Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 4 Interlude

Interlude 1 – The boar and the starting hors d’oeuvre​

— This is, an incidence that happen when I first came to the building of those who are killed in action, ‘Valhalla’.

This is also the memory of the day where I left my parent house and begin my first step as a ‘food ingredient’ which is necessary to be cherished.

* * *

On a certain clear day before dawn. On the way toward the workplace. There was a small boar riding on the rumbling wagon—

Ahem… it seemed like I was talking about someone else but, of course that boar was me.


There was a deep sigh that came from the seat of the coachman on the shaking wagon. Beside of me was an old man who was working as the coachman, he looked toward me with a weary face and while showing a bitter smile, he told me.

“Are you really that depressed? Um… Saehrimnir –kun.”

“Yes, I am… I was pretty excited when I departed from the forest but the moment when I saw ‘Gladsheim’, I starting to feel so nervous and insecurity until my body started to tremble. That is because starting from now—I had to die there every night.”

That right—I as the brown boar, ‘Saehrimnir’ was invited to the awe-inspiring grand palace, ‘Gladsheim’ that the Gods were living.

By the pretext, the palace was made out of gold–.

I tried to think of a simile for it when I heard that but it was understandable even if I looked at it from a distance in my current position. That was definitely gold. Even though the eastern sky just started to turn white, the appearance of it sparkling that would only cause you to say that it was majestic.

Well, among the world above the sky, ‘Asgard’, it seemed that there was plan for this palace to fight for the 1st and 2nd so it was something expected.

By the way, my workplace was the fifth building inside of ‘Gladsheim’ and its name was ‘Valhalla’. Starting from today, I’d be working as a ‘food ingredient’ there, this was a role that was given to me by the chief god, Odin-sama.

“Argh~ that is something expected. Even if I had the ability to ‘revive no matter how many time I die’, I will not work as a food ingredient at all. …but, aren’t you the one who wanted to work as a food ingredient on your own?”

“That is true but… Ah, um And-san. There is something that I want to ask you but I heard that the nine Valkyrie sisters will be working in ‘Valhalla’, is it true?”

“Hey, Saehrimnir-kun, you do know that I will be able to tell that you have an ulterior motive if you ask in such a direct manner?  I see, so the reason that caused you to come to ‘Valhalla’ even though you aware that you will die, is all because of the Valkyrie is it.”

“Argh, am… am I that obvious? Yup, I need to practice on beating the bush from now on else… does that mean that’s true?”

“It’s true. Just now… no, you can see it slightly now. Look there, you can see that the building for goddess is there right? There is a dorm that the Valkyrie lived inside. At night, they will depart from there and headed to my ‘Valhalla Kitchen’.”

After And-san said that, he let out a prideful laugh while showing a thumb up in his pure white cook uniform.

In fact, And-san was the coachmen of the wagon that I was riding now but his real job was a cook. Moreover, he was the chef head in charge of the God realm, ‘Asgard’ biggest – no, perhaps the ‘Nine World’ biggest kitchen.

“‘Valhalla Kitchen’ is it… that is amazing, And-san. A normal human can never work as the chef head in the world scale large kitchen.”

“Ha ha ha! Do continue in your praise to me! But aren’t you amazing yourselves? Freya-sama was the one who scouted me but you were given the order directly from Odin-sama. Well, you were given the role as a food ingredient but as a food ingredient aren’t that something supreme? That’s why I am showing you my biggest respect by transporting you by my own hand.”

“I see. So this is what they meant by directly from the farm since the Chef Head is delivering it personally.”

“Oh, what a splendid thing you said. Yup~, at first I was only shocked that you were able to talk but I was amazed that you were able to dress up. I have a feeling that we will have a good relationship from now on, isn’t that right, Saehrimnir-kun.”

“Is that the truth? I am delighted, if that is the case, it fine for you to call me Sei, Chef Head.”

“We’re here! I will depend on you from now on, Sei-kun.”

With this, just when we had close the gap in our heart by a step, the wagon had finally arrived at ‘Gladsheim’.

After we passed through the large door that was made out of gold, the interior of it was all covered in the golden color. While looking at the uniqueness style that there was a few palaces inside of this single large palace, the wagon headed deeper inside of it in a steady way.

When the new born morning sun started to the dye the world—the trip that took a few day after I left my parent house had finally ended.

In front of me, I saw a palace that was built in a more dignified manner than the other palaces that we had pass through. It was far from gorgeous but this boorish palace that was like a man was…

“Welcome, Sei-kun! To the building for those who was killed in action, ‘Valhalla’.”

After hearing the Chef Head voice, there was a large amount of human that came out from the palace and form a neat line. All of them were in the cook uniform. That meant… woah, everyone here were my senior staffs!

“Everyone, sorry for disturbing you so early in the morning. Then, Sei-kun, why don’t you start from a simple self-introduction.”

“Yes! Um… Every, every-one-nice-to-me-you, I-come-from ‘the forest of Idavoll’. I-liked-to-read-but-I-like-elephant-more.”

“Hey, Sei-san, you are being too nervous! Didn’t you just talk in a more natural manner up until now!”

“I’m sorry, this is the first time that I am in front of such a big crowd…”

“You do know that you are going to be eaten by two hundred thousand people right? This is much lesser when compare to that.”

That’s right. Okay~ I need to calm myself down here…

Then, in that moment when I put my spirit into it again.

“I’m sorry! We were late!”

The beautiful voice that was clear yet impatience can be heard from the sky all of a sudden.

“Chef Head! There are girls coming from the sky!”

“Ah, they are the Valkyries. The one in the blue chest plate is Brynhildr-sama.”

“Eh! That is Brynhildr-sama!?”

After they descended, they landed on the ground while scattering the pure white feather storm.

“We had finally arrived. Thank you for your hard work.”

While the wings that were made out of magic dispersed, the faint golden haired girl let go of the baby goat that she was carrying with both of hand.

Ah… there was no mistake that this noble yet ephemeral beauty was Brynhildr-sama.

After the day that I saw her once when she visited my parent house in the forest, this lovely Valkyrie had gotten a hold of my heart without letting it go—

“Oh, welcome. It seems that in the end, Brynhildr-sama was the one that was in charge of inviting the baby goat.”

“Yes! Since this is something important for ‘Valhalla’ from now on, as the eldest sister, I bear the responsibility to take up this task. I beg your pardon, did I caused you to wait for me by any chance?”

“No at all! We had just arrived ourselves also. Isn’t that right, Sei-kun?”

“Yeeees, that right! Even if that is not truth, for your sake, I am willing to wait for you for another ten or hundred year!”

“Ah… you are the boar from the Idavoll forest! It’s been a long time, um…”

“It’s Saehrimnir! But my name is a bit long so please feel free to call me pig!”

“Eh!? Pig… is it?”

“Yes! You don’t have to be so reserved at all!”

“Um… that… I’m sorry, if it’s possible, I would like to call you with another name…”

She… she is so kind! I thought that it would be nice if I was scolded by such a beauty but as expected of Brynhildr-sama who heart was also pure…. On the other hand, wasn’t my heart that impure?

“Um… if that is the case, please call me as Sei.”

“Yes, I understand! Do take care of me from now on okay? Sei-san.”

“I will take care of you for eternity!”

The left hand that was extended with a lovely smile grab the hoof of my front leg firmly. Ah, of course it was the side of the hoof okay? If that was not the case, then Brynhildr-sama hand wouldget dirty.

“Okay. Since all of the important guests had gathered here, let’s start the self-introduction all over again.”

The important guest had gathered? I wondered what that meant. Did that mean that I was not the only one who would be working in ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ from now on? That right, Brynhildr-sama did bring along a single baby goat, perhaps was she also going to be a food ingredient?

I looked toward the direction of the baby goat due to curiosity but oh? Somehow her appearance was a bit strange. Her passionate gaze was concentrate on… it was the Chef Head. Don’t tell me that she…!

“Mee mee mee.”

It seemed that the baby goat was desperately trying to tell something to the Chef Head. It seemed like she was unable to converse in human language. Um… let’s see…

“‘Darling is fantastic, elegant and cool. Please take care of me.’”

“Hey, what are you saying all of sudden, Sei-kun. Let me said this first, I don’t have those type of feelings toward you okay?”

“I also don’t have those feeling either! I just trying to help the baby goat to translate what he saying!”

“By translating, Sei-kun, do you mean that you understand the language of the goat?”

“Um… well. I know a bit of it since there is a grandmother goat that live near my parent house.”

The Chef Head was considerately impressed after seeing this special talent of mine that I thought was useless. But the thing that made me happier was the admiration gaze from Brynhildr-sama.

He he he, even me who was the gentleman who had mastered on being cool, I’d get carry away by this. Okay, let’s continue translating!”

“Mee Mee.”

“… Ah… what is she saying?”

“‘I like you I like you I love you’”

The moment when I translated that, the ear of the baby goat stood up. Then…

“Like… like…”

“Woah, this baby goat had started speaking! It seemed that there was quite a lot of animal that could talk, as expected of the God Realm ‘Asgard’.”

No… to be honest, I was quite surprise. This baby goat was a genius. After hearing my translation, she was able to remember the word ‘like’ immediately.

This was not something you could remember even if you study a bit but… no, instead of that, she might be able to use the rune of transformation just like me.

“Like, like.”

“Ah, I understand it already, thank you. Everyone, this goat is Heiðrún, she is able to squeeze out the best mead from his udder. With Loki-sama recommendation, from on together with Sei-kun, there are the two big leaders… hey, don’t pull me that much.”

“Like? Like?”

“Hmm? Ah, yes, like like. Next, it’s Sei-kun self-introduction, ouch!? Hold it, isn’t this baby goat more powerful than her  appearance? Hey don’t pull my leg that much!”

“Like! Like!”

Hm… somehow due to the suitable reply from the Chef Head, it seemed that Heiðrún was delighted since she thought that the Chef Head had mutual feeling with her.

“Sei-kun! Said something to this baby goat! Since it hurts for real!”

“Ah.. I understand. Um… mee mee.”


“Mememee memee”

“! Mee~!”

After a few second of the surreal conversation, Heiðrún finally released the Chef Head from the bear hug that a goat normally didn’t do.

“Phew~ finally…. You helped me, Sei-kun. Then, how did you manage to persuade her?”

“Chef Head… does your room come with a lock?”

“Hmm? Of course, it has. What does that have to do with it?”

“Please remember that you must lock the door before you sleep tonight. That is the only thing that I can said.”

‘You can continue it tonight, at the Chef Head room.’ – I did told her that on my own but it’d be alright, right?

Well, what happened from now on was out of my control. I’d let the Chef Head handle it.

“Okay. Then, Sei-kun, from the top again.”


As a response to that, I tried to strengthen my heart and look around me. Everyone was looking toward me with their sight full of expectation. The sight from Brynhildr-sama whom I admired was among them.

“Everyone it’s nice to meet you! I am Saehrimnir!”

I came here as the finest food ingredient, the expectation rookie. The hope of ‘Valhalla Kitchen’.

Toward that, I hadn’t really thought of anything big such as having self-awareness or responding to the expectation.


“I love to read book! That’s why I am able to talk in human language! My specialty is…”

That’s right. It’s okay for me to—- uphold my responsibility right now.

“…I will come back alive no matter how many time I die!”

I had the feeling of uneasiness. I also had the feeling of fear. But, I’d do it as a dare devil.

Since I had already departed from that peaceful forest.

My self-introduction ended with the lively applause and all the senior cook had gathered begin to scatter and left the area. I thought there would be people who would go back to sleep and there would be people who go to their station to prepare the breakfast.

At least, it seemed that the Chef Head was heading to his station,

“Then, Sei-kun, I see you during the evening! Until then you are free to do whatever you want.”

After he had said that in a friendly manner, he headed inside the building and disappear.

“Even though you said that…”

I didn’t even know what type of place was ‘Valhalla’. Moreover, I hadn’t even heard on the location of my room. Instead of playing, I guessed I had no choice but to explore ‘Valhalla’ instead?

“Um… Sei-san.”

“Yes? …Ah… Bryn…Brynhildr-sama!? May I know what’s the matter!”

Once I turned back while saying that, I saw the beautiful Brynhildr-sama. This was a surprise attack since I didn’t expect that Brynhildr-sama would still remain here.

“If you are fine with it, do you want to take you on a tour around ‘Valhalla’?”

“!? That is absurd! I can’t possible trouble Brynhildr-sama with such matter!”

“Fu Fu, it’s alright so there is no need for you to be so reserved okay? It’s not like I will eat you.”

“You won’t eat me?”

“Eh? That’s not it, I might have a bite of you after you are served as a meal but… that was not what I meant just now, okay?”

“Ah, I’m sorry. My livestock personality appear out of a sudden. But is it really okay? To guide someone like me…”

“There is nothing for you to worry about. Since it is something necessary, moreover… I don’t have any work after this for today. Since I don’t feel like returning back to my room… so I would be happy if you would accompany me.”

Eh, what was that just now? Didn’t feel like returning? Accompany her? Hey hey hey, can I really said okay for this for real!

“I will accompany with in pure-hearted way!! Then, let’s head to my room immediately!”

“It seemed that the first place is Sei-san room. I understand!”

With this, the curtain to the preliminary encounter for the honeymoon between me and Brynhildr-sama had started. Yeah!

“We had arrived! This place will be Sei-san room from now on!”

Based on the guidance from Brynhildr-sama we had arrived on the worker dorm which was located besides the ‘Valhalla’ main building. Somehow, it seemed that one of the room in the top floor was my room.

“Hee, so this…”

Since Brynhildr-sama helped me open the door of the room, I immediately went inside to have a look of it.

There were bed, lamp, book shelf, table, chair… yup, it was perfect! No matter how much I looked at it, it was a perfectly normal human room.

“Hm? This is… I’m sorry, Sei-san, this completely look like a room for a human right? It seems that there is some mistake in the arrangement.”

“? Nope, this is exactly as how I request it to be, right? My room in my parent house is roughly like this.”

“Eh? Shouldn’t there supposed to have straw…”

“No~ as expected the smell of new furniture is the best. Thank you very much, Brynhildr-sama! Thanks to you, I will have a great start to my new life!”

“Sei-san, you are a genuine boar right…? Um… by the way, Heiðrún-chan room is not like this at all right?”

“… Straw only. Should be.”

Brynhildr-sama face toward the idling Heiðrún who stood outside of my room and inquired her and she answered with a small nod.

Okay… I got it. At least this was  not a preliminary encounter for the honeymoon at all.

This was just a tour on the workplace. It’d be more effective if the tour was given to the two juniors at once. I couldn’t even imagine that I’d be alone with Brynhildr-sama in such a sudden way…

“Putting that aside, it seems you are making a great development on your speaking skill. Heiðrún-chan, you are quite smart.”

“Ah, I’m also surprise on that. She is really a genius since it took me almost a year to master it.”

But it seemed that she was feeling down ever since the Chef Head left for his work. It seemed that her idle appearance right now should be her usual appearance.

“Then, where should I take you to next?”

“That’s right… let’s go and have a look at Heiðrún room and I guess we should head to our workplace after all.”

“Then let’s head toward the kitchen. Around this time… it’s exactly the time where the Einherjars are having their breakfast, I think that you will be able to see how busy it is at this peak hour.”

Brynhildr-sama revealed a cute wry smile since the atmosphere was ruined all of a sudden.

Well… I wouldn’t be standing in the kitchen other than night time due to my circumstance but I was interest to look at how busy it was.

Since the dinner which I was in charge of would be busier than breakfast time.

“It’s an unavoidable passage. Let’s go!”

“I understand!”

After we had a look at Heiðrún room which was just beside of us, we returned to the building where we were at in the beginning.

In the inner area of the first floor of the building. Once I stepped pass the thick metal door which was a part of the preparation room, I was surrounded by the hustle and bustle that I had never ever heard before up until now.

“The muffins and Danish are ready!”

“You fool, the oatmeal is after this! Moreover, I am bringing the wiener so you are in the way!”

“Hey! Can someone peel the apple!?”

Loud noise that sounded like jeers resounded in the kitchen. What was with this scenery, this was like a battle field.

“Yup… I didn’t expect this.”

“That was dangerous!”

Brynhildr-sama quickly carried me who was taken aback at the busy atmosphere.

Woah, that was a close call. I was almost stepped on by the cook who was running inside the kitchen. For your information, I wouldn’t get excited if I was stepped on by guys.

“? Huh, this is a nice smell…”

“Thank you for saving me, Brynhildr-sama. Um… may I know what’s the matter?”

“! Nothing, it’s just that there was a nice smell some reason.”

“Isn’t it because the apple muffin had just finish baked? I can’t even stop my saliva from flowing out…hm?”

Eh… huh!? Hold… hold it, I see, right now … I was being hug by my dearest Brynhildr-sama!?

“Sniff~~ Haa~~ what is this, Sei-san smell so nice…”


Moreover, what was the meaning of this!? Instead of hugging me, she was burying her face on my back— I could feel her breath on my back….!

“I’m… I’m sorry Sei-san, but somehow, please let me stay like this just for a bit longer…”

“No… this is…. This is too stimulating…! Ha… argh!…”

At this place which was closest to the sky, due to my happiness I let go of the ribbon of my conscious.

I didn’t have a proper sight of the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ but I didn’t regret it at all— faint.

“Huh… this is…?”

The moment when I awoke after I fainted, it seemed that I was at the entrance of the ‘Valhalla’ main building. As a replacement for the long bench, it seemed that I was sleeping on the abandon armour, when I tried to stand up slowly…

“Woah, what… what are you doing Brynhildr-sama!”

“Ah, I’m… I’m sorry! That… I planned to perform mouth to mouth since you had been asleep for quite a long time.”

“Um… it would be better if I had slept for a moment longer…”

But Brynhildr-sama, if you planned to do mouth to mouth, instead of the stomach, you need to deliver air through the mouth.

“Fuu… Sei-san, it’s almost evening.”

For some reason, Brynhildr-sama showed a trance expression after she separated herself from my stomach and from the entrance she pointed at the titled sunlight.

“Woah, that’s right! I’d better made preparation right away or else I will be late on my first job! Excuse me, Brynhildr-sama, I will leave now! Ah, thank you for giving me a tour!”

“You are welcome. Sei-san, let’s meet again at the preparation room!”

That right, Brynhildr-sama was working at the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ during the night time. I was overflowing with motivation when I thought that I was able to meet with her right away.

“Okay, it’s my first job! I need to do my best!”

I rush toward the preparation room in reckless manner.

After I used my hoof to push the door open, the senior who had finished with their preparation for war were waiting for my arrival.

“You’re late, Sei-kun! Then, after you wear this, our war will begin!”

The Chef Head handed me my personalized pure white chef hat. Woah, to think that I was receiving this! I was now overflowing with more motivation!

“Chef Head! Is there anything that I can help with until it my turn as the main dish?”

“Since it’s your first day, so just look at us obediently.”


Well… if a complete beginner who was not even an apprentice help out, it’d cause trouble instead…

Wait for a moment, this was not the time for you to be relax, Saehrimnir. I believed that the Chef Head was saying ‘Look carefully and steal it’. If that was the case, then I had to look at the gallant figure of my senior carefully as if I was pierced with around ten hole!

Just like this, the preparation for the dinner banquet had started.

Yup, everyone was busying as if they were dying. Do your best, give it your all! Well… I sort of getting bored of it since I was just cheering them.

Ah, I got an idea. Since I was pierced with hole, then it would better to look at the Valkyrie instead. Okay, it was almost time for me to head to the pantry which was just beside of here.

“Sorry for the intrusion… huh?”

I planned to open thousand or ten thousand hole when I came to the pantry but it seemed that there was something weird with the Valkyries who had gathered there.

It was more like… I couldn’t find the appearance of Brynhildr-sama. I called out to the Valkyries in the green armour who was the closest to me.

“Ah… um… Nice to meet you. I am Saehrimnir.”

“Huh? Well, it seems that a boar had escape from the kitchen! We had to catch it!”

“That’s not it! I am the newcomer Saehrimnir! I am a staff!”

“Oh, is that so. Nice to meet you, Chibi-chan. What are you doing at the pantry?”

“Well, it’s not like I had any affair but somehow it seems that you look like you are in trouble.”

“Ah… actually, the one who entered at the same time as you, the baby goat, Heiðrún is it? The mead that she is in charge of had not arrived yet.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if you went and have a look at her?”

“After saying that, Nee-sama went to check up on her. But, that nee-sama had not came back yet. That’s why we thought that we need to send one more person to go and check up on them.”

“Ah, if that is the case, please leave that to me. Since I have nothing to do up until now.”

“Oh! If so, I will depend on you!”

Okay, I finally obtained my first task. Moreover, since she hadn’t return for such a long time meant that Brynhildr-sama was in some kind of trouble. If I went and help her, her interest toward me would increase tremendously. I bet that the locals also use the shortest route to rush to their path of marriage.

It was better to strike the iron when it was hot since that was decided. After going out of the back door, I dashed toward the end of the corridor where the milking room was located.

“I had kept you waiting… hmm? What is with this smell…!”

I had arrived in front of the milking room. My sense of smell that wouldn’t even lose to a dog, suddenly detected a dangerous smell.

…this was bad. This smell was serious bad. That was because this was… this smell that was full of the smoke from the plant was…the smell of a ‘fire’…!

I used the tip of my nose to touch the door of the milking room timidly. Hot… why was the door so hot!? Don’t tell me…

“The door is embarrassed?”

As if that was the truth! After I made a retort on my own statement, I used my whole body to open the door!


The thing that I appeared in my sight was the spark from the crazy bright red fire.

The ceiling that was cover with soot and the floor and wall that seemed like it’d be melted right now. It was exactly as what I imagined… no. This was the scorching hot hell that was out of my expectation.

What… what exactly caused this…? No, this was not the time for that!

“Brynhildr-sama!! Heiðrún!! Are you here!?”

Even though I shouted in a loud voice, there was no reply at all. But, there was a reaction. Based on my sense of hearing that wouldn’t lose to a rabbit, I was sure—that I heard the sound of struggling. There was no mistake of it, the two of them were trap inside this fire!

I needed to hurry up and save them! I should go and call the other Valkyries!

The moment when I turned my back toward the room. The pillar of the room collapsed together with the loud roaring sound.

“… there won’t be enough time if I do that!”

After a moment of hesitation, I immediately changed my plan. I am… the only who could help them right now.

“[…I worship you the skull of Ymir; Kiss his body. Now I ask for permission to expose the Divine Omniscience sacred matter, make the color change, let encounter, departure, reconcile and solitary become a reality! The twenty rune of Futhark, mannaz!]”

I changed into my human form by using the transformation rune magic, ‘Mannaz’ that I was only good at.

I quickly grabbed and submerged the dried sheet that I found in the corridor in a bucket of water. After that, I covered it on my head and jumped toward the sea of fire inside of the milking room.

“…there they are!”

While ignoring the smell of my burnt skin, I let out a delightful voice unconsciously.


Inside the fire, I could see the appearance of Brynhildr-sama who had collapsed while protecting Heiðrún at the centre of the room. It seemed like she was unconscious. But, she was still breathing!


I used the wet sheet that I was covering myself with to cover both of them and carry them, without even considering about myself, I dashed out of the fire.

“Yea!! Haa, haa… somehow… I managed… to do it.”

After dashing out of the fire, I jumped out of the room, after I put the two of them near the entrance of the corridor, I had reach the limit of my endurance. My human transformation automatically came undone and I returned back to my boar form.

“Haa, haa… it seemed that it’s true that you will have extraordinary strength during the scene of the fire…”

Somehow, around the moment when I was having those carefree thought.

“!? Woah! It’s hot! Ah!!”

A part of the wall of the building give off creaking sound and it collapsed on my body when I was relaxing!

Da… damn it, I let my guard down! It seemed that it was too early to be relax! I should had escaped to a further place even if I had to crawl, to think that this…!

“…Ah…Ah… this…”

In the midst of my faint conscious, I started to remember all the memory on the thing that had happen up till today. This was something that I had experience for a numerous time, it was a flashback that I’d see when I was on the brink of my death—.

Since I was seeing this, it seemed that it was already too late for me….Ha ha… the smell of death this time was quite fragrant and delicious….

“Hey!? What the heck is happening!?”

“What, what is this! The annex is on fire! The boar is also on fire!? I need to provide assistance at once!”

Maybe it was because I was slow when coming back, the Valkyrie came in succession and had gathered here.

That was great… since they had come, I could be at ease now. Since it was too late for me already…, …I’d … leave it to them… now…

A moment… it seemed that my consciousness ceased for a single moment. But…

“Ba-dump! Did you all saw this? This is my killer technique… no, should I had said that it a surviving technique instead? Putting that aside, this is my revival ability and it’s called ‘Gullveig’!”

Yes, I was fine this way and I was unhurt too!

Somehow it seemed that I had revived near the cooking stove in the preparation room this time. It was nice that I was able to show this to everyone at once since it seemed that all the staffs and the Valkyries had gathered.

“Hee, this is…. Instead of reviving, it’s more like you were reborn with a new body instead. Since you left a corpse behind.”

Moreover, since I had revived in this manner, it meant that the world had welcome its sunset.

Well it seemed that I needed to give a detailed explanation about this to the Chef Head after this.

“That’s right, are both Brynhildr-sama and Heiðrún safe?”

“They are fine. Both of them are receiving treatment now and is resting in their own room. …Saehrimnir, I would like to thank you on behalf on my all my sisters for saving Nee-sama.”

With a single sound from the shoe, all the Valkyrie sister lowered their head respectfully toward me. Toward that, I waved my front leg in a hurry.

“I don’t deserve this! Since it something that everyone will do after all.”

That was the truth. In fact, I’d feel bad if they lower their head toward me like this.

“That’s right, Chef Head. My corpse…”

“Yup, it’s inside the pot over there. It is still usable even though it was well done, so I just throw it in as it is.”

“I’m glad if that is the case. That is because, I am unable to die anymore for today due to some reason.”

“? What do you mean by that?”

“Ah—I will explain to you on this later, okay? Actually my revival technique actually consume a large amount of my magic power…”

“Hold it, let’s just stop here. Then, it’s okay for you to have a properly rest for today. Thank you for your hard work, Sei-kun.”

“Thanks for your hard work. Everyone, I will take my leave here.”

I left the kitchen while everyone send me off with their applause. Even though the banquet would start now, it was impossible for me to help in my current condition. I might die in a different way starting tomorrow but it wouldn’t make a difference since I would still die.


I dived toward my bed after I had reached my room with my shaky footing. And the drowsy came immediately.

Starting from tomorrow… I needed to get used to the recoil of this power… right…

The next morning. I did some stretches on my bed since both my body and mind had completely recovered.

Well~ it was expected of the supply from the Aesir God. The bed that they prepared was so fluffy which I was able to have a good sleep. This had totally become an addiction, I never ever planned to sleep for a second time if it was the cheap bed from my parent house.

While giving off a big yawn, I left my room. Hmm, even though I came out of my room, I hadn’t thought of what I want to do.

“That’s right, maybe I should go and visit Brynhildr-sama to check up on her situation? Since I have plan to have a discussion with the Chef Head… argh, Brynhildr-sama!? Why are you here!?”

On the corridor immediately after I left my room, for some reason, it seemed that Brynhildr-sama was standing there.

I was slow on noticing it! If I continued walking, wouldn’t Brynhildr-sama shoe will almost be kiss by me!

…hmm? No, hold it, that was not an almost at all, in fact why didn’t I go and kiss it! Then I’d pretend that it was an accident…!


“Yes!? I’m sorry, that was something disgusting right!?”

“Eh? No, that’s not it… umm. I heard from my sister on the matter from yesterday. That Sei-san had saved my when I was trapped in the fire. …by risking your life.”

“It’s not that great, haha. Well, it’s not something big, so there is nothing for you to worry about.”

“I am worry about it!”


After hearing that sudden shout, I shrank my body unconsciously. When I looked up timidly toward Brynhildr-sama, she… was crying.

“I’m… I’m sorry… but, I have concerned on that. Sei-san did that… because Sei-san was burnt to death…!”

Why… was Brynhildr-sama showing such a sad expression? That was because I, as you can see it, I was  fine. There was nothing for her to be sad at all.

“… I see…”

I guessed death can bring that kind of meaning. I dashed into the fire while carrying the thought that even if I died, I’d be able to revive anyway.

But… if that was the case, then I wouldn’t be able to save anyone at all.

“… Brynhildr-sama. How did the fire from yesterday started?”

“I… went to collect the mead from Heiðrún-chan place… afterward, it seems that the mead was caught on fire. It seems that Heiðrún-chan wanted to surprise the Chef Head And by making a flambé.”

“That is not something that was meant for a surprise at all.”

“Well, by right it should be at the degree where only the surface was lightly burnt though. The instance when I went to visit her, the straw that was used for resting around the room was caught on fire and whirled up…in just a moment, we were surrounded by the flame. It is at a degree that it was difficult for us to escape.”

“I see. That’s why you were crouching down while covering her.”

“Yup. I thought of using my God Technique to blow away the fire but since I am unable to control the output, it’s possible that it result in the danger that the whole building will collapse, that’s why I was unable to do anything…. If Sei-san didn’t come, this time I… I am truly grateful that you have saved me.”

“… I don’t deserve that. I don’t have the qualification of being thank. In the end, I… was unable to save Brynhildr-sama at all.

Brynhildr-sama tilted her head when I said that I denied her thanks. I followed up by saying this.

“Since the me who had helped you is already dead, it caused the victim to be sad instead. From that sadness, I felt that I was unable to protect Brynhildr-sama at all. The me from that time… shouldn’t had die.”

That was why… that was why I… made an oath.

“I will no longer die like this anymore. In order to protect… you.”

“Se… Sei-san…!”

Brynhildr-sama was looking at me with her passionate gaze. While bending her knee, she touch my forehead with her hand… and Brynhildr-sama started to say this quietly.

“In the past—it’s something that happened a few hundred years ago. Due to some reasons, I was in a deep sleep inside of a building in the mountain called ‘Hindarfjall’. Since the building was surrounded by fire, no one dare to approach it. …Unless it’s someone that is truly brave.”

Brynhildr-sama purposely made a pause and she used her finger that was on my forehead to slide.  Both her hand that was redirected toward my back was drawing toward the middle of my chest gently.

“At that time. There was only one person who overcame the fire. That person was known as a great hero by everyone, as he was a great warrior. In order to obtain the fame and glory, he overcame the fire… but Sei-san, you are different. Your bravery is the real deal since you jumped into the fire while risking your life for other. You have the qualification to be the true hero. I truly respect you… from the bottom of my heart.”

“Well~ there is no need for you to respect me. As a boar like me, a kick is more than enough.”

“I respect you! I truly respect you! I truly truly respect you!”

“Okay, please forgive me!”

Woah, somehow it seemed that she was quite persistent in her respect toward me. Since this was the case, I’d just let her respect me until she got over it. I believed that the day she’d definitely kick me when she had awoken for this would come one day.

Ahem… it was not like I wanted to be kick intentionally by her okay? My goal would be in front of me if that respect changed to longing and the longing had changed to love.

In order for me to welcome that ending, I would try my best to maximize that respect of hers toward me— which was what I thought.

That was what I thought… the night that day.

In the kitchen where the preparation for the banquet was progressing, I who handled the main dish was being focus by the voice that inquired on my determination.

“Then Sei-kun, had you made up your mind?”


“Sei-kun, please tell me… how many time do I have to ask until you are okay? After this, how many time do I need to ask you ‘Had you make up your mind?’ until you’re okay…”

“If possible, as many as you can.”

“I am in a bind if that is the case! You do know that I had been waiting for you since you said that you are waiting for the suitable time to pass away? Since the pot is waiting for you at its highest temperature, can you just stop this and jump in it already!”

“I’m sorry! I will jump into it right away!”

Damn it, what was with the ‘I won’t die for another time’, wouldn’t this make the me from this morning seem stupid? Since I’d die every night! And it was something that was reserve for a long time! I was unable to cancel it at all! The moment when I accepted to work as a food ingredient, my fate had been decided!

But somehow… wasn’t resisting fate seem kind a cool? Right? Wasn’t that right?


I realized it at that moment. The silent stare from Brynhildr-sama from the pantry.

That, that right! Brynhildr-sama! I did made a promise with you yesterday right? That I’d no longer die anymore.

It was a pity but it seem that I was unable to keep that promise with my power alone… that was why please gave me one recommendation out of compassionate! The voice that could help me change my fate with the authority of the Valkyrie!

After realizing that I was sending the gaze of an abandoned livestock, Brynhildr-sama hastily looked left and right. at the end of her distress, she showed a smile as if she was asking for forgiveness and

“That… please… do your best! Sei-san!”

She gave me a supporting shout while showing a guts pose.

Ah, that was right, wasn’t it, Brynhildr-sama. I got it, yup I had completely understood it.

There was no man who wouldn’t get excited after being cheer by the women that they loved. I’d turn this feeling that allowed me to ascend to the sky into wing and followed my fate for now!

“Yup, Saehrimnir, it’s time for you to show your bravery! Go!!”

My body felt light as I made the jump that was filled with my determination.

After the momentarily suspension that was wrapped with the commotion, I — fell into the boiling pot.

“It’s hot!!!”

Don’t you think that once someone saw my hard work… they would respect me by a little?

That was why I should puff up my chest and said this in a loud voice.

The brown boar, Saehrimnir risked his life to provide you with this delicious and tasty meat dish.

I would like everyone in the world to try and have a bite of me.

— just like this, my day as the ’Valhalla dinner’ started.

This starting day was a precious and irreplaceable memory of mine. But toward other, I believe it was just a page in their daily life that was unable to catch their attentions.…that right, that was what I thought.

It seemed that this day was also an irreplaceable memory for Brynhildr that was deeply carved in her heart.

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