Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 2 Afterword


Hello or it’s been a long time. It’s Mikagami Kazutoshi.

I would like to thank you for reading my novel. I cannot hold back my joy as you took your time to look at the author afterword.

Okay. It’s a bit sudden but first let talk about my recent state and I had wrote a bit in this afterword on the incident to commemorate the sales of volume one.

During 10 February 2016, when volume one went on sales, I went and patrol the bookstore on the next day. It’s a pity that I did not encounter my dream like situation where I saw a person buying volume one in front of my eye, but I’m quite proud that I am able to see this scene where my work is arrange neatly in a bookstore.

During night time at that same day, I met with the grand prize winner, Matsumura Ryouya-san and the gold prize winner, Chikuda-san, we had some waffle combine with chicken together. This is like a festival feeling to me.

After that, I was deeply impressed after looking at the large amount of review that was written online, I also left a review after reading the work that belonged to the other winner. It is fun and something worth learning as it is quite useful in our daily life.

Of course, during those day I also started writing volume two.

I only thought about the beginning and the end only while I was clueless on the other parts, I was visited by the trial which is known as ‘Plot creation’ since I only write using the ‘tactic that happens just like that’ up until now.

It was a long and tiring journey until I wasable to perfectly create my plot, during my journey back after my first meeting, I became lost in the train. So I went to karaoke for the first time after a year and a half and sang all the anime song that I liked throughout the night which was a good memory for me.

Then… it is sad since I experienced some misfortune in my body.

Unexpectedly, this allowed me to create the theme of life and death. During my writing, it makes me realize that a life is something fragile and should be respected. It seems that I might have express my feeling through my works.

After this and that, I manage to finish volume two, so how was it?

It was determined that during the after event for volume one that it would be more difficult when comparing to volume one so we can only have this limited of illustrate only, so there should be… a lot of good prospect for it.

Then, I was able to have the consciousness to finish this is all because of idea from bookemeter. (bookmeter is a website)

I was very grateful after receiving the warm review from everyone on the idea of ‘Ignorance of love’.

But due to the balance between the story progression and the number of page, there is also the problem of the timing that could not be reflect properly in some part. If you are thinking that ‘it seem like this fellow don’t want to take in any comment’, please pick up the next week… since there will an announcement to expose.

Actually, I should have used this section to thank everyone who is involve in this project but… I’m sorry! Since I am running out of page, I have no choice but try to shorten on the things that I plan to say.

I will properly see all the comment and review that you gave me without missing any of it. I will do my best thank to your caring encouragement, I hope for your support from now on.

That does it, from now on, I will give my thanks to the other people.

I want to thanks my editor-in-charge, Hirai-san for taking care of me kindly (without being indecent). It always calm me down when the document that you always send to me contain a ‘L*ve live!’ memo. Moreover, I also want to thanks Tsuchiya-san who is also my editor for giving those sharp comment during the meeting. Without the advice from Tsuchiya-san, Sei-kun in volume two won’t be a battle junky with a triumphant look.

After that, I would also like to thanks the illustrator, Fal Maro-sama for always drawing those advertisement illustrate when you are so busy. From the day I saw you drawn Heizu-tan… without any doubt you are my Odin.

Other than that, I would like to thank those that was involve with the publishing from the bottom of my hearts. Of course, I want to ten thousand per day thrust of thanks to my parents, friend that always supported me.

Finally, I appreciate all of you who took you take time to read this. Thank you very much!

Mikagami Kazutoshi

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