Haven’s Fall

Choose: Join force with your kin and purge the inhuman threat, or side with the angel and rebel the human invasion!

Well, there is only one answer! My life for Aiur… er– I– I mean for the angel goddess!

For your devotion, here’s your just reward

Sekai no Owari no Encore Volume 3 Chapter 3 translated by Lonely Megane

Until next time, keep waiting!

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9 Responses to Haven’s Fall

  1. chz says:

    Thank u very much for the new chapter!!! Very much appreciated 😀


  2. lonelymegane says:

    Glad I could finally finish this one and bring to you folks out there. Sorry for the long wait and cheers guys.


  3. thank youuuuuuuuuu


  4. sfcipher says:

    Appreciated the new chapter after the long absence. Hope the next release will not be that long. Thanks.


  5. notmofu says:

    Thanks 😀


  6. Teru says:

    Thanks for the translation! ^^


  7. strife0024 says:

    eagerly waiting for your next update
    (sparkling eyes) (kira kira)


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