Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 5 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – The Colour of the Rainbow Pursuer

Those words that came out of Heimdallr-sama mouth was indeed the cold truth.

I not sure why was he here. I also not sure how did he knew that. It seem like that there was tons of things that I am unsure of. But putting that aside, Freya-sama reaction toward this truth— was the thing that I am concerned about.

“Took it…? Don’t you mean Loki-chan stole it? …Is that the truth?”

After Freya-sama said that, she look toward the Valkyries and me. Of course, she will do that. That’s because I had transformed myself into that fake necklace. In another word—if what Heimdallr-sama said was the truth then, it would seem like we are helping Loki despite knowing the circumstances.

“…I’m sorry, Freya-sama. That’s right… we were cooperating with Loki-sama in taking the Brisingamen away.”

As our representative, Brynhildr-sama apology on our behalf. After she said that, her younger sister and I bow at the same time. After Freya-sama saw that, she shown an anger expression for a moment then she hang her head with a sad expression.

“I suppose there was a reason for doing this right? If that’s the case… I wish you would had discuss it with me instead. Somehow, I felt like I was a left out since I was the only one who weren’t aware of it.”

What Freya-sama said was the truth. There was no mistake that we treated Freya-sama like an outsider since we didn’t want her to worry about anything. If we were to tell her about the spell, I doubt that… she will perform as usual during the concert.

“Wait~ Freya, please don’t blame them. Since this was my request in the first place.”

“Mardoll…. If that’s the case, can you tell me? The reason for this.”

Mardoll-sama told Freya-sama everything without hiding anything as this was what she wanted.

The fact that Brisingamen was casted with a cursed known as the spell of temptation. And the fact that the curse had become stronger due to a certain reason. And also the fact that the origin of the curse on the necklace was one of the spell that Mardoll-sama taught to the Dwarf previously.

In addition to that, she also mention the plan that involved us and Loki, who was not present, to release the curse.

“The spell of temptation… is it. So all of you had planned this so that I won’t be aware of that is it?”

“That’s right. Let me apology for being secretive in this but as a result of it, didn’t the concert went as plan? I’m also satisfied that I am able to watch Freya Max Concert, so this was a win-win situation. Isn’t it?”

Thus, Mardoll-sama enquire whether it was okay or not.

“Fu fu, that’s right. This was really a win-win situation.”

Oh. That’s great, somehow it seem that Freya-sama was fine with it—

“… do you really think that I would said that?”

—huh? This… this was strange, somehow it seem that Freya-sama was angry…

“I am really happy that all of you were concerned about me. But… why must it be Loki-chan, who was in charge of stealing the necklace! I’m sorry but I am unable to trust him at all! That was because he had a history in stealing my necklace previously!?”

“I… I had heard about it briefly from Loki himself but… can you tell us his previous motive in stealing it?”

I enquired about that in a spur. Because of that, Freya-sama started to become more irritated as if she had reminisce about the event that time.   

“That was because he went and told Odin Oji-san about it when he made a strange misunderstanding of his own.”

“A strange misunderstanding…?”

Freya-sama paused for a moment when I try to enquire further. Then, she answer me while looking sideway as if she knew that it would do not good if she had remain silent.

“That… in order to obtain that necklace…. I had to spend a night together. With the dwarf creator of the necklace.”

Spend a night…? Huh! That… it was that thing that I had experienced with Brynhildr-sama and Mardoll-sama previously right!? No, that’s wrong, since I didn’t do anything obscene with them at all. Okay? But Freya-sama… don’t tell me that she had done that?

“Don’t look at me like that! Let me said this first, I didn’t done that at all! There was no proof!”

“Hmm… isn’t it like there’s no smoke without a fire~?”

“Hey, Mardoll, you have no right to complain at all! It Seiðr, I used it! The spell that you taught me!”

“Argh… are you telling me that I was involved with this also…?”

Mardoll-sama face turn pale all of a sudden. Hey, again is it…. That’s explain why Loki called her as a troublemaker goddess.

“In the past… you taught me Seiðr when both of us went to the human realm, ‘Midgard’. I went and used it since it was convenient. The ‘spell of bewitching’.”  

Bewitching…? Hee~ so such thing do exist other than temptation. Somehow it seem that Seiðr was full of misleading type of spell.

“On a certain day, I took a stroll in the Dwarf country, ‘Niðavellir’ to search for a rare herb. At that time, I just so happen to peek at the inside of a Dwarf workshop from the slit of the open door. Then, I saw an extremely beautiful necklace that was about to be completed. It was Brisingamen. I become a captive of it when I took a single glimpse of it as if a spell was casted on me.”

Well… I believe that you were casted by a curse instead of a spell.

I am sure of that. That it was not a coincidence that the door to the workshop was open at all. The Dwarfs did that on purpose as they knew that Freya-sama was loitering nearby.  It seem like they did a good job in tempting her when she peek through the door due to curiosity…

That’s right. So that was the reason why the spell of temptation was casted on Brisingamen, the creators did it so that they were able to attract Freya-sama attention.

“When I ask the dwarf creator to give me the necklace, then instead of money, they demanded for my body instead. Of course, I rejected it since I hated it. Since I wanted the necklace no matter what so… I went and casted Seiðr on them secretly. This created a hallucination among the pervert dwarfs where they perceive my appearance as one another.”

“Hallucination…? Eh, hold it. That mean…”

After Freya-sama said that, all of the people presented have the same thought in their mind.

Even though they saw Freya-sama due to Seiðr but in reality what they saw in front of them was their partner dwarf. Moreover, since they had spent a night together without realizing about that, it mean that…..

…inhuman… it too inhuman…!

“Thus, I am still quite pure. But at that time, it seem that Seiðr was also casted on Loki-chan who was overseeing it secretly from the shadow. Then, Odin Oji-sama order Loki-chan to confiscate the necklace from me as I had obtained it using an obscene method. Since I had rejected to give it to him, he resorted to steal it from me forcefully.”

“I~ see… okay, I understand it now. Freya, I understand that you are pure and impure in another manner also. So? Why did you treated Loki-kun as an enemy that much even though you were partly at fault for that?”

“That was because the condition to retrieve the confiscate necklace was to teach Odin Oji-sama on ‘how to use Seiðr’!?”

Freya-sama shouted that out with a bright red face. Instead of being angry, I had a feeling that the cause of her red face was due to embarrassment instead….

“By… by the way, what’s the method to cast Seiðr?”

Brynhildr-sama raised her hand and enquire about that as if she had gotten an interest in it. No… it seem that all of her sister had gotten curious about that instead. What a coincidence, I am also curious about it.

“Actually. First, you must reach your own sexual climax”

“Ah, stop it!!”

Despite of that, the creator of Seiðr, Mardoll-sama mouth was sealed semi permanently by the body blow from Freya-sama


There was only one thing that we understand from this. Which was an unspeakable extremely embarrassing action was needed. Let me jot this down…

“Anyway, since I had such a terrible past with Loki-chan, I don’t want him to be involved with Brisingamen for the second time at all. Despite of that… he had yet to return me the eagle vest that he borrowed for the ‘Idun-sama abduction incident’. I am pretty sure that I will never get it back now. I am also sure that he was pretending to help out while scheming something in the inside…”

Ah, Loki… even though both Gerhi-sama and Brynhildr-sama have asked you to return the eagle vest, yet you were still reluctant to return it…. That explain why Freya-sama distrust Loki that much.

“… I understand about it now. Freya, please give me an order. I will obey you if you were to order me to capture Loki.”

At that moment, Heimdallr-sama sudden muttered that despite being quiet up until now. Then, there was no a single hesitation in the reply toward him.

“I beg of you, Heimdallr-sama. Please bring Loki to me. I will settle the curse on my own after this.”  

The moment that order was given, Heimdallr-sama disappeared together with the loud exploding sound. What’s speed… so this was Heimdallr-sama dash at his 100 % strength.

While sending off Heimdallr-sama who was at a distant now, I thought of this.

That Loki was also partly at fault based on the conversation up until now. More like it was mainly Loki’s fault but…

(He can’t be entrusted with an important article. Even if it was for the sake of Freya-sama…is it)

—isn’t that a bit sad.

That why I wanted to take this opportunity… to let her aware of this. Even though there was a few conflict but I wanted to let her know that deep down Loki was actually quite a nice person. I don’t believe that Freya-sama was unaware of this despite spending much a longer time with him than me.


After I move next to Brynhildr-sama quietly, I called out to her. Then, she reply me softly as if she had noticed me.

“What’s the matter? Sei-san.”

“I… I believe that Loki should be the one to undo the curse on the necklace. I wanted to help him to accomplish that. I beg of you, Brynhildr-sama, can you lend me your strength?”

If Brynhildr-sama were to accept my request, it would mean that she was going against Freya-sama will. Moreover, it also mean that she will be treating Heimdallr-sama as her enemy.

I believe that this was a reckless request as usual. But… despite of that, Brynhildr-sama reply me with her usual smile.

“I am unable to reject that. That was because Sei-san always… do the right thing.”

After showing the gentle smile, Brynhildr-sama changed her expression to a serious expression.

“Freya-sama. I would like to apology on the fact that we had acted on our own. Since we still had to clean up the venue as usual, so please do take a rest in the changing room. Gerhilde, I will leave the escort to you.”

“Roger! Come, Freya-sama, let us go right away.”

As soon as that was said, Gerhi-sama escort Freya-sama and they left the backstage.

Then, those that were still present follow Brynhildr-sama declaration and started cleaning up… but before that, they were stopped by an unexpected voice.

“Everyone, please listen to me. I am going to go and interfere with Heimdallr-sama.”

“…huh? Somehow, aren’t you being quite calm with it?”

“Inter… interfere…! Will… will you be okay after doing that!?”

“Hee~ it sound quite interesting, can you let me listen to the rest of it~?”

Even though they were split into two different groups as some find it interesting while some find it surprising, everyone was still interested in it. After confirming that everyone attention was focused on her, Brynhildr-sama continued.

“I am unable to say that Loki reputation can’t drop any further than this as there was still the matter on the eagle vest. Despite of that, I am sure that Loki-sama was cooperating with us out of good faith. That why I am unable to turn a blind eye that… we were going to brush off the help that was given to us without listening to his side of the story.”

“…Isn’t that right. It true that I always skip my work but it really hurt that I was treated like a hindrance when I was motivated sometime.”

“That’s right, Helmwige. Loki-sama was currently in the same situation as that. In order for Freya-sama to forget about the grudge, we need to have Loki-sama to undo the curse by himself and let him return the necklace on his own. In order for us to achieve that ending, we had no choice but to stop Heimdallr-sama.”

“Yup… I have no rejection. Hildr-nee, Linde was willing to help you if you are fine with it. But… it will be a big problem on its own if we, Valkyries were to hinder Heimdallr-sama. If we were going to do it, then we had to do it secretly.”

“Si~gh, this seem like another troublesome mission. So? Do you had any plan, boar-san, since you were the first person who suggested this?”

Siegrune-sama look down on me since she purposely choose to say those provoking statement toward me. Argh…. It seem that Siegrune-sama had noticed that I was the one who requested for this.

“I have no idea at all…. But it will take three day to undo the curse. Our mission will be completed as long as Loki was submerged in the sea water during that time. Isn’t that right? Mardoll-sama”

“Yup. Until the moon sink three time, it must be submerged in the mother sea to clear off the impurity… that’s the method to undo the curse. It was quite a simple task but no one told me that Heimdallr-sama will be joining in at all~”

That’s right. Of all person, why must it be Heimdallr-sama! It would be best if he just literally watch over the rainbow bridge only…


At that moment, our attention was attracted by both the hand that was lifted up hesitantly and the hesitated voice. The owner of that voice was the purest and youngest sister, Weisse.

“If hiding our identity was something troublesome, then how about we just wear a mascot costume instead? Or a mask.”

Mascot costume…! What a cute idea! As expected of Weisse! But… normally our identity will immediately be exposed if we do that though,

“That’s a nice idea! Since it Heimdallr-sama we are talking about, I believe that was sufficient to deceive him.”

We won’t be exposed was it!

Eh, are you serious…? It quite suspicious but… well, compare to a greenhorn like me, everyone else had more knowledge about Heimdallr-sama personality. If everyone said that’s it a good idea, then I have no choice but to believe them.

“So, it decided that we will adopt Rossweisse idea. Ah, since we can’t leave the venue as it was right now, so can I leave this task to you, Helmwige?”

“What!? Me alone!?”

“It will be fine since you are strong. Moreover, I think that Schwerte will come and support you later… maybe.”

“Argh… if only I was born without this strength…”

Helmwige-sama hang her head in a disappointed manner while cursing her own raw strength. Well, I believe that it a good thing that you had a reliable trait.

“So let us start the operation, ‘Disturbing Heimdallr-sama’!”

Everyone went their own way after hearing the signal from Brynhildr-sama. I immediately headed toward the backstage to look for something to hide my identity. It would be fine if I just transform into something suitable so no preparation was needed at all.

Okay, let start our mission!

After a few minutes— at the entrance of the ‘Great Temple of Ida Weld’. Let’s us confirm the unique member that had gathered here again.

“The eldest of the mysterious sisters! Blue Bear!”

“The third sister. Gold Trent.”

“The fourth sister~ Red Raccoon~”

“The… the seventh sister…ah, jeez! I’m Black Cat!

“The eight sister! Violet Dog!! No, I’m more like a wolf than a dog!!”

“The ninth sister! White Pony!”

Okay. These six persons were the participant for this operation. You there, can you please don’t look at them coldly?

“Whoa~… it good that all of you managed to find various mascot costume…”

While being overawed at this bizarre atmosphere, I look at these six entertainers…I mean the Valkyries.

Just like their introduction, each of them dress up as a living creature that has the same color as their armor.

In the case of Brynhildr-sama, she was dress up in the lucky blue bear which was something that will never ever exist in Mother Nature. Ortlinde-sama dress up as a tree instead of an animal, as if she was a background of a performance. Waltraute-sama dressed up as a red raccoon. It was a good thing that she didn’t dressed up as a fox, and somehow it like she was exposing her true nature.

Then, Siegrune-sama dressed up as a black cat which was a safe choice. Even though she was extremely embarrassed by it, somehow I was able to her dedication as she wore it properly. Despite of that, she will be misfortune from now on.

Somehow Grimgerde-sama was acting in a different manner after she become the violet dog. Did she just awaken her third personality? Somehow I believe that she will act different if she just cover her whole body instead of her face only.

The last one was Weisse that was dressed as a white horse. Hah, you do know that your prince in shiny armor was right over here right? … I’m sorry, I went a bit overboard.

“Um… it a bit late but will everyone be fine in this appearance?”

“Sei-san, there was nothing to worry about. It one of Heimdallr-sama trait that he won’t doubt any information given. He will believe that it was a bear if the appearance was one. Even if it was a bit odd.”

Ok~ay… it true that up until now, he was a person that accept any kind of information without any doubt but… well since that’s the case, I had nothing else to comment.

“So, since we were having a pretty late start but… in the first place, is it even possible for us to catch up to Heimdallr-sama right now?”

“It alright, there was no blunder in this plan. Sei-san, do you still remember the first time when we went and meet Fenrir?”

“The first time when I went to ‘Lyngvi’ was it…ah! I remember, Schwerte-sama and Helmwige-sama was also with us that time.”

“Yup, that’s right. That time… the three of us used the rune of ‘ehwaz’. As the rune of ‘ehwaz’ hold the acceleration power. Moreover, the power will increased if multiple people used it at the same time. Thus, if all the members here used the rune of ‘ehwaz’, even Heimdallr-sama won’t catch up to us.”

Brynhildr-sama said that proudly while hitting her chest. That was a reliable statement but everything you said sound a bit weird since you were in that appearance.

“It time for us to depart now. Sei-san, please transform into something.”

Ah, that’s right. It will be pointless for the others to hide their identity if I am in my current state.

Okay, what should I transform into… Even if I had recover from this short amount of time, the magic consumption of Brisingamen was quite high, so it would be best if I transform into a low cost living creature. Moreover since Brynhildr-sama (bear) said that it won’t be weird so… okay, I choose that!

“Mannaz!… okay, Brynhildr-sama, please feast on this!”

This was the thing that I transformed into this time. Which was— a salmon.

“Oh! This was perfect for a bear! You had done a good job in your selection, Sei-san!”

Bearhildr-sama carry me, who was a salmon, joyfully under her arm. I’m glad that she was happy with this.

After this and that, we had finished with our preparation. Then, the mysterious colorful animals ranger hurdle in a circle as if it was pre-plan and began chanting the runic magic.

“[[I worship you the skull of Ymir; Kiss his body. I will now dig up this constant and unchangeable majestic Omniscience. I pledge inseparable to the symbol of togetherness, unity, development, liberty and discomfort! The nineteen rune of Futhark, ehwaz! ]]” x6

The moment the chant was finished… all of us become a single pillar of light.

This was truly the speed that exceed our sight. If we weren’t protected by the defensive magic that come with this runic magic, we would had been separated due to the wind pressure and etc. With this speed, we chased after Heimdallr-sama who had an early start.

Then, the moment when we arrived at the rainbow bridge, ‘Bifröst’ in that manner— we finally managed to catch up to him.

“Stop your movement, Heimdallr!”

The gallant yet lovely voice resounded in ‘Bifröst’. After hearing that, Heimdallr-sama who was crossing the bridge right now, turned his head slowly.

“…just when I thought who it was, so it was just a bear. What’s do you want.”

Ah, to think that he really didn’t realize about it…. Actually, I had some anticipation that he would realize about it though. Please allow me to say this since it had cross my mind for numerous time. Will we be fine with a watchman like him?

“I not sure why you were in a rushed but just now you had traverse at quite a ferocious speed at ‘Forest of Ida Weld’. Actually the shockwave from that … had injury the parent of this child.”

While saying that, Bearhildr-sama lifted the salmon, which was me, up. So that’s how she plan to start a quarrel. Okay, let me just remain my freshness and silence right now.

“…I see. I had done something inexcusable. I promise that I will apologize properly later.”

“I’m grateful on your concern. But…what’s the point of having Gods if an apology will do! I as the… um… as the guardian of the forest, mascot ranger, will delivered the punishment on you right now!”

Hold it! Didn’t you literally said out mascot just now!?

“I’m sorry, since I cannot stop my movement here. So that punishment… even if brute force was needed, I will put a hold on that, mascot ranger!”

It was not exposed. Actually I wonder why it was not exposed. Come on, I just hoped that it will be exposed now.

“Then, let do it magnificently! Everyone!”

After laying me down on the ground, Bearhildr-sama took out her beloved sword and announced the start of the battle. As a respond to that, the one that was the first to jump out was the Golden tree– Ortlinde-sama.

“Since an assassination was out of the option, it would be best to if we get the drop on him first. Let me take your life!”

Um… can you please don’t go as far as to take his life? Ortlinde-sama armed herself with the twin dagger and begin the ferocious assault immediately after she said that. That stream like refined movement… would had been quite cool if she was not in the tree costume. If only she was not dress up as a tree.

“You had good movement even though you are a tree. But… you’re slow!”

In that moment, there was a flash in Heimdallr-sama eye who stopped evading. Then, he broke the right dagger that was approaching his throat after catching it with his index and middle finger while stopping the left dagger, which was aiming his stomach, between his thighs and knee. At the same time, he release a powerful back kick from his pivot leg after making a vigorously spin and Ortlinde-sama flew backward while releasing a short shriek.

“Come on, Linde-chan, it not good for you to act alone, got it~? We need to cooperate with each other in time like this. Weisse-chan, can you approach him from the rear. Since onee-chan will approach him from the front, so let do a pinch attack?”

“Okay! Be careful, Raute-onee-chan!”

After receiving the order from Waltraute-sama, this time it was Weisse-chan who ran off. Both of her palm become a sharp claw. She look just like a beast as she dashed in a low position as if she was crawling. No, that’s wrong, since she was actually dressed up in that white horse costume.

 “Here we go–!!”

Together with that fighting spirit, she released those compact continuous attack. That attack that came from all direction, since she was making used of her small body frame, did not allow her opponent regardless who it was to make any counterattack at all.

“Hey, it would be bad if you look the other way~?”

While Heimdallr-sama was dealing with Weisse attack, Waltraute-sama attack from the opposite direction with both her sword. It should be a whip instead of a sword as it was equipped with a function to extend the blade part. To be honest, it seem like a difficult weapon to use but it might be good because… the opponent won’t be able to read it trajectory at all.

“That’s good. I will give this combination a full marks. But… I will move forward!”

Weisse aimed toward the back of the head and released an axe kick but Heimdallr-sama stopped it single handedly and holded her up in the sky.

Weisse was spun while being caught at her ankle. Since it had turned into this manner, Waltraute-sama can’t make any reckless attack at all. Since it will be dangerous if Weisse got hit.

“This was the result if you let your opponent see through your motion. It seem like I had took quite some time with this.”

Without letting go of any opportunity, Heimdallr-sama immediately approached Waltraute-sama and released a heavy palm strike toward her solar plexus.

“Ah!? To… to think that you will punch a lady stomach… you… are the worst… fainted.”

“You’re… a female is it? This was inexcusable. I will definitely apology later.”

After realizing his own wrongdoing, Heimdallr-sama let go of Weisse leg and press both his hand together in prayer. Weisse had already lose consciousness when she was put on the ground gently.

“Ah~… I can’t handle it. Grim-onee-chan, I leave it to you…”

“Hah… please leave it to me, Rossweisse!  The violet wolf! Will bite away! All the ambition!!”

While making short pause, Grimgerde-sama make various pose for each of her sentence. Since she was this motivated, no one will be able to rival against her. I believe that she will surely be able to succeed in this!


“Argh, this noisy fighting spirit… was totally different from all the other animals. But why I am the evil person…? By the way, are you going to fight with your bare hand?”

“Are you saying you aren’t able to see my weapon? My weapon was… that’s right, it courage!!”

Hold it, didn’t you just said something unrealistic? Moreover, you’re really noisy. I thought that you weren’t able to speak loudly, Grimgerde-sama?

“You had caught my interest. In that case, let me face you with my 100% courage!”

Oh, it seem Heimdallr-sama also said something dangerous! Grimgerde-sama, it seem that you had no choice but to do your best at this point!

The exchanging fist and the clashing spirit. The passionate fight between the two of them which had become a fast pace, it seem that only the god know the result of this fight. This was an effective method to buy time but I hope to see the result of the battle between the two of them.

“Breathe… breathe… as expected if I were to hold back while facing you, there will not be any progress at all.”

“What? Dog… did you just said that you were holding back against me?”

“Yes.  But I had decided. I will let you see my true appearance! Cast off!”

Grimgerde-sama immediately took off her mascot costume after shouting that out. After seeing this, even I can’t hold back from shouting.

“Hey!? What are you doing with exposing yourself, Grim… Violet wolf!”

“It alright! Since I am wearing a mask normally!”

“No, even though you were wearing it normally, this will just make you a bare face warrior only….”


After hearing my opinion, she swallowed her breathe. After she regained hers consciousness from petrification, she left the place without saying anything.

“Just now… I felt that I saw Grimgerde… no, I am pretty sure that was just my misconception only…?”

It seem that Heimdallr-sama, who accepted any information without any question, has difficulty in dealing with this situation. Then, there was still time for this. We had to stop him from thinking about it before his thought about that was firm!

“Okay. It a bit repetitive but thanks to everyone for buying time, I’m had finish with my preparation! Come right away and make your appearance, ‘Mystic Hex’!”

The one who proclaimed herself as a savior was the greatest spellcaster among the sisters which was Siegrune-sama dressed as a black cat. She was standing on top of the magic circle that she drew at some point and began chanting the spell of destruction with her staff like Sacred Weapon that she had just summoned.

“[I worship you the skull of Ymir; Kiss his body. Now I require a response from the exposed behavior of a god that was constant and eternal. To chase after the perfect knowledge of natural laws, to entrust myself to have a have a go at something, as a symbol of knowledge, answer, ritual and disaster, as a sign of fire, hope, conception and enlightenment! The fourth and the sixth rune of Futhark, Ansuz and Kenaz!] Let me show you my trump card… be reduced to ash! ‘Gruen Catastrophic’!”

The moment when she released her mystic secret spell, we were only able to see the scene of overwhelming destruction. Her target was swallowed instantly by that hell fire which burned down everything in the world.

Previously I witnessed Loki and Ortlinde-sama used a grand magic spell that involved the rune of Kenaz. But to my surprised, for Siegrune-sama, this was not even worthy to be known as her God Technique. I wonder how powerful her God Technique was…

By the way, I won’t said that ‘we had did it!?’? Since this was truly a mess. Moreover, the most important thing was whether had we overdid it or not.

Right now, I can only hold my breath while waiting for the dense black smoke to clear up. When the smoke had dissipated a bit, I went and verify the situation and at that moment— I saw Heimdallr-sama who was brushing the smoke away.

“What was that just now?”


How… how could this happened…! Were you saying that he received no damage!? How the heck did he do that!

“It seem you were curious. The trick was… the cloud.”

“Cl… cloud…. The one that was floating in the sky?”

“That’s right. Even I am able to use the rune of ‘mannaz’. Moreover, there was no one in this world who had stared at the cloud more than me. So, the moment before I got hit, I transform into a cloud and dissolve in the atmosphere, then I transformed back afterward.

You…. You’re lying right? To think that such evasion method existed…

“That’s right. No matter how powerful a spell was, it pointless if it does not hit it target…I admit defeat, do whatever you want.”

While saying that, Siegrune-sama fall down to her knee. To think that… she would took up the posture of submission by exposing her stomach, in the end it seem that you’re the one who was doing her best in acting as the animal.

“Okay. It seem you’re the last one standing, blue bear.”

Heimdallr-sama immediately look toward Brynhildr-sama with his sharp sight without savouring the aftertaste of the victory. This was bad… to be honest, it seem that Heimdallr-sama strength was on a total different level. To think that the even the Valkyries, who was in fact not this weak at all, were not a match to him.

It seem that the chance of winning a head-on fight was zero. Brynhildr-sama, do you had some kind of plan prepared for this…?

When I look toward her with a worry face, she dropped her stance and looked down toward the ground quietly. Does this mean that she had gave up…? No, that’s wrong, she was thinking. On the method to win.

After a few second. They eye of her mascot costume gave off a shine! …which was something that I felt.

“Watchman, Heimdallr-sama. To be honest, I am not fond of these type of power battle.”

“That’s go the same for me. If that’s the case, how do we settled this match?”

“Okay. Let do this like a bear… the victor and loser will be determined through ‘honey collection’.”

Actually, Brynhildr-sama, you’re the only one who was a bear!?

“I’m fine with that. Mannaz.”

Ah, it seem that Heimdallr-sama can also transform into a bear. Moreover, instead of the unmotivated bear costume, he transformed into a real one. Somehow it more like he was matching with our pace instead of having a fair match.

“The one who collect the most honey will be the victor. The duration of this match will be three days!”

“What? I can’t wait until that long. I’m sorry but let me called off this match.”

“Eh, ah, I see…”

Darn~ just when I thought that we were having the upper hand, it seem that there was no way for him to agree with that duration at all…

“What… what should we do, Sei-san, I had ran out of idea already.”

When she saw that Heimdallr-sama was facing the opposite direction, Brynhildr-sama began to fluster helplessly. If this go on, Heimdallr-sama will head toward Loki location… despite of that, I also don’t had any idea. Damn it… I must do something, something!

At the moment— when despair was born from my feeling of uneasiness.

The ground tremble and gave off a roaring sound and a single shadow fell from the sky at the same timing. In the midst of the sandstorm that was caused by the shadow, the sudden intruder declared this loudly.

“—While carrying the burden from the bright red furnace fire, the steel hold the workmanship spirit. After being blow numerous time by the bellow, the dazzling sword was dye with blood—”

This gallant voice sound quite familiar. Since I knew the owner of this voice which was as clear as a sword.

“The new heroine of the sword ruler. This name also make the dual sword shine! Silver!! Liiion!”

The black and white sword, which she was holding, cut through the sandstorm. Then, the one who appear was the last warrior, the shiny silver king of the beast.


I believed that everyone knew this. The one who was wearing that mascot costume was the ‘Ultimate light sword princess’, Schwerte-sama.

“Schwer… Silver Lion! Why are you here!? You suppose to meet up with Helmwige and help to clean up the venue…!”

“Yes, that was the plan. But Ane-sama, that Helmwige said this, there was something else that I need to do. Moreover, it a bit early to clean up… as this was my stage!!”

That shout was followed with a dash. The distance become zero with a single dash and a slash was released.

Heimdallr-sama who was still in the bear appearance stood up with his hind leg and began a claw fight. The deadly blow that was exchanged gave off sparks.

“On top of being heavy, it fast. I am able to feel your spirit from each of the strike. But… don’t think that you’re able to win against me with just your spirit only, silver lion!”

After dropping his waist, he focus all his strength into his naval and release a powerful strike. The bear cross strike that came from the sideways send both of Schwerte-sama sword flying.

This was bad, she was now bare handed! The person who was able to fight against Heimdallr-sama with their bare hand was a feat that can only be done by Grimgerde-sama!

“Hmph… please don’t look down on my zero sword style. The shine from the sword symbolized its master influence. That was because—the sheath was in my heart!”

Both of Schwerte-sama hand grasp on the empty space. Then, the sword that was send flying returned to her and release the shine as if it was prostrating to her.

What…! I see, so this was the strength of the sword ruler, Schwerte-sama…! All the sword in this world will prostrate in front of her. She was really worthy of the name, sword princess—

“Spread your wings! ‘Nadel Flugel’!”

The thing that appear as a respond to that was a single slender sword and it began its assault toward Heimdallr-sama like a bird flying freely on the sky.

“I won’t let you escape! ‘Hals Fallen Lassen’!”

Her right leg was controlling the four convenient swords while another single sword appeared from the teared up calf part of the mascot costume. If it was any other ordinary opponent, it head will be chopped off immediately. That’s why Heimdallr-sama was impressive. He calmly analyse the interval of the attack and dealt with it in a precise manner.

“You will be defeated here! ‘Riese un Blingen’!”

Schwerte-sama took advantage of this moment to unleash her biggest sword as her opponent had taken up the defensive stance. That summoned boorish big sword was known as a giant slayer was just like a lump of steel. She swung the sword down to unleash the ultimate killer strike with that thin yet powerful arm of her!

“! Argh!!”

Despite of that… Heimdallr-sama was able to defend against that. While using both of his feet to direct the impact toward the ground, he pushed away that big sword vigorously. What exactly should we do, in order to defeat him?

“I had waited, for this moment…”

In that moment— where we were taken over by the feeling of despair.

Schwerte-sama swords which had increased to six in the end, combine into a single sword in her hand.

“Unleash. God Technique—‘Ziebend Schneider’!!”

After surviving that dreadful attack, by taking advantage of that small window of opportunity, the final sword was unleashed. Which was a glow from the ultimate light.

While being bathed in the dispersed light, that light sword that cut through the enemy in one whole had create a path toward victory. The moment when my chest was overflowing with that certain prediction… we had saw an unbelievable sight.

“It’s unbelievable. To think there was someone who was able to force me to use 200% of my strength, to think that such a person existed…”

“How… how could this be! I don’t believe this… to think you were unharmed after that…!”

When our hope had turned into despair, he make his appearance, the rainbow watchman. To think that even the renowned Ultimate Light Valkyrie was not a match to him…

“In respect of your strenuous efforts, I grant you permission to leave right away. But, I will not go easy on you if you plan to bother me any further, VALKYRIE.”

“! You… you knew!? About our true identity…! When did you knew about it?”

Brynhildr-sama gave out a shocking shout. Come on, I am pretty sure he knew from the very beginning. It seem everyone had belittle Heimdallr-sama too much.

“That’s simple. I knew when I saw Grimgerde ran away.”

Eh~ it was from that time? Please don’t said that it was simple since you weren’t able to realize it before that.

After that, Heimdallr-sama turned around and jumped toward ‘Bifröst’. After he become one with the seven colour, he was transferred into the human realm.

“Ah, Heimdallr-sama had went to ‘Midgard’…! Let’s make haste, Sei-kun, we must chased after him.”

“No. I can’t rely on all of you since your identity was exposed. From now on… I will handled it by myself.”


Brynhildr-sama, who had a worry face, tried to say something. That why I had transformed into my human form to put my index finger near her mouth in order to seal it.

“It alright. Haven’t I said this before? I will never give up, since I am a boar that will always win in the end. That’s why… please believe me this time.”

“Sei-san… I understand. All of us will pray that the operation will be a success. Please be careful… on your journey.”

After they took off their mascot costume, the Valkyrie sisters send me off while standing in a line.

After saying ‘I will be on my way’… I jump toward ‘Bifröst’ vigorously.

A few second after feeling the sensation of being drifted apart, I felt something solid with my foot. It seem like I had managed to reach the human realm ‘Midgard’ safely.

The last time that I had descended in ‘Midgard’ was during the investigation of the miasma that Falsch cause previously. Despite of that, this was the first time that I came here on my own.

Let’s put aside the fact that I had fallen down here numerous time without even using ‘Bifröst’ at all.

“I wonder if Heimdallr-sama was around here. Let’s see… if that’s the case, then I should hurry up and regroup with Loki instead.”

To be honest, Loki and I had rehearsed on a certain crucial part before we executed this plan to steal Brisingamen. As we don’t know what might happen after we stole the necklace— to be on the safe side, we had already planned on which sea to use for the ceremony to lift the curse. Since that’s was decided, it make it possible us to rendezvous with each other.

By the way, all of these were suggestion from Loki. Normally Loki won’t bother to do this but it was his style to do thing carefully when it necessary. Because of that, I was actually saved for numerous times.

“While pretending to head toward the most eastern shore, it was actually toward the west… while the actual route is toward the south. Wait for me, Loki, I am going to meet you now!”

I’m not sure how Heimdallr-sama realized that Loki had stolen the necklace but I’m pretty sure that he don’t know where Loki was heading to in ‘Midgard’.

If I were to rendezvous with Loki first and warned him about this, I am pretty sure we can came out with a method to overcome this trial. While grasping on the ray of hope, I transformed into a pigeon and immediately flew toward the south shore—‘Vágasker reef area’.

A few hours had passed since I started flying. The moment when my magic power, which was slightly recovered after the concert, had nearly depleted, I had finally reached my destination. It was lucky that I am able to found Loki immediately after transforming back to my boar form as I had to conserve my magic power.

“Hey~ Loki~!”

“Hm? Oh, Sei! Wait for a moment, I will head toward you now.”

After noticing me, Loki, who was killing time by fishing up until now, immediately approached me. It seem like he was being considerate toward me as it was hard to walk.

“How’s the plan? Wait, hold it, since you had come here purposely…”

Loki stiffen his expression as he immediately figure out the whole situation. Loki, you really were quite good at deduction. I am proud to be your partner.

“It just like what you had expected, Loki. It was perfectly fine during the concert but after that, something happened… this was exposed to Freya-sama. So, Heimdallr-sama was chasing after you right now.”

“Heimdallr? Why was he chasing after me?”

“That was because… it was a request from Freya-sama. She said that Loki was not trustable. In addition, she also worried that you might not return the necklace at all.”

“Huh!? What’s with that… if that’s the case, I don’t care about it! I will leave it to you guys!”

While I was in the middle of explaining the situation, Loki become furious. This was normal as… anyone would be hurt by that. That was an expected reaction, since it predictable. But… it pointless if we end this here.

“You can’t, Loki. You had to do it till the end.”

“Huh? Sei, stop bullshitting. What’s the point of me doing this for the person who was treating me like a thief?”

“The point of doing this was so that you won’t be treated as a thief.”


After hearing my decisived reply, Loki opened his eye widely while being calm. Since he was willing to lend his ear to me, I continue further on.

“Loki, you had once done something that cause Freya-sama to have a grudge against you right? Although it was partly because of the effect from Seiðr and some uncontrollable factor, but in reality you had done that. I’m sure you still have memory on the first time when you stole the necklace.”

“Ah—… well, I’m have vague memory on it. But it not like I have any ill intention… that’s wrong. If it was based on the truth, I am unable to deny it or give excuse on that.”

Loki expressed his comprehension after accepting those word like a man. Then, I continue further on.

“But, this time was different from the previous. Since we had a valid reason this time, I am sure that Freya-sama will be glad. That why if we were to stop now, Loki, you will remained as an untrustable Loki forever. I don’t want it to end like that… that’s why please stick to this till the end.”

I am sure that… something will changed if we do this.

Loki remain silent while looking toward the sky after he heard my opinion. After a short moment of silence, he shook his head vigorously and gave out a big sigh as if he had made a clean solution.

“Okay, okay, I understand, sigh.  But Sei… you’re really amazing. To think that the day where I would get lectured by you would arise.”

About that, yup…I also had the same thought. During my first conversation with Loki, I stiffen myself and was so nervous until I want to dig with my nose and prostrate myself.

Despite of that, Loki always looked after such a person like me… he even went and did some reckless thing in his own way but he was a good fellow after all. I feel quite comfortable around him instead of being on the same page as him.

“I want to help you, Loki, in the same way like how you had helped me. I will always be your ally… as you had acknowledge me as your ally.”

To think those embarrassing statement was able to come out in such a natural manner. Loki was sneering while saying I was a fool but it not that bad at all. I’m just happy that I was able to experience this warm feeling.

But— the voice that snatch away this warm feeling, suddenly came from our back.

“So Saehrimnir was your ally. That’s mean… he was my enemy now.”


The moment when we heard that, Loki and I immediately jumped away from the spot. The one who was looking toward us while standing on the rocky area was none other than the watchman of ‘Bifröst’, Heimdallr-sama.

“Heimdallr…what’s happen to your job? To think that you were wagging your tail toward Freya and even came here nonchalantly.”

“You have no rights to say this since you don’t have a job and you always wander aimlessly. So, will you hand over the necklace to me obediently?”

“Please wait for a moment, Heimdallr-sama. Loki did not stole the necklace for his own personal gains! He was just trying to lift the curse of the necklace only!”

I appeal to him desperately. I believed that he will understand if we had a discussion on this. Since Heimdallr-sama was a person that won’t doubt any information that he received.

Despite of that, I was surprised with what Heimdallr-sama said next.

“I’m aware that there was some circumstance. I’m also aware that there was no ill intention.”

“Eh…?  If that’s the case, why…?”

Heimdallr-sama remain silence toward my question. In exchange of that, he show us a certain thing after searching for it in his loin cloth.

“!! That…! It the legendary Freya-sama fan club member card!!”

“Huh? Why you that shocked, Sei, I heard that you had the same thing though?”

“Same? Loki, don’t act like a fool! That was totally different from mine!”

That right. Because that’s the legendary—single digit member card!

“Club member ‘no.2’. Putting aside the Chief God, Odin-sama who obtained ‘No. 1’ easily with his authority, this was the most precious number. Were both of you able to comprehend about this?”

Ah! That explain everything! In another word, Heimdallr-sama was the most modest vegetable of Freya-sama in this world. I’m sure that it mean everything to him when he was carrying out her order…!

“I see… I understand it now. So that’s mean that Heimdallr-sama, you were aware of our plan this time?”

“Hey… hey hold it, what do you mean by that? I totally had no clue about that.”

“In another word, Loki. As Heimdallr-sama was Freya-sama top fan, he was waiting eagerly for the concert. Then, he just so happen to peek at the dressing room with his outstanding vision that was mostly used for detecting the Giants.”

“Wait, shouldn’t that be a crime? As it was a violation to our privacy.”

“Putting that aside, that was how Heimdallr-sama gotten winds that we had stolen the necklace. But I believed that we shared the same thought. In order to not ruin the concert, Heimdallr-sama remain silence until the concert end. After that, he planned to expose everything to Freya-sama when the concert had ended.”

“Oh… in another word, he abandoned his guarding position by heading toward the concert venue was it?”

“Was it bad?”

“I’m not saying it bad but… I’m sure that with your sight, you were able to observe the concert regardless on your location in the God realm right?”

“Don’t be foolish, Loki. Instead of watching, it more about participating.”

“Heimdallr-sama, you said something great just now!”

“Hey Sei, were you really my ally?”

Argh. No, of course, I’m your ally. But it more like I had the same thoughts as Heimdallr-sama…

“Freya-sama had requested me to do this. So in order to respond to her request, I will do this regardless of the circumstance. So, since you had understand it now, I hope that you will hand over the necklace obediently. As I will carry out this task till the end.”

“…But we also had our own expectation that we must carry out! Isn’t that right? Loki.”

“Actually, it seem that thing were becoming quite foolish now but…”

“Please don’t say that!?”

After listening to Heimdallr-sama and my maniac conversation, Loki motivation had decreased drastically. In order to turn on his motivation switch again, it seem that some forcefully innovation was needed.

“Anyway, let escape first! That’s right, let jump into the sea! Since we can undo the curse while escaping, so isn’t it like we were killing two bird with one stone?”

“Oh, okay. By the way, I not good at swimming. I also can’t transform into any marine creature. There was no choice since there were no sea in ‘Asgard’.”

‘If it was freshwater fish, then…’ was what the confidence-less Loki muttered. I can’t believe this, it seem that even the number one expert in transformation of the God realm was not perfect.

“If that’s the case, it would be fine if you just imitate me. Even though I said that, I can only transform into the earless seal which I had research from the encyclopaedia… rune of ‘mannaz’!”

While saying that, I transformed into an earless seal. I haven’t transform into this ever since I dived into the lake to search for the magic sword ‘Rigel’. I actually thought that there won’t be much appearance time for this even though I had learn the transformation but it seem that my previous action on a whim was quite useful.

“Earless seal is it? I would had prefer for a cooler creature but I had no rights to be selfish. …okay! I had memorized it! Let’s us begin our three day sea trip!”


Since someone like Loki can’t transform into a marine creature, I’m sure that it the same for Heimdallr-sama. It seem that we were able to buy some time at ease from now on,—

“As expected of Saehrimnir. The rumour was right, you were quite skilled with the rune of ‘mannaz’. But that transformation… I had just memorized it.”

“Huh…! How could that be, Heimdallr-sama was… a huge earless seal!”

Damn it, what was that! I had completely underestimated him. I had accounted the fact that he won’t be able to see the transformation in detail as there was a great distance between us but… I had forgotten that our opponent was Heimdallr-sama. Since he possessed that amazing vision, this distance mean nothing to him…!

“This was bad, if this go on… hey Sei! Hold yourself back from swimming nonchalantly, we need to break off from him!”

“Hii! I am actually quite tired~!!”

—just like this, Loki and I and also Heimdallr, who had transformed into an earless seal, began the battle at Singasteinn for three day and three night.

Afterward, this stern and fierce battle was known as the ‘Great battle of the Earless Seal’ and it was carved deeply in the history of the Norse mythology, at the same time… those who heard about this in the future will surely laugh at this—

On the fourth day of the outbreak of mysterious earless seal battle, Loki and I went to Freya-sama mansion as we were dragged by Heimdallr-sama.

In the audience hall, other than Freya-sama, Mardoll-sama was also present. Even Brynhildr-sama and the other Valkyries were standing beside the two of them.

“Freya-sama, I’m sorry for my tardiness. As you can see, I had capture Loki.”

“Heimdallr-sama, thank you for your effort… actually it seem like it was quite tiring for you right?”

“Yes, greatly. By the way, I didn’t expect a reward for this but… would it be okay for me to get your signature after this?”

“Of course, it okay! We will prepared the fancy cardboard and delivered it to you, so please wait patiently for it.”

After he was showed with the greatest treasure of the nine world, ‘the Goddess smile’ at a close distance, Heimdallr-sama turned toward his back silently and expressionless. Then, he left the audience hall calmly in that manner.

“Hmm, somehow he doesn’t look that happy…”

Freya-sama shown an unease expression as she was troubled by Heimdallr-sama weak reaction.

No, it pointless for you to worry about it. That was because he was the ‘no. 2’ in term of the fan club member. So, as long as we have proof of that, his loyalty and love will remain unchanged.

“So, Loki-chan. Can you return Brisingamen to me right away?”

“Oh, if that’s the case… here you go, now I am sure that I had returned it to you.”

Loki took out Brisingamen from his pouch and returned it to Freya-sama. After she took that by hand, she observed it carefully and made a nod while smiling.

“Okay, there was no doubt that this was the real deed. I’m happy that you returned it to me earnestly. Then~, let discuss about the curse now.”

“There was no need for that. If you are talking about the temptation spell, I had already lifted it.”

“I can’t believe this, did you really did it? Mardoll, was Loki telling the truth?”

As expected, it seem that Freya-sama doesn’t trust Loki at all, since she asked Mardoll-sama, who was standing beside of her, to verify it. After that, Mardoll-sama stared at the Brisingamen and reply immediately as if she had done with the verification.

“Yup, it fine! The cursed had been completely lifted. It seem you had done a good job, Loki-chan.”

“I see~… okay. It seem that you had lifted it properly. So, it seem that you had done a good job.”

“Hmm~? Freya, was that all? Wasn’t there something else you had to say?”

“Mardoll, were you expecting me to thank him? Let me said this first, he reap what he sow as he was the reason why I distrust him.”

“That’s the truth. But on the other hand— when will he had the chance to regain your trust?”

After Mardoll-sama pointed that out, Freya-sama become awkward as she remain silence.

That silence of her was the answer. I am sure that even Freya-sama, had realized it by now also. That Loki had stolen the Brisingamen out of good will this time.

“It okay, I am not that particular of it anyway. As this was a result since I had made a mistake in the current task. ‘To do it without being discovered’… the moment when I am unable to do that, this plan had already failed. Since it was the same as previous.”

“Huh? Previous… what’s that? What are you talking about?”

“Argh. No, forget about it. Since there was nothing special about it.”

I wonder what Loki was trying to say. It seem like he doesn’t want to talk about it as it was rare for him to be flustered. Despite of that, Freya-sama doesn’t allow him to evade the subject as it had caught her interest… so in the end, Loki had no choice but to come clean with it.

“For God sake… it about Freya first encounter with Brisingamen. That day, you went out for a walk without any guards as you had woke up early on a whim. Moreover, to think that you had even went on a trip to ‘Niflheim’ thoughtlessly.”

“Thoughtlessly… I had the rights to choose where I went for a walk.”

“Ah, rights. That why I am unable to say anything to you. But… you were actually being targeted during that time. By the king of Jotun—‘Surtr’.”

“! I don’t believe you…”

The king of Jotun, Surtr—even I had heard about him.

Previously, he stole Thor-sama hammer, Mjölnir and demanded Freya-sama body in return. Instead of that, Surtr was defeated by Thor-sama and the Jotun throne was left vacant after that. After that, numerous ‘self-proclaimed king’ giants appeared and started their own kingdom after they divided the lands on their own.

In another word… that means Freya-sama encountered with Brisingamen happened when Surtr was still alive.

“Since we don’t know when Surtr will make his move, I was assigned as your guard when you went out for a walk without any second thought. So, as I don’t want to cause you any needless trouble, I remain silent about it. Moreover, I had confidence that I was able to ‘do this till the end without being discovered’ but… it seem that I had left my guard down. As I was fully bewitch by the bewitching spell that you casted.”

While saying that, Loki felt ashamed and scratched his head.

But even I understand how he felt. And it seem that Freya-sama also had the same thought.

“What’s with that…? Doesn’t that mean… I actually had no reason to hate you on that day? Since you were doing it for my sake. To think that I didn’t realize about it…”

“Of course, you won’t know since you weren’t informed that. So it was not your fault at all.”

“No, it my fault. Since I went and used Seiðr due to my strong desire to have that necklace. Despite of that, I had always hated you… without even knowing about the truth. I’m sorry, Loki. I am really… sorry.”

Loki show a worry expression while shrugging his shoulder as he looked at Freya-sama who was giving an earnest apology. It seem that Loki was not pleased with the result but… I am glad that it ended like this.

There was a saying that ‘it better if you’re not aware of it’ but… I am sure that there are tons of benefit that you can only get after knowing it. Thus, this tragic fate had finally ended today, and the truthful tomorrow will continued from now on. I believed that… that was the best result.

“By the way… Sei-chan.”

Once Freya-sama had finish apologizing, she look toward me out of the blue. I am unable to respond to her as I was caught by surprise but she continue further without paying any heed on it.

“I had almost forgotten about this as various thing had happened but you… transformed into Brisingamen right? During the concert.”

“Eh? Yes, I did.”

“Don’t you think it was awesome?”

That statement that was directed at me hold two different meaning. That was Freya-sama honest thought and it was also seeking agreement from those who present. That why, other than me, everyone else nodded their head silently.

Freya-sama continue on after she saw the nod.

“Actually, I had some curiosity from the very beginning but… as expected Sei-chan, you not an average person at all right? First, was the dragon, then it was Gullinkambi and now it was Brisingamen. Was there any chance that you were able to transform into something else also?”

“Um… well, yes…”

It just like what Freya-sama said, I can also transformed into Fenrir and Brynhildr-sama shield (Erlösung Schilt). But it not like I will tell her about this. Other than those, the possibility was unlimited… which was just my thought.

“Amazing! It decided! I had decided! Hey, Sei-chan, I want you to become my possession from now on! Ah, it not like I am treating you like an object okay? Since I will be giving you plenty of affection at all time so I want you to stay by my side!”


I become dumbfounded once I heard that unexpected statement. But at that moment, the Valkyries, who was standing beside of her, voiced out their outright rejection.

“Freya-sama, that was unfair of you! If that’s the case, I also want Sei-kun to be with me the most! I want him to be my one and only Sei-kun!” (Rossweisse)

The one who voiced out her true feeling without any hesitation was the ninth sister, Weisse. It was without a doubt that her innocent feeling of wanting a company was her good trait. But—

“Then… then I also… no, it nothing. On second thought, to be honest, it not like it nothing at all but” (Grimgerde)

“Ah, hold it! Before that, I also want Sei! As he will become my source of revenue! Thus, I won’t allow anyone to interfere with my plan!” (Helmwige)

“I already mentioned that he didn’t said that at all, Wige-nee-san! For God sake, I can’t stand to watch it anymore… it seem that I have no choice but to shelter you…” (Siegrune)

The Valkyries had started to voice out each of their opinion to possess me unanimously.

Their desire to make me theirs. To have me by their side. Their desire, which was caused by that single statement, started to spread like the ripple on the water surface.

“Siegrune, it obvious that you had an ulterior motive for that. So, I will take care of Sei-dono as I can’t entrust him to a person who had a wicked heart.” (Schwerte)

“Hmph. Just when I though what you were saying, that whitewashing was so like you, Schwerte. So, in order to avoid any conflict, how about we just agreed to cut him up? Of course, Linde will receive the biggest portion.” (Ortlinde)

Don’t—you can’t do that. You shouldn’t said that, that was because—

“How could you… I am sure that I will get what left of him only if we do that… but on the other hand, it better than nothing…” (Grimgerde)

“Grim-chan~? Please rest assured as we won’t cut him up for real okay~? Come on, since all of you sound so dangerous, Onee-san will take the responsibility and look~ after~ you.” (Waltraute)

My heart started to beat faster. Somehow it sound like something was broken. Moreover, my vision was mixed with black colour, I’m sure….

I sure that it just my imagination—which was not.

“Hold… hold it, everyone, please stop it now! Sei-san will not become anyone possession!”

In that scene where everyone declare their desire to possess me, that declaration was made. Brynhildr-sama was trying to calm down everyone at once but it… was too late.

In the audience hall that had become noisy and lively, I moved backward slowly. After transforming into my human form, I closed the open door softly and escaped from the place without being discovered.

“Ah… hold it… what going on…!  Why was everyone scrambling for me…!?”

I squeeze out my hoarse voice during the interval of my messy breathing.

Of course, it not like I am not enjoying it. This situation was the best. If it was the previous me, I might be jumping in joy because of this. But—

“Don’t…come out…! I sure that I was in control of it…!!”

The black sediment that was crammed inside of my body was going on a rampage to break the wall where it were sealed. What’s with this strength… it seem like I won’t be able to stop it by imagining the same wall.

How did this happen? Was it because it had sensed the desire from multiple people at the same time? Which caused the cursed to become stronger? Or perhaps was it because… I spend three night together with Brisingamen (other curse) while lifting it?”

I’m not sure of it. But right now the cause was not important. The most important thing was the black sediment that was trying to escape from its vessel.

“Go back… that’s not what you think it was! I had no worth at all! No one desired to possess me at all!!”

I try to persuade it with those reassuring words but it wasn’t enough to stop the curse from going on a rampage. Will I… be able to control this monster for the second time?

That’s wrong… I had no choice but to do it. I must do it at all cost. Else, I…!

I…— will end up killing someone—.

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  1. Rennando06 says:

    thanks for chap,waiting this
    really want to read what happened to sei


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