Valhalla no bangohan Volume 3 Epilogue


“In another word, that… I would like to thank you for this time! Iðunn-sama!”

I requested Brynhildr-sama to bring me to the golden apple orchard.

In front of the plain looking mansion that was located at the outskirt, I lowered my head deeply.

“Arara~, what’s the matter? Did I do anything that would require you to thank me?”

After receiving my gratitude all of a sudden, it seemed that even Iðunn-sama couldn’t help but show a confused expression.

Eh, I understood that you were feeling confused. However, I had a reason to do this even if Iðunn-sama didn’t realize it herself.

“During the cooking match that happens yesterday. At that time… since the Chef Head dish was judged first and it was overwhelming delicious, it caused Odin-sama to lose interest on my dish. But in the midst of that, Iðunn-sama is the only one who had my dish first since you made mistake, right? Because of that, Odin-sama regained his interest toward my dish. I think the reason why my dish was judged is all because of you, Iðunn-sama.”

After I said that, Iðunn-sama shook her head and said ‘It’s not like that.’.

That was true, I might had exaggerate it. Since they had taken the role as a judge, it seemed that Odin-sama would still judge it properly no matter what. Furthermore, Loki would also persuade him to do so.

If that was the case, I was unable to ignore this gratitude that I felt as an ‘imagination’. That why I came here to express my gratitude personally. Only after I did this, I’d be able to end this matter perfectly.

“No, that is really not the case, Saehrimnir. That was not a mistake, since I had target to taste it first from the beginning.”

“Ee…!? Target from the beginning…?”

What… what was that… what did that mean? Why did Iðunn-sama do that…

I was confused since I was unable to read the true intention of Iðunn-sama. As if Iðunn-sama couldn’t leave it like that, she explained it to me politely.

“What will you do if there is a dish that had a strong taste and another with a watery taste? If you taste the one with the strong taste first, you won’t be able to have a proper taste of the one with the watery taste. It is not possible to tell which taste is the stronger between the Chef Head And dish and your dish without tasting it. That’s why it is necessary to have one of the judge to taste your dish first.”

“I see…. In another word, it mean that? Iðunn-sama is actually the one who is thinking like a judge the most since it seems like you went and made a mistake in the order of judging.”

“Yup that’s right, I’m not sure if that is the best way to describe it but it’s exactly like that. How about it? Did you had a better view of me now?”

“Ya… yes! It’s not by a little bit but I totally have a different view on you now! Please pardon extremely rudeness but let me said this… I am extremely ashamed of myself for thinking that Iðunn-sama is actually just a talkative onee-san.”

“Gosh! You are so cruel, Saehrimnir, to think that you think of me like that. But I am happy that you told me the truth. It’s true that up until now I was a bit of talkative, so I’d better take caution on it.  But please don’t forget about this okay? They said that words is the origin of the disaster, the one who said that is the heart. That’s not it, the world is singing since it had a heart after all. Hey, look at the star, it seems like they are trembling.”

“I’m sorry, is it okay for me to ask you to be cautiuos right away?”


Iðunn-sama dropped her shoulder dispiritedly. Okay, I changed my view on her again. She was not only just a talkative onee-san, there was no mistake that she was an extremely talkative onee-san for sure.

“Well, come on, Sei-san. The reason we came here is to give our gratitude so let’s avoid those conversations.”

“Let’s see, that’s right. I should also give you my gratitude also, Brynhildr-sama. I would want to thank you for bringing me here once again, since I had always been in the care of Brynhildr-sama.”

Yup, that was right. No matter what, it was necessary to have an outstanding feet in order to travel in the wide world of ‘Valhalla’.

Since that gold boar, Gullinbursti wouldn’t even consider to have me to ride on top of him and of course, it was not a good idea for me to ask Odin-sama to lend me his Sleipnir. Thus, I only left with the choice of asking Brynhildr-sama and Grani-kun.

“There is nothing for you to worry about that, Sei-san. Since we had help each other before, so please feel free to call out to me when you are in troubled. … if you’re not in any troubled, you can also…”

“Isn’t that true! I believe that greeting is something important!”

“… that is not what I am talking about.”

Grani-kun let out a mumble as if he was unsatisfied with my reply. I was not able to fully comprehend it but I thought that Grani-kun had his own intention.

“Thus, Iðunn-sama, we will be off now. If the chance come back again, I would even accept the bodyguard mission!”

“Yup, I will wait for it, no matter how long it is. That is because, did you heard it? Can you hear the sound that is full of fate? This is the proof that you had lived here. I am able to understand it well, you are… guided by the star. Perhaps it is not a good premonition.”

“Ah, yes. That is a trouble right…”

“Yup, it’s troublesome, a grave one. But… please don’t hate the betrayal. That is the thing that is always in your mind. The moment when the cursed fate is reveal, instead of a boar you will become something else.”

“Hm? Hmmm?”

Huh? Iðunn-sama, was there any chance that you were to tell me something?

Haha, that was not it right…. I had a better view of her after the judging but as usual I really couldn’t understand her poem no matter how many time I heard it. In the end, it seemed that it was best for me to ignore that, yup.

After all that, Brynhildr-sama and I with Grani-kun left Iðunn-sama mansion and headed straight toward ‘Valhalla’. There was still something left that I had to do here.

After passing through Heizu milking room, I headed deeper into the building. Brynhildr who said that she would accompany me, headed toward my destination together which was the ‘Valhalla Big Farm’.

In there… there was someone that I had to talk with no matter what.

“Ikusu~! Hey~! Ikusu~!”

A few second after I shouted for her. The bush that was behind of me shook for a while and my beloved disciple, Ikusu appeared by dashing with all her might.

“Oshishou-sama~! Yo~! Did you purposely came here to find me!? Ah, I’m sorry that I am in my deer form since I was in the middle of my work. I will transform into my human form now… mannaz.”

“I’m sorry that you had to be mindful of me. Moreover, I’m sorry to bother you while you are in the middle of your work. To be honest, there is actually something that I have to tell you no matter what…”

“Something that you had to tell me? Perhaps, is it about the match yesterday?”

Ikusu had straight out said the thing that I was about to say to her. There was no helping it, since it was at this timing, even the wise Ikusu was able to guess it.

“After the match yesterday… by the order from Odin-sama, I had regain my title as the “Valhalla Dinner’. Thus, I think that from now on, my main job is to become a meal again.”

“I am aware of that. I… well, I had to watering the plant at the farm. However, this job might seem plain but it is a job that I am able to be proud with. I will be the carefree Ikusu while looking over Oshishou-sama effort secretly.”

Somehow I was unable to feel any ambition based on her voice just now.

No… it must be my misunderstanding only. That was because that feeling… even in the middle of this dispute, I was able to feel it helplessly after all.

“Ikusu. I think that you had a great job. You are the only one who can do this since you have the horn that is able to produce those ultra-pure water. This is a job that only you can do, it really is a great job.”

“…Yup! It’s exactly as what Oshishou-sama said! After this, I will try my best to give all I have to water the plant in this farm~!”

“But–. Please remember that a ‘great job’ is different from a ‘desire job’.”


Ikusu body greatly trembled from the shock. Even I was able to figure out the origin of the tremble. That was because that was something that you had taught me.

That was why… Ikusu, you should be honest. That was because your heart was not tied down by your body.

“Actually after that, I heard this from the Chef Head. Even at this time… maybe in the future also, I will still be afraid of being made into a meal. But, it is a different thing when it comes to Ikusu. Since you jump into the pot every night without any hesitation. I thought that you are not afraid of dying but… that’s not it right?”

“Not it…? I…”

Maybe it was due to the shock, Ikusu twisted her body restlessly. There was no need to hold back. Just scream if you wanted to scream. Since for you, the ‘Valhalla Dinner’ was something irreplaceable for you. It might be unreasonable but… that was a ‘desire job’ for you.

“That it… that it is! I… I…!”

That right, scream all you want, Ikusu. Scream until it will vibrate till the end of the sky in a loud voice! Your feeling right now and your thoughts!

“I am a masochist———–!!”

“So you are that!!”

Argh, I was such a fool! I only planned to comfort her but it seemed that she had revealed an outrageous characteristic of her!

The worst, why was I such a worthless master. Ikusu, please forgive….

“? Um… Sei-san, what does a masochist mean? It is related to the expiration date for food?”

“Huh? Ah, um… that term is not related to food but…”

And there was approximately one pure person who didn’t understand the meaning of the shout. Brynhildr-sama, there was a lot of thing that I wanted to teach you but I was unable to say it from my own mouth…

“Um… putting those aside there is only one thing that I want to say. Ikusu, I had not actually won you for real, so don’t go and feel that you had lose on your own.”

“? What does that mean?”

“Despite all that, there is a few reason why I had won against you. First, I had transform into Gullinkambi who is the most delicious based on the rumour. In the end, that is just the taste of others. That’s why I had not win you against my boar mode.”

“Oh~… is that it…”

“That’s not it. I am able to say it now but… instead of being made into a meal, I prefer the job to make the meal instead. That’s why Ikusu, I think that I might request help from you on the task for dinner after taking those into consideration. During the time when I had personal matter, during the time when I am not in the mood, during the time when I was sick and any other inconvenient time… please help me.”

“Then… then I… it’s okay for me to take on the job of being the dinner from now onward?”

“Of course! From now onward, the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ will have three leader which are me, Heizu and you, Ikusu. I will be in your care from now onward and also forever?”

“! O… Oshishou-sama… I am quite happy! To think that you are concern on someone like me… to think that you accept my worth…! Oshishou-sama, as expected I like you the most~!!”

Ikusu held me with all her might. Oh, as usual there was too much skin ship from her. If possible, it would be nice if it was a bit bigger but… haha, thanks to Ikusu, I had learnt something new. That a girl softness was precious regardless of the size.

“Sei-san… I am not Ortlinde but… somehow I felt that I am able to read Sei-san expression when you are in your boar form.”


Brynhildr-sama who said that in a strict tone caused me to turn my gaze toward her. Her appearance when she looked down on me was stricter when compared to her voice.

“This…. This is an exemplary face for a gentleman, right?”

“No. it’s the same thing as that pervert rooster, Gullinkambi. It seems that you’re greatly resemble him after you’re able to transform into him.”

Ba-dump! I was the same as that pervert fellow!? To think the worth that I tried so hard to build had made a big dive!

“Fu fu, come on. That is fine, Sei-san. There was a saying that great men have great fondness for the sensual pleasure right? Since Sei-san had the qualification to be a great hero, so that is something unavoidable. But…”


When I tried to inquire on the matter that she wanted to said, Brynhildr-sama averted her gaze while putting both her hand behind of her. With a fluster face, she said it in a volume that I could barely hear.

“If you have a preference on those sensual… I would had like the normal, non-heroic Sei-san instead.”

“!! Then I would quit being a hero now! Ikusu!!”

I was now no longer your master or anything else! That was why release me right away!

Well, since I was not a proper hero from the start, it meant I was just a normal pervert that like sensual feeling. But if I removed the ‘H’ from ‘Hero’, it’d be ‘Ero’… seriously, I didn’t even want to become a hero at all.

Well in the end, no matter what they said, I was what I was . As long as I lived with my own whim, everything would be fine.

From now on, there would surely be a various thing ahead. Since there was no end in this world, it was overflowing with the value that was unthinkable.

That was why now— I had to give it my all to continue living.

As the ‘Valhalla Dinner’ which was my proud merit that I was holding now.



In the midst of the slightly humid darkness, the systematic reverberation of a metal could be heard.

A small cave hidden deep in the waterfall. The light from the unreliable candle was only relied by the old man who was squatting and had his back curled up.

“… it’s a failure… again…”

The old man said that with a hoarse voice and let go off the scrap iron that he had been tempering silently.

“As expected, it really is impossible…..since it’s that. To me, ‘that’ is a rare object that I won’t be able to create it again. It’s an inevitable object. It’s impossible for it to be something that was made out of a coincidence.”

After the old man flipped the scrap iron that he threw—a numerous amount of ring could be found scatter around. I wondered how many year and month it required to create this kind of scene.

“…previously the Golden Goddess (Gullveig)… use the gold as a temptation to cause the Gods to go berserk. Us, dwarf are not an exception to it. The gold is all we need. The gold is more important than our life and our desire is more important than the gold. I must… gave a befitting punishment to those fellows that dare to steal my gold away from me.!”


The old man lowered his golden hammer and hit it hard on the anvil, intense spark was scatter in the darkness.

The momentarily scene that was shown through spark just now was… the face of a dwarf that was warped with anger and hatred.

“My relationship with the Aesir god tribe is quite close now. I had already gotten sick of seeing an empty dream. Then… it’s time for me to wake up from the dream.”

The old man who was shrouded by the wickedness stood up in a relax manner on the spot and extended his hand in the midst of the darkness.

And as if he had grasp something, his rough and bony hand was gripping something strongly… and said.

‘The day for the Aesir to fall is near. Isn’t that right– …. And.”


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