Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 4 Prologue





In that moment—it seemed that one of the world had ended.

It was like an end to the fake stage performance… it was also the demise of the friendship that I had kept on believe up until now.

Even though I understood it in my head… I was unable to accept the reality that I was seeing now.

“Hey Loki. How… I wonder how it ended up like this.”

I asked my best friend who stood a bit further from me with my voice trembling. Loki closed his eye as if he was sorry and he shut his mouth for a moment. But, he answered right away.

“The reason is quite simple. This was decided from the beginning. It’s ‘fate’.”

That was true… it might be like that.

Since I was who I was , I believed that this was the ending that Loki sought. Moreover, there wasn’t even a room to oppose it anymore.

But, what if.

If we were able to do this all over again— Would I desire a different ending?

(Well… it’s too late for everything already.)

At the center of the God Realm ‘Asgard’, the shadow became longer in the wide plain of ‘Vígríðr’.

The moment when the curtain for the dawn was drawn and replaced by the night. In that single moment when the sun touch the ground, I awoken the domain power inside the depth of me right away.

“[…I worship you the skull of Ymir; Kiss his body. Now I ask for permission to expose the Divine Omniscience sacred matter, make the color change, let encounter, departure, reconcile and solitary become a reality! The twenty rune of Futhark, mannaz!] The greedy fellow, my name is — ‘The greedy fallen dragon’ Fafnir!”

I let the power go amok in the plain as a berserk dragon would do as if I was the real deal.

The transformation of depravity that was covered by the malicious purple scale. The king of illusion that was the symbol of both destruction and violence.

I was still not sure how was it I was able to become like this. But… I believed that this was the power that was necessary for me.

For the sake of facing the undeniable fate.

“… It seems that you are serious, Sei. If that is your intention then I won’t hold back either. Come face me, partner. At least by using my own hand— I will kill you.”

Loki took out a bundle of mistletoe branches from his pouch and they became sword after he put in some magic power. The bunch of his swords, Mistletoes floated in the sky and all the tips were pointed toward me.

In an instant, a gust of wind blew through the plain that was stained with bright red the middle of the stillness time, there was a confrontation between a god and a dragon. I gave out a roar with the unwavering belief that was filled in my heart.

“This is the first and the last match. Here we go! Loki!”

“Let’s see what you are capable of, Saehrimnir! I will end this without giving you any pain!”

The big thick tail slam on the ground and sand scattered when the tough back leg destroy the foothold. Against my brilliant leap, the trickster God was still dashing on the ground.

The bunch of sword that gather behind of Loki looked like a wing.

With a flap, that cold light from the silver wing gave off spark during the confrontation with my claw—

The Prophecy God, Mimir once said this before. The end of the world — ‘Ragnarok’ would come.

We were unsure of what was it and the detailed of it at all.

But if that thing was really going to happen from now on… no matter how unprecedented that tragedy was … my thought was. I believed that this battle was also a part of ‘Ragnarok’.

There was no observer here, so there wouldn’t be anyone who would talk about this.

That was why, I’d never forget about it.

The legendary story that… was craved in this unknown place.

I would never— forget about this.

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