Kurosaki Mayu no Hitomi ni Utsuru Utsukushii Sekai Volume 1 Chapter 1

To accompany me in awakening from an eternal slumber, a name floating over in the middle of darkness, a delicate illusory young girl.

Chapter 1 Mayu Kurosaki

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I knew Mayukurosaki approximately half a year ago, from first year of senior high school. During the first day of a new school term, as she abnormally gave a very mature feeling, thus leaving a deep impression in my mind.

With her head bowed down Kurosaki introduces herself in an extremely weak voice, her continuous words were not so understandable to the point that one could only hear some sort of noise. I, upon observing the area within the classroom, noticed was that no one was able to properly hear her self-introduction.

I, at that time, merely thought she was just some introverted girl. Having a bright red face upon giving a speech coupled with a timid voice, therefore guessing that this Kurosaki was just this sort of person whom you can see almost anywhere.

During whole first semester, she just continuously sat in her own designated seat located in the corner of classroom. Never having seen her being close with other people.
I would become aware of Kurosaki’s abnormality, was due to fact that she appeared to be at peace inside the classroom. Even outside the class she appeared to be someone who liked to spending time alone, who would lean still over the table, scribble on the notebook, fiddle with her phone, read some textbook or some other reading materials, more or less looking for other miscellaneous things to work on.

Yet she refused to be completely without these actions, except outside of classes, only simply sitting. I would at certain position within ten minutes after class, carefully observed Kurosaki.

Completely in a motionless state.

With a straight back, hands on the knees, quietly sitting on the chair inside the noisy classroom, seemingly as if she alone existed in the surrounding area, giving people an atmosphere where a section of time flows differently. Completely moving yet at same time motionlessly, even causing people to doubt whether she was even breathing.
Inside the classroom, Kurosaki could be characterized as quitely delicate. Although everyone felt that her existence was to be special, yet nobody was able give her any definite fixed impression. Never in the least had she become a subject in the talk between the boys.

Kurosaki had never made it so as to become one of main the subject of our lively talks. In case one was like a gloomy or a loner type of person, one was likely to find oneself as a subject of ridicule in conversations. Yet Kurosaki’s state of affair was never that simple.

There were 2 possible reasons that came to mind.

The first reason, one could seemingly get cursed.

Let me restate the first one, she was just truly excessively abnormal. Didn’t move around much, not able to properly carry dialogue with others, causing others to be unable to comprehend her thinking, her body giving out a strange atmosphere, causing others to involuntary adopt a (non-interference) attitude. All classmate in class through (inner understanding) to help maintain some distance with her. Within a half meter radius of Kurosaki’s inner heart, had all the way been empty without a shadows of anyone.
Following on the second reason, this maybe would be more convincing than the first reason mentioned above.

She had an inconceivable elegant air on her body.

First of all, the uniforms she wore were so clean to the point that it was hard to believe. From her collar down her skirt not a single crease could be seen, the level of cleanliness was enough for people to doubt it was brand newly clothes.

Further adding her always straight back, every act (though almost unmoving) being utterly succinct, regardless of walking pattern, still during lectures even note taking was completely elegant. It was even to the point that it would make us felt extremely crude, her action and mannerism was such that they were both honest and elegant.
It was because of these reasons, that Mayu Kurosaki’s first school term, regardless of one’s position or anyone was all unable to ignore her sense of her existence.