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With the exam season coming to an end, out translator finally managed to translated a short chapter. Many thanks to Sling_Blade for his hard work! Sekai no Owari no Encore Volume 2 Interval translated by Sling_Blade Also, we’re looking for a redrawer … Continue reading

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The Fog of War

A new teaser project arrive, we have no intention of continuing this project with our current status. Many thanks to BakaKaba from Silvered Tongue for translating this chapter with us. Our gratitudes are forever yours. Now then, embark on the journey to the … Continue reading

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Ragnarok and Roll, Too!

Rejoice, warriors! The final chapters of Valhalla volume 2 have been translated at last! What secret will be exposed? Do jump right in for the questionable epilogue, and wait patiently for volume 3 translation to commences! Pdf will come…. in … Continue reading

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