Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 3 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – The Color of the Gourmet Chicken

The ‘Ratatouille punishment’ that was given to the Einherjar who rebelled was finally lifted, it had been almost one month since they were allow to have meat dish again.

At the same time, I who was in charge of the meat, once again stood on top of the chopping board… which was what I thought but the actual situation was the directly opposite of what I’d imagined.

Yup, it was fine. That was fine as it was. If it was possible, I also hoped to not be made into a meal.

I was actually thankful since I no longer needed to be an ingredient every night, I also serious appreciated that my replacement which was my disciple, Ikusu. I was but…

“At least let me win against her at one thing…”

Yup… that was the only problem I was facing now. She who respected me and called me as her master yet I lost in all the various challenges that I challenged her. Putting that aside, her meat even tasted better than mine which completely shattered what left of my pride. Without having any awareness of it.

“As if I can just ignore this defeat. I am betting on my title as the ‘Valhalla dinner’, so please at least let me win Ikusu in term of the taste…! For the sake of protecting my honor as her master and my dignity as an ingredient!”

That was why, I would start to do it from today. The training to become more delicious than now!

“Do your best, Sei-san! I will support you with all I got!”

“Thank you! …Huh. Brynhildr-sama!? What… what are you doing here?”

My declaration of resolution should had secretly vibrated in the ‘Valhalla Practice field’ in this early morning. But I was surprise and taken aback after I received a supportive shout from an unforeseen person.

“Come on, take a more careful look, Sei. It was not just nee-sama who was present now?”

“Good grief. Sei-shi should learn from an herbivorous animal and widen your field of vision a little bit.”

“! Gerhi-sama and Ortlinde-sama!  Not only them, everyone is …!”

After I adjusted my sight as a response to the voice that was raised in turn, the others Valkyrie sisters were also present which meant whole line-up of the Valkyrie was here.

What… what exactly was happening? The member were quite reliable but I was a bit doubtful of the current situation. I tilted my head a side as though I was waiting and then Brynhildr-sama, who acted as a representative, answered the doubt I had.

“Sei-san. We have always look at Sei-san tenacity up close up until now. Since we were aware of your tenacity to risk your life, so we wanted to support Sei-san. We wanted to be of use to you.”

Brynhildr-sama said that while kneeling on the ground so that she was able to lower her sight.

Support was it… I thought Brynhildr-sama said that due to my tenacity but to me that was… for her to be able to see all my tenacity without missing any of them, this was something that made me happy.

“Brynhildr-sama… and everyone… thank you!”

“You don’t have to say that, there is no need for you to thanks us. Starting from matter with Gerhilde and Rossweisse, my sisters and I were always relying on Sei-san. We wanted to return the gratitude all this time but… that why all of us have a feeling that this is the time for it.”

“Hold it for a moment, I don’t remember that I had receive any special care.”

“That’s right. Moreover, I couldn’t care less on this situation to return the gratitude but this seem something funny.”

“… Helmwige? An also Siegrune. I will get angry for serious, you know?”

A…haha… so was this the charisma of the elder sister?

It seemed like not all of them were on the same term but I believed that was supposed to be something nice. There were nine smiles from the goddesses of victory… was there anything more promising in this life than that? No, there was nothing better than this!

I was sure of it. This training was the best sign of the start of something great!

“Then let us start right away but what should I be doing exactly? To be honest, I only think that that I should double up my jogging and training menu that I had done up until now… Do all of you had a better idea than this?”

“If that is the case, just leave it to us! Since I had gave this out as a homework to everyone, so that they are able to think about it last night. Then, let us start right away. The first! Meeting to make Sei-san delicious~!”

Brynhildr-sama said that while giving out a happy cheer. I joined in by clapping my hoof but should a meeting begin in such a cheerful manner…? Well, it started in a similar manner as the ‘Meeting to look for a new job’ that just happened recently, so let just leave out the minor detail.

So~, I guessed the first one who would show the outcome of the homework was…. As expected it will start from the eldest right? While thinking that, I looked toward Brynhildr-sama but for some reason, Brynhildr-sama quickly averted her gaze.

“Huh? Um… Brynhildr-sama…?”

“Wait a moment, Sei-san, I had properly think about it okay? But since I don’t have much confidence on my suggestion… is it okay if I voice out my suggestion later?”

While saying that in a reserved way, Brynhildr-sama send her glance toward Gerhi-sama.

“What! Good grief, nee-sama is always so undisciplined when it comes to time like this. Then I will be the first one.”

“Okay, please wait a moment! Please allow me to go first this time!”

Oh, the one who interrupt the second sister, Gerhi-sama and even stated her opinion was the seventh sister, Siegrune-sama.

I see, if they started it from the eldest as planned, then it would be too late while she was waiting for her turn. That was why she made the first move before that could happen. It seemed that she had reflected on her previous action.

“My… my first turn… well it’s not I have any concern though? I guess that this is the time to proof that I prioritize on my sisters deep down of me now.”

“Thank you, Gerhi-nee-san. Well, this time I will solve it right away.”

It seemed like Siegrune-sama was quite confidence this time. If she was being too arrogant, it would make me feel insecure instead…

“He~ he~ he, the idea that I thought of is precisely this!”

“? What, what is it? This is…”

“Shouldn’t you know it just by looking at it? It’s a syringe. I had carved the rune of power, ‘uruz’ on an ice, melted it and inserted it into the syringe. Once you get injected with this, you will be muscular instantly and your meat will become more firm!”

“Wait for a moment! I never hear before that it’s possible to inject the power of the rune inside the body! Will it be fine if I do that?”

“It’ll be fine. I had experimented it on a mouse before but it become so muscular to the extent that it exploded in all direction!”

“That’s not fine at all, it’s a weapon!! Moreover, it is the worst category!! It not fine at all!!” (TLN: There was a pun on ‘fine’ and ‘weapon’ because it sound similar)

While staking both my body and soul, I rejected the idea that Siegrune-sama boldly announce. I was wondering what was she saying while showing a normal face but… this was no longer close to the definition of normal anymore.

“Hohoho, thanks to Siegrune who risked her life to bring down the hurdle, it makes it more easy for me to announce my idea. Once again, my proposal on the training is… this!”

While saying that, the thing that Gerhi-sama show us on her palm was a white, long and thin object.

“What is that… ah, is this… ‘bean sprout’?”

“That’s right, Sei. This is bean sprout. This is the representative of the sprout crop which is said to have a fast growth.”

“Is that so. Then… what should we do with his?”

“Of course, we will observe it! If we research on the growth of this bean sprout which is able to become delicious at a fast pace from the moment it starts to grow, we will surely find the way to become delicious in the fastest manner! No matter what, the most important thing is speed right?”

I’m sorry, Gerhi-sama. Had you heard of the phrase more haste, less speed before…?

“Gerhi-sama, it’s a pity but I belong to the animal species, so I won’t be able to become delicious with this method.”

“Ah, then, that is true… argh, I was of no use again…”

Yup, it was a pity that this was the result that you could think of on the fastest method to become delicious. It seemed your idea was too advanced that even time was unable to catch up with it.

“Hehehe… t’is Linde turn right? For god’s sake, Siegrune and Gerhi-nee was so lax. Linde will not make the same mistake like last time now, to be honest, I am quite confident this time. So, you should have a big expectation on it.”

Oh! What a promising speech, but her face was still emotion less as always. It was a bit doubtful for her to bother on the previous mistake but that should be something that I should ignore, right.

“Sei-shi is trying to be more delicious than Ikusu-joshi… but you are troubled because you can’t win. I am not wrong right?”

“That’s right. That’s why, I must be more delicious than my current self.”

“No~, you’re wrong. In fact, we should change your way of thinking.”

“Change my way of thinking? What… what do you mean by that…”

“That’s simple. Instead of Sei-shi becoming more delicious, it’s better to make Ikusu-joshi meat to taste worse. For that purpose, Linde had put a large amount of poison in her breakfast. It should be around now.”

“Go and retrieve the poison meal immediately now!”

After swallowing the rejection of the merry feeling, Ortlinde-sama walked toward the direction of the canteen reluctantly.

Ah, come on, putting aside the common sense, her way of doing this was full of trouble! Why was she so confident on her idea this time?  There was no much difference from the previous one in term of the harshness.

“It’s quite amazing that she resorts to poison meal boldly, even I don’t dare to imitate that.”

“There is no need for you to imitate that, Grimgerde-sama. Eh~ next is… Waltraute-sama, do you have anything?”

While holding to the faint expectation in my chest, I looked toward Waltraute-sama. She gave a sexy wink which conveyed ‘leave it to me’ and took out a shiny object from the cleavage of her voluptuous breast.

“Pork-chan. What is~ this?”

“Eh, I wonder what is it? This is… a ‘key’ right?”

“Corre~ct, that right. Where does this key belong to? That is, the key to onee-san (my) room.”

“Then, which mean…?”

“After pork-chan had become delicious properly then, come and have fun~”


In that moment, the other sisters started to be noisy.

Woah, this is an unexpected development! Instead of a method to be more delicious, to think that she had prepared a reward for me when I had become delicious!? This was something that I must win no matter what! This was not the place to choose my method whether it poison or anything else!

“I’m sorry, I will go and get Ortlinde-sama back now!”

“Wait, Sei-san!? Please don’t use the poison idea without any hesitation! That is a crime, you know!?”

Brynhildr-sama used a desperate look to stop me who was running toward ‘Valhalla’.

That was right… that was true. Yup, that was a crime. It was something that must never be done.

“Thank you, Brynhildr-sama. I almost make a grave error just now.”

“It’s fine that you understand now. And, you should return back the key properly, right?”

“… What are you talking about?”

“It’s not use for you to play dumb. Please return it, immediately.”


After being reproached by Brynhildr-sama, I returned back the key to Waltraute-sama while weeping.  It’s a regret.

“Eh~ next is the fifth sister… Schwerte-sama turn.”

“Yes! Sei-dono, this Schwerte had properly though of an idea after realising my previous mishaps. Then, please accept this offer.”

It seemed she was quite concern on her failure previously, Schwerte-sama said that in a way to get psyched like our first conversation and offered a certain object.

“Isn’t the offering, it’s sword! Why are you giving me this?”

“These are my beloved swords, ‘Licht Splitter’ and ‘Nahath Splitter’. They are my proud two sword which, even though a presumptuous, gave me the title as the sword princess. In order to make a good meal, you need to have a good ingredient, good chef and a good tools. As long as the meat was slice by my sword, I promise that the meat will be a rank higher in term of the taste.”

“Um… I’m sorry. If I’m not mistaken, it seem that the knife that the Chef Head use is a legendary rank sharp sword.”

“A legendary sword!? Argh… how could this had happen…! Originally, my swords will only shine in a battlefield. If it were to compare with a sword that follows the path of food, my sword is exactly as good for nothing… what a blunder!”

While thrusting both her hand and knee on the ground, Schwerte-sama clench her teeth and express her feeling of despair with her body.

Okay… I was truly sorry. To face defeat after presenting the sword that she was proud of to me, I believed that the wound that she sustained was graver than previously…

“Ka ka ka! Since Schwerte head is full of all sort of sword, there is no helping it if her idea is so pliable. Please leave the matter to me!”

“Ah~, it Helmwige-sama turn…”

“What… what’s with that, you are looking at me with those gazes filled with zero expectation again! That is something quite disrespectful, you know!?”

“! I’m sorry! Since I am in the position of requesting for help, to think I…”

“Okay, it’s fine if you understand it. Then, the suggestion from me is… I think you will be dumbfound after you heard it.”

What did she just said? To think she is boasting herself this much, what exactly is the suggestion that she had thought of?

“Listen carefully. My suggestion is… nothing!”


What is wrong with this person! If she had nothing then why did she purposely say that in a way to stir up our expectation!?

“Fuhaha, did you seriously think that I will be motivated after hearing the word ‘homework’? As if I will be motivated! In fact I slept much better than usual!”

“Hee~ is that so. That means you will do your mission today properly without being a truant right? Helmwige?”

“Ah, no… yes, of course ane-gimi, I will do that today…”

After looking at Brynhildr-sama face which was drawing closer, stream of cold sweat was dripping down from Helmwige-sama. I was interested… I wondered how scary did Brynhildr-sama look like…

Well, putting that aside, let try to focus back on our main topic. Next was the eighth sister, Grimgerde-sama.

Let’s see, previously, her communication skill was quite poor, I wondered did she manage to polish it properly?


While being the centre of focus by everyone, Grimgerde-sama remained silence and showed no response. Oh, to think that she was able to remain calm in this situation! It seemed like she managed to have courage.

“… Um… Grimgerde-sama?”

After a few seconds of waiting— since the silence continue for quite some time, I called out to Grimgerde-sama to break the silence. Then…

“Ah!? Eh, it’s my turn!? I’m…. sorry! I was in deep though for a while!”

Deep though was it… so that was it, she just didn’t notice that she was being the centre of attention. My admiration toward her was at a loss now. Since she was wearing a mask, we didn’t even know if her eyes were closed.

“I see, so there is still this method! Ah~ to be honest, it was the same for me also. I am not sleeping while I was playing truant instead I was in deep though just like Grimgerde.” (Helmwige)

“Hee, is that right. … then, Grimgerde-sama, let put aside the deep though, could you tell us the suggestion that you had thought of?”

“Yes! I had thought about it properly, I didn’t forgotten about it either! The suggestion that I had thought of is…. Actually, right now, my servant, Wan-chan is guarding Ikusu-chan.”

“Hmm? How is that related to the matter right now…?”

“It’s related, it’s definitely related to it. After this, once I snap my finger. Then… my servant will eat Ikusu-chan.”

“Please you must not snap your finger!”

“Eh…? I… I understood. Then can I go and give the direct order verbally?”

“Don’t go and do anything on your own!!”

The dangerous plot to exterminate the rival, isn’t this exactly on the same level as Ortlinde-sama! From which mouth that said that she was unable to imitate Ortlinde-sama!?

“Anyway, let put aside the suggestion from Grimgerde-sama. I had properly receive your feeling only for this matter.”

“Wa, thank you for receiving it! I was able to be of use this time!”

To be of use, is it? Well, this was somehow different from a certain sixth sister which she was happy just from cooperating, let’s move on now.

And … this meant.

It was weird for me to said this but everything that happened up until now was just a farce. From now on, it was the real deal. It was the appearance of the one who had properly left an achievement in the previously meeting, the ninth sister, Weisse!

“It’s my turn! Okay, I will do my best!”

“Aha ha, it’s fine to act like usual, Weisse. Since the one who must do his best this time is me.”

“Ah, that’s right. He he, I was too motivated… But the suggestion that I thought of really required Sei-kun to give some effort.”

While saying that, Weisse lower the end of her eyebrow in an apology manner. No, there was no need for Weisse to be like that. I would do my best, it would be fine if everyone just teach me the method for me to try my best.

“It’s alright. There is no need for you to worry about me, can you just tell us your suggestion?”

“Okay, I understand! Then, Sei-kun, can you use the rune of ‘mannaz’ to change into your human form immediately, and then please change into this clothes?”

“Ah, change the clothes is it, roger. …‘Mannaz’.”

I followed the instruction from Weisse and change into my human form with the transformation magic. After that, I change into the clothes that was prepared for me. It needless for me to said this but, I went and change my clothes inside a nearby thicket. Since there was no one who would appreciate my live clothe changing even if it was exposed.

“I kept you waiting, Weisse. But this clothes, somehow the lower half of it is quite windy…. What is this!?”

The moment when I looked at my own body after I got out of the thicket, I was so surprised as if my eyeball literally fell off.

Isn’t that right? The clothes that I changed into was… it was a one piece black dress with a puff sleeve and combined with the frill white apron, it was a female clothes. In another word, it was an apron dress. Of course, I was wearing a white brim on my head.

I had saw female who walked around in this appearance a lot of time in the goddess dorm, ‘Vingólf’. That mean this was… the appearance of a ‘maid’.

“Thisssssssss!! Ro…ro… Rossweisse!! How did you figure out that Sei-san will look good in this outfit!?”

At the same time she saw me in this appearance, Brynhildr-sama rushed toward Weisse in an agile manner where you could only see when she was in a battle and grab Weisse shoulder.

Weisse answered while her body was trembling from the shock and startled which her eyes seemed to be spinning.


“It… it’s true that it looks good but it’s not like I ask Sei-kun to wear it because he looks good in it.”

“That, that means you ask him to wear it with a pure intention without caring whether he looks good or not!? As expected of the ‘White wind wolf’, your sense of smell is quite amazing! Of course, you had prepared a clothes with different color right!?”

“Argh, no, I only prepared that one only…”

“It’s unacceptable! That’s no good of you, Rossweisse! You should at least prepared a clothes with navy blue color and green tea color! Ah! Let’s take this opportunity to let him wear a French style maid costume too! Please wait a moment, I will be back right away!”

“Please calm down, Brynhildr-sama! We are still in the middle of the discussion!”

“Ha…!? That’s true if you put it that way. To think that I had lost my composure for a bit…”

Did you just said ‘a bit’ just now? I looked at it as a level that was absolutely abnormal…

That was because. It was not like I want to be comparative but the other sisters were looking at me with a cruel and calm manner.

“Sei… are you really a guy? That’s right, there is a matter that we haven’t confirm yet.” (Gerhilde)

“It’s alright, just leave that task to me~~ I will check it now~” (Waltraute)

No, hold it! How do you plan to confirm it, Waltraute-sama!

“You seem so weak… Sei-dono, aren’t you embarrassed with such an effeminate appearance!” (Schwerte)

“Of course, I’m embarrassed!? Since you put it that way, do you want to exchange with me!?”

“Hee…!? Ah, no, it’s not like I am jealous on the fact that Sei-dono is cuter than me, that is not my intention when I said that… and it’s definitely not because I want to wear it…”

I see, I understood that you wanted to wear it. I would leave it in front of your room next time.

Moreover, I’m sorry. Now that I looked around carefully, it seemed that the other sisters were not very calm as I said. I was not sure which part of this appearance had such a strong effect but I thought this was a clothes that I shouldn’t wear for various reason.

“So, Weisse. Why do you want me to wear such an embarrassing clothing?”

“Actually that… when I went to the human realm for my previous task, when I visit the inn I coincidentally saw a waitress dress in a similar appearance. Then, the waitress said this. ‘There is a secret spell to make the meal more delicious.’”

Hee, I see. The reason why I was wearing this maid outfit is to get me in the in the figure. …was this really necessary.

“Putting aside whether I was convinced, I somehow understand the situation. So, Weisse, what is the spell?”

“Okay! I will do that first, so Sei-kun please imitate me! Here we go~!”

After Weisse form a heart shape with both of her hand together with the signal, she said out the rumor spell without any hesitation.

“Bad taste, bad taste~ fly away~!”


That spell was exactly the same thing that I was aware of. That was used when I was hurt.

“What’s the matter? Sei-kun”

“Ah, it’s nothing. Somehow, I was taken aback since I thought it would sound much cuter.”

Yu~p, am I over expecting… I thought it would be a spell that had a stronger impression. Perhaps, there is development for an amazing spell somewhere in the distant future.

“Um… do I really have to do it? The spell that is.”

“Of course! In fact please do it in a cute manner!”

Argh… it was unfair for you to request that with a smile. To make a cute pose in this maid appearance, I thought the one who did it and those who watched it would not be able to endure it.

“Sei-san, quickly!”

No, well, Brynhildr-sama eye was shining in a way that I had not seen before. …it seemed like I had no choice, I would try and do it! I was still a guy even though I was in this appearance!

“Bad… bad taste, bad taste, fly away~! Argh…. How is it? Will I become delicious with this? I will cry if I am not.”

“That was perfect, Sei-san! Look, somehow I smell something sweet and delicious!”

“Eh, is that true!? Sniff sniff… Wa, it’s exactly as what Hildr-onee-chan said! What a nice smell!” (Ross)

No, I thought that smell was here from the beginning…, I would not said any thoughtless retort. This was not the appropriate situation to determine whatever I had become delicious or not.

Even though I said that, I had no choice but to wait for the spell to take effect. Now, this was the time for us to hear the suggestion from Brynhildr-sama who requested to delay her turn and end this discussion in a splendid manner.

“So Brynhildr-sama, as the last person can we hear your suggestion?”

“Eh… Ah…um… it’s my turn right… that is true…”

I wonder where did all the high tension went since Brynhildr-sama suddenly showed a dark expression while covering her face.

“Umm… what’s the matter? Brynhildr-sama.”

“Sei-san, that… can we just pretend that my announcement is not suitable?”

“Not suitable? No but even if you ask me that…”

While saying that, I sneaked a look on the reactions from the other sisters. As expected, an intensive storm of dissatisfaction was created there.

“Oh, Ane-gimi? It’s astonished that the person who suggested this is in such a predicament is the Ane-gimi.” (Helmwige)

“I feel the same way too. Since it Hildr-onee-san, I didn’t thought that you don’t have any suggestion but… let me guess since you were unable to think of a decent suggestion, you were planning to have us provide a decisive suggestion right? That way, you will be able to avoid making your own announcement.” (Siegrune)


After getting pointed out by Siegrune-sama, Brynhildr-sama started to stagger. This reaction… it seemed like it was correct.

Hm… somehow it was bad to ask a person to voice out her suggestion if she had no confidence with it. Even though I said that, I was unable to give Brynhildr-sama a special treatment. What should I do…?

While I was thinking about that— the one who make the first move was the unexpected Gerhi-sama.

“Nee-sama. Since we were unable to have a decisive suggestion from anyone of us, even if nee-sama announce the suggestion, no one will laugh here will laugh at you. That’s why, please be at ease and announce your suggestion. To think that the usual upright nee-sama is in this situation… I am unable to watch anymore of this.”


The second sister, Gerhi-sama who always fought with Brynhildr and constantly chasing after her. To think that she was able to offer such words voluntary despite being prideful…it was splendid!

“… I understand. As the eldest sister of the Valkyrie, I will make my announcement decisively!”

After receiving the support from the young sister that she was proud of, currently— Brynhildr-sama made her announcement obediently.

“The method that I thought of to become delicious is… to eat a lot of delicious food.”

“…huh?” x8 (I had no idea why is it eight)

“What I’m trying to say is to eat a lot of delicious food. For example, high grade food, seasonal food and etc.”

“Why?” x8

“…they did said that the food you ate become part of your body right? That’s why… in order to become delicious, you should eat a lot of delicious food, which is the first thing that I thought of…”

I see, I understand it now.

Putting aside whether there would be any effect from doing that, the conclusion was decided. And it was not only me. I am sure that her younger sisters were also thinking the same thing.

(… So cute…) x8

It was so pure and straight forward, somehow it resembled an idea from a child. I believed that the person herself was the one who understood the most about that. That why she hesitated that much on making her announcement.

“Fu fu fu… I’m sorry… as expected of my Nee-sama…” (Gerhilde)

“Ufu fu, so cute~ it really is cute~ that is why Hildr-chan is not suitable to be the elder sister in some meaning.” (Waltraute)

“What, why are both of you laughing! And what do you meant by I am not suitable to be the elder sister, Waltraute!”  

“Well, you see. When it came to discussion, everyone came here because it was a request from Onee-san instead of Hildr-chan, right? It’s not like you are not of use but~ if we look at you as the elder sister, then?”

“How could you… it’s so harsh. Is everyone thinking the same thing?”

Brynhildr-sama looked toward her sisters in an imploring manner. Um… I felt that the behavior had lower your level as a reliable elder sister though….

“Ane-sama, there is nothing for you to worry about. No matter what they said, I, Schwerte believe that Ane-sama is suitable to be the leader.”

“By that, you are not rejecting that statement right?”

“No, I also want to praise Ane-gimi on your tenacity. By looking at Ane-gimi tenacity, even I get the feeling of ‘I should also do my best today!’.” (Helm)

“I seriously cannot believe that you don’t think that way but…”

“It… it alright! Hildr-onee-chan is a splendid Onee-chan after all!  That is because Onee-chan is the best when it comes to understanding the feeling of those small children!” (Ross)

“In another word, you mean that I am the most childish among the sister right…? Haa… even Rossweisse think of me as that…”

Brynhildr-sama hung her head after feeling disappointed and her eyes became teary.

Okay~, I see. The image of Brynhildr-sama inside of me was, on top of being elegant and beautiful, she was also strong and cool, I also felt that she had her cute point but… it seemed like it was totally different among the sister.

She tried her best to become a reliable elder sister but since there was a lot of gaps that she were unable to cover, it was like an honor student with a bit flaw— which was her true position.

No, wasn’t it fine that way. Since I would love Brynhildr-sama no matter what she is.

“Please don’t feel discourage. Since this time Brynhildr-sama won with a huge lead.”

“Why!? Is there any particular standard for me to win!?”

Yup. If I had to say it… it will be ‘the matter of being at ease?’”

So, all the suggestion were announced but in the end there was none that allowed me to think that ‘this is it’ though. No, all of the Valkyries tried their best to think about it. Moreover, since there was no good suggestion, it meant that this was a difficult problem.

This meant that I had no choice but to rely on my hard work to become delicious… while I was thinking about that.

“Sei-shi. It’s been a while but it seem like you are in an exaggerated strange appearance.”

“Ah, Ortlinde-sama. Did you disposed the poison food properly?”

“I did not make any blunder. Moreover, as the talented Linde, I had also brought this person over.”

 At the back of Ortlinde-sama who said that, I saw a person without needing her to tell me. My face turned blue once I realize the presence of that person but I thoought that person face would turn bright red and laugh after seeing me like this…

“Bu hahaha! What… what is that, Sei! Why are you in a maid outfit!? I don’t think that I am able to point out others people interests … ku ku, no, it suits you too well!”

The one who bursted out in laughter without betraying my expectation was Loki.

I was not sure where he went and what he did up until now but this was the worst timing for him to appear…

“Lo…Loki! Actually, it seems like I had gave you a weird misunderstanding but this is not my interest!? This is, one of the link for my training to become delicious!”

“Ho, which pervert uncle are you planning to eat you in a delicious manner?”

“”That’s wrong! That is not what I planning!”

“Sorry, it’s a joke, so you don’t have to be that angry. Moreover, I had heard about your circumstances from Ortlinde while coming here. It seems you had gotten yourself a troublesome disciple, right? It seem you had considerably become lively.”

Even though Loki said that after knowing the circumstances, it seemed like he was not taking it seriously.

Of course it seemed foolish to others that I wanted to become more delicious but to me it was a grave problem. It was an intensive worry for us, food ingredient.

Putting that aside, Loki was not a guy who would come here nonchalantly just to make fun of me. I sure he had some ideas for this.

“Hey Loki. Sine you purposely follow Ortlinde-sama to come here, it means that you are able to help me right?”

“Well, it’s not like I won’t be of use but…”

While answering, Loki became loss at his word.

? What happened? Loki expression was complete different from the expression up until now, it seemed like it was wandering in a dangerous position. It was as if there was a fish bone that stuck deep down in his throat, I felt like he was frustrated…

“No, I have none. I believe that you had already try your best. Since there is a replacement for you, it mean that you don’t have to die anymore… had you think of retiring before?”

While scratching his head, Loki was talking as if he was carefully choosing his word.

…okay. I had also thought about that. Even though I had said it a lot of times but I didn’t want to die. It was best if it can be solve without dying.

But… lately my thought on that was slowly changing. Putting aside the fact that my pride was hurt.

“Before this. The king of Open Sea, Aegir-sama told me this. If you stay at my mansion, I can promise you a position that is higher than your current one and you won’t have to be made into a meal. But, I rejected that offer. The reason why I rejected it was simple. I prefer to stay in ‘Valhalla’ more than Aegir-sama mansion. At that time, I left there with everyone who had acknowledge me.”

Not only that, after eating me who had make into a meal, even that magic wolf, Fenrir was overflowing with tear of joy. The chief god, Odin-sama personal said that he had expectation on me. On top of that, after seeing the appearance of my tenacity in risking my life was so cool, a person who requested to be my disciple appear. That was why…

“That’s why from now on also, I want to be an existence that is needed by everyone. I want to be a person that everyone wish for. Even if that method does not resulted me in becoming a meal for everyone.”

After listening to my explanation, Loki remained speechless and he closed his eyes. After a few seconds of thinking, he muttered these few words without changing his grim look.

“Even if you are not unable to revive the next time you die?”


While I was staring in puzzlement unconsciously, Loki said that is was just an assumption. But in those eyes of his, I somehow felt that it was something seriously.

Since I was able to feel that, I thought about it seriously. But unexpectedly I was able to figure out the answer to that easily.

“When Odin-sama visited me in my parent home, did you still remember that he said this? ‘Do you want to rot to death in this enclosed miniature garden or die in the greatest honor in the god palace?’”

“…it seems like you manage to remember it. It’s true that something like that was mentioned.”

“Yup. The current me somehow feel like I am able to understand the meaning behind those words.  The job which is the ‘Valhalla Dinner’— is something I want to do even if I risk my life, since it’s a job that I am proud of from the bottom of my heart.”

While saying that, I showed a beaming smile. I believed that Loki open his eyes wide in surprise after seeing my smile and he burst out with laughter after narrowing his eyes.

“Is that so, I understand. Then I believe it will be harsh to you if I reveal the truth of ‘Gullveig’…”

“Eh? Something about ‘Gullveig’?”

“… Nothing. I think that nothing said will be taking serious while you are in that maid appearance.”

“Argh!? That is true after hearing you said that!”

After Loki pointed out that to me, I suddenly remember that I am in an embarrassing appearance.

I hurried release the ‘mannaz’ transformation and return back to my original boar form. After I crawled out from under the maid costume, miraculously I returned back to usual naked Sei-kun.

If I was fully naked then there was nothing to be embarrassed of! Well, that was something mystery by itself.

“Okay. Since I understand Sei intention, I will also try my best to help you.”

“I had waited for this! Please show us the ability of the Trickster Loki.”

“Leave it to me, partner. I will now show you the wit and intelligence of the number two in the God realm!

After Loki showed his bright white teeth, he shouted while lifting his left hand up to the sky.

“Come! ‘Ratatoskr’!!”

“Did you call me? Loki-danna.”

“I see you had come. Okay, I will leave it to you now.”

“You suddenly leave it to other!?”

After hearing the calling from Loki, a light brown squirrel, Ratatoskr came dropping down from somewhere. He possessed a strange ability where he was able to teleport to anywhere in the world, his daily task involved him in convert action which made use of that spy ability.

In simple term, he was the world best informer. On the other hand… he was also the world number one peeper.

“Let’s ignore the fact that I leave it to other. This fellow here is working as my eyes which means his work is my work and the achievement is mine alone. Hey, Ratatoskr. Since it’s you, I believe that you understand… why I called you today right?”

“Yea, of course, Loki-danna. Please have a look as I resolve the problem that is face by Sei-danna!”

Ratatoskr stood with two leg and proudly hit his chest. I see, as expected of the elusive informer, it seemed like he had understand the whole circumstances. No matter how cute his appearance and voice were, this squirrel was really something that I cannot make light of.

“I want to say this in advance first, even I am unable to get the information on ‘the method to become delicious’. But… if you are talking about the world most delicious person, then I happened to know them.”

“The world most delicious person? What is that, isn’t that the most suitable person for this situation! Who is that person?”

“Fu fu, do you want to know? It’s not like I can’t tell you. Ahem, I will tell you without putting on airs. The person name is known as— ‘Gullinkambi’.”

“… Gullinkambi…”

Who was that? I didn’t heard this name before. Since I didn’t remember it, it means that it was not mention in the documents in my parent home… I wonder was it a person that was not so famous in the world.

“What type of person is him?”

“I’m not so sure about his personality but judging from his appearance. I heard that he is a rooster with a golden cockscomb.”

“A rooster? Hee~ so it’s a chicken. I though the world most delicious would be a cow instead.”

If we were talking about the flourish of the highest grade meat, it would be beef. To think that the world most delicious was a chicken instead, there was no mistake that the meat of Gullinkambi was delicious.

If his deliciousness was something naturally then there was no choice but if that was not the case, then he would know the method to become delicious. By all possible means, I wanted to have a talk with him.

“Hey Ratatoskr, you know where is his current location?”

“Of course I know. Gullinkambi is living in the top of the world tree, Læraðr.”

“The top of the world tree? Eh, that means…”

“It seems that you had notice it, Sei-danna. The top of the world tree, it is a world that is higher than ‘Asgard’… which is known as ‘Vanaheim’.”

While saying that, Ratatoskr looked up toward the sky while lying on his back with his legs outstretched. I also looked toward the sky but it was not like I was able to see anything though.

“…if we go to ‘Vanaheim’, will Sei-san become more delicious?”

After realizing it, Brynhildr-sama stood beside me and looked up toward the sky in the same way as me. Then, I felt that she lowered her gaze while remaining the same position.

Yup— she was waiting for my words.

“That’s right. if we went and asked him on the method to become delicious, I am sure that  I will be able to become delicious right away. That’s why Brynhildr-sama… it something pathetic but I don’t have any method to go to ‘Vanaheim’. So, please lend me your strength!”

“I had waited for you to say that! Sei-san, let’s go together. Toward ‘Vanaheim’!”

It’s here! From now on, the trip toward ‘Vanaheim’ with Brynhildr-sama and me begin!

… But at that moment when I was fired up. Loki immediately gave me a warning.

“Hey, Sei. It’s fine if you want to head to ‘Vanaheim’ but please be careful on your preparation for your departure?”

“Eh, is that so? Why do you said that?”

“Why… you do know it ‘Vanaheim’ right? Do you know what type of place is that?”

“Of course, I know. It’s the world where the ‘Vanir god tribe’ lived right?”

— It is one of the nine world that exist in this realm, ‘Vanaheim’.

Night did not come for that place and it was a world that was always full of light. It was a place that position much higher than ‘Asgard’ which was govern by Odin-sama and it was the world which was the closet to the sky.

Even though the god tribe was the same, but the principle of those gods that lived there was different from the Aesir god tribe. Those gods were known as the Vanir god tribe. In the past before I was even born, it seemed that there was a big war that happened frequently among the Aesir and the Vanir gods that spanned for a long duration.

Of course, at this point of time, that did not happen anymore since the two tribes had made a reconciliation with each other. As proof of friendship, it seemed various stuffs had happen but, among them the most famous one was on the exchange of gods. Taking this opportunity, a few Vanir gods were send to ‘Asgard’ which were the military god, Frey-sama, and his sister which were the goddess of love and abundant harvest, Freja-sama. Other than that, there was also their father, Njörðr-sama.

“The battle with the Vanir god tribe is something in the past right? We are still the same god tribe even though our relationship is a bit bad and it’s not like we are going to the country of the giants, so there is no need for us to brace ourselves that much right?”

“Humph, your awareness is the same as always, Sei. It’s true that our battle with them is in the past and our reconciliation is something that happen a long time ago. The Chief God, ‘Hoenir’ over there is blood related with Odin but since he is a former Aesir god tribe, his power of proposal is non-existent. In another word… frankly speaking they are almost in a state of disconnection with each other.”

How could that… This meant that it would be bad for the resident of Aesir to loiter around when they went to ‘Vanaheim’…

I was clouded with a restless expression. But when Loki saw that, he smiled brightly that blew away that heavy atmosphere.

“Well, there is nothing for you to worry about even though it seem like a threat. If you had made the proper preparation that is. The first thing you need to do if you plan to go to ‘Vanaheim’ is… that’s right, go ask Freja for help.”

“Freja-sama is it?”

“Ya. Since she is quite familiar with the geography of ‘Vanaheim’, so she is the ideal person to be the guide. Well, it’s fine if you ask Frey or Njörðr but in case when you were spotted by the Vanir, the probability for them to let you go is higher if it was Freya right? Since she is everyone Idol after all.”

That… that was right. As expected of Loki, his plan was quite cunning.

“Also, there is one more thing for your preparation. You should also bring this Ortlinde with you.”

After Loki said that, he pushed out Ortlinde-sama who was standing at attention beside of him all this time.

“Eh, why is it Ortlinde-sama?”

“Is it obvious, she will be in charge with the sneaking operation. Even if Freya was a former Vanir god tribe, it was indisputable that she was considered as the friend of the Aesir now. Moreover, it’s not like you will be able to get a free admission for being well known. So, in order to infiltrate ‘Vanaheim’, you need to use the back entrance which is an undeniable condition.”

I see, I could understand if you put it that way. If we were together with Ortlinde-sama who excelled at erasing her presence which was similar with Ratatoskr, it would be easy to infiltrate there.

“It seems that way so… will you accompany us? Ortlinde-sama”

I requested the person herself for help timidly.

“I understand. Linde will teach you in a kind manner, the color of the silent killing.”

“No, we already have enough if that.”

Okay, I got it now. The first barrier for our infiltration was to stop this person from going berserk.

“Um, so we should go to ‘Vingólf’ first… right?”

After I got a confirmation from Brynhildr-sama, she showed a smile and gave a big nod.

“That’s right. We should head to ‘Vingólf’ first, I will called for Grani-kun who will act as our transport. After that, let go and ask Freya-sama for her help.”

Yup, this was the summary of our discussion.

After I gave my thanks to the Valkyries, Loki and also Ratatoskr who gave their suggestion, we began to move out.

Jus you wait, Ikusu. I would now go and ask Gullinkambi for the method to become delicious and I would reclaim my title as the ‘Valhalla dinner’ which was the most delicious than anyone else!

Then… we had arrived at ‘Vanaheim’.

By heading straight up along the trunk of the world tree, Læraðr, you would find a country of light that did not know night there. That was the home country of Freya-sama who replied with two okay when we asked for her help.

“Woah, it’s been a while~! Right? Right? It’s exactly as I said right, the outer continent is a perfect round shape? Moreover, it quite clear if we look up from the bottom, it is a bit different from ‘Asgard’ since it is not supported by the branch. I’m not sure on the reason but it seems that this continent is floating on its own though~”

Even though it was just a distant view, Freja-sama was in high spirit after she saw her nostalgic home town. Her appearance was as if she had returned to her child mind kept increasing… no, this was actually something usual though…

I got now. Freja-sama was always sincere as if she was a child.

“Fre… Freja-sama, please don’t struggle so much. If we don’t count Sei-kun since he is small, currently Grani is carrying three people which is something impossible to him already.”

“Haha, you will be fine right~? Grani-chan. We are as light as a feather after all.”

“No, the weight is not the problem though…”

Brynhildr-sama, Ortlinde-sama and Freja-sama, since the three goddesses were crowded tightly together on top of a horse, they were in a dangerous state where they would fall off if they didn’t paid attention.

Well, since Grani-kun was running in the sky like this, the god would be fine even if they fell off since they were able to fly in the sky normally.

By the way, I was located at Freja-sama arm. As long as Freja-sama did not throw me away, I was in an extremely safe place that I could be proud of. I would not say any insensitive things. So, this was the special seat for me who was secretly trying to be the world number one Oppai master. Will you understand if I say that?

Come on~ The feeling of this seat was as special as always. At time like this I was glad that I was a boar. It might be because Freja-sama was innocent like a child in her heart at all time but her body was completely that of an adult.

“For god’s sake… So, Freja-sama, around which spot is the security of the Vanir tribe is insufficient?”

“Insufficient of the security is it… umm… is it fine for me to say this now? Actually, the Vanir god tribe normally does not have a security for the exterior part though.”

“Eh, is that the truth?”

Brynhildr-sama said that with a tone full of surprise. I was also surprise. If that was the case, that meant that it was easy for an external enemy to infiltrate ‘Vanaheim’ right?

“Ah, please don’t make any false accusation. It’s not like the Vanir god tribe has no sense of security. Some of the member of the Vanir god tribe are able to make a small prediction but I am not one of them. That means… I believe that they were aware that we are getting close.”

“Eh!! The Vanir god tribe is too talented!”

In another word, no matter where we landed, there was no point anymore. Since we had already being watched by the cautious eyes of the locals.

“Then, what should I do? My master.”

“Ah, let’s see… what should we do?”

After we heard the new fact that was leaked from Freja-sama, Brynhildr-sama and I began to fluster. Since we were unable to answer Grani-kun properly who was waiting for the next instruction, Ortlinde-sama who remained silent up until now suddenly opened her mouth.

“Please calm down. That is the purpose why Linde is here.”

That… that’s right. From the beginning, we were supposed to rely on her espionage ability to infiltrate.

But… were we still able to hide our presence even though our existence had already been known?

“Sei-shi eye… is full of the color of doubt. It’s fine, I will show you how it is.”

At the same time she said that, Ortlinde-sama spread her wings that was made out of magic and flew up toward the sky. Then, she took up her position in front of Grani-kun and hold her right hand toward us and begin to chant the spell.

“[I worship you the skull of Ymir; Kiss his body. Now I require a response from the exposed behavior of a god that is constant and eternal. To chase after the perfect knowledge of natural laws, to entrust myself to have a go at something, as a symbol of knowledge, answer, ritual and disaster, as a sign of good opportunity, fate, concealment and by chance. The fourth and the fourteen rune of Futhark, Ansuz and Pertho. Kill off the presence of all living creature— the formation of the perfect Nirvana.]

The moment when the chant was finished, a black light covered the hand that Ortlinde-sama held out. The light quickly flew off her palm and I thought it just expanded in the sky but it seemed that our surrounding were covered in a thin layer of mist.

“This is…?”

“This is the result when I mixed the rune of concealment, ‘Peorth’ and the rune of knowledge, ‘Ansuz’. For a short moment, we won’t be seen by anyone and our presence won’t be detected as long as we are within this this mist.”

“We won’t get spotted by the Vanir god tribe even with their ability to predict?”

“I wish if you don’t look down on the large scale magic that was used together with ‘Ansuz’. At this moment, those prediction Vanir god tribe should had already forgotten the fact that we had infiltrate ‘Vanaheim’.”

“Is… is that the truth!? Ortlinde-sama is an equally amazing person…”

This was a concealment magic that was able to twist human perception… No, there was always someone who was the best of the best.

As a suggestion from Ortlinde-sama, we landed at a suitable place which was on a shore in ‘Vanaheim’.

When we tried to look at our surrounding, we were unable to feel the presence of any of the member of the Vanir god tribe. Even if it was an assumption, it seemed that they were ignoring us now.

“Then from now on, it is my job. I will now lead Sei-chan party on the tour of the top of the world tree, ‘Vanaheim’.”

Freja-sama began to walk in front of us with the flag that was taken out of nowhere. I was passed from Freja-sama hand to Brynhildr-sama and I was still in a same position.

“Um… we aren’t going to ride on Grani-kun anymore?”

I began to wonder about this after walking on foot for a short while, so I inquired Brynhildr-sama on this.

“It’s a pity but this ‘concealment mist’ can’t catch up if we move too fast. That’s why we can’t ride on Grani-kun from now on. There is nothing to worry about, since I will be carrying Sei-san after all.”

Brynhildr-sama answered that with a smile while walking. I see, to think this mist had such a weakness… so it was not such an amazing magic after all.

Hey Sei, it was the anticipating time of changing seat. The size was a bit lacking if compare with Freja-sama, of course I still chose Brynhildr-sama in the end. The breastplate was a bit bothersome but it was not at a degree of a disturbance if you became an oppai master. From now on, I would have a careful taste of Brynhildr-sama ‘mountain’. Come on! This is the time for you to be useful, my back!

Then, when the gentleman part was taken over by the wicked heart which should not happen— Ortlinde gave off a small sigh while staring at me.

“… It seems that Linde will soon be able to read the Sei-shi expression.”


“? Is that the truth? What kind of face is Sei-san making now?”

“It’s an extremely serious face!? Look here!”

“… Hey Sei-san, be careful with the breath from your nose, didn’t I told you that advice when we first met?”

Grani-kun who was walking at the back gave me a small advice to my ear when I was showing off my serious look.

Oops. Breath in, breath out… okay. No matter where you look at it, I looked like a gentleman now.

“Hm… it seems that the evil presence from Sei-shi had disappear.”

“Come on Ortlinde, isn’t that a bit disrespectful? Since Sei-san is always a good boy.”

Hoo, that was great. It seem that I was able to skillfully deceive them.

“Thank you, Grani-kun. As expected, it seem like we are good friend after all.”

“… well, it seems that way.”

“But Grani-kun. I believe I somehow said this before but I want to deepen my relationship with you. Don’t you think it time for us to become that since it been quite a while from the time we first met? For our relationship we each other to be more deepen… to become a relationship that is above being friend.”

“A relationship that is above of being a friend…? Ah, stop, hold it. Don’t tell me… that is impossible! I’m sorry but please excuse me from that!”

“Is… is that so, it seems like it’s still early. I’m sorry, since I am inexperience, I’m not sure when is the best timing and how deep should I go…”

“No, that is impossible! No matter when is it, you must not go so deep! We are just plain friend and it will not change no matter what! Do you got that?”

“You are so cold, I understand now. But… I will still believe that we will become that one day.”

That’s right— a relationship that was above of being a friend— which was ‘close friend’.

I wondered why. From there onward, Grani-kun was walking nearly at the end of the border of the concealment mist and he did not show his butt toward me.

After this and that, we made some progress and finally reached our destination.

To be honest, I never though in my life that I was able to stand at this place. However, I had definitely arrived here. The world highest place — the top of the world tree, Læraðr.

Since we were at a place that was  further above the sky above, the air was considerable quite thin. If we didn’t rely on the ‘kenaz’ rune to shroud our body with a layer of air, we wouldn’t be able to stay long since we would have difficult breathing.

“Is there really a rooster living in these kind of place…?”

I focused my attention on the surrounding after I changed my question to a mutter.

Regardless whether it had just pass noon or the current time, the sky was still quite dim, it was as if my hand was able to reach the twinkling star. This place was no longer considered as the sky anymore, maybe we should called this place as space.

“Oh? We have guest, doo? It’s so rare, doo! Welcome-bi, doo!”

Eh… what was that just now? Did he just said welcome-bi?

A pure black rooster appear out of the dim atmosphere with a sluggish movement.

His size was something normal but he was quite chubby. Furthermore, there was a splendid cockscomb that spring up on top of his head. Moreover, the color of that was not the normal red but instead it was shinning golden.

Yup. There was no mistake on it based on the information from Ratatoskr. It was more evident the moment when he said welcome-bi. He was…

“You are ‘Gullinkambi’ right?”

“Do you know me, doo? Does everyone know about me, doo?”

“Yup, we know you. At least all the person here know you.”

After being inquired, Freja-sama answered him with her full force business smile. Ahh— this was bad, that smile was on an explosion level! The iris of Gullinkambi became a heart shape instantly!

“Ahem! It’s an honor for me to be known by such beauty like you all! It seems like you had a hard journey, so why did you come here? Just tell me, doo, I will not bluntly refuse it, doo.”

“Ah, that’s a relief. Um… Gullinkambi, actually I.”

“Huh? I have no use for a guy. Be quiet, doo.”


This fellow… what is with him! He was strict with guy but soft with the lady. It seemed like he was a pervert like me but without my gentleman part! Ah, it was not like I was a pervert though? There was no mistake on it.

“There is no choice. Um… Brynhildr-sama…. I mean Ortlinde-sama. Can you help me to settle this matter?”

“? Sei-san, didn’t you ask for my help just now? Why don’t you allow me to do that?”

“Of course, you can’t! As if I will let Brynhildr-sama to mutter even one word to that pervert, I will never allow such act!”

“Hoo? That mean you are fine with Linde to talk with that pervert is it?”

Those cold words came from the back of my body. Ah, this is bad, it really is cold. My back is being thrust by a short knife right?

“Hey, you, the mysterious silver hair beauty. Did you just call me as a pervert, doo?”

“Argh! This is bad, did he become angry? I give up, if this continue, he might not listen to us anymore…

“… I did said that. Do you have any problem for that?”

Then, Ortlinde-sama said that without any fragment or presence of being shy! It’s over… there was no mistake that the negotiation was over. We hadn’t even started to ask any question yet.

While I was crouching while hugging me head, Brynhildr-sama and Freja-sama showed a bitter smile. Grani-kun was still devoting himself to hide his butt. To be honest, this was a grave situation.

In response to that, Gullinkambi body was trembling and gave off a scream as if he wanted to notify that morning had arrive.

“Cock-a-doodle-do!! It’s been a while since I was overflow with my pervert spirit, doo. I will forgive you if you scold me ‘pervert’ ten more times, doo.”

“Pervert Pervert Pervert Pervert Pervert Pervert Pervert Pervert Pervert Pervert Pervert”

“!? You… you seriously said that, doo! Moreover, you even gave me a service by saying it one extra time, doo!”

“That right. A professional will never forget the spirit of giving a service.”

“Aaa~! I am so happy until I am filled with goose bump, doo! Thank you, doo! This is a reward for me in the business world of a rooster, doo!”

Gullinkambi prostrate himself as if he was praying to the god since his request which he thought it wouldn’t be granted, was immediately fulfilled.

Argh… what a cheater! That was also consider as a reward in the business world of the boar too! I also want to be scolded if  possible… since it came to this!

“Brynhildr-sama!! Please grant me the reward in the same way!!”

“What’s the matter, Sei-san!? Putting that aside, why did you request me for that!?”

“It seems like we have another similar species here…”


Brynhildr-sama who was looking at me in a confusing manner and Ortlinde-sama who was looking down at me in a vulgar manner. I was able to predict their personality since they gave me two different reaction

For god’s sake, it was so rude when you said that I was the same species as him. Gullinkambi was a pervert while I was a pervert gentleman. It seemed that Ortlinde still had a long way to go if you couldn’t spot the big different between these two.

“Pufu~ it’s been such a long time since I feel so satisfy, doo. Okay! Tell me your request right away before I change my mind, doo!”

Gullinkambi prompted us while spreading one wing and reclining on the big branch. For a short moment, Ortlinde-sama matched her sight with us, after giving a small nod, she started to speak.

“Based on the information that we heard, it seems that Gullinkambi-shi meat is actually… the world most delicious meat in the world. Is that the truth?”

“My meat? Hee~… if it’s was the public who said that, I guess it the truth, doo. If that was the truth, what will you do, doo?”

“Gullinkambi-shi, can you tell us on the method for you to become that delicious?”

“Huh? Is that the request, doo? Cook-a-doodle-do! Hey, the boar over there. I guess the one who wanted to become delicious is you right, doo? Hey you, I want you to try to take one of my… ‘tail feather’, doo.”

“Eh? Me?”

I muttered that unconsciously with a blank expression since the conversation was suddenly directed to me. After seeing me like that, Gullinkambi gave out a sigh from the bottom of his heart in a trouble manner, then he held out his butt toward me.

“Didn’t you heard me just now, doo? Simpleton boar. I want you to try to take one of my beautiful tail feather, doo. If you were able to do that, I will tell you in light of these beauty, doo. Come on, swing~ swing.”

Gullinkambi swung left and right while he was holding out his butt toward me. This fellow… he was able to do this naturally which Grani-kun would never dare to imitate…!

“…Okay, I understand. Gullinkambi, I will face you as the simpleton boar. I will show you whether I’m a simpleton… no… whether I’m a boar. You better confirm it well with those eye of yours!”

At the same time I said those confidently, I jumped up by kicking on the big branch which act as a platform for me. Then, before I got close to Gullinkambi, I activated the rune of ‘mannaz’ and I attacked him after I transformed into my dragon form!

“Woah, a dragon transformation!? What happened, doo!”

There was no need to hold back, Gullinkambi gave out a scream of surprise after he saw me rushing toward him with my full force from the start. By taking advantage of the small chance that was caused by that, I quickly reached out my hand toward my objective.

“…~As~ if.”


The short moment before I managed to grab the tail feather, I doubted my eye. That was because Gullinkambi suddenly disappear right in front of me, which caused the hand that I reached out to relax on the wood with all my strength.

“Come on. I was surprise for a moment there but it seems like there is no threat to it, doo. Do you think that you will be able to catch with me that huge body of yours, doo?”


I swallowed my breath after I saw the fact that occur in front of me. This might just be my imagination but it was not a coincidence either.

I had understand it completely. Even though Gullinkambi looked chubby… he was surprisingly fast.


I held out my hand continuous and thrown in some feint so that he wouldn’t be able to predict my movement and to disturb his attention. In the end, Gullinkambi was able to look though all of that and dodged my hand easily.

“If that is the case!”

I deactivated my dragon transformation and activate the rune of ‘mannaz’ again, and transform myself into a ‘hawk’ instantly.

It would be much easier to catch that rooster if I relied on the dynamic vision of the hawk eyes and the ability to fly between the gaps of the tree in the similar speed.

… Which was what I thought but…

“Haa, haa…! Damn, I can’t even touch him at all…”

I was in a state where I was out of breath. On top of that, I also ran out of magic power. Since I was unable to maintain my transformation, I returned back to my boar form.

I didn’t heard of this… If I had to said it, Gullinkambi speed is something abnormal. His movement of avoiding me and the top speed movement of his initial velocity, it made him seem like an insect. Rather than that, his movement seemed like it came from the bird species that started from the wagtail but no matter what that movement did not belong to a rooster at all.

“Ah~ is it over, doo? Even though you boost yourself so much but it seem like it not a difficult matter at all, doo, I can’t even treat this as a diet since it’s too boring, doo.”

Gullinkambi who stood at a short distance away from me, shook his butt and continued to taunt me. Even though he was saying whatever he wanted, I was unable to reply anything. Since this was a fact after all.

“Haa haa… don’t tell me that, the speed of you running away is the secret to become delicious?”

“Ahem, it’s bad to go against the rule, doo. If you want to know the secret, then you will need to take my tail feather first. If you are unable to do that, then you should go back obediently, I won’t give you any hint at all, doo.”

“Haa… that is so strict.”

I gave out a big sigh and close my eyelid to calm down my breathing. After I had calmed down, I was surrounded by thought… but I couldn’t think of a way to catch Gullinkambi at all.

It was a pity but it seemed I was in a stalemate. I distanced myself away from Gullinkambi in a tottering way and headed toward Brynhildr-sama and the others.

“I’m sorry everyone… I had try my best but… it seems like it didn’t work.”

Haa… I was ashamed of myself since I was only able to say these word of giving up. Even though Brynhildr-sama and the other came to help me when they were busy in their tasks, I was unable to produce any result at all which made me feel sorry.

“Please don’t get dispirited, Sei-san. I can assure you that you had done your best. Instead of that… I am frustrated. I feel so powerless since I am unable to think of any way to help you, other than bringing you here.”

“How could you said that! There is no need for Brynhildr-sama to worry about anything! There shouldn’t be any problem if I was able to catch Gullinkambi properly! …Furthermore, it’s alright. I only gave up on hearing the secret from Gullinkambi and it’s not like I had given up to make myself delicious.”

While saying that, I mustered out my liveliness out of nothing. I was not sure whether I was able to fool them but it seemed that Brynhildr-sama and the others didn’t continue on this conversation.

That’s right… this is fine. Since I was relying and depending on others, it seemed like this was my redemption where this saying goes— you reap what you sow.

There was no other suitable punishment than this if I were to receive a redemption.

“Hey, you simpleton boar. I will inform you this just in case, I am bored throughout the year, doo. I will accept your challenge and be your opponent anytime if you were to bring beauties like today.”

I was not sure whether he wanted to comfort me or his objective was the ladies instead, Gullinkambi gave me the opportunity to challenge him again from behind of me.

(I rather achieve it with my own strength than granting this pervert rooster his sight of beauties…)

I muttered that in my heart but that was just a speech for sore loser.

That’s right. I even lost to Gullinkambi.

It seemed like my losing streak was increasing lately. It  was shameful and it was not cool at all… somehow I hated myself.

Then, I who was thinking like that— had already hated myself.

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