Cross Connect Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Swap

On my way back home, I idly thought about the message.

『Who are you. Can you save me ?』

An SOS message full of tears and fear.

The one who wrote it was none other than『 Tarumi Yuunagi 』 . But that person was not me.

…… Think about it,  in this setting there was a few possible circumstances.

First of all.  The circumstance of creating avatar that the librarian taught me in ROC. Normally, when the player logged in avatar would be created automatically, however, even though there was one person inside but there were 2 bodies walking around.

Although, in my case it was completely different. From the start I was thrown into the body called 『 Kumoi Haruka 』 . No matter how hard I looked it was not my copy. Or to be more precise, she was an “independence” existence.

What if, inside that body from the beginning there was someone inside.

Soul, or you could call it consciousness. If “that” was inside of 『Kumoi Haruka』 then, compare to other player, we were having an extra part inside.

If so then what?———————-that’s simple. Because there were two bodies.

But what kind of system is that. In the mean time I logged in ROC, she’d appear in the real world as『Tarumi Yuunagi』 .That complete swap was as if forcing the other out of the body. Because one body couldn’t have two personalities so there was only on method that was swapping.

That might only be my stupid way of thinking but……….if this theory was right then all the contradictions up till now would be solved completely.

The log in appeared in different location because the body was not synchronized.

And the log in time that the card was swapped was because Kumoi Haruka had been playing.

And————— the force log in, I could look at it from a different perspective.

Right, there was no force log in from the start.

That was because Kumoi Haruka had logged out.

「“Princess”……… Ah no, Kumoi Haruka. Every time I log in we will be swapped」

I also didn’t care about the gray hooded enigma’s word either, thinking about it make my head hurt ( because it would be bothersome to have connection with her), so I didn’t give a damn and walked home just like that.


A loud voice came out when I twisted the door knob.

There was no one——————-That right, completely empty. Because my parents was still working and about that I went home early “If I let Yukina secretly tell” it wouldn’t be exposed.

「Although why Yukina and my mom seems close to each other」

When I walked into my room in the corner of the second floor, I threw away my bag and heaved a sigh. Unfortunately there was no guarantee for those premises. I needed to quickly find something, if I didn’t I would feel the pain I had felt before.

I turned around to my desk, on the opposite was the window to Yukina room.

——————–I need to have a way to contact Kumoi Haruka.

However, it was the simplest reason right now. For example if she didn’t log out and stay in the game, the second force log in wouldn’t happened.

It was true that I didn’t want to come back anymore but, talking to myself wasn’t exactly meaningless.

「 First of all, I have a lot to ask.」

Screech, with the permanent marker, I wrote on the new notebook “No reading (Especially Sasahara Yukina) ” ! Satisfyingly nodded with what I just wrote, I quickly opened the first page and started writing with my favorite pen.

First was self introduction. Then information about ROC that I knew. Especially about “two people swapping body when logging in and logging out” I highlighted it with yellower marker. About the cause, I didn’t know clearly but I had to write it.

The remaining was for later problem.

『Who are you. Are you Kumoi Haruka. If not what do I call you by. Why are you chosen as the princess in ROC. In short what do you want, why are you have the same body with me. What do you know, what will you do.

Lastly what do you want to do. What do you want to become. Or what are you hoping for.


Why are you crying ?』


Putting down my pen, I looked at the content and felt a little regret.

Not good. That last line pried a bit too deep. Asking a question not related to ROC like this, she wouldn’t tell me anyway.

……………But, I just ignored it. This was good enough, it would be annoying to write it again.

After doing something like a prayer, I started log in back to ROC.


「Nihihi…………. hamp」

I heard something which I had a bad feeling about.

「Ree……….muwah. Fufu————, Haru-chin you’re wide open? Still as cute as always haa, I want to bully you more. Hamp……. mumu.」

My vision was dark, an erotic voice came right next to me.

At the same time, I felt something wet and cold touching my left ear. Something crawled in my ears as if stroking it, even going inside too. It mixed with a sweet scent making my brain felt like it was about to explode, feeling as if…….. I was being stroke or raped by a tongue, ………… by, a tongue !? Tongue !?


An extremely unpleasant feeling right when I logged in, I quickly lifted my head up. No, to be precise I had to stand up. I couldn’t move. When my eyes got used to the darkness, I looked at my hand and saw, both my hands were entangled by someone’s like two love birds.

Also, the area around my scapula felt like it was being pushed down by something soft.

Also, why the hell was my skirt flipped.

At that place, I was completely locked by someone’s white, soft thighs which were the same as mine.

And then, for a while now my neck felt some kind of dripping water. Someone was pressing on my back, though wasn’t that Himeyuri, her sweat scene and half naked body was touching mine closely, I wanted to stand up but I couldn’t.


「Wha………what the hell is this.」

「A—–, Moo I told you to be a good girl Haru-chin !? C’mon, just lie there and leave everything to me? You’ll feel good right away? *lick*」

「Gulp !」

「Nihihi, your body is coming obedient. Chiu, chiu………. amp………..」

Gulp. Himeyuri crept her right hand alongside mine and moved to my neck, because I felt tickled I suddenly laughed and turned back.

Immediately——————–I heard a small voice, the feeling on my chest changed a little.

「…………Dont turn a round」

「Hyaaa !?」

A whisper that could reach my ear drum made me scream like a little girl.

Then Himeyuri right hand touched my boob. Pressing the thin skirt, her white soft fingers tickled my senses.

「Let me take off your cloth for you?」

Saying so Himeyuri started undoing my button from the top.

Pi, pi, each button was being undo, a feeling like drunk spreading across my body, I started losing my mind.

…………This………was okay ? Himeyuri touched the soft part of my body, no matter what she was a Bishōjo. However this was in game game, but would this excited feeling be good?

「……………*kissing sound*. Nee, Haru-chin this way, look at me?」

I looked at the Himeyuri emotional face, she had undo her scarlet twintails.

Himeyuri lips was kissing me nonstop, even though it was dark I could still feel she did everything.


Now my first kiss was in front of my eyes. Suddenly I remembered something. I put my hand together.

Right, that right. No matter what this was a game, and this body had its owner. If I took away her first kiss would she hate me later? Also, from the start there was no way I’d be raped by someone I didn’t know!?

「Therefore, get off me」

「A, it’s offense mode. Nihihi, from a while before you’re very obedient, where does that Haru-chin went to? Muni muni muni muni muni」

「Oooooooooo !? I said, don’t rub yourself against me !」

「A—! What’s with that irritated tone–? Mooo, I’ll feel hurt. Bad mouth girl will have to be punish?」

「Haaaaaa?………….What the, where are you putting your face, hyaa !?」

As I spoke up Himeyuri change her body movement, with all the choices, she came inside my flipped skirt. I felt like a white cloth had been pulled down—————-Although, luckily something flew out. I thoroughly used the practical lesson about fighting against sexual harassment to escape from Himeyuri.


While unraveling herself she fell flat down on the bed, and pouted in discontent.

And when I tried to turn back to look I saw Himeyuri exposed panty, the best word to describe her state right now was erotic, yes, a feast to the eye.

Therefore a virgin like me, right now was a pure maiden had to look away.

「I begged of you————–, put your cloth on. Then we’ll talk.」

I had no other way but push out those evil thoughts in my head.


After fixing her clothes and her hair, I left the house with Himeyuri.

I didn’t want to mention this anymore but, this was exactly that, um. A typical love hotel.

「…………………So, what happened? I (ore), I mean, I (watashi) sold myself for information?」

「Yes, that’s right. Did you really don’t remember anything? …………. Ah, I got it. While doing that, your memories flew away? How cute, you could just say it out, don’t need to be shy」

「You’re kidding me…………… gotta be kidding me」

With that way of life you’d lose yourself someday, Kumoi Haruka.

But—————Actually, I was also responsible for using all of her card slot to log out. And left a shaking in fear Kumoi Haruka to this (demon) Himeyuri like this.

Therefore I had no rights to scold her when she was dragged in by those sweet words like “If you do as I say I’ll teach you something wonderful”.

「Maa, Haru-chin doesn’t seem to like it.」


About what.

「That, Haru-chin is a shy girl right? I thought because you couldn’t open your heart so I use the method of raping that you don’t like」

「What are you saying, horny bitch!?」

「Ee? Wait, wait a minute, you’re cruel Haru-chin. We’re all girls, right? It would just be a mistake in the night right? ………..I’m, I’m sorry !?」

Himeyuri clapped her hand and prostrated. Sometime she sneaked a peak at me, though when our eyes met she immediately bowed down.

「Haa…………….Really, don’t do that again for the second time」

Surprise by my words, Himeyuri became excited and shook her twin tails. Looking at that face made me remember that guilty feeling………….Because to start with there was no reason to be angry at 『Myself』———————-That couldn’t be helped.

Well, only in 『Kumoi Haruka』body could I speak like that.

「More importantly」

Leaving aside those annoying thoughts, I looked up and said.

「Compensate, compensate. Didn’t you say you’ll teach me something “WONDERFUL”」

「A, um! E-to, because Haru-chin looked like someone new to ROC so I thought I’ll give you some tips Nihihi, this is a big chance.」

「……………A, I get it. Something likes an unexpected payment」

Because looking at state she was always looked like 『 Wonderful, nihi, then I’ll do it again for you? 』so I thought she was kidding, but it seemed I worried over nothing.

Putting her hand behind, Himeyuri asked why tilting her small neck.

「Then let me ask. Does Haru-chin know how to get card?」

「A,………..e-to, it’s the floating point. Or is it PVP. Also there is stealing with spell right…………….,and before you mentioned a weapon shop?」

「Oh, wonderful. As expected of Haru-chin, you still remember. Yes, normally there are 4 ways.」

She nodded and raised 4 fingers.

The first method was get one in the floating point, a typical way. There we’d get a card randomly that didn’t belong to anyone, a way to insert into card slot for player.

The second method was PvP. That was the scenario in which you fought other player.

Using this method mean you can find card slot that had high rarity from the opponent—————–Meaning “The number of existing card” was rare. You couldn’t choose as you like either.

It was just that, a series of “Cursed hidden treasure” that was connected to the winning condition, such powerful spell would be very few. Obtaining those rare cards was also a good method. But at that moment, because of their power contestant was unavoidable.

And one final method, that was the “weapon shop”.

According to Himeyuri word————“Weapon shop” was a shop that sold weapon by trading card. By using the order “Materialize”, and item would appear outside the slot, also “Weapon card” could return to card form any time you like. There was only one way to collect them.

Ah, no, compare to the old way it was kind of strange. Just like it was an obvious system that remained till now.

However, about the weapon shop there was one in front of me—————That was the card trading shop.

「It means….. like that? Card was traded for weapon, this time it’s the items displayed on the shelves. The ratio is divided by theirs rarity, and the players will trade for their favorite card accordingly?」

「Um, you’re right. Common spell is 1. Rare spell is 3, and curse hidden treasure is 18. For ROC battle system the existence of weapon shop are irreplaceable. Nihihi, maybe Haru-chin will become a regular here?」


To me, this wasn’t something that would make me happy in the future.

I answered Himeyuri vaguely, while lost in thought.

Right now, those 4 methods was ways to find cards with different purposes. To find a good card you had to PVP, to have a spell with high utilities you go to the weapon shop.

It just that, in the case which we had some cards in hand but all of them were rare card.

For example in PvP, in the case which you won by using the combination of             《 Speed 》 and 《 Delay 》 , to the card you would only lose one. For the stealing type spell card you wouldn’t get any. Weapon shop based on ratio, you could only increase your card if you got lucky.

Meaning, we’d be screwed if we had bad luck. Therefore everyone wait at the floating point,

If so,—————–The balance in card supply would be break—————-


That definitely wouldn’t happen. ROC was run by Sphia so no way it was a trash game. A Sphia who made many legendary game, attracted billions of players. As if they didn’t have any shortcomings. If so…

「……………There must be another way? To effectively finding card.」

Before my guess, Himeyuri nodded to confirm.

『Explaining it with words would be hard to understand so let me show you』

Saying so Himeyuri disappeared inside the hotel, I waited in a nervous state.

A show. Saying that she’d show me but how could she find any card now. A way to find card without the need of other player and location, if so it was a necessary information, especially with this game ROC which mainly is about PvP.

「A no, I won’t do anything like fighting」

Quietly mumur, then I shook my head. All this strange thought was because I hadn’t played in a long time. Though why Himeyuri hadn’t return yet? Nervously waiting in front of the love hotel, standing here for long I’d have my life span shorten.

「Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !?」

「Oooooooooooooooooooo !?」

Why I was thinking Himeyuri had jumped down from above.

She screamed urgently. Her short skirt flipped up by the wind pressure.

Because she looked happy I thought 『Does she have any kind of countermeasure』, but she landed——————-without using her feet.

Dammit, I didn’t even understand what she was thinking.

「H-hey……….what are you doing. Aren’t you yuri ? Or are M ? Don’t tell me you are M? That would be a little scary. Are you alright」

For an instance, Himeyuri fell down from the third floor. Falling like that if lucky you wouldn’t die, but in fact she didn’t look like she was hurt at all.

It just that, her right leg had bent to a side………..But I guessed there wouldn’t be any problem right. It would be funny if she became the head of the newspaper as someone who fell from the window of a love hotel but didn’t die.

「Wh, why are you Haru-chin」

Before my extravagate strange words , Himeyuri flustered waving her hand.

「I also hate getting hurt? I-I’m telling the true? No, not that, I told you I’d show you………….Here. Look?」

Himeyuri pointed at the gear she was wearing. The player indicator status on the first page, the damage of that fall made Himeyuri HP fell down from 880 to 792.

When I kept looking at that then————–I saw a part.


Suddenly, the screen in front of my eyes had some changes. The slot that was surely been empty, a spell card had appeared.

On the illustration it was drawn with a blue color as if it was poisoned, on it wrote 《 Recover》.

「《 Recover 》 cast」

Himeyuri suddenly stood up and cast, then her lost HP slowly recovered. When that was done, she nodded satisfyingly and closed the device’s window.

「Just like that. It just like an additions, to spell that have low rarity “the collecting method” that is already available will be set up like that. For example if I use《 Recover 》, “In the condition of taking damage by falling, HP won’t recovered immediately but after a while”, simple right ?」

「…………I see」

We could get card depend on the action. In the condition that there was no suggestion around in this damn game, but if it was this much anyone could find them out and continue the game.

And………….Um? Wait?

「To refill the falling damage with 《 Recover 》. So no matter how many time I do it my card won’t increase」

「Nihihi, not as you think. As damage calculation when falling in ROC we only took 10% HP max. 《 Recover》will heal us for 30% of the damage. Therefore, if we fly three time we’ll increase 2 card right?」

「That’s an creative idea………..Really. But, is it okay if we don’t have any card left. …………..A-re ? If so then will automatically create them, then fill up the card slot and spend them in the weapon store, then we can collect card indefinitely」

「A, about that, I thought of it. However, it wasn’t exactly so. Because it’s a strong spell, a strong spell you know? So it doesn’t come for free. In rare spell, which always available in store, something like 《 Return 》?」

「《 Return 》……….. ? What. It’s a necessary card」

「Un, yes it is. __________《 Return 》is always used by everyone right? When it returns to neutral position, it will appear in the floating point right? Therefore, to put it simple it can be duplicated, because it was not the kind of card that you need 3,4 piece so it’s usually traded in the weapon shop. And the ratio was also good.」


Unable to deny it I couldn’t helped but remain silent.

「Nihihi. How is it? Does that help you?」

………Aa, that was bad. I had been taught thoroughly by her like that.

At night————–When walking up the stair of the hotel, I thought about the trivial thing.

Himeyuri wasn’t here. I started being worried when looking at the watch a while ago, but she left after she finished speaking.

Even though she said to meet again but I didn’t plan on meeting her again.

It was just that I don’t know what happened on the other side, so to quickly log out, I need to collect material to trade for 《 Return 》.


I’d try to make an assumption.

If I couldn’t escape from ROC, then what must I do.

“Kill the princess”————-That was this game target.

If so, for someone who played “Princess” like me I had no way to complete the game? Except me there were 99 other players, don’t tell me my only option was to running?

———————-I don’t think so.

Yes, truly the guy called GM had repeatedly said “kill the princess” in the instruction. But, it was not wining condition. It sounded like a provocation.

Collect the hidden treasure and bring it to the temple.

Incite the king’s faithful.

Finally kill the princess————–Who completed one of those condition will be the victor.

That meant the princess also had a chance of winning. Sphia was the one behind this game, therefore the kind of lousy setting wouldn’t happen. If the princess was the one who activated that “Scarlet Sword” then she wouldn’t be stabbed, or if the princess made up the “rebellion” then no one would be isolated.

Therefore, the main story line would be about the psychological attack of the princess, a coup d’eta from the inside.

「Haa. Why do I have to do this……….」

Slapping my check and undo my hair up, I asked myself.

Right. If I couldn’t complete it, I just needed to game over right now, it wouldn’t affect me anyways.

I had no reason to continue this game. Because I had no wish I wanted to fulfill.

So I needed to try avoiding “the princess neck be strangled” right? But I was a little worry about Kumoi Haruka’s problem. I couldn’t say I was not particularly care about it.

However, saying there was death but ROC still only a game.

Therefore things like completely died wouldn’t happen, it would only be game over.

「——————-No. ………. I won’t be so sure?」

Suddenly I stopped as if struck by lightning.

It wasn’t right………….It was completely different to the premise. Because the player in the real world controlling 『 Kumoi Haruka 』 avatar was 『 Tarumi Yuunagi 』. The inside part of her wasn’t here.

So———————-what would happen when she got game over?


………Thinking about it, a chill run down my spine.

In short, I need to quickly go back. To see Kumoi Haruka’s answer and continued from there. Maybe it’d be different from what I thought about Sphia, maybe Tarumi Yuunagi was a Bishōjo from the start which I didn’t realized. No matter what my answer was I needed to think.

「—————————Oh hell」

Clinging on to that small hope, I put my foot on the window and into the dark sky.


『To Tarumi Yuunagi-san.

First of all, thank you for answering my question. Because I thought there would be no answer, I was very happy. One more thing, I’m sorry for dirtying your book. Please forgive me. My apology.

My name was Harukaze.

A, e-to, the player inside ROC Kumoi Haruka that Yuunagi-san knows before was not wrong. But, I’ll be happy if you call me Harukaze.

Therefore, um. And about what I am right.

Does Yuunagi-san know about AI ?

The next generation artificial intelligent develop by Sphia company, a series of “Cyberbrain Shinki” (Bug number), one of them which is the most successful product and is also the biggest failure. Number 5 – Code name “Harukaze”.

That is me.

My outer data image has 1/4 England royal blood. Setting age was 14, short, silver hair, my sizes from up to down is 77 – 53 – 79. I’m very confident in mimicking cat’s sound.

Sorry for the long trivial.

In game, I was set up with Yuunagi-san in real life, but, I only knew that when I looked at the note book.

Also, there is some information that I knew, I can answer you.

It’s like this.

From the start, I was created to become “Princess” in this game.

About half a month ago. The day I officially woke up was the day ROC started. Everybody, from this one to the other chased after me. I was really scared, from since then I only ran and ran.

I only thought, I needed to survive, or I had to finish this game. However, I couldn’t. Just thinking of I’d be killed if my role as the “Princess” was exposed I became scared and I only knew of crouching somewhere. I was really weak right. Because I was too quick I always felt lonely.

Therefore I only know of closing my eyes, plugging my ears to escape that fear.

To not be exposed, to not be killed, I ran in order to survive.


The I right now was really nervous.

Just yesterday, my world changed a lot. Coming out from the background world and controlled a boy whose body I didn’t know, I was freaked out. That was why I cried. Please accept my apology if I caused any trouble for you.

Even so, Yuunagi-san still answered my prayers, I cried not because of the former reason.

I was happy. In my heart right now I feel very warm. Although it’s a bit embarrassing but can I be frank? The first one who asked for my name was Yuunagi-san. And you asked me what I wanted to do.

Therefore, Yuunagi-san, Tarumi Yuunagi-san.

I wasn’t programmed about what I wanted to do or what I wanted to become. But, it was really scary. I don’t want to be alone anymore. As so, please tell me.

Will you be the one who will save me? Do you hate me? Will you stay by me? Even for a little, can you become my ray of hope?』


Boom, reading those words, before I knew it I punched the wall.

「Aa, it’s like that. So it’s like that………..what the fuck」

Spitting out those curse words I looked at the letter again.

———————–AI. Artificial intelligent. An advanced step in the field of human science.

Sphia had perfected it to this degree. For example a CPU in a fighting game, or a stimulated love interest. I could see their action was very “human like”, a special artificial intelligent specially developed.

However, they were public in certain range.

Behind this, they had created an AI that had a “heart” no different than human, and gave it a role of “Being weak and hunted”, no matter how I see it I couldn’t see any justice in that.

So it was like that. Harukaze was trying to survive because the role of “Princess” in ROC. From the start she was born to be killed. A miserable fate, because she possessed intelligent and sensitiveness she became scared. Even so, she didn’t have a special power to fight that grimed fate.

No one to corporate with.

Maybe because she couldn’t trust anyone.

Doing so meant Sphia was planting wariness and loneliness completely inside Harukaze.

For what? Beat me, I couldn’t understand. Too hard to understand. In other words, the girl name Harukaze was born to be tortured, used and then thrown away no different than trash.

A despicable action. Just as I thought, these Ura-games were nothing but vulgar stuff as always.

「What do I do now.」

My lip was bitten too much its color faded.

Hope? Hope you said? That would be hard for me. I didn’t know how to answer, how to reply her. I was very confused right now. Depending on someone like me would be of no use, even so…

However—————— those terrible memories just kept attacking, digging deep inside my mind.

A, right. If it was small then it was possible.

「The one was connected———————」

「Nagi——–? Hey, are you in there, Nagi ! Hey, open up, it’s hot out here, hurry hurry, I’m burning!」

「………Yukina ?」

Suddenly I heard a noise from the door, reflexively I stuffed book in the drawer. Putting side all those thought, I hurriedly stood up and headed toward the door which was being pounded “boom boom”  (don’t tell me she used her head to pound the door).

「Uwaa ! Too, too」

As I opened the lock, my childhood friend had jumped in with a red forehead as I’d guessed. Together with that small scream she had to stepped 2,3 times to regain balance.

Phew, after heave a long breath she looked at me.

「Moo, if you open the door you have to tell me first  Nagi. Don’t you see it’s dangerous」

「………Don’t tell me you bring that pot here with your hands like an idiot」

Closing the door with a surprise look, then I headed toward Yukina.

In this everning, she was wearing something looked like a thin negligee. A warm color mixed with orange. Even if she was wearing a sweater on the outside or wearing a cute hat, but the fact that she was hugging that pot with her hands made she lose all her appeals.

Pot. Why the hell was a pot.

「A, this? Porridge, it’s porridge. Jajaa__」

While saying that excitedly, Yukina opened that little pot which was placed next to my bed. Right then, the white steam floated out, a tickling light scent went straight up my nose.

………A-re, why am I feeling hungry.

Yukina laughed happily when she heard my stomach growling “oooo”.

「I knew it. You haven’t eat dinner right? Your mom is very worry, also you went home early too, just now when I looked through the window I saw you sitting with your face lying on the desk. This is your childhood friend kindness for you!」

「Then you made this porridge ? And bring it here at midnight?」

「That’s right! Fufu. How is it, that’s my devotion. You want to praise me right? Hm ?」

「À, yes yes. Yukina is the best」

Why answering her I went to my bed, eating this porridge I couldn’t be full, but because she had went through the trouble of making it then I’d eat that. Her cooking skill was rather high anyway


As I stretched my hand out to take the spoon, for some reason Yukina’s eye kept blinking.

「Nagi, That’s right?」

「………If you want to say you saw something different then it’s time for you to go to the hospital.」

「Um, that badmouthing is really Nagi. ………..But, you’re really not feeling well right, Nagi ? If you’re the normal Nagi you’d say something like 『What are you doing, what’s your purpose!? My house property!? 』」

「What, why are you talking about money. Then how much is it」

「That’s not what I mean. Um………., it’s good if you keep opening yourself like this. Yoshi, Nagi give me the spoon? I’ll feed you. That’s aaaa !」

「Ha, haa ? What are you saying, I can eat on my own」


When I was talking, Yukina put her hand out and snatched the spoon while I was not paying attentiond. Then she acted proud “fufu”.

「Moo. Patient is patient, it’s not good if you keep suffering like that. Because Nagi always does reckless stuffs. ………..C’mon, open your mouth, “aa”___」


She started become strict. Unfortunately when Yukina switched on this mode it’d be useless no matter what I said. The more I acted tough the sweeter she became.


Because I could only take it, I stretched my face out and took a bite————–Delicious. The sweetness of rice mixed with the wonderful ability to use spices of Yukina, I felt like I could eat forever

Having eating for I while, I was still receiving her dedicated service.

Both of us didn’t say anything, and time slowly flew. Even so, I was still opening my mouth naturally, only by myself I’d nearly eaten all of that small pit. When the sound of spoon and pottery met each other, there was a not so small feeling of pity raging in my heart.

Right after that, Yukina spoke up.

「Hey. ………….Are you keeping secret from me?」

——————-Even though I didn’t know what she wanted to say but there was definitely a reason for this.

Well that was natural. Yukina saw, not once but three time when Harukaze was in the body of『Tarumi Yuunagi』. To my childhood friend who I’d spent have of my life with, of course she’d notice these strange and unnatural things.

Turning my head up, I sneak a peak at Yukina face.

Seemed like she was trying to feint —————–Calm. But the thing was, maybe she was worrying or felt insecure . As a bad habit when I was disturbed, I touch my side hair.

I was really grateful when she worried about me—————-It was just.

I couldn’t say it. I couldn’t tell her. Even if I could possibly be exposed by someone, but only Yukina specially I definitely didn’t want her to know.

Therefore, I had to answer her. Just need to say it jokingly as always like “What are you talking about? I don’t have any secret, if you think I’ll tell you everything about me then you’ve made a big mistake.”

But——————–The thing that was lingering in my mind right now, was Harukaze’s words.

A girl that was always alone. To a SOS like that, someone like me definitely couldn’t help her, but I know someone who could. A right, she was right in front of me. If it was the thick skin Yukina, who didn’t know of embarrassment but kind, who knew if the loneliness Harukaze relieve somehow. Therefore,…


「Eh ?」

「If, I have something I want to depend on you, if that time comes you don’t need to know why, can you be a kind girl. The truth is———————-maybe I’ll explain to you later.」

If I had proceeded more it would become a shameless plea. Moreover, to someone who self proclaim not trusting in human like Tarumi this was definitely a first.

But in reality, Yukina opened her eyes wide in surprise.


「……….Um, I get it」

Nodded her head with her words, she let out a little sad smile.

Around 12 o’clock midnight.

I was staring at the silent phone screen.

——————-Himeyuri had exposed something before leaving.

In short, its content was like this.

There was a on social network that Sphia published Rule of hunters (short name ROH), its content was somewhat the same as. Also, there was player that was looking for resemblance between ROC and ROH.

And the result was that guess was correct. About the “periodic event” happened inside ROH, the information received inside ROC would slowly be cleared.

And today was exactly the day that event went online.

Maybe in this time, the number of players who logged in ROC would be little. Mixing inside the normal people who used ROH, surely they’d look for the suggestion to the extent that their eyes hurt.

…………No, maybe I would not call it looking.

The information founded reflected on the screen was extremely simple. Before the event banner flew to the apps, there was a suspicious looking mage in white clothes who sent a message.

This was what he said.

『………The princess had finally been surrounded by you. There was no place to run. She couldn’t retreat anymore.

Use everything you had, push his princess against the well. However, it seems stupid but the princess still has a secret plan. While overcoming countless traps, you must fight and aim for the legendary treasures sleep with in the castle.』

Finally it was the fixed words 『Let’s play ROH~』appeared, after considering it was not related at all, I started raising my face.

The princess was surrounded and didn’t have any where to run.

I didn’t understand why this princess was treated harshly like that. In short she was being hunted. Being surrounded and couldn’t run away.

Not right. The thing which was stopping the princess was not “Escape”. It was “Return”. They deliberately used that word to mess up the feeling of the sentence. Then what was that for?

Return—————《Return》——————-Log out.

「”The Princess can’t log out from ROC………..」

Saying that, suddenly I had a bad feeling, wariness had shackled my body.

Not good. Not good at all. With this suggestion it would born a paradox, the one who couldn’t log out from ROC was the princess.

It was true that 『Kumoi Haruka』 couldn’t log out from ROC. Ah no, because both me and Harukaze could use 《Return》 but, because it was swapping our body so we still couldn’t detach from ROC.

If that was all then I could still fool them but…………I had been seen.

At least once, I used 《Return》 right in front of Himeyuri. Even when I copied 《Return》with《Synchronize》, I felt someone’s eyes sight directed towards me. The log out of Harukaze still didn’t have any confirmation. But I didn’t even know how much witness of this case there were—————-!

「Gulp !」

Putting the phone to sleep mode I pressed the power button once more. Quickly, I needed to go before it’s too late. While feeling impatient I entered the pattern————–.

In the middle of it, I stopped.

「Is……… this fine」

I murmured with a pale face…………It was true I was sympathic with Harukaze’s condition. A, if this was fiction, then it’d become a big bang when the main character helped a girl.

But, even if I said that the me in real life couldn’t do anything to help, I didn’t have the power to protect Harukaze, to speak frankly, I always thought of cutting this tie once ang for good.


——————-But even so.

『Even for a little while, can you become my ray of hope ?』

Once again, that hoping stuffs floated in my head. That plea. That pure, untainted heart strongly attacked my insensitivity inside me. Her words shaken me.

「Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mou, dammit ! I get it, just for a little okay!? Can’t be helped, I’ll meet you later! But don’t get it wrong. I………I still haven’t believed you!? So don’t leave it like that, you idiot girl !」

…………I temporally spit everything out, it wasn’t like I was tamed by Harukaze or anything.

It was just, let see, right, right. If right now I was game over I didn’t know if I’d be effected or not? I couldn’t care less about this. That was all

So, in my condition, it would be bad for me if you die.

『_______to Harukaze

It’s fine right? From now on I’ll borrow your body for a while. About your question whether I can help you or something like that, I still couldn’t guarantee it. I also couldn’t say I’d be your ray of hope or not.

You feel fear with the people around you right?

Just in time there was a very good girl here. Look at the next door window, do you see it? There is a brunet girl, brown hair. It’s her.

Let me tell you this before hand, a high school girl in the real world is different than inside ROC, she won’t aim for your neck.

Because she is stupid. She’s stupid and annoying but kind, so she would not take advantage of you.

If you feel sad just call her. You just need to knock on the wall of her room and shell come immediately. It’d be no problem if you want some help.

That’s all I can do all I can for you now. If possible, you’ll be helping me staying quiet.

Ah, more than that.

If you’re cared by Yukina then definitely do not expose yourself? Because I’m a strange guy. Being a boy you have to use boy language like “maybe so”, ”beat me” or “not that” for example. By the way, when we swap I won’t let you lose your “girly” image so don’t worry. The end.』


PANG, a loud sound pounded my ear drums right after we swapped.


That small body was trembling, I constrain my legs and stepped up to regain balance…………Maybe this was the result of me getting lucky.

For some reason, I stopped before the glowing balls passing over my face with the speed of lightning.

「——————-What, don’t be so disapointed Kumoi Haruka.」

And the thing which was approaching me was slow steps and a small voice.

Looking at the distance I found a young man.

Slender figure, 1m80 tall. He wore a red shirt inside with a black sweater. Below he wore a ragged style jeans. Half of his ears was covered by his black tea color hair. He had a fire tattoo around his neck.

For some reason, he had a hard to understand face as if he was happy and unhappy at the same time.


His right hand holding the pistol at his temple as if thinking of something——————-the answer would soon come. As if turning 180 degree, I said angrily.

「Maa, it’s fine. If my guess was incorrect, I only have to find it again!」

「Cast 《Speed》」

The moment he pulled the trigger, I quickly jumped to the side and cast a spell. Without the glowing light when I increase my SPD, I dodged the grammar ray which looked like cannon balls coming at me. In a second, sound of bullet drilled a hole on the wall pounded against my ear drums.

Keeping distance with the man, I quickly regained my calm and looked at him with full vigilant.

「What are you doing, bastard. Why did you suddenly shoot me」


Immediately, he answered me with intimidation mixed with surprise.

「Are you a slow poke? Didn’t we just introduce ourselves properly?」

「A, is that so ? Unfortunately I’m bad at remembering boy’s name. If possible I (ore)—————-After reincarnate into a Bishōjo like me(watashi) then we’ll continue talking」

「Keep barking bitch」

Finish his word, he pulled the trigger, the sounds of gun firing appeared continuously. I depended on the different in our SPD and kept dodging out of his line of sight.

And after the 6th bang———-

”click” ”click”,

no more gunshot sound came.

「Out of bullet………..!」

Bullet count 0. Reload. Immobilized. To enemy that used gun, no way he had made a “mistake” at this time. While running on the ground with these fast feet, I reluctantly changed my direction.

By trading with the weapon shop a lot of 《Recover》 before logging out, I still had a few card left.《Teleport》 and 《Delay》 was my main weapon right now.

In here, 《Teleport》 was a spell with low rarity, its effect was “to bend the space so that the player could go somewhere”. In other word, it was a card used in emergency.

Emergency escape. That ‘s good. One of the card required but, the RNG-ness was high so it wasn’t so good. After teleportation and randomly meeting other player, the situation could be worse.

With limited ability, currently with《Speed》 and the weapon ————-which was this short knife. I’d overcome it

「Even though I don’t have any hope for this situation」

As I materialize my weapon on my hand, I approached the man in front of my eyes. With my world speed up he couldn’t catch up with me. Seeing him slowly taking out his magazine, I aimed at his neck.

「Ka-ha—————Cast 《Enhance + Speed》」

Right when I was about to cut him. He cast his spell with a malicious laugh, because I had a bad feeling I jumped back.

Gyuu, a black ball grazed in front of my eyes. It was a 9mm bullet, for a while now his cruel pistol had continuously firing without hesitation. ………Although, eeeh ? How could it be? He simply ignored reload and shot everywhere?

A powerful force grazed my cheek even though I dodge it ?

「What is this……..even though I use《Speed》but I still couldn’t read her move, what kind of cheat is this.」

As he said, I felt a chill running down my spine, if I didn’t adjust to this body the next attack definitely would hit. Not only his speed was overwhelming, his action was also strange.

Even so, he didn’t seem to care about my reaction but I scowled because of what he said.

「Cheat, right. ………..A, don’t tell me this time it’s still useless. Yare yare. At least I trapped that Rikka」


「Aa ? This has nothing to do with you. Monologue, I was only speaking to myself. Even if you make it different for me, don’t regret it in the real world」

His firing speed was faster than my reaction time.

Even the sound was bigger than before, a big hole had been punctured at the corner of the parking lot.


—————Come on think. I’d really die if this kept going on.

In other to change my vein, I had to put my hand behind my neck and hold this annoying long hair. The soft skin had been covered in sweat. However this body still let out a sweet scent, girl was really weird.

「《Enhance + Speed》………So it was that. To cast this strange spell I could turn the tide of battle.」

Just as he said, it was not a cheat or anything, then if it was a “trick” existed in the usage?

For example for Trading card game (TCG), if it was a combo effect of card + card?

「In the case we combine 《Enhance》with 《Speed》………..I see, the effect of《Speed》had been《Enhance》 ? Meaning, the effect of one card had become 2 card. It was completely different with the《Speed》that I used———————- !?」


Exiting the place I was standing, I dodge the incoming bullet ………….Just a little more. A little more I’d have the correct answer. Maybe I had to give up not getting hurt. C’mon think. Wasn’t that if it was you, you could do it?

I still had 2 card on my hand. 《Delay》would lower the player SPD and, 《Teleport》would bend space and lead us to somewhere.

This card was an unreliable factor, was there any other way yo defeat that bad guy?


While mumbling, at the same time I look at my hand.

There was. Even though I wasn’t sure but, there was one method with high chances of success. If I thought about “specifications for the game” of Sphia. And ROC was also mirrored by it somewhat, first of all that would be my victory line I thought at this moment.

It was just that, in the case it failed it would be the end. Nothing guarantee if 『Kumoi Haruka』 was game over then I could come back to my body in the real world.

However, even so———————Right Tarumi Yuunagi.

If you couldn’t overcome this how you could fight in ROC in the future?

「Of course you can’t, idiot」

Saying so I smile a little, then glared at where that bad guy was standing. He had raised his hand, stared at me and curved a smile, right when he fired without hesitation—————-I announced.

「Cast 《Delay + Teleport》」


His curved smiled froze.

My body disappeared when the bullet came, and appeared behind him after a second.

A perfect position. A teleportation into sudden attack had succeeded.

——————————-It was something like this of a trick.

Actually, with 《Teleport》I’d randomly moved “to a place” in the area.

In this case, how would the synergy worked was the key. That was right, for example the effect of 《Delay》stacked on 《Teleport》how would it add up? Using 《Delay》 on myself, I’d limit my teleport range, then what happened if my teleport range was “in front of my eyes”?

Of course, that was only a guess, there was no solid proof.

However, I still used this method because I remembered the conflicted effect of 《Delay》. Lowered the opponent SPD———————–Because of that effect it would easily restraint other players. That meant, even I myself could be attacked.

Was it accidental? A coincidence? A fault or something? No way, this was Sphia game.

If so, just for fun’s sake, using 《Delay》on myself a new type of interesting card combination could be born.

「—————A, aaaa !」

While he looked up from behind of that tall body, I used all my strength to swing the short knife with my right hand. I slashed his neck with the shining blade without hesitation.


「That hurts」

He said in a small voice and shrugged his shoulder.

I opened my eye wide in surprise, it was just like a nightmare—————No, not it was like or anything. This was a nightmare. He should have fallen down when receiving that slash to the back of his neck, but after a few second he stood up, what a nightmare.

「Are you kidding me…………You didn’t die from that. Are you a monster」

「Kaha. Unfortunately, my HP and defense are high. 」

He clutched his belly as if he was satisfied from the bottom of his heart, after a bit he laughed maliciously again.

And then, after a short pause, he stared at me with his red blood shot eye.

「As expected, as I expected. Exactly what I had thought. Ku-haaa, as if fate is playing with me. Now how do we settle the score now——————-I’ve been looking for you, Tarumi Yuunagi」

「Wa,…………….how,………….do you know」

I trembled before his words.

What did this guy just say ? A no, what did he know? Looking at this appearance, how did he know I was Tarumi Yuunagi ? Though, from the start who was he. Listening to his tone he seemed to know me but, I was looking like this.

「If you forgot then let me remind you. That’s a big service? I’m in a good mood right now.」

Interrupting my panic state he raised both of his hands.

「I am Izayoi Kozuki…………What, still don’t remember? Oi oi, what a cold guy. In a game 4 years ago, a genius gamer——— Izayoi Kozuki-sama like me was defeated by you completely!」


Staring at that Izayoi Kozuki guy who had just screamed loud enough that he exposed his canine.

I followed my “bitter memories” that had just appeared in my head.


4 years ago. It was winter. A cold time.

At that time I was only first year middle schooler, and I joined Ura-game which Sphia held.

At that time I wasn’t dragged in. After finding every suggestion about “The right to participate” on the neck, I bought that weird thing from an old couple who had been planning on throwing it away.

Then I was determined.

To fulfill my wish, I could only believe.

Therefore I put myself to the game————————And it seemed only in a week I completed that game.

“It seemed” here was because my memories of it was quite blurry. That scene, I didn’t remember correctly how it went. Just like it was filtered, the darkest part of my memories had been filtered.

It was just like my self-defense system.

In that game, my wish was fulfilled. I was grateful for that up till now.

However, the price for that was in no way small.

Ura-game at that time was held as something even more evil than ROC. They thoroughly used the “untrustable system” to its fullest in order to win. Crush, kill, trick, doubt everything except yourself, that was all you need to complete the game.

Continue with a heartless cold head, my mind had become barren in a blink of an eye.

Maybe it because I was weak. Because I was too optimistic and innocent, for that game I had changed the part inside of me.

And the experiment was a success. I gained complete victory.

Then I was praised by the game master.


“You have decided to discard your humanity”.

“Yes. That was the only way to complete this game——————- Congratulation”



Bop bop, while knocking his gun over his shoulder, Izayoi laughed as if he couldn’t keep it down.

Looking at his figure I remembered. It was true that in the game before he was there. But at that time he didn’t look like this, his hair was black too.

It was no different than a boring parting story.

As I answered Izayoi tilted as if feeling something was strange.

「A? The outer appearance doesn’t matter. Make suggestion based on the player’s skill」

「………I didn’t play with you how could I know」

「Though, you’re cosplaying as a girl? Ka-ha, is that your hobby. How ridiculous.」

「I’ll kill you, dammit」

Viens appeared on my forehead after hearing what he said, however, because I was now a Bishōjo so I couldn’t retort.

Speaking of which, this guy even though he joined Ura-game but he said 『I don’t need any reward』, as if he was only a show off weirdo, I was here to battle the strong.

…………And, I’d beaten that kind Izayoi.

If so then there was no way. He was a stalker who liked to follow people.

「Just now you said the outer appearance doesn’t matter.」

Izayoi made a twisted face, then he fired into the sky.

「You are that Yuunagi, I was sure of it———————Hey, why don’t we continue that fight. About the winning score you’re 1, I am 0. It wouldn’t be nice if you run away? It would be pathetic!?」

「……… Unfortunately, I’m in a very cute body right now.」

「I don’t care, the problem is the battle. Ka-ha, since then I always wanted to continue joining Ura-game and find you. And this time I’ll win」

The steaming pistol aimed at me.

Staring at him, I checked where he gun aimed at. In this situation, seemed like there’s no way out.

That surprise attack before, in fact it was my last trick. Now I only had one weapon card to defense. Running away now was not an option.

If so then I’d lose? Right here? Even if I knew I’d lose everything if I lost?


The final moment I stood inside this game was completely different than before, simply because this small body was trembling.

Aa, so it was. I’m sorry Harukaze, I couldn’t save you.

Closing my eyes, I let go of everything and wait for the moment the bullet came.

「———————–What are you doinggggggggggggggg, Kozuki-kun !」

A turnabout. Suddenly a girl approach him and interrupted, somehow my life was saved.

Izayoi stopped her head with his right hand, then tiredly answered.

「Haa………….Rikka. Why are you here. Don’t tell me you overcome those traps?」

「What traps! I don’t want to think about killing time by being left at the game center! Unbelievable」

「Was it fun ?」

「Un ! Look, Kozuki-kun, this stuffed bear I get it in one try——————-Not that! Your wound Kozuki-kun ! Blood is flowing from your neck!? Why don’t you heal it, are you stupid !」

「Aa, shut up, so noisy」

「A that hurts!? Y, you’re cruel, I was only worrying about you !」

「I told you——————, haaa. It’s useless whatever I say」

「What is it, why did you sighed—-!?」

Didn’t pay attention to the seemingly cute girl’s words, Izayoi operate his gear and put away the gun in boredom——————–Then he turned around and raised his hand up.

When he saw me looking stupid before that action, he said.

「I’m bored. I’ll go home. Maa, today was fun, Yuunagi. You’re the first one who landed a hit on me in this game. Let meet again when we have the chance.」

「Hey, wait————!」

「A? I told you I’m going home don’t you hear. I’m not in the mood to fight you. But let you treat now was a little waste. ……..In order to enjoy this more I’ll give you time to learn more.」


Leaving me there they went away. It was this time I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t think about anything.

Mercy———————-No, it was just his swinging mood. A complete defeat before Izayoi Kozuki, I couldn’t sympathize with myself right now. A big shame more than any. I clenched both of my hands since when I didn’t know.


I just lied down there and used the back of my hand to swipe the water droplet on my cheek, I also didn’t know whether it was tear or sweat.


「A————, Moo———-Haru-chin is here. I contacted you a lot of time and you didn’t answer, you’re cruel?」

While resting in the corner of the parking slot I heard an innocent voice.


As I saw her coming I stood up. Actually there was notice of someone calling for a while now. And I knew that was Himeyuri who was calling.

————————Therefore I ignored her to rest here, even so……………..

「Don’t come near me. I’m not not kidding.」

While being warry of every of her action, I slowly stepped back with soft step. However, Himeyuri only tilted her head in puzzlement, then she quickly approached me.

「Nihihi, are you playing hide and seek with me ? I won’t lose ?」

「Stop acting. ………Himeyuri. You come here to kill 『Kumoi Haruka』 right.」

「E !? Kil, kill who. Who do I have to hurt little Haru-chin, a no, why must I kill Haru-chin? Because the different in music art? Or by impulse?」

「Why, because……..」

For a second I didn’t know what to say. Himeyuri for a while now had been acting as if she didn’t understand, I didn’t feel like she was lying. Um………?

「Wait, wait a minute. Don’t you doubt that I am the princess?」

「Why is that. E, Haru-chin is the princess?」

「Ah no———————-No. A-re?」

Both me and Himeyuri was confused. It seemed like the two stories was not matched.

「…………You’ve watch the information in ROH right? The princess was someone who couldn’t log out of ROC」

「Um, of course I knew that?」

「And you saw me used《Return》in front of your eyes」


「……Um? E, no,  you were there. Because I asked you how to use that spell.」

「But Haru-chin, before you logged out you had ran away?」


「Um um, I know? 《Return》shouldn’t be used in front of other. Because it creates too much opening, I’d do so if that were me. So there isn’t anything worth worrying. Haru-chin is the type of people who worry a lot right?」

……….I ran away when I used 《Return》 ?

No, there was no such thing. No matter how I tried to remember, I was sure to activate it in front of Himeyuri ——————-that’s right, I read it in a small voice.


Supposedly. Supposedly if at that time Himeyuri didn’t hear it, and Harukaze swapped back, because she felt fear she ran away? And Himeyuri thought it was normal to use 《Return》 so she didn’t give chase? A, if so then it was fitting………….

「Then, if so………..I’m sorry, just forget everything. I’ve just PvP so I’m a little annoyed.」

「Um, are you okay. Things like this happened.」

Himeyuri didn’t mind any words I said, she still smiled 「Nihihi」 as always. Approaching with “the sound of  footstep” she stared down at me.

「But hey. In game like this you need a teammate?」

「………………I don’t know」

As I answer her curtly she hugged me and scrubbed her cheeks to mind. The smooth skin and the scent from her hair, all these thing kept attacking my mind making me felt as if melting. She had declared she would follow me right.

Fu……….let leave it be.

Just leave it be. For now I could avoid dangers. Right here, just like what I announced to Harukaze, even a little bad I still had the ability to complete this ROC. If so then accepting help from other wouldn’t be anything bad.

Although it was a bit bitter but if it were Himeyuri then for more or less I could use her—————


「Hey, don’t take advantage of this and kiss me!?」

「Um——–? Nihihi, because it’s delicious I’ll keep it!」

「Don’t talk why stroking my thigh—————Hey!」

A silver maiden was using all her strength to push away Himeyuri who was taking advantage of the situation to sexual harassing, though it was me.

…………As expected, it’d be dangerous if I were easy with her.

Mostly my virginity.

『Player: Kumoi Haruka

Collection status of “curse hidden treasure”: 0

Organizing status “Rebellion” : 0

Status: Begin』


Nice to meet you, I am Harukaze.

First of all, let me give you my thanks.

Also my repentant. It was like this, actually I thought, if possible I didn’t want to meet this “brunet” person Yuunagi-san introduced me. I was a little hesitated.


Yukina-san. After I fell face down on the bed, somehow she flew over from the window!

Moreover, even though I avoided looking at her but she kept talking as if it was nothing like『How, how are you doing Nagi, what a coincidence?』. Ehehe. Compare to being startled I laughed. Even though she was the first person I met, in a moment I felt like I could get along with her.

Everything is all thanks to Yuunagi-san.

You tell me not to hope for much but……..I’ve already receive plenty of happiness.

And this is P.S.

Tarumi Yuunagi-san

……… H-how do you read that world. I’ll be happy if you could tell me.


Ah, sorry. It read as Ta-ru-mi Yuu-na-gi. First of all, I’ve got used to your eye sight. I still haven’t able to do anything for you, and from now on I don’t know what I could do.

Just that, we can only meet through this swapping diary. So there will be late reply.

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