Dragon-flies, dragon falls

I’ve come again bearing bad news.

As you know Saijaku Muhai No Bahamut translation is quite…..dead for more than a year now, well, it doesn’t look any better now. And for that, I’m looking for a translator, Chinese or Japanese, anything is fine, we got you cover. I dont really mind how bad you are, considering I always read machine translation and fix very fcked up translations, what the worse could you possibly do to me?

30 days from now on, if I couldn’t find any translator, I’ll delete the page, and give all the translated chapters to DigitalAK27 from Setsuna team. Not that Setsuna is still active anyways. face it, he’s faded!

Thank you for your time! And may luck smile upon us!


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5 Responses to Dragon-flies, dragon falls

  1. GM_Rusaku says:

     。   ∧_∧。゚
     ゚  (゚ ´Д`゚ )っ゚
       (つ  /
        |   (⌒)


  2. What happened to the new translator?


  3. Tatsuya says:

    I could help you after two month or so. Send me the raws after two months.


  4. you should contact bakapervert


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