Valhalla no Ban Gohan Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Color of The Smoked Boar

When the sun set, moments before the moon replaces the sun’s role in the sky, I was revived like nothing happened and came back to ‘Valhalla Kitchen’.

“Ah, Sei-kun, thanks for the hard work. How was the water temperature today?”

“Oh, Chef Head, aren’t you being too discrete? Although I am grateful for your concern but that kind of half-heated temperature was the worse. The fact that I couldn’t die caused me more suffering.”

“Oh no, what a disgrace! I was planning for the suitable water temperature that would allow you to “po-ku” and die immediately before the quality and the taste of the meat got damaged. Guess I still need more research, haha!”

“What are you laughing at? This is not something funny!!”

“No, actually it quite hilarious. Let’s recap the dialogue just now, if you “po-ku” and die, you will become …… a pork “po-ku”, then pork “po-ku”, hahahaha! Isn’t that fantastic?”

“I am a boar not a pork ……” If we still continue chatting here, it will cause me to think about the hot water in the pot.

Ignoring the cheerful Chef Head, I looked up at the pot on the stove. The steam is hitting the cover of the pot and the sweet fragrance that flew out aroused my hunger.

“Wait, why am I getting so hungry after smelling my own fragrance?” This sentence is both logical and illogical. That is because the meat inside the pot is me that passed away just few moments ago. Wait you still do not understand? Actually this is a simple matter. Let me explain what happened just now as it seems confusing.

I, the dark brown boar “Sæhrímnir” was born with a mysterious trait that is being immortal. Since it might cause some misunderstanding, let me rephrase it, even though I have died normally, I am able to resurrect without any problem which is this mysterious trait. But it’s not a simple matter of resurrection, my ability is: after it activates, there will be a new body born with all my memory and experience beside the corpse.

Lord Odin was surprised when he first heard of this ability. He even said, “This reminds me of Gullveig.”

I was curious after that so I went back to my home and looked for some documents that can give me a clue of Gullveig. From the document, I found that Gullveig is also known as the golden goddess of Vanir, which has the ability that allows her to resurrect no matter how many times she dies.

This means that she also had died a lot of times? Although I’m not sure what circumstance is she in but between my situation of being a ‘meal’ every single night, I have no time to take care of other people problems. From now on I will call my revive ability ‘Gullveig’ as I share the same situation as her.

I am able to work in this kitchen because I am blessed with this ability. But it’s not that great because my ‘Gullveig’ has one condition, that is: I can only be revived once per day. This is the reason why there is another me inside the cooking pot.

Actually inside the pot is a special creation by me which is called ‘Eldhrimnir’. This is created by putting the necessary ingredient in the pot and after the moon had risen, it will automatically be cooked which is a very convenient ability.

That is not the only specialty of the pot. The pot had been blessed with a mysterious magic which is “As long as the moon is up on the sky, the food inside the pot will never decrease”. You can eat as much as you can before dawn.

Normally I am only able to serve to fit a few people’s dinners but due to the magic, I can serve a large amount of people. In addition to my ‘Gullveig’ ability, every dinner is able to settle without any problems.

Before I arrived in ‘Valhalla’, there had been a lot of livestock sacrificed every night up until now. This makes me feel like I am a perfect unlimited ingredient. It could be said that my shoulder loin is responsible for solving any food shortage that ‘Valhalla’ faced, which is what I thought.

“To be frank, Sei-kun, how are you today? If you are not feeling well, you could go rest. If there is no problem, I would like to ask you for some help?”

“I’m fine; I will go work now. I was just halfway done transferring the dessert; I need to finish it.”

“It’s okay. I will ask someone else to handle it. Actually the thing is, I would like you to go find Heizu[1]. Since the mead hasn’t been delivered yet.”

“Understood. I will go find her now.” To me who is dying, no, the me who had died once, I have another duty which is to make sure that there is no problem for the dinner.

Other than the meal, there is one more thing that the banquet must never ever not have — that is the drink which is also the alcohol. Especially in this banquet the alcohol that must be served is the mead from Heizu which is recognized as the most delicious mead in all the world from Yggdrasil.

To describe how delicious it is, other than Bowenwang, the God community number one customer, Lord Odin would not touch any other alcohol. But after he had tasted the mead, it caused him to drink the mead more than Bowenwang and this is how delicious it is.

This amazing mead do not need use a long time to create when compared to Bowenwang, this is because it actually comes from a young girl which keeps flowing out like a spring. Wait, this is not the correct way to put it. In ‘Asgard’, there are a few animals including me that can use the power of rune to transform to a human form. Similar like me who is a boar, she is actually born as an animal. She, Heizu, is actually a goat.

It seems like I just arrived at her workshop.

‘Ding Dong’, ‘Ka-cha’

“Heizu, how is the situation of the meaaaaaaaaad!!!!??”

“Who is it? Ah, Sei-kun, it’s you, do you need anything?”

“That is my line!!! Why are you naked and you are also in your human form?”


“Heizu can also change? To human form?”

“I am not talking about this! Won’t there a lot of problem because you know the mead is from your um…..b…bre….breasts!!”

The mysterious white fluid that squeezed out from the nipples is the true identity of the mead. Before this, I remember that she squeezed out the mead in her goat form but if it was done in the human form……. Just imagining it gave me a perverted feeling. I wonder if this is because my mind-set as a boar is similar to a human.

“Is there any problem for me to milk it in this way?”

“It’s not about whether it good or bad. First it seems perverted……*ahem* Let just forget about it! Then how is the effectiveness of milking in human form?”

“Ah….It seems that the milking is a bit slower in the human form and it’s not very effective. Recently Heizu keeps doing it in this way though.”

“Eehh!! This is the first time I heard of this! Why are you doing it in this way?”

“The guys from the underlings said that by doing it in this way, the mead would be more delicious. In term of feelings.”

“By underlings you mean the Einherjars? They said that? Damn those guys! Heizu, you must not trust what they say so easily!”

“Actually …… Lord Odin also requested for it to be done in such a way.”

“That pervertED old man!!” It’s no good, even though he is not around, I cannot believe I just said some foul language toward the Lord Odin. Oh…. Lord Odin, please forgive me……

“I don’t care! Please don’t do it in this perverted way anymore! In term of my feelings!”

“Feelings again?” Heizu who felt confused rested her shoulder and gave a sigh. It’s okay even if she is confused. This is because in her human form, she has long light pink hair and a body of a young girl. In addition, she has big breasts! Do you understand what it means? This is the so call big breastedloli. Actually just by standing here is already a crime, if someone saw that she is secretly doing this kind of things. There is a high chance that she will be captured and lockup by perverts forever. This is why there must be a real gentleman like me who can protect her.

“Sei-tan, thank you for worrying about me.”

“That is obvious. Doesn’t my appearance look like a gentleman to you?”

“As thanks, let me treat you to some fresh mead.”

“Is it really okay? I am so happy; I only drank a few drops to experience the taste only. It feels like a dream for me to be able to drink the first batch of the fresh mead.”

“That’s great, please help yourself.” After that was said, to suit my 60 centimeter height, Heizu kneel down and put her breast in front of my eyes.

“Um… What am I supposed to do?”

“Please drink it directly from the nipples. This is because once it’s poured into the cask, the odor from the cask will be mixed with the mead which is why this is the best way to drink it directly from the nipple……… said by Lord Odin.”

“That SUPER PERVERTED old man!!” Ah, not good, once again I use such foul language….. Lord Odin, I beg for your forgiveness again, let just say that I won’t be able to respect you anymore.

After successfully getting the precious mead, I delivered the cask of mead to the kitchen. “Thanks for your hard work! Wait, Sei-kun why are you the one doing the delivery! I just asked you to help check on her situation only, you can leave the delivering to someone else.”

“It’s okay, I’m sort of used to doing this already.”

“Are you sure you really don’t mind about it? Since you are so motivated…. Just put the mead at that side…. By the way Sei-kun, did something happen? It seems that the milking speed is very slow recently.”

“A…. that is because…… there is some feeling problems, I guess. It will recover starting from tomorrow I think.

“Are you sure? That fine…..ei? *Sniff* *Sniff* Sei-kun, why do I smell the scent of the mead from your body. Don’t tell me that you secretly drink some when you are delivering it?”

“Impossible! This is the precious mead you know? How could I possible do these kinds of rude things like drinking directly from the cask?”

That right, I swear to god that this is true. This is… it isn’t bad for me to respect Lord Odin a bit more right… which is what I though.

“Actually Chef Head, there is something more important than this. How was the meal?”

“Eh? Hehe, you will see it in a moment. As you can see all the dishes have already prepared. Now it just left for us to welcome the Einherjars and their toasts by using the mead glass.

“The knives and forks are arranged in a very neat way.”

“That is of course. Today we have changed our menu, the menu for today is a thing called a full western style course meal. It seems like it might be too elegant for those heroes whose brain is full of muscle.”

That is correct, compared to the previous Viking style (buffet), it might seem not so appealing for the menu today. Well there are days where the chef is quite dedicated in their cooking ……. And I am just a trainee.

“It seem like they have arrived while we were just chitchatting. Sei-kun, aren’t you going to look for Brynhildr-sama? This is the only time where you have the chance to talk to her.”

“Ha ha! How can I be the one who goes find her voluntarily?”

“How could you say that? I don’t think she will mind these kinds of things. Why don’t you hurry up and go talk to her before they pour the mead?”

“That right…. Then I will go find her.”

I used a disgusted feeling to glance back at the Chef Head, who is looking at my butt, while hurrying to the pantries, which is just beside the kitchen. Inside there are nine females, who are surrounding the mead cask on the cart, which I just delivered.

They are the female goddesses; the Valkyries who descend to the human realm and soar the across the battlefield, leading the souls of the dead heroes toward Valhalla is their job. If Lord Odin gave the order, they are allowed to join the battle to interfere with the fate of the heroes, which is to kill the hero that they desire directly. These are the type of shady jobs that they do.

Even though they already have a very important and dangerous mission but during the night they have another type of task. It is to serve the Einherjars mead.

The so calledEinherjars are the dead heroes that were gathered by the goddesses. Each individual Einherjars is talented in martial arts and they received medals from the battles and wars in the mortal world.Thus, most of them are very proud of themselves. Moreover, they have more pride now compared to when they were living because of the invitation to ‘Valhalla’. Some of them even treat the goddesses like servants.

“I really wonder if you still remember who brought you guys up here. This banquet is done due to the goodwill of everyone here” I unconsciously spoke my dissatisfaction out.

At this moment, all the goddesses turn around after hearing my voice.

“Who is it?” The first to spoke out in a stern voice is the eldest of all the nine Valkyrie, Brynhild who is wearing a cyan color amour. Ah, as usual today she is so beautiful and adorable…. That’s not it, I have to respond immediately!

“Please hold on! It’s me, Sæhrímnir!”

“Sæ? Ah, Sei-kun. I’m sorry if I startled you.”

After knowing that the voice of the suspicious person was mine, Brynhild-sama sheathed back her sword and her facereverted back to a gentle smile. The others gave out a sigh of relief and their expression also calmed down.

“Are you doing the preparation for the toasting?” I simply asked. Of course, I just want to have a conversation with Brynhild-sama alone only but this is impossible as this place is so crowded.

“The preparation is almost done. Haha, although I always said this but I still feel that this is very troublesome…”

The one who answer me is the sixth sister, Helmwige-sama who is wearing brown colored armor and has shoulder length purple hair with the appearance of ayounger girl. Even though she looks like the most childish out of the nine sisters, the way she speaks is similar to those elder persons. And the most shocking thing is, she might look like a young girl but she is the strongest out of all the sisters.

“Sei-kun, let’s put this aside. Why do I feel like the menu for today is different from the usual? What happened actually?”

Using unhappy eyesight to stare at me is the seventh sister, Siegrune-sama. Her body is wrapped in blackarmor with a blonde twin tail and elongated eyes that leave a deep impression to people. Even though I did not talk much with her before, it is very easy to notice that she is a tsundere.

“Well…. This is all decided by the Chef Head. Today, we are serving the famous thing which is the full western style course meal. Thus, everyone is busier compared to usual, if possible, do you mind if I help you with the mead?”

“Huh? We don’t need your help and since you have already completed your own mission, you should just relax without doing any extra things.”

“Is that so? I am sorry for worrying you.”

“Why are you thinking like that? Who worries about you! I just thought that you might be tired after being entrusted with this simple yet important task…. Wait… I said that because I just don’t want you to cause any trouble when you are so tired! Just to make this clear, I am not worrying about you or anything, okay!”

Siegrune-sama keeps talking while she is blushing and fills the jug with mead quickly. Ah, this is really the typical tsundere routine.

The banquet is going to start soon, there is no point for me to stay here if my help is not needed. It would be better for me to leave than to interrupt them when they are working. The moment when I turn around and leave –

“Ah, Sei-kun. Please hold on.”

There was someone behind me who requested me to stay. The owner of the voice is none other than my idol Brynhild-sama.

“Yes, is there any matter?” My heart keeps beating when I asked

Brynhild-sama walked toward me and bend down and while blushing, she whispered to my ear: “Um.. I want to ask, are you free tonight?”

“Of course I am free!” Is this real, an invitation at night! It is so AWESOME!

Every day, I practiced on answering different kind of situations just to hope that there will be an invitation like this one day. Finally, after waiting for so long, I finally have a chance to say it!

“Are you really free tonight? It seems like you responded quickly.”

“I am really free! I will even make myself free if I’m not free! Even if Lord Odin want to hold an emergency meeting tonight, I will also make myself free!”

“You can’t just absent from that, it’s serious.”

“Ah, yes.” She is being so serious which is also one of her merits.

“Then Sei-kun, after the banquet ended, can you come over to my room?”

“Brynhild-sama’s room?”

Wow, this is something impressive. Who would have thought that I would be invited to the sacred zone, the hall of the goddess, ‘Vingólf’!

“I will inform the situation to the beloved horse, Grani-kun. Please find him so that he can guide you to my room. I will see you later then.”

After saying that, Brynhild-sama pated my head and left. She took the jug from the youngest sister, Rossweisse-sama and waved toward me before heading toward the big canteen.

“No nonono, this is really something amazing….” Due to the extreme shock and over excitement, it seemed like I was floating and like this I floated back to the kitchen. After seeing me in this state, the Chef Head showed a worried face for no reason.

“What happen, Sei-kun? Don’t tell me your heart got broken?”

“What are you talking about Chef Head? I have a very happy face with a big smile!”

“How could I even know the expression of a boar? But if you can laugh, that means something good just happened right? That is very good, you should be happy on my advice right. It’s all thanks to me that gave you the final push to talk to her.”

“It is as what you said. Thank you very much, Chef Head. If you need any help in the future, do not hesitate to ask me for your help. I will be very grateful to give you the push that you needed.”

“That is not what I meant but… oh well, since you put it that way, I will be grateful for that push.”

I would not mind as long as I am able to repay the debt. Overall, our job as the kitchen staff is finished for tonight. To relieve my eyes, I went to look at the cute Valkyrie-sama with their work for a short while. After that, I went back to my own room for a short rest while waiting for the promise time with Brynhildr-sama.

Even though I am used to it, but being resurrected still wears me out.

After a few hours, when it was almost late at night, I jumped out from the bed. Even the continuous noise from the banquet became silent during my nap.

“Let see now. Ah, it almost the moment of the full moon.”

By looking toward the dark sky from the window, the replacement for the time system in ‘Asgard’, the moon, will became a full moon soon. Brynhildr-sama should be heading back to her room by now.

I heard from the Chef Head whom was born in the human realm, ‘Miðgarðr’, that the moon in ‘Asgard’ is very special in the perception of the Chef Head. This is because in ‘Miðgarðr’, it takes a whole month for the moon to complete it lunar phase while it only takes a night in ‘Asgard’.

The so called sunset at 6pm in the human realm is handled by the Moon God, Mani-sama that begins as a New moon state, by putting his hand up toward the sky, the moon start to change. First is the Waxing Crescent moon, First Quarter, and then it will become a Full moon, Second Quarter, Waning Crescent moon and finally it will disappear as the New moon. When it is almost 6am, it will be the Sun Goddess, Sola-sama who will bring in the sun to take over the moon role.

By following a fixed and correct set of regulations, there is a non-stop cycle for the day and night, this is the routine for the world that does not have any seasons.

“Okay. Let’s go!”

To me who was just reborn, it is unnecessary for me to check my appearance. Moreover, I could not even comb my hair alone.

After coming out from my room, I walk toward to the top part of ‘Valhalla’ in the world tree, Yggdrasil. My destination is ‘Vingólf’ but it is a foolish act to walk toward there.

For your information, ‘Valhalla’ is actually a very big place, it would take me around two hours for me to run a lap on the outer side even if I try my best. Even if I managed to walk out of ‘Valhalla’, there is still the land of the palace, ‘Gladsheim’. Moreover, ‘Vingólf’ is located on outside of ‘Gladsheim’….

If I depend on my legs only, it will take more than a night to reach there. Even though it’s quite big and the style is quite nice, the scale is too large and its very inconvenient. This inconvenience can be solved easily by using Yggdrasil. To be more precise it is the ‘void’ that can be found on the trunk of Yggdrasil.

In the void of the world tree, there is a rainbow color glow that could be found and it is known as the ‘Rainbow void’. It is the smaller version of the bridge that connects the human realm with the god realm, ‘Bifröst’. So, it means that by entering into this light, I am able to teleport to other places of the god realm.

But…. by using the ‘Rainbow void’ it is something like a one-way ticket as I cannot use this method when going back. So it is your own responsibility if you want to use this, thus do not forget about this thing.

“It’s fine, as long as I can go there anything is fine. Who knows, I might be able to stay over there… Hehehe.” I could not believe that my brain is tainted until this point.

All I have to do is just think of the name of the place I want to go in my mind and step inside to the “Rainbow void”.

“………!? Yes, I managed to reach the place! It is very successful even though it’s my first time using it.”

I closed both of my eyes due to the daze from the teleportation, when I opened them, the sight in front of me is a golden palace more glamorous and sacred than the ‘Gladsheim’. During my first visit to ‘Gladsheim’, I actually look at this palace – the secret garden of the goddess living area ‘Vingólf’.

“In..Inside here is where Brynhildr-sama could be found. Not only Brynhildr-sama, the other goddess also. There is also the super idol goddess, Freya-sama who is doing those kind of things ….!!”

The place is actually an area where males are forbidden to step in, a restricted area that is not to be trespassed upon. The moment I step in here, I feel like my immorality and superiority is attacking me in the inside. Don’t laugh, Sæhrímnir, this is the moment to show your gentleman spirit. Calm down, take a deep breath…. This is impossible! There is a sweet fragrance that’s flowing toward me in the outside of the building! Argh, I need to be calm, my heart is beating very fast. After it has calmed down, the moment when I try to sneak in secretly,

“Hey, what are you doing here!”

“Ah! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was just possessed by my immorality!”

“Ha? A grey boar… that means you’re ‘Sei-kun’?”

“Yes…. do you know me?”

“I heard a lot about you from Brynhildr-sama.”

After hearing the name that I am pondering about, I open my eyes wide and look at him. A grey body with golden hair plus four strong and vigorous legs. I understand now, he is ….

“Grani-kun ?”

“Is the ‘kun’ really necessary? Well, I don’t mind anyway.”

Grani-kun felt a bit shy and turned his face away. He is the beloved horse of Brynhildr-sama, his father is regarded as the world’s number one famous horse, ‘Sleipnir’. I couldn’t believe that I was able to meet such an amazing horse in such a close distance.

“Sei-kun, you came here today to meet my master, right? Let me lead the way, so don’t just stand there like a fool.”

“Ah, thank you and sorry for the trouble.”

I needed to run a bit to catch up with Grani-kun who was just walking normally. Since the distance between our steps is too big, it made me tired just to catch up with him.

“Actually Grani-kun, I am surprise that you sensed my presence there.”

“Ah? Of course I am able to sense it because you are in front of the entrance.”

“That’s correct but I had tried my best walking as silently as I could to remove the sound of my footsteps! Like those assassins.”

“It’s true that you were able to eliminate the sound but if you kept breathing heavily like that, you wouldn’t be able to be like those assassins. You are more like a pervert instead.”

Why didn’t I notice that I was behaving in such a disgraceful way? Ah, what had happened to my gentleman’s spirit…

“At first I thought that a suspicious person had appeared so I tightened up my guard. Next time please breathe normally, okay? Okay, Sei-kun, we have arrived. This is my master’s room.”

“Thank you, Grani-kun! Um… I would prefer if you just called me by my name without any honorifics.”

“If you don’t like it, then I can change it. I called you that’s because my master also called you that way, so I unconsciously also did the same.”

“It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just that it’s much more convenient if you called me by my name instead.”

“Then I will just leave it to my own preference then. Sei-kun, I’m actually quite bored from hearing things about you from master. Do you know what this means?”

“Um… not really?”

“Then to be direct, I think she has a thing for you. This fact makes me feel a little bit of jealous toward you.”

“Ah, you don’t have to praise me that much, everyone also said that I am very juicy.” [2]

“I’m talking about being jealous! I don’t think that is normal that you are being praise that much! Anyways, what I want to say is you better not betray my master on the task that she entrusts you with. Then, I will leave it to you now.”

Grani-kun had a very serious look when he warned me. I sincerely answered him while gazing at his eye that was trying to see through my eye which is honest and full of resolve:

“If there is anyone who’s willing to place their trust on me, I rather choose death than betraying their trust. To be frank, my life is lost once every night so it can be said that it a cheap price to pay.”

“Not a bad resolve. At first I just thought of you as a pervert, but now I finally understand why my master is so interested in you now.”

“So you understand now? The gentleman’s spirit that flows out from me is the secret to my charm.”

“Ha, is that my misconception? Well there is no harm in this type of air-headed person. Your charm is not the gentleman’s spirit, it is the courage to offer yourself every single night. I believe that you are very amazing because that type of courage is something that no one is able to learn.”

Grani-kun walked away in a cool manner after saying that with a monotone voice. Great! I think I managed to get a passing mark from Brynhildr-sama beloved horse. This made me feel proud of myself. I am able to settle down now compared to the first moment when I arrived at this ‘Vingólf’.

I believe that there will be no problem now and I also have…… the gentleman’s spirit! No, I think just now the spirit has not appeared but now it has! This must be the truth!

Ding Dong

“Brynhildr-sama, sorry for disturbing you so late at night but it’s me, Sei.”

“Oh, Sei-kun. Please hold on.”

There’re footsteps walking toward the door on the other side and slowly the door opens. From the gap of the door, the blonde long hair angel who had taken off her cyan armor and is now wearing a pure white bathrobe, Brynhildr-sama has appear.

“Welcome to ‘Vingólf’. Please don’t hesitate and come in.”


I walked inside the room like a newborn deer that just learned how to walk. Ah, it’s no good, come back faster, my gentleman’s spirit! Don’t tell me it left already?

“Bry… Brynhildr-sama, may I know why are you just wearing a bathrobe only?”

“Ah, please forgive me, my shameless appearance. I just finished taking a bath and I thought it would be rude if I left Sei-kun waiting. So I just came to open the door in this appearance.”

“I am grateful for your concern. Are you wearing just a bathrobe for my sake?”

“Ah? Yes, I am wearing just a bathrobe for your sake…..Eh? Why does it sound so weird……..”

Even though it’s a bit late but Brynhildr-sama is slowly feeling shy, her face is becoming bright red.

“ to this, Sei-kun, thank you for coming here in such a short notice.”

“It was nothing, I can see the breast!! No! I was actually free anyway! So may I know why are you looking for me today?”

“…..Is it wrong for me to invite you over like this?”

Brynhildr-sama said it in a sad tone and both her light purple eyes were filled with tears. Not good, I couldn’t believe that I had said such a misleading sentence.

“That’s not the case! You can invite me anytime for anything, to me just by being with Brynhildr-sama is the most awesome thing that I could ever think of.”

“If you say it like that, I will really invite you out every single night, you know? This is because Sei-kun is…….”

At this point, Brynhildr-sama is holding me tightly and buried her head on my back. She also said a very surprising thing:

“Ah, there is really a very sweet fragrance of fruits coming from Sei-kun body. It smells like an apple yet it also like the smell of grape.”

“Eh, is there really such a fragrance?”

I also didn’t realize this…. I wonder where does this smell come from? Is it because I change to a new body every time I die? Or is it because of the mead that I drank just now? Maybe it’s the result of the exercise that I’m doing just to get popular with girls? No, I think about it due to the constitution that I am born with…… this is because even the Einherjar praise that my meat is delicious, I guess this is due to my constitution then.

“Haha, it seems that I enjoy the current situation too much. Um… can I ask for you again if I want to smell this sweet fragrance again?”

“Sure, I also enjoy myself just now.”

“What did you enjoy?”

“That is…..hahaha, let just ignore it.”

I kept the secret about the situation just now where my face was buried in Brynhildr-sama’s breasts forever.

“Truth to be told, Brynhildr-sama, may I ask whether your invitation for today is just to smell my fragrance only? If it only this type of simple stuff, I would be very happy to come here every day. If possible I would like it to be like that.”

“No, actually it’s not that.”

“Then what is the real purpose……”

It seemed that my evil wish is confirmed by her pure and innocent smile, which caused me to hang my head in shame. Brynhildr-sama hurried waved her hand upon seeing me being listless and explained:

“Um… That is not what I meant, the ‘no’ is about the former question. The reason I invite you here is actually…. After I heard from the Chef Head, And-san, he said that Sei-kun is able to change into a human form. Is that true?”

“Ah, yes. I know how to use the mannaz rune.”

“Mannaz? That is impressive, you can really use the magic of the rune!”

“Hahaha, I only know how to use mannaz.”

“That is already very impressive. Um… to be frank, there is something that I would like to discuss with you.”

Once again Brynhildr-sama corrected her sitting posture, I also follow her and corrected my own posture, so that I won’t get so nervous.

“The matter that I would like to discuss with you is about my sister, the 2nd sister, Gerhilde.”

“Ah, Gerhilde-sama is that prideful, I mean, the spear user lady whose gesture is very elegant?”

Not good, I tried to fix my indiscreet remark after realizing it but seem like it was too late. After hearing that statement, Brynhildr-sama glared at me intensively.

“Eh… Sei-kun that is very rude. Is that how you thought of my cute little sisters?”

“Argh! No, I don’t mean it like that. I am very sorry!”

I groveled down my whole body to express my sincere apology. Ah, this body that is using four legs to walk is very dreadful! This makes groveling down is no different than lying on the ground for me!

I tried to take a peek while being terrified, but it seems like Brynhildr-sama who was overlooking over me burst out a mischievous smile.

Don’t tell me that I was played! But I do not mind because the sharp glare that Brynhildr-sama gave is very impressive!

“Hehe, I am sorry, I play a dirty trick on you without any intention.”

“I don’t mind actually! *cough* But it’s the truth that I did indeed disgrace Gerhilde-sama.”

“That is not a problem. She is really prideful but she is very talented in martial arts but she’s lacking on the rune magic. It seems that the task that is directed to her alone is not making any progress as she has to transform into a dove…. which is what I heard from the 4th sister, Waltraute. It would be nice if she came and discussed with me but….. I wondered why she is being so hostile toward me.”

It seemed as though Brynhildr-sama was looking in a distance and gave a very deep sigh. That expression is also beautiful but a smile is the most suitable for a lady.

“Hostile… Maybe it’s not like that.”

“Is that true?”

Even though I have only arrived at ‘Valhalla’ recently, but her behavior is quite obvious. She is actually being treated as a rival instead of an act of hostility.

It’s like she knows that there’s just a step away but there is always another presence that will be in front of her forever. There’s also the reason that she is unable to respect her sister frankly which caused her to develop such a harsh attitude.

The reason why Gerhilde-sama never depends on Brynhildr-sama is not because she wants to catch up to that shadow but she actually wants to keep chasing after that instead.

I tried to use an expression that looked like I understand everything to explain but it seemed like I would regret it immediately as I talked too much. But it seems that Brynhildr-sama had calmed down and smiled:

“Thank you, Sei-kun. I feel much better now. But even if that is the case, that child will still refuse to listen to my advice. So, I would like to ask if you, Sei-kun to teach her how to use the transformation rune in my stead?

“Me? But I remember that the 7th sister, Siegrune-sama is actually quite skill in rune magic? I think she is on par with Lord Odin on the knowledge of the rune. How about we try to ask for her help first?”

“Well, I did think of this before but she declined me when I went to ask her for help.”


“She said, ‘Why should I go and simply teach the only thing that I can brag about among our sisters to other people?’ ”

“What a weak tolerance!” Please don’t worry, Siegrune-sama, that is because your tolerance level is also one of your features. But I’m not sure whether it’s worth bragging about to other or not. “I understand now, please allow me pre-empt to accept this task.”

“That’s great! Um.. Please keep this a secret from the others….”

“Of course, if she knows that you asked me to help, she will surely reject my teaching.”

Once again Brynhildr-sama bowed down again with an elegant smile. What a polite person… her politeness actually made me feel uncomfortable. A small fry like me only need to be kick to show they are thankful. If I said I want to be kicked, will she be willing to do it. Maybe I should try it out? I have already accepted her task, and I didn’t demand for anything in return.

“To be frank….”

“Yes? No, that was a joke just now, there is no way that I want such a vulgar act as a reward.”

“Eh? That not what I mean, actually can I ask you to help me with another matter?”

Brynhildr-sama was a bit shock when she is looking at me. I wonder what happened. Maybe my inner thought just now was heard by her?

“There is no problem, no matter how many requests Brynhildr-sama asks, I will willingly do my best to complete all of it.”

“Wah, Sei-kun is really kind. Then…. Can you show me how do you use the mannaz rune?”

“Ah, no problem.”

There is no way that I could refuse the request when the lovely lady is looking at me with her eyes filled with excitement. I need to give my very best – because this is the moment to show off my brilliant transformation magic.

“I worship you the skull of Ymir; Kiss his body. Now I ask for permission to expose the Divine Omniscience sacred matter. Make the color change, let encounter, departure, reconcile and solitary become a reality! The twenty rune of Futhark, mannaz!”

The magic inside me gave off a bright light which lighten up the whole room. Around the moment after my first breath, at the same time in front of me there is Brynhildr-sama with her big round eyes and trembling constantly.

Based on her reaction… this means that the rune had activated successfully. I took out a mirror from my pocket to verify the situation.

My hair which has the same brown color as my body color of the boar form and the appearance of innocence fifteen years old boy, a simple shirt and trousers with no extra decoration…. Perfect, this is the human form.

“What do you think, Brynhildr-sama? This is how my mannaz work.. Eh?”

“Ah, that,…..”

I wonder what happened. Brynhildr-sama looks a bit weird and she is holding her bathrobe tightly with her ears being bright red.


“Um, are you okay?”

“Please don’t look this way! I’m sorry because…”

Really, I wonder what is happening. I don’t have a messy hair, there is no gum on my eye, and my nose hair is not showing out from my nose, there is nothing sticking on mouth. This should be perfect, this is exactly what a gentlemen should look like. Ah, don’t tell me that I’m actually a narcissist?

“Well, since I’m not sure what happened but I would like to apologize. I will take my leave now.”

“Yes.. I’m sorry, suddenly I just feel very embarrassed ……”

“There is no need to concern about me, please do not force yourself! Then….. I wish you have a very good night.” *kacha* *bam*

Hm… I wonder what is wrong with Brynhildr-sama. Her face looked so red like steam was going to come out….

Don’t tell me it’s because of that? Is it because my human form is too appealing which caused her to suddenly felt embarrass of her sleeping wear…. Impossible…..

“Oh, is that you, Sei-kun? Why are you in your human state? Are you going back now?”

After I step out from the door, Grani-kun came out from nowhere like he was secretly hiding somewhere to peek.

“Yes, it’s a pity because I thought I have a chance to stay over for the night.”

“I feel pity for you. Where are you going? Hop on, I will take you back to ‘Valhalla’.”


“Well…. We are friend after all.”

Grani-kun is my friend? A friend of a small fry like me? Is this really?

It seemed like a lie and it also seemed like a reality. This is the first time I make a friend! I did not even have one after I left my hometown.

The reason why I left the forest is due to my idol Brynhildr-sama, but in the end I became an ingredient that has to die every day. Even though I already made my resolve, but it is still something very difficult. Even the occasional luck could not overcome the pain of the death that I suffer.

But I am confined that today is the greatest day in my whole life. It a good thing that I come to ‘Valhalla’….

“Grani-kun, I am very happy.”


“Is it really? I wish that someday we could be more than just friends.”

“…..! No, that is a bit….”

Yes, more than just a friend, I want us to become a bosom friend.

Okay, it seemed that I am too motivated already. I need to do my best starting today, I need to try to be able to teach Gerhilde-sama more about rune magic!

Eh? Now that I think of it why am I being entrusted with such an important task? Is it really okay to entrust such an important task to a small fry like me? Suddenly I feel very worried.

Never mind that then. If it’s something that only I could do, I will try my very best to do it!


Translator’s Notes and References


2.In Japanese, juicy and jealous pronunciation is very similar


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