Valhalla no Ban Gohan Volume 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Color of The Final Footstep

During the afternoon of the god community ‘Asgard’, the 2nd sister of the nine Valkyrie, Gerhilde-sama held me in her breast and departed toward ‘Valhalla’.

Every time she flaps her pure white wings, it speeds up the scenery of the surrounding, well it feels good flying in a speed that surpasses sound but it can cause fear at the same time.

“Gerhilde-sama, you are flying too fast! You might be faster than Grani-kun….”

“Hohoho, how impolite of you to compare me with my dear sister’s horse. You do know what ‘Rustung[1] Wind’ means right?”

“Rus? Nope, I don’t know, can you explain it to me?”

“It means the armor of wind… which is also the mark of a Valkyrie, it’s sort of like a symbol. I’m actually the best among my sisters in the ability to control the wind, I can also use it to wrap around my body. You do know what this mean right?”

“Yes! it means that Gerhilde-sama is the best!”

“Yes, that’s correct! Seems like you are smarter than I thought. Then I will grant you the permission to call me by my nickname ‘Hilde’.”

“I am very grateful for this!”

Ah? It’s normal that she would give an impression when she was being praised, but I didn’t think that with a little compliment, I would be able to increase the relationship that fast. It might be because she is too pure in nature, or is she the type that can be easily persuade by others….. No matter what, she is not much different from a prideful person. But it’s too easy for her to be persuaded, is being the chosen one that easily to persuade?

Oh, I also thought of this when I first met Hildi this morning, it seem like we cannot judge a book by its cover.

“Ah, Gerhilde-sama.”

“It’s okay if you use Hilde.”

“Hi… Hilde-sama, can we land at the practice field? It would be easy for us to have a practice on rune magic there.”


After answering me, Gerhilde-sama suddenly descended at a high speed. The moment when we were going to reach the ground, it suddenly became silent and she slowly landed on the ground with no sound. The wings that were flying in the sky just now were like wings of elegant snows.

“Is it okay if we land here? I thought we will start from the lesson first.” After she put me on the ground, she kept asking me question.

I tried to use the most suitable reason to answer her most obvious question:

“You are only able to learn the basic from the lesson. But Gerhilde-sama you actually don’t need those, it just that you’re not good at rune magic only, so there won’t be any problem if we start with the practical. Moreover, I actually learned how to use rune magic by practicing, so it would be better if we start with the practical lesson.”

“If that’s the case, there’s no choice. Well, I’m also not good with those boring lessons, it helps me a lot this way.”

“It actually helps me a lot too since you’re okay with this. Let’s start right away so we can end it early, from now onwards, we have to go all out. Let’s start with …….”

At this moment.

On top of both of us which are going to start with the lesson, there was an eagle that flew out of nowhere. The eagle seems to be flying in a circle in the sky, Gerhilde-sama and I were cautious about it and I hide behind Gerhilde-sama. After that, the eagle suddenly descended toward the ground.

It stared sharply at us as if we are it prey. Even though our line of sight is similar, yet it is releasing a huge amount of pressure toward us. It seems we cannot let our guard down against this eagle!

“Yo, it’s such a good day, Gerhilde.” While I trying to be more caution, the eagle suddenly talked. Seems that it’s more straightforward than what I had imagined.

‘That voice, don’t tell me! So you still haven’t returned the eagle clothing back to Freya-sama yet!”

“Wait, don’t be so angry, Gerhilde. I did ask for Freya’s permission properly, you know? I even mentioned that I will borrow it for quite some time.”

“Oh, is that the case? Then there is no harm done.”

“Even though she didn’t agree to it?”

“Then return it now!”

To avoid Gerhilde-sama’s rapid attacks, the stubborn eagle flew straight up which easily evaded the attack. To be able to avoid Gerhilde-sama rapid attack that easily…..

“Is this eagle someone you know, Gerhilde-sama?”

“Ha? What are you talking about! That eagle is Loki-sama! You saw him before right!”

“A… That eagle is Loki-sama….. Please don’t joke around. That’s an eagle you know? Well, maybe that’s not some simple matter, but that’s an eagle, you know. An eagle. Haha.”

“You, you bastard…… it seems that you are able to use the run of ice.”

“No, I can’t! That was just a joke, it was that cold?”

Well, lets this put this aside…… My impression of Loki-sama, is that he’s a step-brother to Thor-sama and he’s a master trickster in the god community. At the same time, he is also the one who recommended me to be a meal in ‘Valhalla Kitchen’, in a way he is my benefactor.

Why would such an impressive person come to this place, the appearance is also different from Loki-sama. The actual Loki-sama is a young man with dark brown skin and his left iris is gold color while his right is blue

“Kukuku! Your joke is quite cold no matter how I see it, dark brown one. I hope that you were able to recognize me based on my voice though.”

After the eagle named Loki-sama finished saying that, he spread his wings and made an X shape. At the same time, his body from the bottom up, mysteriously got bigger and bigger and finally it turn into a shape of a human.

That’s….. Well, this seems like a magic trick which is different from the rune ‘mannaz’ right? And I feel like I saw this face before…. If I’m not mistaken this person was with Lord Odin when he came to invite me while I still at the forest of Idavoll[2] …. Right? Oh, that should be correct. There is no doubt that he is…..

“Please forgive me, Loki-sama!!! The behavior that I showed you is unforgivable!”

“Oi! Wait, don’t keep knocking your head like you’re using your brain to dig a hole.”

“Loki-sama, you are being too kind to me! I feel so grateful I will do this until my nose falls off!”

“Shouldn’t it have already dropped off since your nose had become a shovel due to the knocking? Okay, please calm down now!”

I listened to the advice of Loki-sama and began to take a big breathe, the earthy smell in my nose began to spread out and I managed to calm down after I feel Mother Nature.

“Loki-sama, I am very thankful that you invited such a small fry like me to ‘Valhalla’. I plan to go visit you afterward but the Chef Head said that it was not necessary for me to do so.”

“There’s no need for you to thank me. I won’t blame you even if you have a grudge toward the Aesir tribe for cooking you every night…. I won’t even mind even if you come to hate me.”

Loki-sama patted me on my head in deep grief after he said that. Ah… I really should go visit him once and inform him about my own opinion.

“Even though I was forced to do it in the beginning but the one who managed to convince Lord Odin to allow me to make the final decision is Loki-sama. Moreover, it was me who chose to die —- So I should be thankful to you instead of hating you.”

“….Is that so.”

Loki-sama smiled slightly while standing up and said:

“But,” His eye showed a sight of sorrow while he look up to the sky, “To live is certainly good, even if it doesn’t have not have any meaning.”


Human words and thoughts, they must exist somewhere in the heart. I wonder what Loki-sama was feeling in his heart when he muttered that….His words are constantly echoing in my chest.

-This means that this immortal ability can allow a person to look down on life – Oh, I better remember this by heart.

“By the way, Loki-sama why did you come here?”

Having spotted a gap in the conversation, Hilde-sama asked the most important question. Loki-sama gave an ‘Oh’ and nodded slightly, and he answered nonchalantly:

“Actually I come because of this Sa….. What’s your name again?”

“Its Sæhrímnir.”

“Actually I was interested in Sei. I heard that he was able to transform into a dragon, right?”

“That right, the dragon he transformed into seems like a very nasty creature.” Seems like a nasty creature…. It’s true that the purple scale looks poisonous but say it likes that is a bit too much. And why is people keep forgetting about my name! Like how Hildi and Loki-sama did just now! Everyone is very horrible!

“I’m amazed that Loki-sama knew about this matter so fast as if you have a very long ear.”

“Aa, I heard this from Ratatoskr. His ability to collect information is the best in the God community, so he immediately informed me of this matter when I asked him.”

“That squirrel….. He has the guts to secretly sneak in ‘Vingólf’. I will give him a knead punishment the next time I see him.”

What kind of punishment is that? I am very interested in it, it would be better if you can use that against me.

“Don’t be so angry, it’s not like you and your sisters managed to figure out that he was peeking right? Well that stealth ability is actually one of his outstanding talents. We need a lot more people like him in the God Community right?”

“Well, that is truth but…. Loki-sama why does it seem you are giving him too much protection?”

“Oi! No no, you see, actually because Heimdallr keeps watching the outside of ‘Asgard’ right, doesn’t it seem that the defenses from the inside of ‘Asgard’ a bit weak? That’s why we need someone who is able to grasp all the information in every corner here and that someone is Ratatoskr.”

“Well…. Seems to be a reasonable excuse for it, then I will forget about this then.”

“Aiya… then let get down to business.”

Loki-sama turned around and faced me when he finished talking. Oo that expression seem like he’s up to something bad.

“Sei, teach me how to transform into a Mystical Type. I also want to try to transform into a dragon.”

“Of course but let me finish teaching Gerhilde-sama first.”

“Ho, Sei, don’t you think you are arranging the priority in a wrong way? I purposely came here to find you and you wanted me to wait?”

“That’s correct. There is nothing to be worry about because I won’t let you wait for long.”

“No, Sei, it’s better for you to put my matter toward the end and teach Loki-sama first.”

Gerhilde-sama tried to smooth things over when she sensed that Loki-sama was impatient. Even though I also sensed that Loki-sama was angry but it’s not good to change the order so easily.

“According to the order, Gerhilde-sama is the one who asked me to teach her the rune ‘mannaz’ first, so please wait for a while Loki-sama.”

“Oi… Sei, don’t you know how to see the time occasion? Oh, come one, you do know that I am the one who asked you? Do you really intend to let me wait, me who is the step-brother of Odin and the No. 2 in the God Community?”

“Hm… well I already think of the occasion and time. Personally I feel there is no urgency in Loki-sama’s request and it is unfair for me to change the order because Loki-sama is mightier.”

“…. Even if the one requesting it is Odin?”


I afraid this prying question is the final ultimatum to see whether I will change the order or not. It’s like a test to see whether I will disturb the watershed of a God lamella. In order way, it is the decision that will determine whether I will live or die.

Actually there is no need to worry over this matter actually. If I received a divine punish due to a chivalrous heart that no one cared, I will definitely show a smiley face while being silenced. If this was me from the past, I would definitely do that. But—

“I am very sorry, Loki-sama—-”

But — it’s different now. It’s true that dying is something scary even though I have experienced it for numerous times already. But… to me whom is used to dying as if it’s a daily routine, it is harder for me to stop myself from saying the word I wanted and show an unnatural smiling face as if nothing happened.

So I …. can’t back down, not even for a bit.

“I don’t care who it is, I will treat everyone fairly.”

“Is that so…. Good, you pass! You pass it perfectly.”

“Ah? I passed?”

The angry face that he showed just now suddenly disappears as if it was a lie, and suddenly become a brilliant smile. I felt that he was actually lying to us. Is he trying to investigate me? Ha… I thought that he was planning something but it’s  actually just this.

“Yaa, the unwavering attitude of yours is quite impressive, it been a long time since I meet someone who sticks to their own principle. So to respect that unyielding faith of yours, I used my position to test you. Next time there is no need for any formalities when you call me.”

Loki-sama laughed loudly while carrying me. Wuu…. Seemed like I’ve been acknowledge by an impressive person. Am I going to be okay in the future….

As a conclusion, Loki-sama sincerely agreed to respect the order. Even though there’s some issues just now, I can finally begin to teach Hilde-sama on rune magic.

“Then, Hilde-sama, let try to transform into a swan.”

“Um… that, I’m troubled because I can’t transform into it.”

“You can’t even transform at all? Because I want to try to find out Hilde-sama problem when using the rune ‘mannaz’, try to transform if possible so that I can have a look at it.”

“Ah… if that’s case, then I will try…..activate rune of ‘mannaz’!”

The relieved Hilde-sama activated the rune of ‘mannaz’. After the flash of light, there is indeed a beautiful white bird in front of me. Yes, only the color is correct…

“The color is correct but the appearance is different!! This is just a wild chicken!”

“That why I said I cannot do it! I don’t even know how to transform into a swan!”

“Then let try transforming into a stork. Try to make the neck a bit longer.”

After listening to my advice, Hilde-sama try to concentrate again and activate the rune of ‘mannaz’ for the second time. Even though it’s better than the first time but the neck length is closer to a duck.

“Oh… I understand it now. As expected Hilde-sama quality is quite good.”

“Eh? Don’t tell me it completed already?”

“Not that, I mean that you are able to properly listen to my teaching. It seems like Hilde-sama is too dependent on the knowledge which leads to a confusion on the appearance…. I had the same problem in the past.”

If that’s the case then, it would be easier for me to solve it. The best way to learn is by  practicing constantly, from there she will be able to identify and solve the weakness and the body itself will also be able to remember the feel. But to me who was able to overcome the weakness, there is no need for me to practice and I am able to provide better opinion on it.

The most important thing is, it’s very easy to flatter Hilde-sama.

“Hilde-sama, try and imagine ‘What if I am a swan’ instead of thinking how to become one.”

“If I am a swan… even if you said that….”

“Actually that’s a simple matter. Because a swan is a very beautiful bird. Moreover, Hilde-sama has a beauty that appears once in a blue moon so it’s impossible for you to transform into a bird other than a swan!”

“You are correct, Sei!” As long as I have my beauty, a simple swan transformation like this can be complete with just a blink of an eye! You better paid attention, I will show you my true power!”

After the third concentrations, Gerhilde-sama was once again wrapped by the light. This time I am confident that it will succeed.

“You see… It’s a success!”

I transform into my human form and take out a mirror from my pocket and put it in front of Hilde-sama. The reflection from the mirror is the world’s most beautiful swan.

“Success… I did it! And also very fast! Sei, I am very grateful to you! It’s all because of you, there’s nothing that will bother me in the future missions!”

“You’re welcome, I am glad I was able to be of help. Next is Loki-sama, sorry for making you wait, now I’ll teach you on how to transform into a dragon.”

“Ah, let’s just cancel it, seems like it’s impossible for me to do it.”

And I thought he was eager to know, since I didn’t expect him to just canceled it and went back in such a way. Ah, maybe he lost his interest because he needed to wait for a long time.

When I was wondering if he was really angry this time, he suddenly informed me the explanation as if to relief me of my worry:

“Whether it’s a dragon or a swan, the ‘IF’ impression is the most important right? If I tried to transform now, I’ll be able to transform into a swan but I doubt I could transform into a dragon. Looks like only you are able to transform into the like, maybe it’s one of your special features?”

Loki-sama said this to me with a complex expression that was both envious and admiring. But soon after, he changed into a strange expression and said while staring at me with his heterochromia iris.

“Well, you see, the rarer the dominant ability you have, the easier it is to attract enemies. You’re better not spreading the news on the dragon transformation, because assassins might come for you.”

The more confidence you have, the easier it is to be hit by others, I can’t help but to keep my guard up. This is because having a rare ability can be seen as a value of use to others. Well, I’m useful in some situation since I came to ‘Valhalla’ due to my ‘Gullveig’ ability. It’s also not that rare if people wants to make use of my dragon transformation.

“Thank you for worrying about me, I’ll try my best as to not cause any troubles to others.”

After Loki-sama heard my answer, he nodded his head with a satisfied look, and he seemed calmer.

So there is no more pending matter, I had already completed the request by Brynhildr-sama, and it felt like my worry is gone now. Now, looks like I’ll go back to my daily routine as usual…. Now that I think of it, it seems a bit… no… it’s very lonely.

Why did I have so much fun in these two days! I didn’t think I was able to use ‘Odin style’ to drink Hayes mead that time, being able to talk with my beloved Brynhildr-sama for a long time and also make my first friend, Grani-kun. There is also the lunch that Freya-sama purposely invited me to.

However, the joy will eventually end, now I have to go back to the old day where I’ll die and be served as a meal. I feel that…. Even though I know I have to go back but there’s a small part of me that’s not willing to work…

“Then, let meet up in front of Bifröst tomorrow with all three of us. The meeting time is during the sunrise, don’t be late okay?”


Both Hilde-sama and I were stunned when Loki-sama suddenly suggested that. He shrugged and continued when he saw us in this state:

“Oi, Sei, seems you are very dense. Your first disciple had graduated with joy so as the master you’ll have to confirm the result of your teaching. That why, when Gerhilde is doing her Valkyrie mission, there won’t be any problem if we accompany her right?”

“Ah, you’re right, there shouldn’t be any problem. I already plan to finish my mission after I’ve mastered the swan transformation. But isn’t a Valkyrie mission quite boring?”

“It’s better than doing nothing right, Sei?”

…..This person…… don’t tell me that he knew what I was thinking. To find out that I felt bitter about going back to my old days and also the reality that the joy is going to end.

“Yes…. Thank you, Loki-sama.”

“Eh? Oi, why are you thanking me for? Also, didn’t I ask you to drop the formalities already, it’s okay if you just called me Loki? Sei, do you want to enjoy life together?”

“Oh….yes, Loki-sa….Loki.”

There are two necessities in life that is happiness and entertainment. If there is a lacking in those two necessities even a human would choose to die even though they don’t wish so.

The true meaning of ‘death’ in life is the moment when enjoyment is gone….. Which is what I thought

After that during the night at ‘Valhalla kitchen’.

“Ah…. No no, I don’t want to die. In which to say that I quite enjoy my life.”

The thought of denying death is the proof that I am happy. I didn’t think that the principle that I learnt during the conversation with Loki become reality this fast.

“Eh? Sei-kun what happened, isn’t the water already boiling?”

“No, even if you said its a hot bath, I will also….”

But it is impossible for me to not step into it. This is because I am the main dish for ‘Valhalla Kitchen’, which is the irreplaceable and only ingredient. I should just jump in right away without any hesitation…..!

“Sei-kun, if you are not in the mood, you can choose not to jump in.”

“Really, Chef Head?”

Is this for real? No, even though I am quite happy about this…… but how will they settle the dinner for the Einherjars?

“Yo, Sei-kun…. This magic pot….. Is actually something quite convenient. As long as you put the ingredient inside, it will be cook automatically. There is no need to peel the vegetable, and also no need to cut the fish or animal.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Eh? Why is Chef Head suddenly saying something that is obvious? Isn’t it due to this feature that I was able to jump inside the pot in a whole?

I slowly looked up to ask the Chef Head about the questions that I had.


Did something happened……? Chef Head is laughing! Wait, he is angry! I’m not sure why but his is angry with a very scary smile! Don’t tell me that I did something wrong?

“Oi, don’t be scared. Just listen to me, I’m only halfway on the pot topic….. Because it can cook automatically, it is too effective until I worry about it. Try to think about it, the pot makes the cooking easier….. Then there is no need for any chef right? Due to this, we will lose our value as chef.”

“Is that so……”

“That why I thought of this, for the sake of all the chefs, it should be better for us to complete the main dish with our own method sometimes rather than relying on the pot. Thus, I will only use the pot at the end just to avoid the meals from running out.”

“That…. What’s with the sudden urge?”

“…… This morning, you bought Hayes-kun to my room then ran off right?”


“Do you know how much effort it took for me to run away from Hayes-kun?”

“Um… That….No. There is no harm done if you just offer your body to her anyway.”

“It is not good!”

  • BAM* The Chef Head hit the stove and shouted out.

“It goes against my own principle, if the chef that handles life in the kitchen is the first to start going against the ethics. I know that you did that for my own sake, I am quite happy that you care about me. BUT you almost caused me to become a criminal that try to lay their hand on a loli, I will not be satisfied if I don’t give you an equal punishment! That is why, I will now begin with the minced meat punishment on you!”

After he finished saying that, he catch me on the neck and walk toward the inner part of the kitchen after lifted me up. After that, he started up the large mincer machine there.

Follow with a big ‘bam’ sound, the gear of the mincer began to spin. The machine uses the ‘power’ from the rune ‘uruz’ as the acting force, so it can make mincemeat out of every livestock that was put in.

“Why does ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ have this kind of thing?!”

“Is this the first time you see this, Sei-kun? This machine is used for ‘A person’ to make ingredient with. That’s why, Sei-kun, do you want to try to enter it?”

“Wait! Didn’t you say that you are going to make the dished with your own hand? Then you should peel off the skin before you start the machine! You should slaughter me in a more gentle way!”

“There won’t be any problem, this is because there is no harm when something else is mixed in during the preparation time. In the end, it will go inside the pot anyway. Then shall we start? One…. Two….. Three!”

“Why are you doing this, Chef Head!! Please wait for a moment, help….help me!!”

That night —- After I was put in the large mincer first and then the pot, I was made a very delicious terrine which shined on the dining table.

Looks like I’m able to do more things now, it makes me quite happy…. What a joke!

Before dawn when the sun is about to rise, after a short while when the Moon God Mani-sama and the Sun Goddess Sola-sama change shift, I climbed out from my bed. This is not because of my morning jogging but to meet up with Loki and Hilde-sama and complete the Valkyrie mission together.

The Valkyrie mission that Hilde-sama needs to undergo is the usual mission which is to find an Einherjar. In another word, we will be going to the human realm ‘Midgard’.

“I’m so looking forward to it! This is going to be my first time going to ‘Midgard’, I wonder what kind of place is it?”

I would definitely be excited if I go there alone, but there won’t be any problem if the three of us go together and it‘ll be merrier. To be honest, I was so excited I couldn’t sleep yesterday.

“Well, I cannot tell Loki and the other such childish thing like I didn’t sleep a wink due to the excitement.”

  • puff*

Hm….? Am I imagining thing? I feel like… there is someone outside of my room.

I concealed my presence and leaned on the door, then I pulled the rope which is the lock. The one who appear in my doorstep is the person whom I adore, Brynhildr-sama.

“Br…Bryn…Brynhildr-sama! Wh…..Why are you here?”

“Ah, good morning, Sei-kun. That… I heard that Sei-kun is going to join the Valkyrie mission with others, I thought that I will see you off. But since it’s still early, I don’t want to disturb you by knocking on the door, so I decided to wait outside of your room.”

Ah.. As expected of Brynhildr-sama, she is so kind! There’s also a possibility that she will wake me up in the case that I overslept. Her kindness is similar like to Our Lady.

“But….. Haha, I kind of feel sorry to disturb your sleep……Hahaha.”

“Argh! Did you hear that?”

“No! That, nevermind. I laugh because I feel that Sei-kun is really very adorable! Which is a good thing!”

“Ah, yes, that’s right? Eh ha ha…..”

I cannot believe I was able to get on Brynhildr-sama good side for this kind of matter. Well, if I have an opportunity to talk to her like this, I might be able to show off my handsome side instead of my cute side.

“That, I am very grateful that purposely come over to my room. I might cause some problems toward the mission because of my overexcitement.”

“Hahaha, it’s okay if you relax a bit? Compare to that, I am actually shocked because I didn’t expect that Gerhilde is carrying out her mission on the second day of rune magic teaching. Does that mean that Gerhilde had already mastered the rune magic?”

“Yes. As expected of a Valkyrie, I only gave her some hints and she managed to do it.”

“Is that so, that’s an impressive feat. Um…. Sei-kun, I am sorry for the trouble that I caused and thank you….”

“Please wait a moment!”

I quickly stopped her when Brynhildr-sama was going to lower her head. In order to avoid getting scolded by Brynhildr-sama, I immediately told her my opinion:

“Actually the mission is not finished yet, so I’m not sure I’ve managed to help Gerhilde-sama until she completed her mission. Thus, please thank me later.”

“Sei-kun…… okay, I understand. Then I will return this kindness after the mission is completed.”

Brynhildr-sama cross her hand and I felt that she is looking at my passionately. Hoho, did I managed to show off my handsomeness toward her?

“Well…. Brynhildr-sama, the meeting time is approaching soon, I will take my leave now.”

“Ah, yes. Then let me send you to the ‘Rainbow Void’. Ah! Before that, Sei-kun.”

What is it this time? Ah, don’t tell me it’s…… a goodbye kiss? Haha, maybe my gentleman spirit is flowing out again. Haha.

“You still got some bed hair, let me help you comb it.”

“……Thanks for the help……”

Haha…. Looks like that I really did not reflect on my action…..

Then, after I received a safety departure blessing and the best smile from Brynhildr-sama, I jumped into the opening at the Yggdrasil branch and entered the ‘Rainbow Void’. My destination is the rainbow bridge ‘Bifröst’, which is the only path that connects the God Community ‘Asgard’ with the human realm ‘Midgard’.

“Hee…Ah, the rainbow bridge! So that is Bifröst, it’s so beautiful.”

The teleportation went smoothly this time as well, in front of me is the beautiful rainbow bridge. It’s just like a scenery comes out from a dream…. I looked around the scenery while feeling relaxed and happy.

This is the southern end of ‘Asgard’ and there is nothing for people to expect here. There’s only a large building in the lonely plain—- I think that building is ‘Himinbjorg’.

So that’s ‘Himinbjorg’, the place where Heimdall-sama lives. Moreover Heimdall-sama is the guardian of the rainbow bridge ‘Bifröst’ and also the watcher against the giants.

That’s right, a watcher job is the most important. It’s because on the other end of ‘Bifröst’ is the eastern part of the human realm. Moreover, it lies between the tall wall of the human realm and the Giant country ‘Jötunheimr’. Thus, this makes ‘Bifröst’ a strategic location.

It’s still a mystery as to why the architect of the bridge designed it that way, but it could be said that it was thanks to Heimdall-sama that ‘Asgard’ has been able to maintain peace for this whole time. With his natural born excellent sight and hearing ability, and the mysterious body that does not require any sleep allow him to undergone his daily routine without any problem, the perfect watcher. If there is any problem, the horn ‘Giallar’ will be blown to alert all the corners of the wall, well it was not sounded even once up until now and I hope it won’t be sounded in the future either.

At least —– before ‘The twilight of the Gods’ happen.

I shouldn’t think about something bad at this moment! Everybody was looking forward to this trip to ‘Midgard’. I wonder where is Loki and Hilde-sama? Once again, I looked around.

….Eh? To be frank, I just noticed that, why is my sight a bit higher? Did I teleport on top of a rock?

I tried to look under my feet while thinking about that, eh? What is this? I feel like I’m standing on a slippery floor and I’m a bit unbalance? If I’m not careful, I’ll easily slip.

“Sei! What are you doing, come down quickly! That’s Heimdall back!”

“AHH! I’m very sorry, Heimdall-sama! I’m not doing it on purpose!”

I quickly jumped off from his back and immediately kneeled down. I’m not sure if he forgave me due to the consummate kneeling because Heimdall-sama just stood up without a word.

“Why was Heimdall-sama laying on the ground?” I asked a very simple and logical question.

Heimdall-sama put his right hand on his waist, cracked his neck and answered me in a deep mellow voice:

“……. This is because Loki said that it’s weird for a watcher to just be standing firmly while keeps watching.”

“That’s correct, it’s pointless if you exposed your position to the enemy. That’s why it’s better if you lower your head a bit.”

“No, Loki, I didn’t see any security in laying on the ground while working.”

After I said that to Loki, Heimdall-sama began to think of something. After a few second that Heimdall-sama closed his eye, he said it in a deep voice:

“Which is to say…. That there is a new standard for a watcher.”

Upon hearing his conclusion, I wonder did I mishear something.

“Please don’t change the standard on your own! Listen up, Heimdall-sama, please lift me up!”

“…..? Understood.”

Heimdall-sama lifted me up to his chest height.

“Please lift me up to your head!”

“……. Like this?”

“Then let me ask a question here. Since ‘Asgard’ is on top of the cloud, is there any meaning if there is a little bit of height difference?”

“… Basically there is not much difference.”

“No, there is ‘completely’ no difference. Why do you want to keep denying it?”

Yes, there is actually no point for the action that he did. On the other hand, normally it should be better for a watcher to be standing so that others can feel the inhibition that ‘God is always watching’.

No matter what, it’s impossible for Heimdall-sama, which possesses the clairvoyance eye, to be spotted by the enemy first.

Really….. Looks like even Heimdall-sama is confused due to Loki’s horrible trick.

I’m not sure whether Heimdall-sama agreed with my opinion or not but he put me down with his usual emotionless face.

“Good, Heimdall, try to aim at the goal and kick it!”

“Don’t try to encourage him, Loki! I’ll die if he kicks me!”

“Kukuku, well it doesn’t matter since u can revive anyway.”

“That’s correct but things will be more complicated! I can only revive during the time that the sun sets.”

“….Ah? Is that so? This is the first time I heard of this, is that it?”

Loki asked me with a smirk. Other than the Chef Head, there is no one else that knows about this matter.

“There is one condition to activate my revive ability, ‘Gullveig’. That is it will activate during the sun set. It won’t change no matter when I die. So if I die now, I’ll have no way to revive myself until the sun set today.”

“If that is the case, what would happen if you died now?”

Hilde-sama who had been silently listening while smiling joined in the conversation. I used a simple explanation to explain to both of them:

“Up until now I always jump into the pot to die during dusk which is a short while before the sun set. That why it looks like that I was able to revive immediately because the sun will set in a moment.”

“In other words, if you die now in this early morning…..”

“Right, I will be unable to revive until the sun set today. Additionally, I will waste around half a day doing nothing. But…… the biggest problem is after I revive.”

“Why do you say that?”

“If I die now, I still need to jump inside the pot because the Einherjars require dinner every day. That means I’ll die after sun set and so I’ll have to wait until the sun sets on the next day to revive. I will be wasting another day again and after that since I’m required for dinner…..”

“You’re going to die after revive…..”

That’s right—- that’s the thing that I’m most afraid of. Once I enter this bad cycle, I will need to keep dying after reviving if there is no replacement for the dinner. Thus, there is no difference from a dead person. No….. To be frank it is an existence that is much worse than death.

After the Chef Head knew of this crisis, he decided that I will only be cooked before sunset every day. Now that I think about it, I really should thank Chef Head for this brilliant idea.

“……. Well, are you sure that there is only one condition?”

Loki said that with a complicated expression that’s much difference from me who is explaining. Because I couldn’t understand his question, I asked him again for confirmation:

“What do you mean by that?”

“It’s literally as what I said. The condition for ‘Gullveig’ to activate is ‘sunset’….. Are you sure about this? Don’t you mean ‘that time’? I mean the possibility that it’s ‘when the moon rises’? Well it could be ‘A blank of darkness’ when there is no sun and moon on the sky or ‘the end of the day. What do you think about this, Sei?”

“If, if you say it like that…..”

“You’re not sure? Then we should test it. Even though there are quite a number of possible conditions, we should do what we can to testify it. It’s better for us to see whether that ability is really just a revival in a situation where there is no limitation like this. The more you understand your ability, the better.”

What he said is quite logical. I only understand my ability based on all the experience that I’ve had up until now.

The meaning of this ability…. No, the meaning why I have this ability? If I can solve this, I might be….. I will be able to understand everything about this ability.

“Well, let’s put the nonsense aside and complete the mission first. Heimdall, please give us permission to use Bifröst.”

“……. Wait, I haven’t scored the goal with this boar.”


“I will only use eighty percent of my power then.”

“No, I would disappear without any ash left! This is all Loki’s fault, quick think of something!”

“Hey, Heimdall, didn’t you just hear what we said? It will be troublesome if Sei who is able to revive to die now, so I want to cancel the order just now!”

After listening to Loki, Heimdall looked toward me and Loki then asked:

“Don’t tell me….. That I can’t score the goal?”

“Yes, Heimdall-sama”

“…Understand. Then I won’t use this boar to score the goal.”

Phew….. That’s good, even though there are some communication errors, it’s a good thing that he’s obedient.

“Really, I don’t even know if this fellow knows how to take a joke.”

“Of course, attacks from all angles are ineffective against me, no matter if it’s from the top, bottom or in the middle.”[4]

“Um…, Loki, is it really okay for this person to be the guardian of Bifröst?”

“I understand why you’re worrying about this….. But you see, today ‘Asgard’ is also very peaceful, right?”

“That’s what shocked me…..”

I didn’t know until today that the world can be so peaceful is really an extraordinary miracle.

“Okay then, Heimdall, I want to get your permission now.”

“….. Is this boar accompanying you?”

“Of course, didn’t I say I want to bring him along? We’re going to stand aside when Gerhilde is trying to persuade some potential Einherjars to join in ‘Midgard’. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to do anything bad.”

“….. I understand, then the time limit for you to come back is …… the sunset today. Please be careful now.”

Heimdall-sama sent us off with the expression and tone that remained the same from the beginning. Ah…. I just realized after talking to him that he is quite stupid…. And quite an honest person, which really surprised me. Well, I just hope that I won’t need to go find him anymore for an emergency.

Then, I can finally begin my first trip to ‘Midgard’. I can fully enjoy my time today!

“Oh, this…. This is the human world ‘Midgard’! The air seems to be the same as ‘Asgard’.”

After walking through Bifröst, we arrived in a green plain. On the way to persuade an Einherjar, I joyfully use my whole body to feel the world.

“Ah, there’s a city there! Let go take a look, Loki! There is so many colorful buildings!”

“Yes yes, that’s right, this is nothing to shout out loud for. Well there’s not much difference between ‘Asgard’ and ‘Midgard’ right?”

Loki, who is the direct opposite of me whom is at maximum excitement state, answered coldly. I replied him without giving a second thought, this is because it’ll a big loss if you can’t enjoy this feeling:

“Because there’s not much difference is the reason why I’m so excited! The green grassland, the mirror clear lakes, the mountain wrapped by cloud, the high density of air that could cause intoxication. Whether it’s the nature or the building, it is quite different from the scenery in ‘Asgard’. How do I put it…… It makes me want to draw this scenery and bring it back.”

I tried to give an impression of an artist while using my hoof to capture the scenery.

“Hee, you’re quite impressive for a boar.”

Suddenly, a voice of an old man appeared from behind us. I turned around and found that indeed there stood an old man. He’s carrying a large amount of art material with a small and short body build.

“Witige[5]! What are you doing here”

“Eh? Hoho, aren’t you Gerhilde-sama. Well, I just finished my working material so I was going to the town. I’m heading back now.”

The Witige grandpa gave a warm smile and pointed at the art material behind him. Even though his luggage is heavy but it doesn’t seem like he is suffering from it.

“Are you an acquaintance of Hilde-sama?”

From the way they talked, it should be obvious that they are acquaintance, but I still purposely asked. Gerhilde-sama understood my purpose and introduced us to the grandpa:

“This is Witige, a mixed blood between a human and dwarf. Even though he is old, but he was once called the rival of the sword saint. Moreover, he is also the target for our mission.”

“Eh! Then, this grandpa is… the backup for the Einherjar?”

“Hohoho, it’s not a surprise that you are shocked. I didn’t bother to count my age after I passed two hundred, I’m not even sure if I can still managed to fight for long. Now I’m trying to earn a living by being a drawer. It’s an honor to be chosen by a Valkyrie…. But I don’t think I have the qualification to accept this honorable request.”

It looks like he was laughing at himself and slowly walked away from us. The shadow that filled with sorrow and grief look so small and weak.

—At the same time, I also feel he is hiding something big within his heart and body.

“….. What a magnificent aura.” Loki whispered.

Gerhilde-sama also nodded her head in agreement, even an outsider like me also agreed on this.

Even though he showed us his humble attitude, but the aura of a hero that can’t be hidden kept flowing out. If we invite him to ‘Valhalla’, there is no doubt that he will be the strongest Einherjars.

“We have arrived, please come in. This is my workshop and home, it’s not so comfortable is it?”

His house which is a wooden bungalow lied beside a lake where the Yggdrasil can be seen.

From the outer appearance, it looks quite big, but half of the place is occupied by working tables and his works. The living area part is quite small. It’s quite cramp when so many humans enter so I better stay in my boar form.

“Witige, I hope you can reply to my request today.”

“Huh? Does that mean Gerhilde-sama has already made the preparation to fulfill the wish of this old man?”

The overexcited Hilde-sama asked before the tea was served while Witige looked at her like he was trying to play a trick on her.

I wonder why Witige refused a Valkyrie request until now. If both of them are already acquaintance, which is to say they met before this or at least once since they are required to meet up during the invitation to ‘Valhalla’.

It’s because the request was refused, we have to come here to persuade him again. But normally anyone would happily accept it, I wonder why is he doing this? That answer can be found in the special training for Gerhilde-sama.

“You want to see the swan transformation of a Valkyrie that once stole the heart of your father right? [6]I hope after this you could accept the request.”

“Yes, if I can manage to draw it out, there is no more regret for me in this life. Let’s go out, I want Yggdrasil to be in the background.”

After he saying that, Witige carried some art tool and went out.

“Ah. Are we not doing it in this workshop? Um.. Loki, do you know what Yggdrasil is?

“Ah, that is the World Tree. In the God Community, we use Léraðr, but in the human world, they use Yggdrasil. I don’t know the reason but there is not much difference.”

“Hee, Yggdrasil.”

I kept repeating this phrase while gazing at the Yggdrasil. It looks like a big green tree that is supporting the sky, there really isn’t much difference when I saw it at the God Community.

While I was thinking about this, Witige had already begun with his masterpiece. Thank god that Hilde-sama managed to activate the rune of ‘mannaz’ successfully, Witige is in the middle of drawing her in his canvas. By using the world tree in the background, it portrays a beautiful white swan that is floating on the mirror like lake. I don’t have knowledge in art but I believe that this scenery can bring out the best inspiration.

“Witige, what type of art do you usually draw?”

“Ah, that, normally I draw art based on the landscape especially on Yggdrasil. That tree is very impressive, I never get bored drawing that big tree which is full of energy.”

“Looks like you’ve drawn a lot.”

“Well there is something more surprising, I was actually interested in art when I was still a swordsman. The time I was holding a brush is longer compare to holding a sword. The reason why I gave up is because I was not good at it. But lately I realize that my specialty is not on the landscape but it on the other type of painting.”

“Ho ho, what type of painting is it?”

“I think it’s call nude painting.”

“Nude painting!!” Loki and I both shouted at the same time.

Nude painting is that nude painting right? Even though I heard about don’t judge a book by it cover but I can’t believe this old man has such a godly talent…

“Grandpa, please let me replace the God of Art, Bragi to judge your artistic standard. Where is the art?”

“Do you want some opinion from the view of a boar? Please let me assist you!”

“No, it was quite popular, so I’m not so sure if there is any leftover…. There might be some in the workshop….Oh, this seems to be okay. Thank you for your assistance, Gerhilde-sama, I have already finished drawing it.”

Hilde-sama work as a model ended the same as the art finish. In this instance, Hilde-sama deactivated the rune of ‘mannaz’ and immediately chased after us who is running toward Witige house. She blocked the entrance and said:

“Yo, where are you two heading? There is no reason for us to stay here since the painting is already completed, can I ask that you guys prepare for the departure?”

“Cheh….. Understand, damn it.”

Loki cracked his head, he looked quite unhappy. I understand how you feel, partner.

“Then let continue with the request. Gerhilde-sama, I’m prepared, you may begin anytime now.”

Witige pull out a sword that is in the wall of the bungalow. He pointed the tip of sword toward Hilde-sama who’s giving off a chilling cold aura.

“What happen Witige!? Don’t tell me you plan to fight against Hilde-sama….!?”

Suddenly, my brain was filled an ominous thought. Even though I wanted to rush forward and stop them, but I can’t get near to them no matter how. I was picked up by Loki by the neck.

While I was struggling, Gerhilde-sama is slowly advancing. Accompanied by the gentle breeze, in the middle of the green plain, she calmly said:

“Even if I bring the living over, it will just be a guest. If we invite the dead, they will enter the Realm of the Dead ‘Hel’. Only those who fallen in battle have the qualification to be accepted into the second choice, which is ‘Valhalla’.”

…..That’s correct. The requirement for an Einherjar is ‘Fallen warrior who dies with honor’. I suddenly forget about this due to the close relationship between Hilde-sama and Witige….. The day that the two met had already determined their fate to battle each other.

“Grandpa, before we begin, may I ask how strong are you?”

“How strong am I? Hm….”

After listening to Loki question, Witige stroke his white beard and think. After a few second, the legendary swordsman eyes gave off a red glow and answered:

“When I was known as the sword saint back then and before this old man was allowed to follow his desire, at my golden age, I was able to force those dragon slayers to give in.”

“Dragon slayer?”

“Oh. It’s not so famous in ‘Asgard’ but in ‘Midgard’, ‘The legendary dragon slayer, Sigurd’ is like a bedtime story which really existed. Back then, I managed to force Sigurd to surrender. Well, it was difficult to decide on the winner.”

Impressive…. No matter what kind of battle it was, to be able to win over a dragon slayer is already enough to prove his strength. I wonder if Loki also has the same thought, looks like Loki is changing the topic.

“I heard from Ratatoskr before that there is a very fierce dragon living in ‘Gnitaheid’, I also heard of the news that the dragon was defeated by a human before.”

“That human is Sigurd. Moreover, the dragon is actually a dark elf, so my father learnt forging technique from his younger brother.”

“Wait a moment, that dragon is a dark elf in transformation? How did he do that?”

“I’m not sure on the specific detail but I heard it was because of ‘Desire’. The dark elf had been bewitched by the mountain of gold and fallen into an existence of evil. His name is —- ‘Fafnir’.”


I kept repeating this malicious name that didn’t exist anymore. A dark fairy that is able to perform a dragon transformation….. I want to ask how he possessed this power.

“Ah, Loki? What’s the matter? You look like you’re in deep thought?”

I asked Loki because I saw him stroking his chin while thinking about something.

“Eh? Ah, I sorry. There’s no problem, it just that I feel like I’ve heard the name Fafnir somewhere before…… Never mind, there should not be any problem since I can’t remember it.”

I’m not sure was he trying putting me at ease, but Loki shook his head and lightened up his expression. Well, since Loki has been a God for a long time, there shouldn’t be anything weird if he forgot a thing or two.

“Looks like we got stranded from our topic, so can that qualify as my proof of strength?”

The sword saint said that as to not stray too far from the dragon slayer incident. Witige already showed his poof, and his unwavering will caused his sword to shine. His strength can be proven through the history.

“Ahem…. Let finish this up. There is no point in this request if you’re not strong. But—– that was all about your past glory, how are you now? Why don’t we have a dance with your beloved sword?”

“Hoho, you’re talking about ‘Mimung’ right? I’m sorry, Gerhilde-sama, even if you want to duel with me, I won’t even unsheathe it. If I do….. I’ll win this duel.”

“How dare you mock me…..!? I will go with all my strength!”

In that moment, a strong wind blew.

With Gerhilde-sama as the centre, all the grass in the surrounding was pull out, even the leafs in the tree were all blown away by this huge tornado. This overwhelming wind is …….. Gerhilde-sama Wind Armour!

“Come forth, ‘alder•Zweig’!”

There’s a crack in the wind and a thin silver lance appeared in Gerhilde-sama hand. This lance which is known as a small tree branch of the god, the name itself is normal but it has a scary origin—- It is an inferior product which is created from the branch of the World Tree Léraðr. In another word, this lance is like a sister to Lord Odin’s Gungnir.

“‘The Green Lancer God’ Gerhilde! Have appeared!”

“‘The Black Sword Saint’ Witige, a one round match!”

After finished announce their names, the distance between those two become zero in an instant. Sparks flew all over when their weapons met. They kept changing between offense and defense as their weapon clashing against each other. The battle between the aces is more beautiful than I thought. It’s a pity that I can only see her blurry image since Hilde-sama is known as the most agile among her sisters.

What surprised me the most is Witige. He discarded the kind face from our first meeting and he even made the battle harder…. To be honest I thought he was setting up a dead flag.

But it seems I was wrong. Even though his eyes couldn’t keep up with Hilde-sama, but the way he moved his sword, he was able to block all the attack. This is the ultimate result from the continuous study and training ….. There isn’t a moment where he showed his weakness, is this the legendary technique—


Hilde-sama concentrated and gave out a stronger blow than before. But this sonic thrust could not even penetrate the solid defense of the sword saint Witige.

“….. Ho, that thrust is quite scary, I think people other than me couldn’t block it.”

“Ah, it’s such a shame, I thought that was enough to finish you off but looks like I have to go all out now. Ex-sword saint…. Sadly I have to inform you something.”

“Huh? Seems I can’t refuse it then, what is it?”

“Oh, I just want to inform you that I have to end the game now.”

The moment when Hilde-sama finished with that, lightning came out from the surrounding tornadoes. The wind made from magic was slowly getting denser and had exceeded its limit, possible to see it physically. At the same time, huge dark thunder cloud gathered in the sky. The gale coming from this dark cloud was raging up everywhere.

“Ah….. This is no longer a battle that a martial artist can fight.”

“Ho… It seems you’re regretting it now.”

“Yes, I really regret it. I really have some regret since this battle that makes my blood boil will end now. Please finish me off instantly before I start to worry.

“….. I’m sorry, Witige. Let us meet again in ‘Valhalla’.”

The dark wind fused with lance and a tornado was form in the hand of Gerhilde-sama. It seems that there is no one whom has seen this scenery before right? Looks like this lady of the Wind God is going to blow away everything in this world with the sideway tornado in her hand!


“God Skill —-‘Blasen•Stoss’[7]

She silently casted off the tornado in her hand as if it was a memorial object. The tornado blew away the black cloud, the lake which was wrapped in it made a big rain and a rainbow bridge was formed in the sky. There is no trace of Witige anymore. The spirit of the warrior who was killed by this God Skill is being lead to the Heaven via that rainbow bridge.

The skill just now is like some fantasy. But there is one weird thing, the lance that was cast off just now is in the hand of Hilde-sama now. Why I was wondering about this, Hilde-sama said this while cuddling her lance:

“Welcome back, you are really fast this time. Did you enjoy your trip around the globe?”

A trip around the globe….. This is impossible! Don’t tell me that after Hilde-sama threw her spear, it traveled around the globe in a split second and came back to her hand? It seems that no one can hide from it. If I said that Lord Odin lance is ‘100% hit rate’, then Hide-sama lance is ‘unavoidable’ – as expected from an inferior version of the God Lance.

“Well, you are quite impressive, Gerhilde. This battle was quite interesting.”

This is the first time I saw a Valkyrie fight, I believe that this is a battle I’ll be remember forever. It should be right since Loki also has the same opinion.

“Thank you for your praise, then since the mission is completed. Let go back to ‘Valhalla’ now.”

“Yes, let us go back. We should also go find Witige.”

The result of this battle that was out of this world is the death of a hero. I finally know that an Einherjar is invited in this way. I guess I have to put up with their attitude a bit from now onward.

“Ah, Sorry. I suddenly have a stomachache….. Can you two go first, I will catch up later. Ah, toilet toilet.”

I wonder what happen. Loki suddenly said he got a stomach ache and ran inside Witige house. Even though a stomach ache is not something unusual but no matter how you see…. He is faking it!

“Sorry, Hilde-sama! I also have a stomachache!”

“Huh? What happen? What with the sudden stomachaches….. Don’t tell me you guys ate something from the ground?”

“That…… My stomach is aching after seeing the heroic battle of the Gerhilde-sama…. I’ll take me leave first.”

Normally I would have thought of something better but I could only think of this at this moment. After saying that, I rush forward ] Witige house which is going to collapse due to the battle.

“It seems that it should be better if I don’t fight with a spectator…..”

In the end Hilde-sama walk off while worrying, of course I didn’t know about this.


“Argh! What, so it was only you Sei, don’t scare me like that? Haha, since you also came here…. You know what to do right?”

“Of course. Come, let us be quick.”

Loki and the human-form me split up and searched around Witige workshop for our target. Needless to say, we are searching for the stuff that was drawn by the legendary sword saint, NUDE PAINTING.

Is this a behavior that’s similar to a thief? Oh come on, don’t say something like that, this is for the purpose of preserving the painting that has a high historical value.

“Damn, I cannot find it…… This workshop is too messy. It’s impossible to find it due to the wind caused by that Gerhilde.”

“We should say it’s lucky that the house has not completely collapsed yet…. Ah, Loki, look at this! The label on this wardrobe drawer says ‘Nude painting’.”

“You did well! Ok… dammit, I cannot pull it out. Sei, I’ll lift up the rubble, you pull it out! One! Two!

With our cooperation, we managed to get our hands on the treasure. Since time is limited, we immediately inspect it.

“Hoho, we can finally see it now!”

The painting which we took out from the hidden drawer, is the nude painting of a beautiful young girl who can make all guys fall for. The problem is……. It’s just a sketch.

“A design sketch! Isn’t this a bit too rough! Even though it’s a nude painting!”

“The sketch of a nude painting. Haha, we really failed this time.”[8]

“If I hear you laugh one more time, I will slaughter you.”

“I’m sorry.”

Actually I’m also not satisfied with it? All my unfulfilled desire up until now and this results, if this goes on, I think I would even want to look at a nude man…… I’m just joking.

Let see what else is inside? I opened the drawer from top to bottom, and found a large amount of drawings from the most top part of the drawer, this is…..

“Drawing of Yggdrasil. Amazing…. It looks like I am actually seeing the real thing in front of me. Although Witige said he had no talent, but I didn’t think he could draw something this amazing without one.”

“I really wanted to look at the nude painting at this quality.”

“Maybe we should try to ask him next time since he already went to ‘Valhalla’?”

“Why didn’t I think of this? Let ask Freya to be the model!”

“Please allow me to accompany you at that time!”

I also didn’t think of this! Loki really had a very nice idea. Hehe, I believe I will be happy every day from tomorrow onward.

Ah, it seems to be swollen when I think of that now, after Freya-sama, I should ask Brynhildr-sama, after that is Rossweisse-sama…… No, Waltraute-sama is better. Wait a moment, it’s also not bad to ask the shy Schwertleite-sama or Grimgerde-sama…..

But please rest assured, to me Brynhildr-sama is my number one. I will use a beautiful frame to frame the painting and hang it on my room, after that I can sleep in peace, which is the best experience for me. If it’s possible, I would like to draw her painting on my own one day.

“….Eh? Loki, what’s the matter?”

When I was daydreaming, I saw Loki staring at the Yggdrasil painting with a strange expression. He arranged the two paintings on the work desk and said:

“Don’t you think there is something difference between these two painting?”

“Difference? Oh, I didn’t notice that, other than this is newer than that, is there any other difference? Both of them are painting of Yggdrasil and it’s also very detail.”

“Ah, here lies the problem. Both of them are indeed very detailed painting, but I got the feeling there is something difference. The position of Yggdrasil and the timing for the painting is the same, but there is something wrong with it. It’s so strange I cannot find out……”

After Loki said that, once again I tried to have a closer look…. No matter how many times I looked at it, there’s no difference.

At this moment—– the ground started to shake a bit.

“Oh, is this an earthquake? Sei, I don’t think this building can hold any longer, we should get out immediately for our safety.”

“Oh, ya….”

The small scale shake that we experienced is because the World shakes when it sneezes.

But if ….. If the World really sneezes, what would it be like actually?

I don’t know why but I can’t stop shaking after I ran out of Witige house.

Translator’s Notes and References
1.Armor in German
4.The word ‘joke’ is quite similar to ‘top part’ in Japanese
5.Witige is a character that appears in the story:’Legends about Theoderic the Great’
6.From the Old Norse poem of Völundarkviða
7.Blasen mean blow in German while Stoss mean charge
8.This is another joke where nude painting sound similar as sketch

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