Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Ordinary days with the man eater and the bullied child

“It’s a good weather today too ne.”

During recess, Tooya and Kuroe went to the rooftop together with Mashiro as promised. They found a nice place to sit and placed the lunchboxes. It was a clear sunny day like Mashiro said. There shouldn’t have something silly happened like the thought of someone could affect the weather.

“It’s a great help at that time, those people just wanted to bring me to somewhere I don’t know again.”

Tooya replied with a bitter smile to Mashiro who said that.

“It’s great that we went to meet you just in case.”

She was surrounded by the group when Tooya reached her classroom. They left after noticed Tooya…….perhaps they didn’t want to cause any uproar.

“That way seems effective, I can go to meet you tomorrow too if you don’t mind.”

“Although that was a great help to me……….”

Mashiro looked at Kuroe while saying that.

“Won’t that disturb you two?”


Tooya spouted the tea in his mouth.

“Why, why you say that all of a sudden……..”

“Eh, because the two of you were engaged?”

Mashiro was stunned because she didn’t expected Tooya to react that way.

“Yeah, that is it.”

Kuroe just smiled on this.


Then she threw her gaze to Tooya. On her face was a cheerful smile, it didn’t look like there was any mean of ridicule at all.

“Ah, well.”

He nodded. Although that was a setting created by Kuroe herself…………the others regarded it as a fact already despite it wasn’t by his own will.

“But, why would you mentioned this?”

“Because…………you two were actually quite famous in school?”

Mashiro looked confused.

“That, especially Kamisaki-senpai……..”

Mashiro hesitated to continue, Tooya could roughly guessed what she wanted to say. The three students that went missing suddenly. Since the three of them always bullied Tooya……..Tooya was suspected as the criminal by the police for a period of time, even if the rumors were silenced the doubt on Tooya wouldn’t disappear along with it. It would be a different case if those went missing were found or the criminal was caught……….but that was something impossible to happen.

In conclusion, Tooya became popular in school. The matter of he having a fiancee were spread along with the rumors. Things spreaded to quite an extend if Mashiro, who was isolated by her class at that time already knew about this.

“Well, my circumstances are almost the same as yours anyway.”

Mashiro laughed bitterly.


What she said was just out of a whim if one thought about it. If Mashiro was the same as Tooya………..then it was like he was trying to escape from his own sin by pushing it into Mashiro and punishing her.

Yet Mashiro didn’t know what Tooya was thinking and continued.

“So I was thinking is it alright to disturb you two.”

“You don’t need to worry about that.”

Kuroe still smiled to reply her worry.

“Because I am always together with Tooya-kun at home.”

“That means you two live together right!”


Kuroe nodded to the surprised Mashiro.

“That, that means you two had already done this and that…….”

“No no, my parents stay with us too.”

Tooya interrupted in panic. He would be troubled if the others thought he had done those shameful things.

She looked at Tooya with a stare.

“But, you two stay in the same house right?”

“Even if what you said was correct……..”

By the way, it should be staying in the same room.

“Then, something certainly happened at places that your parents can’t see……..”

“That’s what I said, why you just want to think it to that direction.”

He felt a slight headache………..finally Mashiro showed an expression that she had noticed something.

“That’s right! It’s my mistake!”

“You finally under…….”

“It will be a problem if you have child when you are still a student right!”

“……..Yeah, well, forget it.”

As long as she could accept it.


“I am full!”

The time for Tooya to answer something that made his head hurt so much have ended after they finished their lunch. There was still some recess time, what information should I gather—-when Tooya was thinking that, Mashiro lied down on the floor.

“Feel like sleeping after eating ne—-”

“………The remaining time is not enough for a sleep.”

“But I want to sleep~”

Mashiro closed her eyes and looked very comfortable……..if she was left here, she would enter the world of dreams immediately without doubt.

“You still want to skip classes?”

“Because I don’t want to go back to classroom.”

Tooya couldn’t reply something tough to what Mashiro said. Something like going back to the classroom was the same as going the territory of the bullies. Although they wouldn’t do anything explicit, but there were no Mashiro’s ally so in the end so Mashiro would feel mental fatigue by staying in the classroom.

“Morever, I always felt that I didn’t get enough sleep~”

Mashiro was like talking in sleep.

“Did you stay up late at night?”

“I did sleep~I slept a lot but my drowsiness and tiredness didn’t go at all……..”

“That is……..”

Although Tooya wanted to continue asking but he stopped. A soft snoring sound can be heard from Mashiro. She was enjoying the sunbath comfortably, seemed like she wouldn’t wake up even if the sky fell down.

“Seems like it’s decided to skip classes after recess ne.”


They had to lock the door at the rooftop if going out. Leaving Mashiro here was the same as imprisoning her. For Tooya who couldn’t do this had to wait until Mashiro woke up naturally.

“………I feel like sleeping too.”

Tooya felt sleepy after looking at Mashiro.

“You can sleep at my side oh?”

“I refuse to.”

He slept after the reply. Although the floor on the rooftop was made from hard concrete, but the sun produced a nice and warm air around here.

[Why you guys are sleeping eh.]


Tooya couldn’t help but stood up because a voice was heard from the earpiece suddenly.

“I, Inaba-san?”

[Don’t reply loudly, or else the girl over there will wake up.]

[If that was it then it’s better I don’t speak out my voice.]

Kuroe replied with her telepathy, like she could hear what Akane said.

[Then, what’s the matter?]


Akane said.

[I just want to harass those idiots that are going to sleep when the others are still working seriously over here.]


Kuroe laughed pleasantly.

[Even if we want to have a nap leisurely you also don’t allow to?]

[Of course.]

She answered immediately.


[It’s better if you guys go die now, but that was impossible, so I can only let you guys stay alive for now to work hard as the compensation.]

[Rest is important for a more efficient work?]

[You guys just go work until death.]

She was still a person that spoke absurd things as usual.

[And do you guys dare to say you have worked hard? Just now you all were just having conversations that were worse than those love comedy.]

Seems like she heard those too.

[We had done our task today oh?]


[I said it’s been done.]

Kuroe pointed at Mashiro. Akane should able to see it if she was monitoring properly.

[Wasn’t she was just sleeping.]

[Yeah, that’s right ne.]

Kuroe nodded.

[She looks sleeping comfortably ne………even though she said she had enough sleep, ne.]

[What are you trying to say?]

[Looks like she had used up a lot of physical strength before this no matter how I see it. It’s like she never slept before……..did the surveillance from the order of black magic mentioned the reason or something that caused this?]


Looks like what Kuroe was implying had been conveyed, Akane snorted.

[Is this what you are trying to say? The demon sword took over her body when she was sleeping, that’s why she cannot remove her tiredness no matter how long she sleeps.]

[It’s not certain, but it is possible am I right?]


Although Mashiro has no conscious at that time, but if the body was moving around then naturally the tiredness couldn’t be removed.

[However, that girl did not have any suspicious activities recently. She never went out from the house at night before.]

Unfortunately, the possibility for what they were saying was very low………it was impossible that the demon sword took over her consciousness to just stay in the house without doing anything.

[But results are results ne. It’s fine if we just take a little rest ne?]

[……..Just do what you like.]

Akane’s voice cannot be heard anymore after saying that. She didn’t say goodbye at all. She was just as unexpected as usual no matter during interrupting or leaving a conversation.

“Disconnected ne.”

“………Seems like it.”

Tooya sighed.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, just feeling that person really came to disturb me from taking a nap.”

To disturb others wholeheartedly.

In the end, Tooya didn’t felt tired at all already.

By the time Mashiro woke up, the surrounding was painted crimson by the sunset.

“Such an energetic child.”

“Yeah ne.”

Couldn’t imagine at all that she was being bullied now.

“It’s a kind of cheerful aura that different from Rikka’s ne.”

“……..What are you saying all of the sudden.”

She said that name unexpectedly.

“It’s just my impression on them?”

Like who would believe that.

“That’s all, don’t stare at me.”

Kuroe shrugged her shoulders.

“Rikka’s name doesn’t appear when talking with master recently……..I thought you had finally forgotten her existence ne.”

“It’s impossible.”

There was not even a little possibility for that.

“If I had forgotten her……..you will be killed.”

Because that was the only reason why Tooya allowed Kuroe to stay alive until now.


Kuroe smiled.

“It’s because I can only stay alive by granting master’s wish.”

It was what Tooya’d wished for, let Rikka forget everything and sent her back to her ordinary days………Rikka can live happily by forgetting everything about her father and Tooya. Their gazes wouldn’t come across even they studied in the same classroom. Because Tooya’s existence was not in Rikka’s perception.

Remove himself from Rikka’s ordinary days……….this was the reason why Tooya allowed Kuroe to stay alive. Because Tooya thought that Rikka could live happily this way.

It was not related to others……….not even Rikka’s own will.

What Tooya made was just a merely selfish wish.

“As long as Rikka was happy……….then I got nothing to hope for.”

“Is that really what you think?”

Suddenly Akane’s voice was heard. It was not from the earpiece in his ear, instead it was on the spot.

“Eh, why you are……..”

He didn’t hear any sound about the rooftop’s door being opened.

“I just flew over the wall and reach here.”

She simply said it. Kuroe had did something like that before too…….as expected from the person that could go one on one with Kuroe, looked like she was not only rival Kuroe in physical abilities.

“Still if someone saw that…….”

“Less people were here after school. A mild invisible spell was more than enough.”

A face that showed that was all of it.

“But why did you suddenly…….”

“Just wanted to scold you.”

She simply said so as usual.

“So rude after a sudden appearance ne.”

“Because I heard your conversations, so I go and look for some information to confirm the details.”

I knew everything already, Akane said so………with that as the basis, she looked at Tooya.

“You brat, really was the worst.”


“Based on the results, wasn’t you was just running away from her?”

Akane spitted out piercing words directly from the front.

“Although you said what you did was for the happiness of your childhood friend……..but actually you was just afraid to let her know that you are the one killed her father wasn’t it?”

“That was…….”

“Do you dare to say you kill people for the sake of that girl?”

“How can I say that! That kind of things!”

Because those were done by Tooya his own without telling anyone. That was why he got no right to say that at all.

“I think so too.”

Akane accepted it easily……..then she continued.

“Because if you really thought for that girl, then it’s not necessary to kill her father.”


“I think you would have noticed that, right?”

Akane asked with a calm tone…….but Tooya felt an overwhelming pressure from her eyes.

“What Kurumi Rikka wished for was not her father’s death, but her father to change. Regardless of the possibility for that kind of thing to realize………..no, it’s possible for it to realize.”

Akane looked at Kuroe.

“If you used the power of that monster, something like changing the personality of a person can be done easily. Although her father was almost the same as death from the results……..but if thinking from Kurumi Rikka’s happiness then that way would get a better outcome.”

“Probably ne.”

Kuroe interrupted like she was agree with what Akane said. While Akane stared at her.

“Don’t give me that innocent look you monster. Surely you had already knew that could work but didn’t say it.”

“Who knows ne.”

Kuroe shrugged her shoulders with a smile.

Akane clicked her tongue and switched her gaze back to Tooya.

“You should had noticed that even if she didn’t say it…….or you didn’t see through that like an idiot. Well, maybe that monster said something to you causing you to not notice that……..but all that were just hypothesis.”

That’s right, because everything had already happened——and it was over. Since it’d already decided, there was no meaning in discussing the decision that was made anymore.

“It’s because you hate her father. Nothing more than that.”


Tooya didn’t nod……yet he didn’t refute. But this was enough in this scene. Staying silence was the same as agree.

Tooya can’t make a negation. Because he did hate that person. To the extend keeping that existence far away from him. To the extend that even wanted to kill him.

Because Tooya can’t tolerate something like that person changed his ownself and smiling together with Rikka side by side.

“Said it’s for her happiness or what, don’t go and beautify your words so much………in the end you just afraid to let her know right?Afraid to let Kurumi Rikka knows your sin killing her father wasn’t it?”


Tooya remained silent……..he didn’t deny.

“If you really hope for her happiness then hurry go and die. You can atone for your sin if you die………if you don’t do that, you are just the worst brat forever.”

“……..I think, what Inaba-san said was correct.”

Tooya nodded and said so.

“However,I won’t go die.”

He looked directly at her eyes and said it clearly.


She clicked her tongue.

“The conversation ends here, got to go.”

After saying that, Akane jumped up. She just flew over the barbed wire on the rooftop gently and let her body free to fall. Her figure disappeared in an instant. What she did was a suicide from what Tooya saw, but she wouldn’t die that easily.

“Just came here to talk some nonsense then ran away by her own ne.”

“Inaba-san was the correct one.”

Tooya took down the microphone on his shirt before saying that.

“……….But, she’s wrong.”


“She got it wrong.”

Tooya was like saying an unshakable fact.

“It’s true that I am afraid that Rikka will know the sin I have committed……..but, it’s not because of the reason that Inaba-san said.

At the recess time on the next day, they went to meet Mashiro like usual. Mashiro didn’t surrounded by the bullies like yesterday……..instead, her head was wrapped with a wet cloth and her right arm was supported by a triangle bandage. It was a look of an injured person no matter how you see.

“That injure…..”

“Hahaha, I fell down from the stairs.”

What Mashiro said with a bitter smile was not funny at all.

“Staying here is too conspicuous, let’s go.”

“………That’s right.”

Tooya nodded and took a peek at the classroom where Mashiro was. The group before this stay close and talking with each other at a corner of the classroom. Tooya’s gaze met with one of the person in the group. The other side clicked her tongue and glared at Tooya. Tooya didn’t saw feelings like remorse from her eyes.

[Time to go.]

“……..I know.”

He replied in whisper and moved towards the rooftop.

“………Are you alright?”

Tooya asked immediately when they reached there.

“It’s fine…….the head got a small cut and the right arm was sprained only.”

Even if she said that, the bandage was a new one.

“When did this happen?”


If it was yesterday then it happened after she separated with Tooya the two.

“It’s not……..accident right?”

“……..No evidence. Though I felt a push……..suddenly, from behind.”

Wasn’t that the same as confirmed. Tooya whispered to the microphone for further confirmation. How was it happened actually. Since she was monitoring Mashiro, of course she would know about this.

[It’s like what you thought about.]

The answer was here.

“……..Didn’t you stop them.”

[I was just in surveillance. And I was not in the scene at that time……..even if I was there then what could I do?]

Nothing at all. Although he wanted to say since you are monitoring her then you should stop them…….was something impossible. At the same time the group didn’t need to take responsibility. It was impossible to take out evidence under the basis that the surveillance was not known.

“Is it painful?”

Kuroe asked.

“A little……..but don’t mind it.”

“But in that way, what should you do about your lunch?”

Mashiro was in the situation where she couldn’t use one of her arms.

“Ah, today’s lunch is sandwiches so no problem.”

While saying, Mashiro used one hand to open the lunchbox……..it’s really difficult with the condition of only one hand can be used.

“I help you take it out, give me.”


Tooya took Mashiro’s bag from her before she could answer. After opened it using both hands, he took out a lunchbox wrapped with a piece of cute looking cloth. The knot on the lunchbox was quite troublesome for Mashiro, so he untied it before giving it back to Mashiro.

“Thank you.”

Mashiro smiled shyly.

“Don’t mind it.”

It’s not something great.

“But it feels lonely with only things like sandwiches ne.”

Kuroe said so…….at the same time Tooya felt something chilling went through his body. No matter how Kuroe acted so close with the others, it was impossible that her mind didn’t have any bad ideas.

[That’s rude ne.]

Then what’s with that teasing tone.

“If you don’t mind, how about have some of mine?”

Kuroe showed her lunchbox to Mashiro. Many dishes that was prepared by Tooya’s mother can be seen in it. The food was quite delicious even without the name ‘parents’ as adding points.

“Ah, but my hand……”

“Then let Tooya-kun feed you will be no problem.”

“Why should I do that.”

That was not something he should do.

“Eh, because wasn’t these kind of things should be done by a boy and a girl?”

Kuroe showed her act as an elegant lady……..surely she was enjoying this.

“But, but………senpai will feel unhappy to do this kind of thing that should be done by couple only.”

Mashiro was denying by waving one of her hands. It was a great help that Mashiro had decent common sense.

“I don’t mind oh?”

Kuroe smiled.

“Then let’s do that.”

Kuroe said that like she thought of something good…… Tooya felt an annoying premonition.

“Tooya-kun will feed Mashiro, then I will feed Tooya-kun as the replacement……….that will be fine right?”

So this was what she was going for, Tooya was in deep regret. Kuroe always did some intriguing temptation to Tooya, but basically he disregarded every single one of it…….. therefore she was trying to take action by capturing his weak point huh. Currently Kuroe’s behavior was not something could be blamed for, Tooya can’t say no either if Mashiro agreed with it.

But well, Mashiro wouldn’t accept that kind of stupid proposal.

“I, I don’t mind if that’s the case……..”

She accepted it!

“Then Tooya-kun, please feed Mashiro properly oh.”


Why did it turned out to this.

“That, senpai………can I?”

Mashiro asked with a look of a puppy.

“…….What you want to eat?”

Tooya couldn’t reject her……..Tooya showed his lunchbox that hadn’t being touched yet to Mashiro. What was inside of the box had no differences from Kuroe’s, the only thing was the amount which was more than Kuroe’s because he was a boy.

“Then, this fried chicken.”


Tooya caught up a piece of fried chicken with a pair of chopsticks. Mashiro’s face was in red color already when he looked properly. She seemed nervous, her mouth was closed tightly…………..even Tooya also felt a bit nervous, it was for sure that the one being fed would felt nervous too.

[Come on, ah—-]

A happy voice sounded in his brain…………he felt like wanting to punch her. But because Kuroe was not saying that from her mouth, so he couldn’t do anything to her for now.

“That, can you open your mouth a little.”

“Ah, that’s right! I am sorry!”

Mashiro opened her mouth with her face getting more red. While Tooya delivered the fried chicken to her mouth slowly and carefully……..her mouth was still empty a moment ago, now she’d been biting the fried chicken.

“……..It’s, it’s delicious.”

“I, I see.”

Both of them blushed………what’s with this.

“Then, now is Tooya-kun’s turn ne.”

Fufufu, a laugh sounds like that was heard. When Tooya turned around, Kuroe had caught up a piece of fried chicken with her chopsticks, looking over here with a standby look.

“Don’t say things like hate it oh?”

Mashiro’s gaze was fixed on them. She was waiting for that with full of expectation. Even though it was embarrassing but because she did it just now, so she wanted to see others being fed.


Tooya nodded.

“Then, ah—-um.”

Although he felt like wanting to die but still opened his mouth.


At the moment, Akane’s voice was heard.

[Go explode.]

If there was a hole here then he would drill his head in it without doubt.


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