Cross Connect Volume 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Reluctant Swapping


———————–Tick, right now it was 12 o’clock midnight.

Suddenly there was an incoming call so I had to log out of the SSR world, and right now I was facing “her” through the laptop in my room.


The red eyed girl appeared through the cheap liquid screen was glaring at me with a disdain look.

『You are……..Tarumi, right? If you join this game why don’t you use your own body but instead you swapped with mine. On the contrary, why am I in your body. Do you know why?』

That haughty, harsh look was as if wanting to judge me.

An expression made of from dissatisfaction and rebellion.

The girl took a deep breath and slammed down both her hands “boom”.

『And being swapped at that time you didn’t log out, did you! Don’t you find it strange! Eh, you didn’t find it strange!? Being stuck in that situation and you only thought “even if being troubled by such thing there’s nothing I could do” huh! You could resolve it you know! If you just log out it’d be fine!』


『Oh my god, thanks to you I had to suffer for hours, do you know how much I struggled!? Why did it become like this! Quickly take reponsibility !』

「No, I told you..」

『And moreover it’s a boy body……….! Hey, am I still okay? Is my virginity still intact?』

「Hah?! Of course you are still————–」

『Even though I saw through the NPC and saw you ”complaining at the fountain why massaging my breasts”  !?』

「About that I’m really sorry.」

I slammed my forehead on the thin mat beneath the bed.

Hm, after hearing her voice I slowly looked up, the girl who had “swapped” with me was blushing and crossed her hands.

『That’s enough………..if you do it again I’ll cut it』

The girl who had just spit out those dangerous words was——————-cyberbrain shinki.

A girl who was very confident in herself, once again I tried to observe her.

The same as Harukaze, this unworldly beauty girl could not have contact with the real world. The black gothic style skirt with long pink hair and strong red eyes. More over there was a lot of accessory added, however it was not hindering or anything. A complete balance.

Just that.

『……….What are you looking at』

If there was any other problem, it was that she was being extremely cautious of me————–I think.

「E-to…………first of all, I want to arrange this whole situation.」

As if being saved by the embarrassing atmosphere, somehow I had opened my mouth while scratching my cheek.

Immediately, the girl had made an annoyed face.

『Eh? Wasn’t that completely done. Tarumi, you are troublesome』

「I’m completely normal? It’s about the thing before, I could not understood how could you communicate between the real world and SSR? You still hadn’t explain to me about it.」

『It’s because I’m a cyberbrain shinki. I don’t have to prove it, OK ?』

「Wait, there’s nothing okay about it. ………. I knew cyberbrain shinki had special power but, the one I knew couldn’t do it.」

Right now maybe Harukaze had already slept———-Although I didn’t know when but she left a note beside the bed saying『Stay healthy』————-I thought while trying to retort.

Right. If any cyberbrain shinki had the ability to transmit information, the swapping diary when doing ROC was surely meaningless. Not that I didn’t want to admit it but, if we could communicate directly like this it would be more convenient.

Just when I finished saying it, the girl inside the screen only titled her head questioning.

『Eh ? What are you saying. That is of course. The mysterious code inside of us till now no one could explain it, about how it affects AI most of its study had been going nowhere? Therefore the ability found in each cyberbrain shinki is also different. About my ability it was “the effect of interfering with electrical device”.』

「…………I see」

That meant——-The cyberbrain shinki all owned a special ability since birth.

Before this, Tendou had also mentioned this. For example, the ability of cyberbrain shinki code number 5 – Harukaze was “Rewrite setting”. Back in ROC, my log in condition had been overwritten by Harukaze. Therefore I had to leave the game for a short time.

Just the same as her, this girl had in her the ability to “interfere directly into the device”.

『Fufu, how’s that? Now have you understood it all』

「Ah, maa, about that transmit I know. And also the other part.」

『Muu………There you have it. If the cyberbrain shinki didn have this troublesome thing then it wouldn’t be so complicated right? Even though you are only a sexual offender but because I’m generous, so I’ll forgive you. Now then everything is done. Bye by———–』

「About sexual offender or you want to leave halfway, anyways the situation had happened so just wait a moment!」

Sticking to the screen I yelled to the girl who was explaining while pouting.

The thing was, although the picture was pretty ugly but I guessed I needed to take it out to keep her. Thanks to her interference that the information trading could go easily like this, therefore I must not let it be cut right now, because I had no way to reconnect.

『Really………….I’ll play along with you.』

The girl said while shrugging and grumbling, it seemed my wish had been approved.

「Thank you …………Then, first of all let’s introduce ourselves. I am Tarumi Yuunagi, high school student. Even though I could not speak in detail but, the thing is I’m participating in SSR」

『With my body?』

「Ah that right. I don’t have any bad motive. ………Then? Who are you?」

I stare at that red eyes inside the liquid screen.

The true identity of this beautiful girl. I knew she was a cyberbrain shinki, but I wanted to gasp her condition and the situation she was in. Could I continue the game under this unique swapping condition or not, therefore having more information was necessary.

『Eh, I told you……….Um?』

————-It was exactly as what I’d thought.

『Nobody, I’m only a cyberbrain shinki, I just told you before. ………Are you stupid?』

「No, about you being a cyberbrain shinki I know. But it wasn’t what I meant.」

『Then in the end what do you want to ask. Speak it out clearly.』

「Truly it is……….if don’t know don’t act complex. Alright, I will tell you clearly, I will ask you one thing at a time. First of all, what’s your name?」


The girl blinking her eyes and stared at me.

『Ah, name. ……….a name』, murmuring it again and again, her cantankerous attitude suddenly calmed down. Ah no, instead of saying calmed down………it was the opposite, she was just musing.

「A—-, by any chance you don’t have a name?」

『Uh!? Y, you shut up. If so then what, it’s not a problem having a name or not. ———Ah no. Have to say I don’t need it. Name is nothing more than only a code to identify oneself, I am the absolute, one of a kind.』

「Then let me apology, your name will be “Suzuka”, is that okay?」

『The most powerful, all capable, a super girl………………Heh?』

As if hearing my words, she seemed to have hit a brake, it seemed she had received a big hit to her mental.

Rough breathing with puzzlement, then the girl slowly looked up.

『Su, Suzuka……….? What is that. The name you thought of?』

「Ah. Suzu(鈴) in Furin(風鈴), Ka (夏) in summer the season, that was your name Suzuka (鈴夏). Actually, when in game I had decided it like that. Also, even though I don’t want it but it had saved me.」


「………., Hm. Maybe you don’t like it?」

Standing motionless inside the 24 inch screen, she just stood there face down and started trembling, because I couldn’t see her expression. But……….this pause didn’t look like she rejected it, maybe it was surprise.

In a moment, after overcoming that uncomfortable feeling.


The face which was decorated by the pink color hair looked up.

『H, hm? Suzuka. Suzuka right. It’s just that I don’t get used to it so I’m a little surprise! Really, you are really! …….Bu, but, however that’s the name a no brain like you had gone through the trouble to think up, if I don’t take it I’d feel bad for you………Can’t help it, I’ll use it. From today onward I’ll be Suzuka. Though, don’t you mistaken!? I had to be very reluctant!』

「Eh? Ah, if you hate it that much then————–」

『I didn’t say I don’t like it!』


What was it. Was she being bugged?

While pouted showing her attitude with me, after that sometimes she murmured something like『Suzuka……..fuhehe』—————–Staring at that strange behavior of “Suzuka”, I only tilted my head confused.

「—————Now then, I’ll ask you about all the rules in SSR」

『Um, no problem. Even if saying I was the smarted in SSR wouldn’t be an extravagation. Rule, system or even hidden menu in restaurant I also know!』

While looking at Suzuka inside the screen being complacent, I crossed my hands and lost in thought.

After 10 minutes passed—————-, thanks to integrating her could gasp somewhat the situation.

First of all, Suzuka was a cyberbrain shinki belonged to one person in Sphia head department “Oboro Tsukuyomi”. Born earlier than Harukaze and carrying the code number 2 (Code Peta), after that it seemed she had been modified to participate in SSR. Because of so, of course she’d know all the content of the game game.

Everything except one————It was swapping with me.

『Um, only that part I don’t understand.』

Suzuka complained why pouting.

『Even though I had long awaited for this game to start, then suddenly I was attacked by you? No matter how generous I am I could not help feeling uncomfortable. Then what are you planning to do, Tarumi』

「No, I told you I’m not interested in those swapping things. I had just said it right」

『Hm, is that so. Even though you don’t like it you still massage a girl’s chest』

「……….Hey, don’t touch that subject again okay? I’ll cry okay?」

While exchanging trivial chat—————–I secretly aiming at her expression.

………..What’s the meaning of this?

From the start of the conversation up till now, seemingly up to 100% Suzuka had made a very “happy” face. If I didn’t mind the harsh words or her discomfort attitude she showed to me, maybe she was feeling excited. Because of that she being impatiently waiting for the opening day was not a lie.

But, this thing……it was a little strange.

In order to avoid “executing cyberbrain shinki” being exposed it was only being implied in the invitation meant for a SSR participant like me. And  if Suzuka was the “cyberbrain shinki own by the GM of SSR” then, there was the possibility she was the target to make me into the savior.

But even so, Suzuka did not run away from this game.

Seemed like she wasn’t put in a insecure or terrified state like Harukaze.

If so then what? Don’t tell me that those threatening words were fake? Or was it Suzuka didn’t know anything and being used by someone?


I put my hand to the back of my neck while groaning. For example, if Suzuka really wanted to join the game, of course, the best choice right now for me would be retreating from SSR.        Because me joining battle would not bring any benefit for both sides. If so, I could stay home and just read manga. ———However,

「Dammit………….let me ask one more thing」

When I asked her name, she had made a very sad face.

It could be some trivial stuffs, but until the situation around Suzuka “was being made clear” then, I was not allow to give up now. Ah right, how could I give up why inside of me was having this vague feeling. Therefore I had only one option.

「————–Hey Suzuka」

『Not allow』

「Allow me to participate in SSR」

『Just now I’ve said it right, why did you just ignore it and force me…………You are the worst……….』

「………Hey look, I’m begging you」

Suzuka bent her body forward as if teasing me, after that I had to say with a more serious tone.

「Just a little is fine. We’ll take turn and play, do you get me? I would not take all the log in time and only split it in half, how is it.」

『No, half is still too much. Why suddenly you being so humble. …………….Haa, look, it’s not like I don’t want you to participate, you know it right. But,…………it was just that I don’t want to concede to you. Moreover, in this negotiation I had no benefit?』

「If it’s about benefits there are」


Slowly swallowing my saliva I quietly raised my head. Immediately I met eyes with her, that red eyes were staring at me in tension. ………… She looked as if expecting something. About her situation, really I didn’t know anything, therefore I completely didn’t thought she would be expecting like that————-

「While I’m playing SSR, you could freely enjoy this world.」


「E-to………….You don’t understand what I said? It’ll be like this, I wouldn’t completely take possession of your body, it’ll be a swap. Although it’d only be a stimulation, but you could come to this world. Therefore……….ah no, it wouldn’t be much of a problem right. 」

Before those words of mine, Suzuka didn’t say anything, she just widened her eyes like that. I was about to say how happy Harukaze was very happy when she had experienced it but……………. when I looked at the reaction of Suzuka, I thought this proposal was not really appealing.

「S, sorry. Just forget what I said. About other benefit then…………..Ee-to, let’s see.」

『I go. 』


『I said I’ll go. …………Not only in game, I could enjoy the world outside huh? Um, the swapping condition is not bad. Though, you are too close! Tarumi, do you understand!』

As if cutting electrical line in her emotion, suddenly the way Suzuka talked had brightened up.

Pointing her index at me through the screen—————She said while smiling.

『Now give me half of your time, that would do it. Moreover, all the rudeness of you up to this point, I will forgive』

Her expression looked as happy as ever. As if she had lot lot lot of scheme of some kind.

…………This was a bit too quick, I thought.


Although I had used to when I was in ROC but, this swapping situation was really annoying.

Being force to join the game with the role of someone which wasn’t yourself, I had been threatened by Sphia. Though however it didn’t affect much, moreover, there was another problem incurred even though it was not a big problem.

That right——————-While logging into the game, I completely could not interfere into the body of Tarumi Yuunagi.

I could not interfere. Or to be more precise, my control rights had been taken away. How that affected me then, in the case of Harukaze was the clearest. Swapping with me in ROC only in one day, she had messed up my normal daily live. Back then, the swap happened in a good condition, but Suzuka just now had smiled very mischievously, therefore this time I didn’t know what would happen.

In order to prepare for the worst situation, I’d sent a mail for Yukina and Harukaze at midnight. On the side of Yukina I had took precautious 『It will maybe a bit annoying but, if I had some weird behavior don’t mind it』, and on the side of Harukaze I explained somewhat about SSR and the ongoing situation. I told her that 『Keep an eye on Suzuka, don’t let her run wild. 』

Supposedly there was still a “senpai” who loved to play trick, but unfortunately the message I sent her didn’t have any response. Therefore, although I felt a little insecure but I had to leave the situation around Suzuka to Harukaze alone.

—————The next day. Shuubun day.

Today, I was ceded the right to go into SSR for a day, therefore, I’d activate the log in app just like yesterday to go to the game world.

After that, I realized something strange.


A soft bed. High quality bed sheet was touching my skin. And on my head there was white dome.

………..What kind of inn is this. About this problem I could understand. Because even though they were cyberbrain shinki they would still need to sleep, so her looking for an inn to rest was nothing strange————–However……….

「You don’t need to rest in such an expensive place………」

Unconsciously, I had sighed.

Looked like a high class inn for rich people from the noble area. I only looked around a little but in the room everywhere was displaying very luxurious and noble furnitures. If I wasn’t in this bishoujo clothing then I looked no different than a fool.

While showing a meat-pain face, I slowly stood up.

「………….Um ?」

Suddenly I felt that there was something uncomfortable on my neck.

What was this……….A string? Or a necklace? Even though I didn’t know its material but, it was pretty thin and embraced all my neck. If I tried to look down then, of course it would be a very wonderful sight, that ecstatic sight————–Ah let’s stop.

「Th, this girl………..wearing a very shiny and sparkling necklace.」

I distorted my face why tapping the device on my left hand writs.

Code number 2 – Suzuka. Her cyberbrain shinki power was interfering to electrical device. Or could be said it was a higher version of hacking. The truth is, though I didn’t know how to transmit information between the real world and SSR, but with this power, I could establish a connection to support each other.

『——————? A, Tarumi? What are you doing. You haven’t log in for even 5 minutes.』

「What is it, it’s because of you. ……….Hey, do you know the rule of this game? We have to go find pt. Even using skill or buying item, everything need pt. But even so, why suddenly you used it so wasteful, unbelievable」

『Mu……….what do you mean waste, you’re too extravagate.』

「Then the inn with the necklace was not completely wasted?」

『Hm, of course. How could I stay inside a cheap inn with that appearance. And the necklace is because it’s very cute. Right when I saw it I wanted to buy it. Surely its birth was meant for me! Moreover it has the skill “remove curse” too, if I don’t buy her I’d feel guilty!』


『? Tarumi ? Hey, are you listening? Taaruuumiiii ?』

While ignoring Suzuka voice I lied down flat on the bed, staring into the device with dead fish eyes.

I tried to confirm the owned item. Here it was————the neckless. “Passive curse removing”. As exactly as what Suzuka had said. Seemed it had the effect of clearing curse type item and skill.

「By the way how much for this?」

『The price? Um, plus the inn money————–Bath money, massage money, house carriage money, food money etc………….————-Total is about 1000pt.』

「Thousand……..!? —————–Are you freaking kidding me, there’re only 54pt left!?」

Because the answer was far different than what I’d imagined so I almost lost my mind.

1000pt ? This damn girl had use it all? No, it was true I was really shock but, from the start I didn’t have that much? The Game started at 6 o’lock yesterday afternoon, since then till now there was only about 12 hour. The pt accumulated would be 700. Plus the starting amount and minus the amount I’d used……………….Um, as expected it didn’t count up to 1000pt.

Seeing me being puzzled, Suzuka suddenly said “Aa” s if remembering something.

『You’re thinking about the missing pt right? Um, because it was not enough I saw the sword. It didn’t look fit with the outfit in anyways, no problem right?』

「There are a TONNNNNNNNN—————–Of problem!」

I yelled with a voice of a bishoujo without caring about its effect. Because of it the other line let out a『Hyau !?』(with my voice), although it was a little disgusted but I didn’t have time to mind such small thing.

「Eh, what did you say!? Said it again!? You sell the only weapon to buy accessory, and right now we don’t even have a penny? Are you kidding with me!?」

『What kidding. Tarumi, you should quickly and accept reality』

「I don’t want to be told those words by you!? Though, saying it now is a little late but, you even bought clothes! What is it for! The color and design is no different, you don’t have to buy it!?」

『A. Sorr…….Ah no, not that. It’s not. E-to, that is……..that』

「……..huh ?」

Sensing Suzuka talking demeanor had become a bit shy so I stopped questioning . 2 second, 3 second, that embarrassing breath was slamming into my ears. ……..What happening? For a while now she was being arrogant to me, why suddenly mentioned about clothes she became like this……… ?

『………..Th, that’s fine right!』

As if to overcome my question, Suzuka murmured in a second and suddenly yelled.

『Different to you, because I’m a girl caring about my appearance is only normal!』

「No, that’s correct. But about this————-」

『………Moo, moo! What’s wrong with you for a while now Tarumi! What are you misunderstanding?』


I continued asking with a little annoyed tone, a tone that didn’t fit this cute appearance at all.

In contrast to the bishoujo like Suzuka who was inside a boy’s body——–moreover being told by her own voice, of course she would answer in anger.

『Um. It’s true that you and I had swapped. But, I don’t remember saying I’ll work with you. I only want to enjoy SSR, even on this side too, I’ll use all the time I have to further decorate my page. I will not miss a second!』

「Hey, wait up————」

I couldn’t hear any signal from the other side, she had cut the talk mercilessly.

While looking at the device in standby mode, I heaved a long sigh.

I couldn’t understand the purpose of this GM.

I also couldn’t understood the action of the hero.

In the end I couldn’t get the cooperate from the cyberbrain shinki girl I was trying to steal.

…………Will it be true, that I could complete the game in this dire situation?


Because nothing was going to according to my will I was being upset more than ever, even so I had to do something. As not to waste the breakfast (The whole inn set), I had to eat everything clean, then I came back to town in the dawn atmosphere.

Glittering, calming sunlight of autumn. Sign of NPCs were starting to function gain

While enjoying the gentle atmosphere in the lively noble area, once again I confirmed my status and tried to link to the “news” on the device.


There was a function existing on the device, to put it simply it was “the function to investigate pt owned by all player”. In order to not be in a bad position due to tricks having all the secured information was very useful. The cost for each time opening this was 50pt. Maybe next time I should consider about this.

Maa………… it was not like I was “stingy” because Suzuka went on a spending spree or anything.

《News: Present – Second day – 7 h 42 minute. Demon King: 9. Hero: 480. Revolutionary: 1570. Executioner: 594. Judge: 780. Tracker: 1222. Priest: 1004》

「Um, I see」

It was still not too late, I quenched my eyes while saying it.

Even if I wanted to do anything first I had to earn pt. But, if the pt I owned was used up by Suzuka it would be meaningless, therefore I only had one way that was to convince her.

「————–Earn pt, huh」

Standing hand crossed, while feeling the faint sweet scent across my nose I murmured.

「Let’s see, the fastest method would be working right. Suzuka said she’d sold the sword…………though, there was nothing to sell but it.」

「If it’s from you it’ll sell. I think it’ll fetch a high price.」

「No, that won’t do. In a lot of means. If being violated by some unknown uncle she’d have mental damage.」

「Then I’ll volunteer. I’ll make you feel good. You wouldn’t feel regret」

「That’s not the problem. Moreover if the other party was a girl then I——————, Ah, heh?」

………..Right now who was I talking with?

While being dumbfounded my slow reaction, I turned and looked at the body standing on the left side. Without murderous intent, but the problem was someone was standing here. Something very fishy.

And————–The one who was standing there was a girl who I didn’t know.

The neck length hair with soft water color.

Small build, slender figure.

A straight face, emotionless, and her eyes looked like “no color”.

「Who are you………?」

Being ask such obvious question by me, the girl only nodded “um” and answered with an extremely calm demeanor.

「I am Mitsuji Koori. People usually call me———–Icy queen」

「…………..Etto? Icy what?」


「Ah, that so…….um」

No matter how much I poke at this probably I wouldn’t understand. If saying according to my feeling, it was something like this.

Eeto, Queen. Icy Queen. Because it was Koori so it was Icy.

(*氷 – Icy: Koori. Her name rhythms with it [koori])

A simple naming huh, though whatever. In the end it was only a nickname. Calling herself with a grand name, though I didn’t have any impression with the name icy queen in anyways.

Well————-more importantly.

「What business does your majesty have here」

Taking a step back, I quietly stared at her.

This little girl………….this girl, her demeanor was different than other NPC. On her left wrist there was a device exuding a shine light. She was one of the official player joined SSR. And most of all, the nature of this game was a battle royale, aside then fighting there was no reason to approach another player.

Not good———-not good at all, I’m about to die. No wonder the warning sound just kept ringing in my head for a while now.

How to escape from this situation? The only thought I knew right now was “run”, but unfortunately I didn’t have any pt to use 《Accel》anymore. I didn’t have weapon, PVP directly face to face was suicidal behavior. That option right now would be rejected.

————Fuu, I took a deep breath to calm my nerves.

It was not over. I still had one way to escape from this situation. It was just that method was a little annoying so I didn’t want to apply it, even though right now I didn’t have any room to complain———–.


When I realized it, that white arm from Mitsuji had stopped me when I was about to take off my cloth in the middle of daylight and《Store》to sell them and trade for pt.

「No need to be hurry. I’m not here to fight you.」

「………..Heh? How could I trust you. And besides, you said you don’t want to fight………….actually just to suppress me (ore)———–me (watashi), right?」

「Look at this.」

Because she couldn’t do anything before my reaction, Mitsuji operated on her device and spoke in a calm voice.

And—————immediately the screen displaying the player status entered my eyes.


Owned item and role, seemed like it was the profile information page which was displaying. It was not something you show other easily.

Even though I felt puzzled before this sudden action, but because Mitsuji just pressed the device screen at me so I couldn’t react anymore.


In short, because being pressed into my cheek I couldn’t read much, slowly holding Mitsuji hand and removed it, then I kept a suitable distance.

「? why evading.」

「That’s enough. I somewhat could understood what you’re trying to say……………..That’s it huh, priest.」

Mitsuji nodded satisfied without putting on guard.

“Priest”———–Right, the role name written in her device was priest. And with only the roke priest it was enough to explain this approach.

Because. In 7 roles priest was the easiest to be aimed at.

The wining condition for executioner and revolutionary was the desertion of priest, if that happened, chances the victory condition for judge would disappear. Moreover, because her winning condition was “existing more than 3 played with 5000pt at the time changing day and month” so she’d be completely isolated by anyone who wanted to find quick point. A very disadvantage position.

On the other hand, outside of that nature, she would gain nothing when attacking other player…………….therefore, it’d be no problem if she temporary became my ally.

In fact, the demon king wouldn’t gain anything attacking the priest. Stealing pt was of course had its use but, in return the executioner and the revolutionary would be closer to victory, a risky action. At least until I knew the course of action from the judge.

Moreover, there was something I needed to pay attention to.

「Do you want to fight with me?」

Cut in between my thought, she stared at me with that colorless eyes which no one could figure out what she was thinking. A closed girl but a little different when comparing to Harukaze. Maybe it was, the clueless, indifferent and having no cautiousness.



I accepted the team up request from Mitsuji.

It wasn’t like I wasn’t being cautious with her. Now matter what I was still a guy who carried the view of life as not trusting in humanity for many years. To anyone who I just met I would always ask myself “Is his existence dangerous to me or not”.

I tried to turn and look at her intentionally, but from her, I completely didn’t sense any “hostility” at all………….And about the problem of her fighting strength. To be honest, with the status of my pt like right now, in contrast I was the one who should be in the position of asking for team up and not Mitsuji.

Or it could be said that, her approach was at a perfect time.


I opened my mouth and called Mitsuji who was walking quickly in front.

She only looked back and tilted her head, it seemed she was the silent type.

「What is it?」

「Ah, I thought you knew of some work. Even though the game had only been opened for a day.」


Even though I had praised her a bit like that, but Mitsuji still didn’t show any emotion.

Working, or it could be call a way to get pt that she had mentioned. Even me and Mitsuji all agreed on the plan for now was to “for now let’s earn pt first”, and one method had been proposed. It was the job of fixing the clock tower or something……….its content was somewhat extravagated.

「Yesterday I saw a lot of recruiting flyer. But this probably the best」

Saying so Mitsuji continued to walk forward. Once again, I looked at that figure from behind.

……….As expected she was a small girl. Her height was shorter than me in this form. Her facial expression was emotionless and innocent, if saying she was a middle- schooler maybe I’d believe it.

The way she dressed was also simple, she was only wearing a thin shirt and short pant. A simple way of dress like boyish style, a demeanor that made other mistaken her for a “trap”. Moreover, the pair of thighs beneath her short pant was a sight to behold.

—————–And then, that slender legs covered in short socks suddenly stopped.

「It’s here.」

I looked up after her emotionless words. ………..Looking up. And then looking up. However, no matter how much I looked I couldn’t see the whole view of it. This must be the highest tower in SSR world, a sky piercing grand, majestic tower.

It could be said, this tower was so high that the cloud couldn’t compare to it—————–It was the clock tower, the center of the SSR world.

Talking to the working standing near the entrance and we were allowed to passed, then we were taken to the upper floor.

Though, because there was no elevator so we had to march on foot. In truth it was no different than torture. Fuu, we both were running out of breath. As if taking notice about that exhaustion, on the way the worker had told us a story.


Even though it was called the “Clock tower” but, in true there was a watch station installed on this building. On the terrace at the high of few hundred meters, we could see the whole view of the world below.

And, it had always been on the watch station, the reason why this building was called the watch tower————–That right, it was the giant watch with wood frame.

The top of the tower, the big size number implanted on 4 angles. According the worker man, it seemed all the watch in SSR was set up with that time standard. That mean, it wasn’t an over statement but truly that clock set the time for the whole world of SSR.

「Ma, maa, in other words the clock towers here are really great!」

………Um. It was something like that.

Because the story of the man was long before we noticed we had reached the watch station. 「Ah right」, the man wearing the white helmet answered us as if remembering about it and explained about the “role”.

「This is the main content of the work…………let’s see, it’ll be transportation. Up here before because of lightning there is one broken big watch. Well, though one stops working there isn’t any problem regarding managing time but, to the watch manager they’re having lots of problem. So we need to quickly fix it.」

Over there is your ship, the white helmet worker raised both of his hand and said happily. He continued pointing at the thing which looked like a camp set up inside in the corner of the watch station.

「The material is over there, the tool too. It’s really cramp up here right, so we only need to bring necessary item at needed time. You will hear direction from up here, every time you go down bring the needed item and then come back here. In general it’ll be that cycle. The payment will be paid by the amount, if you two try hard, earning 1000pt is not a dream」

「! Fufu………..thousand point huh」

The number the man mentioned, even the emotionless girl Mitsuji who was staying silent for a while now raised her face. ……….I see, so that was why she chose this labor work. Although it was a little hard but, after a few hour to own a pt up to 4 digits was really attractive.

「Then, let’s start」

The NPC uncle went down to the lower floor when his role was over, I looked at him saying something to Mitsuji next to me. After nodded emotionlessly, she started looking for something inside the tent.

And then……… just fo a few second she had turn and called me.


「Eh? ————A, Oh. Suzuka is me (ore)」

「Suzuka, calling yourself “ore”. Suzuka is cool. Suzuka cool.」

「…….Sorry, forget what I said. Ah no————-hm. Quickly forget what I said, okay?」

「That would be difficult. Because my memories are really good……….Anyways, quickly come here」

Saying with a calm voice, Mitsuji waved her hand calling for me.

I stared inside the tent she was using. Different than the normal ones, the entrance to this tent could be covered, inside was a little dark. Though it didn’t matter much. Inside it was not like I couldn’t see anything, because that thing entered my eyes clearly.

A white soft blouse and an impressive red short pant.

That right—————It was a sportswear.

「That’s good」

Didn’t mind me, Mitsuji took up the outfit and said out straight her feeling.

「Maybe this place is for us to change. So our cloth would not be dirtied」

「Wa……….wait up Mitsuji. Are you going to wear them?」

「That’s right. What is it?」


It wasn’t a big deal but.

100% the average high school boy like me definitely would looked at girl in sport wear with lecherous eyes, moreover, if seeing that sight in a normal day but not in class it would be even better, moreover Mitsuji was pretty cute (even though she didn’t have boobs)———-. Generally that the reason, but in short it was no good.

「? I don’t get it」

Mitsuji tilted her head pondering, an attractive movement as if piercing through my heart.———-

「Gulp!? W, wait a minute Mitsuji !」


「You,———–just now you were about to take off your clothes?」

「Is there a problem?」

While looking at me with her pure clear eyes, Mitsuji asked.

Those hands started starting to take off her clothes, that white belly was exposed, yet her face expression was still calm as ever. In that moment I realized———–right, now I was switching with Suzuka.

Saying it in an objective view, there were 2 girls here………..!

Therefore she acted like that. Mitsuji didn’t feel embarrassed but the opposite, she just became suspicious.

「Suzuka is strange. We are both girls so this is normal. Moreover, if you don’t change your clothes it would be soaked with sweat?」

「A, Ah………no, I know that……….ehem. Then I——-I’ll go outside, you change first. Everyone will take turn changing」

「Um. If taking turn there would be no problem?」

「That’s right. Seeing other people change clothes I don’t think it’s something nice, therefore I completely want to avoid——————」


No, wait a bit? What are you saying this me. There’s a problem. There are a whole bunch of problems. Because, changing alone means I would be remaining in this tent and forced to see Suzuka body in her underwear. Not good, this is not good. Even if it was my body I wasn’t allowed to see it, what kind of ironic situation is this!?

Unable to hide my reddened face, I got lost in thought while panic———-At the same time.


Maybe because feeling it was too troublesome, Mitsuji Koori had taken off her shirt without any hesitation.


As reflex, I looked the other way. However……….all was no use. In a blink, that scene had surely entered my eyes, that underwear was as simple as I’d imagined my retina had become hotter than ever. When I was trying to fight back my desire, after that I immediately heard the sound of taking pants off “rustle rustle”————-Gulp!

「What the, hurry up and put your cloth on!?」

What is this! What’s wrong with you! Not only the upper part, in a heartbeat you’d taken everything off, wasn’t that too sexy, dammit!


Turning away from a half naked Mitsuji, I quickly dashed out of the tent. Opening the device I slammed bomp bomp forcefully at the contact function. I tapped the name appeared first in history.

The one who picked up in less than 3 calls.

『Moshi-moshi ? What is it this time, Tarumi. I’m talking to Yukina, your friend————Ehem. I’m busy playing with Yukina?』


The alarming words sounded, gasping sound on the other side was really belonged to Yukina, maybe I should not touch that subject to avoid any annoyance. As expected Harukaze alone couldn’t stop her. No other way than clapping my hand and pray.

『Tarumi ?………….Hey, moshi-moshi Tarumiiii ? Etto, I’m not apologize for the clothes?』

「Ah, Not that. On the contrary I’m the one who should be apologizing about your clothes. ………..Say, I want to ask something, if this outfit were dirtied would you be mad?」

『Wha……….What is it. What do you mean?』

I explained about the current situation when asked by Suzuka who was puzzled. Calling it explaining but actually, we mainly discussed about clothing while working. If Suzuka understood it then I wouldn’t have to take off my clothes.

However, seemed Suzuka didn’t have much content.

『Muu. That’s no good』

「Hey you, don’t muu muu with my voice? That’s creepy? ……….Forget it, I’ll wash it after work. That’s no good?」

『Nope. Moreover, from the start you’re not allowed to touch my cloth! Um……….let’s see, right』

Saying then Suzuka continued in a happy voice.

『There’s another girl there right? Fufu, I just got a very good idea. Can you call her here?』

「Ha, Hah? What for」

『Just call her as you’re told ! Hurry !』

「Really……….I got it」

Going along with Suzuka selfishness as always, I headed to Mitsuji who was staying inside the tent. Right when she finished changing and stepped out.

I called out to her while avoid looking at her small breasts beneath the sport wear.

「Mitsuji, are you free? Actually Suzuka———-Ah no, there’s a NPC I met yesterday wanting to talk to you」

「? A little is fine」

Mitsuji nodded in agreement.

After having her consent, I tapped on the device so that Mitsuji could also hear Suzuka.

『OK, good. Then Tarumi, close your eyes.

Now then——–You are Mitsuji, right ? Fufu, listen carefully. Now you’ll be the stylist for the super cute girl standing in front of you! It’s alright, you only need to do as my order and there won’t be any problem. Then, stretch your hands and take off the clothes.』

「Um, um」

「———–Wait a minute!」

Before the voice resounded from the device, I looked at Mitsuji and let out my voice, she just did as told without any protest. For now I’m still closing my eyes. Because the speed she taking clothes off was really godlike I couldn’t open my eyes.

Suzuka started responding with an annoyed voice.

『What is it again Tarumi, that’s the best way for no one to get hurt? What part of it do you dislike.』

「Of course there is. Manly my pride and my glory would be wounded! Not that I dislike it, it was just this is so embarrassing, even Mitsuji too, she also doesn’t want to———」

「I’m fine with it.」

「You don’t have any objection?」

「I’m good. Therefore don’t move………it would be hard to take them off.」


Sensing Mitsuji voice at close to me, for a second there I stopped breathing. Also there was a light sweet scent as if circling around my body…….Maybe Mitsuji was standing in front of my face then circled around to my back. All was to taken off my clothes then put on the sport wear.

Fuu———–I’m starting to breathe roughly.

I could not control my body temperature.

The rustling sound of clothes, the anxiety feeling ran across my spine when I was in a defenseless state. Even so, immediately after I had felt relieved when there was a hand pushed at my back.

『…….I, I also feel embarrassed you know.』

———Hey, Suzuka.

There something in life you should not speak out in words.


「————-Suzuka do you feel anything?」

After dealing with the annoying clothes problem, we started working for about 5 hours. Mitsuji stealthily whispered into my ears when we were walking down the stairs.

The sweltering breasts underneath the sportwear———-Although, this upper looking view could be said to be extremely vulgar———–while I was suffering from it, I turned and asked Mitsuji.

「Feel what?」

「…………Suzuka stupid. Slowpoke. Dunce. Idiot. All of it」

「No, I don’t understand what you are saying but it won’t be to that degree…….」

「That not gonna happen. Because————we’re being watched」


All my body became stiff after her light whisper …….Being watched?

「……….Since when. And more, do you know who that is?」

I asked while thinking. With the game system of SSR it would not be strange if someone came and attacked, but as expected the most suspicious one I could think of right now was the hero, an unidentified suspect. Right now the only thing that wanted to kill me was “a shadow”.

「Um, I’m not sure who that was」

Mitsuji shook her head with no emotion.

「But I know about the time. Maybe, he had watched us since a few hours ago」

「Why…… that, that’s stupid right. Because I————we had been staying together whole the time right? I thought he got to realize it, moreover, if he only wanted to surprise attack although he watched us for hours, that wouldn’t make any sense————」

「There is. ……….Even though it’s simply observation, but it’s not meaningless」

Before her meaningful words, I repeated my habit of putting my right hand to the back of my neck. Only observing but it had meaning? Not looking for a chance to attack, but only observing. That meant tailing. Or in other words stalking, or tracking…………Tracking ?

That’s right, there’s still someone else.

With no need to attack other player but on the contrary, a role with the unique victory condition, that was to hide in the vicinity———–that’s right.


「—————–A-ree, busted」

Clack, with a light footstep sound coming out, the scenery had completely changed.

The space just now didn’t have nothing nor anyone. But even so at that place suddenly appeared a girl as if an illusion had materialized her body.

A girl with lots of impression traits. A scarlet bun on black hair. Her clothes was street type, however, although simple but her style was very fitting, full of rock’n’roll feeling. Moreover there was something completely opposite of that appearance, it was that she was hugging a big stuffed bear in front of her chest.

Whether she was the innocent or weirdo was unknown to me, but in front of us, she smiled and hold the tip of her dress lightly bowed to greet us.

「A pleasure to meet you two. Rina is only Rina. I’m the Tracker like you have guessed. Please take care of me♪」


Her sweet attractive tone. Truly she was pretty cute but, from other angle I found her to be very insidious. Also, I didn’t get why looking at her I had déjà vu. Why was it, I was sure this was the first time meeting her, but the air exuding from her was very familiar. Just like in the last Ura-game (ROC) or was it…………Ah no. Now was not the time to worry about that.

Clack clack, the Tracker walked toward us.

While observing her appearance, I noticed something. Her blackened eyes completely didn’t look at me. They were glued on one person only————it was Mitsuji.

「A-ha. As expected, as I’ve expected……….♪ Nee——ne, this Onee-chan is Mitsuji Koori right?」

「Then what」

「”Icy queen”. “Undefeated fighter”. A genius player, someone who achieved second place continuously in Ura-game…………A-ha, is that right? Surely you are very, very strong right?」


Mitsuji only looked without saying anything, she didn’t mind those provoking words.

On the contrary, the tracker was humiliating her while smiling mischievously.

「Ufu,fufufu………….! Right right! It’s that cold expression! As expected of Koori onee-chan. I only want to tell you one thing. Only one thing. That is, Rina is________veeeerryyy hate Koori onee-chan♪」

Opposite of that happy voice, her glare and words were as sharp as a knife. Completely not joking. Her sweet whisper as if a curse continued to ring.

「I hate you a lot. Why ? A-ha, if it’s onee-chan surely you know? …………Yes. That’s because you’re noticed by Izayoi onii-chan」


Suddenly hearing the name out of my expectation, my throat felt choked.

However…………speaking about it I remembered that familiar feeling. Ah right, it was very familiar. She had a somewhat similar point with Izayoi Kozuki.  The way she blended the color, outfit, style and that smirk, all reminded me of a certain hentai battle maniac.

This was definitely not coincidence—————-It was just that this girl was a zealot of Izayoi.

「Rina’s lovely Izayoi onii-chan ♪ Rina’s onii-chan alone♪」

After that the tracker repeated Izayoi’s name as if singing a song. …….A scenery that made the audience feel uneasy. That Izayoi, surely wouldn’t join Ura-game because of these troublesome mess. Back in ROC he was staying with a different girl, in the end what was his relationship.


While stroking the stuffed bear head, the facial expression of the tracker became darkened.

「You also know it right? Izayoi onii-chan really like strong people. He only has interest in strong ones.」


I knew it. Izayoi Kozuki was that kind of guy. Therefore I could get hold of 85% of his brief biography, a guy who always lost in search of strong opponent, no matter where he was.

And now————The Tracker while smiling walked closer to us.

「Rina hates onee-chan. To be honest, Rina completely doesn’t have any reason to fight you two. Because Rina is Tracker. Someone who could do nothing but sneaking. However nee, I could not take it anymore. After seeing Koori onee-chan like this, holding myself back or the progress of SSR I don’t care anymore! Therefore, Koori onee-chan? Have you resolved yourself? Only onee-chan alone I would definitely…………deeeeeeeeefinitely I’m going to kill ♪.」

「…………That so」

In this close distance, Mitsuji and “Tracker” were facing each other.

The confrontation between mischievous smile and emotionless face————–In a blink it started.

「_____《Subjugation of Invisibility》」

The one who just said was the Tracker. With the chant, that small body and the teddy bear gradually melted into the air. And after a few second, her body had completely disappeared.

This was the phenomenon of space bending …….. Subjugation of Invisibility huh. Although I didn’t understand its exact effect but, maybe it was a hiding skill unique to the Tracker role. Definitely she was still standing there. Now maybe she was smiling while looking for a perfect chance.


However, in this dire situation Misuji still didn’t move. She only stared at the empty space, as if she could get hold of the coming danger. Comfortable, or to be precise it was the categories of “listlessness”——-


The Tracker chanted her accel skill while in the concealed state.

At the same time a shocking sound came from inside the tower———-What is that? 《Subjugation of Invisibility》was not the skill that made such noise. That meant the tracker just took out some big weapon?

The bended space disappeared after a bit————Removing my right hand from the back of my neck, then I tapped on the device and activated《Accel》, the normal utility speed enhancing skill. After my speed stat increased, I kicked the ground and grabbed Mitsuji who was standing next to me.


The noise, impact, and then silence. ……..After a few second, I tried to look back and saw the place I and Mitsuji were standing before had completely collapse. Both the stair, floor and wall built of strong bricks were letting all crackling sound and tumbled down.

「………A-ha. Why did you get in my way? Onee-chan」

And then.

The Tracker appeared again with her joyousness from the start.

「Moou, you’re unbelievable. You know, Rina extremely, extremely hates anything that stands in my way? Onee-chan, do you understand?」

「……….Is that so. I only met her just now so how could I know.」

「Hm. Again another stubborn onee-chan. Rina doesn’t think that’s good」

She smirked, squinted her eyes like a cat……..then she rushed forward.

「————-Die !」

Overwhelming speed. The Tracker rotated the teddy bear which she had been hugging and swung it forcefully with both her hands. With the sound of large impact, the surface of the wall took the direct hit of the bear was easily blown away. In a blink it had became a pile of debris.


I twitched my face when I saw the true form of that mass destruction weapon——–Even so, maybe I had evaded the first attack with the twist of my body. ……..Um, its attack power was not a problem, if it was this much I could dodge it. At least it was not in a desperate situation like with the hero.

However, at that time.

「Suzuka is in the way, get aside」

「Eh? Aa!?」

This time Mitsuji was the one that pushed me away.

An unbelievable situation, leaving behind me who couldn’t keep up with this mess, she had faced the tracker. After those 2 attacks————Mitsuji had deployed both 《Accel》and 《Power》, and then jumped up when another attack came. The stuffed bear missed her feet and slammed into the wall, along with a low noise, it carved a big hole on the wall.

「A-ha. Finally you’re ready…….Onee-chan ♪」

With Mitsuji participate in the battle, the tracker smiled distortedly.

However———-her face expression in no time became dark again.


A very strange scenery entered my eyes.

Mitsuji jumped up to dodge the tracker attack but, why she didn’t fall down but floating like that——— even changing her direction in mid air and kicked hard into the tracker’s shoulder with her heel, a situation which could be call non-physical.

However, in reality it did happen.

「A, Guh!?」

Taking a critical hit. The Tracker shrieked and dropped her stuffed bear. Even so, Mitsuji attack was not over. Circling to the back of the tracker while floating in mid air, she unsheathed the short sword from her waist and put it on her neck.

「………Death? Or run away?」

After a few second.

Instead of admiring and giving praise, I became so shocked that I could not let out my voice.

「…………………Damn, you.」

Before an indifferent face Mitsuji as always, the tracker became furious, biting her lower lips as if feeling humiliated. But, I didn’t mind that. Before the scene of being dominated by the “game sense” of the “Icy Queen”, I could only opened my eyes wide and stared.

She————Just now, she bought gravity.

Although it was my guess but……… seemed Mitsuji had collected gravity before,《Stored》it in the item column and created “no gravity state” temporally. And now she could 《Deploy》gravity at her wish and used it to move in the air.

Not like she had used any strange skill.

Nor was it any rare item.

「(Alll could be bought with pt———–She was only using that normal method. However, that can’t be right? Just now immediately in the battle she had————Ah no, even though it was planned before but, the game only started for one day and strategy like this had been made!?)」

While swallowing my saliva, once again I looked at Mitsuji tilted face. A expressionless face, although I didn’t feel any attractiveness at all but————–she was really powerful. No wonder that Izayoi laid an eye on her.

「(No matter what……….this pt point could buy in-material mater like gravity, it could enhanced strategy with bribe, and that genius method……….Then is there anything else? What else could I buy? Think, something critical, something couldn’t be seen my naked eyes, an item that surpasses all definition………And even I…, for example………….)」

For example—————although I couldn’t completely figure it out but I felt like I discovered something.

While I was losing in my thought,  Mitsuji continued to talk with the blade on her hand pressed against the tracker’s neck.

「What’s wrong? Quickly and choose.」

「Gulp!? F, fine. Disappear, I’ll disappear from here okay!」

Being urged by threatening like words (though it was actually threatening), the tracker quickly gave up. She picked up the stuffed bear and just like that running down the stairs.

And after reaching a certain distant, suddenly she turned back.

「———–Aha, Rina is angry. Definitely, definitely, defiiiiiiiiiinitely Rina will be the first one to complete SSR ! You two just slowly enjoy the feeling of losing to Rina♪.」


No, this me had nothing to do with it————-I was about to retort to her like that but, but it seemed that was something people called dead language right, because before I could say anything the tracker had disappear.

Letting out a tired sigh. First of all I needed to say my thanks to Mitsuji who was standing next to me.

「A——–, um, thank you Mitsuji. Actually you saved me.」


Without saying anything, instead she stared into my eyes as if thinking something. And then after a dozen seconds———–she clicked her lips.


「Eh ?」

「…………Um, nothing. And you don’t have to say thanks. Because right now, we’re partners.」

Only saying those Mitsuji turned away.

I also didn’t understand what she meant, while following her back I scratched the back of my neck.

————And the stuffs after that, we only discussed about trivial things.

And my part time job payment, it was deducted all into fixing the building destroyed by the tracker.


After completing the work of repairing the clock tower, I logged out. While leisurely resting in dinner time, suddenly I heard loud noise outside my room “Boom boom boom”.

The noise which was no different than of thieves, the kind of noise that the people of Tarumi house knew whose it was, and in no time, a too familiar scene slammed into my eyes.

「_________Nagiiiiiiiii ! You are so!」

Boom! Using all her strength to open the door and walked toward me in anger, right, it was no one other than my childhood friend, Yukina. Since the moment she angrily entered this room, looking from top to bottom she was irritated, though that was a very standard, typical of Yukina.

Therefore, I didn’t care about it and just answered her while reading the manga in my hands.

「Oi, what is this. Just now you were still human」

「Wha, what was that, you said as if I’m not human! No matter how you look at it I’m your super cute childhood friend, Yukina-san!」

「With that appearance……..I would be very shocked…….」

「Eh, what? What do I look like in your eyes? A bizarre monster or something? B………but Nagi, if I became like that would you worry about m——-」

「Don’t tell me the main character dies」

「You’re talking about the magna! What the, you Nagi !」

Haa…Yukina heaved a listless sigh while complaining………’re talking about the manga, since the beginning I was talking about the manga and nothing else.

「Really now………..Then? What’s now. For what reason did you come ?」

「Hee? A, um. ……….E-to, what is it again」

「………..Then be it」

「N, not, not it! Because you like to mess around I kinda…….forgot !」

Having just sit on my bed she suddenly stood right up as if remembering something. Yukina poked her face at me while her cheeks were a bit red.

A somewhat pure scene floated into my nose.

「Nagi, last night you told me this. Something like “from today onwards strange things might happen but, if possible please bear with it.”」

「A, Ah」

It was true I said that. The thing about me joining SSR———–If speaking directly, there were chances of lots of trouble appearing when I and Suzuka swapping with each other. But because there was no need to explain in details the swap with Yukina so I could only beat around the bush with vague words.

「………However, a」

When it came to there, I suddenly remembered the talk with Suzuka in the clock tower.

That right……….speaking of it, that Suzuka, from the start she suddenly dragged Yukina into this and messed everything up. Even though I only guessed using the noise from the other line but, definitely she did something. Probably I gotta give her a speech.

「E-to, therefore」

While I was trying to prepare myself, Yukina suddenly spoke and cleared her throat. Those brown red eyes looked hot and full of tears.

「I know it. I know a bit about those “strange things” that you said, but if Nagi doesn’t want to talk about it I would not ask. Therefore, I’ll try to endure it.」

「Um………I’m sorry」

「It’s alright. It’s because you’re worried about me right. …..B, but」

The more she talked the more Yukina became smaller, and now she didn’t dare look at my face. …..what is this?

「………….It’s just, this is, a little bit」


「~~~~~~~~~~~~ ! Because!」

Since I could no longer heard her whispering words I felt hard to understand, Yukina once again groaned inaudible words, then she looked at my direction with extremely red face.

The distance of use both was so close that our nose could touch each other at any moment.

「Th, that confession! I don’t know how should I response to it !」


Unconsciously, I answered with a tone like someone who came back from the moon.

As if putting all of her resolve into her voice, Yukina continue to criticize me angrily.

「Aa moo, Nagi you idiot! What’s the meaning of it, early morning today I and Harukaze-chan came to your house, even so you suddenly grabbed my hands! Although I didn’t what fun thing happened but, we’ve been together all day! More, moreover, you did that,…… that……..」

「Like…….like that?」

「…… pressed me against the wall and said words like『I love you』…………」


I completely became petrified. While staring at Yukina who was being so embarrassed her head was about to explode, I was at a loss of word…………..Eh, am I related to this? I’ve been at Yukina side all day and confess? Saying I like her ?

The both of us looked at each other without being able to speak.

And then Yukina let out her voice first.

「I………….I, I know. It’s those weird thing you had said before. “the strange thing” right? For you it was just a misunderstanding or………….it was just an accident right ?」

While talking Yukina pouted, sometimes her eyes glared at me. Misunderstanding or accident……. truly it was that but, being asked directly like that I could hardly nod.


In short the first thing I needed to do was to deal with this swiftly. Now my mind had calmed down, so, in this situation I had to try coming up with the most suitable lines.

「Thing is……….I’m really sorry. Bu, but it’s like you said. If you understand then you don’t need to be that embarrassed.」

「Gulp !」

Once again, Yukina stared at me.

Then she inflated her cheek and stuck out her tongue as if pouting.

「I know you’re not serious but embarrassing thing is still embarrassing! Nagi you idiotttttttttt!」

Leaving those words she ran out of the room.

「………..Did I, just now, make a mistake?」


While scratching the back of my neck I murmured. I didn’t feel like making any mistake, even so, my four years experience of human interaction had been polished a bit more. But Yukina also understood it too right.


While thinking so the smart phone on the table rang its ring tone.

I quickly tapped the incoming call scene. It was Suzuka.


『A, Tarumi ? Nishishi, how did it go, how did it go? This super smart Suzuka-sama just helped with your love life!  My super cool trick was a little surprising right. After this if you graduate from virginity you should be grateful of me for the rest of your life』


『Fufu, you’re so surprised you couldn’t say thank huh』

「No freaking way, I was just so shock I don’t know how to scold you」

『Eh——— ? What, you’re not being honest huh, Tarumi. And you’re really weird. Having two cute girls close to you but you didn’t make a move yet, unbelievable. Don’t tell me you’re herbivore (laugh) or are you just pretending?』

「Silence. Hey, make a move your head, Yukina is my childhood friend? We have been at each other side since we were small, how could I have that feeling for her」

『Really? Is that true?』




『………….Hưm ? Forget it, then I don’t care anymore. Hey, so what about Harukaze? Thing is, since the first time she came to your world, don’t you think she wants to be rapped rather than making out on the bed』

「You are really direct…………. but don’t talk about your “younger sister” like that」

『Younger sister ? Younger sister…….Ah, I get it. Because Harukaze bears the code number 5……….Ah, therefore……..』

「……….Suzuka ?」

『———-Eh ? Ah, um, nothing. E-to, e-to………Right! One more thing, I was about to provide you a very valuable information. Um, only so!』

「Valuable information」

『That’s right. ……….fufu, prepare to celebrate? Listen closely? When I confessed———-Yukina was very happy. Definitely she fell for you』

「……………….!? Dammit, would you stop it!? 」

After my tell, she only giggle and cut the connection.

Haa………., while letting out a sigh I stared at the phone’s screen.

「This me is also trying to complete SSR ………..」

———-Ah no.

Although I complained like that but the decision of joining SSR was my own subjective opinion. Suzuka did not ask me to, Sphia also did not force me either. No matter how selfish or unconcern she was, I had no reason at all to complain or being angry at what she did.

Moreover——–although she had a haughty air but, sometimes when in a happy mood she became melancholy. For some reason, sometimes Suzuka became indecisive. As if she was hiding a secret. Therefore, maybe it was too soon for me to consider her a “selfish and prideful girl”.

「…………Well, maybe it was my imagination.」

While murmuring I shook my head, after that I stood up and head to my study deck.

According to my experience the second strike was about to come————Before that, I needed to quickly think of excuses for Yukina.


Next morning.

It seemed yesterday Suzuka had a lot of fun, therefore today too she was very eager to come to the real world. I happily accept but, with the mess the other day…. Different than the day off yesterday, today was a normal day of the week. If I let Suzuka come to school it’d be a disaster. But I couldn’t abandon this game either.

This and that and this and that————–I hesitated for up to 30 minutes.

「………..There. If you choose this side then I have to go to that side」

Walking while trying not to step on the dress I murmured, in the end I have to step foot to the SSR world. This place, could it be……..the residential area at the outer part of town, maybe. This place lacks the liveliness compare to the trade and noble area before, a rundown scenery.

「Saying that but this place looks like the country side.」

While mumbling about those trivial thought I opened the scene of the device. Once again I frowned before the hard to use display, and then after regain my calm, I opened the notice board bar.

《Notice board: Present, 3rd day – 8:20 AM. Demon King: 1370. Hero: 1229. Revolutionary: 387. Executioner: 1003. Judge: 800. Tracker: 2208. Priest: 2455》

I heaved a sigh of relieve.

……….Um. 1374 pt, then that meant the part of natural increase and the part of pt spent to fight the tracker yesterday mostly didn’t change much. Don’t tell me since Suzuka had satisfied with the other world she became tame in the game.

「Now then」

Back to the main problem. Right now I needed to think about what to do next. For convenience’s sake it was best to find more point through part time work, however, I was having a bad feeling about it.

A very shaking movement.

「Perhaps, it’s time. Even if having to use all day to understood the mechanic and rule, this period is where the players start to make moves」

If there was someone who was as sharp as Mitsuji then, everything would become troublesome——–I need to remember this.

Reality there was something very strange happening. In the notice board there had been appearing players with pt point exceed 2000pt. This was the perfect time to review about strategies as well as role skill usages, or collecting item and powerful weapon. Even so there was no big changes.

More than ever, especially the role like revolutionary and executioner, moreover the judge too.

Revolutionary———-the role aims at “Desertion of Executioner – Tracker – Priest”.

Executioner———-the role aims at “Desertion of Demon King – Judge – Priest”.

Judge———–the role aim at “Desertion of 2 random roles and the surviving status of Priest”.

Different than priest and tracker, these 3 roles were forced to commit PVP. When that happened the other players would be caught between a rock and a hard place called “if acting carelessly, on the contrary they would have the upper hand”, but it was not so. Starting to act when preparations had been completed was something essential however…..…

It seemed………someone was interfering?

If thinking in this direction then, right. There must be someone.——–


「!? ……….A, Ah, it’s Mitsuji. What is it, you startle me」

At a suitable time, Mitsuji appeared and called me out from the back….……..As always, I could not sense her presence, who made me shrugged my shoulder, making the gesture of a weak girl.

「Suzuka. Something happened. It’s emergency」

「I don’t want to hear your troublesome tales, but for now tell me. What is it?」


「…………No, I said, if you keep pressing the device at my face how could I see anything」

A familiar scene that I’d seen somewhere. Gently controlling her hand which was extended, I stared into the device with no concerns.

「………..Eh ? This is……..」

「That’s right, maybe it’s, PVP. I think someone is doing it.」

Mitsuji naturally continued my words.

———–The thing which was reflected on her device was the whole map of SSR. There was 7 points scattered on the street with concentric circles. About its distribution, our position had 2 points, 3 points at a different location, the last 2 points were completely discrete. Which point was who, although I didn’t know but these 7 light points were the presence of the players.

Probably right? Right at when I confirmed it, Mitsuji nodded magically.

「Yes. This was the item that helps us know all the location of all the players………However, it’s very expensive, and is one time use only. Moreover, it nullifies hiding skill. What a let down 」

「What let down……….now’s not the time for that. If we don’t hurry it’ll be bad.」

While controlling my increasing heart rate, I touched the back of my neck with my right hand.

3 people joining PVP ………? One of the worst situation that could happen. This was not about a large amount of pt point that would transfer to the winner, but the main problem was the judge. “Help the priest survival and make 2 random roles desert”————The winning condition would happen if the battle commenced.


While biting down my lips, I sneaked a bit at Mitsuji.

That right———-Mitsuji Koori was a priest. Supposedly if two players deserted in the PVP, but before the fight was over, if I killed Mitsuji then the victory condition of the judge wouldn’t pass.

「…………Suzuka ? You aren’t going?」

Causing Mitsuji to stare at me with colorless eyes, as if she was doubting my attitude.

While looking back at her, I thought carefully————–and the result only made me sigh 「……….Haa」

「No, let’s go, as expected I couldn’t ignore it. You also have to go right? Then hurry up.」

I quickly ran to Mitsuji and nodded.

…………Aa, I knew. I knew it. If I wanted to complete the game with a cold head, I would be forced to defeat Mitsuji. That would be the most sufficient and safest method. However, the problem would be whether would I be able to directly defeat the girl who owned such terrifying skill, this was completely different since the start.

However————-betraying the girl who protected me from the tracker, I could not pay it no mind.

Although it was not much but she said we were partner.

Therefore I gave up attacking Mitsuji with those vague arguments, more importantly, I was completely being absent minded when hurryingly running to the PVP point.


There was a small stair leading down in the ally. In a moment, I realized it when advancing forward but, it seemed Mitsuji behind me didn’t see it. That small body tumbled down.

「《Accel》 ! 」

————-Right before the contact, I used speed enhance skill and slid down beneath Mitsuji. Together with a small action, the head with water colored haired landed gently on my belly. Because this multi frills layer had absorbed the shock or something the fall didn’t cause me any pain at all.

Just when I was thinking that.


I could not move my body.

Because I was restrained, or because I couldn’t move phiscally, all was wrong————It was just, because there was a weapon pointed at my face, so I could not stand up.


Mitsuji Koori completely didn’t have any reaction before my astonishment, she only stared at me with expressionless face like always. She mounted me and restrained my movement, then looked at my direction with cold eyes ……….Wait, calm down. Calm down.

The reason for me to cooperate with Mitsuji was what? Ah right, since from the start she was only a priest. And priest didn’t have any benefit fighting with demon king. So the partner relationship was achieved.

Then why did she attack me————–?

………..While thinking at that point, suddenly the device on my left hand wrist rang.


It seemed the same for Mitsuji too. Saying nothing, she looked at her own device. And then, after confirming the content, for some reasons, she rotated the screen and stuck it to my face. Feeling a little suspicious, but because in this situation I could not turn away.

The thing that displayed on the screen was, all the diary of SSR.

In the system message, there was something that slammed in my eyes———–It was.

《The Revolutionary had defeated the Priest》


In a moment, all the blood pressure inside my body felt as if stopping.

No……..Not right, how could it be. Priest? The one who was defeated was the Priest? Then who was the one standing in front of me. Dammit, shit. I surely saw the name written there in the device of ————–

「100 pt」

「…………Eh ?」

Mitsuji said, interrupting my thought which was dominated by chaos.

「If it was the item to camouflage the screen then, we could bought it for 100pt. It was really useful. Just that much and the game can be played.」


Camouflage the device screen———-I see. Then the name Priest was a fake.

That meant she changed it. The role name. Maybe from the start Mitsuji motive was to kill me. To approach me with fake role, she played the role of a harmless priest. At the same time. The real priest had also faked the role of Mitsuji, because of it the action of revolutionary and executioner had been limited when aiming at the priest. All of these situations were set up by her.

A rock that hit many birds, ingenious lead.

This was————the Icy Queen.


After realizing it, I sweated profusely.

At the same time I wanted to swallow my saliva. …………Aa, as I’d presaged it. Since yesterday, the rule of only aiming at the demon king, even those flexible action or her killing intend in silent, I remembered. That was of course. Because I had fight with her once before.

「Who……………are you?」

Even though I knew I asked out of politeness, Mitsuji Koori lightly answered with a listless face.

「Hero———–I am the Hero」


The noise from afar echoed into my ear.

The mild sun rays were not too hot, it could be said the weather was nice.

In that wonderful space used for relaxing, I, a bishoujo who was sinking into darkness tried to move my legs.

「……………How am I still alive」

In the end, I spit out monologue in the quietness. The current situation was like this,

—————-After knowing that Mitsuji was the “hero”, inside of me half of it had wanted to give up.

Because, with this situation no matter how I thought about it, it was check mate. Completely checkmate. Of course it didn’t mean I gave up winning but……… even so, I could not find any strategy to help me escape this obstacle, maybe it didn’t exist for me to find. I also unable to use the role skill,  《Force Due》only to steal an obtainable item.

…………However, at that moment.

The strangest thing happened, Mitsuji stand up from my body and 《Stored》the short knife on her hand, then she turned away and went away.

Before leaving, she left words that edged into my mind even now.

『You don’t need to resist. I won’t kill you now, because before you’d helped me, so I’ll let you go this time.』

『However, yesterday I had a lot of chances to kill you. Maybe after this too. …………Because Suzuka doesn’t have any defenses. You trust people too easy.』

『This is a game. Ura-game.』

『If being affected by redundant things you will never wind』

『Moreover I would never lose to the likes of you.』

「I know, you don’t need to tell」

While saying so, I kicked the small rock after being lecture by her.

Mitsuji’s words were really accurate. If it was the hero, definitely she had a lot of chance to kill me. Because, my mind had been at ease seeing the information she was the fake priest and completely discarded my wariness of Mitsuji. I helped her as the capacity of being partner. Come to think of it that was a strange story. Absolutely do not trust other players———-it was one of the most basic rule of Ura-game, before I had done so and achieved victory.


The past me that had changed my personality to complete that ura-game, it was illuminated by Harukaze back in ROC. Not just changing a doctrine, I joined the game with the completely opposite mindset compare to before. Even though I was called liking to poke my nose at other’s business but, I didn’t think I wanted to give it up that simple.

「If it could be discarded that easy then, from the start I wouldn’t join the ura-game.」

I curved my lips full of confident…………Right. It was true that I failed in being wary of Mitsuji real personality, but it wasn’t like I had made a mistake with that soft way of thinking. It was completely wrong. From now on I would prove I was right.

Maa, something liked that.

「Just you wait Mitsuji.————It will be you alone I definitely won’t lose to.」

While making a distorted face I declared with no self control, even so, this me in a girl’s clothing could only heave a sigh and quickly went to the next location.


「Kaha——————Yoo, Yuunagi, you’re late. Where the hell have you been」


The location which the PVP happened. When I reached it, suddenly an annoying voice came out which made me convulse my cute face and want to go home for good.

I slowly raised my face after looking down to escape the reality which I didn’t want to believe. However…………reality was cruel. The tore jean, red coat and shirt, faint tattoo on the body, short black tea colored hair. The no good man which “I don’t want to have nothing to do with him in my life”, he was standing in front of me with an arrogant attitude.

Izayoi Kozuki.

The biggest opponent of Harukaze (me) in ROC, however, somehow we had become partners———-But it was a little different, it could be said he was just a battle maniac weirdo and could keep calm in every situation.

「Haa……….look. Normally you have to say 『I’m waiting』right. It’s obvious when someone come to PVP. But how do you know I am Yuunagi. Isn’t it the first time we met.」

「Ah? That’s as clear as day. It was it」


「Your appearance. Air. And also scent」

「……….I’ll kill you」

While hiding the breasts which were even bigger than Harukaze, I kept my distance as my instinct told me before the delinquent standing in front of me. Dammit…………this dress was no good. Its quality was at a completely different league from Harukaze.

Izayoi looked at me while smirking, then he tapped his shoulder with the pistol on his right hand “bop bop”.

「Well, let’s not care about the trivial. As long as you participated whether you like to cosplay or not in this great conference, I would not make a big deal out of it.」

「I told you many time this is not cosplay ———Forget it, then what.」

I raised both of my hand as if giving up, I didn’t want to explain anymore anyways. Moreover this guy wasn’t the hard headed or stubborn kind of guy. Definitely he wouldn’t care about my appearance or this glossy peach colored hair.

More importantly, there was something I wanted to ask him.

「Then. ………….Izayoi. If there’s only you here, you are the revolutionary?」

「Kaha. who knows———–I was about to say that, but I’ll tell you directly. Anyways I could not hide it from you. ……..Yes, I am the revolutionary. Even though it was time consuming playing role disguise but I beat him up」

「Hee………..what the, so you also spent such effort.」

「Ah? Not that much though. The different between us was like a big rock to a small pebble on the side walk. Actually I could reduce some time but……huh, don’t tell that was you plan? Oh?」

「Hya !? D, don’t put your hand on my shoulder, I’ll sue you!? Get away……….Aa dammit, it’s not that! The one who claimed to be priest wasn’t me, it was Mitsuji!」


After I spoke the name Mitsuji, Izayoi expression became dark and distorted. He murmured something like 「That so」, while scratching the back of his head with the pistol, a while later he inhaled deeply and heaved a long sigh.

「Haa……….Another annoying name huh. I know her? Mitsuji Koori. A genius player with cold attitude. She has never lost a game she participated, and with that too abnormal battle record, she’s called like “icy queen” or “undefeated fighter”. Although winning but she only asked for strange rewards, just like an insider name “Sakura” that Sphia had prepared.」

「……..There’s someone who really owns those two titles」

「Aa? Ah, something likes that. Something for those bright faces in Ura-game only? Of course you too」

「That you don’t need to tell. I don’t want to hear it.」

Ah sure, Izayoi smiled wryly while saying so. I didn’t want to have any embarrassing nicknames. But right now, actually I was being very envious of the player titled “queen” like Mitsuji………….Although, huh?

「If so why are you so upset. Don’t you want such a strong opponent like Mitsuji? You suppose to be happy right.」

Though, if there was someone like that shouldn’t he chase after her rather than me———I asked myself with those innocent doubts.

However, Izayoi only shook his head bothersome.

「Ah———……….about that. How should I put it, she doesn’t match with me.」

「………..Ha ?」

「I’m not joking. It’s a long story………..At first I was very interested? In the time you don’t participate in ura-game a new face appeared. So there was no reason I didn’t challenge her」

「Well, that I understand. Then what? You had your revenge?」

「Are you stupid. I’m feeling mad just telling it again. It wasn’t like that, from the start we didn’t fight」


I frowned my eyebrows being puzzled at the unimaginable answer. After that, Izayoi continued again in discomfort.

「That girl, she did not fight directly against me. You know what? It was exactly as her nature or her name. She would definitely do not do pointless or trivial thing. Therefore, back then as the one who achieved the title “strongest personal fighter” like me, of course she would be avoiding」

「Ah…………I see. In short you were avoided」

「It’s as you said. Moreover, in the end we didn’t meet each other again in a game, but about achievements I’m above her? Specially I was at top 1. …….And about the title “Undefeated Fighter”, it’s a mystery even till now. She, at that time had quit in the middle of the game. If in the situation she must PVP directly with a high rank enemy like me then a quick victory strategy won’t work. Maybe it’s the meaning of the nickname fighter “complete victory to the last moment” or something.」

After finishing the story, Izayo heaved a disappointing sigh. Maybe his personality wasn’t match with Mitsuji was true. His face dyed with tiredness and boredom spoke it all.


By the way, I had a ton of useful information for the stalker like Izayoi …….. should I tell him, no matter what he looked kind of miserable.


Izayoi said a short line before me who was being silent.

「You————had accompanied with the fake priest like Mitsuji huh, but right now everyone went their own way. So tell me, what is her role?」


「What the, trading information for an equivalent price is normal. Ah, just now there was the judge guy  here. But he ran too fast I lost him.」

While smirking, Izayoi pointed his gun at me. Through his tone and attitude, he didn’t look like about to start a PVP, however he could change his mood and fight me at any time. Moreover, I was also well known for what reason why if he pulled the trigger.

………Couldn’t be helped huh.

「She is———-the hero. Not priest but the hero」

「Hyuu. Really, the freaking almighty hero of all the player and used the role skill right at the first day ………so that was the queen huh. It was really her.」


Is that so, Izayoi started explaining the situation.

It was true that when activating role skill it would be posted on all log. If a cheat type of skill like《Auto Save & Load》was to be public then, definitely no one would think of attacking the hero. Mitsuji had used that chance to change role names with the priest and approach the demon king. Moreover, the real priest would be hard to be aimed at when wearing the clothing of “hero” and abide his time until he was exposed.

———–Once again, Mitsuji was really good.


While I was changing my awareness for Mitsuji then, suddenly the hedious laugh from Izayoi slammed into my ears. He laughed and spinned the gun with his index finger.

「If she’s the hero, then you are the demon king right?」

「……….Ah, that’s right」

「Ku, kukuku………….Kahahahahaha ! You show me yet another funny game Yuunagi! Demon King against the immortal hero! A—, then the revolutionary like me is an outsider huh! If only I were the hero it would be nice!」

「One role per person…………Though? Wait the minute. What did you say?」

「Aa? ……..I didn’t say anything strange. Don’t tell me you love cosplaying so much you’re hearing delusion」


What was that. Just now I definitely heard something.

「Ah no………forget it, it’s nothing.———–really, talking about being outsider it should be the demon king right. I have to defeat an immortal? How could I win like that.」

「Kaha. The way to defeat the hero, huh? It’s true that these kinds of system usually appear in RPG. No matter how many times you lose, the player just need to redo at the save point. To the demon king it’s nothing different than a nightmare. Even many times he defeated the hero again and again, he would stand up, a desperate adversity.」


「However—————there’s one way.」

Izayoi suddenly said with a serious face.

「About that. I think you had reliazed it, it’s just that you are ignoring it. Even if it kill me I would not do it. So I don’t want to tell.」


In front of Izayoi words, I twitched a bit then nodded my head. Seeing that reaction from me, he curved his lips smiling satisfyingly.

「And about the second one. This is the main point. A very simple thing———-Doubt. You have to continue doubting. Reviving skill is a complete cheat. There’s no such thing. Definitely there must be some trick to it———–Well, this is something normal in an Ura-game……However, it’s a bit troublesome this time with no limit.」

「………..What do you mean」

「You heard it right? As if normally ura-game is always managed by Tendou Byakuya, but this time it’s not him. ……Hey Yuunagi. I’ve joined many kind ura-games, the game from Tendou usually had low equality. But———if I was asked about “the other guy”, I have to halt my answer.」

In a blink, the air around us as if being dominated by suffocating silent.


I understood abit about Izayoi reason. I also knew about the savagy of the invitation message, the inequality in roles, the guides from the librarian. I wondered, if it was possible to trust the GM of SSR because considering those element, of course the answer would be no.

However———it could be said this was a problem related to meta perspective

「…………However, hm」

Suddenly, Izayoi sighed while sractching his head with the gun barrel.

「Looking at it objectivity it’s so hilarious, about you being the demon king it’s so wrong.」

「What’s wrong……… what about you, ain’t you the revolutionary? Your wining condition is the desertion of tracker, priest and executioner. It doesn’t have anything to do with demon king.」

「No?   Other than pt point stealing system, there’s totally the PVP fight which doesn’t have anything to do with the condition. At least, if you are here, I’d still fight without caring about your role.」

「………..I still have a lot to complain but, is there any problem if it’s so?」

「Because that can’t be thing is the problem here————Maa, here I come」

「Haa !?」

Without caring about my reaction, Izayoi raised the gun with swift movement. Bang, right after that gunshot resounded———–However, normally there should be a metal ball flying with the speed of sound toward me, but it did not happen.


Izayoi groaned in pain. I frowned my eyebrow while looking at the scene I could not understand, right after that, suddenly Izayoi face appeared a smirk. He looked happy rather than being in pain.

「…………Hey, are your head alright」

「That hurts……….dammit. Can’t easily dodge this gun shot」

「No, what I wanted to ask was your mental part not the physical contact part. ……….Though wait a minute, gunshot? What do you mean?」

「Shut up, don’t you understand with your eyes, I was shot. Right when I was about to attack you I was aimed at.」

「Ha……….?  Being shot, by who?」

「Ah? A role who wants to protect you isn’t it the hero, are you still sleeping」

Izayoi squinted his eyes as if didn’t understand what he said. “I should be the one who doesn’t understand”————I was about to retort like that but, immediately I realized.

Not right……….I understood what he said.

The winning condition of hero was to destroy the demon but not the desertion of the demon king. That meant, if I was killed by other player, Mitsuji winning condition will be lost. That was why Mitsuji had no other mean but to protect me. I also did not understand for what reason she discarded the chance to kill me but, at least for now, she’d be in trouble if I died.

—————-Haa, Izayoi heaved an annoyed sigh.

「What a strange entanglement. It can’t be helped now if I couldn’t fight. Maybe because I crushed the priest she had turned to hate me………Annoying. Tch, from the start she had hidden here, what a bitc———-(bang)———dammit that hurts, if you wanted to pick a fight come out and do it,  f*cking stop hiding!」

A bullet came out to interrupt Izayoi words, unable to take it anymore, he punched the nearby wall. Of course no one answered him.

While looking he spewed out curse words————while I was lost in my thought.

The defeat of the priest led to the situation where all roles would have big changes. The winning condition of judge and tracker would completely disappear, other than collecting 10000pt there was no other way. On the contrary, the revolutionary and executioner were on a winning road. However, on the other hand they would be more wary than other and would not act carelessly.

They remaining players just only need to find pt in that wariness………but it seemed it was not that easy.


While I was feeling burning in my heart, suddenly the device on my left hand wrist glowed.

Something bad happened in the real world, while being unease I tapped the calling buton—————–

『A, ya-hoo Tarumi ? I’m about to be expel. Thing is today there was PE class but……….you know, I’m a girl right? So I went to the girl changing room. Ahaha, sorry! But don’t worry? I don’t think they’re that serious, I ran away quickly though!』


「Oh, Yuunagi. A, How should I put it……….don’t worry, I know how you feel.」

——————Bop, being encouraged by Izayoi who placed his hand on my shoulder, I tried to swallow this frustrating feeling, and tumbled down, on my knees, my body had no strength left.

《Selector of Seventh Role: End of day 3 – Half way proceed》

《Demon King: 2361 pt. Hero: 2079 pt. Revolutionary: 1603 pt. Executioner: 448 pt. Judge: 360 pt. Tracker: 3032 pt. Priest: Deserted (Lost)》

《Role Completion Condition – Proceeding Condition》

《Revolutionary: Complete the desertion of priest. Remaining 2 roles——Executioner – Tracker.

Executioner: Complete the desertion of priest. Remaining 2 roles ——-Demon King — Judge.

Judge: Unable to complete the first victory condition when the priest deserted. Move to pt wining condition.

Tracker: Unable to complete the first victory condition when the priest deserted. Move to pt wining condition》


-Yuunagi: Sorry Yukina, I have something I want to ask. …….Yukina ?

-Yukina: U————-m.

I don’t know anything about you running while smiling half naked and intruded into the girl changing room. Really, you stupid. Nagi is an idiot. And yet every time you only say you don’t care about my underwear. Stupid, idiot, pervert, the worst, hentai!

-Yuunagi: ……………..I’m going to die.

-Yukina: Eh………s, sorry, did I over do it? I’m not being serious when I call you that——–

-Yuunagi: Ah no, it’s just that I feel humiliated losing to Yukina directly like this.

-Yukina: Eh, because of that!? That’s the most important to you!?

Stu, stupid! I’m angry. Tomorrow I’ll show your sleeping picture to the whole school!

-Yuunagi: Don’t, don’t be upset because of such trivial matter. ……..A, and there’s this thing. I heard you helped me after that right. Therefore, I’m wanting to thank you a bit.

-Yukina: !………….Mou, what is this

As expected Nagi is still a tsundere as always.

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