Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 3 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – The color of the restructured ingredient

“Haa, Haa, Fuu~… Okay, I had finish the jogging for today! Next is side-stepping!”

There was a brown color beast that was writhing in pain while moving left and right at a high speed in one of the corner of the morning ‘Valhalla Big practice ground’. That right, that beast was me.

After I finished with this, it would push up, sit up and also the crunches. Since it was impossible for the structure of a boar to perform the muscle training, I changed into my human form to do it instead. After this, I’d go have my breakfast and take a short rest before proceeding with the training for the trunk of a body to train my neck muscle— and this was the content of the practice that I was dealing recently.

It had been three weeks since we headed to ‘Vanaheim’ to have a talk with the rumor world most delicious rooster, Gullinkambi and the complete defeat that I experienced from him. I was doing my best with a positive attitude without being depressed.

“Well, I am not the only one who is doing my best… Ikusu is really amazing, she is really doing her best to be the dinner every day.”

Since my disciple, Ikusu had replaced me as the ‘Valhalla Dinner’, I had only become a meal for once only which was the night that I came back after I was defeated by Gullinkambi.

At that time, my meat was being manufacture into jerky and Ikusu would eat it before she was made into a meal. By doing this, she would be able to obtain my resurrection ability, ‘Gullveig’ temporary, so she could be made into a meal every night.

Since the jerky was a preserved food, it might be able to be stored for a month if done correctly. Even though I said that…

“Instead of the meat turning bad, I think that the stock pile will be finish by now?”

I said that to myself while doing push up in my human form.

Since my body was small, I would be hard for them to get a large amount of meat from me at one time. Moreover, since the jerky had been made into a ‘meal’, even if it was put into ‘Eldhrimnir’, the amount would still deceased.

The content of the pot wouldn’t decrease if it was put inside the pot before the sun set and it only limited to ‘ingredient’ only. The direction of the meal was somehow able to control by the preliminary preparation but basically ‘Eldhrimnir’ always decide the meal by itself. That was why, the Chef Head treated that cooking utensil as the ‘Chef killer’ and don’t have any pleasant thought of it but…

“Haahaa… I finally understand how the Chef Head feel when his job was snatch.”

That was the first thing that I realized after I’d fallen into this state.

Then, next would be sit-up, hundred times! … at the same time I put in my effort and change posture.

“Se-tan, are you here.”

“Huh, Isn’t it Heizu. What’s the matter? For you to come all the way here.”

By the look of it, Heizu who was in her human form which was the same as me was getting closer toward me from the main entrance of the “Valhalla’. Normally, it was rare for her to go out of the building, so I wondered what the matter?

At the same time I tilted my head, Heizu who was beside of me, offered a tankard all of a sudden.

“Here you go.”

“Eh? What is this white liquid, don’t tell me it mead?”

“That’s right. There is three cup for you to drink in a haste.”

“I don’t think that is the correct word to use now. Moreover, there is only one cup, where is the leftover two cup?”


While saying that, Heizu pointed at her chest. Hoo, I see, so you are referring to the breasts!

“Heizu, let me ask you one thing. Is it okay for me to drink more than three cup?”

“It’s alright but you won’t be able to work tonight if you are drunk?”

“Hmm? Work tonight? That mean…”

I see, I understand it now. The reason for the rare occasion for Heizu to come here.

“Don’t tell me that the jerky that was made out of my meat had finished?”

After listening to me who was able to predicted that, Heizu nodded her head.

“Yes. Darling told me that in order to restock that, he want you to come over tonight.”

It had been a while since I was request to die, after hearing it now again, this phrase was really something outrageous. But… instead of feeling frightened by that phrase, I who felt ‘nostalgic’ by that was… hold it, that was dangerous, don’t tell me I have a serious illness?

“Putting that aside, thank you, Heizu for coming here to tell me that. I had indeed received the message from the Chef Head. Properly. Actually… how should I drink the second cup?”

“Hm… Odin style?”

“That… that’s right! Then let’s go to somewhere that is more relaxing! Ah, how about in the bush over there?”

“What are you planning to do in the middle of the bush? Sei-san.”

“Of course, a gentleman drinking party… ehh!? Bryn… Brynhildr-sama!?”

After I turn toward the source of the voice, what I saw was the appearance of the smiling Brynhildr-sama who was holding a Tupperware.

“Ah, eh, that, Brynhildr-sama… why are you here?”

“Fufu, Sei-san, aren’t you doing your best with your practice ever since that?  Since I was busy with my mission, I was unable to cheer for you so… here you go! I made some honey lemon! Come, Sei-san, please get lively from this.”

“This… I am quite happy with this refreshment…! Thank you, Brynhildr-sama!”

Whoaa, it’s too bright! Her concern is so bright until I am able to properly see a halo from the back of Brynhildr-sama!

“By the way, Heizu-chan, what exactly is ‘Odin Style’?”


“Actually that is? Odin way of drinking to taste the flavor up to its limit.”

“Huh? Way of tasting the favor… is it?”

“Yes. It’s pretty easy. First, Heizu take off her clothes and the opp.”

“Out—-! Okay, stop right there! There is no need to for any further explanation!”

After I forced my way through the middle of them and then I used my hand to cover Heizu mouth after going behind of her. It would be fine with this… when I thought of that, Brynhildr-sama said this after showing a puzzled look and knitted her eyebrow after seeing my action.

“Take off the clothes and then opp… what exactly is that, Sei-san! I am curious on what happen next!”

“Well… haha, it nothing important. Heizu take off her clothes, then opp… um… opp… that right! She start to oppress it!”

“What exactly is that!”

Damn it!! Even though I avoided the word in subject, in the end the development had gotten worse instead! I had no other method to trick her anymore!

Okay, I got it, I gave up. I’d stop with these cheap trick and let’s solve this manly in one go. I created an obedient expression to my best and told Brynhildr-sama this.

“Please ask Odin-sama about this.”

“Ah… that’s right, I understand.”

Fuu, I can now finally be at ease. What happened next would be the responsibility of the announcer. Okay, let’s end the play now. Since it was confirmed that I had work tonight, there was no time for me to enjoy the Odin style drinking. What I should do now is the final preparation for tonight.

That was because tonight, I would be standing on the cooking board again after three weeks. Thus, I finally had the chance to show…. the result of the practice that I underwent for the sake of today.

“Heizu. I’m sorry but I will pass on the mead since I am on my last spurt of my practice. I want to thank you too, Brynhildr-sama. After eating this refreshment, it makes me want to try my best!”

“I’m glad that you are happy. Then, tonight… I will definitely go and cheer for you, so please do your best!”

Hmm? I wondered how Brynhildr-sama figured out that I’d be made into a meal tonight… right. Since this honey lemon was made in the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’, I guessed the Chef Head had told her directly.

After leaving the best and wonderful smile, my goddess of victory flew off to her mission today. While grabbing of the feather in this scatter feather storm, I made an oath. Tonight — I will definitely surpass Ikusu.

I had finish my final practice flawlessly while trying to avoid overworking.

It would be weird for me to said this but I had ended it in a nice way. I was confident that I’d be more delicious than the previous me.

“Ah! Hello, Oshishou-sama! I look forward to working with you tonight!”

“Ikusu! Yup, I also look forward with working to you.”

While I was on my way to the kitchen, Ikusu who was in her deer mode appear behind of me. Right, it had a feeling that it had been a while since I last saw Ikusu.  It seemed that Ikusu also had the same thought and she activated the rune of mannaz and transformed into her human form, then she picked me up from the ground.

“Ah~ it has been a while since I last experience this. Ever since the day where I became your disciple, right! Oshishou-sama… it seems that you are always doing your best after that.”

While saying that, Ikusu had put a bit effort in her arm while hugging me. While wondering what happened, I looked up to her face and it seemed that her eye was filled with anxiety. I enquired her without having any second thought.

“What’s the matter? Ikusu.”

Right after a few second of silence, Ikusu said this while leaving behind her usual energetic self.

“I… had caused problem to Oshishou-sama. I thought it was a good idea for me to replace Oshishou-sama as the dinner but, the result caused you to experience a lot of suffering… isn’t this like putting the cart before the horse. I won’t said that I didn’t want any recognition at that time but… from the start I thought that Oshishou-sama would be happy…”

While saying that in a self-deprecation manner, Ikusu showed an effortless smile.

Is that, so… It seemed Ikusu keep thinking about this. Damn it… I shouldn’t have been stubborn and it would be better if I had told her my feeling earlier.

“It’s alright. There is no need for you to worry about anything. It’s not your problem that you are more delicious than me but it my own fault that I taste bad. I had understand about that in my head… I’m sorry. But my heart was not ready for it. Since I also… had my own pride.”

To think that I had caused a lady to worry about this up until now due to the small pride that I had, anyone would be shocked if they heard that I was a gentleman. I believed that you couldn’t find a boar that is so selfish like me elsewhere.

But in these three weeks, I had try my best in my own way. Since it was the result that arise from that, even if I lost, I would accept it obediently… that was how I felt now.

“Ikusu. I don’t want to reduce the amount of the jerky but… please have a small bite of my meat. Then, please tell me your opinion honestly.”

“I understand! I also know about Oshishou’s tenacity!  Then let’s let everyone know about that tonight! The fact that Oshishou-sama meat is the best!”

There was no more waver in Ikusu’s eyes anymore. Ah, it was the same for me too.

Between the gaps of the door of the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’, I — saw a boiling pot.

“It seems that you have arrived, Sei-kun. The preparation for the pot is completed.  Okay, feel free to jump in at any time you like.”

The Chef Head greeted me with both of his hand opened in his usual look which was a pure white cook uniform with the red neck scarf.

At any time I liked, was it? Fuu… to think I was being told of that now. There was no longer any pot that I woudn’t jump in now since I already had a steel resolution and determination.

It was time for me to die… in solemn!

“Fuu! …Arghh! … Ho! Ah, wait for moment? I will jump in right away! I will definitely jump in immediately!”

It’s alright, there was no time for me to hesitate. Because I had already said I’d die in solemn but I didn’t even said that I’d go die right away.

“Sei-san, please do your best!”


After the cheer from Brynhildr-sama reach my ear, my body become soft. Immediately after that, my body become hot together with a bang sound.

“Ahhhhh, it’s hottttttttt!”

Yup this was it. This feeling of dying like this, it was like I was being addicted to living… of course that was not the case…

“Okay, thanks for the hard work! What will happen after this?”

After my ‘Gullveig’ activated and I was revived, I asked that to anymore so that I was able to confirm the situation.


But… it was strange. No one answered my questioned. Everyone present remain silent as if they turned their back toward me as if they were trying to avoid making eye contact with me and hearing my voice.

“Eh… um? What… what the matter…?”

What happened, I didn’t understand it at all. But I was starting to become impatient.

Since no one would answer me, I had no choice but to confirm the situation by myself.

Let’s see, of course I was revived without any problem… and Ikusu had already become the meal for tonight, it also seemed that she was revived without any problem though. My meat which were made into jerky was also completely in a neat manner.

Moreover, I had also confirmed that my dish which were made for tasting purpose was placed on top of the table. Based on the small amount of it, it seemed that the tasting had already finish.

… As expected, it was no good. I didn’t find anything strange when I tasted it myself. So, why did it seem that everyone was being shrouded a heavy atmosphere?

“… Sei-kun. There is no choice but for us to remain silent but please let me said this.”

The one who broke the silence with a tone that was much heavier than the atmosphere was the Head Chef. Even though the Chef Head said that while scowling, he continued after firming up his determination.

“It’s a pity but Sei-kun. Your… your…”

The firm determination start to waver and the Chef Head word start to become muddy at the end.

The strange silence that started to envelop. While taking the opportunity of the small gap— that was said in one go.

“— it had become unappetizing.”


That was awfully concise, it was too concise. But that was why… I felt a heavily beat in my chest.

“The meat firmness and appearance is nice. But due to that, the fat balance was largely affected. Before this Sei-kun meat quality is closest to a golden ratio but now…”

“How… how could that be…”

Is… is this because I over train myself?

But… but then, what was the right thing that I should do? I wouldn’t be able to win Ikusu if I didn’t do anything. It definitely wouldn’t be good if I be a lazybones and let the fat to stick on me, but I didn’t even understand why that happened even when I trained my muscle.

I see… in another word from the beginning, no matter how I struggled I wouldn’t be able to win against Ikusu at all. Instead of wining, it seemed that up until now… I was only trying my best to make myself to taste bad instead.

“I’m sorry Ikusu… It seems that you have no choice but to eat my jerky that taste worse than before for this short while.”

“! I, I am fine with that! By my nature, I am herbivorous and it’s not like I am a gourmet either.  I am already satisfied that I was able to eat the meat of my respected Shishou-sama!”

“Thank you, I am saved by your words just now. Um… it’s been a while since I last resurrected, so I am feeling a bit weak now. I’m sorry, but can I go back to my room?”

Even though Ikusu said that in a hurried to comfort me, but in reality I was hurt by it instead. I tricked them with an obvious lie and I faced my back at the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’.

Then after I returned back to my room with my unsteady movement, I was tired by the magic power consumption which became an enticement to call upon the drowsiness. It did not take such a long time for my consciousness to fall asleep.

— The next morning. I stayed in my bed even after I was awoke.

The thing that occupied in my idly head is the accident last night.

From the beginning, I thought that I was able face it even though I might lose. In the end, Ikusu still won the match but… I was hard for me to hide my shock due to that result.

“Somehow it seem like I don’t have any motivation to do anything at all…”

Is this the rumor depression? Since I was afflicted with that sickness, was the taste of my meat getting worst now. There was nothing for me to worry about since it seemed that the only person who would eat my meat was Ikusu only.

“ ‘I am feeling depressed while living is it’… is it. Haha, I believe that I am like that based on my current condition…”

I didn’t mind if it was that. Moreover, I didn’t care anymore.

No matter how hard I tried, I would only be able to produce the opposite result only. If that was the case, it would be better if I didn’t do anything, it would also be helpful to the people in this world also.

“Hey Sei, it me. Isn’t it going to be noon soon? Can you cut it out and show me your face.”

At that moment, I heard knocking sound from the opposite side of the door accompany by Loki voice. I wondered what it was, did he come here to visit me after he heard the situation yesterday? For god sake, that was not like him at all.

“I’m sorry Loki. I am busy right now, can you come back afterward if you have pending matter with me?”

“Hoo. Let me ask this, how long is the waiting time?”

“A lot. If you don’t want to wait then you should bring Brynhildr-sama along with you. I will think about it if that is the case.”

“That’s a good idea. I understand.”

“Sei-san, it’s Brynhildr! Can you let us see your face?”

“Isn’t that too fast!?”

The next moment after he said that he understand, the voice suddenly changed to Brynhildr-sama voice!? I jumped out of bed in a hurry and opened the door. Then, I saw Brynhildr-sama with a worry look and Loki who was shrugging his shoulder while showing a smile.

Damn it, as expected of Loki. Since he knew that I wouldn’t response to his call, was that why he brought Brynhildr-sama along with him from the start?

“I’m sorry that I had made you worry about me, Brynhildr-sama. It’s not like I am feeling unwell. It’s just that I am not in a good mood.”

“I understand what you are feeling. Even though you had tried your best every day, the result is like that… But please, I hope that you don’t get too dispirited by that. Even though the result had betray your expectation, that fact that you had try your best won’t fade away.”

Brynhildr-sama continuous called out to me desperately in order to cheer me up. But… every time I heard that, it made me wonder what the correct action that I should take was.

The food ingredient which was me had already faced a complete death. If that was the case, what would happen to me who was invited to ‘Valhalla’ as a food ingredient in the first place?

Of course, my official stance as a food ingredient and so on too. My real intention was just to get close to Brynhildr-sama. But… I was not that impudence enough to just stay here for my real intention only.

“…Sigh~. It seems that you are exactly at a low position, Sei. In these time… do you know that it will end if you struggle on your own?”

Loki said that as if he was unable to just watch this any longer without doing anything.

“Since you put it that way, will you consult me, Loki?”

“Well. I am feeling a bit shameful but I have no choice since my partner is worrying that much. Let me tell you something that happens to me before.”

While scratching his head, Loki went inside my room and sit down on the chair and prompt us to take our seat by using his gesture.

Brynhildr-sama made a small nod without making any sound, and sit on top of my bed while hugging me.

“Then. This is a story when I was still a runny-nosed child. You might had heard of this but my father is a Jotun. His name was ‘Fárbauti’. You might not had heard of him since he went missing ever since I was able to make my own judgement. Even I can’t remember a single thing about him. But my mother belong to the Aesir god tribe, her name is ‘Laufrey’. She is not a high-ranked god, moreover… she is a coward mother.”

While saying that, Loki showed an expression of feeling nostalgic. It was something impossible for us to ask but… based on his expression, I believed that Loki mother was no longer in this world.

“Since my mother was from the Aesir god tribe, that’s why I was living in ‘Asgard’. But… since I have the blood of the Jotun, who is the enemy of the God, inside of me, that caused me to go unrecognized by the stubborn people around me. I was a brat that cried a lot of time since I was bullied every day.”

“To think that there is such times for Loki-sama…”

“Hey Brynhildr-sama. Who do you think I was, for god sake. …Then, due to the “offset of blood’ that was from the mix blood feature, it caused my combat capabilities to be lower than the others. Together with that fact, it caused me to lose my rights to talk back to the kid that bullied me. Since it was the truth that I was useless.”

Okay… it was not like I was trying to imitate what Brynhildr-sama was saying but, I completely couldn’t imagine that at all. That was because I thought that Loki had always been a magnificent god from the past up until now.

“Toward that, on a certain day when I was feeling depressed, I asked my mother this. Why can’t I do the same thing like the other? Why am I the only one who is incapable of it? Then, my mother answer me. “You are not incapable at all. If you failed at doing the same thing as others, then you should do a different thing from the others.” To be honest I held a grudge against my mother but those are the only word that managed to stick in my chest.”

Loki hit his left chest with his strongly grip right fist, and continued further.

“That day was the turning point as I abandon all theory. After that there was tons of chance for me. My way of thinking that was free from the common sense had caused a lot of revolution starting from the double chant rune magic. With my power, I had caused all kind of technique that was unthinkable to spread throughout the god realm. Because of my achievement that was able to leave a mark in Odin eye, I was invited to become his step brother. The End…”

It seemed that the story was up until there only.

I see, now I understand about Loki personal history.

“Then? How is Loki successful story had any connection to the current me? Are you just boasting yourself?”

“Of course, that was not the case. Before this you always had those bright idea but it seems that normally you are slow with the uptake… What I am saying is this. “If you had reach your limit, then you should rely on you parent.” You are fortunate since you still have your parents. More like the parents who took care of you.”

As exactly like what Loki said, I had no blood ties with my current parent. But I was pretty sure I had the relationship between parent and child that wouldn’t lose to that. I see, rely on your parent… was it.

— okay. Maybe that wasthe most appropriate measure to do now,

“Thank you for your advice, Loki! I… will go back to my parent house for once!”

“I also think that is a good idea! Let’s strike while the iron is hot, Sei-san, Grani-kun and I will be your feet so let go to your parent house right away!”

“Is that the truth! Then I accept your offer… hey, Loki will you follow us?”

“Hmm? Well… since I am on the same boat after all. To be honest I also plan to go to the forest, so I will accompany you.”

“Ah, is that so. What is your business by going there? It a bit unbelievable but don’t tell me that you are going there to greet my parent?”

“Huh!? That is totally wrong, you fool! I am just going there to make sure there is no blood ties between you and the couple there! The greeting part is just something on the occasion only.”

“But in the end, you will still do that, the greeting that is.”

“! …Damn, is that something bad, you stupid boar. A god is surprisingly diligence, so you better remember that.”

Okay okay. It seemed like he was flustering, well it seemed that there were cute part of them too. Normally, there were times when he had the atmosphere of a bad person but it seemed that he was more friendly when compare to Odin-sama~ Loki that is.

But… I wondered what happened. Why was Loki purposely going there to ask my parent about our blood ties?  Moreover, it was not like it was a recent thing.

…Well, I was fine with it. No matter what we should go to my parent house first, then we would need to find a suitable timing to ask them about this.

“Okay, then let’s head toward to our destination, “the forest of Ida Wald’.”

Like this, together with Brynhildr-sama, Loki and Grani-kun, this would be my first home coming after I was invited to ‘Valhalla’.

“Okay, we had reached our destination! We are in the sky on top of ‘the forest of Ida Wald’, Sei-san.”

“Ah, I’m sorry, Brynhildr-sama. If it possible, could you head toward the east side of the forest? It would be much closer toward my house if we enter from there.”

“Ah, is that the truth… That is the reason why it took me a long time to reach your house during my first visit.”

Hee… it seemed that Brynhildr-sama entered from the west side of the forest that time. Even though it was in the past, somehow I still felt bad about it.

“It’s alright, Brynhildr-sama. This time I will do the navigation properly!”

Even though I said that on my own, for me, this whole forest was something like my backyard already. I’d be fine even if I was on-board the military god, Frey-sama, magic ship, ‘Skíðblaðnir’.

Anyway, we had enter the forest. Since the tree branch in the forest was dangerous, so we walked on our own instead of riding on Grani-kun. Since we had enter from the east side, it wouldn’t take a long time.

You see, we reached our destination even though I had just said that. In the noticeably place which the sunlight was filter through tree, my nostalgic house could be found there.

“Father~ Mother! It’s me!”

I used my hoof to knock on the door and I addressed the person inside. After that, there was sound of hoof coming inside… this sound belonged to mother.

“Okay, I will be opening the door now— Ah, that’s right! Um… I’m sorry but could you tell me the password?”

“Eh… what, what are you saying, mother. I don’t know anything about the password, there is no such thing right.”

“Ah, that right. The password is ‘Valhalla dinner’.”

“‘Valhalla dinner’.”

“Correct~! Welcome.”

“Hey, mother! You can’t tell people the password on your own! What will you do if it a scam!”

Father…I also had the same thought as you.

“Ah, ara ara, I’m sorry, father. But look here, no matter how you look at it, this is our son, Sei. So, there is no way that this is a scammer.”

“Hm…? Oh, aren’t you Sei! Welcome back, please come in. Huh…? Your companion, don’t tell me…”

Then, it seemed that father had finally realize Loki and Brynhildr-sama presence. For your information, Grani-kun was waiting a bit further from here.

“Yo, Sei father. It’s bad but I will be intruding you again this time.”

“It has been a while, I’m the eldest of the Valkyrie, Brynhildr. I was always in the care of Sei-san.”

Against the slovenly greeting from Loki, Brynhildr-sama greet in a polite manner.

I invited them in after I went in, and recommend them to sit on the sofa at the living room.

“It’s an honor for me that you came all the way here. May I know what is your purpose for coming here today?”

“Ah, the one who had purpose for coming here is not us, it’s Sei. We are just accompany him, so you can treat as if we are not here while you are having your talk.”

“We couldn’t possible do that. Mother, can you bring some drink for them.”

“Ara, here is some of father wine.”

“Hey, how could you serve the guest that. There is still some tea right.”

“Ufufu, I’m sorry. The father of our house is a stingy person.”

“Don’t, don’t said that I am a stingy person! It’s a common sense that you can’t serve wine to our guest!”

Yup, somehow it became quite noisy. This was exactly the feeling that I felt at my home.

It seemed that I had come back for real. But well, I couldn’t thought that I came back here for this reason though…

After I had settled down with my feeling, I looked sharply toward my father.

“What is it Sei. Perhaps you are having trouble with something?”

“Woah, as expected of father. it seems that you were able to figure out that in an instant.”

“Of course. Since you are the son of mine. …then, what’s the matter? Based on the letter that we sent to you last time, it seems like you are doing fine but…”

After being inquired, I told my father everything that had happened during my stay at ‘Valhalla’.

My enjoyable moments. My happy moments. My trouble moments.  And the last thing that I told him was my current problem and the reason for it to happen which was how I lost my position as the ‘Valhalla Dinner’.

Including my mother who entered halfway after she had finished serving drinks, both of them remain silent while hearing my conversation.

After I had finished with what I wanted to say, both of them begin to pondered while groaning… and they said this with a straight face.

“Sei. It’s weird for me to say this but, which part of the conversation caused your worry?”

“That’s right, Sei-chan. There is no need for you to worry about anything right?”

After hearing the unexpected response from the two of them, together with Brynhildr-sama and Loki, all three of us tilted our head. My mother continued which literally blew away all my worry.

“Sei-chan. What is the reason for you to head to the hall of the fallen warrior, ‘Valhalla’?”

“Eh? My reason for going there… it’s for the sake of becoming the meal for the Einherjars. Since I was invited to ‘Valhalla’ as a food ingredient.”

“Well, is that really the main reason?  Sei, please think about it carefully again. That day… you were invited to ‘Valhalla’ as what kind of role.”

Father continue with saying that. But I was unable to comprehend that. What had I forget…?

“Come on, Sei-chan. You are not the ‘Valhalla Dinner’. Your job is… ‘Valhalla Dinner plus apprentice cook’. Isn’t that right?”


Right…right. I also had that kind of role. After I had lost to Ikusu in term of the taste, I became persistence on one side of my role before I became aware of it.

That, that’s right! Aren’t I also the apprentice cook of the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’!

“Sei. Since you said that you aren’t able to become ‘Valhalla Dinner’… then you should become a cook. The number one cook in ‘Valhalla’… no, in the world.”

This was the best answer after I brought this matter to my lovely parent.

Right. I’d become a cook. There was no need for me to obsess on being ‘Valhalla Dinner’ from the very beginning. I still had the second role that was given to me — I decided to become a cook!

When I looked at them, Loki gave me a thumbs up with a face that said ‘aren’t I right’ and Brynhildr-sama eyes were filled with tears since she was happy that my worry was resolved.

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart… I wondered why I had to worry about this when I was being surrounded by such good friends. Now I was in the mood of punching the greedy me a few second ago from now.

“Okay, since we had finish with the consultation on Sei worry, could I ask you for a more detailed subject? Do you plan to stay over tonight?”

“Eh, but…”

I made a fleeting glance toward Brynhildr-sama. Then, Brynhildr-sama showed a smile and immediately stared at Loki.

“Loki-sama, about tonight.”

“I understand, you don’t have to say it. It’s not like a bud will sprout, if we keep piling up thing that had been pile up. Let’s just abandon everything for once here.”

“Did you heard that, Sei-san.”

After Loki answered in a troublesome yet kind manner, Brynhildr-sama turned toward me and show her smile. Okay, it was decided! Of course, they would have dinner at my place since they were staying over, right!

Not only that, if they were staying over, that meant…

“Brynhildr-sama. Actually my house have a proper shower room.”

“Eh, is that the truth? How about the rune of ‘Ragusa’(water)?”

“That was done by a goat grandma that lives nearby. For some reason, there is a lot of animals that was able to use runic magic in these area.”

“Hee~~, I wonder is that the reason why this holy place was called ‘Ida Wald’…? Putting the reason aside, I’m happy that I was able to use the shower! Um… can I use the shower right away? Actually I remain silent about this but I was caught in a spider web on the way here which cause me to feel unpleasant…”

“Feel free to use it! Ah, the shower room is a short distance away from outside of this main building.”

“I understand~”

After she gave a bow, Brynhildr-sama immediately departed from here. Fuu… my strategy was a success. The fun time would start after this.

“Well done, Sei. As usual, you are quite skilful. Of course, you will go as a look out right?”

Loki who struck the palm of his left hand with his right fist. His appearance while showing that bright smile totally made him look like an evil boss. I understood how you felt. But…

“I’m sorry, but I can’t go.”

“What did you said? What… what’s the matter Sei. You do know that that Brynhildr is taking a shower with her guard down, right? there is no reason for you to not go!”

“No, I can’t. Loki, I will stop you with all I have if you insist to go there.”

“Come on, then for what reason did you lead her to take a shower? You aren’t planning to peep at her?”

“Peep? Did you said peep? That’s stupid. It would be okay if we were to peep at Siegrune-sama but I can’t do such a shameless act toward the holy Brynhildr-sama. Actually I… fantasize about it.”

“Fantasize… is it…?”

Loki repeated it while tiling his head as if he did not understand what I was talking about.

“In another word, it this. ‘Now, Brynhildr-sama is taking a bath. She is taking a bath a few meter away after passing two wall from the wall of this main building.’ Don’t you think you are able to see it if you fantasize it like this? Ah, Brynhildr-sama, I am unable to peep at you directly since I have a lot of concern on it! I am satisfied since I was able to look at you with the eye of my mind!”

“… You… are quite a high ranker than I thought… I really respect you in term of that.”

Loki was showing an expression that was opposite of what he said but there was no need for me to worry about that.

I had a proficient to imagine the bathing scene of Brynhildr-sama in my head since I rarely let these opportunity to pass by.


“I had kept you waiting~, here is the dinner. I had try my best to prepare it.”

—Night. My mother brought the dinner to the modesty dinner table of my house.”

“This spicy smell is… Yeah! Tonight dinner is curry!”


After seeing me jumping joyfully, a question mark popped up of Brynhildr-sama head.

“It’s curry since it’s spicy that is how it was called in my house. It seems like a delicacy that originated from the distance southern area, you will be addicted by the uniqueness of the spiciness.”

“Hee~… it’s a delicacy that I had never seen once in ‘Valhalla’ before. Did the Chef Head know the recipe for this?”

“I did told him but curry is a dish that require mixing different kind of spices which is a bit troublesome… the Chef Head is quite a monomania so he was unable to leave it alone. In the end, he felt that it was not suitable in term of the speed for ‘Valhalla Kitchen’.”

Well, I did try the curry that was prepared by the Chef Head but to be honest I felt that the curry that was prepared by mother was the most delicious.

“Okay, let’s eat before it gets cold. Hm… oh, this is quite nice.”

“Isn’t it nice? That’s right.”

“Well, it’s quite different when compare to the dish prepared by the Chef Head Andy, it also had the taste of the family.”

Eh… what did he say? Quite different? How is it different? Did that mean that it taste bad?

“What are you saying Loki! It sounds self-flattery but my mother curry is the best in this world! I will never let anyone had this no matter what!”

“Well, it’s delicious but… Andy was chosen by Freya as the number one cook in the human realm right? But that is not an affectation, you had also tasted it right.”

“That’s right but, that’s not it! I also felt that the Chef Head Andy dish is delicious but the curry of my house is the most delicious!”

Since I was so noisy, Loki took another bite of the curry with an unwillingly expression.

After having a proper taste of it while closing his eye, Loki said this after putting down his spoon.

“I understand. This is just a problem about personal preference but… that’s right, if it was a little bit spicier, then it would suit me.”

“Come on, it seems that Loki quite likes spicy food. Then, I will treat you with an extreme spicy curry next time. Brynhildr-sama, how was it? Is my mother curry delicious?”

“Eh!? Ah, um… yes! There is a bit mild taste but it was quite delicious! It was so delicious that… I am able to drink a few cup of water.”

“I’m sorry, here is some water.”

Brynhildr-sama… I had a predicament that the word of praise of yours had changed from ‘it’s delicious’ to ‘it’s spicy’. I see, it seemed that my house curry was a bit too spicy for Brynhildr-sama.

It was strange… had my taste bud change? Putting aside Loki, to think that the taste was not suitable to Brynhildr-sama either… somehow I felt disappointed. I thought that this was the best in the world though.

“Thank you, Sei-chan, I am quite happy as your mother. But there was no way for me to win against the cook in ‘Valhalla’. Someday, Sei-chan will be the one who will do that.”

“Okay… I understand! I aim to overcome my master!”

It was bad to the Chef Head but please let me steal the world best technique and experience. Since the Chef Head had purposely accept me as his disciple, in fact I believed that was what he wanted.

Then… it seemed that the fun time passed quick fast and thus the dinner time had ended in just a short moment. It seemed that the night was quite late, from now onward it was time to rest.

We couldn’t sleep together in a bundle since Brynhildr-sama was here so she went and sleep with my mother. Thus, it was decided that Loki and I would sleep at my room. Somehow it seemed that the Grani-kun completely rejected the idea to sleep together. It was a pity since I thought it would be a good chance to strengthen our bond.

The blanket for the guest was lay out and the ‘kenaz’ lamp was put out… yup, the preparation had finish. Now I just had to sound asleep only.

“Hey, Loki, do you had anyone you like?”

“You haven’t sleep yet! Moreover, are you a maiden!”

I’m sorry, Loki, I didn’t want to let the fun time end yet… Since it’d been a while that I came back to my parent house, it seemed that I was a bit high tension than usual.

“For your information, I like Brynhildr-sama.”

“Yes, I know about it already.”

“And, how about Loki?”

Loki treated carefully and stopped his movement. Even though Loki was thinking about this with an unexpected serious face and gave his answer in a sudden.

“To be honest, I don’t know.”

“Eh–, is that the answer after you had purposely though about it for a while? I can’t accept that.”

“You… are you aware that even though I look like this but I had already married? It will be bad if I don’t mention my wife name in this type of situation.”

“? Then, why don’t you just mention her name?”

“Then let me say it, I like my current wife, ‘Sigyn’. But it’s not like I hate my previous wife, ‘Angrboda’.  Well… Angrboda pass away at the same time when she gave birth to Fenrir and the others.”

Ah, that… it was quite strange. I thought it was supposed to be a fun conversation but it suddenly became something serious…

“There is no need for you to worry, Sei. It’s something in the past. Moreover, I also remarkably did not paid much attention to Sigyn… maybe, I had already been hated.”

“How, how could that… if we assume that was the case, I still like Loki! Since you are my partner after all, even if Loki become an enemy toward this world, I will be the one who will still like you.”

“Woah, let me reject it. Depend on the situation, you might be the only one who will still like me in the end.”

“What do you have to be that cruel!? I said that with a sincere intention!”

“Ku ku ku! Come on I was just joking, don’t be so angry. …But that’s right. No matter what the future had for me, I will at least know that I won’t be alone. That is really quite some reassuring word, partner.”

For some reason, Loki said that in a relaxing manner. Yup, it was not a bad thing if we talked like this once in a while. Since this opportunity did not come by that often.

“By the way, Sei. I noticed this before we went to see but… why is there so many ancient documents in your room? To think that you are that passionate in studying even though you are a boar.”

While turning over in the blanket, Loki shifted his sight toward the book shelves in my room and said that.

“Ah–. About that, I don’t have any memory before father and mother found me. Well, currently I didn’t mind about that but in the past, I actually and quite bothered by it…. There is a period in the past where I research on the method to take back my memory. Just like that, the number of book keep increasing steadily.”

“I see, I am able to understand it. It seems you are quite an unexpected hard worker.”

What did you meant by unexpected… it was so rude. Well actually, I only worked hard to get back my memory though.


 And Loki mumbled that as if he had something to say. The intense sight suddenly shifted from the book shelves to me.

“I am also interested— your real identity that it.”

“My real identity? What are you saying, no matter how you see it, I am just a normal boar.”

“Ya. A normal boar that can ‘revive once per day’. The truth is your ability is not resurrection… never mind, let’s leave it that way. The main question is how you obtained such an abnormal ability. Recently I went and ask your parent about your blood relationship, in a nutshell, that is the reason. Actually I am quite interest in the huge mysterious that you are carrying,”

I see… is that so. In order to learn more about my upbringing, Loki went and met with father and mother.

“Hey, Sei, are you sure you don’t have any memory? Can’t you remember something from the past? Why can you transform into a dragon? Why… do you have the magic pot, Eldhrimnir?”

“I… I don’t know the reason for that. Ah, actually Witige-san told me something related to Eldhrimnir which is it is definitely a Dwarf that made it. That way, maybe I knew a dwarf.”

“Hoo, it exactly as I guess. Dwarf, Dwarf is it…. Once in a while, I would get involved with them but they were famous for confining themselves… they migrate to ‘Vanaheim’ and currently most of them went into hiding. I don’t believe that they will appear that easily at this point of time. Then, the one who is strange is… ‘Fafnir’ is it.”

Fafnir – was the name of the only Dwarf that was able to transform into a dragon in the history, other than me.

That was the reason why I named my ability of dragon transformation as Fafnir… don’t tell me that the person himself is somehow related to me in the past?

“When I heard that name from the old man Witige, it caught my attention but… recently I barely thought about it. Sei, to tell you the truth, I actually met with Fafnir once.”


The sudden confession from Loki caused me to overturn in a surprising manner. I had no choice but to do this since he suddenly said something like that.

“Wh…what do you mean by that!? When and where do you met him?”

“Calm down. It’s something in the past, there is a time where I traveled to the Dwarf kingdom, ‘Svartálfaheimr’ with my brother and his blood related younger brother, Vili. Various things happened that time and there was a Dwarf that wanted to blame us. His name is ‘Hreidmar’ who was the father of Fafnir.”

“Father? That means, of course…”

“Ya, he had sons. I can barely remember it since it’s something in the past but I am pretty sure that one of the brothers is Fafnir.”


“Hee, to think that Fafnir had brother. Does that mean that Fafnir is the only one who can do the dragon transformation among his family? However, I wonder what the reason for that…”

“Hreidmar had three sons, among them, the second son, ‘Otr’ was carrying a major burden with him. During our journey, we stopped by a riverside village and heard the rumor of a trouble-maker beaver, we assisted to eliminate it for the reward. Then, what surprised us was that fellow was actually Otr who had the ability to transform into a beaver.”

“Waa, it seems you had done it right. However, that Otr actually cause dtrouble to the villager right? It was a bit harsh but he reaped what he sowed…”

“Of course, we emphasized on that but I did say we were blame right? That bastard Hreidmar didn’t accept what we said because ‘It’s true that my son is a trouble maker but he didn’t cause any trouble that deserves death’. We might be able to pinch out if Thor was there but it suddenly become a matter on integrity. Since we have the debt of a night lodging and a meal with Hreidmar.

I see… Odin-sama and the other weren’t able to stand firm since they had a debt of gratitude. Hreidmar was had a considerably resolution since he took advantage of them with the shield known as the gratitude.

“Since we were driven into a corner, I followed the order of my brother to borrow money from a wealthy Dwarf that lived nearby and gave it to Hreidmar as a compensation. That was all that fellow need but… according to the old man Witige, Fafnir transformed into a dragon right after that. Then, the old man said this also right? ‘The greedy fellow who greed over the pile of gold that is higher than the mountain’–. That’s right, the gold that we handed over to Hreidmar was passed to Fafnir around that time. I believe you were able to imagine what happen at that time right?”

That… I somehow knew what happened.

The family was ruined due to the gold. At the end of the blood bath… it seemed that Fafnir was the victor and the only one left.

After Fafnir transformed into dragon, he followed his greed and started to gather all the gold that could be found nearby. When that wrongdoing reached the ear of a great hero—he was killed. That was the detail of the fantastic story which was a reality that was told by the black swordsman.

“But according to the legend, Fafnir should had been killed by a human great hero, Siegfried. Moreover, it didn’t match with the time frame either. Based on what Witige-san told me, didn’t it happen a long long time ago? It’s a bit weird for me to say this but it’s not possible for me to have any interaction with him since I am still quite young at that time.”

“Isn’t that right. That had happened a few hundred year in the past ago…. Ah, I wonder is there any notable Dwarf. I believe we might have some clue if we are able to figure out the creator of Eldhrimnir…”

Loki turned over while sleeping in bed again after he raised his hand up. Right, I believed that we wouldn’t be able to get more clue if we continued thinking like this. Moreover, it seemed like we were not having a serious thought about the memory anyway.

“Tch, then, I will sleep now.”

“That’s right. Have a good rest. Loki.”


A few minutes after we exchanged our greeting before we go to bed, I started to hear the sleeper breath from Loki. I was unable to sleep even though it passed midnight but I started to fall asleep after hearing the sleeper breath.

“Fuwaa…. A greedy fellow… is it.”

I wasn’t sure how much of it was planed but the Dwarf, Hreidmar that accepted the gold from the upfront deal with Odin-sama. At first it seemed like a splendid deal but… in the end, that gold was the cause of his death.

In another word, can I said the one who cause his death was… Odin-sama?

There was always something hidden in a splendid deal. Normally a person would strictly think it was the works of the god if he had an unfortunate backfire–.

That fellow would surely… curse everyone in this world till death.

A few days had passed since I refreshed my body and mind after I returned back to my hometown in a while.

After that, I had a veteran in living change my course of action. Instead of being made into a meal, I was now working on the side of making the meal in ‘Valhalla’—that was currently my new target.

“I had finished chopping the vegetable for the hors d’oeuvre! At the same time, I am now making preparation for the onion soup!”

“Roger! Sei-kun, you are quite skill! After you had finish with that, go help with the fried food!”


I was doing my training as a cook in the world largest kitchen, ‘Valhalla Kitchen’. Ah, of course I was in my human form while cooking. Because of that, I was slowly getting used using the rune of mannaz for a long time.

Based on what the Chef Head said, I was more suitable with manual work. It would be a problem if it was a flattery or compliment but I knew that the Chef Head was not that kind of person though.

But what made me happy is the fact that I had a personalized dish in the menu for this kitchen. Of course, that was my homemade curry. After I was informed on the secret receipt of the spice from my mother and served it with my own arrangement which was a bit spicy, the result was quite good. Before I knew it, it became one of the few countable top dish in ‘Valhalla Kitchen’.

Yup yup. As expected for these ruthless fellows, the curry which was a bit spicy that suited Loki taste was perfect for them.

“Sei-kun, I’m sorry. It’s fine for you to be absent for a while so can you go and check on Heizu-kun condition!”

“Ah, I understand!”

I see, since he said that, it mean that it was almost time for the mead to be finish squeezing out. Yup~, I felt that my next step was to be able to handle the overall progress that was happening. Next time, I would need to be conscious about it… if I tried to do many thing at once, there was bound to be a mistake somewhere.

Other than the Chef Head, I was at an apprentice level if I were to compare myself with the other chefs. It was not good to be that greedy. I should go at it at my own pace.

I chanted that so that my heart was able to listen it and I left the kitchen calmly.

Every time I went to milking room where Heizu was located, I would have to pass through the pantry that was right beside of the kitchen but I unexpectedly bumped into Brynhildr-sama and the other Valkyries sister.

By the way, it seemed that my disciple, Ikusu (human mode) was among them.

“Hmm? Everyone what happened, aren’t all of you gather a lot earlier than usual today?”

The sun had already started to tilt but there was still some time before it sank into the horizon. What exactly happened since they came at this time where the meal and the mead were not finish prepared yet?

While I was thinking about mysterious, Brynhildr-sama represented her sisters and answer me.

“Sei-san, perhaps you didn’t heard about it? There is a small announcement today, so the kitchen staff and the floor staff are required to gather at the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ a bit earlier than usual.”

“Eh…? This is my first time hearing that. May I ask who is the one who handed that notice?”

“That is…”

While saying that, Brynhildr-sama suddenly straightened herself smartly. The other sister imitated her and even Ikusu made a salute that didn’t suit her.

The person I saw after I looked back while being afraid… it was like what I predicted. The person was the highest rank god of the Aesir tribe, Odin-sama.

“Hmm. Everyone had gathered… oh? Even Saehrimnir is here. It was supposed to be a surprise but… well the timing isn’t bad either.”

Surprise? Eh, am I not supposed to be here?

When I looked toward the big canteen from the pantry, without realize it, it seemed that the Chef Head and the kitchen staff had gathered there. Um… what exactly was going to happen?

When I was flustered by the unknown, Odin-sama looked around at the members that had gathered and made a cough.

“Let me make my announcement now. Saehrimnir, thanks you for your hard work up until now. After your today— I hereby relieve you from your task as the meal for the Einherjars.”

“… Huh?”

Yup, huh? Yes. That was the only thing that I can said.

Eh, isn’t that right? Relieving me… it meant that right…?

“Ooooodin-sama!? Pppplease wait for a moment, does that mean I… I am ‘fired’ … is it!?”

“Ya. You should pack your belongings and return to your parent home.”

Woah!! It had been confirm on a whim! That was not what I wanted to hear! Why!? Why are you firing me!? Is it because I won’t be a meal!?

It was truth that I was not made into a meal recently but at the same time that I was the ‘Valhalla Dinner’, I was also an apprentice chef. I finally realized about that and started to move forward, even though I had just decided on that…

“O… Odin-sama, please wait a moment! I can’t accept it at all, why must Sei-san be fired!”

At that moment, Brynhildr-sama shouted when the silence progress. I was afraid that most of them did not dare to object the Chief God but to think that Brynhildr-sama cared for me that much…!

“Odin-sama, I’m sorry but I also have the same though! Sei achievement in ‘Valhalla’ is something that deserve to be praise!” (Gerhilde)

“That’s right!  I also believe that Sei-kun is hard worker! Isn’t it strange to believe that he no longer deserve to be in ‘Valhalla’!”(Ross)

Ah, Gerhi-sama and also Weisse-sama…! No, even without saying it, the other Valkyries also looked toward Odin-sama with a dissatisfied look.

It seemed that… everyone was also feel dissatisfied that I was fired. To be honest, I was quite happy… to think that at least the Valkyries sister still needed me…!

But— Odin-sama looked at Brynhildr-sama and the others with a puzzled look and spoke in a gentle manner.

“? What are you not satisfied with?  I thought that this decision is the most joyful thing to you, Saehrimnir?”

“Joyful thing… is it?”

“That’s right. That is because you no longer have to continue the loop of ‘dying as a meal’. I had just officially released you from that job that you hated that much, so you should be happy.”

Well, that was true if you looked at it that way. But the current problem was the part where I had to leave ‘Valhalla’…

While I was mumbling, Odin-sama continued with a bit stern manner.

“In another word, your power is no longer necessary for anything that happens from now on. Of course, when the preserved meat that was made from you finish, I will request you to come to be the ingredient.”

“Eh? That means… I am able to return to ‘Valhalla’ temporary if I was requested to come?”

Toward my question, Odin-sama made a silent confirmation nod.

I see, I was fine with that. After this, it seemed that I’d be an ‘emergency ration’ for the time being.

But… that didn’t change the fact that I had to leave ‘Valhalla’.

Then since I had to leave ‘Valhalla’, it also meant that I had lose my chance to meet with my beloved Brynhildr-sama. That was because the only mutual point for us to meet was only here at ‘Valhalla’.

As long as I worked at the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’, the Valkyries would also come here every night to work. For the sake to serve the mead to the Einherjars. That was why I was willing to accept that I’d die to become a meal when I came to ‘Valhalla’.

To think that our legal rendezvous would end here… it was the same as losing my reason for living. To think that this was especially planed for me but I’d try my best to voice my objection!

“Odin-sama. Let’s say… that I am able to prove that my existence in ‘Valhalla’ is important, what will happen?”

“Hmm? That, does that mean you have objection to what I said just now?”

“It’s not like I have any objection. But, it’s essential for the right person to be at the right place.”

“It’s a reasonable opinion. But… since your current meat is a bit plain, it’s a fact that you have no value as a food ingredient. If you are talking about being a cook then there won’t be any problem if you are not around. On top of all that, is there still any value for you to stay here?”

To the end, he talked in a gentle manner. But on the contrary he was looking at me in a stern way as if he was trying to test me.  

My value… there was none. I didn’t have a single value that was worth to be proud of now.

However, I’d look for it. If I didn’t do that, I’d only be able to meet Brynhildr-sama when I was requested to come since the preserved food had finish.

In order to avoid that, I–.

“Five days… no, three days. I will prove it to you in three days! The value for me to remain here. I will try my best to not let this chance pass by… so that I won’t let go of that hand for the second time…”  

I made a temporary pause and glance at Brynhildr-sama. Then, I saw her with a worried look on her face.

Brynhildr-sama, there was no need for you to have any worry. Since I’d also never let go of that hand.

“… To prove that I … am the most valuable in this world!!”

I said that in aloud manner. This moment — for the purpose of this to repeat once more from now on.

“Hm… I’m not sure why are you that passionate but… let’s put that aside. Thus, I will wait for you–to show me what you can do after these three days.”

Odin-sama gave a big nod while saying that and he left the pantry silently.

This was bad… it was something bad. Why did I go and purposely make the expiry date three days only. I was taken by the flow and made myself to look cool at there just now…

However, there was no retreat since it come to this. Saehrimnir, you had to be determined.

No matter what happened from now on— I would be the main dish!

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  1. Sherlock Holmes says:

    I didn’t think Odin would be this kind of idiot. Just because he can’t be the main ingredient anymore he is relieving him of his duty and making him go home like that? He is firing the guy who stopped the fall of Yggdrasil? The guy who stopped the coup d’etat?

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    You dont drink the ressurection potion because it taste good, you drink it because its going to bring you back to life! Also keeping him in sight so no one eats him for the ability, should be the logical reason for him staying.


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