Valhalla no Ban Gohan Volume 1 Prologue


“Hot! Okay, it’s ready to be put on the bread, quickly transfer it to another plate. Is the caviar enough? Can someone go to the backyard and confirm it?”

During dusk the kitchen suddenly became a battlefield, everything was operating quickly under the strict order of the Chef Head. As usual everyone was very busy today.

This is a usual thing because this place is ‘Valhalla Kitchen’. The kitchen that is responsible for the world biggest cafeteria.

—In a place that is far away from the human world, there is a vast plain which is known as ‘Asgard’. That is the place where mighty gods live.

In the corner of the plains, there is a big golden bullion laying on the edge of the world tree Yggdrasil — that is the solemn gorgeous palace, the golden palace, ‘Glaðsheimr’.

Till now I still couldn’t believe that I am working in the palace from some fated encounter. A small character like me is serving under Lord Odin in the world’s most sacred workplace. This is like a dream of glory. To be more accurate, I am working in the fifth house of ‘Glaðsheimr’, ‘Valhalla’.

“Ah, this sound is…..” There is a sound of a distance deep flute informing the Einherjars that the practice for today had finished. After listening to this sound, we, the kitchen crews, also picked up the pace to finish our tasks.

“Okay! The appetizer is ready! Is the soup ready? And the granite[1] with the main course ready?

“The salad is already prepared, now the only things left are the dessert and meat!”

The Chef Head kept asking around the kitchen in a steady tone, and I immediately replied. The chef head gave a thumb up to the workers who had finished setting up the kitchen utensil at the big cafeteria. After confirming the dinner situation with his eyes and ears, he nodded his head with a satisfied look and walked toward me.

“The situation is not bad, then Sei as usual, you are now the main character. You are the only one who can finish ‘Valhalla’ dish.” The Chief Head’s blue eyes filled with confidence.

That’s right, like what he said, I am the only one in the kitchen that is able to finish this task, there is no one else that can accomplish it— for your information this is a direct order from the chief of the Æsirgod[2]tribe, Lord Odin.

“… Yes, Chief Head, there is no problem…. I’m already mentally and physically prepared for it.”

“Are you sure? I already said it many times though, don’t force yourself! There is still an abundant of time left.”

My resolve began to waver when I heard the word “abundant”. I am very happy that he cares for me…. But I cannot stand the anxiety anymore, I need to use this momentum to deal with it.

“There is no problem, let’s start now. I will depend on you today as well … Chief Head.” Yesterday, the day before yesterday, the never ending daily work; tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, this never ending Life’s task. This is something that I am proud of and an honorable work that causes other people to tremble

“….. Okay I understand now, then let’s prepare for the meal. Sei, please wash your hands.” “Yes.”

“Wash your face.” “Yes.”

“Wash your feet.” “Yes.”

“Wash your body.” “Yes.”

“Be careful on that spot.” “Of course.”

“Then please go in.”

“Aaa~~, there is nothing to be afraid of already!” I ‘called out’ after I had leaped down, with this there is no going back.

Father — Mother, every day I am doing my best in this ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ …… as a meal.

“Aahhhhhhhh! It is very hot!!!” As if to seal off my death cry, the pot lid, slowly covering the pot as well.


Translator’s Notes and References

1.A type of French style ice cream meal

2.Aesirgod, in case you can’t read the word

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  1. NapKnight says:


    Thanks for the chapter~


  2. Mischa says:

    Omg is right?

    That ending… I want to read but I kinda don’t wanna.

    But how did he wash himself?


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    Thank you very much

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  4. Chi says:

    What’s the point of being cooked alive? I’m pretty sure a good strike to the head can kill you w/o compromising the body.


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