Valhalla no Ban Gohan Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Color of The Maiden Lunch Party

The Moon God, Mani-sama is controlling the carriage with the moon and heading toward the west side of the sky.

Due to the law in the God realm, the caring moon that helps to lighten the dark sky has to turn back into the New Moon, with this ‘Asgard’ is shrouded in darkness once again. This will only appear when there is a transition between the day and the night, a single ray of light couldn’t be found, but soon the sky will be dyed red by the rising sun.

“Sola-sama, you’re also early today ….”

After I gave a greeting to the new day with my bleary eyes, I’m ready to get up from bed.

Now that I think of it, Sola-sama needs to wake up very early every day. Ah, there will be a major problem if the Sun Goddess that is carrying the sun overslept.

I don’t have any plan to wake up early and I also slept quite late yesterday also, now I still want to remain in the warmness of my bed. But I cannot spoil myself, Sei, since you have already awakened now, you need to get up from bed.

“Okay, let’s go. It’s time for my morning jogging routine.”

With a strong resolve, I drove the sleepiness out from my body and walked out from my room. After getting up from bed, I jog for a lap around the wide ‘Valhalla’ Area. This is the thing I must do every day after coming to ‘Gladsheim’.

The reason why I started to do this routine is quite simple, I already knew earlier that the reason I was invited here was to become a meal. Since, I would be eaten, I want to let everyone enjoy my delicious meat and thus I want to let my meat to be much firmer. Basically, my meat now is only full of fats and it’s very far away from a marbled meat, that is why my aim is to become a rank five quality meat.

Aah, why am I, as a livestock, so thoughtful toward those who will dine on me? I don’t think there is any other boar that’s willing to train themselves so that they could be more delicious when eaten. At the same time, it could also train my manliness and I could also be more fit, who knows there might be a day where I would be doted on by a goddess.

“Hehehe, who knows maybe something like this will happen, ‘Whoa! Sei-kun, your leg is so muscular!’ ‘Yes, do you want to try some?’ ‘No, how about you try to sample us instead!’.”

While this malicious dream that is slowly revealing my disguise, my jogging is going to end, so I dash forward with everything I have.

At this moment.


When I started to have the feeling that I’m not the only one who is jogging.

In that moment, there’s a gold bullion that flied past me who’s dashing in a very high speed. Wait that is not a gold bullion. Even though ‘Asgard’ contains a lot of mysterious and unexpected thing, there is no way there’ll be a running gold bullion. Then, what is that really…..

Just when I’m thinking about this. The gold bullion uses his hoofs to stop dashingly, leaving a sea of dust. After the dust settled down, there is a boar covered in golden fur standing in front of me.

“A boar? There is other boar other than me in ‘Valhalla’?”

It seems like he is much older than me, has a body that is fine even if a person ride on it, a mesmerizing pack of muscle and there are two large fangs that are bigger than its body and seem like it is able to pierce through sky. This is the feature of the boar that is dashingly standing in front of me now.

This is my, no, a dream body that any boar would like to realize. Why is this handsome boar here at a place in this time?

“… So slow.”


The golden boar spoke in a voice of a young man while muttering something. Well based on the appearance it quite obvious that he is not a she.

“You are very slow! For us who are the fastest in this world, you have some shortcomings!”

“You, what are you saying so suddenly! Which part of me is not good enough?”

“You better listen carefully now, the part that you are lacking is! Fighting spirit, Guts, Physical Strength , Mental Strength, Breathing technique, Form, Sense of Rhythm! And the most important of all is ——YOU ARE SLOW!! Don’t tell me that is all you have? No, that is wrong. Since you are that slow… Are you doing some mimicry practice just now?”


What is wrong with this boar? To be frank that was me running with everything I have, and he put it like I was doing some practice to be one with the surrounding. How rude can he be! I cannot laugh this one off like nothing happen even though I am a very kind person.

“Ah? You managed to see through my action? It’s like what you said, I am doing some mimicry practice.”

“What! Didn’t you jog just now?”

“Of course I was jogging! What is wrong with you, you already know that I am not doing any practice of mimicry! Why are you saying such lie? Didn’t anyone teach you that lying is the first step of becoming a thief?

“Such a disgrace…”

“I will forgive you this time but you should stop with this silly lie. I will leave now.”

“Yes, I am really sorry….. Wait, why am I being the person who is wrong!”

At the moment when I prepared to turn my body and leave, this golden boar ran around to face me while panting. Ah… did he realize it now? I can’t believe that I managed to cheat him so easily, it seem like he is a simple-minded person.

“That …. Who are you actually? This should be the first time we met right?”

“That’s right, this is the first time meeting you. BUT! Didn’t anyone teach you that you should introduce yourself before asking the name of others?”

“Fine then.”

“Wait! I am ‘Gullinbursti’…. Hehehe. Have you ever heard of this majestic name before?

“Don’t tell me you are! One of the six masterpieces that was created by the Dwarf!

“Ha,ha,ha! They all said that.”

“Oh, I understand.”

“Eh? That, um…. if it’s possible could you praise me more.”

“Well that’s what everyone else said too!”

“Sorry, I was just too excited so I would like to hear more.”

“Can you try not to let your excitement overcome you until you talk without thinking about it?”

“I am so ashamed of myself…”

Haha… and he said I got some shortcomings, it seems like he doesn’t have enough dignity himself. Is this troublesome fellow really ‘Gullinbursti’?

“Gullinbursti is a golden shiny boar and one of the six masterpieces by the Dwarf which is well known for their forging skill, right? He belongs to the god of harvest, Frey-sama right, the one that is able to run faster than anyone whether on land, sky or water.”

“Yes that is me who is standing on the peak of all boar…I mean standing on the peak of all biological beings except god. I am that ‘Gullinbursti’!”

“Whoa, you’re so amazing! You are formidable! You are so cool.”

“What happened? It feels like you didn’t put in any feeling when you said those things. Don’t tell me that you are actually my fan, since you managed to describe me in such detail?”

“It’s not like that actually! I just sometime researched about the six masterpieces at my home before.”

“So that’s the case huh. Then let me ask you, among the six masterpieces which do you prefer the most?”

“Ah, it’s Slíðrugtanni because don’t you think the name sound very cool.”

“I see. Actually that’s my other name.”


What an embarrassing thing I have done, I can’t believe that I went and did something that only a hard core fans will do! This makes me look I am a super fan of him! The past me is really stupid, if I wanted to be an idler I should’ve learnt from those idler, then I wouldn’t be in this mess already….

“What are you doing here, lursti? Eh? Ah, doesn’t this voice belong to ….”

When I was regretting, there was a girl’s voice that I’ve never heard before came from behind us. I turned around in a shock and there was another dazzling boar covered a silver fur. Why is there a sudden increasing of boar rate in ‘Valhalla’?

“Why are you shaking so bad, little one? Don’t tell me lursti is bullying you?

This silver boar seems like she is a close friend of Gullinbursti and she treated me so nice. But I cannot judge other boar so easily.

“Please don’t call me little one. I am also a ‘human’.” *Kacha* Like that, I activated the rune of mannaz.

“I am around 15 years old when I am in my human form.”

“…., then I am very sorry about this, I hope you can forgive me, but.” *Kacha* She also change into a human form. Is this also the rune of mannaz? Don’t tell me….

“I’m actually 18 years old when I’m in my human form. This makes me your older sister due to the age difference! Nyahaha!”

She happily patted my head. Dammit, there is only a difference in age and it seems she’s also a bit taller than me, this is my complete defeat.

“I give in, my dear sister. Please continue to look down on me then.”

“No, I actually don’t have that kind of interest. But I do like how honest you are. Nyahaha, what is your name, little one?”

“I am Sæhrímnir.”

“Say what? I will call u Sei-kun then. By the way, I am known as ‘Hildisvíni’, you can call me Hildi. There is one more important thing! You don’t have to be that shy around me, I’m not that strict actually. Even though I just act like your sister, but don’t call me that anymore. NICE TO MEET YOU!” After she said that, she showed a very energetic smile and stretched out her hand.

Ah, even though it’s different from the first impression, after having a short talk, she is actually a very kind and caring girl that made people feel comfortable around her.

Her human form is also not bad, she had folded her long silver hair at the back of her head. It looks like cat ears when seen from the front. A wheat-coloured healthy and energetic skin could be seen from the small opening part of her clothes. I would have fallen for her if I hadn’t met Brynhildr-sama first.

“It should be me who said that, Nice to meet you too, Hildi. It’s also nice to meet you too, Gullinbursti.”

“I… since you are also one of ours, it’s not like I will not take care of you or anything. BUT Sæhrímnir!! I will not simply use your nickname to call you!

He also transformed in human form while shouting and pointed his finger at me.

Hee, looks like he transformed into a guy who has bristling short blonde hair and wears sunglasses.

Including my parent and Hayes, it seem that everyone who uses the rune of mannaz to transform have different appearances based on their appearance. Who knows, it may be due to the selfishness of us when we thought that ‘It would be nice if I am also a human’. It seems there is still a lot to learn from the rune magic.

“I want to ask whether both of you are living in ‘Valhalla’? This is the first time I met you since I arrived here one month ago, where did you guys come from?”

I asked them the question I’ve been wondering for quite some time. After they looked at each other, Gullinbursti took a step and answered.

“Where did we come from… this is a slightly hard question to answer. As you have known, I work together with Frey-sama but after we’ve obtained Skíðblaðnir, we usually don’t stay at a single place for a long time.”

“Ski…bra[1]? Eh, don’t tell me this is some kind of pervert talk?”

“You fool! Skíðblaðnir! It is one of the six masterpieces created by the Dvergr which is a magic ship that has the ability to freely change its size! Ahem… As long as we have that, it could be said that the sky of all the world is Frey-sama courtyard.” So, the answer to your question is: we are from the sky. Lately, the place that we are staying is the sky of the Land of the Fairies, ‘Álfheim’.”

“Hee, the Land of the Fairies. Then why did you purposely come all the way to ‘Valhalla’ from there?”

“Oh…, actually the reason why we’re going to ‘Álfheim’ is actually part of a mission. We have to retrieve the ‘Victory Sword’ which we ask the Dvergr smith, Wayland. Actually that sword is the key to suppress the ‘Ragnarok’ and we come to ‘Gladsheim’ to report to Lord Odin on this matter.”

“The sword that can suppress ‘Ragnarok’ ….”

“‘Ragnarok’ is actually Armageddon which was foreseen by Lord Odin’s uncle, the wise giant, Mimir. We have no idea what that is and there is no specific information on it… we only know that there will be a rebellion lead by the enemy of god, “Jötunn”.

So the reason why Lord Odin gathering the Einherjars is to prepare for ‘Ragnarok’, I didn’t know that this kind of sword exists…

“Isn’t this an amazing feat, Gullinbursti? With this, there will be peace right?”

“Hahaha! Of course! As long as we have the Victory Sword, the glory of the God will not be shaken. With this, we can fire those annoying Einherjars.” He made a proud snort when he finished talking.

Ah… fire those Einherjars? In other words, me as the meal of those Einherjars will also be fired!

“You stupid boar, look at what you have done!!”

“Huh? Why’d you hit me all of a sudden?” Gullinbursti was touching his face and asking while he was trembling.

On another side, Hildi picked up the sunglasses that fell off and with a forced smile patted my shoulder and said:

“Well, try to calm down. Lursti have no ill intention when he said that. From the reaction that Lord Odin showed when we reported this matter to him, it seem like he won’t be firing those Einherjars so easily.”

“Rea..Really? Ha, that’s a good news then. Ah, then Hildi what brought you to ‘Valhalla’?”

“Well, I am actually the servant of Freya-sama. When Freya-sama heard that her beloved brother has finally come back to ‘Asgard’, she said that she wanted to go find him no matter what and like this we came here. I also heard that there is a new boar that came to ‘Valhalla’ so Lursti and I decided to come and take a look. That is you right?”

She pointed at me while wearing the sunglasses she picked up. So this is the reason why both of them came to ‘Valhalla’ together.

…..Wait? Based on what she said, Freya-sama is nearby!

“May I ask the location of Freya-sama at this moment?”

“Eh? Ah. Freya-sama is at the… um… in the ‘Valaskjalf’ hall of Lord Odin palace… no, I mean behind.”

“Behind? Where is the behind you are talking about?”

“Behind is behind. Turn to your right.”

I don’t know why but I quickly turned in the direction that Hildi mention as if obeying an order. After I made a 180° turn and in my sight, there is a young goddess with brown long straight hair that stretches to her back, wrapped in a bright green dress that is similar to the small leaf of Læraðr. She’s likes her brother, Frey-sama is also a fertility goddess while governing over beautiful and love, the idol queen, Freya-sama.

“Hah! Fre…fre…fre.”

“Ah! What happened to you, are you okay?”

Freya-sama saw that I was having difficulty breathing due to the sudden impact, quickly ran over and gently rubbing my back. I am so touched that I won’t mind if I die ten times now.

“I… I… I am fine! Please don’t continue soiling your hand!”

“It’s not that dirty also. Hildi-chan, don’t tell me this is the kid from the rumor?”

“Yes, it is what you have said, Freya-sama. He is the rumor boar that is able to resurrect, the Sa…sa.., the Sei-kun that is known among his colleague.”

Wu…. It seemed that Hildi cannot remember my full name yet. I wonder why she suddenly spoke in a polite way. Maybe she is acting nice in front of Freya-sama.

“Ah, Sei-chan”

“Yes! Please order me anything, Freya-sama!”

“Can you undo your rune of Mannaz?”


After I replied Freya-sama, I quickly undo the transformation rune. After a flash of light, I turn back to my usual boar form.

“Ah! It’s so cute! And so small!”



The moment I turned back into a boar, Freya-sama suddenly hugged me tight. Ah… it felt so comfortable. At this moment, threats such as malicious desire and obscenity imagination which can harm my gentleman spirit have been purified.

…Ah, but I’m feeling a lot of pain! No good, if this goes on, I would be drowned in her breasts! Freya-sama you are putting in too much power!

What should I do now? Should I surrender myself? But if I try to struggle now, it might be mistaken as an act of touching the breasts and my life will be over. Brynhildr-sama will also look at me like I’m one of those dirty pig….eh? Wait, that is not a bad idea also… No, I cannot accept that idea! I need to quickly escape from here even if I have to let my gentleman spirit become a demon!

I need to escape quickly from here…Ah, it’s too late, I feel like my consciousness is fading away…..

“I….. I give up…..”

“Ah! What happened, Sei-kun? Why are you not breathing, Sei-kun? Please hang in there!”

From my ear, I heard the lament of an angel-like voice, at the same time my consciousness is fading away quickly.

Up to now, I have already died so many times that there is no one that can beat me….. Well, I think that dying in this way is not that bad.

When I regained my consciousness that was summoned to heaven, I was lying on a bed in my own room. When I opened my eye, I saw Hayes in her goat form and was squeezing the mead out of her body.

“Hayes? What are you doing?”

“Ah, Sei-tan, you have been resurrected?”

“No, I won’t die in this way actually. I only just lose my consciousness.”

Well it’s not something strange because I was too occupied enjoying the ultimate pleasure that I didn’t have time to think of escaping….. It seems I really have to punish my gentleman spirit again today. … If only I am able to do that.

In front of me who is regretting, Hayes is skillfully squeezing out the mead from the nipples. The jug was filled to the brim with delicious mead.

“Here you go, the freshly squeeze mead. Please drink it slowly.”

“Ah, thank you Hayes. I will drink now.”

*Drinking sound* Delicious! One more! …. Haha, it seems that I am being too luxurious.

“May I know why you are in my room, Hayes?”

“Um… that fake Sei-tan is carrying Sei-tan… so I helped show them the way.”

“Fake Sei-tan?”

“A golden shiny boar and a silver shiny boar. The real Sei-tan looks very miserable right?”

“….Ah, Haha, Hayes is really an honest girl….”

If it was anyone other than Hayes who said this, I would tie them to an anvil and throw them into a river

So seems like it was Hayes who helped Gullinbursti and Hildi carry the unconsciousness me back to my room. Maybe I should thank them later, I also need to thank Hayes as well.

“Hayes, I want to thank you for guiding them to my room.”

“You’re welcome, are you fine on your own now? If so then Hayes will go for her breakfast.”

“Ah, let go together then. Let ask the Chef Head to join us as well.”

“! *nod*”

The moment I mention Chef Head when we step out of the room, Hayes droopy eye suddenly opened wide and kept nodding. Eh, based on her reaction I have understood it. This is because it was a love in first sight with the Chef Head when she first came to ‘Valhalla’.

Unlike me, Hayes is taking a more aggressive route but Chef Head is too blunt to notice it. He kept saying excuses such as ‘different race’ and ‘opposite to the rule of society’. Even among the Einherjars there is the existence of a secret fan club that worship big breasted loli, honestly I have no idea what is he not satisfied with.

Maa~ I won’t be able to respect him if he actually laid his hand on a young girl.

“Okay, Hayes, we have arrived at the Chef Head room. Looks like he hasn’t woke up, can you go wake him up…. Eh? Hayes, what’s the matter?”

Hayes is dropping her head and there is no response when I was taking with her. While I was thinking about what happened, she suddenly activated the human transform of the rune mannaz. She announcement calmly after carrying the expression of over thinking:

“Sei-tan…. Hayes, doesn’t have any confidence that she will remain calm after entering.”

“E.. You can’t do that you know? You must use a healthy and proper way to wake him up.”

“I cannot do that.”

“Please think of another way!”

“No, I have something to inform you while I am still staying calm. Freya-sama left a message for you– ‘Let have lunch at ‘Vingólf’ today.’ Will you be able to stay calm when you’re having lunch?”

“I can’t.”

Using my answer as an excuse, Hayes opened the door with a malicious smile. Of course the door is locked, but she broke the doorknob forcefully and enter the room.

“Woah! What is this, Hayes-kun! Ah, Sei-kun, what the heck happened?”

Chef Head woke up due to the large sound of the destroyed knob and questioned me and Hayes while exchanging look. I reply Chef Head with a surprise yet monotone voice:

“Well, Chef Head did say you wanted to have a massage right? Hayes said she would be willing to replace me to help you with that.”

“Ah…. This is the first time I heard of this. Anyway, Darling…. Which part do you feel stiff? The eye, the shoulder or the waist? Ah, this ‘part’ is so hard.”

“Wait Hayes-kun! That ‘part’ should be hard not stiff, it’s normal for that ‘part’ to be hard because it means the blood circulation is normal …… Ah, please be more gentle….. Oi, are you leaving Sei-kun! Please help me stop Hayes-kun!”

“Well there won’t be any problem even if I don’t stop her. Sorry, I already have plan for this afternoon, please allow me to leave first.” I said this while quickly walk out through the half-broken door, like this I walked to the canteen alone.

Even though he denied it, I don’t think that the Chef Head isn’t enjoying the massage that Hayes is giving him, this is the so-call the body is more honest than the mouth. Well, in this way I managed to satisfy Hayes’s desire while also repaying my debt to him. This is a kill two bird with one stone situation. Haha, I am a genius.

Too bad we cannot have breakfast together as planned but this is also for the sake of those two people’s future. It would be very selfish for me to bother them so I will have to have breakfast alone. Ah, the bread today is so delicious!

After having my breakfast, I welcome today’s lunch with an empty stomach.

For your information, to be able to receive an invitation fearlessly from the No. 2 of ‘Vingólf’, Freya-sama is an honor that will go down forever in the history and will not be forgotten.

“Then, I guess I will also use the ‘Rainbow Void’ to go there again right?”

When I was heading toward Ygdrassil, I saw a huge unidentified mysterious animal coming straight toward me from the right hand side of the proud exercise field in ‘Valhalla’. That is a bird right? No…. it’s a horse!


“Yo, Sei-san, we’ve come here to pick you up.”

Grani-kun descended toward the ground while his mane fluttering handsomely. Today he has a beautiful maiden as the rider whose body is covered by a cyan dress.

“Good afternoon, Sei-san. I have come to pick you up.”

“Br…Brynhildr –sama!!”

This time she is in her normal clothes. And this is also the first time I seen her in this way. Ah, the usual cool and mighty armor appearance is also nice, her appearance that is a bit lewd from yesterday is also not bad but this lovely appearance is the best!

“Come, Sei-san, please come up.”

“Um.. Come, come up…. Haha, where should I sit?”

“Where else? Hehe.”

Grani-kun gentle bit me on the neck who understood it yet still hesitated to do and tossed me into the sky. After drawing a parabola, I landed on Brynhildr-sama’s knee…. Or should I say her thigh.

“Okay, then don’t let go! Please remember to hold on tightly.”

“Eh! Ca..Can I? Can I really hold tightly?”

“Of course, or else you will fall down.”

“Hahah, that’s right. Then I won’t hesitate…..”


Woah~So soft~ Feels like my whole body is melting. Since my forefoot is also hoof, I have no choice but to embrace the right thigh with my top half body. I absolutely don’t have any malicious plan to enjoy the feel of the holy leg of Brynhildr-sama.

After confirming that I am holding tight, Brynhildr-sama pull the rein, like this Grani-kun slowly takes off from the ground and flies toward the sky. This situation is a bit different from yesterday, when I looked down during the morning sky, the view of ‘Asgard’ is superb. If I shifted my sight toward the base of these two thighs, I might be able to see something more superb right…..Ahem, my gentleman spirit won’t allow me to do something that drastic.

……But sometimes my gentlemen spirit treated me very nice. I will be forgiven if I just take a small look right? No, I will not be forgiven! I will forgive myself! Then let me engrave the view that was hidden by the blue mini pleated skirt with both my eye!

“Um… Sei-san.”

“Yes, Sorry! I did not see anything yet!”

“Eh? What happen? That, there is one more thing I want to ask you?”

Eh? Ah, just ask then. You give me quite a fright, I thought that my gentleman spirit informed Brynhildr-sama about the evil deed I wanted to do. Really, it spoiled my ideal.

“Ahem! If I am able to answer it, please ask.”

“Hehe, what a gentleman. Um.. Today I also received a lunch invitation from Freya-sama, I was wondering about the relationship between Sei-san with Freya-sama. Ah,’s not like there is any hidden meaning.”

“Relationship? I just met her for the first time today. I only attended one of Freya-sama concerts before, after that I become a fan of Freya-sama. Her cuteness is the sacred treasure of ‘Asgard’.. No, the whole nine worlds.”

“…… Oh, is that the case. So then why can Sei-san’s face be so calm?”


Ah, weird? How did my expression get exposed so easily? I remember Chef Head said before that he cannot even understand the expression of a boar.

Don’t tell me that I am actually showing an expression that looks wretched to the other race! No… let change the perspective. Maybe it’s due to Brynhildr-sama constantly monitoring me that allows her to be able to read my expression so easily.

I tried my best to maintain a positive though … but I wasn’t sure was it my misconception because it seemed that Brynhildr-sama look a bit unhappy. Don’t tell me this is …. Jealously?

Actually there is no need to worry! It’s true that I like Freya-sama, the noble Gerhilde-sama also, the mysterious Ortlinde-sama, the sexy Waltraute-sama, the over serious Schwertleite-sama, the carefree Helmwige-sama, the tsundere Siegrune-sama, the natural air-headed Grimgerde-sama, the heroic Rossweisse-sama. True that I like all of them but please believe me that the only one I truly love is you, Brynhildr-sama.

“That not it, Brynhildr-sama. The reason why I feel so calm is because –”

Ah… not good, how should I answer her? I cannot say that the reason is because my body is feeling the warmth of her thighs, then my love, no, my whole life will be over. But I can’t just answer “it’s because I am with you now” because only handsome guys are allow to use that line.

(What… what should I do now? Ah, there’s a way! Okay, then I’ll use that!)

“It’s because I can stay with my beloved Grani-kun!”

In that moment, both my love and friendship had ended splendidly.

After a few minutes, we reached at our destination, ‘Vingólf’. Grani-kun who fetched me, gave me a greeting and flew away using his renowned horse speed.

After the scene where we had Q&A section regarding my lax face, once again I emphasized that’s it just on a friendship level with that both of them accepted the situation.

But somehow I felt that Grani-kun had an impression that he wasn’t willing to accept my explanations…… it seems he still misjudges me. Is he preparing to defend against my attack? I won’t do that you know? I am a normal straight person.

Ah, let’s put that matter aside since Grani-kun is already like that, I actually more curious on the attitude of Brynhildr-sama who’s just beside me…

After walking for a short distance since we entered ‘Vingólf’ with a bit of restless hearts, we reached a large palace door that could be seen from far.

Actually both ‘Vingólf’ and ‘Gladsheim’ are similar, their designs are based on a large palace that has a number of palaces inside it. It means that this leads to…

“Sei-kun, we have arrived. This is the place where Freya-sama lives, ‘Fólkvangr’

“Oh~ So this is it….”

Woah, the whole place is gold color. This place and the Valkyries dorm which I visited yesterday can be said that it built in such a way to make it look so luxurious.

“The lunch party will be conducted at ‘Sessrymnir’ hall, we still need to walk a bit more. You can ask me to carry you if you feel tired.”

Oi oi! If you put it that way, I will say I am tired even if I am not. Since I need to show that I am fit, I won’t even say so even if you rip off my mouth. Hm…. Should I choose my desire or my honor, this is the most headache antinomy for guys!

Wait, you need to calm down, Sei. There is nothing to be worry about, this is because I don’t have any honor. Then let just choose my desire.

Just hold it a moment, I’m pretty sure that I would be very happy in that lunch party. Then there is no need to fulfill my desire yet, let just walk. It’d better to make myself more hungry right?

After I have settled the headache antimony, in the end I still chose honor.

“I want to ask… are the peoples that we just pass by, Einherjars?

They are female humans who wear armor and patrol the goddess dorm. I’m already used to seeing a scene with a bunch of humans in ‘Valhalla’ but I feel like there is something different in ‘Vingólf’.

“It is as you said. The standard for Einherjars here is higher than those in ‘Valhalla’.”

“Hee……. But seems like all of them are female.”

That right, the reason why I feel weird is because all the Einherjars in ‘Valhalla’ are all male. I thought they wouldn’t choose female Einherjars but it seems that all of them are gathered here.

I wonder what she means by higher standard. After noticing my curiosity, Brynhildr-sama answered me while nodding:

“I know what Sei-kun means, I’m also a female, I have no intention to discriminate between the genders…. It needless to say that due to the reason of the body, it a fact that female is a bit weaker in term of martial art when compare to male. The reason why I said the Einherjars in ‘Vingólf’ is better is because ‘they are female’. They are able to become Einherjars because they are able to eliminate many male warriors even though they don’t have much stamina. This is the proof of why their standard is higher.”

“Exactly! Even though it a usual topic that a male is stronger than a female but when faced with a stronger female, even I will be killed within a second. That’s why I totally understand what you meant.”

“It’s good that you understand it. But those are only used to inform strangers only…. The truth is because Freya-sama worried that there will be a lot of troublesome matters would happen if the female Einherjars were sent to the male Einherjars in ‘Valhalla’.

“Ah… that is also correct. Even though I’m also a male but it’s the correct judgment. As expected of Freya-sama, she’s really very smart, it seems I might like her more.”

“A… Didn’t you say you will treat me better…..”

“Did you say something?”

“No, I didn’t say anything! Ah, Sei-kun, we’re here. This is ‘Sessrymnir’.”

After Brynhildr-sama frantically waved her hand, she immediately pointed at the door in front.

This is the end of the long and wide corridor and it’s also the deepest part of this palace. Without a doubt there’s a large space inside it.

“Before we enter the place, can I ask you about something else?”

“I don’t mind, what’s the matter?”

Brynhildr-sama suddenly requested something from me in front of the entrance of the dream like lunch party. I wonder what’s the issue is at this last minute. I couldn’t hold my excitement anymore.

The matter that she wanted to say is the important mission she gave me: “Do you still remember last night request? The matter about Gerhilde.”

“Ah, yes. Of course I still remember. That is to teach her more about the rune magic right?”

“That’s correct, about that… I’m sorry if I’m rushing you ….. But I feel like if you don’t take the opportunity to get close to her in this lunch party, I afraid it would be difficult for you to have a chance to talk to her in the future.”

“Ah, you are right….” To be frank, up till now I rarely speak with Gerhilde-sama. It would be impossible for me to suddenly get close to her, so I need to grab the chance during the lunch party or else it would be difficult for me to teach her rune magic.

“Okay, I understand. I’ll think of a way to have a conversation with her during the party.”

“I’m very grateful to you! I will also try my best to help, let’s work hard together!”

After she finished, she held my forefoot tightly. Ahh….. This is the first time we cooperated together, I must make it a success!

While I was trying to get my spirit up, the decorated door suddenly gave a very deep sound and opened up. On the opposite side of the door, I was welcome by eight beautiful ladies and one goddess. There is a lot of luxuriant food that cannot be found in the non-elegant ‘Valhalla’.

“Hi~ Sei-kun welcome to the party!”


My heart almost exploded the moment I saw Freya-sama smile which dazzled the whole world. It felt like I was affected by the effect of the charm rune inguz, my breathing rhythm is messing up.

“Ah, no, you cannot pass out again like this morning! Breathe in! Breathe out! If this doesn’t work, can someone help to perform CPR on him?”

“Please don’t do that, I will really die! Breathe in, breathe out….. There is no problem now.”

That was dangerous just now, even if I die, I’m able to revive. But if I died in this party now, I don’t think I would be able to face Freya-sama anymore. It’s good that I’m still alive.

“Are you sure you are okay now?”

“I swear to God that I am fine.”

“Oh, that’s good then! Then let me repeat one more time, welcome to ‘Vingólf’! Today we will treat you with the best hospitality, the immortal small boar.”

Freya-sama said that with a kind smile. Ah, let’s not say that about the god, the smile that can even capture the giants is shown only to me now. To be able to experience such a happy moment…. Something is wrong? I feel like there’s something strange happen, why are they treating me so nice today?

Don’t tell me this is some kind of a trap…. With this thought, I asked:

“Um… Please forgive me but can I ask a disrespectful question Freya-sama? May I ask why did you invite such a small fly to your palace and enjoy such a luxuries moments?”

Freya-sama tilted her head a bit and answered nonchalantly:

“Is there something weird? Oh, if you want to know the reason, that is because you are a boar. Sei-chan, you know that I am part of the Vanir community right?”


That right, both Freya-sama and Frey-sama are part of the Vanir community and is totally different from Lord Odin which is part of the Aesir community.

The rivalry between the Aesir and Vanir community that went on for a long time had ended, as proof of the eternity peace, they exchange a few of their member. Of course the Vanir members that entered Aesir are Freya-sama, Frey-sama and their father, Njörðr-sama.

“For us, the Vanir community, to experience a prolific harvest, both pig and boar are sacred animal to us because they are able to reproduce a lot of offsprings. So it’s normal for me to respect you right?”

“I understand the whole situation now. I am very thankful for your explanation.”

“Your welcome, to be frank Sei-chan, you are being too formal! This party is also for you to help you relief. Comes, eat as much as you can! The ladies here will serve you well.”

After Freya-sama said that, the nine Valkyries sisters suddenly surrounded me.

All of them keep feeding me non-stop to help me, in my boar form, which has difficulty eating. Actually I tried to be a bit moderate but due to their high standard in serving, there’s nothing else that I can do. Is this how they serve the Einherjars very night?

“You better be grateful as you are able to be served in such a luxury way by the Valkyries sisters. You should also be better to mark this day as a memorial day and celebrate it every year.”

The second sister, Gerhilde-sama with an unwilling feeling closed her eye and kept feeding me while she saying that. She had also taken off her armour like Brynhildr-sama and is wearing the emerald color dress which is the same color as her armor. It seems like she is more noble than usual.

“You are correct. Gerhilde-sama, you can also mark this day as a humiliation day and cursed me every year.”

“Ho… it seem like you have some guts to talk back to me. You are quite interesting as a boar.”

Ahh? Talk back? Just now that was me saying something serious.

It seem like Gerhilde-sama does not felt unpleasant even though she just received an unexpected answer. I felt a bit relief and gave a signal to Brynhildr-sama.

(How should I expand this conversation?)

I tried using my eyes to send a telepathic message over. After Brynhildr-sama closed her eye and was slightly agitated, she shook her head.

(It’ll look weird if you sudden try to expand the topic, let’s observe further)

I feel like that’s what she’s telling me.

After that I kept peering at Gerhilde-sama to look for the opportunity to have a long conversation with her. But her attitude is the same as usual, there’s no abnormality.

Well….. If I managed to spot her anxiety or insecure about her mission, it would be easier for me to have a conversation with her.

“Sei-kun, ah ah…… Sei-kun? What happen? Don’t tell me you are full already?”

The ninth sister, Rossweisse-sama kindly rubbed my stomach because she is worried about my slow response while I was in deep thought. Ah, as expected since she is a kind child, I wish she can rub the lower spot…..

No! I must remember what Brynhildr-sama said. If I did not manage to deepen the relationship with Gerhilde-sama during this party, I would be difficult for us to meet in the future.

“Ah, are you full already? Even though you are a boy yet your appetite is so small. Well, it cannot be blame since your head is small…..”

Even though Freya-sama said that, she still shows a troubled face when she saw that there is still a lot of leftovers. No, I cannot make Freya-sama sad but it’s true that I am almost full…. Thats right!

“It would be a waste if I did not finish all of this delicious food! I will not leave any plate unclean! Hahaha…… activate rune of ‘mannaz’!”

I try to concentrate when I activate the rune magic ‘mannaz’. The rune ‘mannaz’ means ‘human’, normally it’s a rune that transforms a non-human to a human but this rune at the same time can also mean ‘harmony’.

The harmony in life which has the ability to understand each other. With this I have language as a method, I will use this language to have a conversation. But different races have different languages, so it’s impossible trying to merge them all together.

Then, all I have to do is to change myself, if I want to talk with a dog, I transform into a dog, if I want to talk to a bird, I transform into a bird.

If I want to be empathy with all the living beings, all I have to do is complete all the transformations. This is my, the dark brown boar, Sæhrímnir incredible power of the rune ‘mannaz’.


Everyone was surprise after I complete my transformation. That is of course, because this time I changed into a form that will allow me to finish all the leftover food, the huge presence – Dragon.

“Ah, everyone don’t be scared, I just want to finish the food only.”

“It would cause trouble if that was not the case! How were you able to do this?”

Siegrune-sama took a step forward and shouted toward me.

“How? I just use the rune ‘mannaz’ as usual. Oh, everyone can also do it right? I heard it from the trickster master of the god community, Loki-sama whose specialty is the art of transformation.”


“It’s possible if it is either a bird or a horse but to transform into an ‘Mythical Type’, I’ve never heard of a human being that is able to transform into an ‘Mythical Type’.”

“Oh… is that the case?”

Even though I’m still not sure but since the master in rune magic, Siegrune-sama put it that way, it should be correct. I thought that being able to transform into a dragon was normal thing since I’m able to do it unconsciously.

(Is transforming to a Mythical Type something that weird? Maybe I should ask Hayes and the other next time.)

Wait, it might be due to my natural talent since I was born.

Well, even if I figured out the reason, I doubt there will be any changes. At most I will have another feature other than my revival ability. I use the long forked tongue to wrap all the food on the plate and after tasting it, I swallow all of them in one go.

“Ho, thank you for the food, it was delicious!”

“Is, is that so?….. Ah, hahaha, I’m glad that you’re happy….”

Eh? Why does it look like Freya-sama is putting up a forced smile? What should I do, don’t tell me that it a failure for me to choose to transform into a dragon?

I quickly transformed back to my boar form and jumped on top of a table, I immediate tried to be gallant toward everyone. But seems like it would be impossible for us to be close to each other again like how it was before I transformed to a dragon. Looks like Grimgerde-sama is hiding at the furthest pillar toward the back and she does not even dare to show her face.

“Th…That! How does it feel like when you transform into a dragon?”

When I was disheartened, Rossweisse-sama suddenly asked me this question. I don’t know what her intention is but I still answered honestly:

“That, I was able to detect that my magic is being consumed constantly and I am unable to transform for a long time. I also feel that my body is emitting out a lot of power. I have never tried to do combat in my dragon form but I estimated that my combat ability is also quite high. Ah, but I won’t suddenly become berserk! The dragon that I transform has ability to spit poison, so it not the type that is able to breathe fire! So it doesn’t matter because I’m still a very safe person as usual.”

“Ho… in that case… this is very amazing.”

I’m not sure was I able to answer her question but Rossweisse-sama did not follow up with any question afterward.

Maybe it’s due to my misconception but I felt like Rossweisse-sama is admiring me…. While I still hesitate, Gerhilde-sama suddenly asked me another question with no time to think:

“Ho…. I thought you were only a boar with that mysterious ability only, it seem you are quite good with the rune ‘mannaz’? Can… Can I just ask, what other type of living beings are you able to transform into?”

The moment that I heard about this question, it seem like there is electric current pass through my brain. I immediately look toward Brynhildr-sama, and she is happily nodding her head while showing me a thumbs up.

This is the long awaited chance that I was waiting for! After I receive Brynhildr-sama ‘faster’ signal, I answer her normally:

“I am able to transform to anything! If I had to say it, my specialty is to transform into ……. a swan!”

If my eyes didn’t deceive me, Gerhilde-sama showed a happy face.

“Freya-sama, I’m not sure how should I repay you for the lunch party that you prepared especially for me. The food was very delicious, please allow the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ to make a reference.”

“Is that so? As long as you are happy, I am fine with anything. I will give the recipe for the food today to the Chef Head, Andre. If Andre is able to make the food more delicious, I might come over when I have the time.”

“Then I will wait for the moment you arrive! At that time, please let me be at your side, I will be sure to serve you with all my best!”

“Oh, since you put it in that way, I will wait for that day. You better not forget about it. …Okay! I think it’s about time for us to end this party. Who is free to help send Sei-chan back to ‘Valhalla’?

“Ah, please entrust that duty to me!”

The first person that responded to Freya-sama was none other than, Gerhilde-sama.

“Ah, then I will be in you care, Gerhilde-sama.”

“… I never plan to do it for free, you know?”


Gerhilde-sama picked me up and whispered toward me so that the others couldn’t hear.

“Because of some matters, after we’ve arrived at ‘Valhalla’, can you teach me how to transform into a swan? No, this is an order! You better not forgot, Sæhrímnir!”

“Yes madam!”

Haha, as expected, her way of talking actually is more suitable toward my behavior.

At the same time, I wanted to shout in a loud voice.



Translator’s Notes and References

1.Skidbladnir. Since Japanese doesnt have “L” , the word read as Ski-bra, hence, dirty talk.

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