I wasn’t dead, just invisible

Hello everyone! I’ve returned from the shadow, been working in the dark to serve the light! Do you see the ONNY bar? Yes, it’s my work in the dark, can you guess what that is? No? Well, if you’re interested, you can join here to read the sponsored light novel translation!

And, here for you folks, another chapter bring to you

Cross Connect Volume 2 Chapter 2

Please enjoy, and remember to share and like!

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4 Responses to I wasn’t dead, just invisible

  1. kumoko says:

    Glad you came back


  2. escrowe says:

    Not dead, invisible, working in the shadows, serving the light…Flandor?
    Assassin’s Pride chapter 3 soon?


  3. Highest emperor says:

    Need Assassin’s pride chapter 3


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