Giant Killing Dark Hero


Author: Kouta Nozomi

Illustrator: Heiro


“This is cheating!”

“Haha , as long as we win it’s fine.”

Swordow, the new gen superpower competition that the whole world is crazy about.

The weakest nameless fighter , Shiro Agisou managed to put down the strongest new student Riza in the first fight……….using unforgivable and unfair methods.

Fooling , deceiving , outwitting them and entrapping them in his clever schemes to then push them off.

Shiro, the cool headed gambler who uses any means available to win.

“Let’s go idiot breasts ( baka oppai ).”

“By perhaps, are you calling me that!?”

Getting Riza under his control , using demonic schemes and scams. He is gonna beat without any mercy the strongest guys who only think about peace.

The weakest guy with the worst brains will stand at the top of supernatural battles !

The story of the vilain who laughs at the common sense , full of catharsis and exhilarating big moments , starts!

Volume 1



Chapter 1: Survival of The Fittest

4 Responses to Giant Killing Dark Hero

  1. rougereader says:

    Sooo,is it dropped??


  2. Philip says:

    So when are you going to translate another chapter, I’m not rushing you I just want to know when.


  3. mbartlett84 says:

    Please translate this too looks very interesting.


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