Assassins Pride Volume 1 Chapter 1

Lesson 1: The Awakening of the Golden Crow

A large chandelier that was mounted on the ground — that was the state of the world.

People rose their heads to stare at the blank sky. The dazzling celestial bodies like the stars, moon, and the sun only existed in ancient texts that had been passed down. There were many scholars who thought that these were just the creations of the poets, because in today’s world, the scene of having a blue sky hanging over the heads of the people — it was quite unbelievable.

In this world, from the skies to the ground, even until the end of the earth, all were covered in darkness. The colorless darkness had caused the people to unable to confirm what kind of surroundings further of the earth went, and the area of the vast land was beyond imagination… there was only a corner situated in all this darkness, where there was a huge group of glass containers and the height of them ranged from hundreds until thousands of meters, whilst exuding brilliant light.

That was humanity’s last city — The world’s lantern <Flandor>.

The lantern had a diameter of 5km, its large glass containers were called ‘Canvell’, each containing a street, as if wanting to surround the “Holy Kingdom” where privileged class residents lived, 24 canvells line up tightly on metal bases, they could only be described as chandeliers. Even though there was a great difference.

In between different kinds of canvells, there were few metal bridges constructed, and situated on top of these bridges contained the transportation of the people. Right at this moment, there was a train that was passing through the Holy Kingdom’s outer tunnel, following hundreds of meters of elevated railroads moving down to other canvells.

On that train, in the last coach box, there was a young man looking out the window, his solemn expression showed as he counted the canvells, at the same time, while casually thinking.

What kind of force created such unreasonable constructions? People were even hesitant to think about this.

—That was what the young man was thinking.


The train that the young man was on finally reached its final stop which was a station situated outside of the Holy Kingdom, one of the canvells — Cardinals Learning Institution. This was where rows of academies were situated upon, half of the residents here are students, it was Flandor’s second to none gakuen city.

It was dawn, the young man disembarked the train, arriving at a platform covered with fog, he glanced around once and confirmed that he was indeed in the city where it belonged to students.

The people that disembarked and the people who boarded the trains, or the people who traversed around within the station, most of them were youths. The young man breathed in a breath of fresh air, as he fixed his usual military uniform.

The young man retrieved a map of the city that’s drafted on a paper from his coat pocket.

Speaking of Cardinals Learning Institution’s characteristics, it was also known as ‘Meditation Towers’ due to their beautiful construction. It was as if mathematicians, physicians, and artists cooperated to build it, hundreds of pointed roofs constructions neatly laid out, taking away breaths of many with its beauty.

The young man’s destination was the border of these tower streets.

He heard that Merida Angel’s mansion was constructed across the city of Seamus waterfront.

From today onwards for the duration of 3 years — this young man would start living the life of a private tutor in this city.

“The atmosphere is very different from the Holy Kingdom.”

The young man inhaled gently while placing the paper back into his pocket.

“There is a scent of intelligence…”

He murmured, then an unexpected clear high-pitched voice overlapped his voice.

The young man looked over his shoulder and at the same time he exchanged glances with the person looking at him.

The person was a girl who disembarked the train. She looked younger than him by a little, approximately age 16. The way she dressed herself, it exhibited a clear notion that she was conscious about her attire.

Her bright red hair has been well maintained to be silky smooth, her slender limbs were also filled with charm. Dressed like a beautiful fairy, like a dancer dancing on a stage, or a model right out of a fashion magazine.

A girl like her would attract many gazes of young boys, but she didn’t seem to notice her own charm. The girl smiled an innocent smile at the young man, she looked childish compared to how she dressed.


“Hehe, we said the same thing.”

“Sounds like it — wait, no, uh —”

The young man coldly replied, as he shook his head gently.

From arriving at the city, his mission has already begun. The young man’s identity right now was to head to the duke family and begin his job as a private tutor, he needed to put on a ‘mask’ befitting of a private tutor to handle the people that he met under the current circumstance.

After a moment, the young man smiled a warm smile towards the red-haired girl.

“Are you here for a holiday?”

“N-no, it’s for a job! Does that mean…”

“Yes, as you can see, I’m not a student — come on, let’s go.”

The young man escorted the girl towards the luggage compartment of the train.

At this very moment, there were more than just boys who were enraptured by the red-haired girl’s beauty but even a few women that were traversing within the station had their cheeks flushed, halting in their tracks. A portrait painter immediately took the liberty to start painting the scene, while a few seemingly like journalists’ boys who were dressed in suits pressed the shutter button on their cameras repeatedly.

Do we really look like a picture whilst walking together? The young man doubted, but the red-haired girl was the opposite of the young man, her face didn’t contain any trace of clue that she noticed the eyes of the public, her reddish cheeks gave out a sense of joy to the atmosphere.

After arriving at the luggage compart, the young man took the first step onto the stairs leading to the luggage compartment.

“What’s your ticket number?”

“Eh, ticket number? Uh… found it!”

The young man took the ticket from the girl that she took it out from her dress’s pocket. He walked into the luggage compartment, and within a few moments, he came out with his own luggage on his right and a cutely decorated travel bag on the left.

“Sorry to have made you wait, miss.”

The young man handed her the bag, the red-haired girl gasped with surprise, happily exclaiming:

“How… how chivalrous of you!”

“It’s only a small matter, nothing much. If I could help you to your destination, that would be the best…”

The girl displayed a face of fear and then shook her head, immediately took over her own bag.

After asking, the girl’s destination was the Cardinals Learning Institution’s trendiest high class residential area, as opposed to the young man as he was ready to head out to the depressing outskirts.

After leaving the station, both stood at the top of the large stairs that could be seen from the streets just from a glance.

As if they were on a stage, both shook hands atop the large stairs.

“I came here alone and I felt insecure… but meeting such a nice person, it’s awesome! It feels like from today onwards, a lot of things will go according to plan!”

“That’s great. If there is a chance, then we’ll meet up again.”

“Ok, if there’s a chance then we’ll meet again! We must meet again!”

The girl held the young man’s hand with both of her hands and shook it a few times, and after that she ran down the stairs. The girl turned, her red hair following the wind as it swayed, she waved at the young man accompanied with a smile.

The young man gently waved his hand as a response as he saw her disappear.

“Huuu” — the young man unknowingly sighed.

The young man’s superior guaranteed that his skills in acting were unbeatable wasn’t a lie. Even though it was a bit sad, but out of all the unit members, it seemed like himself was the most suitable candidate for this mission.

After confirming the red-haired girl has disappeared into the crowd, the young man walked towards the stairs with his luggage in tow, preparing to head to his destination.

The young man depended on his notes, walked towards one of the streets that extended radially. He passed by the pointed roof constructions and hearty eyed students, headed straight towards the outskirts.

The foundation of the city-state (Flandor) were the 25 canvells — even though accurately speaking it was the streets themselves that were radiating such light that could cast away the darkness. The real reason of the light were the street lights hanging on the street. A special gas was filled within the glass containers of the street lights.

The gas is called [Blood of the Sun].

That kind of liquid glass could be mined from a mine near Flandor outskirts, after lighting the gas in fire, it could radiate a strong and holy light. That was a shield as well as armor, defending the whole city from [the curse of the night] that had engulfed the world. It was humanity’s last lifeline to maintain a civilized society —

When the mining vein of Blood of the Sun dried up, what would become of Flandor? How would life continue? It had been discussed on the council countless times, but until now, there was no answer to this question, the thought flashed across the thoughts of the young man, as it disappeared.

Rather than fearing for a distant future, what was more important now was to not get lost in this foreign city.

The young man depended on his notes as he moved on, occasionally asked directions from stall merchants, finally he arrived at his destination — a corner of the canvell. The left side of the road had a brick wall that was built from long ago, an iron fence was also built to prevent visitors from visiting.

A shocking sight of an overgrown garden that was opposite of the iron fence.

Plants that existed within canvells were of course not natural plants. Who was rich enough to maintain such scale of a garden?

The young man approached the fence and was greeted by maids who bowed to him.

“You must be KufaVanpiel. Welcome, we have been waiting.”

The young man listened to the name he was given for the sake of the mission and returned an elegant smile. The red-haired girl from before had proven that the current ‘mask’ he wore was useful to the public.

“Lucky to have met you, from now on, please take care of me.”

“Yes, we should be the ones to ask for your care. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

In the middle of the three maids, there was one maid who stood forward, carrying a smile befit of a flower. The girl gave out an innocent image but at the same her strong will was felt.

“I’m Amy, I am the head maiden of this mansion. If there is any confusion, don’t hesitate, please come and find me.”

“Head maiden?”

The young man — Kufa frowned. The young girl called Amy, no matter how you looked at her, she was about 17 or so, not much difference compared to himself. The head maiden was referred to as ‘lady’, usually the one who held the rank would be of an older age, with ample experience.

The young man was then reminded before the mission, his superior learned a few things. Apparently, since the blood lineage of Lady Merida was suspected, her position within the Angel family seemed to become very delicate, even her father didn’t treat her well, even grouped her with the lowest ranking of maids together and placed them in another mansion.

This meant that not even the amount of people that was minimum, but this included experience, right? The maids behind Amy could also be said as the age of young girls.

“Look, it’s a man!”

“It is a man…!”

“He’s quite young…”

“It seems that he’s quite mature, wonder how old he is?”

The girls whispered among themselves. Even though they were in front of a guest, yet they still gossiped, happily talking away their secret topics. The young girls looked up the young man, with gazes filled with interest and passion, causing the young man to feel embarrassed.

“Look, he’s slim and tall… his Calvary uniform fits him so well!”

“Including that purplish black hair, accompanied with cold eyes, truly amazing…!”

“He exudes an aura that says, ‘I am skilled, got any problems?’!”

“Even though we’re seniors compared to him, instead, he’s the one that would be called as a devil instructor!”

“Ah, it’s too cruel!”

“Devil sensei ah…!”

Who’s the devil sensei?

Contrary to the topic of discussion and the unknown reason of why the girls were happy, Kufa acted as if he didn’t hear anything, at the same time sighed. However, Amy misunderstood such gesture, she quickly reached out.

“Oh, I’m very sorry, you must be tired! Let me help you with your luggage.”

“No, it’s fine.”

Kufa refused her kind gesture, and shook Amy’s outstretched hand.

“Today onwards, we will be colleagues, there is no need for such formal gesture. Please treat me as your helper, if there are any jobs needed to be handed to me, please just ask.”


Amy’s face flushed red. The maids behind her gasped.

“Amy immediately received an attack!”

“Amy’s sneaky~!”

Cough, cough — the young head maiden faked a cough or two, and turned around, her skirt swayed following her actions.

“Then… then I’ll lead you to the mansion. Let’s go!”

Accompanied by the three maids, Kufa passed through the main gate. Behind the gate, it was the garden where it could be seen opposite of the fence. Artificial trails are placed in between the lush and tall plants. The greens covered the path forward, still unable to see the silhouette of the mansion.

“The presence of a male is really helpful, if the house only has girls, then it would bring many inconveniences…”

Amy tried to start up a conversation with the young man, then the other maids also joined in.

“If there is any work that requires strength, can we trouble you?”

“Like moving stuff, or cleaning high areas!”

Kufa let out a bitter smile, and at the same time flexed his biceps…

“Leave it to me.”

His answer made the maids shouted out “kyaaaa~”.

According to them, the mansion has another same aged maid. In turn, it meant that there was only these maids… Kufa’s mind flashed over ‘men are forbidden’, such old saying.

Even though it was work, but for entering the garden, Kufa wasn’t immune to being nervous. But seeing such welcoming atmosphere, it didn’t seem to be able to confuse the mind and affect the mission.

— Until before meeting her at the end of the trail, he really thought so.

Merida Angel’s mansion was an elegant yet modern two-story building, the level of space was suitable to house 5 to 6 people. Comparing the Cardinal Learning Institution’s streets and the pointed roof tops, accompanying with such lush greenery surroundings, the whole scene gave out an atmosphere that it was a magician’s hideout.

After walking for five minutes since the main gate, they finally reached the main entrance of the mansion, Amy swiftly turned.

“Lord Kufa, welcome. From today onwards, a total duration of three years, here is your workplace. The young lady should be waiting… eh?”

Amy suddenly felt something and looked up. Kufa who was led by this action looked up as well, following the two other maids.

It was because all of them heard the talking.

Above the entrance, on the second floor, there was a balcony, the sounds came from the hall inside the balcony.

“Huh, aren’t they back yet? From when they went out to greet him, it’s passed quite some time.”

“Ojou-sama, really, how many times do you have to ask the same question? Amy and the others will greet the guest, they’ll be arriving very soon~”

“But, there’s only 3 minutes left until the promised time of meeting. They might be lost, or the train went into an accident…! I’ll go check it out!”

“W-wait, Lady Merida!”

Then there was a shadow running towards the balcony. Hurried footsteps appeared above Kufa and the others. Kufa took one step, two steps, three steps back, to confirm the identity of the person.

— then he was immediately approached by a bright light, Kufa couldn’t help but to squint his eyes.

It was blonde hair.

It was even brighter than the Blood of the Sun, compared to colors, it should be said that there was a brilliant light. If an angel created the light reflecting from a jewel, would it be such a holy golden light?

The girl followed her momentum and jumped onto the railing, her golden blonde hair danced like a harp playing. Her childish act befitted her 13-year-old age.

Her face was childish yet beautiful, using a doll to describe her would be most appropriate.

Soft and cherry colored cheeks, with a slim body and cute height —

Her perfect beauty led people hard to believe that she was just graduated from primary school, Kufa’s gaze was instantly attracted.

Kufa looked up with his half-mesmerized gaze, as for Merida she leaned her body forward at the railing, looking out. She didn’t even notice the people that she was looking for were below her.

“Hmm~… I can’t see them! They are not by the garden. So that means, they’re either still on the streets or at the main gate… really, I’ve known that the garden was too lush!”

“Sl-slow down! Ojou-sama, it’s very dangerous!”

The maiden that was in distraught rushed over to the balcony from the hall.

A face of impatient was drawn on the naughty young girl’s face as she placed a single knee on top of the railing. Kufa saw this as he involuntary let out a “hm”, unable to speak.

Not sure if it was nearing the time for school, Merida was wearing the academy’s uniform. The colors of her uniform are like a red rose but brighter, suited well along with her golden blonde hair.

Even though the uniform suits her… but her lower body was wearing a skirt. From the perspective of Kufa, boldly setting the skirt aside would surely show the skin underneath of the skirt inelegantly — ….

Kufa looked away.

The one that was worrying for him, was the one looking from the same perspective as him, Amy.

“You… you can’t, Ojou-sama! Here! We’re here!”

“It’s showing! There’s a male looking!”


The sounds came from somewhere Merida had never expected, she kept the same posture as she turned her head with the feeling of doubt. She finally then noticed the three maidens that were looking at her, and within the three maidens, there was a tall man dressed in a military uniform.

She reviewed back her own appearance and the way she was standing as well as the place — even though it was just an imagination, but Kufa could see her childish beautiful face slowly turned red.

“Eh… ah… uwaaa…? — kyaaaa!”


From the sounds of getting embarrassed, suddenly turned into a sharp scream. Kufa felt that Amy and the others took a deep breath — he looked up at the instant.

All he saw was Merida lost her balance and started falling from the second-floor balcony. Times like this, for people who weren’t ready, they wouldn’t be able to do anything. Kufa threw his luggage as he dashed across, sliding towards Merida’s drop point. He opened his arms and waited, calmly — catching Merida.

Thud — like the impact of feathers, Merida landed in the embrace of Kufa. It was a princess hug.

Merida had no idea what had happened, her eyes were tightly shut, her whole body was stiff.

“Are… you alright, Ojou-sama?”

“Eh…? — ah… uh, no… I’m fine…”

Merida trembled as she opened her eyes and exchanged gazes with Kufa.

Her childish beautiful face immediately turned red to the ears.

Was it because she was reminded the thing before, or was it that she was too terrified until her legs are weak? Or it was because Kufa’s muscular arms were too hard, it made her feel uncomfortable?

Her peach colored lips trembled, accompanied by a warm and soft whisper.

“Are you my tutor…?”

“Ah — yes, I am Kufa. Please take care of me from now on.”


Merida immediately closed her mouth.

Her gem-like pupils radiated a sort of gravity, captivated Kufa’s gaze. It unexpected evolved to an ultra-close posture as both gazed into each other, besides Merida, everything else seemed to have disappeared from his vision —

Amy and the others rushed over, Kufa and Merida regained their senses.

“Ojou-sama! It’s lucky that you’re all right!”

“Waaaa! Eh? Ah… I… what is this…!”

Merida regained her own senses. She seemed like this was the first time receiving a princess hug from someone of the opposite sex, since her face was red as she pushed Kufa away and landed onto the floor.

Kufa thought that she’d leave the scene immediately — but the pride of a duke’s daughter made Merida halt when she was leaving.

“Please… please bring sensei to his room!”

She forced herself to say this and after that, she rushed into the mansion immediately. Those cute yet panicked footsteps slowly faded away… the maids that were left at the entrance looked at each other.

“Uh, that young lady is my employer…?”

“… she’s Lady Merida Angel.”

Amy looked as if she had a headache as she bowed. The other maids had a face of helplessness as they shrugged. Looks like the mischievous acts of the master of the mansion was something that was common to everyone.

It seemed that there were a lot of things that were more than met the eyes. This was what Kufa promised himself, sounds of footsteps approach nearer from the mansion. Supposedly thinking it was Merida who came back, but it was not.

PING! The door opened, it was the unknown fourth maid.

“Bad news, Ojou-sama jumped off from the balcony! …eh, weird, where’s Ojou-sama?”

The fourth maid looked around and didn’t manage to see the shadow of her master, but she found four of her colleagues. They were her superiors, Amy, two of her same age maids, and meeting for the first time, the young man who would be the private tutor…

Kufa immediately smiled courteously, however —

“Devil sensei…”

The fourth maid completely forgot about the dangers Merida was in, showed a mesmerized gaze. Told you I’m not a devil.

*          *          *

Given what happened earlier at the entrance, Kufa finally entered the mansion.

Kufa’s personal room was situated between the second floor and attic, it could be said that it was half an attic room. Amy opened the door situated in the middle of the stairs, slightly bowed her head apologetically.

“Because until now, there’s no room for males, I’ve asked people to urgently cleaned the room. Please forgive me if I’ve brought any inconvenience.”

“No, how would it be?”

Kufa carried his heavy luggage into the room that he will be staying for the next three years.

He let out a relieved sigh as he placed down his luggage on the floor. Even though Amy spoke humbly, but this room compared to the rundown apartment that Kufa lived in back at the outskirts of the holy kingdom, it was like a paradise.

There was not a hint of hypocrite within the words of Kufa, but Amy didn’t seem to have accepted the words of its face value. She kept coming forward desperately, possibly to make Kufa like this workplace.

“In this mansion, Ojou-sama dines with us servants. Tonight, there are plans to hold Kufa-san’s welcoming party, please look forward to it!”

“Mm, I look forward to it.”

“… ah, it was supposed to be a secret! I’m really…!”

“Ah-haha —”

Seeing as Amy felt embarrassed while holding her cheek, Kufa’s laughed openly.

After she left the room, Kufa once again looked at the room’s interior.

Even though, Amy said that it was an empty room, but every corner was cleaned and no dust was seen. Also, Kufa had never felt such a soft bed before, the new mattress let out a smell of warmth from the Blood of the Sun streetlights. These were also prepared by the maids for their new colleague.

“This isn’t a bad workplace.”

Kufa moved his luggage to the wall, as he opened the windows.

The scent of flowers blew into the room. The light was good, from here the scenery was superior when looking out from his room —

“Not bad.”

Kufa breathed in deep, taking a large breath of fresh air, shutting his eyes.

Suddenly, there was someone standing outside of the door.

After seemingly hesitant in silence, the sounds of a knock came from the door.

“… Sen… Sensei, mind if I interrupt…?”


Kufa immediately rushed to the door, he opened the door and looked, the only thing he saw was Merida dressed in her Saint Frideswide Girl’s Academy uniform, rubbing her knees together, and looked up to Kufa.

“What is it, it isn’t time for school yet right?”

“Ye… yes. Hence… uh…”

Merida had a face of hesitance, not long after as if she was determined to do something and raised her head.

“If it’s convenient for you, can sensei teach me before school starts…”


“So… sorry! Sensei is actually tired!”

Seeing the young girl bowed apologetically, Kufa can’t help but feel at a loss.

—Oh, it really is quite surprising. I would think that she wouldn’t have much drive, only then she would have such terrible results, but surprisingly, she is quite hardworking.

Kufa felt a sudden interest towards Merida.


Kufa answered while taking off his military uniform, loosening his tie.

“Then, let’s see what you can do. Please change into some sportswear, and come to the courtyard.”

“Ye — yes! I’ll be in your care!”

Merida raised her head and smiled happily.

Kufa’s heart thumped. Merida’s smile was too dazzling, making Kufa unable to breathe as he was mesmerized — must be because I let my guard down.

*          *          *

At the back of the courtyard, there was a square for holding tea parties being surrounded by flowers. The space of the square could almost be used to play as well using it to train. Kufa dressed in a shirt, and Merida who had changed into sportswear with a pair of skin tight pants, each wielding practice weapons facing each other.

“Then, let’s start from the basics. Even if you did wrong, it’s all right, please try to demonstrate style one to twenty-eight of the book of swordsmanship <Noble Stances>.”

“Ye… yes.”

Merida answered with a stiff voice, she raised up the wooden sword that was almost the same height as her.

Even though it felt that the weapon wasn’t suitable with her physique, but as a paladin rank, she should be able to wield a sword of that length. Merida should realize such fact.

If Merida was really a paladin, there would be no problems, but…

“— ha!”

Merida took a step as she breathed a short breath. Her knees gently lowered, as she slashed the air with the sword.


Kufa involuntarily let out a gasp.

Originally, Kufa was worried that Merida would not be able to handle the weapon, but she was able to use the centrifugal force to skillfully wield the long sword. From a downward slash then changing into a robe slash, with a smooth flow and then added with a strike.

Maybe it was because she felt the gaze of Kufa, her movements occasionally felt stiff. Even so, the effort of making this turn into a second nature would not betray her. Until now, Merida had repeated hundreds or even thousands of times of sword practice, until her body could perfectly reproduce the model of the basic form.

Until the last act had been smoothly performed, Merida raised her sword skillfully.

“Looks like that you constantly practice.”

Kufa wrote a note on his notebook, and picked up a wooden sword.

“Now then, let’s try some tricks.”

Kufa walked to the front of Merida, and gently closed his eyelids.

Amidthe darkness, appeared a ball of white flame floating in the consciousness of one.

Kufa instantly poured all his thoughts into the small flame. The flame became more violent as it expanded, surpassing the sound of speed as it channeled through the body —

It bursts!

Boom! Blue flames exuded from Kufa’s body. It was the release of mana.

Although it was fire, but it didn’t burn. The light coming from the flames was a holy power just to keep away the “Night”. The so-called mana, it was also known as “The Blood of The Sun” dwelling in one’s body.


Merida’s eyes widened as she stared at Kufa.

“Sensei’s mana is the color of blue…! This is my first time seeing such clear flames!”

“Is that right, this is embarrassing.”

“Um, if you don’t mind, what is sensei’s class…?”

“It’s Samurai. It’s the class with great agility.”

Kufa spun the wooden the sword that is the shape of a katana around, causing Merida to gasp.

Kufa smiled bitterly and held his sword in front of him. Mana conveyed from his palm onto his sword, transferring the blue flames onto the edge of the sword.

“Then, please attack me however you wish. Even if you feel like it’d hit, there is no need to stop.”

“Ye… yes.”

Merida nodded nervously, and raised her long sword. The long sword looked as if it was heavy, the tip of her sword was shaking.

After staying as if she was petrified for a few seconds, Merida started to move. She moved took a step forward and at the same time, raising her sword above her head, within a the time of a breath, got close to Kufa.


Kufa heard Merida’s raging cry, within his thoughts came up with a question mark.

But, it was already too late. The long sword carried a violent momentum as it came down. The sharp long sword slashed down on the wooden sword —

Clang—! The long sword accompanied by a defeaning sound bounced off.


Merida flew two meters backwards, as she couldn’t help but sat down on the ground. Freed from her hand, the long sword flew up into the air, and broke into two. It was dropping just on top of Merida, hence Kufa immediately dashed forward and slashed with his wooden sword, whipped away the wreckage of the sword.

Kufa switched to use his left hand to hold the wooden sword, and helped the dizzy Merida off the ground.

“I am so sorry, Ojou-sama, are you, all right?”

I was careless. Kufa totally forgot about Merida’s status on the “MPO”.

Just think about it, you would know why mana users would be given the authority of nobles, it was price to bear the burden of having to fight against enemies. Merida was unable to use mana, if a weapon that was infused with mana clashed against a normal weapon, it would result like this.

“Let’s change the bookings, first, we need to awaken your mana.”

Kufa looked around the broken pieces of Merida’s sword, and smiled bitterly.

“There would be a need to prepare a new weapon.”

“… sorry.”

Merida had done no wrong, yet she apologized, also dropped her head in frustration.

Kufa kept the practice swords, and supported Merida by the arm to the middle of the courtyard.

Kufa relaxed his posture and began to lecture Merida on the basics.

“Mana users’ body has a few organs that could not be seen by the eyes. The whole body has more than a dozen mana discharge holes that are called Mantle, also there are twenty-two tunnels connecting these places called Vaporizer.”

Kufa gently placed his hand on top of Merida’s head. Even though, he wanted to accurately point out the place was the middle of the top of her head.

“The discharge holes have their own names. Here, it is the ‘Ketel(Crown)’.”

Kufa then moved his hand and touched Merida’s slim right upper arm, right forearm, left upper arm, and left forearm, then her right thigh and calf, left thigh, and calf. While touching he read out the names, respectively ‘Binah (Understanding), Gevurah (Severity), Chochmah(Wisdom), Chesed(Kindness), Hod (Glory), Malchut (Kingship), Netzach (Eternity), Yesod (Foundation)’.

Finally, Kufa placed his fingertip on the middle of Merida’s chest. Merida’s face turned red, but Kufa kept his serious expression. The thirteen-year-old kept her lips tight, taking this seriously.


“’Tiferet (Beauty)’ — this is the most important Mantle. The fountain of mana is here, the twenty-two Vaporizers accumulate here. If the user consciously stresses the ‘Beauty’, mana can be released through the Vaporizers.”

Try it and see — Kufa urged, Merida nodded.

She shut her eyes, both hands clasped together, as if she was praying.

She waited a while… but nothing happened.

Merida’s forehead had begun to sweat, sweat droplets begun to drip down her face.

Still couldn’t? Kufa didn’t say anything but in his heart, he muttered to himself.

For example, Kufa couldn’t understand the feeling of having a tail like a cat; unable to copy how bats fly by using ultrasound; and unlike fishes, he couldn’t breathe underwater using gills.

If someone didn’t possess the same organ as he did, then that person would not be the same kind of organism as him.

Right now, Merida felt distress, it was the same as this feeling.

Because her body didn’t possess Manto or Filipoleux, and even mana didn’t even exist —

“… Ojou-sama, it’s almost time for school.”

In the end, until Amy came to call for Merida, there was no result. The maid had a face of sadness while watching the lonely and petite back of her mistress walked back to the mansion.

Amy then turned to Kufa, forcing a smile.

“Right, Kufa-san. Please take care of our Ojou-sama at school as well.”

“Please leave it to me. As one of the servants in the duke’s home, I need to be on guard.”

“— eh?”

Merida was shocked as she turned around. She trembled while asking:

“Sen… sensei will come to the academy as well…?”

“Yes, you didn’t know? As ojou-sama’s private tutor, as well as your attendant. Even though St. Fridesweide’s All Girls Academy forbids males from entering, I was given special permission because I’m your attendant.”

“… um!”

Merida had a complex expression as she bit her lip nervously, then turned. Merida looked upon the mansion and ran towards it, Kufa and Amy that were left behind looked at each other.

Kufa wondered what was Merida worrying about.