Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 2 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Color of Kornmöhme’s Fresh Blood

The next day.

After I’d done with my early jogging and breakfast, I returned to my room as usual to take another nap.

….What a self-indulgent attitude, but I won’t do that today? That’s because I have a very important task. It is to listen to the request of the Valkyrie whose armor, body and heart are all pure and white, Rossweisse-sama.

“Ah~, I wonder what is her request? Maybe it’s similar to Brynhildr-sama which she requested that she wants to ‘sniff me’?”

According to Brynhildr-sama, it seems my body had a very sweet fruity smell. I didn’t even realize this myself, but I am pretty sure of this after I asked Chef Head and Heizu.

But, when we were coming back from ‘Bilskirnir’ yesterday, there should’ve been a lot of chances for her to take a sniff at me…. Does that mean Rossweisse-sama’s request is about something else?

“Don’t, don’t tell me…. It’s something like ‘Please go out with me’? Impossible! But it’s possible based on her attitude yesterday! I appreciate your feeling but! I’m sorry since I have dedicated my heart, no my whole spirit to Brynhildr-sama only.”

“….. I see that you are extremely enjoying yourself, Sæhrímnir.”


Aha!? I am too careless! There is someone here and just right in front of me! That’s right, this isn’t my room, since I am heading to the “Rainbow Void’ for the purpose of going to ‘Vingólf’!

“Isn’t that fine? There is nothing to be embarrassed about since I’m having delusion on my own convenience. In fact, those desires can make a person stronger. I’m also having delusions every day. Something like being popular from getting a badge or how soft a breast can be.”

Why, why I am being like an old man, not only I could naturally understand this disgusting self-talk, I even expose my embarrassment without any regret.  Let see, this brains with that enthusiastically muscle, this pervert macho man is…

“Who are you again?”

“Hey! Are u serious, I am ‘Beruze’, Be-ru-ze! The commander of the sixth Einherjars squad, the ‘Hundred human slasher’ Beruze-sama!”


“That doesn’t ring any bell!? Come on, I’m the guy who picked a fight with the old man ‘Witige’ previously? Didn’t we have a funeral for the old man in the practice field?”

“Ah! I just remember!”

The moment when I heard the name Witige, my memory about it came back in a flash. I can’t believe my memory is so bad I forgot about the strongest Einherjars, the ‘Black Sword Saint’, Witige who was recruited together by me and the second sister of the Valkyrie, Gerhi-sama.

Because of the fight between Witige and the person in front of me, Beruze, we could figure out that the Einherjars were equipped with the same ability as I which is ‘Gullveig’.

Well… who would have guess that Witige strained back could help us discover something important as this….

“It seems you finally remember. You better don’t forget about Beruze-sama again since I am the one who took a gamble to prove the immortality of the Einherjar?”


Haha…. What a depressing tone, is it such a shock that I forgot about him?

… No, if I look at it from another point, maybe he wants me to recognize him due to my achievement. Now that I think of it, he could remember my full name….. Somehow it makes me feel happy upfront.

“By the way, Sæhrímnir, what do you usually do in the morning?”

“Normally, I will idle around but today I am going to go meet Rossweisse-sama.”

“Ho~, I am so jealous of you. For me, the shortage of women is much worse than sunburn.”

“Some, somehow I feel sorry for you. Even though I am not the only one who can revive once per day after it has been proven that the Einherjars can use ‘Gullveig’.”

“You’re wrong, Sæhrímnir. It’s not like we aren’t complaining about our deaths. Well… and it’s not like we aren’t happy by it.”

Beruze was saying that while lying down and he became a bit dull at end of the sentence. I wonder what happen to him? The Beruze who is always proud of himself, has a depressing expression now…

“Are you not satisfied with your current life?”

“…..Well. It’s not like I am going to get an award if I just keep dying. I want to have my own achievement. Just like how you had gotten an award, I believe there will be a day where we will be recognized.”

“An award… Other than the ‘World Tree falling’ event that happened recently, the current ‘Asgard’ is very peaceful.  So it will be a bit hard to earn an award in such time…”

“Ah. That’s why, I will not let go when the next opportunity arise. Moreover, I’m training myself to prepare for that. I want to reach the level where I can defeat a dragon, since I have no rights to be jealous of you from the beginning.”

There is no such thing as rights. It’s true that I defeated Nidhogg and saved the world tree, but I could only achieve that result due to the wisdom and strength of Loki and Brynhildr-sama. I just tried my best at doing what I could do only.

“Beruze, please do you best! Train yourself harder…. Lord Odin will surely recognize you, if you become so strong that you become a threat to them!”

“Okay! I can’t believe that will be my aim. I’m making good progress since I’m now studying under the old man Witige. I will definitely catch up to you, Sæhrímnir!”

Beruze clenched his fist and shouted a yell full of fighting spirit toward the future. To the best of my ability, the incompetent me also gave out a yell to my extent.

Instead of a ‘Special one person’, a ‘Special everyone’ can help to make the world a better place. I, who was already bored of the unpleasant sight of the world, will only want to look at those pleasant sights from now on.

Hm…. Huh? Did I really see any unpleasant sight like I mentioned just now?  If I said that the me who dies every single night is something unpleasant, then I had seen it a lot of times already.

What… What is this weird feeling I’m feeling now…… Well, never mind!

After I left Beruze-san, I used the ‘Rainbow void’ to teleport. After that, I arrived at the entrance of the Goddess living area, ‘Vingólf’.

During my last visit here, I met Grani-kun and was given a tour on the Valkyrie-sama dorm. It seems Grani-kun is not around today….. Well, I doubt that I will get lost after that tour.

I walked around ‘Vingólf’ by depending on the map in my mind which was created by my fragile memory. After heading toward a familiar distance palace, I wandered into a garden that filled with blooming lilies.

“Hm, I wonder where am I? It doesn’t seem like the dorm for Valkyrie-sama…”

The moment where I realized that I cannot rely on my memory —– A shout from a girl suddenly came from behind me.

“Kya!? There is a small boar walking!”

…Huh? This shout is so clear throughout the world…… Don’t tell me, it Freya-sama!

“Please wait for a moment, Freya-sama! It’s me! I’m Sæhrímnir!”

Freya-sama tried to be cautious toward me as she did not lend her ear to my words, and immediately ran away. Don’t tell me she’s going to call the guard….?

This, this is something terrible. Since we have already known each other, it would be easy for me to reveal my identity when she is alone…. Toward those guard, I will just be a normal boar since I don’t even know their names. Since I’m a vulgar person and a trespasser, I will be in a bind where I will be given the policeman rope without a chance to defend myself.


When my face was turning blue since the thought of me being a ham is possible, Freya-sama who was supposed to run away, came back alone without calling any guard.

A huge net for capturing bugs can be found in her delicate arms.

“Yeah!! What a cu~te little boar-chan, ah~”

I was caught by her easily since I didn’t even try to resist.

No, it’s impossible to resist her in the first place. This is because she is that Freya-sama? She is the super charming and beautiful super idol in the whole nine worlds, and the Goddess of the Goddesses which was adored by anyone. She threw away her gracefulness and gave a performance of how she just captured something amazing on her own……

“Fre… Freya-sama….that….. Nice to meet you again….”

“EH, it talks! Hm… Ah, Eh, are you….Sei-chan!?”

“Yes. Um… It might be my misunderstanding… the “Yeah!!” just now seem like a roar from a guy…… but the voice is quite cute.”

“Ah, um…. That is ……. Teehee!”

*Charmed!* this… This is the legendary smile that is only used by the chosen Idol Goddess, ‘Goddess Smile”.

After I got a direct hit from the ultimate ougi which could even defeat the same sex easily, I was forced to take some precaution measures to forget of the unladylike Freya-sama that I witness just now.

“….. I will pretend I saw nothing.”

“Thank you, Sei-chan!”

After Freya-sama patted my head, she stood up in an elegant way and fixed her skirt hem that was messed up just now. The efficient switchover of her is certainly like a pro.

“If Freya-sama is here….. Does this mean that this place is ‘Fólkvangr’?”

“It seems that way, this is my mansion after all. Do you need anything from me, Sei-chan? Or have you become a lost child?”

“Um…. It’s a bit discourtesy and shameful but it’s the latter.”

“A lost child is it. Okay, it’s something inevitable!  That’s because this place is so wide. Ah, um… It’s not like I am trying to praise that my mansion is very big, you know? I’m talking about ‘Vingólf’.”

“Of course I understand. Um… Freya-sama. May I know which direction should I go from here to reach the Valkyries-sama dorm since I want to go there?”

“Direction….? Hm…… Teehee!”

And she is showing it the second time! Eh… Freya-sama…. Don’t tell me….

“It is something inevitable! That is because this place is so wide! Right? Right!?”

“Yes, of course I understand.”

Somehow… it seems Freya-sama is the type of idol that would shorten her distance with her fans.

“Please wait for a moment, Sei-chan. I will ask Rudi-chan to escort you to the dorm. Rudi-ch~an!!”

Despite her cute appearance, Freya-sama used quite a loud voice to call her boar follower, Hildisvíni. Oh, as expected of her vocal volume. This is something to be expected since she did a live concert in the huge ‘Great Temple of Idavoll’.

“I have arrived, Freya-sama. ….Ge? Sei!… –san”

Is that ‘Ge’ a greeting from you, Hildi-anego? It’s okay for you to reveal your true nature in front of your master instead of giving an expression of a cat?

Hence, I looked toward her with a strong aura and Hilde just bent her head to a side. Nope, please rest assured that I won’t seriously wish for that since I’m a gentleman after all.

“Rudi-chan, it’s a bit sudden but can you escort Sei-chan to the Valkyrie dorm?”

“Your wish is my command. Then let us begin, Sei-chan.”

“Thank you and please take care of me. Freya-sama, I would like to apology for all the trouble I caused.”

After I bowed deeply toward Freya-sama, I left ‘Fólkvangr’ with Hildi. The moment when I could no longer see Freya-sama waving her hand while smiling…. Hildi suddenly activated the rune of ‘mannaz’ and transform into her human form. To match my height, she struck her knee on the ground, and a forcefully kabe-don*wall-slam* was formed. No, should it be a wood-don instead since there is only wood behind me instead of a wall?”

“Hey Hey Hey! Sei, why were you at the mansion just now! I was completely shocked and almost revealed my true nature!”

“I.. I am just a bit lost that all. I was a bit curious for awhile but why does Hildi hide your true nature in front of Freya-sama? If I’m not mistaken, during our first meeting, you did wear the ridiculous Gullinbursti sunglasses until we spotted Freya-sama and quickly took them off right?”

“That is because I look like a fool if you think about it calmly. “

“Well, isn’t that so?”

“I’m not a fool~!”

“Ho~ ge!? It would be good if it true (I’m sorry, it just a joke)!”

Ouch… It seem I went too far since I was just trying to tease her.

“Since I am the follower of THAT Freya-sama, I should behave myself when I’m with her right? I’m also her manager during her idol activities, that why I have to act like a girl who can do anything!”

“I see… But let me say this first, I don’t think Freya-sama herself wanted you to act like that? Because I see there is a lot of gap.”

“Well, she is a simplicity person after all. But doesn’t she look like an elegant one? That is also a part of her selling point, since I also play a role during the moment when she changes her pattern.”

“Ho~, is that so. But, aren’t you tired?”

“It is extremely tiring! Well shouldn’t it be tiring since it works? It is work if it makes you tired! I ‘m doing all this tiring works because I want to have pride in my works. By doing so, I will have pride in myself.”

I was quite shocked with her unexpected reasonable theory.

I see, you could also think it that way… To be frank, do I even have pride in my work? Yea… I should sit down and think about it afterward.

Because of Hildi thoughts, I am able to change myself which is why I thank her deep down in my heart.

“Okay, we have reached our destination! This is the dorm of the Valkyrie-sama, do you remember it properly?”

After we walked for a short moment, we reached our destination…. I mean who know that the mansion that’s visible from ‘Fólkvangr’ is the Valkyrie-sama dorm. It would be better if she had just told me that ‘it’s the building over there’.

“Instead of remembering, it’s just a one straight road. But I could remember the appearance of the mansion now. The last time I came here was during the dark night time, that’s why I have a different impression when I come during the bright day time.”

“Ohoho, actually it’s visible from ‘Vingólf’ entrance. That’s why you will be able to come here alone. That’s why you don’t need my help next time, right?”

“I understand. I truly appreciate your help, Hildi. Goodbye!”

“Bye bye!”

After we said our goodbye, Hildi walked back toward the road that we just came from. My front legs were shaking until I couldn’t see her figure up to a certain point, I’m finally going to step into the dorm of the Valkyrie-sama.

… It should be that way but… Where is Rossweisse-sama room? Even though there is only nine people living here but the Valkyrie dorm is ridiculously big! Even if I try to knock on every door, there will not be any reply if it’s an empty room. It’s similar to talking to a corpse.

As a conclusion, the rooms in the whole first floor are empty, the moment —– when I tried to climb up to the second floor with a dejected mode.

“Ah, Sei-san! Good morning.”

“Eh, Brynhildr-sama!? Go, Good morning!”

I encountered Brynhildr-sama in the corridor when I was trying to go up. Hm… it seems I’m pretty lucky today! To think I could witness Brynhildr-sama in her negligent appearance!

After sensing my weird sight, Brynhildr-sama looked at her own body. Her face turned bright red as if fire was applied to it and she quickly ran to a room nearby to hide her body.

“This-this-this-this is not what you’re thinking Sei-san! It’s not like I always sleep until this time!? It was a coincidence since I am off duty today, COINCIDENCE!”

“What is with this rare situation? Thank you! I will carve this memory into my brain so that it will pass down my generation as a family treasure!”

“Uu, It, it’s embarrassing, can you please forget about it….”

“Hahaha, I was just joking Brynhildr-sama. Please rest assured that I had already forgotten the body line that appears boldly because of the thin transparent fabric clothes.”

“Due to the various reasons, did you really forget about it…?”

“Of course, since I’m a gentleman.”

No, I will never forget it even if I die. Even if it’s a request from my beloved Brynhildr-sama, I will never let go of this opportunity.

“By the way, Sei-san, what are you doing here so early in the morning?”

Brynhildr-sama inquires me kindly while only showing a part of her face.

Unlike Brynhildr-sama, I had nothing to hide. I informed her of my purpose in a straightforward manner.

“To be honest, yesterday, Rossweisse-sama had a request for me. That’s why I came here early so that I can know what her request is.”

“A request? Um… may I ask…. What kind of request is it?”

“No, I didn’t know what she wants from me. Well since it’s a request from Rossweisse-sama, I will accept it no matter what.”

“Ehh… No matter what she requests…?”

Brynhildr-sama made a sound with her throat and purposely repeated that part of my sentence. Is it my misunderstanding, I felt like there is a very thick bloodcurdling aura from Brynhildr-sama…

“Se..Sei-san. You said that because Rossweisse-sama accompanied you to the party yesterday, right?”

“Yes, it’s also my thanks for her. Thor-sama party was too big that it made me feel nervous… But I was able to enjoy myself because of Rossweisse-sama.”

“OH…! That means that if I had accompanied you properly, it will be my…”

The moment after she listened to my reply, Brynhildr-sama hanged her head and muttered something. Damn, somehow this is a disappointment… I see, I didn’t know Brynhildr-sama enjoys going to parties that much.

“Ah, let’s see, if it’s okay for you, do you want to have a party with just the both of us?”

“Eh! Is that for real?”

While I was halfway saying what popped up from mind, Brynhildr-sama showed a bright expression that she’d never showed before. Oh, is this the good reaction? I thought that I was acting too harsh, but let try to say something first.

“Then let’s decide on a day suitable for our time then. Somehow I’m very excited for it already!”

“I am also excited! You better don’t forget about it, okay? Sei-chan!”

Eh, I will never forget about it. It seems that Brynhildr-sama forgot to hide herself and once again she showed me her negligent appearance.

“That’s right, Sei-san, are you looking for Rossweisse’s room? Then let me show you the way! Can you please wait just for a bit?”

After saying that Brynhildr-sama went back to her room first, and she changed into the dress that I saw before.

Yup, her negligent appearance is so good it makes me drool but if she kept wearing that, my sight would be fixed at a certain place. Actually it’s fine this way also since I don’t want to reject her request. …I am not lying, you know?

Like this I let Brynhildr-sama guide me, and with just the both of us we headed to Rossweisse-sama’s room. No~, seems like the happiness I displayed up until now is making my face softer. If I am cooked right now, I believe that the meat will be quite soft and melt in the mouth immediately?

While I was thinking about the delicious recipe in my head, we walked to the second floor of the dorm. It seems the furthest room in this floor is Rossweisse-sama’s room.

“Good morning, Rossweisse, are you awake now?”

“Ah, Hildr-nee-chan? I’m awaken, what’s the matter~”

After we gotten the permission, Brynhildr-sama entered the room. I followed behind her and walked in, Rossweisse-sama was a bit shock when she saw me.

“Wa!? Se, Sei-kun, you arrived already? Ah, you’re so mean onee-chan, you should have informed me earlier so that I could get changed! Well… since it’s Sei-kun, I don’t mind!”

For some reason, I could see Rossweisse-sama in her negligent appearance today! Furthermore, she doesn’t have any plan to change her clothes. I wonder why? Is it because I am a boar? Hehe, I see, so this is my special benefit. Ah, I will never let anyone steal this spot from me!

“Rossweisse-sama, I want to hear about the request from yesterday… did I come too early?”

“Nope, that’s not the case! I actually appreciate your effort instead! Then let me say it straight away… but that? Actually I want to discuss about my ‘God skill’ with Sei-kun.”

“Eh, something about the God skill?”

God skill — the meaning is like how it was written, a god skill. A special ougi that only the God community possess. But since I’m just a boar, I don’t think I will be of much use in this discussion…

“My God skill, ‘Kornmöhme’ is a skill that allows me to transform in to a huge wolf. But when I use that skill, I won’t be able to be myself… it as if I had become a beast.”

“As if you had become a beast… what do you mean by that?”

Since I understood that statement, I inquired for a more detailed information. I put my hand on Rossweisse-sama shoulder who was keeping silent as if it’s something hard to said, Brynhildr-sama explained to me instead.

“The ‘Kornmöhme’ transformation cause Rossweisse-sama to lose her conscious which makes her a berserker that goes on a rampage and she cannot even differentiate between friend and foe. She has a very strong God skill among us but we didn’t think about the side effect in exchange for the mighty power… “

“That is what you all said in order to get my consent! I can never accept that explanation, I bet you only said that because you want me to use it!”


Brynhildr-sama showed a very troublesome face after getting pressured by the angry look from her sister who shouted that with a strict expression. I asked a question toward Rossweisse-sama which included the intention to calm her down.

“Rossweisse-sama, why do you want to have a discussion with me?”

“That’s because during Freya-sama lunch party a short while ago, didn’t Sei-kun transform into a dragon? Furthermore, you even changed into a dragon during Thor-sama party yesterday. Even after you transform into a scary dragon, your conscious still remains. You didn’t go on a rampage like I expected. I was always quite curious about it since I think that you have a trick up your sleeve.”

I see, I finally understand about it now. During Freya-sama party, the reason why she kept inquire me about this, is because she is troubled by it.

But… I couldn’t answer her since I don’t have any trick of my own. It’s a skill that I can control from the beginning or I manage to do it unconsciously.

Furthermore, it’ll be hard for me to help since ‘Kornmöhme’ is a God skill, and it’s a bit different from my Fafnir which is a transformation by the rune of ‘mannaz’……

“Um… can I ask something for reference purpose…. Can you inform me in a more detailed way about the God skill system for the Valkyrie sisters, to be more precise what the differences between the sisters are?”

“The differences between us? Let’s see…. It should be our ‘different specialties’. Even though we are sister with the same blood, but our specialties are different. For example, I’m an all-rounder which focuses more on defense, with the one handed sword, ‘Liebe·Strafe’ as a weapon, supposing it should be ‘Erlösung Schilt’ which consists of a lot of shields. Currently…. All of them were destroyed. Sei-san, I think that you had already seen my God skill before. The skill that I used during the battle with Nidhogg.”

Ah, the light ray that came out from the sword. If I’m not wrong, Loki said it was a wide area attack type.

“The 2nd sister, Gerhilde is a spear user which specializes in speed, the 3th sister, Ortlinde is an assassin who is good at hiding her presence….it seems like it, hence, each of us has our own specialized field.”

“For your information, I am a fighter that specializes in close quarter combat! My weapon is the claw known as ‘Zwinger Schlüssel’. As a compensation for its short reach, it is quite sharp, and it won’t lose to Gerhi-nee-chan in term of power!”

Rossweisse who exposed a magnificence ‘pose’ on top of the bed, it looks like a cute and innocent gesture at first sight but her erotic appearance seems like she is the sort of person who works in the night. ‘Her appearance’ is black, but the inner part of her clothing is white… which is consistent like her armor!

“I would like to thank both of you for listening to my request. But… seems that I still don’t understand it with words alone. If it’s fine with you, can I see the God skill for real?”


Rossweisse-sama’s expression became dull after hearing my request. Brynhildr-sama also showed a grim face, as if she was troubled by the current situation.

“Please rest assured, I will change into Fafnir first! In case where Rossweisse-sama went on a rampage, I will definitely try my best to pin you down!”

That’s right, I’m not scared of no wolf. Since I could transform into a transcended type which is a dragon. I should be able to withstand anything even if it’s a God skill in that form.

“Is that…so. Sei-san, since it seems your Fafnir is quite powerful, I will cooperate with you. They did say one look can explain a hundred sentences. It might be worth it to give it a try.”

“But… but, it’s still dangerous. … What if both of you got injured…. I….”

“Don’t worry, please believe in yourself and also… Me and your older sister.”

Rossweisse-sama closed her eye as if she was convinced by my voice. After the silence that was neither long nor short, Rossweisse-sama who had made up her mind exchanged looks with us.

“I understand. I… will give it a try!”

Just like that, me, Brynhildr-sama and Rossweisse-sama move to another location. The location is in one of the corner of the large practice field which is the pride of ‘Valhalla’.

Both of them changed to their usual armor for the demonstration of their God skills. I’m being my usual self, and I brought along the small freezer from my room which is an insurance should the worst situation happen.

“’manaz’ —- ‘The fallen dragon’ Fafnir!”

“Shine, ‘Liebe·Strafe’!”

After I concentrated, I turned into the dragon that was covered with a poisonous aura. Beside me, Brynhildr-sama was already in her battle stance which means that she was already prepared.


After looking at my huge body, Rossweisse-sama gave a disheartening look and stepped backward. This should be the second time that she saw my current appearance… No, it should be the third time.

“Rossweisse-sama, there is nothing to be afraid of. This is not a real battle since our purpose is just to have a look at your God skill. So, I will not retaliate at all.”

It’s normal for her to be afraid, but my magic power won’t last for long, if she keeps standing still. I need her to be strong even if it seems like a reckless thing.

Rossweisse-sama relaxed her shoulder and took a deep breath. I’m not sure if she was able to relax with that, but she put both of her arm on the ground and get in a crawling position as if she had regain her sense.

“Ok, okay… then, the two of you, prepare yourself! God skill —- ‘Kornmöhme Zerreiβen’!!”

The moment when the God skill was released, a strong wind blew as if it was covering the world. A raging howl could be heard. The ground turned over, the atmosphere was pulled, and a huge outline was formed that drawn in the cloud—-,

This is— the fang bared by the ‘White Wind Wolf’.


With a roar by the six legged magical wolf, ‘Kornmöhme’, the tough hind legs gouged the ground. The moment when I thought the blood red eyes were looking toward me, my right hand was suddenly in pain.


My right arm… is gone! It was cut off and fallen to the ground! In just a moment! That means…. Rossweisse-sama is already on a rampage without even saying anything!


I took another attack from ‘Kornmöhme’ during the small moment when I realized the pain. I was able to avoid the fatal attack that aimed toward my head as Brynhildr-sama managed to stop its claws.

“Rossweisse! Please try to regain your conscious! Don’t get swallowed by your own God skill!”


“Kyaa! … As I thought it’s really a reckless idea….? I have to figure out something to stop it!”

‘Kornmöhme’ became more violent after it ignored Brynhildr-sama. If this continues, this tragedy will not end as a fight between the sisters that easily.

Damn… I dropped my guard. I wasn’t serious enough. So, this is the God skill that is the strongest among all the nine Valkyrie sisters. What should I do? I need to go all out, as this is not an opponent that I can defeat easily without showing my killing intent.

If that is the case… there is only one thing that I can do!

I used my remaining left hand as a matador mantle to provoke ‘Kornmöhme’. ‘Kornmöhme’ who was fighting with Brynhildr-sama, turned its body around and charge toward me with its saliva scattered everywhere, as plan it was planning to eat my left hand.

Ok, my luring tactic was a success! I used my tail to wrap the agile ‘Kornmöhme’ to stop its movement while I was biting my lips, just like that it fell to the ground as if it was covered by a mantle.

“! Sei-san, that is too reckless! Do you want to die?”

“It’s okay! With this…!”

The angry and engaged ‘Kornmöhme’ used its power to tear me off from him. Just like that numerous dragon scales that should be tough were tore off from me and fell to the ground, a large amount of blood come gushing out and dyed the mane of ‘Kornmöhme’.

While I was biting my lips to endure the pain, the pure white mane of the wolf was completely dyed red. As if the time for the God skill had ended, Rossweisse-sama gave off a light and returned back to herself.


After that, I turned back to my boar form, halfway through the transformation, it seems my power and heat is flowing out of my body. Ah… This is the first time that I was defeated. It looks like I cannot hold it any longer.

“Sei…..kun….? Hm, Sei-kun? Eh, you are lying right…. Why…why are you…..!”

I heard a trembling voice and a shivering finger touching on my wounds. Rossweisse-sama took another terrible shock, after seeing my current situation.

“Please…. Don’t…mind about it… I did… say that…. I will go… easy…”

“That’s…..wrong! This is not Sei-kun’s fault! I am the one who did this to you! I thought that I was able to control it this time ….. But I still cannot do it! That’s why this, this, is terrible…!”

Rossweisse-sama was crying while covered in blood. Damn it, why did this happen… because of my thoughtless action, it caused Rossweisse-sama to be excessively sad… But there is no other choice since it became like that. Since it’s an opponent that I cannot defeat without using my killing intent, I cannot even stop it without killing intent. Lucky because it’s something that’s possible for me only.


Picture 1

“Sei-kun…? Sei-kun! No, No… uwaaaaaaaa!”

Rossweisse-sama who was both sad and angry gave off a cry, which was the last thing that I could remember. This is the worst and most tragic bad end. It seems that from the first day that I came to ‘Valhalla’ until now, I did not changed at all.

Ahh… it seems that this idea… cannot save anyone….



“After that my ‘Gullveig’ activated! …. Hmm, where is this?”

During the sunset that day. After I revive as usual, the first thing I do is to look at the surrounding to confirm my revival location.

“Hm. Seems my place of revival this time is just beside the cooking stove.”

That means my body that had died this morning was deliciously cooked in this pot.

Which also mean that after ‘Gullveig’ activated, the place of revival is the ‘the safest place near my dead body’. This is the result of the research conducted by Loki and the 7th sister of the Valkyrie, Siegrune-sama. Since I revived near the cooking stove, that means my dead body was near the stove.

Well, they are doing the preparation now. My current location is obvious if you follow the sweet scent.

“Oh, as expected you really did appear around here, Sei-kun. That’s good, it seems you were able to revive safely.”

“Ah, Chef Head! Of course, I could revive! That’s my ability after all!”

“Haha, looks like you’re quite happy today. Then it’s better if you go have a look at Brynhildr-sama with this appearance. Somehow, it seems she is quite worried about you.”

“Eh, is that real? Then I cannot stay here, I will leave now!”

I heeded the notice from Chef Head and headed to the pantry with a fierce dash… with the little stamina I have. I opened the door to pantry while pretending to be fine as to not get exposed.

“Ah, Sei-san! That’s great, so you managed to revive as usual. Well, we did put your body into the freezer with the expectation that it will be cooked, but….seems you died while suffering….. so we worried if you received a strong mental damage from it.”

“Brynhildr-sama, I’m sorry that you were worrying about me. But you can relax now. Well, the Chef Head did turn me into mincemeat before so I won’t be defeated like that so easily.”

“Mince… Haha… Se, Sei-san, please don’t say such thing as it is something normal…”

Brynhildr-sama is the first of the Valkyries who closes her ear and has teary eye when she imagines that I was being mince. Hm, is my heroic tale a bit too simulating to the girl? I better be careful from now on.

“… There’s something I am quite curious, may I ask where is Rossweisse-sama currently?

I cannot find the first person whom I want to talk to after I revived. So I tried to inquire the people around me, but it seems Brynhildr-sama who understood the situation was the first one who answered my question.

“About that… Sei-san, actually after that… Rossweisse-sama shut herself in her room. Seems the fact that she had kill Sei-san with her own hands is a shock to her.”

“That…. Then, I will go and apologize now!”

Since I was the one who kind of persuaded the hesitating two to use their God skills, I didn’t think of the consequence that would befall Rossweisse-sama. I can’t remain here, I must hurry to Rossweisse-sama immediately.

Even though my body was exhausted after reviving, I still managed to reach Rossweisse-sama’s room. There is no point to be cautious. That is because I have to hurry up and tell her about my feelings!

“Rossweisse-sama, it’s me, Sei. I’m truly sorry about today! It was because of my thoughtless plan that caused Rossweisse-sama to have some painful memory… I was the one at fault! All the responsibility lies on me! That why if possible… please let me see your face!”

I had already informed my thoughts to her. It should have reached her. I just coincidentally died in the morning today as I’m already used to dying every night since it’s my routine. It’s something usual… that’s why… please let me see your usual cheerful face, Rossweisse-sama.

But… no matter how long I wait, there is no reply on the opposite of the door. The reason why I waited for her is because I am in no position to urge, is it possible that she is not in her room? Or… did something happen inside of the room!?

“Rossweisse-sama!? Are you there? Are you fine? Please answer me!”

I used my hoof to knock on the door. After that, I heard some sound from the inside of the room. That’s great, she is really inside and it seem she’s fine too.

Footstep could be heard coming toward the door softly. It almost time for the door to be opened. If that’s the case, I will get to see a smiling face for sure.

Maybe it’ll be a smile after she cried. Maybe it’ll be a smile with a pout. I don’t care which smile it will be, if Rossweisse-sama wishes for it, I will allow her to keep punching me until I die again. But—

“…Go back.”


Behind the door… I’m sure that’s what I heard, an unexpected rejection.

“Wh..What’s the matter, Rossweisse-sama! It’s fine even if you don’t forgive me! It’s better for you to get rid of the lingering feeling if you are still concerned about my death. That’s because I could come back from the death. It’s true that death is something painful and scary, but it’s still a job assigned to me. I’m just fulfilling my job, so Rossweisse-sama, you should not feel bad about it.”

“Even if you can revive, it isn’t an excuse for killing you!!”

There was a bang sound coming from the door. Suddenly my chest hurt due to the sad thought and I continued to listen to her follow up.

“It’s fine since you can come back to life after you died? What is that, it’s strange if you think that is something acceptable! I’m actually keeping it quiet up till now, but I actually rejected this idea from the start! The matter about you keeps reviving and also the matter about you keeps dying!? Isn’t that something painful, thus you shouldn’t treat death as something so lightly!”


My tears fell down as I was listening. That sadness filled with fury created a wound in my chest and slowly penetrated in. This pain that I felt from the deepest part of my heart… is this the pain that this girl is feeling now.

“Surely… I’m not the only one. That there would be other people who will get hurt from your death… please don’t forget about this. I’m not strong… like you…. Or the Einherjars.”

To think that she would say something like that, I feel that there is a presence of being distant behind the door.

“…. It seems I am a genuine fool, the likes of me…”

I muttered and gave off a sigh while slouching against the door.

What am I…. actually thinking.

I’m pretty sure that I am a meal. My purpose of coming to ‘Valhalla’ is to be eaten by the humans. Somehow I managed to be friends with Loki, I managed to get close to Freya-sama, getting an achievement of repelling a dragon, and getting a reward from Lord Odin to be a ‘Special’ Einherjars. Moreover, I was acknowledged by Thor-sama… I’m not sure when all this started.

I was actually quite curious about this result that rose me from being humble to the surface. If it can be done by me, I will do it regardless of what it is. That is because I saved the world, I am a hero. I believe that I could solve Rossweisse-sama’s problem easily…. Which was what I though.

“There is no ….reason for it…”

Why didn’t I realize this sooner? It’s not like Rossweisse-sama is not forgiving the stupid me or she is conscious of her guilty. She  just purely—- got hurt because of this.

Even after I revived, the fact that I had died still remains The proof of this is that my corpse doesn’t disappear.

After that, it will become disposable meat that will be cooked and eaten, I never thought that someone will get hurt by this… until today.


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