Ore no Real to Netgame ga Love Comedy ni Shinshokusare Hajimete Yabai Volume 1 Chapter 1


Chapter 1: Not good, I Suddenly Got Confessed To

“I love you”

I hoped to be able hear that sentence even once.

A confession from your dream girl.

A sudden confession from a girl that you’d always thought to only be your childhood friend.

Or a surprise confession from a fateful meeting.

There were a lot of different kinds, but in order to make the event happen, you needed to raise the affection of the opposite party.

But in reality, there was no sign that show that this event was about to happen. Absolutely nothing. It was nothing like in romance manga or gal games. Furthermore, from elementary school to middle school, I went to an all-boy school so I had never known how to socialize with a girl.

I had a younger sister at home, but she could not be view as a target. Although she was only a cousin………but this kind of thing was still impossible in reality.

However, now that I had stepped foot inside this high school → my first gender-mixed school, that event must be happening soon……

What? Hey, I was just telling you a fantasy story.

In the end, nothing has changed.

If I had to give an example of what are my relationships with the girls, you can imagine it as a piece of barren land where even cactus could not sprout. A desert without oasis. Or you can imagine it as a worm that got fried under the sun. (And I didn’t know if the worm can still survive then.)

From now on there would be even more struggles. I could not imagine an encounter with a girl.

But this was also fine.

3D girls were not important. Because I could not know what were they thinking. They were like a completely different species, troublesome, annoying, and worst yet…

They could not live up to your dream!!

Huh, let’s forget those things, because I have found a better relaxing place for myself…


For some reasons that I, Sagimiya Keita, was suddenly get caught in a “confession” event.

A person with a silky brown hair had just said “I love you” in front of me. That person was having a natural smile, exposing clean white teeth.

Body was a little slim but tight, confidence face with loud voice.

That’s right…that person was a “guy”.

Furthermore, his entire body was covered in shiver armor looking really epic.

He stepped a foot onto the sidewalk of the square that can directly look at the wharf and continues with a weird posture.

“I think it is best for you to go out with me.”

I didn’t know why but…I felt his way of talking is a little bit arrogance.

Of course I didn’t like such a thing. And I was sure he also did not mean to say “let’s go on a date?”. It was just because he did not know the truth.

How could this happened? You can understand if you take a look around.

This was a European-style brick paved street.

People walking around were wearing different kind of armors, capes, and weapons on their waist. This clearly as a virtual world.

It was because I was inside a MMORPG “ZX Welt Online”.

Although the art style of ZX Welt Online as designed based on anime, but I could feel like it was real. From strains of hair to the avatars, everything looked really natural. When think about it, although it was a little weird but because of it that I was able to truly feel like a citizen of a 2D world.

All of this was due to the support of the next generation gaming equipment, “ESG” (Entertainment Station Gear).

I had thought that the ability to Full Drive to a virtual world was just fantasy. But it was no longer a fantasy once you wore the ESG.

Because things like setting up and wiring were not as complicated as building a robot so they were fairly easy. But its advanced structures did cause a little trouble for amateur like me.

And this was how my avatar look like in this world.

I looked at a statue made out of crystal in the square.

The reflected image showed a quiet girl covered by gown and garment of a female priest. A girl with a petite body, fragile with a neat atmosphere that caused everyone want to protect.

Yep, surely you have already understood?

People like me online were called “nekama”

Female avatars that were control by guys, some exposed himself publicly, while some pretended to be girls. And I belonged to the second type. Inside ZX Welt, I named myself “Riel” and acted as a humble female player.

Disappointed with the real world, I had yelled “I will become a citizen of 2D” like a plastic boy and stepped inside the world of ZX Welt.

TN: Reference to Luffy in One Piece.

In the beginning, my motivation to come to ZX was the cute screenshot of “Melluna”-chan, someone who was called a pro-player of this world. Now I was completely stuck here.

Before I knew it, I subconsciously modeled my avatar after my dream girl.

Because the guys kept on misunderstand that sometimes there were fishes that ate the bait.

What? Couldn’t I not say the same to the idiot that is standing in front of me? I was just talking in general.

These guys were called “nenabe”

Note: nenabe = netto (internet) + onabe (reverse trap)

But in this case, I was sure that he was a guy in the real world. I could be sure of it due to his words and actions.

First, once he knew that I was a girl, he clearly felt some attraction.

Second, while questing, when I was worry about the reminding recovery items, he proactively escorted me back to the city.

Third, when I was not online, he kept on sending unnecessary trash massages.

…etc. If I agreed then this will become more complicate. Because I was a guy myself so I had insight to this matter. From beginning till now there were many people that behaved the same way as this guy.

These were a bunch of idiotic boys, I looked down at them while I was thinking………Ah no, wasn’t it because I was just too good at playing Riel.

Whatever, first let’s find a way out of this trouble.


I pretended to be flustered. Pretending like I still didn’t have an answer was the best way to escape this, I thought.

But in contrary to my thinking, this guy was already affirmed with a dignified face.

“While we are at it, I am not just talking about online, but in reality too.”

What the hell is this guy talking about?

I kept my face from twitching.


“I…I think this is a very happy matter but……it is a little sudden……”

“Ah, that’s right! First, we have to have a wedding, right?”


I reacted subconsciously.

Of course what he was talking about was the marriage system in the game, but even so it was still too surprising. Even if it was not sudden I would not like to get married to a guy. If he keeps on being clingy like this then this is no difference from harassment, I can report him to the GM (Game Master – people managed the game) to let them ban his account.

But there was one reason that made me unable to do so. What was the reason?

Because he and I were members of the same guild.

Hah? That was not a legitimate reason?

Then let me make it clearer. The guild that I joined was a place that somehow gathered a lot of players with female avatars, and it looked like that they were also female in the real world.

Later this guy, Hugues, joined. Hugues was the only member that had a male avatar in the guild so everyone in the guild paid attention to him. Furthermore, from his elegant gestures and postures, everyone called him “Knight-sama”.

Knight-sama had become an important member just like his title. He was very serious with gaming, because only someone who got called “Haijin” could find items like those. Furthermore, I did not see anyone else that had equipment like his. On my part, I didn’t know what was so good about him. A complicated person like me but still joined a female group, it was unthinkable.

But if I were to report Hugues right now and his account get banned, I might be placed under the resentment of other guild members, and there would be more Knight-sama that came confessing to Riel! On the other hand, if I were to become famous then it was not good. Everyone thought that I was a girl in reality. If something happened, it could potentially develop to a degree that we would have to dissolve the guild.

“When should we hold the wedding? It will become a special day in our life after all, right?”

Hugues kept on rambling without knowing my worries.

The first step to begin a confession was to have a private conversation, I should have been able to see where this was going from from the beginning.

I thought that I need to make it clear right now. I calmly faced him

“Um…sorry. But I don’t have that kind of intention.”

“I know, you are always like that, right? I love this humble aspect of you.”

“What!? That’s not what I mean!”

“Aa, hmm hmm, I know, I get it alright. You have already picked a day, right? But because you are embarrassed so you do not say it, right? Your tsundere side is also what I love about you.”

Disgusting!! But now this idiot will not listen to whatever I say!


“Hey now, you don’t have to speak loudly like that.”

“I told you that was not it (/゚Д゚)/ !!”

“Hahaha, you are still adorable like usual, Riel.”

In the heat of the moment I had subconsciously used my masculine way of talking. But that was because there was no way to show my frustration by moving my limbs.

From the outside, we looked just like a couple that were flirting with each other.

There were even some people who stayed behind to look. This was getting more and more out of my control. What the heck is happening

“Ah, so sorry, but I will come back later. Time to drink tea.”


Suddenly he told me that. What’s with tea? But, because I still did not properly turn him down (because he did not listen) so he would not leave me alone.


“Are you afraid of being lonely?”


“Haha, don’t worry, I understand your feeling. I will contact you later. Still at the same time.”

“Hey, wait a second!? Hey!!”

“Never contact me again because I do not want to see your face”, I still could not not say that sentence yetヽ(#`Д ´)ノ!!

It was too late for my inner thought to catch up to what I was saying.

A blue light as covering Hugues. I could only stand silently looking at the light effect. Then right after his figure completely disappeared.

“Aaa, bastard!!”

I bended down while holding my head.

Idiot that only does what he wants to do…

The majority of the time if I was this angry, my eyes would be on fire.

At that moment, the item “Guild Earring” on my ear brightened. It was a unique item that helped me to communicate with other members of the guild regardless of distance.

[Riel, where are you right now?]

My heart tightened when I heard that unhappy voice.

That was the voice of a member in the guild “Shizuku”. Her cool personality and nonsensical antics were characteristics of her. When standing in front of her, I felt as if she could see through everything. In all of the member of the guild, only those who were really strong dare to face her. I felt Shizuku was somewhat unique in that group of people.

We met each other when I started playing ZX, and from then on, we were always playing together.

[If you have logged in then you must give ‘only me’ a greeting first. Hey, are you listening?]

“Eh? Ah, yes yes, I am listening.”

[Or are you trying to avoid me?]

“No way! Of course forgetting to greet you is my fault. But…”

[But what?]

“Why make me greet ‘only you’?”

[Isn’t that a given?]

“No no, you don’t think saying like that is pretty weird? If I were to give a greeting then I must greet everyone, right? Besides, why do you pay so much attention to that matter?”

[You still have to ask, doesn’t I have decided to be the first person to give you “puchipuchi” when Riel-tan logged in?]

TN: It is the sound of kissing, I think.

“Fueeee!? Pu…puchipuchi!?”

[What with that strong reaction?]

“O…of course I have to reacted like that!”

[You are weird. I thought you like things that are cute?]

“It’s true that I like to listening to cute things, but please spare me the “puchipuchi” matter!”


Shizuku let loose a bitter sound.

But whatever the case I still need to find an excuse first. So that I do not get interrogate further.

“So, let’s leave the greeting matter aside, now I must go hunting. So sorry.”

[Hunting? Is there a place in ZX that low attack Cleric like Riel can hunt solo?]

“So rude. Isn’t there have to be a few places if I am willing to search around?”

[Ok, you are right. ‘If you search’ then of course you will find some. But my friendlist seems to not have your name in it, eh]

“What!? You try checking again. My name clearly shows up in the guild.”

[ ‘Only in guild’, are you missing something?]


[As the only person who has ‘a friendly relationship’ with me, you need to understand your own identity.]

“Muuuu…if that is the case then Shizuku is also…”

[Then, where are you right now?]

Crap, I got tricked!?

“Eh!? Uh…right now uh, at Prakith Plain…I think?”


I lied. It was because I wanted to hide the fact that I was going with Hugues.

At the same time, Prakithwas a plain that one will encounter first once one leave the Capital. That was also an area with low level monsters for beginners.

“T-that’s right. I am hunting for Demon Sheep there……y-you know already, although these sheep are weak but they sometimes drop sheep fur, which can also be sell, right?”

[Sheep fur?]

Her altitude seemed a little not happy.

“Y-yes. People who leveled up their Tailoring skill demanded that item a lot.”

[But, it’s strange.]


[Since when did the Capital of Flore Kingdom have monsters, eh?]


[Nothing, it is just that I coincidentally spotted a Cleric with poor equipment just standing around in the square next to the wharf!]


I hurriedly looked around. Immediately, I spotted the figure of a girl look in this direction, stepping down from the stair leading to the square.

Long black hair fluttering behind. Head was wearing a small hat. Upper body as wearing a long fur jacket, hands were covered in soft gloves. Lower body was donning a short skirt decorated with cute line patterns. She was wearing a pair of leather boots, waist was hanging a belt that carried a short flute, characteristic of a Beast Tamer.

I recognized this combination of equipment. No need to doubt, that exactly was Shizuku.

After getting down from the stair, she moved toward this direction. Her figure gradually became clear.

From the characteristic of the face to body parts like hair style, body shape, height, we could customize and change color for them when doing avatar customization. Although there were no avatars that looked exactly the same in this world, but her customization was truly perfect.

Face that was just right, slim figure. Crystal white, long legs exposed underneath her short skirt. If according to me, I would wear knee socks if I had a pair of legs like that. Although white seemed to fit her leg’s skin color, but black matched it better in my opinion.

“Is there something wrong with my legs””

I suddenly woke up after hearing to her normal voice right in front of me. I did not notice due to my eyes were glued to her legs.

“What!? N-nothing is wrong with then!”

“You looked at them just now?”

“N-no, there is truly nothing wrong!!”

“Even more that you were looking at them with evil intention. Aren’t there a lot of people with Yuri thought to my body………right?”

“T-there are? Uh, that’s not it! I thought that she would look beautiful if Shizuku wears knee socks……that’s all…”

“You like the combination of short skirt and knee socks eh? I will remember this point. Let’s put this matter aside, now, you should hurry to dive into my chest.”

Shizuku spread her arms and waits.

“Eh!? But that matter…”

“What’s wrong? Are you embarrassed? C’mon, come!!”

“No way, no need! Seriously!”

“Hmm, truly is a frail person. This after all is just a virtual world.”

I changed my attention to her legs as I was feeling embarrassed. And then I spotted something appropriate to distract her.

“Oi…since when did Suama-chan become so cute.”

Next to Shizuku’s leg was an animal looked just like a fur ball. That was a monster that she tamed, named “Suama”. Its hands and legs were hidden underneath its fur. I only thought it looked like marimo when first saw it, but if paying close attention then one could see a small tail and a white dog-like face. It looked like it was still an infant. I had a lots of question regarding it because it was not explained clearly in the game guide.

TN: Suama is Japanese traditional cake, marimo is a moss ball

When I bent down to pet Suama, he (or is it a she!?) gave a small sound.


And showed a happy expression. Truly was a good AI.

Shizuku recognized that I was trying to distract her so she just stood there with her arms folded, her face was cold like ice.

“Then, why are you avoiding me?”

She suddenly asked, cold eyes staring at me.

“What are you talking about?”

“About the issue of you lying about hunting at Prakith Plain. Don’t tell me you have forgotten? Members in the guild can know the location of each other in the list.”

“Ah, right…”

I made a rookie mistake. I could not forgive myself for this matter.

“You are doing something sneakily, right? I am suspicious…”

Suspicious eyes showed vividly on her face.

It looked like she still did not see me and Hugues alone together.

Eh? Wait a second? Shizuku’s first sentence from before was “where are you right now?”, I think. If she has looked at the list and already knew, then why did she must ask me again?

“Hey, why is Shizuku is lying to me?”


When her question got answered by another question, she was confused.

“Why did you asked me where I was? Hey, are you listening?”

“Because……it is just my habit. Normally when logged in, I want to ask where you are.”

“Even though you have checked the list?”

“It’s not like we can accurately pin point the location of everyone on the list, right?”

“Although it is so……never mind, it’s not like you always stalking me everywhen and everywhere, right?”

“W-what are you talking about? Of course that is impossible. Hahahaha.”

Shizuku denied with a dignified face, but she looked really suspicious.

“Never mind, let’s go.”

She suddenly cut short the conversation, held onto my hand and dragged me away.

“Wait, where are we going?”

“Stupid question? Of course is to return to the guild house. Everyone have already gathered. As the guild master, isn’t it my responsibility to call you back?”

“I…is that so…”

Looked like she lost to everyone when playing rock paper scissor like usual.

“Hey now, hurry up.”

She held my hands and moved toward the guild house area.

However……I felt touched because she held my hand. In real life, I had never held hand with another girl before.

All of these artificial sensations were pretty well-simulated through the connection of the brain.

Today gaming machine is awesome. I could only say so. Yes! Because I could freely change my voice so, ‘being a Nekama is awesome.’

Although was dragging my hand at the front, sometimes Shizuku would turned around and looked at me.

When I asked “what’s wrong?”, she answered “nothing” and turned back around.

We arrived in front of a small stone house. Without saying, this was the location of our guild, guild house.

When created a guild with more than 2 people, you could have a house like this one. Decorated according to interests, this place could be used as a warehouse to store equipment, a common for everyone to gather, or something else with similar functions.

Maa~ our guild members didn’t frequently go hunting or participate in quest, but every day we spent the majority of our time here.


When I stepped into the room like usual, there were three members waiting. In the middle of the room was a small table, with beautiful girls gathered around.

Shizuku sat down on a chair in front, as the same time I had also sat down in a nearby location.

“Riel Riel Riel Riel Riel Riel~ You finally decided to come, nya~”


I raised my hand to stop a body that suddenly approached.

In my hand were short silver hair, on top even had a pair of cat ear fluttering.

The girl with an innocent face named “Ricotta”. A girl belonged to the Beastmen tribe, Were-cat race. Her soft tail was moving left and right while she was looking at me.

Her occupation was an Alchemist. Characteristic by wearing a long coat like a scholar, waist hanged a belt carrying many vials similar to test tubes and experiment books.

But there were no Alchemists who would wear such a short skirt like her, increased her attractiveness.

Ah, that’s right, almost all cat-like avatars who added words like “nya”, “nyo”, or “nyu” at the end of their sentences were guy inside. But she had announced that she was a girl in reality. So that was it if she was not lying.


While I was apologizing to Ricotta for my tardiness, I heard a small voice from behind.

When I turned around I see a girl standing by with a pair of eyes that looked like a loyal puppy waiting for her master to come back.

Her name was “Mashumaro”. Everyone called her “Mashu”. Liked her name, Mashu was a very sensitive girl. Her shoulder-length, somewhat curly hair helped increase her youthfulness. Her equipment was a long skirt with black at the main theme, her front was a white layer that looked like an apron, decorated on the edges. One could say that it was modeled after a maid’s outfit. Although it fitted her but in contrary to her look, her occupation was an Assassin.

Why did she choose that occupation? She once said like this:

“Because the syllables ‘ashasin’ sounded really cute~”

The reason was because she did not understand the meaning of that word, if I remembered correctly. I didn’t know anything other than that.

It was also because of that that she initially could not find any outfit that fitted her interest. So she ignored her occupation and picked herself the cutest outfit possible. But it looked like she still did not pick a weapon. It was true that carrying a bloody knife on her waist did not fit with her gentle appearance. Furthermore…it looked like that she was also a person who liked doing housework in real life.

“Too long. It has been too long~”

While hugging me tightly, Mashu’s eyes were wet.

“……What’s wrong?”

“Because, we haven’t meet for a day already, right? From the time when Riel-chan logged out last night to now has been one day, I have been worried, feeling like something tears me apart, uuuu~”

“You are exaggerating…”

“No way. I am, when conversing with Riel-chan, I feel really peaceful. Because it has been too long so I have leveled up my Fishing skill and went fishing while waiting, finally dozed off, and almost fall down to the lake. Ehehe.”

“Don’t ‘ehehe’ me. Did you stay logged in from yesterday till now!?”

“That’s right, why?”

“Right your…how can you still say that with a calm face…”

“I…I couldn’t do that…?”


Two tear drops condensed on her eyes were about to fall down.

“Did I do something wrong? Did I trouble you?”

“Uh…uh no…th-that matter…”

“Ah!? Doesn’t stalking Riel-chan all day like that makes me look like a stalker?”

“You finally realize it.”


She lied down on the floor like she was sick, slowly pulled out a small bottle from the item box in the guild house. That green liquid inside that clear bottle was poison. It could cause big damage if used against monsters, but……it could also be effective against players.

“What are you trying to do?”

“I will kill myself here to apologize!”

“Don’t do that!”

I took back that bottle when she brought it to her mouth.

“Just let me kill myself here!”

She pulled out a knife and pointed at her throat.

“Uh…even if you do that, you still cannot die according to the system.”

“If that’s so then, MEGANTE!”

TN: a sacrifice skill in Dragon Quest II

Finished saying that, she hugged me while crying loudly.

“Are you trying to kill us too!?”

While we were at it, inside ZX did not have any skills like Megante.

“Really, you are fine even if you stay logged in. Because I don’t mind. But thank you for waiting for me.”

When heard me say that, Mashu pushed her face into my chest to wipe her tears, then laugh eheheh. Her expression…………looked way too cute––!

At that time, another small bottle showed up in our views. Inside was also poison, but it was purple instead of green.

“This can make you die immediately, nya.”

Ricotta introduced death potion, even more potent than poison potion. Because of her occupation, this surely was her own concoction.

The small bottle moved about slowly in front of Mashu.

“I…I don’t need it!”

“Muu~ I putted so much effort into making this, nya…”

“Mu, because Riel-chan said that so I do not want to die anymore!”

Mashu again pressed her face into my chess, pouting, with cheeks blown up. Ricotta also did not admit defeat, blown up her cheeks to express her discomfort. Two girls stared intensely at each other as if they were rivals, but Mashu gave up first. She breathed out and leaned on my shoulder. At that time, a mournful voice appeared nearby:

“Hey, you guys, please stop this game.”

Pair of sharp ear belonged to the Elven race. Long, blonde, shiny hair was tied together to the left. She named “Shirousahime”. Everyone called her “Hime”. She was wearing a shirt with exposed belly, looked just like a tight sport bra, with extremely short sleeves. Underneath was a micro-mini-skirt. The outfit had a white theme, with golden edging, caused me to imaging of a high-class princess.

I thought from the beginning that she had transformed herself into a princess…

Even so, her occupation was way different from her image, it was Thief. I am sure you are wondering why she chose that occupation?

I observed Hime was lecturing Mashu and Ricotta.

“Why are you too keep sticking to Riel, hah?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why is Hime saying that, nya?”

Mashu and Ricotta was still being stubborn.

“Because…t-that kind of thing will cause trouble to Riel!”

“Is that true, Riel-chan?”

“No……no way.”

Mashu kept “uuuuuu” when asking me so I had no way but to deny it.

“See that, there is nothing wrong, nya.”

“A-anyway that is still unacceptable!”

Hime’s face became unsightly while her cheeks turned red. A tomato red shade slowly expanded to her ears and finally blown out stream from her blonde hair.

“Even you have become like that, how can you lecture anyone.”

Having stay silence for a while, Shizuku suddenly whispered. Furthermore, Hime was sitting right next to her.

“W-What? I did not say anything advantageous for me, right? You cannot accuse me like that!”

“Quiet, stop yelling into my ear. Besides, I have paid attention, Shirousahime kept behaving like a princess. First calling herself a bunny, then said “I will die of loneliness” as if you were pitiful.”

“What does my avatar’s name has with relation to this matter!? And your avatar’s name ‘Shizuku’ is also reeked with chuunibyou smell, right? Even if my name is so, it is still better than some that named themselves ‘Setsuna’ or ‘Knight of Dark’. That is the reason why your friendlist is always empty.”

TN: Setsuna, lol

“The amount of friend has no relation to this, you lonely rabbit.”

“Admitting defeat?”

I could not stand by and watch so I intervened.

“Uh…you two are the same in this matter…”

““Shut up!””

Two people yelled at me together, because that was the truth.

While playing ZX Welt, one could save the name of other players into friendlist. Players who had good relations with each other often created party to play together. Therefore, they elected a person as the guild master to create a guild and play together.

Because of that, the amount of name inside the friendlist was usually friend > guild.

But our people were more of the unusual kind, friend = guild.

Ignored Shizuku and Hime, counting other remaining guild members, one could say that this is an unusual guild.


A silly electric voice sounded in my ear.

I moved my hand to the front and swiped to one side on instinct. A status window opened in the air. This was a menu that allowed one to do a lot of things. A message icon was blinking at the edge. The sender was no other than that Hugues guy.

What the heck does he want?

While I was worrying, it looked like he also has sent messages to other members.

“Ah, message from Knight-sama, nya.”

“I have also received a message from Knight-sama.”

“Same here.”

“Knight-sama is often like that.”

And just like that, the messages spread like a chain.

Unlike me who felt uncomfortable when received the message, everyone seemed cheerful when they received them.

Aa…why am I feeling so nauseated?

Furthermore, why is he still lingering with other members when he has already confessed to me?

Although I did not know what was the content of the message, I was a little worry…

Eh? Am I being jealous? I rebutted myself for having that thought.

Should I read this message? I struggled even though I have already opened it.


Title: Dear my lovely honey

Sender: Hugues

Receiver: Riel,

[Hi, my little kitty, how are you today? Right now I am staying at a new company on South Island.>]

Who the heck is he actually?

[ I’ll return to Japan after this trip, after all I’m only human, sometimes I need to heal my tired wings. Time like these, the first image appears on my mind is the figure of my sweet honey. Aa, I want to see you guys like a field of blooming Dionaea.>]

What the heck is wrong with this guy’s writing? Furthermore, isn’t Dionaea a man-eating plant?

[As you know, my guild has been established for 3 months.]

And since when has it become yours!?

[It has grew slowly hasn’t it?]

What has grew?

[So I’ve decided

2:00 PM, on △day X month〇.

At “Kaizeria” at Eastern Ikebukuro gate, our guild will hold the first offline meeting.

Everyone needs to participate!

I really can’t wait for that day. Good bye.>]

Fuu…………that’s it, I was worried of what is written in it. Wait a second, where where……at “Kaizeria” at Eastern Ikebukuro………………


Not good not good not good not good not good not good not good not good not good.

What the heck is that guy doing!?

If now I asked if anyone had received similar messages then everyone would certainly focus on the phrase “offline meeting”.

I wished this was a mistake, my eyes again stuck closely to the message. And then I saw a postscript underneath with the phrase “Dear Riel”.

[About our wedding, I’ll tell everybody at the off-line meeting. I look forward to everybody’s reactions.]

A cold feeling ran through my back.

Heyyyyy! If you do this then this guild will certainly be disbanded! Can I not go to the meeting, but he can just announce that matter with everyone like usual, right? (But I never recalled having agreed to his confession!)

I even didn’t dare to appear, let along stopping him. Even if he knew that I am a guy and stop, other members will not let this go. Because if they knew that I was a nekama then our current relationships would end.

Furthermore, I just wanted to enjoy their 2D figures. Even if they were a little weird but I was really satisfied with the current situation. I knew that oasis do not exist in the desert that called 3D, only when I stepped foot inside this 2D world did I find a small lake. How dare he wanted to strip that away from me too!?

But……this disgusting invitation, probably nobody would decide to go to, right? Yeah, that’s right. What kind of invitation was so weird.

While I was calming myself down then,

“I have always want to meet you guys~”

Wait, Mashu!? What did you just say!?

“That’s right, because this is the decision of Knight-sama so it can’t be help.”

“Because “everyone needs to participate” so I have to go even if I don’t want to, nya~”

Even Hime and Ricotta!? They agreed to go because of this disgusting invitation!?

But……here as if only has Shizuku who did not express what she wanted yet?

“Of course Riel will also attend, right?”

Once I paid attention to then her face was pressed near my face.

“Eh? Uh…um…that…”

“Understood. Then everyone, even Riel, will attend.”


Shizuku raised her voice to cover my sound.

“Waaaa, it will be fun~”

“That’s right. Cannot cannot go.”

“I look forward to meeting Riel, nya!”

Eh, wait, these guys! When I wanted to speak up, Shizuku has put a hand on my shoulder.

“I am also looking forward to it!”

She smiled happily from the bottom of her heart. Then certainly squeezed her hand.

Ahhhhh (°△°||)(°△°||)(°△°||)(°△°||)(°△°||).

And so Riel (me) has fallen into a situation that cannot be backed down. What can I do now––!?
























4 Responses to Ore no Real to Netgame ga Love Comedy ni Shinshokusare Hajimete Yabai Volume 1 Chapter 1

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for the chapter.


  2. Tsukine says:

    Thank you~


  3. happinezz001 says:

    i’ve started reading this and i just wanna say that this is kinda like the other netoge novel just a few levels more stupider


  4. BabyDalyn says:

    Ganbare Riel. Hueges’ harem?


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