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Back from the Locker

Hey ho, mateys! How ya doing? Your old captain has returned from the depth of the sea, and I brought back some treasures for you too heheheh Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 2 Chapter 3 fully translated by Porew Enjoy it, mateys, … Continue reading

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Small update, in my free time I made some teasers, and probably gonna make more. Please head over here for some very bad machines translations ❤ And group status update: Neko_Mimi is translating Irregular’s Rebellion, progress should be around 50% of chapter … Continue reading

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The Rebels are here!

We are happy to announce that we’ll be translating Irregulars Rebellion as a new translator came to us for hosting and editing his translation Translator: Neko_Mimi Editor: Ninja Emon ( for now) Link: Irregulars Rebellion Volume 1 Prologue

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Big Bad Wolf!

I’m happy to announce that Volume 2 Chapter 2 of Valhalla no Ban Gohan has been translated! This is quite a sad chapter. Oh and we have no idea how to translate those German words, so we just leave it … Continue reading

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