Ore no Real to Netgame ga Love Comedy ni Shinshokusare Hajimete Yabai

[Translation is dead! Please come again when I feel like raising it from the grave!]



Sagimiya Keita is a heavy gamer of MMORPG without experience with girls. In his favorite game, he controls a female character, like most of the members of his guild. But when it comes to offline meetings, Keita plays the role of the “The Knight-sama”, the only male character of the guild. He became famous in real life as in virtual life! The romantic comedy between the real world and the virtual one begins!

Volume 1


Chapter 10: Not Good, The Last Part Has Been Brought to The Front

Chapter 1: Not Good, I Suddenly Got Confessed To

Chapter 2: Not Good, the Off-line Meeting Turns Into A Harem

Chapter 3: Not good, My Stuffs Got Stolen

Chapter 4: Not Good, The Cat Girl Looks Like an Alien

Chapter 5: Not Good, Shizuku’s Black Tea Tastes Suspicious.

Chapter 6: Not Good, Mashumaro is Covered in a Pink Atmosphere

Chapter 7: Not Good, Strawberry Cheese is Hime’s Favorite

Chapter 8: Not Good, the Friendlist is Empty.

Chapter 9: Not Good, Knight-sama is Knight-sama

9 Responses to Ore no Real to Netgame ga Love Comedy ni Shinshokusare Hajimete Yabai

  1. happinezz001 says:

    why is it chapter 10 all of a sudden?

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  2. Mark says:

    Thank you! I’ll follow you all the way.

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  3. Bookmarking this~~ Good lucK~


  4. answm17 says:

    Thank you so much!


  5. aditya092900 says:

    Can some one make a epub for volume 1


  6. The story start from chap 10 then or was just a coincidence the title?
    Thanks for the translation !!!!


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