Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 1 Epilogue

Epilogue: The daily life between him and man-eater

Then as always morning arrived.

“I’m going!”

Rikka went out of her house full of spirit. She was smiling brightly like those full of hope and dream. Of course the scar on her face was completely gone. It seemed she could already smile from the deepest part of her heart.

“Good morning.”

To such a Rikka, Tooya whispered. These words didn’t reach Rikka’s ears, and she also didn’t look at Tooya and went straight to school.

“Good morning.”

Behind him, Kuroe said with a smile.

“… … Good morning.”

“Why are you staring at me?”


Kuroe shrugged.

“No need to say hello twice.”

She just greeted me back at home.

“Is that so.”

Kuroe replied with a smile.

“… … Don’t look at me like that.”


Kuroe’s face became serious for a moment.

“However, master.”

“… … What?”

“Obviously, is this really right? Won’t regret this kind of thing?

“… …”

“That girl forgot the existence of master, this is master’s own wish, right?”

“… … … Aa.”

Tooya nodded.

“Rikka forgets me… this is my wish.”

Saying, Tooya looked back at Kuroe.

“For that, I let you live.”

This was the result of Tooya’s expectation. Tooya made Rikka forget about him, that was what Tooya wanted in exchange for Kuroe. She even couldn’t sense Tooya’s presence. Kuroe faithfully executed the order, Rikka had completely forgotten Tooya.

“But, I don’t understand.”

“… … Don’t understand what?”

“Why order me to do that?”

“I, just hope Rikka could be happy.”

Tooya didn’t escape directly and answered.

“So why does she need to forget about master? No matter how it looked from many perspectives, that girl’s happiness lies within master.”

“… … Because so, I want her to forget.”


“If she was with me, Rikka wouldn’t be happy.”

After listening to this Kuroe tilted her head.

“So melodramatic.”

Clearly Rikka and Tooya would be happy together, but Tooya said that Rikka wouldn’t be happy.

“A… little melodramatic isn’t bad for a change of pace.”

Tooya spit out this sentence.

“Because I wanted Rikka to find her happiness.. where I don’t exist within her.”

“Master expects so?”

“Yes, I expect happiness will come to her eventually.”

This was inside Tooya’s expectations. He knew that he was the happiness that Rikka always seek, but even so Tooya still did this without even consulting to Rikka first. The reason, was because Tooya couldn’t give Rikka’s happiness that she wanted from him.

“Master, you’re really troublesome.”

Surprised, Kuroe looked straight at Tooya.

“If it’s for the sake of that girl, I think being together with Master is really the best choice.”

“… Also with a man-eater like you beside?”

“So why don’t you kill me?”

Kuroe really casually said those words.

“Knowing what our relationship is, it’s only like a high class magician and apprentice magician right? Killing me wont do any harm to master, and it can also make master more intimidating with that girl. I’m 100% sure that girls want to do that kind of thing too to master.”

“… …”

“Or maybe you can order me to delete master’s memory and make me commit suicide. Because master memories and my memories aren’t linked together so there’s no harm to master’s memories, therefore you can be free from all of this, and it all will end well without any harm to each other’s party.”

In short, she could make all the thing that happened up to this point become something that never happened in the first place. But Tooya already did his part up until to this point and Kuroe also did hers too, so they have already overcome any obstacle that befell them. They should be together in this case because they already did their best together to overcome any obstacle, it’s a happy ending.

“… … I can’t do it.”

Even so Tooya still shook his head.

“This kind of things… I can’t do it.”

Forget being together, and Rikka having a happy life together with him on a daily basic. Just imagining it, Tooya wanted to puke. This was the best way for him and Rikka, also for the future. But for the present Tooya, he couldn’t simply imagine that kind of future.

“Fumu, master is really stupid.”

“Aa… I’m, stupid.”

Tooya generally nodded his head.

“I… like Rikka.”

Tooya said as if groaning.

“I like her very much.”

Tooya sounded like crying.

“I dont even remember when I started to like her.. Until I noticed it right now, we’ve been together since we’re a kid, I’ve never thought about us being separated.”

” Why are you so aware of your feelings, but didn’t confess it?”

“… … Because, I’m stupid.”

Tooya once again said.

“When I’ve noticed my feelings, we were in junior high school. Although I thought of confessing to her, but it hadn’t been done. Initially because our relationship was too close, I was afraid that confessing will destroy the current relationship, and I like the current relationship with her at that time. Wrong, this was just an excuse. In the end, I just didn’t have the courage.”

『Right, I don’t have courage』, Tooya said.

“And so my confession became more delayed when I found out that Rikka’s father was doing that kind of thing to her.

That face Rikka makes when she faced me, really breaks my heart, so I decided that this was not the time to confess my feeling to her.

“I convinced myself『Just wait for it』.[1] Her father would definitely find a new job, after that he just waited for the right time to confess all of his feeling to her. That’s what I thought.”

But in the end Rikka’s father didn’t find a job… And the worst results had occurred.

“And… the result of me waiting for that moment is like what you already knew. The right time to confess that I hope to arrive soon never came. And Rikka with her usual look on her face, pretending that nothing happened to her. Seeing that makes me want to go all out to help her, I want to solve all her problems. In the end it finally comes to this. In exchange for Rikka’s happiness I’m parting away with her by using your spiritual powers.“

In the end, the only thing that Tooya could do was to watch over her from a distance. And in order to do that he went to the same school as Rikka, but that didn’t go smoothly as Tooya thought. Because Tooya has gotten involved with a bad group and being bullied increased Rikka’s burden instead of reducing it. Rikka already had her own problem at her own house with her father, and now Tooya also increased her burden by being bullied by that bad group. So that was why to reduce Rikka’s burden, Tooya chose to stay away from Rikka.

“It’s like the drama on TV.”

Kuroe said, without even reading the mood.

“That is also true.”

Tooya couldn’t deny that.

“Maybe if I mustered up all of my courage and went to confess to her at that time, all things would definitely be different than now, or maybe would go even better than right now. Maybe I could protect Rikka directly from her father’s abusive behavior. He could beat me instead of Rikka if he wanted, or maybe I could beat him to make him go back to his old kind father like Rikka wanted. If it still didn’t work, and he still wanted to beat Rikka everyday, then I will become her shield in order to protect her.

But the reality wasn’t that kind, not only Tooya didn’t confess to her, he also increased her burden by being at her side, and the worst thing was that he couldn’t be there when Rikka needed him, instead he always tried to keep his distance from Rikka which made her hurt more. And in the end he erased his presence in Rikka’s life. If he only had the courage, maybe he could fix things up with Rikka.

Even so, that chance would never ever arrive in his life.

“The Order of Black Magic, that man, he’s called Tanaka right? I was completely awakened after that man shot me. After hearing what that man said I couldn’t stay with Rikka anymore. If I stayed with Rikka any longer it would only drag her to this problem, and that’s the thing that I won’t ever want to happen as long as I live. I just… want Rikka to be happy.”


Tooya continued.

“I gave up the routine with Rikka, and chose to be with you.”

Tooya said this time without any confusion, staring at Kuroe.

“Choose to be with me, which means that from now on there will be people dying.”

“… … right.”

“Temporary wasn’t mentioned before, but now there won’t be an excuse for master?”

At first, when the contract was established between him and Kuroe, he didn’t know what he must do to pay the price for contracting with her. Well.. regardless of whether he pays or not, people will still die. This is a fact that can’t be changed. But now Tooya knows one thing for sure, this man-eater in front of him will die if he commands her to die. As long as she dies then there’s no need to pay the price anymore.

“I, need Kuroe.”

Tooya clearly said.

“Rikka’s memory had already been erased by Kuroe’s magic, but it’s not like that “permanently deleted” thing. If there’s a time that I need to restore Rikka’s memory I will need Kuroe’s power once again, not only for that, I also need her to remove every bad people like Rikka’s father. In order to do that Kuroe’s power is essential.”

This was one of the possibilities Kuroe putted forward before. Although Tooya simply refused, it wasn’t the same now. If the same thing happened again, Tooya wouldn’t hesitate to let Kuroe repeat the same thing.

For this, some people will also die so it doesn’t matter?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Tooya nodded in response.

“I vow to myself, I will kill for what I think are good for the people.”

“You’re really evil.”

So be it.

“But also stupid.”

Kuroe laughed.

“Actually gave up the one you love, and choose to be with a man-eater.”

“You’re right, I’m extremely stupid.”

Even so Tooya, nodded without confusion.

Watching Tooya, Kuroe smiled.

“Humans are really interesting.”

Kuroe looked very happy.

“We’re going to be late if we dont go, now come on hurry.”

Like to escape this smile, Tooya turned away.

“Hey, master.”

“Hmm … What.”

Tooya turned his head.

It was like a face that could not help but be mischievous, just in front of him.

“Ha! ?”

Tooya hurriedly pull back his head in panic, and closed his mouth with his hand.

“You, suddenly, what are you doing! ?”

Blushing Tooya didn’t know how to react. while Kuroe was still laughing.

“You hate it?”

Kuroe said with a smile.

“Master just said you wanted to be with me right?”


“That, that has nothing to do with this!”

“I think this is almost the same as that propose.”

“Ha! ?”

“So, this is my response.”

Kuroe laughed.

No matter how he looked Kuroe was teasing Tooya, so Tooya stared at Kuroe.

“I’ll say it in advance!”


“I hate you the most!”

Tooya shouted… Kuroe looked blankly at Tooya.

“I see.”

I get it.

“This is the rumored tsundere.”

“Not at alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!”

Tooya’s scream resounded through the street.

Along with Tooya’s scream, Kuroe’s laughter also resounded throughout the street.


Hah! This makes me remember Witch Doctor’s voice line when he casts maledict on an enemy and he says “wait for it… wait for it…..” Sorry just can’t resist xD

I can’t resist keeping this note as well!!

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