Cross Connect Volume 2 Epilogue



Badum, a loud noise came as the class slide door was opened.

After school hour. Right after home room over.

The student in class had been petrified for a moment.


The girl continued to move forward without caring about that weird silent. Light blue water color hair with shoulder length. Unshaken Expressionless face. That very familiar face walked up to the black board and looked down. Boom, slamming her hands on the teacher desk, she yelled.

「Come out, Tarumi Yuunagi…. Return my panty.」

『! ! ! ! ! ! ? ?』

Let not talk about the chaos in class.

———A few day after the end of SSR world.

I, someone who had finished the game thanks to the help of Tendou Byakuya was enjoying his peaceful normal days.

Although, compare to the first swap in ROC, SSR didn’t affect my daily life much. Thanks to the big show of Suzuka I was called “The three personality of Tarumi Yuunagi” and then “Advocating the exclusion of Tarumi Yuunagi – the girl enemy” …..A-re, wasn’t that a bit worrisome? Or was that just my imagination.

Well leave it. Those misunderstands would slowly fade away as time passed.

On the contrary, about Sphia it seemed there was a very big turn of event. Even though it was just hearing the news from Himeyuri but Oboro Tsukuyomi had been demoted after this. He was no longer a leader of Sphia but a normal public employee.

For someone who had such big ego, I wouldn’t think he would repent with such that….…no matter what this was the karma of what he did.

By the way, as for Tendou Byakuya, he didn’t take responsibility about the damage of SSR, he also calculated and took all the winning prize from me. Moreover, it was about time he came back to managing ura game, and the librarian had said so with the expression which didn’t match her excitement…….… As expected, the people from the third divisiond.

And then————-

「Yu, Yuunagi-san, Yuunagi-san」


Suddenly I was shaken by Harukaze………Ah right. My line of thought had flown to the past because the alarming declaration earlier, but now was not the time to run away from reality. Not only that, the one that this intruder was looking for was me.

「…..Yuunagi ? You are Tarumi Yuunagi?」

As if she had heard Harukaze’s words, the girl stepped down from the stand and headed forward me.

Mitsuji Koori———Putting her hands on my desk, she bent her body forward and stared at me with colorless eyes.

「Not fitting at all. Are you really the “demon king”?」

「……..We’re in class so don’t suddenly spit our words like “demon king”. Then, why are you here?」

「Because I am a student」


「I’m a student here. First year. …. A, how about I call you senpai ?」


Turning my face away to avoid the head cleaning pose of Mitsuji, I heaved a sigh………I couldn’t believe the hero that I fought all this time was the junior in my school, this world is surely small. Are you serious, oh me? Because thinking we could meet in game didn’t you blurt out something dangerous?

While being dominated by puzzlement in a silly way, suddenly appeared someone with brown hair beside Mitsuji.

「He, hey Nagi, what’s this about!? W, what panty…..! You wouldn’t mind explain it for me?」

「No, nothing———-」

「Nothing your headdddddd! Panty! Return panty, did you really go to a hotel! Uu……with, without my approve you dare doing something so bold………!」

While leaking out tears, Yukina face became red with anger.


I didn’t know how to explain thing but leaving Yukina like this would be troublesome.

Putting my hands on Mitsuji’s shoulder and pulled her in, then I spoke in whisper.

「(H, hey Mitsuji. I beg you, change the subject for me)」

「(…..change the subject?)」

「(That’s right. Pant……..your panty I’ll return it, therefore please explain it to Yukina!)」

「(Got it. Leave it to me)」

Before my plead, Mitsuji patted her small chest and turned to Yukina. A lively Yukina suddenly became puzzled before the look of Mitsuji. And then———–

「Don’t worry. This, is just……that right. It’s just a lending contest」

「Ah I see! If it were a lending contest it couldn’t be helped!……though like hell it isssssssssss! What the heck is this, Nagi you idiotttttttttttt!」

Although it was only a delusion world but Yukina was the type of people who was always assigned by unexpected surprise, she yelled with familiar sounds lately and ran out of class.

Seeing that, Harukaze franticly called out without being able to do anything.

「A, wa, Yukina-sa——–is gone… Rea, really! Yuunagi-san, why don’t you explain it to her」

「How could I……..…Harukaze. Even though you want to explain, but how do you say about these actions!」

「Fue ? E, ee-to… a, um? ……as expected it’s a little hard, ehehe」

Harukaze turned away to change the subject………That reaction was normal. From the start this was a mysterious situation like “returning the panty stolen in game in the real world”, nothing could guarantee she wouldn’t be puzzled when hearing all the details of it.

Haa, I quietly sigh. When we went home I had to treat her to something.


Just about thinking so suddenly Mitsuji moved her expressionless face of her to near my ear. Her cheek was a little red, her breathing entered my ear was a little tickle, completing contrary to Harukaze whose expression was a little sulking.

The question from Mitsuji was really simple.

「What happened to her?」


「Um. The girl inside SSR with you…….…Though, speaking of it, I don’t know you. No need to be so intimate」

「You are……..…Haa, whatever」

Staring at Mitsuji who was frowning and keeping distance to me, I put my hand to my nape.

Her———–was the cyberbrain shinki code number 2 – Suzuka.

Being created by an incompetent creator, Oboro Tsukuyomi, a girl who was also consented, oppressed heavily, however with the “adjustment” that I asked Tendou all the problems had been solved. Now without needing to be maintained, Suzuka still could live normally, she was also not constrain inside that box world anymore.

Moreover———-I took a peak at Harukaze.

For Harukaze to exist in this world was thanks to one of the extremely high technology. The prize of ROC, “the miracle” created thanks to the talents of Tendou, the mysterious code number and its absurdness.

But———because it was a miracle so it’s not like we could have it if we like.

To bring Suzuka to the real world with the prize from an unfair ura-game like SSR was something impossible.


Mitsuji lightly looked down when she heard it….….Was this only my imagination, I felt like Mitsuji’s expression was more abundant than in SSR. Even though it was not much.

I slowly shaking my head when thinking about that transformation.

「Ah, no that’s not what I mean. Not exactly」


To the doubtful question of Mitsuji, I took out the cell phone in uniform’s pant pocket. This time I entered the normal code to unlock not the Z like before.

——-And, a miracle scene had been opened.

Supposedly in that main screen there has to be all kind of icon arranged in order. Surely it was like that. But even so, the kinds of icon with high usage frequency were shaking and thrown to the corner of the screen. With just a look it was enough to see how hard to use this interface was. Actually for 2, 3 days I could not use my phone the way I wanted anymore.

Instead of the icon was a little girl appeared at the center of the screen.

The familiar black goth-loli dress. The silky pink hair girl was sitting there and crossed her arm shyly.

That selfish demon king had take over the control of my smart phone right when SSR ended ——- Right it was  Suzuka.


It seemed Suzuka had realized my look and Mitsuji’s. She touched her cheek which was a little red as if she had just overheard our conversation, then she pointed at me and said.

『It’s not like because I want to stay with you I am here. It’s just after surfing the net I decided to come over for a bit…….. That’s right, it’s just occasionally! It’s just a coincidence!』

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