Cross Connect Volume 2 Prologue



Prologue: Invitation

『Today, we would like to give to those who have a deep passionate of Sphia’s game.

First of all, we’re sorry for the sudden message. We deeply apologize. However, instead of that, if you accepted this imprudence I hope you will read it to the end.

Okay ?

This time, we will deploy a new game as thanks to you all.

Its name is Selector of Seventh Role———SSR.  Hero – Demon King – Revolutionary– Judge – Executioner – Tracker – Priest,  there will be a battle royal of 7 player with different role.

As the role of player, you must aim for the wining condition set up for each role, or aim at a different winning condition.

Now, the detail explanation will be saved for later guide. We will mention about things that you need to notice first.

First. This game will be a little different than “Ura-game”.

The reward will be there………..but it will be a very interesting one.

Second. In this game you must have eligibility to participate.

As I’ve mentioned, the needed amount of people needed to deploy SSR is exactly 7 people. Couldn’t be more and couldn’t be less. If there was too much people there would be a random selection from these players, the different in strength if too much then probably no one could enjoy it anymore right? Therefore this time it was set up with another harsher condition.

However, please rest assured. If you had received this message, that has the same meaning as you have own your “eligibility ” to participate. I hope, you could display all of your ability when you’re in my game

And one final thing

We———Ah no, I, from the bottom of my heart hope that you will participate. Will you? I’d be very happy if this wish was fulfilled ————』

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