Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 1 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Affair Between Him and His Childhood Friend x Man-eater

“Un, let’s go play together.”

Suddenly. On the way home after school, Tooya, Rikka, and also Kuroe, as the three started walking home together, Rikka suddenly said so. That “Un”, what was going on, Although Tooya didn’t understand what was going on since Rikka’s face didn’t show that sign.

“Say… I haven’t been to the amusement park for a long time.”

Rikka said  as she tilted her head thinking about something.

“I didn’t saidthat I will go too you know..”

Obviously he didn’t say he’d go.

“You definitely wanted to go.”

Rikka asserted. Then Tooya immediately answered.

“I can’t go.”


“… … I’m not in the mood.”

The things before were still in Tooya’s mind. Even though he looked just fine in front of Rikka, when he was alone Tooya would always be trembling.. Because that thing just happened in front of his own eyes that he couldn’t shake those feelings yet.

“But, you will go too right?”

But Rikka didn’t even flinch for a moment.There was no hesitation on her face.

“A–, seriously, I don’t want to.”

Tooya strengthened his tone.Usually Tooya wouldn’t talk to Rikka using this angry tone, But Tooya’s mind was still unstable at this moment.

“… … You won’t, go?”


Tooya nodded. Watching Rikka who was about to cry Tooya felt a little bit sad, but he couldn’t be soft-hearted.

“In the first place, there is no reason I had to go.”

“There is.”

Rikka immediately replied.

“You’re always lying. Tooya-kun lied to me.”


Rikka suddenly let out such words which made Tooya opened his mouth surprisingly.

“Before, you clearly said that I can come to your house to play.”


Tooya forgot. He has completely forgotten.It was true that there was such an agreement. But there were a lot of things went on… …that Tooya’d completely forgotten.




“U u…”

His heart felt like being pierced. He couldn’t argue with Rikka anymore, it made Tooya felt a strong sense of guilt in his heart.

“To the amusement park, you’ll go right?”

“… … I’ll go.”

Tooya could only say that. That moment Rikka face suddenly brightened up after hearing it. And then she looked to Kuroe.

“Oogami-san,so you want to come too?”


Tooya couldn’t help but uttered a sound… But Rikka didn’t care. Kuroe showed a thinking face after being asked, then she nodded.

“Yes, if you invite me I will go too.”

For Tooya, although he wanted to say『Don’t come』but he couldn’t do so in front of Rikka. And if Kuroe didn’tcome along, it meant that Kuroe would be free at that time, so he could only go with Kuroe..

“Actually, I haven’t been to an amusement park.”

“Eh, really!?”

Rikka was quite surprised.As far as Tooya knew in his mind Kuroe certainly hadn’t been to an amusement park before. For Kuroe she could use her Far-Sight magic too learn about modern culture, but because she was sealed so there was no way to actually experience it.

“If so then you must go. Are you busy this Sunday?”

“Ee, no problem.”

Kuroe nodded and smiled.

… … This smile made Tooya quite uneasy, but Tooya had no other way.

‘Schedule is completed.”

Tooya shut the computer. About tomorrow and Rikka. Even though he’d already been to the amusement park for many times, he still checked the schedule of opening time and closing time for that amusement park to prevent misschedules in their activity and also to check the facility they had for visitors. But it seemed they have more rides than before.

In contrast with Tooya, Kuroe did nothing to prepare just as usual.

“Nn, does master want to watch TV?”

Kuroe seemed very interesting in watching TV looked at Tooya and asked. Tooya is someone who goes to watch TV when he has nothing to do, but Kuroe was very interested in the TV and as long as she was free she would sit in front of the TV.


Juya replied to Kuroe without looking away.

“Don’t watch too late… We’ll go out with Rikka tomorrow.”

Although Tooya thought Kuroe wouldn’t stay up late watching TV and couldn’t get up the next day.

“Ahh I know..I can just record it.”

“… … Record?”


Kuroe nodded.

“You,can already use the video function…?”

“Is master treating me as a fool?”

Tooya was just surprised. Generally speaking this ancient monster shouldn’t know the use of the latest electronic equipment.

“… … Then, what are you recording?”

“Lunchtime TV series.”


Kuroe pressed the play button beside Tooya who was stunned. Accompanied with a BGM the show that already aired before starting to play on the TV. The content of the recorded show was about TV Drama that had very complicated story. It was really hard to tell who was the husband, wife, lovers and the rest didn’t matter.

“Because I must go to school everyday that I can only watch the recorded one.”

Although this was the case.

“… … Do you like this one?”

“It’s very interesting.”

Kuroe answered bluntly. From the beginning Kuroe had been smiling… To be honest watching Kuroe grinning like that gave Tooya a chill. Unknowingly Tooya began watching it too,but the content was too murderous, so that was why she took a liking to this TV show.

“I ask again… this is interesting?”

In the TV screen there was a woman holding a knife while chasing someone maybe it was her husband’s lover, maybe her husband was having an affair. Although the husband desperately tried to stop her, but completely passed into her deaf ears.

“Very interesting isn’t it?”

A direct hit!. The knife was sunk into her husband’s body who was trying to protect his lovers.

“This afternoon drama that depicts the love and hate between many people is very interesting. Humans are a very simple creatures and they will betray the others for their own safety.”

“Aa, is that so…”

“The woman who got stabbed by the knife is the wife’s best friend, but after she found out that she’s having an affair with her husband, she got furious. Well, how can I say this is that it’s her friend’s fault for having an affair with her best friend’s husband and it isn’t the husband’s fault.”

“… …”

Seeing Kuroe said that much it should feel quite interesting. In the TV screen showed after the wife stabbed her best friend, the husband who tried to stop her in order to refrain her insanity got stabbed too. Leaving the bleeding wife’s best friend and the husband she tried to escape in fear, after that she was shouting her husband name in regret of what she’d just done… Really, just call an ambulance!

“This, in the end how many episodes have you recorded?”

“This one was recorded in one week, so there are five episodes.”

“…. If you want to watch it then put on the headphones, I want to sleep.”


Kuroe nodded and turned away, Tooya heaved a small sigh. And then went to bed, at this point.


Tooya was stopped by Kuroe.

“… … What is it.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t betray master.”

Then, Kuroe smiled as always.

“… … I hope so.”

What comes next in the TV drama was that the husband seems to be saved, when her best friend seemed pregnant, after knowing this the wife stabbed her best friend – the lovers in the stomach.

TV drama this day is so boring.

Then dawn comes.

“Ehehe, good morning.”

It was a good time for going out, but Rikka was already waiting at the door of Tooya’s house. Rikka wasn’t wearing her usual school uniform but a cute outfit. It was an elegant dress. Well how do I put it in words, this dress was quite ordinary, but quite suitable for the petite and childish Rikka.

“Un, good morning.”

Tooya’s face naturally smiled… But it was just an instant.

“Good morning.”

Tooya heard the sound coming from behind and his expression immediately darkened. He got the feeling this going out play wasn’t gonna end well.

“Oogami-san good morning.”


Kuroe responded with a smile. Although Tooya didn’t want to admit it that much, Rikka and Kuroe seemed to have quiet good relationship with each other. Mentally younger than Rikka, Kuroe who walked beside Rikka looked almost like a sibling but that was onlyon the surface. The fact Tooya didn’t understand what Kuroe wanted to domade him very concerned.

“I’m really looking forward to today.”

“Ee, me too.”

However, in order not to break Rikka’s mood, Tooya had no way but to cooperate. If Kuroe saw Rikka’s sad expression, Tooya would have found a way to deal with it. In the end  Tooya couldn’t make 『Hate Rikka』 such kind of order. Because Tooya didn’t want to see Rikka hurt by Kuroe’s hate.

“What does Oogami-san want to ride first?”

“Well…. I want to try that so called roller coaster first.”

“Un, this is a common sense. The roller coaster on this amusement park is very big, I’m sure Oogami-san will be satisfied.”

“Really, that really makes me look forward to it.”

“And there are many others…”

Sure Rikka had a happy expression but it was also mixed with complicated feelings, Tooya took a look at his cellphone. If they didn’t go now they will miss the train.

“It’s almost time to leave.”

Tooya spoke.


“Ee, you’re right.”

Kuroe responded with a smile.

A morning like this would obviously make anyone happy.

The amusement park was packed with people. Although it was a small city amusement park but the scale was also quite big, amusement facilities are also were adequate. Although the size of this small amusement park had been closed down, hut there should be no problem now.

“So this is the amusement park.”Kuroe saidafter looking around the park.

From Kuroe’s sight she was very interested in the amusement park. Although Kuroe had been using far-sight eyes to look at the outside world, seeing it sure enough wasn’t the same as this.

“So many people.”

“Because today is Sunday.”

Rikka who answered Kuroe’s question probably didn’t see it, from Tooya’s point of view he could see Kuroe’s lips slightly curved up. I took back my words. To Kuroe, a crowded place is a feeding ground. Though the school also had many people but it couldn’t be compared to now. Seeing this Kuroe felt excited, well this wasn’t surprising anymore.

“We should walk around first?”

Since this was Kuroe first time coming here, Rikka made such a proposal.

“No need, in the first place we don’t have many chances to come here so we’d better have a blast time and go play. There are a lot of people, if we don’t hurry and get in line we might have to wait a long time.”

“Un, you’re right.”

Rikka answered as she trotted closer and held Tooya’s hand.

“Here, Tooya-kun let’s go too?”

“Eh, aa.”

Tooya startled when he got touched by Rikka hands.

“Come on hurry.”

Don’t know when, but Tooya’s other hand was also held by Kuroe.

“No, wait a bit… Ah.”

『People are looking at us』… As this sentence was about to leave Tooya’s mouth he was being dragged by the two. He couldn’t shake up Rikka’s hand just like that, so he had to let them pull him forward.

“Etou, Rikka… ?”

Holding hand while walking in the end just like in primary school. This was really too embarrassing to being seen in this state, in this case it was the two person who were holding his hand.

『If master desires so? 』

Tooya who heard that sound shook his head. At this time it was hard to maintain a poker face. Although this had been very embarassing… …But in this case, it was even more embarrassing.

“Master is really innocent.”

Kuroe said it directly from her mouth. ‘Kukuku’ as Kuroe laughed.


『Leave me alone』, Tooya whispered.

Happy time always flies very fast, without knowing it was already noon. Needless to say Rikka must be very happy, Tooya felt that yesterday’s depression slowly melted as he had a fun with the rides at the amusement park. Well, surely Tooya himself also wanted to forget it.

Then Kuroe… … .

“Kuroe… … Do you feel happy today?”

Tooya asked Kuroe while sitting at the table for lunch. Rikka just went to buy lunch, so now there was only Tooya and Kuroe. There was a lot of people at this hour so Rikka definitely would come back late.

“Of course, I’m very happy.”

Kuroe smiled. But Kuroe and a normal human happiness wasn’t the same?

“In fact, it’s almost the same.”

Says Kuroe who had read Tooya’s thinking.

“For example, that roller coaster thing is quite interesting.”


What a surprise.

“That sort of funny toy, could make the humans let out that wretched lament was really very interesting.”

“From your physical abilities it seems that kind of attraction really make you have a fun with it” (He means from her physical strength that she doesn’t need to scream at roller coasters like what normal people do.)

Tooya felt a helpless sigh. Roller Coasters are created so we can experience thrilling adventurer-feeling from it as a human, but for a sealed monster then it wasn’t thrilling enough for them.

“There are others… That thing called the haunted house.”

“Haunted house?”

Tooya was quite surprised. This kind of thing should be mocking for Kuroe right? Even though Tooya knew it was a haunted house it didn’t affect him anymore because he had a real monster right beside him.

“Although the appearance of the ghost and monster isn’t what it’s supposed to be that it’s quite funny. But it also feels nostalgic”


So Kuroe was sealed hundreds of years ago, but Tooya didn’t know the exact time. In the Edo period they shouldn’t have something that is called a haunted house, but was there no haunted house before in that era that he didn’t knew.

“Aa, master I didn’t mean that.”

Having sensed Tooya’s thought Kuroe said.

“What I miss is not a haunted house… But it’s original.”

Original…origin.The Origin of the Haunted House…

“Yes, I miss the youkais inside.”

“They really… … existed?”

“This is of course right?”

Tooya was underestimating Kuroe. But then Kuroe in front of him was indeed a youkai. Tooya didn’t think that there were the other real things that he can only call all of this as stupid.

“Before I was sealed, there were a lot of youkais. Where human gathered it went without saying that the mountain near where human gathered was the place the youkais wandered. In the haunted house there were so many youkai I’ve seen before, so it makes me feel a bit nostalgic. Well, there were also youkai that I don’t know, an existence that is really not worthy of creation.”

Even today there were many rumors about appearances of monsters everywhere.These were probably all real.

If that was the case…

“So.. even now there’s still a monster roaming in this world?”

The reason for this question was because Tooya couldn’t understand very well what Kuroe was saying to this point. Although Kuroe said there were many youkais who still existed in this world, but in this era period, Tooya has never seen any of them besides Kuroe. In this modern period, the existence of the youkai were only fictions that appear based on people’s imagination. In the end he couldn’t understand the true meaning of the youkais.


Kuroe answered.

“But the world is really unclear to me,at least Japan has no youkai other than me.”

Kuroe asserted.

“…Why is that?”

Tooya could only ask why.

“Because they had been eliminated.”

Kuroe said lightly.

“All had been eliminated…”

“Hundreds of years ago the emperor issued a monster sweeping order, which was an order to destroy all youkai in Japan. All of the exorcists were being called from other nations to fully exorcist all of us, you could literally say that it was a full extermination, so now in Japan, apart from me there’s no youkai left.”

‘What was the reason for the elimination’, this wasn’t a question that is needed to be asked. Because youkais would bring disaster to humans.According to the legend, there maybe that also existed as good youkais. But since it was said as a full extermination, even until the root of all of it those youkais must have been completely eliminated too.

“… … So why Kuroe hasn’t been eliminated?”

“Because I was sealed in the same period.”

“Aa, I see.”

Speaking of which Kuroe was sealed… …However, being eliminated and sealed is very different. Elimination means completely dead but by being sealed, there’s a chance that it can be unsealed and make a comeback.

“Well, many things happened.”

Kuroe looks like she had seen through Tooya’s doubts and said it.So Tooya began to think about what to do… Should he command Kuroe to spit out all the thing she still kept secret from him .

“Sorry, there were so many people so it took a bit more time!”

Suddenly Rikka who had lunch on both hands was back… …There seems to be no time to ask Kuroe.

“… … One day if the opportunity arisesI will tell you.”

Kuroe whispered. Strangely Kuroe mouth isn’t moving at all.

It was already afternoon that time had passed quickly.As they played in the amusement park when it was almost evening, they should feel tired right now. Even so Tooya didn’t feel very tired, but because Rikka said she was a little bit tired Tooya tried to make her sit on nearby bench, while Kuroe who had physical strengths like a monster has, was still full of energy and ran off to play another. Tooya had ordered Kuroe not to attack anyone,there should be no problem now.

“Are you okay?”

“Un, I’m okay!”

Answered Rikka with full vigor like this morning.

“I’m just a bit tired so I only need to rest for a while.”

“… … No, I think we should go back already.”

“It’s no good.”

Rikka immediately rejected. But her face immediately became gloomy.

“Tooya-kun… wants to go back?”

Rikka seemed very worried and asked.

“Nope, there is no such thing.”

Although he offered to go back but Tooya didn’t hate staying here. Tooya just felt that, if Rikka felt tired then they should better go back.

“Quite interesting.”



Hewasn’t lying.

“I see, that’s great.”

Rikka showed a relieved expression.

“If Tooya-kun doesn’t feel interested then it would be boring.”

“… … Is that so.”

Eh, what does it mean, Tooya pondered.However, there was no need to ask. No matter how dense Tooya is, he wasn’t that stupid not to understand the meaning of it. Well, normally Tooya wouldn’t do these kinds of thing so. She did this because Rikka thinks of others more than herself.

“Thank you.”

So Tooya frankly thanked her.

“Eu… …Un.”

Rikka smiled shyly. This expression, Tooya was unconsciously fascinated by it.

“What happened?”

Asked Rikka.

“Nothing, it’salmost time to go.”

Tooya said as if to cover up his feelings.

“Eu, Un! You’re right!”

Rikka rose immediately after answering.

“First let’s go find Kuroe-san!”

Rikka ran up like that…

“You suddenly running up isvery dangerous…”

Without have time to tell Rikka that.


Rikka bumped into someone in front who suddenly appeared.

“I’m sorry!”

From the other side it seemed apologizing wouldn’t do any good.

“That hurts like hell!”

Sudenly yelling like that with a distorted face in the amusement park. Of course the owner of that voice wasn’t very pleased for what just happened. That kind of face are normally normal people wouldn’t want to have a contact eye in the first place. It was a face that had the trace of scars, his neck was wearing a gold chain and a brass knuckle on his hand no matter how you look at it, it was a street thug.

“I, I’m sorry…!”

Rikka apologize again and again.

“You think apologizing is enough huh?”

Tooya felt apologizing was the best thing to do. But in this case it didn’t  seem to work. Although this kind of thing might occur, but why it must happen now, why this people had to appear at this time. Whether it was with a girl or a family who came here this kind of people wasn’t unforgiving like normal people do. This wasn’t a place for this kind of people to come wasn’t it in a common sense I mean?

“Then, then what would be good?”

“That’s depends on what you can do for me girl.”

But, now was not the time to think of this kind of thing… …To quickly help Rikka, Tooya got close to the two.

“Sorry, excuse me.”

Tooya got in between the two.


“Who are you?”

“Her friend.”

Tooya wasn’t afraid to answer. Tooya, of course, was also very afraid of such people, but Tooya has this kind of courage only when in front of Rikka.

“Although you bumping unto us wasn’t right … she still apologized. So could you forgive her?”

Tooya solemnly apologized. While the other’s attitude was very bad…but it was their own wrong doing in the first place.

“So that’s what it is …”

The man said while grinning. At that time when the wind started blowing, he could smell alcohol from him. Although his face wasn’t red, this man seemed drunk.

“I’ll forgive her if that lady is with me for the time being.”

The dirty man laughed. The answer was too cliched, it’s always like that.

“That’s too much. After all she just bumped you a little bit, she already apologized so couldn’t you just forgive her already? “

“N, No… ”

The man’s attention hadn’t left in Rikka.

“That was only a little bump so what’s the harm?”

Tooya couldn’t help but tell the truth. But that words to be used against a drunker was quite bad. “What, are you blaming me?”

“Eh, no, I don’t mean that…”

“What a joke!”

He wascoming closer but Tooya suddenly felt something strange inside him.

“… A slow motion?”

The man’s fist looked as if it wasin a slow motion, so he could evade and get in the back of that man in a flash. ‘Let’s try this one.’


After waving his hand to an empty space that man looked surprised. As Tooya suddenly disappeared from his eyes, this was not surprising.


Tooya gently just wanted to hit him without steeling himself… but the man flew out at an unexpected rate. He was like a frog lying on the ground, motionless.

“Tooya, kun..?”

Rikka was stunned while looking at Tooya… but Tooya was even more confused than Rikka. Although it was his own body, the performance was completely different.

“That ……”

Tooya thought, thinking of the current situation. There were ups and downs of the man’s body. It seemed his life was not a problem. In any case Tooya carried the unconcious man to the nearby bench.Really he couldn’t let him sleep like this. When Rikka was about to leave,Tooya immediately held Rikka’s hand.

“Let’s go!”


Rikka blushes.

“I’m really happy today.”

“Yes, very happy.”

There’s no problem after that, after finding Kuroe and did a lot of playing, watching the parade, they went home at night. And nothing happened on the way home either. Tooya and the others were now at a normal route that he took to go home but they didn’t go directly to the way of their houses, instead they were taking the long route to their home because Tooya felt like talking a little bit more.

“That kind of thing really tired me out completely.”

Honestly, Tooya was so tired that he could die. Compared to physical examination (PE), it was more exhausting physically and also mentally.

“Because it was very fun..Right Kuroe-san.”

“Yes, it was very fun that even fatigue has been driven away.”

“Ah ha ha, it really is!”

No, no. Kuroe is a monster, literally. Anyway, since when did Rikka called Kuroe so directly. For Tooya, he didn’t expect their relationship to become so good, Rikka already accepted Kuroe… What a headache this was. “Tooya is also very happy right?”

“Ah, I already said that in amusement park no?”

Even if he must say it again he will say‘it was very fun’, he wasn’t lying, A fun thing will certainly be fun to do even if it costs people life to do it. Even so he will be happy to do that for his own sake.

“Very happy.”

Once again Tooya said what he feels. He had a lot of thinking but thanks to today Tooya can be calm and able to deal with this kind of thing normally.

“That’s great.”

Rikka smiled brightly that this couldn’t be compared to the smile she gave this morning or at the amusement park. This expresion brought joy to Tooya’s heart. Tooya was captivated by this smile. “Next time, let’s go again.”

“Ah, yes.”

Tooya nodded panicky. At the same time, thinking about if this would be good enough.

“I always felt like I’m a third wheel.”


Said Kuroe with a joking voice … Then Rikka’s face immediately reddened up.

“No, no! I and Tooya are not in that kind of relationship! ”

Rikka denied Kuroe and sneaked a glance at Tooya.As if expecting something, Tooya seemed to understand the meaning of what Kuroe’s said but because of that, Tooya was just pretending he didn’t know.

“Yes, I and Rikka are just a childhood friends.”

That instant answer made Rikka face gone hazy, which Tooya also pretending he didn’t know.

“Ah, I see.I think you two are very different.”

“That, that is not the case!”

“Well then, let’s leave that kind of thing.”


‘Fufu’, Kuroe giggled with a casual smile on her face like a person who teases other people,but Kuroe had seen through everything, this seemed like a mockery to Tooya. In the end, Tooya couldn’t understand what Kuroe was thinking… Although it was something rude but there was no sense of hostility in her.

“It’s almost time to go home.”

Tooya said after confirming the time.Although this may be a way to end this topic but in fact it has already been late.

“… Un, you’re right.”

Although Rikka hesitated for a moment, she still nodded her head. Because Tooya and Rikka knew each other for a long time, she already knew what it meant but still Tooya acted like he didn’t understand a thing. Although Rikka was a bit unhappy…Tooya still ignored it.

“Good night, then!”

“Ah, good night.”

“Good night.”

So with this day… the happy days ended.

Tooya seemed to hear the scream.


When Tooya woke up, he was a little messy. The room was very dark. It was still in the middle of the night. Because thinking about that dream before, Tooya immediately searched Kuroe at her bed. There he found Kuroe lying there.


Tooya breathed a sigh of relief. So why did he wake up?



Tooya heard something.That a sound that supposed to bring a sense of calm to other people who heard it, but right now….

“Don’t… hurt mother…”

“What, is… this…”

The windows were closed,Tooya shouldn’t be able to hear the voice from the outside. But Tooya could still hear the sound,he tried to pretend that the sound was only an hallucination… no that wasn’t it. He wanted to think that way. He even tried to close his ears but he could still hear it clearly.

“Daddy no!”

Tooya heard it, very clear.


This was Rikka’s voice… but mixed with crying. Among Rikka’s voice, there was a voice of a man roaring in them. Tooya tried to close his eyes and ears and tried to ignore all of this, but in the end he can still hear it.

“It hurts! It hurts! Don’t!”

‘Scream. Scream. Scream.’ Tooya obviously didn’t want to hear this…covering his ears as he tried to ignore it but in the end he couldn’t do that.

“Tonight is also quite noisy.”

Tooya turned, and he found Kuroe getting up from the bed.

“What does it mean..?“

“Master could hear it?The screaming coming from next door. ”


Even though Tooya understood, he still hesitated. But Kuroe didn’t have any hesitation to tell Tooya what exactly it was.

“Yes, it’s Rikka’s scream.”


She said it out flatly. Tooya obviously didn’t want to hear nor even think about it. He already knew but he’s still pretending that nothing happened…”

“Everyday is always like this. Thanks to this I always feel sleepy in the morning.”

Kuroe shrugged… although she said that she wanted to sleep more was a lie, Tooya didn’t think about it now.

“Everyday… everyday is like this?”

“Yes, everyday.”

“Well, why did I only hear it tonight..?”

Did not hear? Or had he heard it but was already sleeping? Until yesterday he felt that nothing can be heard. So Tooya could sleep well every night. If he can already hear it from yesterday and even the day before yesterday, Tooya certainly won’t sleep well.

“What, that’s because my master’s body has not been used to.”

“Not used to..?”


Kuroe nodded.

“The contact from my master.This is not a verbal contract but an incantation of the contract. So I and master is linked through the contract.”


“Yes. Because of the link, I and master are very strong if we’re affected with each other.”


“Simply speaking, my strength will flow to master.”


After listening to these words Tooya can’t help but looked at his hands…Tooya might havesome clues.

“Not only strength but also master’s physical ability is already more than normal average human at most”.

Tooya remembered when he was in the amusement park where he had to deal with that drunk man, when he was swinging his fist to Tooya he dealt with it so easily, even with only one single punch. And now, he hearing that far might also because of Kuroe’s power increasing his hearing range.

“But, why now so suddenly…”

Tooya and Kuroe certainly were always sticking together for a quite long time. But this kind of thing still startled Tooya in the first pace because it still felt unbelievable.

“Didn’t I just mention it? It’s getting used to it. The power slowly flows through the contract we made. So it’s not instantly changed but it will slowly form within master’s body.”

‘Kukuku’, then Kuroe laughed.

“So master is already feeling the change within your body right? You should be able to hear it, no, now you can hear it.”

He got frozen listening to that voice.

“Father! Please stop!”

The screams echoed in his ears.


Couldn’t stand the screams, Tooya moaned.

“Say, master.”

“Wh, what… ?”

“Why does Rikka make such a voice?”

Did Kuroe ask because she didn’t know, or because she wanted to harrass Tooya? He couldn’t tell.

“… … Because, her father’s beating her.”

Even so Tooya answered. Tooya could only answer. He was no longer covering his ears, and opened his eyes.

“Roughly, 5 years ago Rikka’s father was unemployed because of their company’s collapse. Even so their saving was enough to live without problems, but finding a new job didn’t go well. So Rikka’s mother also went to look for work to help her father but it also didn’t look good.”

“Fumu, so it’s still not resolved huh.?”

“… … you’re right.”

This Tooya didn’t deny what Kuroe said. If Rikka’s father continued trying to find new job it should be resolved easily.But Rikka’s father was not this kind of person.

“Her father was very depressed from this so he began drinking. Going out everyday to drink and going home drunk, even after at home he still continue drinking and if someone tried to stop him, he would use violence on anyone.

“I see…”

‘Kukuku’, Kuroe laughed. That wasn’t a smile that was directed at Rikka’s father.. It was directed at someone in front of her, Tooya felt the same thing.

“Ah master…Has master done anything?”

“What have I done…”

“I ask when Rikka went through all of that, what did master do?”

“… …”

No answer… Tooya just couldn’t answer.

“What, master didn’t do anything?”

Kuroe said as if she were surprised. Tooya hesitatingly spoke.

“… …I went and talked to him for one time.”

Only one time.Merely one time.Because he couldn’t stand seeing the scar on Rikka’s face, that he went to talk with her father once.

“How was the result?”

“Completely useless…”

It was better to say it was worse. That’s right, just thinking about it made it look like he being preached by a little kid who had the same age as her daughter, wouldn’t that make him even mad? If he was still trying to preach her dad knowing what would happen, it’d only make it worse.And that could end up making the scar in Rikka’s face increase.

“Fumu, is that all of it?”

“… … Aa.”

Tooya nodded.

“Master didn’t think about taking another step?”

“Taking another step…”

“Something like… … kill him.”

Kuroe said very easily.

“Isn’t it the quickest way?”

Speaking from the man-eater’s perspective, it was easy.

“This kind of thing… … How could I do it.”

“But didn’t master think about it before?”


To tell the truth, he had thought about it. Every time hesaw Rikka’s face… Tooya thought that sometimes Rikka could die if this continued even more.

“But, I can’t do such a thing.”

“Because you will be arrested?”

“… … That is also the reason.”

Completely become criminal is a no go. Tooya didn’t want to get arrested. But that was not the point here. To be honest Tooya would do that if he had a chance but….

“If Rikka knew, that for her, I killed her father,what would Rikka think?”


While thinking Kuroe stared at the ceiling.

“If it was that girl then she will certainly blame herself… … The worst case she would commit suicide.”

“I… hope Rikka can be happy.”

Tooya couldn’t imagine this method of killing Rikka’s father, could bring Rikka happiness.

“However… dont ever do anything that can make that girl unhappy.”

Faintly Kuroe said that.

“Or master says that she’s happy right now?”

“… …”

How could it.

“Master… …”

Kuroe then approached Tooya’s face… and whispered.


Tooya couldn’t help but jumped off.

“That’s why.”

“Like I said?”

Saying, Kuroe once again leaned over.

“Now I’m here.”

“I’ll eat all until nothing’s left..If I do that then there will be no traces left… If that’s the case wouldn’t it be considered as M.I.A? Even if there’s some people who doubts it I can use magic like what I did to those officers right.”

There’s no risk by doing what Kuroe said.

“All the decision is yours master.”

Kill, or not to kill.

“… … Are you, ordering me to kill?”

Kuroe then shook her head.

“I didn’t mean that. That girl in the end I have nothing to do with… …I’m just give master some options.”

“… …”

Tooya was silent. To be honest Kuroe’s proposal was very attractive. Because this way the problem that had been ignored for a long time could be solved in a blink of an eye. All the feelings that had been suppressed by Tooya could be released. In the first place, for continuously making Rikka suffer, Tooya never had a good impression about her father.So since there was no risk, there was no reason to hesitate at all.

But, this would become a murder outside of agreement. In other words there was no interest to kill. If it was the price of the contract, it could be said as 『There were no other ways 』… If not then this was simply Tooya wanted to kill by himself.

“It seems waiting for a month is the best option here.”

Kuroe, who looked like she had seen everything smiled.

“If that’s the case you don’t have to worry about it right? How kind of you master waiting for a month for her to stop making that kind of voice at night. So far she’s already waiting patiently for several years right, if it’s only for a month I think that girl can endure it.”

Most likely just as Kuroe said. Rikka is very strong. Even after receive many beating from her father she never even once came to Tooya asking for his help. Always smiling in front of Tooya as if nothing had happened.

Therefore, if only for one month Rikka can endure it with certain. After a month Tooya must choose someone as a price for contracting with Kuroe. Needless to say anymore, that price will come eventually. So maybe with this,his burden will be reduced.

Moreover, just waiting for a month then a person could be saved. If now he let Kuroe eat Rikka’s father, he must choose someone else to get eaten again as the contract sign. In just a month, a person could be saved is already worth the price to pay. This idea came out naturally.

As long as Rikka could endure it for a month then all things would end up nicely without a doubt. But can he himself in this one month, endure this moaning or not?

Looking at Tooya, Kuroe nodded.

“If that isn’t enough to convince master, then this will do.”

Kuroe then smiled, snapped her fingers.

“What are you trying to do… ?”

The result came faster than Tooya’s question. Suddenly his view was switched from darkness in his room into another scene.Obviously he was in his own room, but he didn’t know since when his vision had became a rooftop of his house .

“Because I and master are linked together.So we can share my Far-see eyes.”

As Kuroe finished, his vision began to move from Tooya’s home to Rikka’s. The field of vision finally flew to the roof. Tooya felt a chill running behind his back after seeing his vision inside Rikka house.


Kuroe didn’t wait.

“Don’t turn your eyes… Well, you can’t even if you want to.”

As Kuroe said, Tooya didn’t look away. Tooya began to close his eyes so he could see what Kuroe saw, he could only see what Kuroe sees if he closes his eye. Now Tooya is starting to see what really happened.

Tooya already knew that Rikka always received a beating from her father, this was the fact that Tooya already knew since the start. But after seeing it with his own eyes he just couldn’t bear to looking at this scene anymore, seeing all of this is making Tooya’s heart break, a deep scar had been imprinted in Tooya heart.

Rikka stood in front to protect her mother. A big bruise on the left side of her face, her nose was also bleeding, clearly she didn’t shed a bit of tears after what she just went trough, even so she still kept smiling telling her father to stop doing that to her mother.

Not pleased seeing that once again her father waved his fist to Rikka, that small delicate body was knocked into the ground.

“That’s, enough…”

Tooya didn’t move his eyes, nor did anything.

“That’s enough, stop it quickly! It’s an order!”

So Tooya roared. Other than yelling Tooya couldn’t do anything.


Along with Kuroe’s voice, suddenly his vision was restored. His sight restored to his room, in front of his eyes was the smiling man-eater.

“Then, what does master intend to do?”

“… …”

Kuroe looked at the angry Tooya. The answer indicated that there was only one. Seeing that kind of scene, there was no other option. Everytime he heard the moaning that scene would emerge.That scene, Tooya simply couldn’t wait for a month.




… … Tooya’s heart was full of dark emotions.

“Decided yet?”

“… … Aa.”

Tooya nodded softly.

“Kuroe, this is an order.”

Then, Tooya spoke slowly.

“Rikka’s father… … Eat him.”

The next day, completely unable to sleep Tooya woke up soon in the morning. The truth was although he felt sleepy, he still woke up with a determination to face what yet to come. Luckily, having used to Kuroe’s power, his mind was very clear.

“… … Morning, is it.”

Kuroe got up slowly. Kuroe and Tooya, the two of them didn’t sleep well last night. Kuroe was still not used to getting up early, so she looked sleepy.

“I’m going out now, change your clothes quickly.”


Kuroe nodded and Tooya left the room.


After hearing Kuroe voice Tooya returned to his room again. She should looked a bit sober after changing her clothes, but today for some reason Kuroe looked more spirited.

“Then I’ll go out as well… … What, master has already changed.”


Tooya had changed his clothes when Kuroe was sleeping.

“Hey, can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“Why are not you good at getting up early?”

Suddenly Tooya asked. If Kuroe used her power she shouldn’t feel sleepy at night. Originally sleeping  was meant to relieve our fatigue, but Tooya didn’t have any fatigue at all thanks to Kuroe power. Thus, as the source of that strength Kuroe had no need for sleep because her stamina is more than average human, but usually having nothing to do, Kuroe would sleep.

“… … Well, half is because I’m interested in it.”


“I like sleeping.”

Kuroe gave an ambiguous answer.

“If I want to get up of course I can, but sleeping is better.”

“Why you can’t get up early?”

“Because originally I’m a nocturnal creature. Of course I can wake up early if I want to. But this feeling of drowsiness I don’t hate it.”

Looks like it.

“Evading the reality here should be almost enough?”

“… …”

Kuroe inadvertently said one sentence. Tooya didn’t mean to escape the reality just now but that didn’t matter anymore.

“In fact, there’s no need to force yourself?”

Kuroe said.

“As long as master orders me to go eat then I will eat anyone. And so, there is no need for master to personally confirm the scene.”

“No, it’s fine.”

Tooya shook his head.

“I… myself decided to kill him. So I have the obligation to witness.”

“Actually choosing such a painful way… master is really troublesome.”

‘Kukuku’, Kuroe smiled. After ordering Kuroe to go eat Rikka’s father yesterday, Tooya also decided to go along with her. It was decided that would happen in this early morning. He’d also decided that he would also be present at that scene.

“Then, almost time to set out.”

“… … Aa.”

Now the outside was cloudy, looked like it would rain soon.Thinking of what he was going to do, this weather was really perfect.

“Tooya-kun, good morning.”

Suddenly noticing Tooya got out of his house Rikka who was waiting in front of her house started walking towards him while showing a bright smile as usual, it felt like the thing that happened yesterday night was just an illusion created by Kuroe.

But Rikka couldn’t hide all the scar on her face , once again Tooya realized that something had happened to her again.

“Un, good morning.”

Tooya tried to keep calm, said his greeting to Rikka as usual.

“Kuroe-san, good morning.”

“Ee, Good morning.”

Then Kuroe also smiled back to her. After that, she seemed to notice something.

“Ara, there’s a rice sticking in your face.”

“Eh, really!?”

“It’s okay,I’ll get it off for you.”

Kuroe made a motion of removing the rice on Rikka’s face but thatwas for another reason, of course nothing was taken down. But, the traces of Rikka’s scars were gone.

“Alright, I got it.”

“Thank you.”

Unnoticing about what just happened to her scars, Rikka thanked Kuroe.

『This is a small service. 』

In Tooya mind Kuroe voice sounded.It seemed Kuroe cast a healing magic on Rikka. As always he still didn’t understand Kuroe’s real intention, after that Tooya wondered if he should thank Kuroe for doing that.He should do that even he doesn’t want to, so Tooya thanked Kuroe in his heart wholeheartedly.

“Then, almost time to go to school.”

Rikka said, after confirming the time.

“Umm…about that, I’m sorry.”

Although using strong words with Rikka made Tooya very sad, he still continued.

“Actually I have some business with Kuroe’s mother first. Although it will take some time but we still could catch up with the class later,can you go first?”

“Is that so… …”

Rikka’s voice was slightly depressed. Pretending that nothing happened was good, but that wouldn’t do with that scar on her face. But words wouldn’t do any good this time, action speaks louder than words. Tooya was also trying to stay with Rikka to console her. But now he had to solve the problem from the root.


He could only apologize.

“Eh, there’s no need to feel sorry for that, it couldn’t be helped right?

“Un, but I’m sorry.”

Tooya could only do this.

“Really, Tooya-kun is really weird.”

Rikka tried to laugh it off with a difficult face.

“Then, I’ll go first.”

“Un, be careful on your way.”

Tooya waved at Rikka.

“… … Master is really a troublesome man.”

After we couldn’t see Rikka anymore, Kuroe started to speak.”

“Just give me an order without making any more excuses to solve this problem.”

“… … I hate that.”

Although Kuroe said that, Tooya didn’t want to mix Rikka in this case.

“Well, as long as master is pleased I don’t care.”

Kuroe shrugged.

“… … Let’s go.”

Since they told Rikka that they would go to school later, it was best to quickly solve this before she starts to get curious of what Tooya and Kuroe were doing.After confirming that there was no one around, the two quickly came to the front door of Rikka’shome.

“Are no one else at home right now?”

“Ufu, there is only one person in this house.”

Rikka’s family has four people. Her mother is out early because of her work, Rikka’s brother went out even earlier than Rikka. And Rikka had just gone to school… …So at home there was only one person.

“… … Go inside.”



Kuroe used some sort of technique, and opened the door of Rikka’s house.

“Well, please come in.”

Just like a butler telling her master to go inside, Kuroe urged Tooya.

After Tooya nodded, he entered the Rikka home.

The last time he came here was to talking with Rikka’s father. Although at that time it gave an impression of desolating feeling inside this house, this time it gave more.

In the corridors and wall there were traces of violence that her father did, in order not to break any other furniture he must have evacuated all of them. Thanks to that itfelt more desolate in this home.

“Where is he?”

“In the innermost room.”

Although Tooya already knew where he was thanks to Kuroe enhanced power. If his memory was correct he should be at the living room beside Rikka brother room, probably he was using that room to laze around all day.

“It’s here.”

The door was tightly shut, there were no sound that’s coming from the inside.From the gap of the door, there was no light shining in that room, Tooya guessed that the curtain was closed so there’d be no ambient light at all from the outside.

“… … Still sleeping?”

At that time they could hear faintly a man breathing. After that Tooya slowly open the door, he was really sleeping at this time. The room was full of bottles and bags,Rikka’s father was lying in the center of these things. The curtains weren’t also pulled, so they didn’t have to worry about people outside seeing what was in here.

“Sleeping is really comfortable.”

Really.The room was full of the smell of alcohol.

“So, what to do now?”

Kuroe asked.

“Eat directly like that?”

Kuroe asked whether she could eat just like that.

“Make him get up.”

Tooya replied without any confusion in his mind, and at the same time he realized something. It was kind enough to kill him when he fell asleep without him experiencing any pain,trying to deny this was just a proof that he wanted to make him suffer first. At this point the dark emotions from yesterday surged inside Tooya heart.

“… … That’s right.”

Tooya decided in his mind. There’s no reason to spare him, just remembering at that time when Rikka tried to hid the scar on her face by pretending to laugh, even getting that kind of treatment from her dad, she never cried in front of her dad not even in front of me even once.

“So, wake him up.”

Kuroe then raised the edge of her mouth.


Kuroe gently clapped her hand. Just like that Rikka father started opening his eyes.

“Nn… Ahh… ?”

Rikka’s father woke up with a sleepy face.

“Good morning.”


He said that calmly.Surprisingly, Tooya was shocked at why he was so calm this time.

“You are… next door… ?”

Rikka’s father had a look that didn’t understand the situation, watching Tooya with daze in his eyes. Even if Kuroe woke him up he wasn’t completely conscious.


If that the case let’s wake him up completely.

“Eat his right arm.”


In response,Kuroe’s upper body stretched out while shape shifting. Because of that Kuroe body started to changed. Kuroe became a giant wolf.

“Hiy… … ! ?”

Because if she became a huge wolf, then the room space wouldn’t be enough, so only Kuroe’s upper body turned into a giant wolf.Although only her upper body was already big and tall, it’s almost reaching the ceiling. That appearance was enough to scare Rikka’s father. Looking from the side Tooya noticed that Kuroe’s lower body was still human and that was unusually very funny to see.


Quietly, without any resistance, Kuroe had eaten his right arm. It was natural for her to eat his arm so easily with that sharp fangs and teeth. Rikka’s father whose arm had been eaten hadn’t yet to notice what happened… But, he quickly understood.

“Hiya… My, my arm, my arm a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Deafening shriek.Even the windows were also shocked.

“Urgh, if the sound came out it would be bad.”

At that time when Kuroe said that. The vibration of the window ceased. Probably she used some kind of magic to make the room sound proof.

“Arm, my arm a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Even so the scream in the room didn’t disappear. It was clear the reason he screamed was because the pain of losing one of his arm and not with the big wolf in front of him.

“So noisy…”

Kuroe said as if she couldn’t stand it… And then with the wolf’s appearance came near Rikka’s father.

“Shut up.”


It was a very low voice but sounded clear in the hysteric Rikka’s father. It wasn’t because he calmed down… It’s just because in front of his eyes, existed something scarier than losing an arm.

“Don’t worry… just losing one arm can’t kill you. And blood didn’t come out? So don’t worry that you’ll bleed to death.”

Tooya now noticed, indeed Rikka’s father didn’t have a drop of blood on his right hand… Not surprising. Kuroe was planing this from the start. This was to prevent him from losing too much blood, losing much blood equals to losing consciousness so to prevent that from happening, Kuroe did this way so it was really thoughtful.

“So calm down… Listen to master’s words.”

“Mas, master… … ?”

There was only one other person in that room. Naturally Rikka’s father looked to Tooya.


Tooya also looked at him, and then declared.

“Please go die.”


Why? Rikka father’s face showed such an expression. Watching this expression Tooya began to wondered about whether or not to say the reason for him to doing all of this and then shook his head. If he was told the reason, he would certainly justify himself.

“… … Fuu.”

Exhaled.Honestly Tooya now was still confused. There was no reason for him to go all the way to kill people for his own sake but this was a different matter, it was Rikka’s father that we were talking about. Drunk, using violence on his family,there was no doubt that he was not a good person. But if we asked what punishment that should be passed on Rikka father, this kind of punishment won’t be a good idea but, even so Tooya still wanted to kill him.

This wasn’t something that’s allowed in this society.There’s no rule in this world that abusing a family member is sentenced to death penalty, there’s no one that can justify that action. But…Even so he wanted to put it all aside, and just kill him.


Tooya called Kuroe’s name. This was something nobody would have expected. Not good, the other member of Rikka’s family must have thought to kill this man too even if it was just a little thought, but Rikka was different. Tooya could be sure of that. No matter how many times she must endure this kind of treatment she would stay smiling at her father and she would stay silent not letting anyone know about this especially Tooya. She must have been praying he could change back to the gentle father before.

This is Tooya’s resolve and determination

Tooya just didn’t want to hear Rikka’s sorrow.

Tooya wantedRikka to be happy.

It was because of these one-sided wishes Tooya would do such a thing.

This wasn’t what Kuroe proposed.

But Tooya chose to do.



Kuroe raised her lips and nodded.

“Wait, wait… …!?”

Rikka father didn’t even have time to plead.


First, his upper body disappeared. So he should die. After eating his upper body she started eating his lower body, while eating she deliberately chewing him in high voice “Gushari, Goshari”, the sound of chewing flesh and bones filled the room.

“I’m stuffed.”

After all were finished, Kuroe changed back to human form. Broken uniforms were also incredibly restored instantly just like that, it reminded Tooya of his first meeting with Kuroe.

“Well then, aren’t you busy,master.”

“… … Aa.”

If they stayed here too long they would be suspected, as to making Rikka father gone M.I.A. Kuroe would make an illusion of Rikka father gone out for a while after that he wouldn’t come back. This kind of act wouldn’t make Tooya suspected, we could think about how to handle active people who were searching for her father later.

“Let’s go.”

The two left the living room with no one in it.

“Tonight I can sleep quietly.”

Said Kuroe on her bed.

“… …”

Tooya didn’t say anything. Tooya was in his bed, rolled in the blanket. The room didn’t turn on the lights, the curtains was also not pulled so it was very black.

After that, although a little late, Tooya still went to school. Because he said that he have some family business that he must attend, the teacher didn’t have any doubts on it. It seemed by doing this there’s some possibility that’s this act will linked to Rikka father disappearance. But in the dire situation he could use Kuroe power to manipulate the rumor,as long as the body couldn’t be found it should be no problem.

“Why does master have a dark face? Like that the girl could be happy now?”

Right, exactly. With this Rikka should be happy. The cause of Rikka’s pain had been eliminated by Tooya. It was killed. Right, killed.Not to save lives, nor was it to pay the price with Kuroe. It was killed because of Tooya’s own will.


Suddenly a feeling to throw up came up. This was only normal for an average person. But Tooya didn’t allow himself to regret what he’d just done. Until he could do that he would try to hold it, because if he threw up he was admitting that he regretted doing this, he regretted saving Rikka from her violent father.

“Araara, just like with those three men before master, master always become like this after seeing something little like that. Nee, master why dont you hurry up and fix that habit of yours.”

“You’re……too noisy….”

Replied Tooya casually. How can I become used to it so easily.. it’s killing other people that we’re talking about how can he get used to it so easily.

“But master, next month master must let me eat someone else.”

Right, this was the content of the contract.

“By that time, would master want to repeat the same pain and regret it?”

“… …”

Tooya couldn’t answer. Couldn’t answer.Next time, yes there would be next time as long the contract with Kuroe still exist he must let Kuroe eat another person each month.If he didn’t do so, Kuroe would eat someone on her own will. That might be someone who he hadn’t met, or maybe someone he knew or someone important to him.

“And also, master.”

Kuroe continued.

“Master letting me eat that girl’s father wasn’t because of paying for the contract right?  Maybe this kind of thing will happen again in the near future.”

“This kind of thing…!?”

There’s no way… No. Tooya already knew that Kuroe was the strongest entity in his hand. It reminded him of the old himself, Tooya could only run and bear with any hostile treatment that he received, now he had Kuroe at his command. But if some unreasonable thing happen he just can’t run by himself and leave all of that matter to Kuroe. To be honest asking Kuroe to solve all of the problem he had wasn’t a good thing to do.

“This, there’s nothing bad about it.”

Kuroe whispered in Tooya’s ear.

“The reason why this world needs to work together is because one individual couldn’t stand against a group. So they always compliment and obey the strongest group. But master is different. Although master is an individual, but you have me who is the strongest entity. So there is no need to follow the ethics of society.”

Maybe, maybe this was true. What Kuroe said in a sense was correct, but this from the beginning was the strong Kuroe’s way of thinking.For just a normal student as Tooya, he couldn’t just immediately accept it.

“Be a little… Quiet.”

Killing people… …This was definitely not a good thing.


Kuroe nodded, then stayed quiet. But Kuroe kept staring at Tooya… It was like looking at something interesting, while smiling and staring.

“… …”

Tooya thought giving Kuroe order to not look at him. But that kind of order was pointless, whether Kuroe’s looking at him or not, the regret that seeped deeply inside his heart wouldn’t go away that easily.

Only, endure… … keep on enduring.

Having gone missing over a month anyone would be worried. Even if just going out to fool around and didn’t come back for a month it’d already beyond reason. Rikka mother already reported this case to the police and they had started to investigate this matter. Initially Rikka was worried that letting police investigate her house would led to discovering of her father’s abusing behavior towards her. But after the investigation of Rikka’s house, there’s no proof of abusive, so Rikka felt relieved.

“Master, you still can’t sleep well today?”

“… … Annoying.”

Answered Tooya towards that kind of mocking question as they were walking to the door. It was the usual morning, Wrong, this was the most recent morning that wasn’t the same as the one before. Because of her father’s disappearance, after that Tooya had barely seen Rikka… To be frank, Tooya had also been deliberately avoiding Rikka.

“A… …”

So today Tooya also went to school with Kuroe as usual, it should be like that, but Rikka was in front.

“Tooya-kun, good morning.”


There was no usual bright smile on her face.Rikka revealed a slightly lonely and tired smile.

“A, aa… Good morning.”

At the time of Tooya replied, Rikka had come over.

“Good morning.”

Kuroe didn’t seem to care, and showed a fake smile.

“Un, Kuroe-san good morning.”

But in response Rikka expression was still dark.


This question emerged inside Tooya heart. Knowing that this question must be avoided at all cost, Hestill wanted to ask her this question.

“It feels like we haven’t met for a long time.”

“Un, yes…”

He lightly nodded.

“A lot… happened.”

Rikka’s voice was very dark, this made Tooya very sad.

“You also… worked hard.”

Tooya can only say that.

“… … Hey, Tooya-kun.”

Although Rikka was hesitated she spoke.

“Shouldn’t…I be happy?”


Rikka suddenly asked this question, Tooya was stunned.

“After father disappeared… Mother, and brother, are very happy. Although they didn’t say it out, but I can feel the atmosphere.”

Rikka, who seemed to be very sad said that.

“Well, what can Isay,I couldn’t say that father didn’t do wrong. He didn’t go to work every day and kept drinking, and also hurt mother and brother…”

Even so, Rikka didn’t say that she was also hurt.

“But, but even so he was also my father. I remembered that gentle father in the past that always looked after me,I have always hoped that father could change back to what he was.”

Then Rikka laughed out… she started to cry while laughing.

“Nee, Should…Ibe happy? Or, should I better cry?”

『I don’t know』Rikka whispered.

And Tooya… didn’t answer. He couldn’t answer to be exact.

‘You should be happy.’

Such words… it feels strange for Tooya to say that.

“Sorry… I,said something strange.”

Rikka turned away with a smile, now her back is facing a silenced Tooya.

“I,will go ahead now. I want to be alone.”

Whispered Rikka, and just like that she left Tooya with her back facing him. Tooya didn’t caught up with her and also didn’t say anything to her, he just stood there and watched as her figure disappeared from his sight.

“I am… … very, pathetic isn’t it.”

After he couldn’t see Rikka anymore, Tooya said it.

“I clearly knew. I obviously knew. I knew it… Rikka didn’t wantthat. Obviously I already knew that there’s some other ways to solve this matter, there are no children in this world who can hate their father, it’s practically impossible. I already knew that Rikka doesn’t want her father to die or dissapear just like that.”

Tooya yelled… Because he couldn’t bear it.

“I knew that this is all my damn fault. Because I hate him so I killed him. Because I hate seeing Rikka hurt… I hate to hear Rikka’s scream so I killed him.”

That’s right, that’s the fact that can’t be denied by anyone.

“It was me who made the choice… The wrong one was me.”

Killing was not allowed… I clearly knew.

“But, but I… hope to be forgiven. I hope Rikka would say, it’s great that Dad is gone, its great that I won’t be hurt anymore.If so, I can blame Rikka. I could say I killed for Rikka!”

Tooya cried out as if he couldn’t stand it.

“I want to blame this on Rikka that it was her fault that Idid that, after that I want to get her forgiveness after what I’ve done to her father and tell her it was for her sake.”

Clearly he killed on his own.

“I am really… … pathetic.”

Tooya said again. Then he lowered his head… closed his mouth. He didn’t go to school, nor did he go home, just bowing in place.

Kuroe had been watching Tooya.

As usual, smiling and staring.




Smling while staring.

As if, nothing was funnier than this.

People who was in distressed by something like that tend to forget the flow of the time.

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