Ore no Real to Netgame ga Love Comedy ni Shinshokusare Hajimete Yabai Volume 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Not good, My Stuffs Got Stolen


That was my first reaction.

It was the evening after the offline meeting. I immediately logged in to the Knight-sama’s account that I had received.

I looked at the status window, the level was 99. That was the highest level of this world. I had a shock when I looked at the strength stat. The item page was filled with items and equipments that I had never seen before. I didn’t even look at the skills page that can be learn from jobs……the difference was too big.

This game was just opened for a few months. It was not easy to gain experience point in ZX, the average players were only at level 30, one could say that 99 was an unbelievable level.

“How the heck can one achieve this much…?”

Not only in appearance, this person really looked like a Haijin.

My hands were covered in a pair of silver armguards, I looked at my hands that had become bigger because of the gloves, tried to close and open them. This avatar was little uncomfortable. Felt really unfamiliar. Even though I was a little restless to meet them in this appearance ‘but we have already met during the offline meeting so why need to be afraid?’, I assured myself.

Changing avatar eh? Even if I don’t want to admit it, aren’t I before similar to a scary cat hiding under a cover? I will be myself if I use this avatar. Because I can talk to them like a “guy” instead of Riel, feeling much more comfortable.

Finished thinking this through, I went on to open the guild house like Knight-sama. But the door opened itself before I could do that.

“What do you think?”


Because I was suddenly asked by Shizuku, who was standing inside the guild house, I was a little confused. There was a big gap between this girl and the girl I met during the offline meeting.

“About this.”

After saying that, she slightly raised her skirt.

“It really matched, right?

“Y-yeah……but, don’t raise your skirt like that!”

“How about it, isn’t the width of the ‘absolute territory’ perfect? Don’t you think so?”

TN: The areas on the thighs that are between the stocking and the skirt.

“You purposely don’t listen to what I am saying! Furthermore…….what kind of erotic style is this!?”

Shizuku pushed her chest forward, looked at me with a glamorous gaze in an unusual angle. Her posture looked like she was trying to imitate the gravure pictures of race queens.

“Isn’t this what you like?”

“That’s not what I mean……how else should I answer that question?”

“‘You look cute today too.’ Like that?”

“Y……y-you look c…cu…cu…cute too?”

“Ew…no difference from a pervert!”

“It was you who told me to say that!”

“It’s a little different from what I thought. Besides, this posture was outside of my calculation and I was pretty embarrassed too. Why did I have to do that?”

“Then don’t do it! Now that I think about it, what I said also makes me embarrassed!”

Truly unbelievable. That shy girl who I just met at the offline meeting… Nevermind, even if I am not unfamiliar to her weird way of talking……where did her cute appearance disappear to? Did she always talk like this with Knight-sama?

Big, black pair of eyes looked at me affectionately as if she didn’t know I was inside. This feeling was really unfamiliar. This was because Riel’s height was much shorter than her.

While I was thinking about my first impression, I heard a voice coming from inside the guild house, then Hime showed up.

“Wait a second Shizuku, stop doing these useless things, I have decided that you will follow me!”


When I was getting curious, I heard Shizuku grumble. Then Hime continued,

“That’s right, we were discussing about hunting for drop item. How about Knight-sama going with us?”

“Drop item……eh?”

Then she pointed at Shizuku’s leg.

“It was about this pair of knee socks. Isn’t it unfair for her to monopolized this cute item?”

“There is nothing unfair, I bought this with my saving money so what is the problem?”

“It is because this is yours that I am sure those were dirty money, right?”

“There is nothing dirty or clean about it. Money is money. Even if I didn’t want to but I was hunting then so there was nothing I could do about it. Furthermore, the other party was focus on another goal. What would you suggest me to do?”

“Then, isn’t this have nothing to do with money? And if you go out hunting then you should follow the ‘first come first serve’, right?”

When I said so, Shizuku shrugged her shoulder and showed a smirk.

“Aren’t you thinking this too simple? I had to secretly strike a deal with the other party’s head for them to go away.”

“Then isn’t that just bribery!?”

“What, to the end in this magical world, can’t you buy anything as long as you have money?”

“Stop saying those irritating things.”

I said with a tired voice, but then Hime again pointed at Shizuku’s knee socks and said.

“A-ny-way, I also want that item.”

“Wait a second nya, Ricotta also wants that nya.”

“I-I-I am also~”

Ricotta and Mashu’s voice suddenly appeared from inside the guild house.

Look like everyone are attracted by the item [Lucky Knee Socks].

“Lucky Knee Socks eh………But, it is true that it looks really cute.”



Right after I mumbled so, I didn’t know if I was imagining or not but it was as if the surrounding atmosphere suddenly became cold.

“A-anyway let’s quickly find it!”

The atmosphere disappeared when Hime stepped up and grabbed Shizuku’s hand.

“Why do I still have to go?”

“What are you talking about? It is quicker if we all look for it together!”

The girls were still arguing with each other while leaving the guild house. And I was following behind them.

Even though I also paid attention to before……but it was as if no one cared about if Riel has logged in or not?

This made me felt a little lonely.

The setting of MMORPG ZX Welt Online is a virtual world with six continents with six races living on them. Right now, our guild house was built as the capital of the Kingdom of Flore, on Firmus continent, where Human race rules. In the west and east is the Beast race and the Elven race, each race has their own continent and kingdom to rule over. But only these 3 races have diplomatic relationship with each other. The other 3 races were being separated. It was like those regions were still in development phrase. Looked like those would be add in the later updates, but nothing happened right now. Those were the Robot race, Dwarven race, and Dragon race, I think? Anyway, we didn’t care much about those news.

Our guild moved away from Firmus and headed westward toward Lima valley. A fresh green view. Rumored that monsters at this place would drop Lucky Knee Socks at this time.

Right now we wear on a small ledge that led down to the deep valley. When I looked ahead, I could see dozens of monsters walking around below the valley. Those two-legs monster looked like lizard, and their heights were about twice that of human.

“Ew, so disgusting! I can’t stand reptile~”

Hime wrinkled her face when she looked down to the valley. Even though they were not real but they looked pretty realistic.

“Uh, those were just eels~?”

I heard Mashu said so while pointing at those lizards.

“Eels? A…are you sure you have not mistaken? And more importantly…aren’t they look pretty slippery?”

I thought their name was Dark Lizardman, black skin, slippery, clearly were not eels. But where did it exist eel that walk on two legs anyway?

“But they are not the monster that will drop item that we are looking for. Only those with different color that appear once every 30 minutes would drop that item. If there is no one hunting it then it probably is just around here.”

“Truly is Knight-sama, you know everything nya~”

Ricotta expressed admiration while nodding her head.

Tsk, the reason I knew this was because I had come here before as Riel. But I did not find that item that time.

I glanced around the valley. And then I spotted inside the group of black eels…ah no, the group of Lizardman a gray one.

“Ah, there, there.”

“But, can we beat them at our current level?”

Hime asked anxiously.

“If there is only one then it is not strong. A solo fight can be possible. The only danger is that the surrounding monsters would group up, then we would be in trouble.”

“Even though it is not a good equipment but it is still hard to get.”

Exactly like Shizuku said, according to the explanation of her pair of Lucky Knee Socks then those were nothing special. Besides its standard defense property, it had Attraction +5 and Speed +1. It was called a fashion item. Normally its drop rate was really low, and only the monsters that were hard to hunt dropped them.

Shizuku lazily opened her status window and changing something.

“Ok, let’s finish this quickly. Because right now we don’t have a Healer that is Riel so, Ricotta!”


Ricotta surprised, pointed at herself as if to ask “Me?”.

“Because you are an Alchemist so you will be responsible for recovery. So make a lot of potions.”

“Understood nya.”

Her hands made the posture of saluting.

“The main attackers will be Mashu and I. Then, the finisher will be you, lonely rabbit.”

“W-wait? Why am I the finisher!?”

“The Eleven race like you is inherently agile so it will be useful at that time. Isn’t that too appropriate?”

“No way no way no way, I don’t want to, don’t want!”

She must really hate to do this to deny this strongly.

“Didn’t we come here due to your wish?”

“Bu-but I don’t like this! I can be support.”

“The balance in jobs of our guild helps us hunt safety and effectively. Divide the responsibility like that is very appropriate.”

“If so then even a brush would be more appropriate the you!”

“A brush?”

“I mean the fur ball with the name that is like a traditional Japanese cake that you have always bring along.”

“Which mouth dare to call my Suama a brush or a fur ball?”

“This mouth!”

Hime pointed as her mouth which showed her irritation.



They intensely stared at each other. Just as normal. As this rate, I would need to step out to break this up.

“If you two like to, I can handle that position, right?”

When I said so, they looked at me with an expression that I didn’t know how to describe. Did I say something wrong? When I was thinking so, Shizuku and Hime opened their mouth at the same time.

““No need! We can handle this ourselves!””

I could not say anything before their aggressive responses. Furthermore, my level was too different to join the party, my experience point could not match theirs. Even though it was a little lonely, but if something wrong happened then I could support them. Now I knew being too strong was also unpleasant.

“Hey…let’s go……”

The person who spoke with a shaky voice was Hime. Shizuku followed her and stepped down toward the valley. Opposite with their nervousness, Mashu and Ricotta were unusually energetic.

I looked at Shizuku’s group on top of the valley. Hime was moving downward while using camouflage magic, one of the skills of Thief, monsters could not detect you unless you touched them. The further downward, the more nervous she became. Shizuku followed Hime while using item with similar camouflage effect.

A few moment later they had reached the bottom of the valley. Then, they stepped in front of those Dark Lizardman stand waiting there.


I heard a sound as if Hime’s crying through the Guild Pierce. Immediately after, I saw the gray Lizardman moving toward Hime.

“It’s nothing, nothing, th…that right, it’s jelly. A cube of jelly that grown legs. I can do this, I can definitely do this…”

Looked like Hime was assuring herself. But, if a jelly grown legs then……it is even more scary!

She pulled out a small bow from her waist, put in the arrow with shaking hands.

“O…ok…this distance is near enough……”

The bow string was pulled back. When she finished aiming and about to shoot then…


Something hit the back of Hime’s head, caused her to yell while falling forward.

ZX was just a virtual world but it still had feeling. Even though they were milder compared with the real world but if the temperature was hot then we would feel hot, the temperature was cold then we would feel cold. And of course the same with pain. When the view was flashing red due to being attack, a lot of players often yelled “ouch” by instinct.

Mah, are you curious about what just hit the back of Hime’s head? Report, that was Shizuku’s hand.

“Hey! What the heck are you doing!? This is the right opportunity!”

Hime opened her mouth to yell while turning back.

“What the heck is right opportunity. Look again, idiot.”

“Idiot? W-what!?”

“That monster is not our target.”


Shizuku pointed at the Lizardman that Hime was about to shoot. If look closely then one would see a small horn on top of its head.

“Even though the color is similar, it is a different monster. Its name is Hell Lizardman. With our levels then we would be instantly kill with one hit.”


Hime trembled.

I could feel that the speed of that horned monster was 3 times faster than normal. But its name did not turn red.

“Tsk, why is nobody show appreciation for me yet?”

“I…I am sorry.”

“Huh? I can’t hear what you just said.”

“I already said sorry! You succubus!”


Looked like Shizuku was offended by those words. When I was thinking “the battle of words will begin again” then…


I heard a growling sound from the surrounding.

Crap…is it that?

Shizuku and Hime seemed to also have realized, their faces went pale.

“…ahaha, umm…”

Behind their back was a gigantic Hell Lizard, its big jaw was opening with drool dripping.


They both yelled, then ran away as fast as they cold.

Due to previously Shizuku hit the back of Hime’s head so both of their camouflages disappeared at the same time. The Hell Lizard was nearby so it became agitated. Even worse, around it was a group of about 30 Dark Lizardman.

“Wh-what is this!? Unbelievable. Oi! Shizuku! Take responsible and do something hurry!”

“You too!”

They were running and blaming each other.

Their yelling expanded all the way up from the bottom the valley. When Mashu, Ricotta, and I got down then this scene happened. A giant army of Lizardman. Looking from afar was totally different from up close.

“This…is truly a little unbelievable…”

Couldn’t blame them for running away after seeing an army of monster like this. So both of them ran away together with all their might.

“Hii! Uhi-uhiiii!”

Hime yelled with an anxious voice that sounded a little funny.

But…who wouldn’t get anxious if they were to get chase around by a giant monster army!

“Opffy! I-I-I’m-I am gonna die, opffu!”

Red light effects showed that the players were being attack were continuously let off behind Hime. Every time like that her HP decreased.

“Hey, R-Ricotta! Hurry up and heal me!”

“Eh!? Wa-wait a second nya. I will do it immediately nya!”

Ricotta formed a potion bottle in her hand from the item window. Holding the potion in hand, Ricotta gave it to Hime, who was running for her life. However…on top of Ricotta’s head suddenly appeared an image of a strain of grass that was jumping around.

“Uwaaaaaaaaa! I-I make a mistake nya!!”

“What!? What the? I cannot use this! Opffu…”

While Hime was getting angry. Shizuku was silently running even though her HP was also decreased significantly.

Then, an image of a folded skirt appeared. Running along with us, Mashu stopped and turned her body around.

“I will stop them.”

Pulling out a knife on her waist, she made a stopping posture. But she alone could not stop all of those monsters. She simply wants to slow them down, I thought that was it. So I immediately stopped my legs.

“Stop being stupid. Just leave this place for me, you and Ricotta hurry up ahead.”


Mashu again showed tears in her eyes.

“You think level 99 are just trash? I will be ok.”

I said while showing a smile, she slightly nodded while her face turned red.

“But…if you cannot handle it then call for me immediately?”


Mashu ran away while her eyes were still looking behind, I thought.

Then what will I do now…

Even though I said so previously but even level 99 could not fight solo against that many monsters.

I opened the status window. When I looked at the second skills window, I saw a strange skill symbol named [Accel].

I heard about it. This was a skill that had strict requirements, very rarely there were people who could learn it in the server. I even thought it did not exist and was only a rumor.

I think I can do this with this.

While I was getting excited, I heard a scream from ahead.

“W-what!? S-stop! Noo, kyaa!?”

“Ku, you beast, release me! A……!?”

The Lizardman was poking the thin backs of Hime and Shizuku with its sharp nails, who was grabbed by it giant hand then threw them to the air.

That was the special attack posture of the Lizardman, ‘Press Attack’. When the players fell down, it will use hip press on the players with its giant body.

From my estimation, their HP will decrease to 0 after getting hit by this attack.

No hesitation, I pressed the symbol.

Immediately, the status window disappeared, my body was covered by an indigo fire effect. I could feel the skill’s effect permitting my entire body.

“Oo, this feels great! Ok, let goooo!!”

I heavily stomped the ground.

Then, the time around me stopped. Furthermore, my actions looked like it was a dozen times faster than the surrounding. This effect was called acceleration. Even my super heavy armor and the thick [Sword of Light] had no effects on my movement. Ignored the body effect, I dashed ahead.

While Shizuku and Hime were floating on the air, I pulled out the silver sword, dashed through the group of Lizardman like a flash of light. When I got to the end of the group of monsters then the effect of [Accel] also ended.

I quickly sheathed my sword and grabbed the two of them falling down by both hands. The group of Lizardman was cut apart after due to the delay in time, then turned into light particles and disappeared.

The notification window showed that my experience had only increased a little.

“But, this skill was really good.”

While I was admiring myself, Hime was surprised in my right hand.

“E……….eh? Huh? What just happened?”

Even though she looked like she didn’t know what just happened but when she realized I was hugging her, her faced turned red immediately and hit my chest repeatedly.

“W-w-w-w-w-why……h-h-h-hurry let me down!”

“Stop acting violent like that. Let’s me bring you to the safe area.”

“W-what did you just say? Th-this is embarrassing!?”

“I know, I know!”

Opposite with Hime who was repeatedly hitting my chest, Shizuku was docile lying on my chest. I thought I should get to a safe area where the was no monsters before I release them down.

ZX is truly great. Because it is online that I can behave freely like this.

“…hank you.”


Hime said something with her head down, but because it was so quiet I could not hear it.

“T-to thank you, I will give you something like, is the socks I have finished wearing ok? Of course it will be in real life. I-isn’t you really want it……o-ou-ouch ouch!!”

Hime held hear head while in pain. Shizuku knocked her head by the short flute characteristic of Tamer.

“What are you doing!? If you keep on hitting me it will become PK (Player Kill)!!”

“”Humph, who told you to say those pervert things! Furthermore, how long have you been flirting?”

“What…!? Who are you talking about, when did that happened!”

Hime used her hands to cover her face and began to make weird gestures. Even though she said so but Shizuku faced has also became a little red… that was all I could say.

“To begin with, this was your fault, right?”

“What the heck are you saying? If I let you shoot that Hell Lizardman then it would have the same result.”


Maa, weren’t both sides in the wrong?

“I apologize for interrupting but, is it ok to just let it lie there?”


I pointed my finger toward the ground nearby, an item shaped like a treasure chest was lying there. The green chest showed that the item inside was a rare item. Looked like when I destroyed that group of monster the Dark Lizardman (gray) was also in it.

Hime jumped down when she saw the chest.

“Eh, it’s real!? Lucky!”

“Oyaoya, nothing yet but this female pig has become excited.”

Shizuku shrugged, looked at Hime with a supercilious gaze.

“What did you just say?”

“It is still not yours, right? We still have to roll dice.”

“Hah? Dice? What the heck? Don’t joke with me!”

[[System Message]]

[Shizuku] suggested to kick [Shirousahime] out of the party.

[Ricotta] agreed (2/4).

A robotic voice sounded in the surrounding.

“Wait!? W-wait a second!! I got it, let me join!”

“That’s better.”

“Not yet, Ricotta! Why did you agreed!?”

“Who told Hime to try to cheat nya.”

Ricotta had already stood beside me without me noticing, with her cheeks blown up angrily. Then, the brave person who dare to face those monsters before, Mashu, had also shown up.

I gave her a wink and smiled when facing Mashu. When I showed my feeling to say ‘thank you for before’ then for some reason she turned her face down embarrassingly.

Now, drop item is only 1, but the party has many people. Who will get this item?This was a normal occurrence in MMO. Times like these, the Dice Roll system became very useful. The player with the largest dice number would own the item.

That was the reason why they have begun rolling dice to decide who would get the item inside the chest.

[Mashu] has rolled. 1 point.

[Ricotta] has rolled. 2 points.

“Yes. Fufu, this time the goddess of luck is in my side.”

Looking at the low point of other members, Hime looked like she was about to win.

[Shizuku] has rolled. 6 points.

“W-w-w-wait!! Why did you roll the dice!? You already have it! Even more you got 6 points……so illogical!”

“That item has also contained my hard works. Stop complain when you acted as if you have won.”

“O-of course I will win…look here!”

Because the system was designed so that the same number would not appear twice so I have already guessed her result before she even roll the dice.

[Shirousahime] has rolled. 5 points.

[Shizuku] gained ownership of the item.


Hime collapsed in disappointment. Because her disheartened look looked so pitiful so I comfort her.

“Maybe the sky market will sell that item, we will try to look for it later.”

“…but isn’t that item very expensive?”


That’s right, isn’t that why we have to go here to hunt……I suddenly realized.

“If I remember correctly then the item cost about 50 thousand gavas~”

Standing nearby, Mashu told us.

However, I stayed calm and asked back “gavas!?”. By the way, the currency of ZX was ‘Gran’. Shorten as ‘G’.

If that’s so then there is no way Shizuku will give up this valuable item…

Shizuku at this time looked like she was very satisfied while holding the item chest. However, she stopped midway.

“I can feel killing intent in the back.”


Hime smiled evilly from the back of Shizuku, hand holding a knife, her secondary weapon.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Fufu. Isn’t it clear? Right after you opened that chest, I will steal it. This is the benefit of Thief. This is the right time to use the skill [Steal].”

“The name of the skill sounds just like you. Shameless.”


Because the usual thing was about to happen again, Mashu, Ricotta, and I stayed quiet and backed away. Because we knew that there was nothing we could do.

[[Ok, hurry to open it.]]

[[Quiet. I will open it without you saying. But stand further away!]]

I heard those voices through the Guild Pierce. Then right after––

[[Wait, this…]]

[[Is it…]]

When I heard the sound of the chest open, then a sound like a roar of a monster appeared.


That was a monster that looked like a chest, when opened then its big mouth will appear. My ears calmed down after the last scream.

Looked like both of them died.

I forgot that Mimic usually disguised as rare chest item. It was not a strong monster but after got attacked by the group of Lizardman, they were still not recovered, and only needed 1 hit to kill them–– so I thought.

Guild Pierce again flashed on my ear.

[[What to do now?]]

I heard the angry voice of Hime, who right now had become a corpse. Shizuku, was also a corpse but her voice sounded pretty satisfied.

[[ You yourself is a Thief yet you still got trapped, so funny LOLOLOLOL]]

[[You were the one who opened it!!]]



Playing as Knight-samais not bad. I began to think so. Don’t have to feel embarrass or meet any troubles. If this continues then the existence of the poem would be no problem. But I was still care about the person who forced me to became Knight-sama. To prevent confusion, from now on I will prefer the old Knight-sama as Hugues.

To the end what is the goal of that Hugues? I couldn’t stop worry when thinking of that problem.


This time once again was a tired breath. The phone lying on the bed began to ring. A message.


[Title] Itadakimasuta.

[Sender] Hugues[kishisama666@motmail.co.jp]

[Receiver] Keita [wan_U-x-U@pocomo.co.jp]

[Hi, it’s me. This time hunting was enjoyable. I wish everyone can go hunting somewhere, that would be great.

Ah, only 2 of us is better. Fufu.

That’s right, I messaged you today to let you know about Riel.

Ok, I have gotten Riel.

She is the person only for me. Ufufu. I will only let you know that this time.

Good bye, I will contact you later.]


Still that usual disgusting massaging style. But why do I feel like Hugues is a guy? Nevermind.

“But, what the heck was……’I have gotten Riel’? What did she mean?”

I got a bad feeling, I hurriedly wore the ESG again.

On its black screen only showed the loading symbol at the bottom right corner. Immediately when the log in page showed up. Then I inputted the ID and Password of Riel by the keyboard appeared in the air.

[[Password incorrect.]]

“Huh? Did I put it in wrong?”

I inputted it again.

[[Password incorrect.]]


I thought I did not input it wrong. Because I remembered it deep in my heart.

I removed the ESG from my head and opened the table drawers.

“It has to be somewhere here…account confirmation that was sent from the software company.”

That was an orange ATM card. With it I can confirm my password. But­­­­––

“It’s not here…”

I could not fine the account confirmation.

I clearly put it away in the top drawers. And I don’t remember getting it out.

But no matter how much I look, even other drawers, I still couldn’t find it.

Let’s think again.

Password that I remembered is wrong. Account confirmation is missing.

I thought I could guess 2 scenarios. Someone had stolen my account confirmation, that was the only way to change Riel’s password. And the thief was no other than Hugues.

In the message, he wrote “I have gotten Riel.”

It implied that he had stolen Riel from me.

“Is it real…but, why Riel…”

Because of this that he gave me Knight-sama to exchange? But, it’s weird? Isn’t it a loss to exchange a level 99 avatar for a level 27 avatar.

Ahh, so that’s it. From the beginning, the target of Hugues is Riel? Because of that that he made me keep silence? But, there are not good equipment on Riel, and there was no other appeal. What special points does he see on Riel? Furthermore, what does he intent to use Riel for?

The thief has gotten into my house, and even logged in illegally into my account?

A cold wind blew behind my neck caused me to tremble.

I feared of what way he got in. Where he stalked me, I completely didn’t know. I just felt that I was a target of a stalker.

Anyway, I thought I should lock my door carefully when I get out of the house from now on.