Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 3 Epilogue

Epilogue: He and the circumstances of each person + who


There was no one in the apartment. She had half guessed it but, inside Akane she could not hide that she was feeling relieved. As Tanaka who had said Yeah but there was nothing you could do, Akane understood it the most.


However, Akane noticed when she went out of the apartment. The figure of her little sister who was half running toward here.


Unconsciously she yelled. The legs running to here had stopped.

「You startled me, a bit」

Looking at Akane’s figure Aoi said.

「I thought no way I was noticed letting them go ahead …………But, it seems I was wrong 」


That speed and conduct, that expression, Akane had an uncomfortable feeling


Then she said

「Nice to, meet you?」

No that’s not right, she murmured.

「Even though this is the first time I speak to you directly but, I know you」

「You are……」

Akane’s understanding finally caught up.

「What…………are you?」

「The thing that was possessing your little sister」

It said.

「Thanks to being cornered by the two, finally I could come to the surface」

It smiled satisfied.

「…………Please answer the questions」

「Since I don’t feel like answering.」

Naturally it smiled. Including evil intents.


She took out the gun, pressed at it.

「If you don’t answer I’ll shoot」

「If so your sister will die together with me, so go ahead」

It smiled.


She bit her back teeth, frustratingly stared at it.

「If you could fire here it would be a story of could you do it since a long time ago」


To no avail Akane threw the gun to the ground.

「Wouldn’t it break?」


Even so the only thing Akane could do was nothing but glaring at it.

「I came back to take the luggage but, if it this part only I have to give it up」

It turned away.

「ku, wait」


It looked over its shoulder.

「Would you leave me alone?」

「It seems you have nothing you have to do right」

Seemed like there was nothing worth it.

「But, because you look pitiful I’ll teach you only one thing」

It said.

「My purpose, is to continue what I did in the olden time…………Because it seemed like thing didn’t go as smoothly so I had to do various thing」

So troublesome, it bragged, seemingly enjoying itself.

「Then goodbye」


Quicker than she could call it to stop, that figure had disappeared into the darkness.


In an instant, without leaving a trace.



「Yare yare…………If it was a vain attempt it would be nice to contact me once but」

In his own room Tanaka was sitting on his desk waiting for the contact from Akane. Waiting itself was a long feeling of wasting time.




The initially unchanged voice had finally vibrated with the incoming sound. With relief he took it out but the name displayed was not the one Tanaka was hoping for.

「This is Tanaka」

「I’m sorry for calling at such a late time, this is Kamisaki.」

He heard a voice that contained some kind of darkness………..Tanaka had guessed half of it.

「Because I’m still awake please don’t mind it, do you have anything to tell me?」

「…………As the price of the contract I killed Aoi」

「Is that so」

The content was an ounce different than his guess.

「Since we’re both tired,  it would be fine to tell me the detail at later day…………for today please just take it easy and rest」


「Yes, then」

He turned off the phone.

「Now then, in a sense does this mean that my time was saved…………although for me that’s not a good feeling」

He breathed out.

「Now then, how do I explain this to Akane-san」

He murmured.




The cell phone once again noticed him of incoming call. In a sense it was a good thing in between, this time the name displayed was Akane.

「This is Tanaka」


There was no answer.


「…………I met Aoi」

With gloomy voice Akane answered.


「But even so it was not Aoi. The thing that was possessing Aoi had taken over the control …………for the details I’ll tell you directly」

「No, a-no, Akane-san?」

Even though he wanted to ask more but the phone call was cut.


Once again he organized the contents of the continuous phone calls that had come in a row.

「This time, what is happening」



Dawn came, and the town was wrapped in light. Even if there was something that had happened over there once the night is over the morning would come. Thing that had been wrapped in darkness was also visible in the light………….But, only that thing. There was nothing changed.

「Morning, huh」

From the gap of the curtain the light and Tooya narrowed his eyes. On the opposite side of the world that helplessly became lightened up, if being shined on itself would likely disappear………….how absurd. Even if harboring such sentiment reality would not change.


He breathed out.

「You’re awake right」

He looked at the half-asleep Kuroe.

「…………have you noticed」

Looking as if bored Kuroe raised herself from the futon.

「No, well I was only trying to say it but……」


「Fumu, master also has a sharp intuition」

She said as if being impressed.

「…………the reason you were feigning asleep?」

「Even though master didn’t sleep the servant like me could not do such disrespect behavior like sleeping ?」

「Before this didn’t you sleep to your heart’s content though?」


「Answer honestly」

「I was observing master」

She smiled naturally.

「You were in an extremely calm state, like that」


「That is to say even though just mere few hours ago you killed Aoi」

Didn’t feel nauseous, didn’t cry and shed tears. Rather than that you only calmly sat there, only looking at the window.

「Truly you have gotten used to it?」

「…………Of course not」

For the sake of his selfish wish he killed the one he knew………..there was no way he would be calm. Even though he didn’t feel regret about doing it, he still had the feeling of guilt. If looking straight at that point, surely the world would begin to turn round and round like it was a gloomy thing.

But, for Tooya right now to worry about that was not the utmost thing.

「Simply put, I am truly the worst」

Tooya answered.

「There is a bigger problem than that, and it is more painful for me. Because I have to put Aoi’s thing aside」


「I killed Aoi…………If so, there will be things you have to do right?」

Because for the sake of granting Tooya’s wish he killed Aoi, then Tooya had to accomplish his duty.

Because the reason he didn’t have to do this had disappeared…………because it had disappeared.

「Even more than killing Aoi, doing this is more painful for me」

As if self-mockery, Tooy laughed.

「Hey, I’m the worst right」

「Umu, you’re the worst」

Kuroe smiled enjoying this.

At this Tooya tightened his lips, as if resolving himself he opened his mouth.

「Rikka memories, once again delete it」
The time for dream, was over.


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