Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 3 Chapter 3

Chapter 3- Color of the Defeated Dinner

“Haa~… to think that Ikusu is a girl…”

The day dawn since the shocking development, the next day. Right after I woke up, I began to mumble unconsciously as my mind was filled with a certain concern.

Actually, I reserved my answer temporarily since we breakup after that confession. After that, I went to the library and investigate on the concern that I had suddenly gotten an interest on. That concern was the special feature of a deer.

Before this, the Chef Head mention that ‘it should be a male since it had antler’ but that was correct. From my investigation, basically it seemed like only male deer has antler. It seemed like that the only exception to that was a reindeer but Ikusu didn’t seem like a reindeer at all.

Since that deer had such a magnificent antler, it was obvious that Ikusu was a male—- yup, it was an extremely reasonable logic. I thought that there was no helping it if everyone though that Ikusu was a male after all.

But, well, that was only applicable to a normal deer though. Since I had this strange resurrection ability, Heizu who joined on the same time as me had the ability to squeeze out the strange white fluid (Mead) and a deer that was able to scatter the miraculous super pure water from its antler was certainly not a normal deer.

But I had no choice but to admit it. That she was a female, a splendid lady even though she had antler. As a male and a gentleman, I think that… I should quietly transmit her true gender to overturn the history.

“Okay. Well, it’s fine with the way is it now. But… ‘I want to become your disciple’ is it.”

The reason why I was so troubled was because of that declaration.

What did she want to do since she was planning to become a disciple to someone like me? Which part of me did she adore and look up as a master…. Okay, I was unable to imagine that.

“I get it. Even if I think of it, I won’t be able to get an answer. I should go and meet the person herself and directly enquire it from the mouth of the person herself.”

I made a beeline after that was decided. I looked at the full length mirror and carefully checked my personal appearance, after a numerous practice for the decisive facial expression, I dashed out of my room in a gallant manner.

Aren’t I being a bit restless? That’s true. That was something obvious.

That was because I was being adored by such a cute girl, right? It was true that the girl that I had decided from my heart was Brynhildr-sama but this was this, that was that. To a girl that adored me, she deserved to be treated gentle evenly as it’s the manner of a gentleman.

“Ha ha ha! I finally arrive at ‘Valhalla Big Farm’! Ikusu~! Please come out~!”

I reached the destination while walking lightly. I immediately called out to Ikusu with a loud voice. Then…

“Se… Sei-sama! To think that you are the one who approach me, I am in a deep emotion!”

From somewhere in this wide farm, Ikusu promptly came to my side.

“I’m sorry! It would be disrespectful if we talk while standing, please follow me!”

After she said that, she guided me to the section that ws full gourd plant like cucumber, cabbage, zucchini and etc. it seemed like the small one-story house was Ikusu’s residence.

“And, ‘Mannaz’! Come, please come in!”

In order to opened the door to her house, she activated the rune for human transformation. She beckoned me to come in after she went in.

“This house… isn’t it directly in front of the sponge gourd. I see, before this during the time when I came to harvest the sponge gourd…”

“Ahaha… it’s embarrassing but it is as what you imagine. I was well awared of Sei-sama for quite some time but during that time… the moment when I saw Sei-sama appearance at a proximity distance, I felt as if there is electric current running through my whole body.”

While she closed her eye and put her hand near her chest, Ikusu spoke in an enthusiastic way as if she remembered the feeling she felt that time. Ah, I was glad she did that gesture while she was in her human form. This was like a scenery that was befitting to be a painting.

“Oh, I am getting a bit embarrassed since you tell me that up front. To think that there was electric current running through your body the moment we met, I don’t believe that I was cool though.”

“Yup! That is totally not cool at all!”

“…. Huh?”

Huh? Hold it, wait a moment. What is she saying all of a sudden?

“Um, Ikusu… you did said that you want to become my disciple right?”

“Yes, I want to become your disciple! If you wish for it, I will said it again and again!”

“Is that so. Oddly… since you want to become my disciple, it mean that you adore me… right?”

“Yup, I adore you! I super respect you! You are the hero I idolize!”

“Thank… thank you…. And that hero you mention is me right? What exactly does the evaluation of… totally not cool mean?”

This was the truth. Since this was something that I couldn’t comprehend. Even though she was respecting me and disrespecting me at the same time, I believed that this was none other than being disrespectful.

Well, let’s see how Ikusu answer this question. Depending on the answer, someone would cry, you know? Which is me.

“That is a simple matter! Sei-sama is the hero that saved all of the world from the danger arising from the collapse of the world tree! Since it’s impossible for someone like me to copy that! To think that the person who accomplished such a great achievement is just a normal boar! You can’t say that he is supposed to be a sub character which main function is to be eaten only!”

Hold it, sub character!? Who is the one that said that!?

Calm down me. I couldn’t think of a fellow that would spread this rumor. Let me just remain silent here as to not disturb the flow of this conversation.

“I become fraught with emotion after I heard that. To think a livestock can become a hero if it tries its best. Well even though I said that. I believed that this ws a boar that ws befitting to become a hero. Which is what I thought. But… I was shocked from the bottom of my heart when I saw the brown boar, Sei-sama which came and harvest the sponge gourd that day! It was so uncool! It was unreasonable plain! Since such a boar was able to become a hero, I am determined that I can become one too! Then I thought that I will be able to steal some technique unashamed if I am beside him, so I want to take the opportunity on becoming a disciple to always gather information.”

“… Ah. Is that so.”

Ah, I was glad. All of the mystery was solved. I thought that it was something unbelievable to respect me without having a valid reason. I grasped it now.

“That is why, Sei-sama! Please let me become your disciple.”

“As if I will do that, deer!”

“Hii!? Why… why are you so angry?”

“Why? It is a serious matter if you are unable to comprehend it. To think the hero that saved the world is a trashy fellow that is petit, disgusting, very fishy, stupid-looking, short leg and a big pervert which let you to have confidence about yourselves, how can a fellow still smile after saying that, eh?”

“I didn’t say until that extreme…”

Hm? Ah, it seemed you were right if I thought of it. But who cares, seems like this was a typical matter if this development continued. Ah~ I wasted my time, let’s just hurry up and go home.

“Wait… please wait for a moment!”

The moment when I turned the heel of my foot the other way to leave the house, Ikusu quickly rushed in front of me and used her body to block the entrance. It seemed like she did not know when to give up, but it was a pity for you that I wouldn’t change my though no matter what you said.

“I really do respect Sei-sama! I seriously do adore you!”

“I am saying your motive is something dishonest. If you don’t get out of the way, I will blow away this house? You are having a great mistake if you think that I am always a sub character.”

I said that in a cold way, I was practically elaborating my magic power to show off my impressiveness. Ikusu began to tremble from this pressure resulted from that but she immediately shouted in a loud voice.

“No matter what, I will not budge!”


That moment… even though it was a bit late, I noticed it.

Those strong conviction came out of her mouth but those eyes… were filled with tears.

“Sei-sama, please let me apologize first. I’m not sure why but… it seems that the reason why Sei-sama is furious is probably due to me? But please… allow me to say one last thing.”

When I heard the word ‘last’, the merciful heart inside of me was revived.  …That ain’t it, my heart was attracted due to her unexpected swelled up tears which were the real deals.

“Sei-sama is uncool and is totally not some handsome person… it seems my chest was going to be rip apart after knowing this. I wonder how much effort and suffering he experienced for everyone to acknowledge as if he was drawn in a plain way.”

“You see… it was quite troublesome but.”

“Isn’t that right. …To be a hero, you would mostly have to be born to be one from the start. Sei-sama was able to overturn that, which is an existence that is directly opposite of the image of the hero that I have in mind. For a person like that to become a hero, the process… the effort is surely… it surely is extremely cool without any doubt!! That why, I adore you!!”


…Ah—that’s right. So this is the reason.

As an example, if there was a prince from a certain country came and saved the world in a phantom white horse while carrying the legendary sword. Most people would just replied with a ‘Hee’ without showing any strong emotion or being surprised at all.

But if that time, the one who saved the world was ‘Me’… it would mostly cause Ikusu heart to waver.

“Ikusu… I’m sorry. I’m sorry for thinking in such a mean way. I am really sorry since I just accepted the bad part on my own. But if it’s alright, if you are fine with someone like me… it would be happy to accept you as my disciple.”

“!! Then… it’s fine for me to call you Oshishou-sama …?”

“Ikusu, you are free to call me in any way you like.”

“O… Oshishou-sama! I like you!!”

Ikusu suddenly lifted me up and hugged me with all her strength. Oh… the lump of her breast was almost non-existent but this was not bad on its own.

Hehe, I thought for a moment on what would happen but I’m glad…hmm?

In that moment, the sound of clapping hand could be heard all of a sudden, Ikusu and I both looked toward the direction of source of the sound.

The sound came from the entrance of the house. Before I noticed, Brynhildr-sama was standing there and sent her applause freely to us, master and disciple who were hugging each other. By looking at the eyes that were filled with tears, it seemed like she was peeking at the course of the event from the outside.

“I’m sorry that I was peeking silently. I came here since I was wondering what would happen between Sei-san and Ikusu-san but… it seems like it was something unnecessary.”

“That’s not it! It makes me very happy on the fact that you were worrying about someone like me. Thank you very much for your constant concern on me, Brynhildr-sama!”

“Fufu, it’s not something that deserves a thanks. Anyhow, congratulation, Sei-san. It is a splendid matter that you were able to have a disciple. I am deeply impressed that I was able to see the moment where all your effort paid off.”

With a tremble voice, tears drop down from Brynhildr-sama eye. Ah, what a beautiful tears they were… I started to cry after seeing that appearance.

“Oshishou-sama. What is your relationship with this Valkyrie-sama?”

Unexpectedly, Ikusu said that in a suspicious manner while knitting her eyebrow. I see, since Ikusu was an extremely shy person, so she was still being caution toward people other than me.

While I was unsure on how I should answer Ikusu question, Brynhildr-sama spoke to Ikusu with a gentle voice.

“Ikusu-san. I think this is the first time that I am talking to you like this. I’m the eldest of the Valkyrie sister, Brynhildr. I am friend with Sei-san.”

Friend… is it. Should I be happy that she thought as me like that or should I be sad instead… No, I should think of this in a positive way. There was still hope since she didn’t said that ‘we are just co-worker’.

“If you are Oshishou-sama’s friend, then you are also my friend! But… I couldn’t believe this all of a sudden. To think that a person like Valkyrie-sama would be friend with someone like Oshishou-sama.”

“Umm? Ikusu, what do you mean by that?”

“That is because of this, you know? Normally, it is something unbelievable that a Valkyrie-sama would become friend with someone like Oshishou-sama since he is THE・boar that is concentrated with all the dejected personality in this world.”

“… Ikusu. There is something I want to ask you again but…you adore me right?”

“Come on~ it seem like Oshishou-sama had a loss of memory. That’s right, I adore you! You are my hero!”

Okay… I couldn’t think that she was lying while holding me in like this. But I was not the one at fault, the one that should be blame was Ikusu since she was marking those remarks that I would need to make some confirmation.

I had decided, the first task as her Shishou was to rectify her ‘those innocent remark’.

Sigh… what a troublesome disciple, seriously.

Let’s see, the first lesson… well, after the guidance was done, it was time for breakfast.

Why don’t we take this chance and have breakfast together? I invited her that way and Ikusu gave two immediate reply of okay. Okay~, it seemed that she had let her guard down, as expected of the person that she admired with all she got.

But what surprise me the most was that even Brynhildr-sama accepted that invitation.

“I warmly welcome you but… is it alright? Aren’t you busy with your mission…”

“Fu fu, it’s alright. I have a principle to not have any leftovers task, so I don’t have any urgent task at this moment. Thus, there is no need for you to worry at all!”

Brynhildr-sama hit her slightly bend chest and answer in a prideful way with a smile.

That’s right… in order to maintain the dignity as the eldest sister, Brynhildr-sama always tried her best in an earnest way every day. That hard work finally paid off in a times like this. I would like it if the truancy king Helmwige-sama would follow her example.

Like that, Brynhildr-sama, Ikusu and I went to the ‘Valhalla Big Canteen’ to have breakfast together and we had some idle talk on how to make flower bloom.

“Hoe~! It seems like everyone though that I am a male all this time. I was not aware of that…”

“I would like to take this opportunity to apology for that rude mistake. Seems like I was unable to change the stereotype common sense in my head… It’s weird for me to said this but, Ikusu, it seems you are not that aggressive in getting close to people? I think that is the main reason why the mistake was not able to fix.”

“That is because… a deer like me is only suitable to stay in the background. I would be happy if I am able to support everyone from the shadow.”

I see, I could understand the spirit of staying in the background that Ikusu said. It something pity but I was pretty sure that I was unable shake off that spirit.

“There is no surface or background in this world. There is only different way of living in this world. I think it something that can be understand easily just by looking at Sei-san.”

“It’s exactly like what you said! Just for a short moment, I was able to see Oshishou-sama private life from a distance. Then, I realize that Oshishou-sama is pretty impressive!”

Hey, please don’t give too much praise as the person himself was in front of you. I had experience different ways of dying due to my circumstance but I had yet to experience death due to embarrassment.

“That’s right, Sei-san is amazing! Since I was somehow saved by Sei-san on the day he came to ‘Valhalla’, so I am aware of how capable Sei-san is more than anyone.”

“You’re wrong, please allow me to said it but I am the one who know Oshishou-sama the most! I know everything about him from his favorite food, favorite color and favorite genre!”

Hold it, what do you meant by favorite genre!? What type of genre!? Do you really know everything about me!?

“Sei-san favourite… genre? Um, are you talking about his fetish…? Ahem! Of… of course, I am aware of that too? If it’s something like that. Sei-san favorite genre is that right? Let see, it that… ah~ somehow I forgot about it. Hint! If you could at least give me a hint….!”

Then, it seemed like Brynhildr-sama was asking for the information bluntly!? Don’t do it Ikusu, I was not sure what information you obtained but I wouldn’t forgive you if you leaked any information!

“Please hold it, both of you! You shouldn’t think that I am a person that could be comprehensive that easily! Since I am a profound boar than you could imagine!”

In order to change the topic of the conversation, I tried to appeal myself unconsciously.

“That’s right! Oshishou-sama, would you allow me to observe you for today in order to have a better understanding of you?”

“Of course!”

Huh? I felt like I was heading toward an unforeseen direction on my own…

“It seems amazing! Um… Sei-san. Would it be okay if I join you?”

“Y…yes… if that is Brynhildr-sama wish, I am gladly accepting it…”

Just like this, it was decided that the three of us will spend the time together even after we had breakfast.

After this, the theme will be ‘Revealing the private life of Saehrimnir’. I gave up… it seem I had become the focus of these two persons for today.

In order to not let them see the disappointing part of me, I would had to increase my effort by 150% than usual.

“Let’s see… yup! You see, this is the starting location for my morning jogging that I do every morning.”

After we got out of the ‘Valhalla Big Canteen’, we arrived at the entrance of the main building of ‘Valhalla’. This couldn’t be left out if we are talking about how I start my day.

It was more like, if we were talking about the most decent thing that I could introduce in my private life, it would be jogging.

“I had occasionally seen your appearance of running. Had you run for today worth?”

“No. You see, today, I headed toward to meet Ikusu.”

“! That is bad! It something unforgiveable if you skip your daily routine because of me! Let’s run, Oshishou-sama! Since I will also join you!”

“Eh~? Even though we had just finish our breakfast just now?”

“It’s the perfect exercise to help digestion! So, Oshishou-sama, Brynhildr-sama, let’s do it together!”

“You’re right, let’s run together. Could you please wait for a moment? It would be bad if I jog in my amour, so I will go change in my sport wear.”

“Brynhildr-sama… sport wear!? I will wait for you with all I have!!”

It came! If I could see Brynhildr-sama in her sport wear, I will give it my all!

A few minutes later—

“Rea~dy, go!”

With a nonchalantly signal, we began our jogging. The jogging course was a lap around the main building. The course was long but it was not something impossible if you did it slowly.

But… today, whether it was unreasonable or reckless, I determined to push through. Since today I was able to see Brynhildr-sama in her sport wear which was something uncommon.

The charming nape that was revealed as she tied up her long hair in a pony tail and the thin fabric short pants. Her beautiful legs were shown through there and they gave off a different kind of charm from her usual amour appearance that scattered in all direction.

Then, it was lady first from now on. In order to follow the order from my spirit as a gentleman, I was enjoying this appearance as if I was chasing them.

“Eh, they are fast!?”

Brynhildr-sama and Ikusu were running at a pace that left me who was used to running behind. Was it a lie when they said we will do it together? I didn’t have any leeway to enjoy this appearance anymore!

“Huh? Oshishou-sama~, you should increase your pace and run~!”

“Sei-san? As expected, you can’t give it your all because you just ate?”

“No, that’s not it. Ha…ha…ha, that might be it…”

Argh… their sight was hurting me. The reason was, neither was I holding back nor was I not in my best condition, since this was my pace.

Please somehow, in order to protect my reputation, allow me to give an explanation. This was certainly not because I had a low spec. it was because their were too high. I’m talking about their spec.

“No… I still have my pride, since I am a guy after all!”

I triggered the explosion of the thought that I kept to myself and activated the rune of ‘mannaz’ to change into my human form.

Right, it was not good for me to stay like this from now on. Ikusu was in her human form from the moment when she invited me into her house up until now. That was why, it was unfair for me to stay in my boar form forever.

Okay, we were in the same condition now. Even if I was not a match to Brynhildr-sama who belonged to the god tribe, at least I wouldn’t lose to Ikusu who is a sub character! It was bad of me but let me show you the difference between genders!

“Goal! I’m first!”

“… huh?”

Why…? Strange… I gave it my all to running but in the end I was unable to chase her.

“Sei-san, thank you for your hard work! Sei-san was really a kind person as you let your disciple win.”

That was wrong, um… Brynhildr-sama… that was certainly not my intention?

Hey Saehrimnir. Are you fine with this? Are you satisfied with the result?  As a guy, as a master… are you fine to be a boar that let Ikusu to be have it all?

The answer is no. No matter what, that is… something unacceptable!

“Ikusu! To tell you the truth, I am good at climbing which is also my daily routine!”

“Oh! Please allow me to experience Oshishou-sama daily routine together!”

“My daily routine also include side stepping, running long jump and weight lifting. As my disciple, you will surely do it with me right?”

“Of course! I will follow Oshishou-sama no matter where you go!”

Okay, she took the bait. It was time for my revenge. I would win all this match and retrieve my honor as a master. I would also show Brynhildr-sama my manliness!


“Total defeat… how could it…?”

Please… please let me explain it. Among the boar, I was quite trained. Since I jogged as my daily routine and during my free time, I alternate between muscle training and basking in the sunlight.

To think I didn’t stand a chance no matter what I do… what exactly happen…?

“Se… Sei-san. Um… it’s sun set already. If I am now mistaken, today is the day where you are going to resume with your task as a meal right? If we don’t go to the kitchen now.”

It was exactly as what Brynhildr-sama said, the sky was dyed red when I looked up.

The result of the continuous challenge style until I win was I didn’t win for once at all. It seemed Brynhildr-sama was aware of my persistence so she said that eagerly as a follow up message. Even though I knew that… in the end I didn’t bear any fruit at all…


“Fu… Ikusu, maybe you had a full master ship today.”

“What… what are you saying Oshishou-sama! I didn’t though for once that I had win Oshishou-sama at all. The result is not the most important!”

I thought that I had failed but Ikusu said that hurriedly as if she was trying to patch thing up. What a poor argument for argument sake, it seemed like she was similar to me on that only…

It as if I was being comfort by my disciple, I stopped with my seriousness now. I would just be honest and acknowledge my defeat. From now on, I would only be serious in those task that I couldn’t do.

Then, when I was floating in my sorrow— Ikusu said this unexpectedly.

“Oshishou-sama… are you going to become a dinner again?”

“Yes. I am resuming with that task from today onward. Since the ‘Ratatouille punishment’ on the Einherjars was lifted.”

“… Then that means… you are going to die. Aren’t you scared of it?”

“I’m scared. It’s something scary after all, to the point of dying. But that is supposed to be my real task, which is also the reason that I was invited to ‘Valhalla’. Moreover… yesterday morning, Odin-sama came visited me in my room personally and requested me again. So, I will not betray his expectation even if I had to die.”

No matter how I pretended to be tough, this was still something scary. My tone nearly become indifferent.

I was not sure what Brynhildr-sama and Ikusu were thinking about what I said just now but if I was not wrong… it seemed they were looking at me with their eyes full of respect.

Especially Ikusu eyes, seems like the color totally change. It was as if she had decided on something…

“Oshishou-sama. I had a made a decision after hearing that.”

Ikusu said that silently as if to proof my wild guess. I wonder what had she decided? Since I was unable to predict what she will said next, I quietly waited for her to continue.

“I wish to join Oshishou-sama— and become ‘the dinner of Valhalla’.”


Brynhildr-sama and I said that loudly together. Since both of us had the exact same reaction, it means that we didn’t misheard on what Ikusu said just now.

“What… what are you saying Ikusu! That is not something possible for you!”

“That’s right, Ikusu-san! The reason why Sei-san is able to become the dinner is due to his special ability, so it does not mean that anyone is able to do that…!”

“No, it’s possible. I heard it from Ratatoskr. That it is possible for Oshishou-sama ability to revive, ‘Gullveig’ to be transfer to others

That is… true.

It was made clear during the Einherjar rebellion but it seemed the ‘Gullveig’ that the Einherjars possess was actually not the Einherjars ability, it was mine. It was understood that the ability is something temporary but once the condition was fulfilled, it was possible to transfer to anyone.

That condition was to eat me.

Once a person do that, he could revive once. The most fearsome thing was that if the person who had just revive eat me again, he would be able to revive again. By repeating that, it was possible to do it endlessly.

“But that is something Loki deduce based on the circumstantial evidence, so there is no positive proof yet. Moreover, there was insufficient proof that the condition apply to ‘existence other than Einherjars’. Somehow it seems that the ability was managed to transfer to Brynhildr-sama but… there is still a lot of mysterious factor surrounding it, so it better if you don’t do it.”

“No, if that is the case, it would be best if I prove it. I will use my own body to prove that it’s possible for ‘Gullveig’ to be safety transfer to anyone!”

“Don’t said such foolish thing, Ikusu! You are going to die if it fails! You won’t be able to revive for a second time!? Are you still going to said that after knowing that!?”

“Yes! I had made my decision!”

“That’s not the problem here! Even if you had made your decision, you shouldn’t look down on how important your life is!”

“…Let me said this… then why does Oshishou-sama deserve to die?”

Suddenly, Ikusu made a serious face and said that. The sight as if it was able to see through the bottom of my heart cause my body to stiffen unconsciously.

“I am not die even though I’m dead. I am able to revive after I die but the others (livestock) are unable to revive. That’s why, I will die on behalf of them. I want everyone to stay alive.”

“That’s wrong. What I want to hear is not a lip service. That’s not it… there was no positive proof of it from the beginning.”

“Positive proof…of what?”

What was it that Ikusu was trying to say? I didn’t understand, I didn’t understand but… I was scared to hear the latter half. I had a feeling that I shouldn’t hear it.

But — even if it was heartless, Ikusu continued her sentence.

“Oshishou-sama ‘Gullveig’, that will surely activate endless times for eternity… why are you sure of that?”


That was… that thing was… something that I avoided thinking for a long time.

This ability of mine was something that was not precedent for sure. In this world history, there was not a single thing about it.

No one can guarantee that I was definitely going to revive during the sun set. Since it was like that up until now, it would also be like that from now on… was something that I set my heart on.

“Please don’t have any wrong guess. It’s not like I am trying to criticize Oshishou-sama nor trying to frighten you. I just want you to think about it. …Oshishou-sama is using the revival ability that is lacking the solid proof and continue to die up until now. Even if the proof is insufficient, you still risk your life for the sake of others. If Oshishou-sama don’t have the ‘strongest will’ that won’t lose to anyone… I believe I won’t get close to you in my whole life. That’s why I also want to risk my life like Oshishou-sama.”

It seemed that the eyes of Ikusu whom said that had already filled with the ‘strongest will’.

… I understand. At least I didn’t have any qualification to find fault on her determination. No, it was more like I wanted to support her instead.

“Brynhildr-sama, I have a request. After this, Ikusu and I will conduct an experiment to transfer ‘Gullveig’ at ‘Valhalla Kitchen’, so I would like to invite the Gods to witness this.”

After hearing my request, Brynhildr-sama figured out everything after taking in all the thought.

“I understand. In order to have as many Gods to witness this, I will go and inform them immediately.”

Brynhildr-sama spread the wings that was made out of magic and flew off. She would definitely accomplish this task and with this I had gather all the actors.

Okay, I should also start the preparation from my side. This was the beginning of the world most dangerous gamble since we were betting two precious lives!

While waiting for the moment closest to the sunset in the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’. I was waiting quietly for my turn on top of the kitchen counter.

The hot water was slowly boiling in the pot that was beside me which was my sacred treasure, the magic pot, ‘Eldhrimnir’. The condition of the hot water… seems like it was almost at a suitable temperature.

Due to the calling from Brynhildr-sama, I saw a lot of Gods gathered in the backyard of the kitchen. Among them, Odin-sama was presented as if it was something normal.

I was a bit worried since I didn’t saw the appearance of Loki but he was quite busy despite looking like he would gallivant about. He might be searching for the material to create the sword that was able to free the magic wolf Fenrir, so it would be better for me to let him do as he please until he achieve that.

“So, Sei-kun, it seems like it almost time. …Are you ready?”

It might be due that it’d been a while or maybe it was due to the Gods were observing us, the Chef Head said that with a humble face. I replied with a big nod quietly and slowly walked on top of the counter.

After I reached the end point which was the chopping board, I slowly lowered my sight. Underneath the kitchen counter, the deer mode Ikusu was looking up at me with a serious look.

“… This won’t be… our last goodbye right?”

I mumble softly so that no one could heard this.

It’s alright. I wouldsurely revive without any problem this time. That was why instead of worrying about this, I was more worried about Ikusu.

Starting from now, I would become a meal first and let Ikusu to have a bite of me. If the deduction by Loki that was suitable for a beast was correct, then Ikusu would be able to use the same revival ability as me once. In that condition, during the sunset, Ikusu would be revived together with me and appeared beside the pot after being made into a meal. But if… the deduction by Loki was not applicable to a nameless mob, that action would not happen. Ikusu would be the only one who was unable to be revive and I would said my goodbye to Ikusu in this life.

“Ikusu, we will surely meet again in this spot.”

“Roger! Please leave it to me! Since I am the number one disciple of Oshishou-sama!”

I was proud toward the reply that had a good feeling from my beloved disciple.

She would surely be fine since she had won all the various match that I had with her. So Saehrimnir, please rest assured and jump into the pot!

“… Ah, please wait for a moment! Ahem! Okay, let go, I will go now, I will sure go now, you see I going now?”

“Um, I got it Sei-kun… it’s almost time.”

“I… also understand! Ah, I hate all of you~~!!”

Damn it! I was complete desperate now and it was totally not cool at all! But there was no other choice! It’d been a while but as expected dying was something scary!


Even though I said that, in the end I still jumped down gallantly which was something that I would like to praise myself.

Good luck, Ikusu.

Right before I lost my consciousness. While I was sinking to the bottom of the cooking pot, I lifted out my thumb to make the good luck pose. Even though I said that, since my hind leg are hoof, I doubt anyone was able to interpret it that way.

(Terminator Reference!)


“! Okay, I am back! Ikusu… !?”

I jumped up the moment when ‘Gullveig’ activated which revived me and immediately went to confirm Ikusu safety.

“Oh, as expected of Sei-kun to wake up immediately. Look here, Ikusu-kun is sleeping right beside of you.”

“Eh, ah, Ikusu! Thank goodness! It seem she was properly revive!”

After seeing Ikusu who was sleeping right beside of me, I tried to shake her body.

“Hm— what is it… Waa!? Ah, I… was able to revive! Awesome! The experiment was a great success!”

Although there was the fatigue due to the revival ability, Ikusu seemed quite energetic.

Then, what Ikusu meant was that our experiment of verifying the revival ability was a success.

In another word… anyone would be able to revive once if they took a bite of me. Since all of the god in ‘Asgard’ had already ate my meat, so it meant that they were in the condition of being able to revive. This might sound weird since it coming from me but honestly this is really something amazing.

While receiving the celebration applause for our safety and the success of the experiment, Odin-sama who had seen the whole process, show a face of excitement and step out of the crowd.

“Fantastic! It’s fantastic, Saehrimnir and Eikpyrnir. With this, it confirms that we have obtain a powerful trump card to aid us against the Jotun. I hereby give you a new order. Saehrimnir, I forbid you to let other races to eat your meat without my permission. Do you understand?”

“Y… yes! As your command, Odin-sama! …um…”

“Hmm? What the matter? What happens Saehrimnir?”

“Ah, no, about that…”

Hold it, isn’t this something bad?

Even though you told me now to not let other races to eat my meat but… before this, I had presented my meat to THAT magic wolf, Fenrir. In another word, Odin-sama who treated Fenrir as an enemy was in the condition of being able to revive from the dead.

But this was not something unimportant, for example, ‘if he was revive in a new body after getting killed’, it meant that Fenrir would be able to roam freely without even having to sever Grapevine right?

Not only that. As a proof of friendship, I allowed the evil dragon, Nidhogg who caused the world tree accident, to eat my meat. This was something that I felt obviously too late…

“O… Odin-sama, actually…”

“Hmm, what’s the matter? If you had something to said, please don’t hold back.”

I wondered whether I should or should not inform Odin-sama that it was too late already…..~~~ Okay! I had decided!

“If it possible, I thinking to let my parent to try some but…”

“Ah. Sure, I allow it if it was for your parent. But I unsure whether those couple will eat it or not.”

Right. As expected, Odin-sama was able to understand. But this was fine as it was, I had sworn my loyalty to Odin-sama but it was not like I was rebelling against Fenrir. Let cover up the inconvenient and tried to appeal only on my usefulness for now.

That way, I might be more useful from now on since I was the existence of giving the revival ability to others together with being made into a meal. It was not like I have a strong thought of climbing up the rank but I wouldn’t be able to surpass it even if I was able increase my rank.

Well, after all that, the experiment ended without any problem.

At the same time, the big canteen which was next to the kitchen started to become noisy. It seemed the Einherjars who had finished with the practice today had come for their dinner.

“Oh, look at the time, I need to set the table now. Sei-kun, and also Ikusu-kun, if it’s fine with you, can I ask you to assist with setting the table?”

“Of course! You can do it right? Ikusu.”

“Sure! I will work hard!”

“Fufu. Ikusu-san, don’t overwork yourself since you are not used to being revive, okay?”

After patting the high spirit Ikusu head once, Brynhildr-sama took the initiative with the preparation of setting the table.

Right, I would look over her properly so that she wouldn’t overwork herself. We were just helping to set up the table only, it was better to leave it to Brynhildr-sama and the Valkyrie since this was their main job.

Around the moment when the tables were set up and dinner was served, almost all of the gods that had gather for the sake of the experiment had returned back to their post.

I was quite surprised that the Chief God Odin-sama, who was among one of the god that gathered, stayed behind to oversee the situation.

I guess, he wanted to personally have a look of the Einherjars who was having their meat dish for the first time in a while.

“Oh~~!!! Delicious!! This hit the spot! How do you expect me to eat the disgusting vegetable dish?”

“Ah! That’s right, meat dish are the best! It is so juicy till the last bite!”

“Yup, the meat is delicious. As expected of the meat of a meat. Munch.”

Actually it’d been a month since their last meat dish, so the warrior was showing their joy through their words while eating with relish.

The punishment lasted for a month. Since I lost my night job, I increased my effort in my training. I was confident to say that my current meat was rank five and my objective was the highest rank! … this was just my self-evaluation only.

“…Hmm? Hold it… wait for a moment… the meat here… this is!!”

What was it? What happened? It seemed like the atmosphere at one of the corner of the canteen was different…

“Kaa… this superior flavor…!!”

“It seems like this meat is able to sprain my hip! I am unable to analyse it!!”

“It’s so strong! This flavor is so strong—!!”

Eh… hold… hold it, what do you mean by that? It seemed like the flow had changed? The atmosphere that was located at the corner started to spread throughout the canteen and the whole area was in an uproar.

“What… what happened… did something happen…?”

Looking here, even Odin-sama was unable to hide his curiosity.

By looking at the people who caused the uproar, it seemed that everyone was having a match to strive to get the meat first.

Hm…? Am I seeing thing, that meat is probably not mine. Don’t tell me… don’t tell me that meat is…

“Ikusu… meat?”

Yes, that’s right. For some reason, the Einherjars ignored my meat and started to chew on Ikusu meat.

“Ikusu meat is it? Hey you, boar, what is Ikusu meat!? Isn’t this your meat!? Who the heck is Ikusu!?”

“Haaa! It… it’s me… O…Oshishou-sama, I’m scared!”

While being stared at the bloodshot eye of the guys, Ikusu who had frozen due to fear, activated the rune of mannaz unconsciously and transformed into her human form. I hugged her from the back of her body.

“I thought it was a deer but it transformed!? Hee, it’s a female, it’s not quite bad!”

“You are far better than the boar! To be honest this is much more delicious!”

Argh, it was expected but it seemed like everyone was hook up. Ikusu, why did you accidentally show your appearance as a female! It was something as expected that they would be excited, it was the same for me too!

“Look, it Odin-sama! Odin-sama is here! Odin-sama, we have a request, we want the meat for our dinner to come from this female deer instead?”

One of them who spotted Odin-sama with his keen eye and began to kneel down, everyone else also imitate him in a perfect order. Woah, does everyone prefer Ikusu meat that much?

“… Let me consider on that. After understanding that ‘Gullveig’ could be transfer, it’s not something impossible for me to change the mission to become an ingredient for dinner to Eikpyrnir.”

It was exactly like what Odin-sama said, it was totally possible based on the principle.

But since the transfer of the ability to revive was something necessary, it meant that Ikusu must eat me every time before she became a meal…

“I also…. Can I really become ‘Valhalla dinner’ too?”

At that moment — Ikusu said that out loud.

That voice was a bit harsh based on the appearance. But from the content, I felt her overflowing passion.

“Hey Oshishou-sama! Oshishou-sama dislike to become a meal right?”

“That… that is true but. Isn’t it the same to everyone since it is something scary?”

“Yup! But I… somehow had the motivation to do it! If I become “Valhalla dinner’, it means that I had the same job as my idol Oshishou-sama, to think I can do that… once I think about that, I cannot stand still anymore!”

The eyes that were burning brightly were staring at me. I averted my eyes instantly after feeling that the fire was moving toward me.

“You do know that this is a tough job right? Since you will be dying and the pain is not something ordinary also.”

“That’s why! Oshishou, you were fine despite dying all this time! From now on, I will become the meal instead of you!”

“What are you talking about. Ikusu, you do know that you won’t be able to revive if you don’t eat me as you had been revived once already, right?”

“Yes, but that is a simple matter. If Oshishou-sama would die one more time to become a meal, then we can smoke the meat to make preserve food out of it. It’s a bit troublesome but we could also confit it, we could also use it to make simple jerky. If we do it that way, the preserved food will last for a few days, which allow me to become the replacement meal by myself!”

I… I see, there was still something like that… If that was the case, it seems like I was no longer needed as the meal.

But… am I fine with that? The word of ‘Something feels wrong’ keep whispering inside me and I can’t get rid of it from my mind.

Well it was true that I desperately hated the fact of becoming a meal but… I was invited to ‘Valhalla’ to ‘become that’, if I ‘can’t become that’ then… what is the reason for me being here?

Moreover… I was happy.

Yesterday morning, Odin-sama purposely visited me in my room and had a personal talk with me. I serious thought that I would try my best to become a meal. Just when I …

“Okay! This is really delicious! Eikpyrnir, no Ikusu! If it your meat, I would eat it every day too! By the order of the Chief God, at this time, with these words— Ikusu will become the new meat!”


You got to be joking, Odin-sama, to think that even you would said that! Moreover, it seemed you were so interested in her until you call her by her nickname, Ikusu… you did not even call me like that before!!

“But Odin-sama! I think that the Einherjars won’t be able to obtain the ‘Gullveig’ ability by eating Ikusu meat only! If that is the case, are you fine that they won’t be able to ‘train until they die’!?”

“Ah, I’m fine if that is the matter. In order to control the Einherjars from becoming too powerful, I had already plan not to reopen the ‘train until they die’. That’s why there won’t be any problem if we use Ikusu meat.”

Is… is that so… then, I am seriously been relieved of my post… is it? You are saying that… I can no longer become the ‘Valhalla dinner’ is it?

“As if… I would accept that!!”

I had lost in term of endurance, tree climbing also, and I lost in term of everything also… moreover I also lost in term of the taste is it? That is outrageous! It’s unacceptable!

How can I let the person who left me behind and is climbing on top of me just like that to continue to call me as ‘Oshishou-sama’? This embarrassment, it something that I cannot endure even if I had to die!

I am short-tempered? That’s right, laugh all you want! How do you expect me to keep silent after you had damaged what left of my pride!

“Be prepared, Ikusu! I will steadily become more delicious! Then I will want you to call me ‘Oshishou-sama’ from the bottom of your heart!”

“Um… I am already calling you that now…”

“It’s fine! The problem is the feeling only! This is something that had been decided! Woah! I will definitely become more delicious! After that, I will once again become the ‘Valhalla dinner’ again!!”

I am now feeling a burning passion in my heart that I never felt before, and it is burning up greatly inside of me. I will let you see the willpower of the former ‘Valhalla dinner’!

Then, Brynhildr-sama who had seen me got all worked up from a far said something astounded.

“Are you fine with this? Sei-san…”

Yes. I’m fine… probably…

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