please. But make it sure it must not involve someone else’s life.”


The woman stared at Tanaka, he just made a refreshing expression.


She clicked her tongue unwillingly.

“Go back then… just do what you like.”

After saying that, the woman put her sword back to sheath and walk away.


And then Tanaka sighed again. I didn’t know why but that figure had an inexplicable intimacy, probably was just Tooya’s misconception.

“Anyway, apology for what happened.”

Tanaka bowed to Tooya.

“That is…that means that person.”

”An inquisitor like me.”

Tanaka’s answer proved half of the expectation. For now, only the Order of the black magic knew the affair of Tooya and Kuroe. Knowing this and targeting them, the chances of people from the Order of the black magic were relatively high.

“That person is Inaba Akane. Well, as you can see, a troublesome child… this incident was totally her self-assertion. To be honest, the Order of the black magic has no intention to fight with you guys for now.”

“Like this.”

His words make Tooya rest assured. Tooya was bewaring of the Order of the black magic but he really didn’t want to go seriously. If the enemy wouldn’t increase then naturally it was what he hoped.

“Huh… really?”

But Kuroe seemed like having a different view from them.

“If it’s like this then the way of handle things in that wench is too naive. Ignoring the plan of the top and just her self-assertion, it’s good to lead a force to capture her… that fellow clearly show her hostility to me.”

It was like what Kuroe said. By the way, although the Order of the black magic said no intention to be their rival, but they didn’t really want to show it.

Still Tanaka rushed to here on his own, letting that woman named Inaba Akane go back… instead of saying retreat, it was better to say he wanted to avoid trouble.

“Well, certainly.”

Tanaka admitted frankly.

“For further explanation, can I take some of your time?”


I can only nod.

Now…is not a situation to reject.

Ten minutes later, three of them went to a small coffee shop with Tanaka’s car. It was a suitable place for what Tanaka was going to say later.

“Then again, long time no see.”

He picked the seat from the most side of the table. When the drinks came after he ordered, Tanaka said so.

“Actually, I really want to greet you two again, but I never thought it would be in this way.”

“Ah, don’t bother by it…”

By the way, that time Tanaka did say this. Nothing happened in this one month after that event, Tooya didn’t concern it… he may already forget it. Maybe his brain thought back about it subconsciously.

“Anyway, we want the explanation for the situation.”

“Ahh, of course.”

Tanaka nodded and started his explanation.

“First, I will declare my position—I have no intention to fight with you two at all. Like what I’ve said before, I don’t think there is a way to defeat Kuroe-san. Even if we can defeat her, it’s pretty sure we must have to sacrifice a lot.”

“This is it.”

Kuroe confirmed it without any humble meanings.

“Maybe it’s not suitable to say this. But if you two want to disturb the country by making a massacre then it’s a different story. The risks to exterminate you two and the advantages are not balanced at all for now. Then let it be also no problem… the top ones in the Order of the black magic already have same opinions.”

“But that wench is different?”

“That is the troublesome one.”

Tanaka made a troubled expression.

“She is the leader of the apartment that focuses on combat in the Order of the black magic; her personality is quite similar in you. Actually, I want to hide about you two, but it’s hard to hide things in the same organization.

“Got found out huh.”

“Yeah, then she’ll go hunt you with just her self-assertion.”

While saying, Tanaka sighed.

“She did not care at all no matter how much I persuaded… some people in the Order of the black magic even agreed with her avocation.”
“Your organization is not really that united.”

“Unfortunately, it is the truth.”

Tanaka nodded with a bitter smile.

“Then the Order of the black magic is separated to crusade faction and observing faction for this business. Of course, majority is in the latter…as for those that fight from the beginning like her basically are in the former.”

“You mean although the observing faction is the major but also those using force are also against us?”

“Yes, if they want to use force then we also cannot stop them. For now they still like an adult and obey most of the orders. If they didn’t like the orders then they’ll just pretending of having a deaf ear.”

Tanaka was like talking matters about other people.

“Despite we have done the persuading… her opposition is still big, they didn’t listen to the reasons we have told.”

“Hmm, seems like she is someone with high popularity?”

“There are reasons for this…actually she is a miko despite in her look.”


He couldn’t be help but let out his voice. The looks of a miko in Tooya’s mind was incompatible with that woman at all.

“Although she ran away from home, she was the daughter of the successor of a big shrine… I believe she had received a lot of blessing as a miko, her intuition is just too good.”

“…so you want to say she wins by intuition?”

“That’s right.”

Tanaka nodded frankly.

“… is there anyone believed it?”

“Of course there is.”

Tanaka continued with a bitter smile.

“Maybe you can’t understand… our daily lives associate with supernatural. That’s why even we say it is just an intuition, but that requires accumulating over time, the results from the miko training it’s not something to be laugh at. Besides, she has many kinds of achievements; which it is enough to win the trust of others.”

“…Is something like this?”

“It is just something like this…and her avocation of justice is easy to understand. Kill a man-eating monster is a matter of course. The existence of the order of the black magic is not official, their duties basically is to protect mankind… so people being influenced by justice is easy to understand.”

Exterminate monster which was the enemy of mankind required what reason—that simple and direct sentence from her still floating up in Tooya’s mind.

“Then, what is the conclusion?”

Kuroe looked at Tanaka.

“Follow what that wench said and kill me?”

“Not possible.”

Tanaka shook his head vigorously.

“The conclusion in the order of the black magic is like what I said… we have no intention to interference in your business.”

“But you guys have no power to inhibit that wench?”

“Yes, so you have to take the initiate.”


Kuroe looked at Tanaka with full of interest.

“Just saying it straight… you’re not planning to cooperate with us?”

Tanaka switched his gaze to Tooya immediately.

“What does that mean…”

“That means the order of the black magic lend us strength in the form of external collaborators.”

Tooya could understand what he said, but he couldn’t understand how it was related to what they are talking just now.

“It means showing that you guys have no harm. Show that you have no intention to antagonize the Order of the black magic. At the same time, intend to provide support. It is good to contain the action from the crusade faction. The power of Kuroe-san is beyond standard even to the Order of the black magic, it is worthy enough to be a guaranteed.”

“It means it’s not easy to make a move on them who are in the same organization?”

“That’s right. Although I cannot hope this will completely solve the problem, but at least it can deprive their righteousness.”

Because at least what Tooya were trying to do, wasn’t something that could be understand by others at all already.

“But I am a man-eating monster?”

Kuroe looked at Tanaka, her face showed an annoying smile.

“Of course we already thought of that.”


“The main problem is what people did you try to eat… rather in this world, there are too many people that even you can eat them without matter. As long as you don’t eat people randomly then there is no problem.”

Tanaka turned his gaze back to Tooya.

“You intend to do this right?”


Of course Tooya didn’t think that way… but the feeling to prefer not to say from in his chest. What the problem was, probably wanted to get to the bottom… yet he didn’t know why he wasn’t willing to do so.

“Of course, this is not a compulsory.”

Tanaka said so after he noticed Tooya’s expression.

“This is just a request… I have to say why, and the option is in your hand. Even if you refused, we still have no intention to antagonize you.”

“But, this means… cannot stop that person—Inaba-san?”

“We will try hard, it is just we can’t ensure that.”

Tanaka say it with a smug which was rare to see, it was like he didn’t have confidence.

“Then I want to inquire.”

“Please do.”

“If we can’t stop the actions coming from that wench, what might happen next?”

“You guys and the Order of the black magic will have an all-faced war I guess.”


Tooya looked at Tanaka like wanting to have an explanation.

“Why suddenly will…”

The subject of the talk went on.

“Certainly they’re belong to the minority, yet I had said before, basically they focused all the combat power which was precious to the Order of the black magic that we can’t lose them. That’s why if something were to happen, the Order of the black magic will fully support them to suppress the degree of damage.”


Kuroe let out a sneer.

“That means if it’s not an ally then it is our enemy. No need to hit around the bush.”

“That is my discourtesy.”

Tanaka bowed a little, then looked back to Tooya.

“The situation is like what was just said. But the option is still in your hand. You can choose to fight us and obtain victory.”

Moreover in that kind of situation, Tooya had a higher chance of winning.

However Tanaka hadn’t finished his talk.

“But in that kind of situation, even you won your recent lifestyle will probably collapse. With Kuroe-san as the opponent, isn’t the time for us to select the means already… your important family and Rikka-san will probably being involved.”

Tooya glared at Tanaka reflectively. Even so Tanaka did not show a timid look.

“This is just a hypothesis. But if things really develop to that extent then who knows.”

“What an easy-to-understand threat.”

“Yes, exactly.”

Tanaka admitted frankly.

“Like what I said we have no intention to antagonize you two… to avoid such a thing, no matter threatening or any other way we also won’t give up.”

“So it is.”

Kuroe nodded her head admirably, and then looked at Tooya.

“Then master, what are you going to do?”


He had the need to think carefully regarding this. Actually there was none. If I refused, there was a chance it would trigger a war, a war can be avoided if complied. Such an obvious prompt, Tooya had no reason to refuse.

Tooya didn’t think of using Kuroe to achieve any ambition. He just wanted to protect his childhood friend and the peaceful lifestyle around him. Other than that, he did not intend to use Kuroe’s power, the time past in an instant when he was thinking.

“I understand.”

And so, Tooya agreed.

“I am very grateful.”

Tanaka let out a deep breath that had been hold for long and bowed deeply.

“The formal procedures will do it later, I have to inform to the top first since I got your consent. After all, it’s better to be faster.”

After saying this Tanaka stood up quickly.

“Before the things have been deal with, please take any action as you want.”

Then he left here in a hurry.

“What does he meant take any action as you want…”

Tooya looked at the figure that gradually disappears.

“What are we going to do next?”

Confirming the time, it wasn’t even ten yet.

“…we’ll just go back to school for now.”

The class was currently in the third period. Gazes of curiosity cast into Tooya, but no matter what they thought, it woudln’t change the assessment on him. Instead, Kuroe might have some effect, but she would just cover it perfectly anyway… it felt like there will be addition of troublesome rumors.


Tooya sighed. His head felt heavy too. Even though the fourth study period ended, he didn’t have strength to stand up at all during recess. A lot of things happened in just a short amount of time in the early morning. A mysterious woman pointed a gun at him and fighting with Kuroe… then the matter about Tanaka wanting him to be collaborator to assist the Order of the black magic.


Kuroe’s voice can be heard in the mind suddenly.

“Today I have to eat lunch with our classmates.”

It’s fine to tell me directly why have to… thinking so, Tooya noticed some gazes focused at here and few things. Usually, Kuroe walked out the classroom with Tooya. It was very rare to see Kuroe left Tooya in the classroom alone… moreover; the only person who would usually looking at here already changed.


Tooya stood up silently and looked over there. Rikka was joking happily to her friends. About she was staring at Tooya, didn’t exist anymore. Rikka already forgot about Tooya, even his existence also she wasn’t aware. The people in the class didn’t feel strange about this thanks to the spell from Kuroe.

Therefore Rikka can happily enjoy her school life now… because what caused Rikka to have some problem was already gone. All had been handled by Tooya.

“…That’s great.”

Tooya mumbled and turned his sight away, took out his lunchbox from the bag and walked out of the classroom.


The voice could be heard again the moment he walked out the classroom… seemed like it was prank time again.

“Yeah yeah.”

But Tooya answered without hesitation. There was no need to hesitate. This was the result that Tooya hoped for… then he just followed this hope and realizeed it.

Compared to the lonely Tooya, Rikka is currently laughing with her friends. Abandonning everything, this was what Tooya’d hoped for her too.

“Wasn’t there is still something left down.”

A delighted voice come from behind.

“… You’re not going to eat lunch with our classmates?”

“Forget it.”

He answered right away.

“It’s better to accompany my master who was a bit lonely.”

With a mischievous smile.

“…what an unnecessary concern.”

“You can’t say it like that.”

Kuroe held Tooya’s hand.

“Wasn’t we are in engagement?”

Kuroe’s lip bent slightly.


Tooya could only sigh.

“How long does this setting have to go on…”

“This is just a setting for master?”

“Then it becomes forever…”

Tooya mumbled like he gave up and walked out the classroom.


Someone hit him the back unintentionally.


Tooya turned to the direction of that voice. Rikka was standing over there…but her sight didn’t focused on Tooya at all. Seems like she really wanted to go to the corridor. Because she couldn’t acknowledge the existence of Tooya and hit him. Although she apologized subconsciously, but she would immediately forget everything.T ooya knew that she couldn’t remember this.


Kuroe pulled Tooya to a side. Rikka didn’t know why she stopped here and tilted her head and walked away after regained senses. If Kuroe didn’t pull Tooya away, Rikka would surely hit him again.

“Seems like the slightly alter of the effect from the spell is better.”

Kuroe looked at Rikka and said so.


“Things like this will happen if your existence cannot be aware completely. If I change it to aware the master as another person…”

“No, no need.”

Tooya shook his head

“This is fine.”

This was a complete farewell.

Because that was what Tooya could hope for.


“But isn’t it great?”

“… what?”

After that they two went to the roof as usual. Kuroe asked Tooya while opening her lunchbox. A roof with wide area with only they two here, was very quiet.

“So easily to give assistance isn’t?”

“It’s not that simple.”

It just there was no other option.

“Wasn’t there is another way other than direct confrontation?”

“For example?”

“If I want to fully maintain the current status, it is possible to hide without being found out by them.”

“… if I have to stay away from Rikka then it is not considered as an option.”

“Looks reluctant.”

“Shut up.”

If not, then I had said goodbye to you already.

“There is other method like assassination or something like that.”


“Certainly it is a pain to fight with the Order of the black magic directly…but if the main members are killed then there is no problem. If they want to make a move then we just make them disappear completely.”

“No way.”

He denied immediately without even thinking about what she said.


“Of course.”

Although Tooya said so.

“But why?”

Kuroe asked.


“Are you opposed to killing them?”

Kuroe said.

“Wasn’t you don’t care the price of the pact and decided on your own to kill that man… but why you still can’t decide to kill those people?”

Kuroe stared at Tooya, her lip currently didn’t bend… but it was like Kuroe to not say clearly when killing someone.

“…Rikka’s father is different from those people.”


“I don’t hate those people.”

That reason was more than enough. Since he deserved it for being targeted.

“Because they’re the right ones so we can’t kill them?”

“Yeah yeah.”

They were the right one, Tooya knew that without anyone saying.

“Well, if master wants to think it that way then never mind.”

Kuroe smiled and shrugged.

“Sounds like there is another meaning in it.”

“Don’t mind about it.”

Kuroe had no intention to continue this topic.

“… by the way are you fine with it?”


“Collaborate with the Order of the black magic.”

Although they said collaboration, what Tooya could do was really limited, he surely had to rely on Kuroe’s power.

“Master is really kind.”

With a mischievous smile.

“What do you mean.”

“Since I am master’s servant so I’ll do what you say.”

Kuroe with a smile like a cat got near to Tooya’s face.

“If you use me like a woman then I will be very happy… did you got charmed?”

“… it will be strange if I do.”

“Don’t you dare say that you forget that passionate kiss?”

“… it is a dark history that I’m trying to forget.”

“Master is still bad as usual.”

Kuroe who said that smile cheerfully and moved away from Tooya’s face.

“Well to be honest, I was doing something like this before being sealed, so I don’t feel like opposing it.”

“Speaking that you served an exorcist before huh.”

He had heard before so there was still some memories in him.

“I worked as a familiar of the exorcist under the emperor. Main duty was to exterminate monsters and captured criminal magicians.”


“What does that expression mean.”

Tooya did not say anything, he was just showing his tired look.

“No, it’s just merely facing reality…”

Tooya sighed.

“Because thinking I would be requested by the Order of the black magic to do something like that, my sight darkens.”

“Something like that?”

Seemed like Tooya’s feeling did not convey to Kuroe.

“No, you see I am just a normal high school student in a month ago.”

“Even though you’re normal but I don’t know how many people would agree.”

“I don’t want this kind of tsukkomi.”

Tooya pull the topic back to the talk.

“In short, supernatural existence like you isn’t related to me in general speaking.”

“Well, it is.”

“That is to exterminate monsters or capture magicians…to be honest I also wanted to ask what are those.”

That was totally not something a normal high school student should do. Certainly, he was already outside the range of normal, even though he understand but Tooya still hadn’t regulated his feeling to the state of affair…that was why Tooya still was hoping to have a normal ending.

“But the one who made the option is master?”

“I know.”

For the sake of protecting the recent so it couldn’t be helped.

“What a contradiction.”


“Wasn’t it? Master who wants to have a normal and peaceful daily life have to face the trouble to protect it…once you have get used to it you can say it is daily life, but that kind of daily life cannot be peaceful?”


That meant no matter which option, it wouldn’t come a peaceful daily life.

“Well, just be at ease.”

Kuroe’s voice became gentle suddenly.

“What do you mean.”

“What I did in the past is something rare to happen lately. At least things like exterminating monsters are impossible.”

“Why do you say so.”

“You’ve already forgotten what I’ve said to you? The monsters in this country had been wiped out in the past.”

“Certainly, there is something similar like this.”

“So in this world, there are no monsters already…”

“Is there any basis for this?”

Although Kuroe said before that the emperor issued annihilating order against monsters.

“The one standing here is the litigant of that era? Actually I and the exorcist master had exterminated a lot of monsters.”


Isn’t the litigant is the problem.


“No, because it’s just here.”

Monster that did not die out.

“I am a special case.”

“How can you affirm there is no other special cases.”

That was a doubt for sure.


It was like she never thought of this, Kuroe use her hand to support her lower jaw and started thinking.

Indeed there was this possibility…if there really was, they had to think about their intention on us.


Kuroe didn’t hear what Tooya asked and continue thinking. Looked like her thought had enter the subtle point.

“Say, what is happening right now…”

“… well, forget it.”

Agreed by her own.

“No that’s why I said.”

Listen to what other said please.


“… Why are you here.”

Tanaka went back to his room in the Order of the black magic, there he saw the figure of Akane wearing casually in his room.

“Because the air conditioner in here is more comfortable.”

“It’s the same in the disposition.”

“Don’t mind the details. We are also the people of the order of the black magic…besides why you only have your own room and I have to stay with a group of people full of sweat smell.”

Akane shows a dissatisfied look.

“Because what I handle is mostly confidential information.”

Tanaka sighed and stared at Akane.

“They specifically made this room to prevent the leakage of important information.”

“Doing it so obvious will cause opposite effect?”

“If you have this decent view then don’t enter here without permission.”

“Because we are partners so no problem.”

“… if you say so then please collaborate with me.”

Tanaka sighed deeply.

“Why must I collaborate with the fellow who takes normal people as hostages?”

Akane looked at Tanaka like looking at an idiot. Although he wanted to ask ‘wasn’t we are partners’ but Tanaka swallowed the words back before he said.

“… if you have obeyed orders nicely then I won’t have to do that.”

“If the order is to dispose the monster then I will obey.”

“If you seriously fight with that thing, I wonder how many people will die?”

“… zero, is not impossible I guess.”

Akane answered with sullen.

“Even if we can win, the Order of the black magic will probably destructed. If it is that then it’s better to sacrifice one person every month silently.”

“Comply with that thing then the people sacrificed will have no limit?”

“As long as it’s not too much then no problem.”

“That will consider as justice?”

Akane glared at Tanaka… Tanaka just cleverly coped that cold glare.

“The Order of the black magic is not a justice organization.”


“Our code of conduct is to protect more citizens. Indeed that if the Order of the black magic fight with full might probably will obtain a miraculous victory…then what to do after that? The organization that has been half-destructed can still operate like now? I can affirm the sacrifice in that time will be more than just let them be like now.”


Akane clicked her tongue

“You too, try a little to change to a more realistic way of thinking.”

“Shut up idiot. Go die.”

Akane was throwing a tantrum.


Tanaka sighed deeply again.

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