Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 3 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The color of the Green Horn Regret

I was thinking what I thought of for me to suddenly think of this.

But somehow… since I didn’t had any self-confidence for myself, that was why I thought that I should came here for once to firm my confirmation.

I am the brown boar, Saehrimnir, alias Sei. I was living normally in my parent at the forest but on a certain day… I was given a certain duty by the Chief God of the Aesir tribe, Odin-sama.

That duty was to become an ingredient. Hold it, please don’t have any misunderstanding about it. I am not insane.

The Armageddon, ‘Ragnarok’ which would be coming soon. The Einherjars were gathered in order to overcome that crisis,

Einherjars which were the warriors who were gathered to over the crisis which was the Armageddon, ‘Ragnarok’ that was going to happening soon. I was invited to ‘Valhalla’… for the sake of becoming their dinner.

The reason why I was able to do such outrageous thing was because I had ‘Gullveig’ which was the ability to revive. Moreover, with the effect of the magical pot, Eldhrimnir where its content wouldn’t decrease when the moon was up on sky, I was able to become an unlimited source of ingredient and play a big role every single night in the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’.

“… It was supposed to be like that.”

The heavy sigh that I gave out got dissolved in the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’.

Isn’t it the time for me as an ingredient to shine? Sorry, it was not time yet. Let me rephrase myself that was not going to happen at this point of time. Like this, I was waiting patiently on the chopping board.

Of course, there was a great reason that caused this to happen.

— The rebellion of the Einherjars.

This major incident was still fresh in my memory as it only happened around ten days ago only. What happened during the incident? I think that anyone could imagine what had happened by looking at the name itself. This incidence was about the human Einherjars who were guided by the gods and swore their loyalty to them caused a coup d’état to rebel against the gods.

With the cooperation of the others, we somehow managed to suppress this incidence but it was a given that those who surrendered wouldn’t be forgiven without any punishments. After the incidence, they received an extraordinary punishment other than being executed from Odin-sama. The punishment was “They are forbidden to intake any meat that they love so much’, in a way it seem like a hell-like punishment.

Some called this punishment as ‘the punishment of ratatouille’.

Recently, I heard from Loki that ratatouille had the meaning of rotten meal but in reality we were not serving the Einherjars rotten meal.

According to the Chef Head, “My dish is something that even if I was preparing the dish while I was asleep, it still wouldn’t become something like a rotten meal!”, which was something like that, what was actually being served to the Einherjars were delicious vegetable theme dishes.

Yes… in their current state, they were forced to become vegetarian. In other words, my duty as the meat ended in this manner.

“Hey, Chef Head! Is there anything I can do?”

“Oh, you seem quite free, Sei-kun. If that is the case, why don’t you change into your human form with the rune of ‘mannaz’ and help to peel off the apple skin?”

“I had already done that.”

“Eh? Ah, you’re right. It would be nice if you are able to help me chop the cabbage into small piece.”

“I had already done that also.”

“What!? Sei-kun! It seems you had become quite skillfully recently!?”

The Chef Head showed a shocking expression as if he admitted his defeat. I showed a self-satisfied look naturally and replied him.

“Hehe, since I was released of the depression day where I had to jump into the pot, it’s time to show off my spirit as a cook. I was observing you, as if… it was something like a route.”

“That’s unfair, Sei-kun! To think you are able to enter the zone which took me one year when I was doing my apprenticeship in ‘Midgard’.”

“No, this is limited to vegetable theme meal only. I am able to do this since Chef Head is good at teaching.”

“I see. That’s mean that we have an outstanding affinity as master and apprentice!”

The Chef Head folded his arm and nodded in a satisfaction manner. Yup, that’s right… huh? What is it, currently I am sensing some evil killing intent behind the door over there…

“Se-tan… you are flirting with darling again…”

Woah, as expected!? The person who was peeking us from the half open back door of the kitchen was the goat that was in charge of the breast… I mean the alcohol, which was my colleague, Heizu.

“Heizu, this is um, if I had to put it wholeheartedly, I’m Heizu allies! From the beginning, the Chef Head had already belonged to you!”

“Tch, Sei-kun, are you going to betray me! Heizu-kun, I had said this a lot of times but I am pretty sure I am an extremely normal person, I’m not a lolicon. That why I am unable to respond to your feeling, do you understand it now?”



In respond to the unusual obedient reply from Heizu, Chef Head opened his mouth widely unconsciously. Heizu use the rune of ‘mannaz’ to transform to her usual appearance which was a huge breast loli and said this while looking downward.

“I had already aware that darling won’t accept me. That’s why from now on, I won’t be selfish anymore.”

“Heizu-kun… no, I had never thought that you were saying that in a selfishly. Even though, you are standing before me in a human form, you are actually a goat, on top of that, you are still a child right? I am actually thinking on behalf of you.”

“It’s fine. It’s over now. I will never go near darling anymore.”

“Hold it, aren’t you being too extreme! Is it necessary for you to do that? You are still my colleague whom is working at the same place, there is no need for us to break our friendship because of this.”

“… Does that mean… it’s fine for me to act normally?”

“Of course!”

After hearing the reply from the Chef Head, Heizu who is looking down, lifted her head up. What appeared was a satisfying face that was directly opposite of this gloomily atmosphere.

“I’ve gotten the ‘Genchi’.”

“Huh? ‘ Genchi’? … Eh, a promise… don’t tell me!”

“As darling wish, I will act as normal from now on okay?”

“Tch! Normally, your speaking manner is misleading but to think you had become so skillful in negotiating! Who is the person that taught you this!?”


Ah… as expected as the Goddess of love. If it impossible to use force, it’s better to retreat, isn’t this is a magnificent tactic. While showing a mischievous smile, she began her preparation.

“Then darling. As usual, here you go, Odin style mead.”

“Eh? Chef Head, don’t tell me the Odin style is.”

“Hold it, Sei-kun, there is some misunderstanding! That is a conduct which is beyond anything that had happened up until now! What I mean by as usual is that… hey, all of your hand had stopped moving! Go back to work!”


The Chef Head clapped his hand and gave orders to the staffs. What an obvious method for him to dodge the topic but if I listened to this anymore I might self-destruct, so it was fine this way.

“Let’s put that aside, Chef Head, is there anything else that I am able to be of help of?”

“A, ah, that right, we’re in the middle of that topic. Let’s see… then can you go to the farm at the back and harvest the vegetables?”

“Eh… in that farm, is it?”

Let put aside the fact that I was the one who wished for some work but the moment I heard the word ‘farm’, I had lose my motivation to work.

“Hm? What wrong’s Sei-kun, is there any problem?”

“No that… okay. Actually, you still remember that I went to the farm and gather the sponge gourd right?”

That was right, that happened a bit earlier from the Einherjars rebellion incidence. It the time when I began my plan to help the youngest of the nine Valkyrie whom lock herself in her room due to various reason, Rossweisse with the alias Weisse. …Hmm, that was wrong, if I had to put it, it was for the sake of the ‘Magic Wolf’ Fenrir isn’t it…?

Putting that aside, due to various reasons, it was necessary for me to obtain some sponge gourd, so I went to the farm but… I had a turning point during that day, I felt that there was something weird happening around me.

“From that day onward, I felt that there is someone watching me…”

“Hee, aren’t you just imagining it?”

“Hmph, please don’t look at a boar ability to sense danger. I am still two times of a coward when compare to a normal person.”

“I don’t think you should say that as if it was your specialty.”

“You’re right but it the truth! Moreover, the closer I get near the farm, I felt that I was being look at more intensively!”

“Hmm, in the farm is it…eh? Maybe that…”

It seemed that the complaint that I had try my best reach him since the Chef Head was giving off a mysterious expression and stroke his jaws.

“Sei-kun, it seems that you were not aware of this. Had you ever though who is managing… that huge garden?”

“Eh? Of course, I believe there is someone who is managing that magnificent garden but… it seem tough for a person or two to manage it. Maybe it the Einherjars who is taking care of it?”

“Haha, that’s wrong. That garden is managed by a single deer from watering to sowing and everything else.”

“A single deer? Am… Amazing!”

“Isn’t that right? That’s not the only amazing thing. From the rumor, it seems that the extremely pure water that was born from the antler of the deer is able to revive wilted plant with just a single drop. Of course, that rumor might be true but it seems that there is some restriction to it.”

“That’s right. If there is really such a convenient ability, we would had went and find this deer the first thing during the ‘The incident on the attempt to collapse the World Tree’. But… it is still something quite impressive.”

To manage that big farm by itself and the ability to produce the miracle like pure water from it antlers… to think that such an amazing deer exist in ‘Valhalla’. No, as a fellow animal, I respect it.

“… so, Chef Head, why did you suddenly mention that?”

“Ah, it means… maybe you had caught the attention of that deer, ‘Eikthyrnir’.”

“Eh!! Why me?”

“I’m not sure the about the thought of a deer but isn’t this the most reasonable reason for it action?”

That, that was right. Yup, a stalker deer… I wasn’t sure why I caught its attention but it was not something dangerous right…? It would make me happy if it was on the direction of affection or love at first sight.

…Hmm? Will it really make me happy? That action.

“By the way, Chef Head. Um… that deer… Eikt….nir…”

“Eikthyrnir. I think you can call it ‘Ikusu’ if the name is hard to memory?”

“Then I will call it that way…”

Damn it, Ikusu. It was my secret ambition to be famous by being the animal with the hardest name to remember in Valhalla but it seem like it was  going to be a waste of effort.

“Then, is that deer, Ikusu…. a female?”

“I think it’s a male? Since it had antler after all?”

I took back what I said!! It was better not be something like affection or love at first sight! Never!

“Then Sei-kun, it’s almost time. Since I had given you the task, can I ask that you see to it till the end?”

“Okay. I understand…”

This was a flag that I had raised by myself. While being caution of it effect, I started heading out to finish the task unwillingly.

Like this, I had reached the back of the main building of Valhalla. In the inner part of the formal Japanese room which was separate from Heizu milking room — there was a large lushly green place that was my objective, ‘The large farm of Valhalla’.

“I hope that nothing would happen…!”

After I used the rune of ‘mannaz’ to transform into my human form, I started to harvest the vegetable with a spirit that is filled with my prayer.

It was alright, there was no one looking at me. There was no presence at all. In the end, nothing happen until the moment my harvest bag was full.


“Hii!? It, it’s this, this pressure…!”

In the last moment, when I planned to depart, I felt a sensation that was trying to assault which caused the hair of my mane to stand.

Where did it come from? I couldn’t determine the direction. But regardless of where it came from, I can feel an intensive sight toward… my back… no, it was my butt!

“Hee… Help meeeeeeeee!”

I ran away from here with at a speed which was faster than the speed of my daily jogging. I believed that this speed would even satisfy the world fastest golden boar, Gullinbursti.

While trying to shake off the sight toward me, I ran until I hit my limit. The moment when I was trying to take in a large amount of air to calm down heart as if it was going to explode— coincidentally I saw Brynhildr-sama which I adore passed by in front of me.

“Ah, Sei-san. Um… what happened? You seem quite tiring.”

“Haa, haa… Bryn… Hildr…sama, I…. manage to… protect my… chastity.”

Just like my feeble breath, I fainted in front of the person that I loved.

Hm… I’st okay to say I reach my goal right…? — faint

— I wonder how long had time passed since then.

The moment I escaped from the long tunnel, which was a metaphor for my sleep… I saw heaven.

“Argh~ … huh? To think I saw an angel in front of me after I awake!”

“Ah, are you awake now? Sei-san.”

As if she had notice I had awaken, the angel showed me a smile. Ah, it was different, the angel was Brynhildr-sama. No, there was no different that she was a smiling angel.

“Is this… my room? That’s right, I… fainted after I hit my limit…”

“Right. I was surprise since you suddenly fainted. Um… did something happen? It seems like you were struggling during your sleep…”

Yes, it seemed I was having a bad dream. I think I did not mutter anything during my sleep right?

“You keep saying ‘Ikusu, you can’t do that, hey Ikusu, Ikusu!’.”


To think I muttered something that strange during my sleep! Ah, I couldn’t be a husband anymore…

“By Ikusu, you were talking about the deer Ikusu from the ‘Valhalla farm’ right? Sei-san, are you on a good term with Ikusu?”

“No, I only know of his existence just now. Um… do you know what type of deer is he?”

I asked Brynhildr-sama because I believed that she will have some information about him. Surprisingly, she showed a troubled face and tilted her head.

“Actually, I also don’t have much information about him. It seemed that he is being very cautious… I think that he is more of a shy deer instead. It’s not easy to see his appearance.”

What, what is that deer. Are you telling me that I am being stalked by this mysterious creature?

“But before this when I saw him from the sky, he was focusing spraying the water that came from his big horn as if he was a water fountain in the farm. Small sparklingly rainbow was formed and it was very beautiful.”

Brynhildr-sama talked with an ecstatically manner while reminiscing about the scene of that moment.

Argh… it seemed like this is going to result in something bad. Doesn’t this sound like she was in loved with Ikusu. Since I was feeling uncomfortable, I tried to change the topic in a forcefully manner.

“Putting that aside, thank you very much. You were nursing me this whole time right, Brynhildr-sama?”

“Don’t worry about it, since it is just two hour only. It seem like the Einherjars had finish with their dinner.”

When I looked up at the night sky from my window, I saw the moon in it full moon state. I see, it seemed like Brynhildr-sama was in a difficult situation since she had to take a break from her mead duty to take care of me.

The feeling of guilt was overflowing inside of me since I always caused trouble. I would try to somehow return the favor for this failure through my job but… I didn’t have that essential job…

“Um… Brynhildr-sama. Do you have anything that I am able to help you with?”

“Eh? What happen? This is too sudden.”

“Since the Einherjars are subjected to the ‘Ratatouille punishment’, I had lost my main job as ‘everyone dinner’. You see, I am mostly in charge of the meat. Of course, there is another job other than being a meal and it not like I want to become everyone dinner… but somehow I still feel bored.”

“You want something in exchange which is also a job that carry some responsibilities… is it?”

I nodded my head strongly to reply Brynhildr-sama’s enquiry to confirm my request.

Even though as an ingredient I didn’t have to become a meal, I think that I ws still able to do various job. You see, if there was any more mission to purchase food supplies, I would be happy to join them since there was the matter that happened before this which led me to being favor by the King of the Open Seas, Aegir-sama.

But, since meat was not needed in the current ‘Valhalla’, it was not necessary to buy any food supplies. That was because in this ‘Valhalla’, there was the existence of the world largest farm. As long as there was vegetable, it was not necessary to buy any food supplies since we were able to be self-sufficient.

That’s why, I am of no use now. I would only be told that I was being intrusive for a boar but… if this went on, I would not be able to calm down this feeling of mine.

After looking at my decisive nod, Brynhildr-sama was being silent for some reason. I wondered what happened. The moment when I looked up at her face due to curiosity —-

“~~~ Sei-san!”

“Ye, Yes!”

“Sei-san Sei-san Sei-san!”

“Eh!? What… what happen?”

“I … am deeply impressed! You are really a diligent person! Your earnest attitude toward work, deserve to be the role model of a worker!”

“No that… I was just being ashamed but…”

“You don’t have to be that humble! I understand! Sei-san, since you had said that, I will also do my best to pitch in and help! No, I will undress everything without leaving a single piece undress!”

*In Japanese, pitch in and help have the word undress in it, that why the latter is like that*


“Ah, come on, of course that is a metaphor? The thing just now.”


Why did you have to reply me, Brynhildr-sama….? If I could see your stark naked appearance, I will be fine without any job. However, I am fine with just that…

“Okay, Sei-san. Let’s head to Vingólf immediately.”

“Eh, right now?”

“Yes! Since the Einherjars had finished with their dinner, I believed that my younger sisters are heading back to the dorm. If all of us think about it together, we will be able to find a job for you right away.”

Brynhildr-sama said that in a joyful manner but somehow it suddenly became a large-scale consultation than my initial thought. What would happen to me if I was given with a heavy duty task on a spur right?

I carried on with me a touch of uneasiness and Brynhildr-sama was carrying me and soared toward the quiet night sky.

“The first! ‘Let find a new job for Sei-san’ meeting now begin!”

After we changed our destination, we were now at the goddess dorm, Vingólf. At the same time when we reached the attracting holy place that was filled with female, Brynhildr-sama called out to her eight other sisters who were staying in their room.

For your informations, the room where this meeting was held was without a doubt, Brynhildr-sama room. While being a bit unrest with the appearance of their elder sister who was being more tense than normal, the eight sisters yell out an ‘oh!’ in a conservative manner.

“Um… Hildr-nee-san.”

“Ah, please say out your name before you gave your suggestion. Since this is a meeting after all.”

“… I am the seventh sister, Siegrune. That, I somehow understand the situation but I have one opinion. …Can’t we do this tomorrow?”

“No. Since this is a serious consultation, let’s think about it now.”

Siegrune-sama dropped her shoulder in a shock after receiving that straight forward rejection. I’m sorry, if it was me, I would be fine to discuss it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow but… I didn’t have the confidence to stop the current Brynhildr-sama.

“Here! I’m the ninth sister, Rossweisse! Sei-kun, can you tell us what type of job you wish for!”

“Something like a job… that is worth doing, right? Sei-san.”

“Well, if it possible, I wish for something that is moderately simple but…”

“I understand, if that is the case… then, I, the sixth sister, Helmwige, will give you one task that is heavy duty in your case.”

“If it’s coming from you, I have a feeling that it a good-for-nothing task but…”

“To think you said that without hearing it, what a disrespectful fellow. Here is your job, massage my shoulder.”

“Eh? If that is something acceptable, then please listen to the request from this onee-san (Waltraute refer herself like this), pork-chan can you massage (in a sexual manner) onee-san ~waa? I want you to massage not only my shoulder but I want you to search for all the places that seem to be stiff ~waa.”

While saying that, for some reason Waltraute-sama used your hands to hold up her voluptuous breast as if she was trying to emphasize it. After receiving that impact, all the sister suddenly made a commotion, I made a purr unconsciously. Haha…that, that part was definitely not related to the stiff place right…?

“Wait, wait for a moment, Waltraute. Please don’t suggest something unpleasant! In the first place, this happens because of the joke from Helmwige! Why don’t you look at this, Sei-san this is not the time for you to be amazed!”

Ah, no, I had a lewd face just now but… I am glad that I’m in my boar form.

“This will not end if everyone just gives their own personal suggestion… From now on, everyone will give their own suggestion in sequence starting from the eldest.”

In order to break free from this meeting from having too much freedom, Brynhildr-sama was trying to manage her sister in a strict manner. The elegant and clear eyes were looking straight at the second sister, Gerhi-sama.

“What, what is it? Shouldn’t you, the elder sister begin first since you are starting from the top?”

“I couldn’t think of any impressive job that I am confidence of… In the first place, I wouldn’t held this meeting if I had an idea for the job. That’s why Gerhilde I want to start from you first.”

“Hohoho. You were always the top in your mission, but in times like this, you turn to others for help, it seems~~ I wonder are you really fit to be the elder sister? So my elder sister, I have a wonderful suggestion for you.”

“Argh… is…is that so.  By the way, could you tell us the content of your suggestion?”

After receiving the light criticism from Gerhi-sama, Brynhildr-sama puffed up her cheek. On the other hand, Gerhi-sama was showing an unconcerned expression. Then, she said the following with an expression that was the opposite of the self-satisfied look of the usual elegant messenger and drew her finger near to the light green breastplate that remind give the impression of the gentle breeze.

“My suggestion is, the mission to deliver refreshment to Sola-sama!”

Eh… by Sola-sama… she meant the Sola-sama that is riding on top of the horse, Aardvark which is carrying the Sun right?

“But… but Gerhi-sama. It seems like that when you look at it from a distant point but in reality, Sola-sama is moving at a pretty high speed, you know?”

“It as you said, Sei. Sola-sama is actually travelling at a pretty high speed while carrying the sun. Furthermore, the speed is non-stop. It’s pretty hard to deliver the refreshment to her since you have to maintain the same speed as her, but it’s still an impressive job that is worth the time.”

“No, I think that job is probably only suited to Gerhi-sama only.”

It seemed like she had forgotten on the fact that she was the fastest among her sister.

“Hm~… seems that job is bit too difficult for Sei-san, let’s give up on that. Next is—“

I changed my gaze as if I was trying to chase after Brynhildr-sama gaze.

What came in sight was the girl who was the same height as Brynhildr-sama with a long stationary silver hair with a bit tan skin color. With gorgeous gold color equipment she was the third sister, Ortlinde-sama.

After she looked at me with her bright red eyes that were similar to the color of blood, she began to open her mouth slowly without changing her expressionless look.

“I’m the third sister, Ortlinde. Sei-shi (Mr.Sei), do you wish for a job from Linde?”

“Y… yes. By all means.”

“I see. I have some suggestion. Sei-kare, do you know what type of mission does Linde do?”

Ortlinde-sama’s mission? If I’m not mistaken, her specialty was erasing her presence… an assassin. Ah, somehow I have a pretty bad~ prediction on this….

“Among the assassination mission, there is also mission with the purpose of eliminating the enemy force and infiltration. Among those missions, the hardest thing is the corpse being left in plain sight which informs their friend that a ‘killing’ has happened in the surrounding. That’s why, I wanted Sei-shi to transform into that big dragon and eat the corpses.”

“Okay, I reject the suggestion, please cut some slack for me.”

I rejected Ortlinde-sama suggestion with all might. I pretend I didn’t hear her mumble about ‘Even though you look like a nice target…’

“Eh… um… then next is…”

While being attracted to Brynhildr-sama voice to a certain extent after she said that. But, I had a high confidence that the next one to talk was reliable. That was because whenever possible she lent her ear to others as if she is a consulter for everyone!

“Okay, I’m the fourth sister, Waltraute~ if you leave it to onee-san, I will tro~un~ce~ pork-chan problem easily.”

Woah, so sexy! As expected of the wielder of the most attractive breast in the God realm! Putting aside my problem, I think my dirty thoughts would be trounced instead.

“The suggestion from onee-san is~? I seem like it would be better if I don’t suggest anything! Even if pork-chan lost his job, I will still e~a~t you properly.”

“!! Then! Did you hear that, Sei! That is the most suitable way to solve the problem!”

“That won’t work, Helmwige! Waltraute, it is not easy taking care of a living being, you know? Are you going to take the responsibility of taking care of it till the end despite your busy working schedule?”

“Ah~~… you’re right. I’m sorry, pork-chan, I am unable to take care of you…”

Argh… I can’t believe I was treated at the same level as a home pet. It was fine as it was now, I will take my time to image this later.

“Seriously… next is Schwerte right?”

I changed my sight to the next talker after hearing Brynhildr-sama’s voice which acted as a signal. At the end of my sight was the Valkyrie wrapped in the armor which gave off a bright shine like the sharpness of a sword. She bowed with a strict appearance and at the same time her brown color pony tail swayed due to the movement.

“Yes! The fifth sister, Schwerte. I had properly accepted the duty to think of a duty for Sei-dono.”

“Hahaha, to think that Schwerte-sama have found a duty before me.”

“!? This, what had I done! I was just going with the flow of the event…. I am definitely not looking light at your problem!”

It… it was so hard to handle this… It seemed like she was being a straightforward person like her sword as usual.

“Ahem, I’m sorry for not noticing your joke. Let’s move on to the main problem… since all the task that I am able to recommend you are related to actual combat and it might be a bit difficult to Sei-dono. Rather than doing the mission itself, I wanted to ask Sei-dono to be my support and accompany me for a certain matter?”

“Support is it? Can you tell me in detail on the matter that I will be accompanying you?”

“I want to try out my new sword.”

“I humbly reject your offer!”

What is this person saying with that serious look? Is her body and soul getting corrosion by the sword?

“…. It, it was a joke.”

“Eh!? The thing just now!?”

I didn’t realize it and it not something appease at all! That joke will only invite a dry laugh!

“Th… then, in the end, what type of task is it?”

“I’m sorry. Actually, I am also in the same situation with my big sisters where I couldn’t think of any job for you. Even though I got your hope up, in the end I could only make that joke that I could only thought of, that…. I want to hide inside a sheath if there is one…. I’m sorry…”

Schwerte-sama face turned bright red, her eyes became teary and her body was trembling slightly. Ah… somehow it seemed like she had gotten a dark history in her life because of me. I am really sorry…

“Ah… that is really funny! Thank you, Schwerte! Then, the next is… let’s skip the next one, so it Siegrune.”

“Ah, WHY!? Why did you skip me, my dear sister! You thought that I will be saying something useless, isn’t it!?

“Am I wrong?”

“Yes, at least let me said this! I won’t be like Schwerte who regretted after saying something like that! Instead I will try my best to give my suggestion so you had better be prepare for it!”

“Then, quickly say your suggestion.”

“So… so cold. Behold, I, Helmwige will solve this problem immediately. The task that I want to recommend to Sei is… in other word, to monitor me!”

While saying that, Helmwige-sama who was the shortest among her sister opened her arm to her best. Her action with the boorish armor that she was wearing seemed like a collared anteater who was trying its best to threaten its enemy.

“Monitoring Helmwige-sama… is it?”

“You’re right. This might sound weird since it coming from me but I always try to skip work right? That why I want Sei to constantly keeping me in watch and warn me if I try to skip my work.”

“Oh! What a rare motivation statement!”

Not only me, the other sisters were also showing their agreement by clapping their hands.

“That’s decided it. So… in order to not disturb Sei new task, I will try my best to skip work, so I will rely on you then.”

“Okay, the next person~”

Okay, the agreement as planned. Everyone ignore Helmwige-sama together and direct their point of interest toward Siegrune-sama.

But somehow, Siegrune-sama shrugged her shoulder while she closed one her eye and voiced out a proposal to change her sequence to the last.

What happen? When Brynhildr-sama enquiry her that, she said a few word in a harsh way.

“That is because all of the suggestions up until now are stupid. Won’t this matter be settled if I gave my suggestion? I am willing to hand over my turn since I am thinking on behalf of the person who is after me.”

“Siegrune-sama, it seems like you are full of confidence. In another word, even after we go through everyone here, there would not be a good suggestion is it?”

“Is it obvious by looking at the current flow of event? Sei, at this point I had already prepared an answer for you.”

What an arrogant attitude. If we were able to overturn her expectation, putting aside her older sisters which were not practically useful, would she take back what she said toward Grimgerde-sama and Weisse since she was making a fool of them because their turn were after her?

Okay, do your best Grimgerde-sama! Try your best so that you could make the blonde twin tail speechless!

“Yes, the eight sister, Grimgerde… the eight sister… I’m the eight sister… I’m sorry!”

The support from the mysterious eight sister was an apology. I wondered what kind of sin did the eight sister have?

To be honest, I was not that knowledge about this person. Since our chances of talking were extremely slim on top of that, it seemed like she had a habit of avoiding people to avoid having a connection with them.

The appearance of her with the purple armor and the black haori coat which come with a hood make her seem like a grim reaper. On top of that, her face which was cover by a white mask, gave her the appearance of a weird person but… maybe it was due to her being nervous, it seemed like it was hard to make the conversation interesting.

“Aaah, anyway I understand that Sei-kun is in a pinch since you can’t die!”

“Nope, I am not troubling over that matter!?”

“Did… did I got it wrong!? How could it be, that mean the plan that I thought of is going to be pointless… I’m sorry, could you be in a pinch because you can’t die?”

“I hate it! So, what is the plan that you had thought of?”

“Eh? Eeee, what is the plan again? Ah, ah I couldn’t think of it due to the nervousness! The… the matter of asking suggestion one by one is something pointless after all! To talk in this situation where everyone attention was gathered together naturally, I…. I….”

Ah~ it seemed like it was pointless already.

“Then, why don’t you try to say your plan softly when everyone is busying chatting.”

“Then, then my voice will be drown by the surrounding… since my voice is soft.”

“Then what exactly is the correct answer? For this matter.”

I see. It seemed like to Grimgerde-sama, a discussion was a big burden for her. In order to polish her communication skill for the next discussion, let’s have her study by observe us this time.

“Well done, Grimgerde. Then, the last one is Rossweisse.”

“Yes~! The ninth sister, Rossweisse, will try her best!”

It seemed like it was finally the turn of Weisse whom was the energetic symbol among the sister.

She who was at the prime of her life (based on appearance), I did not think that she had any important task that was suitable for me but… there was no harm listening.

“Let’s see, it’s a task that at a place that is a bit distant from ‘Valhalla’… are you okay with it?”

“Yup, I fine with it. If it is within ‘Asgard’, I am able to use the ‘rainbow void’ of the world tree to teleport myself.”

“Great! You see, during the rebellion of the Einherjars that happen recently, the keeper of the golden apple, ‘Idun-sama’ was capture and the apple was seized right?”

“Ah~ yes, there was something like that.”

“You see? As a lesson for the failure that time, we, the Valkyries, were given the task to increase the bodyguard for Idun-sama. It’s a shift system.”

If I had to put it, the only weakness for the god tribe is ‘Aging’. They were able to suppress it due to the golden apple that was being managed by Idun-sama.

Currently after experiencing that rebellion, it seemed obvious that the protection of the apple was the first priority to do.

“I see, to think there is something like this! In another word, we are going to bring Sei-san for that mission so that he is able to be of use! As expected of Rossweisse, it’s a great idea!”

“Ahem! What do you think? Am I being a bit useful now?”

Weisse show a satisfied look and puff up her chest. Yup, it was alright for you to be proud. I was glad since there is such an amazing idea at the last moment!

While I was looking at the joyful Weisse who was being pat by her sister, I suddenly thought of this.

“Ah. We still haven’t heard the suggestion from Siegrune-sama.”

After I voiced out my thought, Brynhildr-sama and the others shifted their sights toward Siegrune-sama. It seemed like…Siegrune-sama become startled and tremble slightly after being the target of attention.

“Um… that…. I”

“Hm? What is it?”

It’s not like I’m having difficult in listening. She was talking so soft until I couldn’t hear anything.

“What, what is it? There is nothing, I have no suggestion at all!”

Eh, nothing? Even though you made that impressive declaration?”

“That’s… that’s not it! I have a suggestion! But, Weisse had already voice out the idea that I have in mind! That why I have no suggestion already!”

“Huh~ You have the right to say anything you want.”

“You’re wrong!! It’s the truth! I am not lying!”

“Is that so. It’s alright, Siegrune, all of us understand the situation properly.”

“Of what!? Hey! Did all of you understand it properly!? I am telling the truth, please believe in me!”

“I’m sorry, Rune-nee-sama.”

“Nooooooo! Please don’t apologize to meeeeeeeeeeee!”

— Today, through the honorable sacrifice of Siegrune-sama, I had learnt an important lesson today.

Pride will have a fall. To be belittled by the younger sister after seeing her older sister predicament, it was something like receiving a severe retaliation.

A lion will try its best to hunt even if it was only wild rabbit, that might seem like an unexpected reason… I’m joking.

Then… the result of that discussion was that I will be accompanying them with their bodyguard mission of protecting the keeper of the golden apple, Idun-sama.

The next morning. I went to the world tree which was close to the ‘Valhalla big practice field’ at the time that was designated by Brynhildr-sama. In front of the void that was opened there, three Valkyries had already gathered.

“Good morning! Woah~ To think that I was the last to arrive. How odd, I had planned to left my room early though…”

“Good morning, Sei-san. There is nothing for you to worry about, this is because we came too early.”

I was greeted by a magnificent smile from my beloved Brynhildr-sama when she said that. Ah, she was also quite beautiful today.

“Good morning, Sei. You have some nerves to keep me waiting, do you want me to train you even though you are a food ingredient?”

The one who said that with a sarcastic manner was the blonde twin tail whom was wearing the black armor, the seventh sister, Siegrune-sama.

Somehow, her way of speaking seemed to be the usual but there was something odd about her behavior…? Somehow, I felt like she was trying to cover up her unpleasant incident.

“What… what’s the matter? Why are you making a face which is wondering about the reason of me being here?”

“No… I’m not wondering about that…”

“This is not the way it should be! The one who should be here is supposed to be Gerhi-nee-sama but I asked her to swap position with me for today! I will proof that I am not a person that is incapable of doing anything!”

Ah~~ the unpleasant incident that she was trying to cover up was the incident that happen yesterday night.

Based on my judgments there should be one more person—- somehow the third sister whom had a relatively baby face among the sisters, Ortlinde-sama was looking at me as if she was spying.

“Sei-shi, good morning. I hope you can show me what you got today.”

“Ah, good morning, Ortlinde-sama. Um… show you what I got, what exactly is it that you want me to show you?”

“Somehow after my older and younger sister got involved with Sei-shi, it seems their affection toward you grow without any particular reasons. It must be a scam, that’s why I want you to show me you got.”

“What is with that cruel judgment! I am not that type of a person!”

“Then are you a gigolo?”

“I am doing my work properly, aren’t I! Didn’t you eat my meat before!?”

“If you put it that way.”

Even though she covered her mouth with a surprising manner, her expression was the only thing that remained the same. Ortlinde-sama, was the muscle around her expression stiff? Somehow it seemed like it was impossible to read her though….

“Please, please be nice with each other, okay? Then, it’s time for us to depart. Our destination is the ‘Golden Apple Orchard’ that is managed by Idun-sama!”

The Golden Apple Orchard… I couldn’t imagine the place since I’d never been there before, but the precise location of it appeared in my mind. After that, everyone jumped toward the ‘rainbow void’ at the same time!

“… Did we… arrive…?”

With a momentary flash and the feeling of floating, after the close eyelids slowly opened timidly, the sight in front of me was the sparkling golden orchard. Yes, it seemed like the teleportation was a success.

Since the tall grass would be a bother to my boar form. I used the rune of ‘mannaz’ to change into my human form and breathe in the bittersweet aroma of the apple.

“Yup~, it seems like you are able to maintain your youth just by breathing in the aroma of the apple. Furthermore, this smell… remind me of the first time when I met Brynhildr-sama.”

“Ah, it’s really something nostalgic~. That time, I bought some of the golden apple as present when I visited Sei-san house, isn’t that right.”

After I realized it, Brynhildr-sama stood beside of me and it seemed like she was enjoying the aroma of the apple just like me. Was it true, this bittersweet aroma… was the smell of my first love? Just joking.

“I see. First is to reminiscences about the beginning of your love, then. Somehow it unexpectedly plain.”

“Hey, you had spoiled the mood! Ortlinde-sama, please don’t go and insert such a weird inspection!”

“Seriously… we need to hurry up and meet with Idun-sama so stop it with your foolish action.”

“You’re right, let’s hurry up.”

We went inside the Golden Apple Orchard while Brynhildr-sama taking the lead. After we walked for a while, I was attracted by a certain building in this beautiful scenery.

What appeared in my sight was a plain house that was made out of red brick. It was a bit bigger than my parent house, it might be due to the various big mansion that I had saw up until now but… I cannot believe that this is a house that a god lived in.

Knock knock knock.

“Good morning Idun-sama, I’m the eldest of the Valkyrie sister, Brynhildr.”

After making the knocking sound moderately, Brynhildr-sama called out to the person inside the house. After a few seconds, at the same time the front door open, we were greeted by a beautiful voice.

“La~ la~ la~, Tu ru ru~! Ah! Visitors? La~ la~ la~, I’m Idun! Come, please come in. there is no need ~ to ~ hesitate~”

No, it was normal for us to hesitate. What was with this solo musical?  This was my first time meeting with Idun-sama but I couldn’t even believe it even in my dream that she was a person fill with playfulness.

With her light green long hair flutter in the air, Idun-sama invited us while dancing. The inside of Idun-sama mansion is the opposite of the outer appearance, the inside was made in a modern artistic manner.

There was a huge fan hanging on the ceiling while the wall was decorated by a quality of a certain beautiful painting. This narrow space was effective use since it was filled with shelf and furnishing that seem avant-garde from all angle.

Yup~, this seemed like a house of a person with a good sense. I wondered who was the one that design it?

“Are you fine with red tea for refreshment? Don’t worry! It will only take a while. I am able to listen to your conversation during that time, since the little bird will pass the message to me!”

In another word, she wanted to know the purpose of us coming here. I looked at Brynhildr-sama’s face after I thought of that and she spoke while showing a firm expression.

“After we received order from the Chief God, Odin-sama, we will be acting as your bodyguard until evening from today onward. We will be working in a three person shift system, it will start in a sequence from the eldest…. Which is supposed to be like that but, only limited to this day, the second sister is replace by the seventh sister and we have a helper joining us. …Sei-san, your greeting.”

“Ah, yes! I’m Saehrimnir! I’m in my human form but I’m actually a boar. Since I was allowed to join this task at the last moment but I will try my best, so take care of me for today!”

While I was overcome from being nervous, I somehow managed to finish my greeting. When I lifted my face up after the long bow, Idun-sama clear and gentle eyes were giving off a glitter.

“Oh! So it’s you! You are the extraordinary and interesting boar of ‘Valhalla’ which is the common talk of the breeze! Tarara, it seem like~ this is~ fate, ah that right! Our meeting is by fate! Can you hear it? My breast is giving off a throb!”

Woah~ what a sensitiveness person. She was surely a former poet.

“Then Idun-sama. Please act like we are not here and proceed with your daily routine.”

“Eh? That, is that so? Wouldn’t it be hard for you if I am not obedient?”

“Our job is to protect you from the unforeseen situation. Please be at ease.”

“Ah, I, am feeling quite joyful! Let’s go! To present the flowers with song! La~”

… Just like that, our mission to protect Idun-sama just began. Ah, of course, we had ourselves some delicious red tea.

“Hehehe… Sei-san, it seems you are confused all the time.”

While we were walking behind of Idun-sama who flew out of the house, Brynhildr-sama told me that while in an extremely amusing manner.

“I was taken aback by that. Is she always like that?  Idun-sama that is.”

“That’s right. She is a lively person who seems to enjoy her life every day. The reason why the apple tree was able to bear a large amount of apple might be because it was managed by her who is the most audacious than anyone else… this is just my personal opinion.”

Is that so… yup. I think that is the correct answer too.

The reason why Idun-sama looked so young was due to the apple which had the power of eternity youth. The apple and the keeper had an ideal relationship that coexisted with each other.

“Hildr-nee-san, I will go patrol in the forest over there. There is a possibility that there are remnants of the rebellion hiding in there.”

“I understand. Please don’t let your guard down, Siegrune.”

“I’ll be fine, I will not let my guard down anymore. After the experience yesterday, I will never let my guard down. Yup, never. Understand? I will surely not let my guard down!”

That Siegrune-sama… was that a careful preface…

“It seems, I will had to try my best as to not lose to that.”

Right, this was not the situation where I had to worry about others. I had to change my mindset now, I would do all my best to focus on the safety of Idun-sama.  

Even though I said that… what should I do exactly? It seemed like Brynhildr-sama planned to watch over Idun-sama from the sideline, I was quite happy if I stayed here but.

On the other hand, I thought that it was pointless to walk aimlessly in this apple orchard. Is… is there anything that I can do…

“Okay, let’s take a moment to change my mindset.”

It was lucky that were are surrounded by Mother Nature, which meant that it was a rural area. I felt that the atmosphere here was quite close to the forest of Idavoll where I lived before this.

Sei, try to remember it. The danger that you had sensed when you were living with your parent in the forest. Didn’t I lose my lives numerous time in that forest? If I were able to remember about that…

“! That’s right, poisonous snake and poisonous bug! They are dangerous, I need to go and exterminate them!”

“Eh, Sei-san? Where… where are you going!? Sei-san!”

…Just like this, the chapter of being Idun-sama bodyguard had started. Ah, of course, the tea was delicious.

I headed toward the south side of the thicket that surround the apple orchard while being cautious of my footsteps. It seemed gloomy in this green forest that was filled with all these tall vegetation even though it was daytime now. I headed toward the deepest part of the forest while relying on my experience from the forest of my parent house and my beast instinct.

“…! As expected! It’s a hornet nest!”

Since the apple orchard was filled with such a sweet fragrance, there were surely honeybee living in here. Furthermore, the honeybee act as a fodder for the hornet… of course, it was a food chain.

It seemed that Idun-sama was able to avoid the danger up until now but, there was a possibility of danger where she will be attacked by the bee.

I didn’t like to kill but for the sake of Idun-sama, I will be a demon to execute my mission!


I deactivated the rune of ‘mannaz’ which I used to transform into my human form for a moment and activated it again. This time, I transformed into the nemesis of the hornet, the ‘Crested honey buzzard’ hawk.

To be honest, since I had been doing this back in the forest of my parent house, I would not fail. Well, at that time, I had a feeling that they wanted to stab me to death for their revenge…


It’d been a while since I was in my bird form but my skill had not deviated. I who was flying at a high speed, used my leg to break the hornet nest. While using my tough wing to defend against the hornet poison needle, I increased my speed to target the next nest.

After flying in the forest like it was an aerobatics for ten minutes— in the end, I had break around five hornet nest that was close to the apple orchard.

“Ok~ay, I will be over-defending if I go and break the nest that is in the deeper part of the forest. Let’s see, it time to head back~”

I descended at a spot where it was filled with fallen leaves. After returning to my human form which was easy to walk, I walked toward the entrance of the forest.

But… that single moment of being careless cost me my life.

“Argh!? Damn, I am on top of a snake nest!”

Underneath the fallen leaves that was lying below of my feet, there was a numerous amount of poisonous snake that can be found crawling out. They were a lot cuter than the black snake of Nidhogg but this amount….!

I was unable to use my trump card which was the dragon form as my response was slowed down by the surprise.

Too late— the moment when I gave up, this happen.

“Let it dance down. ‘Sterblitch Blatt’.”

The group of snake opened their mouth and jump toward me. But at the same time when I heard that whisper, they were cut into pieces instantly.

The identity of the thing that cut the snake to piece was a rain of daggers which descended from the sky. The dagger that descended scattered as if it was purposely avoiding me which was located at the center of those snakes, my only comment was that it was like a godly technique. The person who did that without showing any emotion was…


While holding the same dagger that descended down in both of her hand, Ortlinde-sama descended down from the sky. That dagger, I wonder how many dagger did she possess… ?

“That was something dangerous, isn’t it?”

“Why is it in a question form! It was a narrow escape… Thank you for your assist.”

I dashed toward my savior and lowered my head. The response that I received was the cold word of criticism.

“Acting alone will only invite death. If you don’t like dying then don’t leave the formation carelessly in the future.”

“Um… yes, I will be careful from now on…”

It seemed that I was not taking this seriously since my opponents was the hornet and the poisonous snake. That was no good, me, to take action without thinking of the future…. Even though it was my disposition, it was still something reckless.

Since I was in a hurry to show that I would be of use to everyone, there was no difference between me and…  Beruze and the Einherjars who started the rebellion. That was something that I despised the most.

… I looked downward after regret my action and a fist suddenly hit my chest.

“The repented heart should keep at a distance from death. I think this is something that you can take pride of as the failure this time show that you need to be stronger.”

While saying this, Ortlinde eyes still had the expressionless look as usual.

But I felt that she was showing a vague smile on her face.

“Then let return immediately. Hildr-nee send me here since she is worry about Sei-shi, if we keep her waiting any longer, she might come here.”

“Ah, as expected, you were send here by Brynhildr-sama.”

It was vague but I actually thought it was that. It seemed too weird if it was a coincidence that I was save in such a perfect timing without any reason.

After seeing we came out from the forest, Brynhildr-sama made a big wave with both of her hands. Ah… to think she was that desperate…seemed like she was excessively worried about us.

“Sorry for making you worry! We are fine!”

I said that out with a large voice while walking. The response that I received from a distance was not a voice of relief but a voice of her being cornered.

“It’s good that you are fine! But please excuse me! Siegrune had not come back!”


If I wasn’t mistaken, Siegrune headed toward the west side of the forest right?

It wasn’t possible that she was slower than me… was it possible that she was in trouble!?

“I understand! Ortlinde-sama and I will go and have a look! …Let’s hurry up, Ortlinde-sama!”

“Phew. What a troublesome cute younger sister.”

Ortlinde-sama started dashing ahead after muttering that in an astonished manner.

All of a sudden, the gap between me and the fast runner which didn’t leave any sound of footstep seemed to become wider. In order to close our gap as soon as possible, I dashed after her with all I had.

“Ha… Ha… we finally reach the entrance…”

We finally reach the west forest. I was worry about Siegrune-sama but I would not do any reckless action. First, I took big breath to calm down my disorder breathing and ran toward Ortlinde-sama who had already walk toward the forest.

“Sei-shi. I need your help for a moment.”

“Eh? Of course, I don’t mind but… um, did you found Siegrune-sama?”

“I found her but, I might not be able to manage it.”

Might not be able to manage… I wondered what did this mean? While popping a question mark in my head, I headed toward the deeper part of the forest since Ortlinde-sama said that I would understand after I reached there.

Then, there was…. Siegrune-sama who was being hang upside down by a vine of a huge plant and desperately holding her waist robe.

“… What are you doing, Siegrune-sama?”

“What… what is with your eye!? Don’t you understand just from looking at it? That, this is a hammock! Also don’t look at me, you fool!”

“What an extremely lascivious hammock you have there…”

No matter how you look at it, it was a tentacle play, thank you. By the way, let assume that this was a hammock then what was this person trying to do in the middle of a mission.

“Sigh. Let’s hurry up and help her.”

“I see. Roger, I will assist you. Since we are forced to do it.”

Then, at the moment when the two person gave out a big sigh— suddenly there was a big rumble in the grounded that resounded throughout the forest.

What… what was that sound. It sounded like that was something big crawling in the ground…

“!! This is…!”

The sound delayed my response to see the thing that appeared which caused me to be so surprised until I lost my word.

Untitled_waifu2x_art_noise2_scale_tta_1 (4)

In front of my eye— the thing that appear behind of Siegrune-sama who was being hanged was an insectivorous plants. Wait for a moment, this is definitely not a plant that feast on bug right!? It surely is carnivorous right!?

I see, the vine that was hanging Siegrune-sama belong to this carnivorous plants!

“Sieg… Siegrune-sama! Let make a momentarily retreat! Let cut the vine!”

“Don’t… don’t go and do something unnecessary! Since I am just relaxing up here!”

When will this person acknowledge her failure! This is really something that is hard to manage! If this goes on, it seem like we have no choice but to defeat that thing!?

“Sigh. How troublesome…”

It seemed like Ortlinde-sama was also having the same though as I, she took out the dagger out of nowhere and ready herself.

What can she do with two dagger… which was what I thought but it seemed like that was not it. Ortlinde-sama hold aloft the daggers in her hands and threw a number of those toward the enemy.

“That dagger… I see, it was made out of magic!”

This technique which she threw the dagger continuously after it appeared in her hand, was the real identity of the steel rain that saved me. The sharpness of this quick side sweeping rain chop up the monster plant, it made it last breath while the adhesion quality body substance flew out of it body.

“Hold, hold it, my whole body is becoming sticky! Even my hair is getting sticky, this is not something that can be taken off easily!”

“It seems you can still grumble even though we just helped you? I think you should be thankful that body substance is not the convenience type that melt your clothes instead.”

You’re wrong, Ortlinde-sama, I will be thankful if that body substance is the type that melt the clothes instead. Just by imagining about that, various thing is getting heated up right?

Well, it would be better if I leave that imagination that would damage my gentleman to when I was alone, we’d better return immediately. We should not make Brynhildr-sama worry any longer.

“Ah~. Seriously, if I was serious, I would use the rune of ‘kenaz’ to burn it brilliantly… Linde-nee-san method is as messy as always~”

After being released from the vine, Siegrune-sama made those persistent grumble. Even after hearing that, Ortlinde-sama was still expressionless as usual but somehow I felt an atmosphere filled with anger.

Yup… if we assumed what Siegrune-sama said was the truth, I still thought that it was not good to bad mouth Ortlinde-sama. There was no choice, let me be insolent and said something now.

“Siegrune-sama. In this world, there is a saying of ‘failure teaches success’. If we turn that backward, if a person doesn’t accept their failure, they will never succeed. Siegrune-sama, do you think you were successful in the matter just now? Or did you think that you were a failure?”

“Argh… That, that is… I felt that I had failed a bit but…”

“That’s right. Then let’s discuss about that failure of yours with your other sisters when we go back. That way, if we managed to come out with a countermeasure, you will be successful in everything even though you are sick of it.”

“That… that right! Okay, I will tell them properly that ‘I was in a pinch since I keep saying that I was sleeping in a hammock even though I was being hang by vines’!”

“That right! If you do that, Siegrune-sama, you will be able to rank up more than your current self!”

It seemed she got hook up. It will mostly be the rank of an entertainer.

“… Sei-shi, it seems you are good at bullying Siegrune. I had properly seen what you got.”

That was something disgraceful, Ortlinde-sama. If she was looked coldly by the other sister who heard this, I think she would never make the same mistaken again right?

If she was being looked coldly now, it would be a strategic arrangement to be a victory star in the future. Let’s pray to that victory star. I hoped that Siegrune-sama would be a bit honest from now on.

After all that, I welcomed the sunset.

If it was the me from before, I would be in the boiling pot at this moment. Since I had the important mission of becoming everyone dinner after all.

Since I was currently losing that mission now, I could have a proper look at the sun set just like this.

“It’s been a while since I could do this…”

That was not it, I was able to see a year worth of the scene of sun set during the rebellion of the Einherjars right?

Since it was not about that, how can I describe it… okay, it was more like the importance of having a sense of security like how I wanted to mumble a poetic monologue without realizing it.

“The setting sun bring in the crimson which the color of the world is starting to change slowly. That is fire of the cremation that burn to signify the end of ‘today’. The burnt land slowly turn gray and the sky was cover… eventually all the light of the sky was hidden as it is welcoming the night.”

“Um… Sei-san, what are you saying all of a sudden…?”

“Hiii!? Did… did I say that out loud!? That’s not it, just now that was the shout of the spirit of Aoidos inside of me which unconsciously broke free from its restriction.”

Unfortunately, the explanation itself was already something bad! Ah, Brynhildr-sama was staring in puzzlement toward me! For some reason, Idun-sama was looking at me with her eyes flashing in brightness!

“Saehrimnir, you are… really an amazing person! I understand, your heart is filled with love right? Don’t worry! I had listened it carefully. The first star of the sky is singing that it also want to play the instrument of love with us!”

Woah, it seemed like she had classify me as the same type with her? What was the right thing for me to do now, did I really have no choice but to play the epic love instrument?

“Ah, Idun-sama. Since it had gotten dark now, we should hurry up and return to the mansion.”

Even though seeing Idun-sama was being overwhelm by the momentum, Brynhildr-sama tried to make a course correction for the sake of completing the mission.

“Eh… that right, that is fine! I will~ now return~ back~ to~ my house~! Um… where did the sun gone? I think it going to it warm bed and listening to the nursery rhyme.

“““Let’s hurry up and go back!” ” ” “That’s right”

This mission… instead of saying it as tiresome, it was more like the target of protection was too extravagant…

Well, even though I said that, as long as she had that excessive energetic of hers, the future of the gods will be fine.

Even though the bodyguard mission for today had ended but… it not like we are able to guarantee the safety of Idun-sama for eternity.

From now on, I will try my best to do what I can to help— I secretly made an oath to the staff notation inside my heart by using my tone quality. La la la~n.

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