Only One

That’s how much you get for teaser. Nice, dont you think?

Well, all and all, I dont understand what the heck I’ve just translated! I cursed whoever recommend this. Though, whatever, enjoy!

Cross Connect Volume 1 Chapter 5

Cross Connect Volume 1 Epilogue

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3 Responses to Only One

  1. strife0024 says:

    Oi oi oi!!!!
    Are you Takagi-san?
    That skilled teaser?

    Hope you will not cut this project partway!!!


    • strife0024 says:

      Thanks as always for your tl novels, they are fun to read.
      Hope you will continue Sekai no Owari no Encore though. Hahaha!!!


  2. strife0024 says:

    Well that depends on you alone as it is only your hobby, we won’t force you dude

    But we are hoping for that.(Waits with puppy eyes look)

    Hope you will still continue CrossxConnect.


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